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Washington Post customer service is ranked #535 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 317 ratings. This score rates Washington Post customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


308 Negative Comments out of 317 Total Comments is 97.16%.


9 Positive Comments out of 317 Total Comments is 2.84%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Washington Post

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.24 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 308 negative comments (97.16%)
    • 9 positive comments (2.84%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 4.3 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

We have been Post subscribers for over 50 years and we have never had such
horrible delivery service, can't wait till our subscription expires mid July.
Have called the Post several times and get no where, we certainly can't see
spending another nickel for this outrageous so-called service we ARE NOT getting.
I know there will never be another renewal on our part.

Posted by Loyal Customer is Very Upset

The Post is a great paper. However have issues with billing practice. I had a subscription, it lapsed May 1. I had been out of town for several weeks and was on vacation stop. I did not know it lapsed eitherfrom mail or email. They billed me and I had not authorized the renewal. This is wrong to charge for an authorized subscription. They are billing me 53.80 and the new subscription iprice of 98.00 for 8 weeks outrageously expensive After calling I still have not been credited. This is wrong to bill without permission and, too the cost of the paper is too high for most people to afford.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely the worst cust service experience ever! Outsourced to robotic/scripted people in India who are dodgy and not accountable for what they say. So dissapointing, WAPO. After the first 3 weeks of getting the Sunday Post, it stopped showing up. I filled out the (difficult to find) online form to report it, but no email response or resolution. I forgot about it for a few months, then submitted a few more; same result. I finally called and spoke to Khloe(rep # 3015) who said she'd file a request for investigation & guaranteed me I'd receive all my $ back, but I would have to call THEM back 48 hours later. Why not just email or call me?! I'm Your Customer! I called back 4 days later and Kleo(#6059) said apparently Khloe didn't put down an $ amount to be refunded (we again agreed it would be the full amount I've paid them), so they couldn't do anything. So again, why has no one taken follow up action to figure it out?! Kleo said she'd put in a new request and GUARANTEED me a call or email by 3 days later and I'd receive the full amount. Guess what? NO CORRESPONDENCE. I called again 5 days later, and Kylie said the amount I paid last year was $69.02; We got disconnected. Called back and Kenneth(#81259, and why is everyone's name with a K?) said "Oh the $45.20 has already been refunded! This is good news!"; No it's not, K. We're still $24 short. I also realized the $69 is just since 4 months ago when they raised my rates...I've had this issue since 14 months ago when I initially paid $60. Then Mary (#3749;supervisor) wasn't any more help as to why I've never received communication or resolution to the missing papers and headaches I've had having to do all the work to make anything happen. Sounds like you can just request any amount, so I said $100 and she said "oh well that will probably make them investigate how many papers you've been missing any why"....AWESOME! Let's find out why this whole process has been a nightmare and no one really seems to be held accountable nor care. I bought WAPO so I could support them - Newspaper is a struggling industry - but lack of service and nightmarish lack of communication/followup is literally the reason I'm cancelling my entire subscription. Although you have to navigate through 10 screens to find a phone number to call, it was pretty simple to cancel. Sorry, WAPO.

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2 accounts with The Post with same address; pay by check; last payment posted to wrong account. Was on phone for an hour with representative; kept asking for manager. Couldn't hold any longer. This is 2nd time it has been a mishap with both papers. HELP!!!

Posted by whenpigsfly

Unable to contact WAPO for help with inability to comment.
I am a subscriber and have to constantly sign in only to be returned to the
same page which is of no help.
I click on comments and get a blank page.
In the last few minutes I have had to sign in 4 times and still get nowhere.

Posted by winfishh

After trying to get some help from Washington Post Customer Service for FOUR days, I'm wondering how this 'service' even got ONE star. It's shocking that a newspaper of this stature has such inept customer service. I subscribed to a digital subscription, for which I am paying. However, I can't access Washington Post content. I have called WaPo customer service, (always in the Philippines with someone who doesn't speak understandable English, only to be disconnected, 'transferred' to someone who never answers the transfer, or put on hold so long I finally hang up. This is a big waste of my time. Why is Customer Service at WaPo so incompetent?

Posted by Anonymous

WaPo refuses to resubmit monthly billing, which was incorrectly rejected, after years of subscription

Posted by Channah

I have written twice and have had no resolution to my problem. Digital problem. I get the Washington Post thru my e-mail. I like to often make comments to the articles. But with your new digital service, I cannot log in to make comments. I pay to get the WP---I expect for it to work right. The old way of replying and making a comment works just fine.

