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Washington Mutual customer service is ranked #490 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 31.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 43 ratings. This score rates Washington Mutual customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


41 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 95.35%.


2 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 4.65%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Washington Mutual

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 41 negative comments (95.35%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.65%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mike

Customer Service,

I recently purchased in advance a safety deposit box at your branch. I paid for one year rental service ($30) August 5, 2016. My box rental service is due September 1, 2016. I'm leaving the area for employment overseas unexpectedly and closed my safety deposit box account today August 17, 2016. I was surprised to find out that a refund would not be received for $30 upon closing of the account-the safety deposit box was not used for the period that was paid in advance for 1 September 2016 thru 1 September 2017. Is this a correct procedure within your company or was the employee miss informed?

Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, My name is Diane D. Mckown and my husbands name is Jerry R. Mckown . In march 2002 we had our home loan with your company. Loan number . I need the original contract when you took over our loan. I need to show where this was two pieces of property put into one loan. This is because of our divorce in the process. I have to prove that he owed money on his 20A. piece of land. added onto my home loan. My home number is my cell is Please find all documents possible. I need this asap. for our attorneys. Thank You for any assistance you can give me in this issue.

Posted by Anonymous

i settled the account I had with you, did pay payments to the collection firm and was not evedently paying it off fast enough so they took me to court and then dismissed the balance because I was paying every month,and because Im losing my eyesite they closed the case. With what I had already pd about half. It was in Ogle Co,please can you please check your records. My name is Pamela S. Wallis 1228 Lincoln Ave, Sincerely yrs Pamela Wallis It still is on my credit report!

Posted by Anonymous

in attempting to secure a home loan, your company came up as an outstanding bill of 2300,00. I have never had any sort of financial dealing with your company, this bill was supposedly made in 2013. please return my email at or call me at my name is paula m key, I will give you more information when you return my message,,thank you

Posted by the one who did not get help

i just tried my self to get to a live rep. 30 minutes waiting and they dissconected me!! i hate them.

Posted by Anonymous

FINALLY got a live person who quickly transferred me back into a que where I could not to talk to anyone about my unique problem regarding one of Washington Mutual's old mortgages. Terrible Service!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Awful customer service! Trying to get an old loan number and they transfered me. Then I didn't have my account number so they disconnected me. So frustrating!!

Posted by Anonymous

I UNANIMOUSLY agree with all the other comments by callers trying to reach a REAL person. Why offer this option if you're not going to accommodate the caller? I will certainly let others know that if they want to bank with a reliable bank Washington Mutual is NOT the one. I would never do business with a bank who doesn't put their customer's needs first!

Posted by anny

Wow, just tried myself to get a live person. It's taken me over 30 minutes and even then they couldn't get me to the department where a live person was. What happened to customer service? glad I don't bank here and will make sure never to do so. If this was my bank I'd be furious and go else where. Just tried to get a hold of the mortage dept. That is it. Really!

Posted by Anonymous

CHASE BANK, What a bunch, tried to reach a live person, I dont think anyone works there, its a computer run around, Then the computer wants you to call again and re-try. yea right.

Posted by jonscott3062

has the worst costumer service of any bank i have ever dealed with, Im so happy to have all my money away from this banking system

Posted by accountantman

Even after the take over by Chase, they are just TERRIBLE to deal with.

Worse than the IRS in responsiveness and accountablity!!

I am done with the jerks!

Posted by Anonymous

This company has the worst phone system of customer service I have encountered in the 26 years of customer service I have been in. I have attempted for the last 45 minutes to reach a live person at Chase to get just an updated mortgagee clause so that my client does not receive a nasty letter from Chase stating that they do not have proof of insurance for my client. The two persons I did reach could not assist me whatsoever. Your have poor customer service that will be noticed by your clients no time soon. I just had the one encounter. I hope that I do not have to deal with your company in the future!

Posted by zooldog

After the senate hearing about your sub-prime mortgage "pollution" it is a wonder why the CEO's of your company have not been bought before the public TO BE DRAWN AND QUARTERED!

