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Walmart customer service is ranked #368 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 2593 ratings. This score rates Walmart customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


2,377 Negative Comments out of 2,593 Total Comments is 91.67%.


216 Positive Comments out of 2,593 Total Comments is 8.33%.

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    • 35.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 2,377 negative comments (91.67%)
    • 216 positive comments (8.33%)
    • 56 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ABC

I tried to return a floor mat which costed me 170$ and they were not ready to take it back, Since i had no receipt. The store manager said they cant accept a return, since the cost of the item is over 50$ and it doesn't have receipt.

Posted by WalmartIsAFruad

So how can we all do a mass lawsuit against Walmart for product liability and the lack of clear � return policy � I will never again shop at Walmart. Their return policies are completely fraudulent! Screw Walmart especially the ghetto one In Lancaster California on Valley Central way. A bunch of ghetto people working there whom act like it�s coming out of their pockets to accept a return with a receipt! Already hated Walmart for their messy stores and lack of registers being open while all their employees run around doing nothing! Take your money to Target! Better experience all around including returning items!

Posted by Alisha

I just purchased a phone because I misplaced mine. I happened to find my phone so now I'm stuck with an extra phone. Does Walmart accept returns on cell phones?

Posted by Ashley Dixon

I bought my wife a ring and had 2 year warranty I had it sized and it broke can I return it and get my money back

Posted by Theresa

I ordered a backyard Discovery swing set from Walmart on May 26th. I paid with cash never do that. The item was damaged twice they said. Never even saw the item. I've called Walmart over 15 times and then to the store three times and I still haven't got my money back. So now the kids have no swing set and moms broke.

Posted by Anonymous

We as customers need to stop spending our hard earn money at the unappreciated Wal-Mart stores were the staff is unfriendly and the management dont seemed to be trained at all for generous customer service.I had a return also no one in the store was on the same page.I'm guessing each store has there on rules I called corporate she stated to me its up to the store managers decision.Never again will I shop the ungrateful stores.Its us as customers that pays there payroll.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst store and worst service ever !!!!!!

I went to Walmart Milpitas store at 301 Ranch Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035.
I bought 2 airbeds 3days back. When I opened the box, both are used and dirty.I went to return the airbeds and they made their own policy....not return and cannot be exchange as well.
Really pissed off and i will try my best not to go there anymore.

Posted by target bound

Bought my 4yr old autistic child an older game boy....not sure exactly the name of it. But it was 129.98.Of course your forced to buy at least one game.....ugh. I did it. My boy is still searching for his genius niche. This dinosaur game system wasn't it. Lol. And that's ok. 129. 98 is a lot of money to my family. I admit it's been about 8 weeks but the game is still brand new (literally)

I waited in line at customer service and had my receipt paid cash I was confident there wouldn't be a problem omg I was so wrong. The very young lady at customer service register takes the item from me asked for the receipt and looks it over thoroughly.......Attitude just a poppin. Took great pleasure in saying (in a ur an idiot tone) You can't return has a no return policy on it. She then calls for electronics assistance. I asked her where it states no return policy on this item. She ignored the question. I then asked her why she called electronics. Are they going to tell me something different? She flatly said No. I said then that was a colossal waste of time then right? I am joining all you folks who can relate to the mistreatment of me time and time again. I will chew my arm of before shopping at walmart again. I know how i felt when I was approached there and accused of stealing. Suck a big one wally world#boycotted

Posted by PC

I have a Walmart Basic Blue Debit Visa Card and have used the "same card" for 18 months for my transactions. On 5/31/2018, I got a text from Walmart Bank on my cell that my IRS tax refund was deposited on my Walmart debit visa card. I then confirmed the deposit. However, I was not able to access the funds. When I tried to purchase something with the card a message was given that the transaction could not be authorized. Therefore, I contacted the customer service number listed on the back of the card

Contacting customer service and reaching the Philippines HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE!!!!! In addition, trying to get a call escalated by them has also been a nightmare because this is something the Philippines don't like doing or want to do. When I called customer service, they informed me the problem was due to the wrong expiration date on my card. I explained that the expiration date printed on my card had always previously worked. They hung up on me. I called back and was given the same reason about my card. I then asked for a supervisor but was informed that all of the supervisors were in a meeting all day. I left my cell number for a supervisor to contact me back but no one called.

The next day, I was able to get a little bit more information from the Philippines about my card. Supposedly, a new card was issued in April and had been activated. Something wasn't quite right---I explained that I never received the new card or notice and had used my current card six days earlier. I demanded to speak to a supervisor to get the issue resolved. They hung up on me again.

Today, I went to a Walmart Banking Store but was informed they had nothing to do with the Walmart Bank Debit Visa Card. Apparently, they only sell the cards. I asked for the store manager and was informed the same thing. I was left with no choice but to speak with the Philippines again. This time, my call was transferred to Mr. Reed of lost and stolen cards in the Philippines. Mr. Reed informed me that he could send me a new card in 7 business days. I informed him that I needed to have access to my funds ASAP because I was afraid there might be some fraudulent activity going on. I asked him how could they just freeze my card and not grant me my available funds? He hung up. I called back and asked for Mr. Reed but the customer service rep would not transfer the call to him. He explained that my call was in escalation management but he would not transfer call. He explained that he could cancel the old card and he would send me a new card if I gave him my personal information. I did not feel comfortable doing this-why would he need to cancel my current card if a new card was active? Therefore, I hung up and requested a new card through the voice processing and was informed my funds would be on the new one. What if someone intercepts the new card and activate it? Each number I dial I am switched to the Philippines.

