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Wall Street Journal customer service is ranked #568 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 28.99 out of a possible 200 based upon 224 ratings. This score rates Wall Street Journal customer service and customer support as Terrible.


220 Negative Comments out of 224 Total Comments is 98.21%.


4 Positive Comments out of 224 Total Comments is 1.79%.

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    • 220 negative comments (98.21%)
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Posted by Fed Up

Been a customer of WSJ for 5 years (at current address). Spent 3 months trying to resolve the fact that I wasn't receiving my Saturday delivery-it only got resolved when I chased down the delivery driver and talked to him. Now, we have a new delivery person at place of business who is too lazy to drive around to the front door of our (small) office bldg. They just toss it out in the back parking lot near the dock...sometimes it doesn't even make it close to the bldg. There is a serious lack of communication between the customer service dept. and the local delivery drivers. Ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

we have had the WSJ for over 7 years and never truly had a problem until this new year. We paid for a full year subscription, and only have received 1 printed copy of the WSJ and that was after 5 phone calls to customer service. i called again this afternoon just to get a very rude young lady stating that there was nothing she can do for me! the only thing i could do is wait for my printed copy to get to me! i asked for a supervisor and was told that there was none to help. just very upset at the customer service we are getting after being such a loyal customer to now feeling like my loyalty is not worth anything.

Posted by Disappointed in California

Tried to report that my WSJ was not delivered today. The web site wasn't working and the phone simply announced technical difficulties without providing any direction as to what to do. There is no simple service site to report a missed paper as there is for most newspapers. So you have to call but then are told the lines aren't working. Feels like amateur hour.

Posted by Mike

Have escalated my non receipt of WSJ and Barrons to supervisor level who are very apologetic and say they will get fixed. A few days go by and then non delivery begins again. The supervisors say they can report the problem to the managers who are responsible for delivery but the process does not allow for them to hear back so they have no idea if the delivery problem has been addressed. What is interesting is that Dow Jones Company has a Customer Experience executive. My experience with WSJ and Barrons has been the worst customer service situation I have experienced in the 40+ years I have been an adult consumer. Sucks that they put out good products (WSJ and Barrons) but they can't competently get them delivered to readers. At my wits end and think this is their master plan to rive me to electronic version only. Signed frustrated (extremely) in Florida

Posted by David

Delivery problems going back well over a month now. Will get the paper for a few weeks then it is missed for a day or two. Now it has been over two weeks and we have received two papers.

These problems started with tRumps ICE crackdown on the immigrants. The are the ones willing to get up at 02:00 or 03:00 and deliver them by 06:00. What a lousy way to rune a news paper.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried reporting a missed delivery online this morning and have been getting a runaround.I tried sending an email to customer service and instead was sent to an add account page. I don't want to add an account. I didn't even want to send an mail. I just wanted to report a missing paper, receive a credit and be done with it like other newspapers handle it.

MJ Brenne

Posted by Kim

I can't understand how my neighbor right across the street - who gets daily delivery of WSJ - yet I can't seem to get them to drop off a paper on Saturday! Same run around from customer service. Do the departments NOT talk to one another?

Posted by Eagle i

Five days no paper and explanation, just a series of fables from customer service. I can understand every organization has problems, to hide the problem from your customers is unwise, destroys trust, creates an image of distrust and dishonesty.

Posted by Anonymous

wsj is a good newspaper but has the worst billing dept -non existent- and i am surprised that customer service has authority to even answer the phone. nothing ever gets resolved for the long term. i have had my subscription stopped 3 times since january even though customer service acknowledges the bill has been paid through january 2018. now they say it will take the billing department 5-7 days to investigate the problem and resolve.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been receiving the WSJ for almost two months now--I have tried more than once to stop delivery of this paper. I did not order it, I have not paid for it nor do I wish you to continue delivery. Please please take me off your subscriber list. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Betty Whaley, 6829 Bacon Lane, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421.

Posted by Anonymous

Why The Does The Wsj Make It So Hard To Find A Customer Service Phone Number!

Posted by Anonymous

Have been in touch with WSJ at least a dozen times in the last two months re missed deliveries, soaking wet newspapers (not double bagged) and or the delivery of a completely different newspaper.

Their customer service is a joke and apparently nothing can be fixed.

Posted by Administraive Magician

Cannot get an ongoing delivery issue resolved for a Board member (you know, a boss that has been since October. We changed the address after the paper couldn't find its way to her office, it was delivered to her home for a short time (less than 3 weeks) and then abruptly stopped. Numerous emails and reassurances of resolution with no actual results. This is hard to justify to all my bosses, they don't know why I can't fix this, its making me look incompetent.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service!! Have tried repeatedly to change from mail to carrier delivery like my neighbors have. Each time I am told that it's changed and will take effect in 2-3 days. Nothing happens. I call back, and the account is still mail delivery. This has gone on for weeks. Customer service is a joke!!!