Add review? I find I get no help when th4e WP is not working correctly for me.

Ann Powell

Posted by Anonymous

For many years I have had home delivery of the Post at 11506 Highview Ave, 20902, and, for the most part, I have been very satisfied with delivery reliability and have generously tipped the carrier. For the past month or so, however, papers have been undelivered at least 3 times. After personally talking with the local distribution office (which confirmed that there was not a new delivery person), I started to have two papers thrown over my fence! Now today (9/17) no paper again --What's going on? very frustrating!

Posted by Anonymous

I did not receive my home deliver this morning:

Towana Moore

Posted by Anonymous

We did not receive our Comic package including the Washington Post Magazine and the advertisement/coupons on Saturday, we called the 1-800 number and was told it will be redelivered within a couple hours. It did not happen. Today, it was not included in the Sunday paper either. We were looking for sales for the Labor Day holiday but was very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Fire the Post delivery person to 8 Marcia Ct. Rockville, MD 20851. I do not pay for wet soggy newspaper delivery service. You get that damn delivery person to ALWAYS double wrap my Post delivery!! You get me dry editions of last weekends Post or I will sent a complaint letter to the executive people with a big expletives and more!!!!

Posted by bob.bohle

My online subscription went away on my iPhone and I couldn't get it to take my acct number. I tried "customer service," but was shunted to the Philippines to address my concerns. I am so tired of U.S. companies allowing people who can barely speak English to try to take care of their customers. I cancelled, or at least I think I did. Who knows?

Posted by Enervé de Paris

I paid $19.00 for my onlike subscription which worked for 5 days. Since then my login has stopped working, and I have written 8 emails to the online service to get my account working again.


Posted by Anonymous

I am a long time subscriber. I recently received a bill for over $600.00, as the year long subscription price is $89.00. I assumed this was for say 5 years or so. But no. Since I am a long terms subscriber the Post was going to charge me over $600.00 for the year rather than $89.00. Are you kidding me. What a rip off for your loyal customers. Outrageous!! You owe me an apology.

Posted by Anonymous

I was trying to get a digital subscription to the Washington post. Your customer service was outsourced to the philipines. I could not understand the lady, thick accent so was unable to purchase a subscription!!

Posted by troypix

The delivery on my paper is going from BAD to WORSE...I get part of the paper or nos delivery at all. I get the Post and FreeLance Star delivered together. I'll get one and not the other, then I will miss getting the TV guide which I pay extra for. I continually have to call! All I get is voice mail: "press one" etc. When I've finally gotten to human person, they sound like Pakistanis. Today I GOT NO PAPER AT ALL! I called about 9am...pressed 1 for missing paper and then tried again and finally got to a Pakistani who said I should get my paper later today...STILL NO PAPER!!! Which means I don't have my TV guide either. I'm really getting tired of this!...paper screw ups, having to call. This isn't brain surgery, I WANT MY SATURDAY JUNE 10 PAPER AND TV GUIDE. Presume I won't get anything tomorrow either. ENOUGH!

Barbara Pixley

Posted by Anonymous

I pay my bill by electronic payment. I have no problem with other companies that I have accounts with. However, I do have a problem with navagting you website. It tells how to get to my account for bill paying and other services but I am not able to complete the process. I have been told on several occasions that since I forgot my password that have to put my email in and the procedure for getting a new password would be sent to me. I have received nothing in my email account. I do not understand what the problem is, can you shred some light and help me established a clear method of contact.

Posted by Turner Family

Paid for a subscription for delivery and after 3 days never got a paper. Called each day to be told we do not redeliver in your area. How do you redeliver what was never delivered. Called on the 3rd day to cancel subscription and was told they would credit me my balance. Balance for what!!! I want all my money back because I never received a paper. Customer service no longer exist with The Post. Not 1 more penny to The Post.

Posted by Jose Rio

This weekend 4-30-2017 was the worst in our half century of subcribing to the Post. We did not receive the Style, or the Travel, or the comics. The so-called "delux" washington post magazine is completely unsatisfactory! There is no content of even vague interest to us. Dilbert was gone and no second glance puzzle. I sincerely hope you improve!

Posted by Anonymous

My Washington Post today was missing the Metro section, the Style section and the Sports section. It did, however have 2 Weekend sections. Nice work you morons. I knew it was only a matter of time before the ineptitude spread to the rest of the organization. I can see very little reason to continue my subscription. Can you give me any reason at all to do so. I don't really expect a response from an organization as screwed up as yours.