Posted by Anonymous

Yakima non hill wa. Thank you Josefina for being patient with my special needs family. It was wonderful having a positive shopping experience. Your patience and smile is one reason why I continue to shop with Walmart. Thank you for being understanding to my family needs.

Posted by LDH

First important question? Does ALL Walmarts have their own rules? And if so., its needs to be printed in your Walmart rules and regulations for returns & refunds. I recently moved to the area of Beckley WV, & of course I'm like every other customer, you shop at Walmart at least once a day if not more. My hometown (Summersville wv ) you couldn't ask for better customer service., treated with utmost respect every time. My experience with Beckley Walmart has been so bad., I've made up my mind, never will I shop there again. First of all this store closes at 12:00AM, due to the fact the thieving is so bad ., more inventory goes out (stolen ) than payroll. So they treat everyone like your a thief. The workers there needs a class on customer service, taught how to smile., not look so miserable. Even down to their hygiene is awful. Now I read up on your rules and reg for Returns with reciept /without reciept. I never take nothing back without a receipt unfortunately I lost this one, looked for days. Under 25, cash can be given, 25 and over a Wmart gift card " NOW it says nothing about up to a certain amount, they refuse to help you at all. And that's what I was told. Managers acted like 159.00 was millions. Refused to help me at all. My shark vacuum quit working after less than a month. In fact I was laughed at for thinking they would help me. i refused, they sure took my money gladly but won't return my money . OK., I accepted in my mind I would just take the gift card., WIN WIN situation for Walmart, they would be getting their money either way, I would be spending it back in the store with a gift card. Still, refused to help me., the lady said they had their own rules and they couldn't speak for no other walmarts or corporate. So., with my friend working at one time for this company, she told me they could find my reciept for me if I could narrow the time and date within a week. And naturally I could. So I go back the next day., prayed before I went because Lord knows I paid cash for It. And I wanted to prove to these terrible managers I was no thief. Sweet lady, came out of the cash office, took my info, and BAM., within minutes she brought me a copy of my receipt. Now ., wouldn't that been easier and a win win for Walmart had they just gave me a gift card? But now ., I have my money, refuse to buy again at Walmart. I'm thinking of trying Target out, I hear your treated with respect. And like a customer not a thief . Nothing upsets me more than to hand over my Money only to be told, NOPE., I cannot help you either way. Without a reciept. One lady spoke and said the only thing she would do for me is I could go get the same Identical vacuum and that was it. Other than that, I had to take my broken one back home. I believe Walmart managers, associates need to learn how to treat customers, without US, they receive no pay check. Just because their allowed to put on a yellow vest, with a name tag dept manager, etc doesn't mean to be rude & hateful. I've always felt walmart never took care of their associates, most of the time you hear if someone has worked for the company, they would never return. Back in the day workers were treated with respect. Heck, the workers isn't even given nothing for xmas/ oh wait I'm sorry, one day you can shop and get 20% off of purchases., one day only !! Completely a joke. Show your workers their appreciated and maybe you'll get a smile, no overturn with your workers . Make it a pleasant place. Theses people are flat miserable.,

Posted by AC Not Happy

I went to go return a mop (still in plastic wrap) and a mop bucket because I did not need it after all. I use to return items without a receipt and Walmart would look it up with my credit card or Walmart uploaded receipts. I was told by the customer service rep that they do not do that anymore and the only way I could return it is with a receipt.

I guess I will be shopping at TARGET from now on. Last year I sent over $4k on all my purchases. Not much but Target will be happy to get the business.

Posted by disatsified with your reaction s

paid with debt card you received your money on purchase I had problems with the ac compresser got hot and then shut off on a lg ac I have asthma cause I purchased with a debt card ive been sitting waiting for my refund to come back all I got is 3 to 5 days for refund meanwhile last order was 4 days now with timming holiday I mean I may sse a week till ive gotten my order must be a wall air conditioner so I cant just buy anywhere its too expensive. so thanks a lot Walmart for ruining the holiday with too hot apt 84 through the weekend rain hot muggy fan just brings in more hot uncomfortable air sleepless nights. believe me friends relatives are hearing this anyone to listen !