Personally? I WOULD LOVE to take every damned one of the WASHINGTON MUTUAL CEO's their PIG SPOUSES AND CHILDREN, line them up in the White House Rose Garden and on PUBLIC TV have them SHOT at point blank range by the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!

YOUR company is a disgrace to the American people and after the TRILLIONS it took US to bail you criminal bastards out.........EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE EXECUTED!


Posted by Anonymous

AWEFUL---It take 10minutes to get a real person--then they put you on hold for another 10 minutes
then they leave you in the middle of the transaction information!!!!

Posted by Fedupwithbanks

I have had a 6 month battle with Washington Mutual trying to get a "Write off" of my account reversed. I closed a checking account with a check to the teller at the window at my branch. The amount she gave me was 2 cents short. Long story short, even the fax number for WM was WRONG on Experian's website. Nobody could help me.
I even had a friend who was a loan officer for WM try to help me and they could not.
I thought I had perfect credit and they STILL have a $41 write off on my account which was their fault!!!!! WM Sucks all the way around!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been banking with Washington Mutual for about ten years. Never had a problem until my father passed away and the manager at my local branch refused to cash a check for me. I was so angry that I stopped going to that Branch and wanted to stop bankig with them all together (long beach on Spring st). Fortunately the branch on Los Alamitos Seal beach Blvd cashed it for me and they were so kind adn didn't understand why the manager would not do this for me at the LB branch. I forgot about it until a few weeks ago my daughter recieved a check from her grandmother for her 18th birthday. Again the branch manager refused to cash the check for 100.00 dollars. I have not forgotten about this time. I am applying for a new account accross the street at Wachoiva on Saturday.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service at wamu chase is totally unprofessional, inefficient and inconsiderate. I called trying to pay my mortgage through the automated service which costs $15.00. I couldn't get through, I called the customer service line and waited for over 20 minutes. I called three times and each time it was that long. When I explained what I was trying to do the customer rep said she had no idea what what was wrong with the automated service and that I would have to pay $20 dollars if she took the request over the phone. In a case like that wouldn't you want to know what was wrong if you are getting complaints so that you would be able to tell other customers if they call in with the same problem. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, my request was refused and was also told there was no one else I could speak to. I have been a mortgage customer with this CO. for 15 years and would not recommend it to anyone. I plan on taking my business to another company where good customer service is a priority. This kind of thing started happening just recently. I never had a problem before. I wonder what could have changed. I have my own opinion as I'm sure others do too. I wouldn't want to do buisness with either of the two ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

Your service sucks! I was pushed from Rep to Rep w/o anyone able to help...Called six times..every time ended-up in automated telephone limbo...Great Customer Service...Not. Try hiring human beings.

Posted by EAGLES


Posted by Anonymous

I've had numerous issues with WaMu since 2003. They seemed resolved in 2005, after I contacted the Office of Thrift Supervision. Now, in 2008- present, here we go again! NO ONE can seem to READ my insur. coverage, and WaMu wants to continually IMPOSE flood insur on the property that is ALREADY COVERED! My monthly payments / ecsrow acct look like a roller coaster. At one point I got 3 statements in ONE MONTH, each with differing payment amounts!! I've been lied to by customer serv. reps when I ask for a supervisor. Tiffany Nero, in the insur dept. told me she was a supervisor and confirmed again to me that she was when I questioned it. With my next call (after a new stmt what was also incorrect) I learned she was definately NOT a supervisor. Boy, that builds real trust!! Since the issues still weren't resolved (as of 09/2009) I decided to contact the Liaison that helped in 2005. So much for that idea. The phone number now belongs to an auto locator!...sure hope they don't finance anything thru WaMu!! Who regulates this institution?? From the number of complaints listed thus far, I'm thinking we all need to get an attorney!!...oh, who would it be that handles such a mess??!!

Posted by Anonymous

We have had a cash offer in on a "Short Sale Property held by WAMU since the first week of May...Our, nor the listing realtor has been able to speak to the "negotiator" nor any other intelligent life to obtain a status. It's unfortunate, as this is a second home for the seller, and if this doesn't get done by October 4th, he will lose his primary residence....