Posted by Anonymous

They play too many subscription fee games instead of having a fair yearly price. So, I cancelled my subscription.

Posted by Anonymous

On Monday, February 27, I tried to subscribe to the Post's digital news service. I entered my American Express information, my address, etc., but when I entered my password, a message appeared that my password was "incorrect". I didn't understand why my password was incorrect. I had never provided a password to the Post for any previous purpose. And your web site did not offer any information on required criteria for submitting a password.

I received an email from the subscription department telling me that I would soon be hearing from them about this problem. But three days have now passed and I have heard nothing. And I would think the Post would welcome a new subscriber to its online services.

Please contact me today as to why I am being rejected as a subscriber. Or do you think I should report this problem to someone at the executive level to look into this.

I don't want to be insulting, but I can't help but wonder if the folks in the subscription department know what they're doing.

Posted by Anonymous

Your web page says your customer service phone number hours are until 6 PM weekdays, but the phone recording says 5 PM weekdays. Need to update that..

Please have circulation contact me about intermittent delivery.

Posted by Philcalk

I do not have electronic access to the Post when I travel. (I don't have a portable computer or access to one.) Nevertheless, the Post charges me for issues that I will not see (because I'm traveling). I don't think this is fair. I really admire the Post and think it's one of the best newspapers in the U.S. Nevertheless, I think this is the last time that I will ask for a suspension of delivery when I'm going to be out of town. Instead, I will cancel my auto-payments to the Post, and then just cancel my subscription when I'm not going to be home and then resubscribe when I return home.

Add your review!

Posted by kaufmjea

Thank you for your responsiveness whenever I've needed to place a hold on delivery or have missed a paper. Service has been excellent.

Posted by memom

This is from a faithful reader and subscriber. My day is not complete without my WAPO. However it seems foolish to me that in this time of trouble for print media and recent cost (again) increase that you have decided that I only need 6 daily papers instead of 7. That is what this silliness of the "Sunday Early Edition" means. There is no Saturday paper at all, even if one turns up on the doorstep. It is basically the same content as the one that comes on Sunday.It deprives the reader of several parts of the paper that used to appear on Saturday. To call this 7 day subscriber service is very disappointing at the least and more likely flat out dishonest! I want my Saturday paper back to fulfill the 7 day a week subscription if you please.

Posted by Anonymous

Also came to find a phone number and saw reviews.
Our delivery has been outstanding for years!!
Also any phone follow up has been promptly taken care of.
We have had home deliverer for years - lost count how many.
Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I also had an excellent customer service experience. After calling at 8:00 a.m. to say I hadn't received my paper and requesting a copy, it was delivered within two hours. And I live in a rural area 60 miles from the city. Thank you!

Posted by singr

I have a friend that requested the paper be placed at her door, this has been done for many months and the delivery person can expect a generous tip reward. This has been very appreciated, service has been excellent.

Posted by M. SCHWARTZ

I really don't understand why there are so many problems reported by Washington Post customers. I have been subscribing to the POST for many years. When I lived in my house I received the POST everday without fail. Now tht I live in an apartment I have only had one day when the POST was not delivered . I zm very pleased.

Posted by Anna

2013 December 3: Happily reporting that I was able to contact customer service on the phone this morning. The contacted delivery guy and he dropped off the Sunday paper at my door. Also agent documented to have 2014 calendar mailed to us.
My original posting 2013 Dec 2:
I did not receive my Sunday Dec 1st 2013 paper yesterday and the last two weekends it has not include the inserts. Also, I did find out today that I should have gotten your 2014 calendar a couple of weeks ago but I haven't. I would appreciate your attention, assistance, and plan for resolution :-)

Posted by Anonymous

I love the Washington Post -- my distributor and my carrier -- Unlike like most jobs, their job is 365 days a year.. rain ... sleet ... snow and my paper is always there. I can't think of any other product I can get delivered to my house daily and cost under $1 for the weekday paper and under $2 for the Sunday paper. I get over $2 worth of coupons so the Sunday paper pays for itself.

Posted by Anonymous

They've always been very responsive. When I've called to complain about a missing paper, they've delivered a new one or not charged me for it. At one point when I had a bad delivery person and it was missing several days in a row they had a manager call me to apologize and they made sure it was fixed.

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