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a printer cartridge last night at a Walmart and took it home and tried to use it but it did not print. I tried several times to rearrange it but it still did not work. I thought that it may have been dried from being on the shelf too long or exposed to heat. I went to another store closer to my grandsons school and they said they couldn't because of policy. The reason I am sending this is that this is a $30 purchase not a pack of gum and they act like I am cheating them.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so disappointed in your service to late night shoppers no cashiers you have to bag all your own groceries unlike price chopper where there is a choice everybody on break it took over 30 additional minutes to check out so I�ll be going elsewhere to shop where you don�t have to check and bag your own groceries then pay for them you should get a discount for poor service Glenville ny

Posted by Bones

So there I was reading the return policies for refunding an un used perpaid reload card and apparently walmart is all for letting a customer get the shaft when it comes to getting your money back for mistakenly purchasing the wrong card. And not even on the reciept does it say no refund on this particular item I has to investigate the walmart return policy forum to get comformation on this matter. As well as going up ti Walmart with reciept in hand and being told I cant have my money back id say this should be a criminal investigation. The card says no refunds on the service that has been transfered to the carrier account and that returns are definitely a possible scenario. And isnt as a matter of fact a position you should be stuck in when your denied your miney back for having all base line requirements met for any sort of return. Im very disapointed with what the policies state because even the card says its up to you I see that you lise more money over stolen merchandise on a yearly basis. I dont know how its taking a loss for a good honest customer over eating up money for criminals or is this just walmarts scam to the government of our country. Now my tgoughts have gone somewhere with this I know you corporate slobswont like that statement.

Posted by Of blurz

Who can I ask or inform about my experience at Walmart..??? I recently purchased a two piece spray cleaner for my vehicle... I later find out that I purchased the wrong spray. I went rite back in there and they refused to return it for me... No reason or nothing . Im pissed. So who do I talk to?

Posted by Bob

I returned my purchases without a receipt, and it was the fourth I returned without a receipt. They gave me a refund verification request receipt and said I would have to wait six weeks to get my money back. My question is, can I have someone else take that receipt they have given me and have them take that receipt and get the money back on a gift card since that person has not had more than three returns without a receipt????????

Posted by Anonymous

Please do not ever buy an air bed from Walmart. I have no idea why they are still selling them because they do not honor their return policy. I showed an employee in Michigan the online policy of returning air beds and she showed me a contrary policy in the store. No more. It's a shame that you lose a loyal customer because of some red tape garbage. They may be a million-dollar company but if they keep treating their customers like that they won't be.

Posted by Patrick

I called the midtown Walmart 3 times today 04/05/2018 here in Anchorage, Alaska to see if they had a certain item in stock. All 3 times I was placed on 10 mins at minimum holds in which all 3 calls I was hung up on. So the when I callled back the fourth time to speak to a CSM, the operator transfers me to some guy who answers the phone and this was the conversation.

Midtown Walmart how can I help you?

*i have called 3 times to your store to see if you had an item in stock and all 3 times I have been placed on a hold at a minimum of 10 mins at a time in which the call would get disconnected while I'm still on hold. How busy are you guys?

We're really busy, what do you want?

*Excuse me, are you the CSM?

No I'm the Store Manager

*Well the way you responded, I couldn't really tell that you were the Store Manager

Okay, so what do want?

*I have been trying to see if you have a DVD in stock by the name of Indsious the last key.

Blue ray or DVD?


Do you want Blue Ray?

*No I said DVD

Well let me walk over and check. (With an attitude!)

He must've been right next to the DVD section which I highly doubt, because LITERALLY 3 seconds, again I say 3 seconds, he says we're out of it! Do you want it or not?

Long story short, given that we folks here in Alaska don't have many places to shop other than Target, Fred Meyers and Wal-Mart, let's just say that anyone who knows me, knows I go to Walmart FAITHFULLY everyday! But after this incident, my company will never shop here again! So disappointed that it has come down to this. Training for the call center and those responsible for answering phones are definitely in need of a refresher course maybe even a restructure!

And just for kicks, 3 hours later after I hotbed off of work, I thought I'd just stop by and see if they were really out of stock, and I asked one of the workers if they can point me in the right direction for the movie and the young fella said sure, they are located right there in the middle isle. I asked did they just come in? I thought you guys sold out? He said, No sir, they been sitting there.

So yes, to the guy who refused to give me his name on the phone, NO I did not buy the movie and I do hope that something is done about this! And I am looking forward to a response regarding this matter!

Posted by Mbircks

Went to return a $98 dolllar rug cleaner that didn't work. I, of course, threw away the receipt and the store told me that they couldn't even give me store credit because it was over $50. They also couldn't look up my purchase. This is a pretty bad return policy. How can a billion dollar company not look up a transaction? I knew I made a mistake shopping at Walmart and this experience has pretty much confirmed it. Where was the return policy by register? It's 2018 and we live in a digital world I'm so angry and will never shop Walmart again. I would gladly pay more not to ever have to deal with this company. Nobody cares here and the attitude is that everyone trying to "fleece" the company. Very disappointed.

Posted by Roman

Just tried returning a pair of boots to the vancouver WA, store on fourth plane. The boots were a gift from my parents, but a size to small. Even with a giant sign saying the return policy behind the counter. They told me I couldn't exchange or return them without a receipt, because they were over 25 dollars.
My parents are looking for the receipt now. Part of why they purchased from Walmart, was because of your supposed return policy. They weren't a 100% sure of my shoe size and were told if they didn't fit, I could just bring them back.

Posted by nicholle

i want a replacement on my rca voyager 3 because its messing up and i have to refactoring it 24/7 when it dies and powers off

Posted by unhappyw/walmart

The Super Walmart in Collinsville, IL said they have a new policy of only accepting $25.00 worth of returns at a time AND nothing over $25.00 can be returned w/o a receipt - even their Great Value brand.