Posted by Jessica

The worse customer rep i have ever encountered. I decided to move to other banking after banking w/ Wamu for almost 10 years.

Posted by wamu sucks

I had an existing 5-year arm mortgage with WAMU and I went to my local branch to inquire about the exact date which it would be maturing, as I know it was about that time. I spoken to Tina, a WAMU mortgage advisor there, whom she looked up my account on her computer. She told me it had been automatically readjusted to a 30-year fixed at 4.25% to each of our surprise. She told me that that was the best rate she had ever seen and told me not to do anything.

It wasn't until two months later that my autopayment did not go through. I went back to talk to Tina about it and she didn't know what the problem was and instructed me to send checks by mail. Another month later I had the checks returned to me by WAMU, which Tina eventually discovered that my mortgage did not readjust, but has actually matured. We started a refinance quickly and Tina was supposed to take care of sorting out the payments while we were going through the refinance procedure.

The refinance procedure had went on for over 7 months, and I learned that Tina didn't do anything to resolve the payment issue, which affected my credit score. I couldn't go to another bank because WAMU had screwed up my credit. I had 47% equity in my home, had a steady income, had significant assets, and an excellent previous credit score, and I can't believe that WAMU couldn't get the refinance through.

Tina eventually went AWOL and never returned my calls, emails and faxes. I eventually had to let everyone in her branch and her regional supervisors know about her lack of service and responsibilities

I thought dealing with the same bank to refinance would be easier and faster, but with WAMU it has been the complete opposite.
Their service is unacceptable, slow, unreliable and incompetitant. They only have one toll free number for all customer service calls, which you have to wait 15-25 minutes until you get an operator who will direct your call. There is no way to speak to a particular person to get to a particular extension, eventhough their mail correspondance they said to call so-and-so or an extension to take care of the issue.

I was shocked to learn that the Better Business Bureau gave WAMU an 'F' rating. That is almost unheard of for a company that large.

I had filed a complaint with the SEC, the BBB, the FDIC and the Colorado Attorney General. I had also filed a complaint to Chase (WAMU's parent company) to their Executive Resolution Department, but they are extremely backloged with other WAMU complaints.

I had eventually learned that Tina was fired from her job, which made me happy, but didn't help my situation at all.

I had talked a lot of my friends out of refinancing with WAMU, and I strongly urge everyone to do the as I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.

Posted by FlorP

The 800 number works, but the service provided is poor. They took $68 in overdraft fees, when their own web site was showing enough funds. The trick: posting all the transactions later, short values first. Wamu was broken, Chase will be soon...move your accounts to a Credit Union, were fees are low and they have local branches...no need for 800 national numbers.

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Posted by Anonymous

Contrary to these reviews, I actually had a positive experience dealing with the Chase customer service telephone line. I was a little confused at first when the answering machine began asking me lots of questions, as they always do, but when I stopped responding, it took about a minute till I was transferred to an actual Chase customer service representative. He was really helpful. Although he couldn't find what I was looking for regarding a past account, he helped me explore other options of research, including sending a notarized letter to Chase stating my issue and request, and going to the nearest Chase bank. He even helped me locate the nearest Chase bank. So it was an overall positive experience, although the problem wasn't solved. And now I have other options to explore. Now that's customer service how it should be. Thank you, Chase.

Posted by Mary O'

WAMU credit card pay online website was the best. Do any other companies have a similar website? I could check my credit report anytime I wanted. There was also a tab that showed a pie chart of how you were spending your money.

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for the new accounts department (options 4,2,1). I'll tell you right now if you weren't opening the account, then I sent you right back to the phone tree. I never cared about your problems, I cared about making me some green. And rest assured, having passed on the people who manipulated the automated options right back to the beginning, I made my share. And no one had a problem with it. If you don't know or won't learn how to use it, go bank somewhere else. Stupid and unqualified customers are part of the reason this bank failed.


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