Posted by tabitha

well becuse walmart sent the wrong tires to local store i lost my job,they did a refund on my card insted of getting the correct tires. they said nothing about five day for my money to get on my accounnt. now i can even buy the tires i need to go back and forth to work and get my car inspected in o four days. how the hell am i going to fed my son and pay my bills is the person who screwed my order up going to drop me off and pick me up from work so i donnt lose my job.i will get on every social media site every blog reveiw evvery thing and blast walmart unless my moneyor my tires show up today.

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Posted by Anonymous

WFriday June 1, 2018 I would like to thank Kaylee in the jewelry dept for assisting me with her expertise and patience with my special needs child. She was willing to give us time and help with choosing the core sect first watch for our child. Thank you. Store is non hill in Yakima wa. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I was able to contact a lovely sounding woman who did help
me to eliminate information requested . She followed through while I waited on
line for under 10 minutes.
Thank you for your help!

Posted by Anonymous

Order. 2. Tires. Online. And. With. In. 18. Hours. They. Were. Delivered. To. My. Door. Good. Walmart. !!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Had a problem with a order I placed and your associate Chris @ 12:03 am on Friday 12-02-16 helped me .He was very courteous and helped me with my problem . The company should be happy with his work habits and ease of his problem solving.

Posted by Chrissy

Latly i noticed nice friendly workers at walmart in north east . I remember one lady, Chrissy .
Was very sweet and polite, smily. It made a pleasant shopping experience.

Posted by Bill

Had a flu shot at the Fishers Market Place around noon. Very good and painless experience. Shot administered by the ph.armacist. Service on 11/6

Posted by happy

Wal-Mart Cin.Ohio, on Ferguson is always happy, courteous, and friendly to customers. I've never had any problems returning anything.

Posted by Anonymous

I was about to notify you that I did not want the $45 deducted from my credit card for savings on shipping costs because it has been so difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to shop online (trouble getting to right department(s) without being constantly re-directed back to the "gift registry" search window and having to start a search all over again.) However, today I was so pleased to find that the search process is so much easier and quicker. Kudos and thanks to whoever fixed this problem. Barbara Powell

Posted by Anonymous

We want you to give Rey a raise he is excellent in helping the customer.
He works at the Walmart in Lebanon, PA
Gene and Ella Mulberry

Posted by Anonymous

we had a lady named mindy help us in the newton, Kansas walmart today and she went above and beyond and was super!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to commend a Walmart Associate, Javon, who works at store number 03266 in East Windsor NJ. I am a regular customer at this store and have needed assistance at least three times for things like a camera, mouse, etc. Javon is always right there ready to answer questions, find things I can't see or give advice. This young man's attitude and helpfulness are a real credit to your store.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment the patience and superb customer service I received today 8-13-16 Store#02334' Lincoln Highway, Lancaster, PA.

I had purchased 54 items today, I had coupons and I had 2 Visa Gift cards to use at checkout. The cashier Doris who normally works in Apparel was asked to help run register do to being busy she was so friendly and caring. When she tried to use my gift card it did not work properly and she got help right away. The card went through. Then when we tried to use the second card it did not work either, again she reached out for help and it ended up the card would not work. So I went to pay using my debit card and it would not take it. A gentlemen another associate names Junito (Jose) came to help. Because we tried to use this card more then 8 times it stopped us from allowing my card to go through. Aga in Doris and Junita were so nice and helpful. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this was to cancel out my entire transact,ion and start all over. Jose helped take all my things that were already bagged and put them back up to be scanned again. This time we tried to use the two Visa cards, again the one wouldn't work. So I said let's just proceed without that card and everything went through. But, the reason for me writing was that Doris and Jose couldn't have been anymore polite and kind and caring and really tried to get my Visa card to work.

This two individuals deserve some kind of recognition, because of them I would come back to this store.

Posted by Anonymous


My name is Luke Makris. I go by BowtieGuyMD on social media. This past summer I went on a 79 Day road trip, visited 35 states, drove over 17,000 miles and visited over 1000 destinations.

All of this was in part made possible by Walmart and I wanted to thank you for your help. Along the way I was in need of food, Internet, loding, and water. Walmart was always there and always welcoming.

As I start my Travel Agency Business I am proud to say Walmart was a big helper.

Thanks again.


Luke Makris aka BowtieGuyMD

Posted by Anonymous

On Friday 7/15 I shopped at the Walmart Thorton Rd. I was shopping to find items needed because I will going into the hospital. In the electronic dept, Beverly Simmons helped me, I was in a lot of pain because I had been out to long. Beverly was very helpful and compassinate with me. I really appreciate her helping me so I could get what I needed and leave because of the pain I was in.

Posted by new york guy

I Almost Forgot The Syore Number Is Store1532 This Store Is A 10 Across The Board The Manager Mario Great Customer Service And Great Attitude Give Him A Pat On The Back For A Outstanding Performance Please Tell Him Thanks From The New York Guy

Posted by new york guy

I Was In Walmart On 59th And Bell Rd In Glendale Arizona And The Manager His Name Is Mario Great Customer Service And Great Aytitude Great Experience Shopping Here I Rate This Store A Full 10 Rating. If Mentioned This Comment Please Tell Mario Its The New York Guy And I Said Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I must Applaud the customer service my daughter and i received at the Catoosa Oklahoma location yesterday!!! Many thanks to Sam and Rob for going the extra mile to help locate a specific phone at another location!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm posting this as a negative but if not for your employee at the Renton store Elizabeth (Ellie) in toys dept we would never shop at Walmart again! The phone service and customer service desk is awful! Called so many times I lost count. Phone goes to a dead zone so you don't know if your still on hold or what. When handling our return they didn't even know what to do for our exchange. It's awful! Thanks to Ellie in toys for her great customer service and follow up! She's a keeper!

Posted by Dragonslayer69

Store used to be really dirty and everyone was mean. But alot has changed and they all seem really nice now!

Posted by William

Just want to make a positive comment. I am very pleased and satisfied with my experience returning defective bedroom dressers. A special thank you to KAREN at the courtesy desk in Cambridge Ontario Canada. Also her supervisor Tina. Excellent communication and problem solving skills!

Posted by Anonymous

The Greensboro Walmart, #6176,(Friendly), has a young lady that works in the Pharmacy who is very nice. Her name is Tabitha, I believe,She is so helpful and knowledgeable.

Posted by nikki gleichner

My store manager is fairly new to our particular store #01284 - I have had issues with the cashiers and csm's when it comes to price matching and couponing. I have also contacted Ms. Sonia (the store mgr) in reference to my experiences and she has done a great job to apologize and make my experiences more pleasant.

Posted by nikki gleichner

I use coupons and price match when going to walmart. I have familiarized my self with their corporate coupon and price matching policies, I have educated myself on the ways coupons etc can be used properly etc. I have been having problems at my walmart with csms stating they cant match "with card " prices, can only use one coupon per transaction - when coupon says one per purchase etc...needless to say I was becoming very aggravated and dreaded to go to my walmart although it is literally across the street from my home. A month or so ago my store got a new store mgr, I took it upon myself to contact her and introduce myself and tell her about my prior experiences in her store. I can honestly say that she has addressed my concerns and made me feel better about going to my local walmart to shop. She addresses my complaints/concerns and takes action.
Thank you Ms. Sonia :)

Posted by JohnGee1980

I am writing as a frequent customer of Walmart and wish to recognize a particular associate who I feel has gone far beyond his expectations and certainly deserves the recognition for a job well done. I am not mechanically inclined, but have found his help to be superior when it comes to information on bicycles, light bulb, tools, adhesives, cleaners, paint, mowing accessories, electronics, etc. etc. etc. etc...Time here will not permit me to say ALL that he has done to help, and always with a smile and a kind word. It would be VERY easy for him to ridicule me, but he is simply not wired this way, but rather in a manner that makes him happy when HE has been able to help. As a former walmart associate myself, I have never had the privilege to work with someone like him, and am fortunate that the store manager emphasized the type of relationship Harold "peanut" Spence enjoys with his customers. This is the 3rd such review I have written, but he has YET to find that it has been received or recognized. I wish to recognize Harold for his character and simply the type of person he IS, and Walmart for their association with Harold and the quality of his work.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment the manager in the optical department at the Mukwonago, Wisconsin Walmart. Angelita Rolseth was just wonderful to work with...The experience was wonderful and I feel she should be given the credit that is due her. Please make sure she is made aware of this. I am not happy to be shopping for glasses and she make the experience seamless and I bought three pairs of glasses...keeping in mind I came in for one pair. Thanks

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Posted by Anonymous

I feel that it is unfair that the Walmart workers who unloads up to 2000-3000 boxes at day are not being compensated for the hard work they do. They are under paid and is experiencing and complaining of back pain. My opinion that the unloaders should be paid more than the cashiers and the representatives etc. They are doing really intense labor work. Some type of incentive should be given to them. They should at least get paid and few extra dollars than the other workers. It is so unfair. I do believe that a class action suit is going to happen if they don't correct the under paid and over worked issue with the unloaders at Wal-Mart....

Posted by Anonymous

I really want to work for Walmart. The two hiring machines at the ladysmith wi office are old and personal has been having problems getting them replaced. I try and apply on the Walmart site and it either says the pin or password is wrong. I've called customer service and their unable to reset the pin. It tells me to go to the Walmart store and get it reset. They can't reset it because I couldn't put in my application do to the problems.

Posted by Susan

My friend works at store 1994 at customer service.She is not being paid the hourly wage ($10.97)that the other associates make.She has talked to her assistant manager and the store manager with no results.They are putting her off and she's been told they could make her a cashier if they want. I feel she is getting the run around when all she wants is her status updated to full time and the correct pay for her position.Both of these things were promised to her several times.I feel this is a 5 minute decision.that's been put off for almost 4 weeks.
Thank you

Posted by Hatewalmart

Ive been working at walmart for a few days. I work as a customer service worker at about 10.40 an hour. In those 3 days i learned that people are really rude. They know they can talk bad about you w/o you talking back. You talk back, you get fired. One customer constantly interupted me, and called me rude when i tried to explain the situation. Theyve given me ridiculous hours- the most sleep i get is around 6 hours, when its supposed to be 8. Come home with my feet and back hurting, even when wearing my most comfortable shoes. I haven't gotten my day off yet. I just want to sleep.
They didnt train me. They sent me to the front lines without any know how.

Posted by No name

I work at Wal-Mart store 3337 I'm an unloader I work very hard I don't like failing at what I do. I have a problem though and not just me but everybody at Wal-Mart our supervisors recently created a cap 2 team which is a combination of unloaders and and sales floor they fired a whole bunch of people for no reason and they make all the unloaders feel responsible for other people's mess ups and make us have to worry about everything and they have us work the sales floor as well and now they want to put both sales floor people and unloaders on the registers my supervisor mentioned it to everybody and on top of that if they do this nothing will I have a problem with the register and so does other people and honestly if they do this nothing will get done on the sales floor or in the stock room and like always whenever the higher up bosses make these changes they get mad at us especially when they cut hours and try to make us stay longer it's not fair I also made an agreement with personell that I would not be on a register because I have a problem with working the register so do others as well.

Posted by Daria

Belinda Laws Has Great Customer Service And Is A Pleasure To Work With!!

Thank You

Posted by kassi

I work at the customer service desk and after reading some of the comments I have to say something . Walmart is the Only place I know Ever willing to return your money without a receipt . I'm not sure how many people realize or care but when you return food once it has left the store by law it must be claimed (wasted in other words ) I don't like it but I don't argue about it either . I have learned since I've been working here that if you have your receipt you shouldn't have a problem . but if you do or you are past your allotted time to return your item don't get mad at the desk associate for following procedures -we don't have authority to change rules -just stay calm and ask to speak to a manager . They do have that authority on most things. The reason there is such a shot time allotted on electronics is because the companies will not reimburse Walmart after that time period, The company is strict on that and I don't blame them . it's a lot of money to eat which is why they tell shoppers the time frame they have when they make the purchase

Posted by awanaray

I once was employed by Walmart, while employed I had constant issues with high blood pressure. Like average close to 240/150! I got some major infections due to their poor cleanliness, and nearly lost a leg. That forced me into disability retirement. Since, I've noticed my blood pressure has dropped to an average close to 130/70, or close to half! Walmart has a bunch of slave drivers for management, pushing employees into quitting, or wanting to!

Posted by jon

I,m so sorry to say this. My wife works at walmart. Nuff said. She's a cashier. She is always tired and complaining after work. She has been there 9 months with no review or raise. 9 bucks an hour sucks for the crap she puts up with. Now she has to walk around the building cause employee parking is out back with no rear entrance. That sucks. There are no security guards any where to make her feel safe when she leaves at night. That sucks. She's the best cashier they got and new employees get achievement plaques, she gets a black and white copy. That sucks. Management keeps pushing her to do better even though she's the best cashier there. That sucks. I try to get her to change jobs and go somewhere where she's appreciated. I couldn't put up with the crap she does. Customers spit at her, call her names, threaten her, and no one gives a damn. Walmart cares only about customers and not employees. The customers that go there are 0gross, disgusting, trailer trash. Sam Walto was an idiot greedy and so is all the freaks that run his stores. Wamart sucks................................Target rules.

Posted by bear

I worked at walmart almost 20 years back in the day it was great .but now it all about who you can get rid of Management sits in the office and gives orders I was very loyal to my store manager until he promoted someone who didn't like me so I was terminated they said for extra time on a break I was coached based on lies I was called a bully by my store manager and I am 55 years old how sad.just goes to show what kind of management walmart has they have ads saying great place to work but I was terminated but rehireable and because mnagers all know each other I can not get in another store. I have tried to contact corp.but no one will hear me out WALMART NEEDS UNDERCOVER BOSS in there calif stores to see how people are treated.WALMARTwas good to me I just have to remember it is not the company it is the managers in the stores.SAM WALTON would be so upset to know his company has turned out like this miss all my friends at 1941

Posted by Bad Experience

As an employee of WalMart in San Diego, I was hired as a temporary cashier. I have over 22 years of management experience and thought this was a no brainer. I was very polite to customers and made sure each had a good visit. Last night I was told not to talk to customers just get them through the line and out the door fast. This is not how customer service should be. I was told that less is more and less talking would make me faster. I am so appalled by this that I am giving my 2 weeks notice today. How can a retail giant not want great customer service. Awful!!!

Posted by Dont work at 1434

I am a former employee at Store 1434 in Colorado Springs. I was a Member of Management in that store working under Shelly Kelly (Store Manager). I have to say that Shelly is the most unprofessional individual that I have ever worked for. She talks about her employees negatively behind their backs but says something different to their face. She portrays herself as a positive people person but is the exact opposite. As a Store Manager she is lost and her store shows it. She has no compassion for those employees who work and work and work only to receive her criticism. The turnover rate with Management under Shelly is extremely high. When she get's into a situation with a customer that she cant handle she just throws a gift card to them to avoid the confrontation. She lies to her superiors and makes excuses during store walks but will be all over you if you say something different.

Last but not least, she is a huge alcoholic and puts alcohol in her starbucks coffee at work.

Posted by Anti American Walmart

I am a former Walmart Salaried Member of Management and want to let you know how Walmart works (At least the store I was at)

Walmart overwhelms it's associates with more work than they can accomplish. Department Managers are obtaining more departments than they should have. It is basically the motto "DO MORE WITH LESS" As you have seen in the media, Walmart replaces the majority of their full time staff with part time employees who are only there to make a buck and have no loyalty.

There are so few people to stock all of the merchandise from the back that it appears that Walmart never has anything in stock and employees are not willing to look as they already have so much on their plate.

I agree that Customer Service should be the #1 priority and with Walmart, I can personally tell you that it is not. Walmart makes so much money that the atmosphere that I worked in was that we can do without the pain in the butt customers which is not right. 1 frustrated customer will tell 10 of their friends the experience that they had.

The majority of Walmart products are made in Asia and other countries besides the US. When Sam Walton was around it was all about the USA which is no more. Look at the Salve Labor that Walmart supports by the terrible conditions that people work in outside of the USA to make Walmart products. Walmart knows about them even though they claim they do not.

Plain and simply, Walmart is terrible for the way America should be. Ever since Sam Walton passed away and the Waltons slowly got further away from Walmart, it has gone downhill. They are so big that it feels as if they dont give a s$%t about anyone including their employees. I wish more people would Boycott Walmart. One day down the road, Walmart will eventually pay for how they are treating their customers and associates but it ay be awhile.

Posted by tweetipi56

Please explain why hard working honest employees are being terminated at the Super Center in Santa Clarita, Ca. Yes you had a bunch of thieves working there (arrests have been made) and you terminated the innocent employee who reported this. This is WRONG and you know it. This employee should have been thanked and given a raise but instead was terminated! Please look into the hiring and terminating practices of employees you are very aware of that are HARD WORKERS, HONEST, DO WHAT IS ASKED OF THEM, SHOW UP ON TIME and WILL WORK OVERTIME. What has happened in Santa Clarita is Pathetic and POOR MANAGEMENT

Posted by mrs. understood

Hi im posting about store in memphis,tn i was a worker at this store for a little over a year ive had a couple write ups but nothing major everyone makes mistakes every now and then but since my termination date ive had 3 interviews and all of them was quite different. My last took the cake i was called to b a cake decorater when i came for the interview i wasnt treated right at all, i felt like itvwas a waste of my time because they didnt asked me questions it was more like hey youve worked here before you know the routine n the checked yhe boxes according to what made their job easier then i waited for the lady to come down and introduce her self n she never came down when personel called her to gst her to come back she stated over the speaker im not coming im busy so forget that she made appointments with a person for an interviw that wasnt important. Then i was told hey u still can do your second interview lol really so me determined to work i stayed for that second intserview only to sit n personell office and watch others get hired in n then be told 30 min later that hey shes not coming i cannt make her come theres nothing i can do but in three months u can b pulled again to work in another department sorry go home. After a almost two hours of waiting to get nothing. Then be called back to work over night as a cashier in electronic s. Got all the way to my third interview to never having a third onterview cus that person wasnt in i called back a day later to see what was tge hold up n was told hey sorry but were not hiring we are booked n dont do rehires company policy. Really how is that when i shop there more than twice a week n people i knew when i was there got fired for things way larger than being on sick leave like myself are back n are working. I feel like they have there picks which is cruel especially when u have a person whos willing to work n only want to support theee family like the next person this is crazy something need to be done about this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at wal-mart in lake jackson i been there for 17years i under stand that the saying is customers always right but that not no where near true . Becouse today 06/ 08/13 there was this customer that came up to me and told me that somebody spilled paint my daughter sliped and fall . I said can i get you mgr she you need to get over there and .c lean it up before somebody falls in it . I was going to but she kept arguing with me about it . I was just consurend about her daughter.

Posted by Angelina Slim

I always work 1-2hrs over time and they dont pay my overtime hrs. I asked and they said if I dont like it then quit.
Why Walmart doing this? Aren't they suppose to pay your over time? The people that been working there for so many years said Walmart always do this to them that's why when they go lunch they take 1hr and half also they come to work 30min late because they always work over time and they don't get paid. #1 SHAME ON WALMART!#

Posted by crazyblond

i found out about this web site though a young lady that works at walmart.....tifton 1072 sucks!!managers are rude 34 registers only 5 open on a friday!!i find it funny how you have highly paid managers that pass the buck to anyone else that might be eyesight.thank god for publix!!!

Posted by aaron

I have been a loyal associate for about 13 years, and have ran many many depts. When I started with Walmart in 2000 I felt like I was part of a family, as time has gone on I have seen the Company focus more on the dollor and less and less on the individual. I have been cursed at, stabbed, shot at and degrated for this company. I have worked for the first 10 yrs of my career without a problem, only to become an Assistant and see the bad side. I was trained to treat people like cattle, and make the most profit for the least loss, if there is 80% turnover then that comes with it. I was told to be firm fair and consistant but when I was coached and threatned everyday and nobody eles was, there was no fair or consistant just firm.

Posted by susanjean

I worked as a cashier and as a "Help Me" customer service employee for 3 years. In the 3 years that I worked,I was never late,never called in sick,and was an excellent cashier,that customers liked. During the time I worked there,saw 4 department heads(all over the age of 50) that had been with the company over 10 years,all get fired for random reasons. I also am a senior,and got fired for not pushing carts in the ice,or carrying a case of water from the back to a customer. I have a dr's excuse,as I have a medical disability,excusing me from heavy lifting,or walking on ice. I told them no,I have a dr's excuse and a few days later,fired. I think I was set up by management and think it is because I'm an older worker. I was going to fight this,but don't want to deal anymore with this corrupt corporation. The management team is awful. The manager sits in his office all day,and the assistants are power hungry and treat selected few great,but if you are not on their list,watch out. Sam Walton would be disgusted how his store is being run and the horrible treatment of his employee's.

Posted by Wanda

It is my opinion and for myself I would never work for wal-mart. First of I believe that they do not treat their employees good. I understand that Wal-Mart only want to hire part time employees to advoid the employees getting benefits such as medical insurance, vacation pay and other benefits. Then the way I understand they treat and work them like they are slaves.
So for myself I will not shop at wal-mart anymore.
On top of that I wanted to take some items back to wal-mart, I had a reciept for the heater which I bought two days prior but I lost the reciept for the other items which I had bought. Anyway dealing with customer service was hell and made they made me fell like I was trash. So I ended up walking out of wal-mart with the items that I walked in with. After all the money I have spent at wal-mart then get treated at the customer service desk the way I did ...

Posted by Fwally

I have worked for walmart in Utah for 4 months now and for the first month the company seemed about the same as any other massive corporation. These last 3 months my eyes have been opening further and further to how this company is really ran and by whom.

First off the beginning pay is for lack of a better expression F wording terrible. Any McDonalds in America will start you off higher.

Secondly I have never seen a company with so many different managers. Were talking Managers just to Manage the Managers who Manage the Managers... From store Manager to Department Manager my location has 63 Hourly and Salary Managers. 63 is more then 1/2 our full time employee poll which is currently around 100. 100 counting the managers. I have never seen a worse case of micro managing and I highly highly doubt there is one anywhere in this world of ours that is worse then WalMart.

Thirdly and the worse part of the walmart corporate monster is the way uppers treat there lesser counterparts. It is just plain wrong for a company to not only allow BUT encourage higher ranking employees to talk down and belittle lessers. Just last week one of my managers managers manager was telling me how his boss "jumped down his throat" so he "jumped down" the ZMS, who then "Jumped down" the department manager who that same day "Jumped down" mine, well more like screamed at me for pointing out some of our departments shortcomings so that we could fix it to better serve our customers.


however for us normal humans who knows that a happy work environment and happy workers make for a happier life and less stressful day AND you still want to work for walmart THEN I WILL OFFICIALLY WISH YOU LUCK WITH NOT QUITTING OR BECOMING A SYNICAL POS.

OR, theres the way I approach it which works just fine for me and even makes the managers watch how they treat others, but this is only my store and you will not find this same level of respect at any other store, which is still lower then even a normal stranger gives another stranger. (it's because I won a suit against one of the second in commands and needless to say she is very jobless and poor now) I value and appreciate all of my co-workers unless your a manager in which case you can go f yourself and that special attitude you get assigned when your promoted.

I have been coached (disciplined) a few timers for telling managers to find someone else to do there bidding and once for actually telling HIM his attitude towards us lessers was just a little less pathetic then his actual job and the amount of work he did.

Special Thanks and Hello to all you walmart employees out there AND ESPECIALLY the 9 of you cool MANAGERS in all of walmart land.


Posted by Reid

Walmart has stated customer complaints are localized. B.S. Have yet to talk to an employee that doesn't dislike them as much as I do. The same with customers. They treat their employees like sheep and pay them dog wages. They have put our friends and neighbors out of business and forced a person to shop at Walmart because in many cases they are the only ones in town. Then they carry only mdse they want to carry and a person has no recourse. I wish them nothing but ill will.

Posted by firethemall

I work for walmart in florence, sc on irby street store number 2703 and its crazy... they have little mice that run around every now and then, they treat the new cashiers completely different than the ones who have been there longer. they make us work harder than the old ones do and the old ones can just stand around and do some of what they want to do. seems as though no matter how hard you work and how good you are they try to find the smallest things to fault you for the CSM'S are sorry, they come when they want to come and make it seem like they have so much to do. the stocker keep putting things in the wrong places which leave us the cashiers to deal with unpleasant customers in i dont blame them at all. they make it seem like you will all get along but you find out its a lie when you start. no one is who they really seem to be. everyone is fake instead of being honest and talking to you they say things behind your back its like a huge industry HIGH SCHOOl and its really sad because i know im a good cashier and i enjoy the job but the management should just be fired completely and rebuilt ground up and this is speaking of my walmart. i can say so much more but i have other things to do.

Posted by Anonymous

Walmart #0348 is a very unpleasant place to work. The management is ridiculous! Especially the thing about having a time limit on the freight you have to put out! And if you don't meet the time frame they have you in the office giving you a verbal warning! It's not possible for one person to put out 2 or 3 carts of freight in an 1hr and 30 minutes. People are not robots and you can't make them work any faster than they can. They won't hire anymore help, they just try to work the crap out of the people they have. And have nerve not to pay any overtime??!!! No one wants to work for free!!! I don't know about any of the other stores, but #0348 needs a serious evaluation in their management, and a "REAL REALITY CHECK"!!!


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