Posted by bminnocci

I subscribed to the print edition of The Wall Street Journal a little over a week ago. I have had to call seven times due to missed deliveries. I have even escalated the complaint with two supervisors. I have received three copies, two were late delivered due to my complaint. The only copy that arrived normally was the Saturday edition.

What gives? What good is a newspaper without readers?

Posted by Michael P

Home Delivery is a Joke! 50/50 chance, I get the paper. I've complained numerous times, to their customer service dept. (who is in the Philippines, maybe that's the problem!) Worst customer service ever!

Posted by Melvin Taylor

Congrulations you finally managed to accomplished George soros wish now go to hell with him apolig... to AMERICA FOR THE DAMAGE YOU DO FOR MONEY

Posted by Anonymous

Subscribed 11 days ago yet still no home delivery... Very annoyed. Just a college student trying to keep up with all the news but prefer reading print instead of online. Haven't called customer service yet but I am surprisingly shocked at all the reviews about poor delivery and customer service. You would expect better.

Posted by Clear

I tried one year to get them to deliver the WSJ to our lake home. It was like a comedy. Hit and miss and miss. I finally went to the CEO when he put an ad in his own paper saying if anyone had a delivery problem to contact him via email. Did that and got the regional WSJ manager who cried and complained that they could not get good delivery help for the salary they paid. Got it going for a week then it stopped again. Called the regional manager again, who cried and complained again, but said the delivery guy died in a car wreck. Well, it sure wasn't on MY road since he only came down it about once every 4 days. I gave up. WSJ charges a huge yearly price for their paper but it just doesn't get delivered.

Posted by disgustedreader

As I was traveling for a brief period, I wanted my home delivery to be suspended and the back copies for the same time frame to be delivered upon my return. I called their customer service and followed their instruction for making this request.

I came home to find that the back copies were undelivered, so I once again called customer service. I was told that this type of request cannot be done and that I would be charged $10 per backup copy if I were to insist. I questioned them why I was told by the rep that it could be done---to which they now say there is NO EVIDENCE that such a request or conversation even took place on their records. Only thing that shows on their records is that I requested a delivery suspension. I was also told that I could not get complimentary back copies because I requested a delivery suspension--circular logic indeed.

This is at minimum a case of gross incompetence, and at worst something bordering on fraud/misrepresentation.

Posted by None

How difficult is it to deliver the WSJ? Very difficult I think, since there is no one that is able to figure out why I'm not getting the paper. Tired of trying to resolve the problem myself. Next step CANCELLATION

Posted by Anonymous

I've called four weeks in a row trying to get Saturday delivery. I get the same platitudes from Customer Service. We're sorry, there is redelivery in your area and I will have the paper redelivered (NEVER happened in four weeks).

They used to deliver to my house every Saturday and they stopped. Since my neighbor gets his paper, I know they are still delivering in the area. If someone knows of a phone number, with someone who can actually help, I'm listening!

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with all those who have delivery issues....company doesn't care about print edition...if the advertisers knew that they were paying for ads that wasn't reaching dubdcribers...there would be a riot....also problems start at printing plant ( especially NY ) and delivery dept..quality is hurrendous....best bet is to complain to Corporate....

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible home delivery service....no deliveries and customer service is the worst..they want you to subscribe to digital and forget the print edition...

Posted by Anonymous

My WSJ delivery rate for the month of April has been less than 75%. Terrible service. What do they want us to do, cancel our subscription?

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I have used your Saturday version of Biggest 1000 Stocks for many years to perform my various stocks analyses. About three weeks ago you stopped using this excellent format and reverted to your daily format of the Biggest 1000 which is practically worthless. I called a week ago and had a discussion with someone one in your complaint department about this. He was puzzled and said there had been no announcement of such a change indicating it would probably be corrected=DIDN'T HAPPEN. I would think many other subscribers would also have complained. Anyhow please explain what is happening and why. PLEASE return to printing the former Saturday BIGGEST 1000 format. Please confirm this request. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Don't bother calling the WSJ toll-free number to resolve any issues. It's a call center based abroad (no, it's not India). You need to call WSJ at a local US number listed in their contact directory. I am a long-time subscriber and have seen rates gradually increase over the years but the last renewal notice was nothing less than an insult, $500 for 1 year or $900 for 2 years. I called the toll-free number in the renewal notice to question lower rates on Ebay and Amazon, and even on the WSJ website. I spoke with a rep, then a supervisor, and they were ready to let my subscription lapse rather than offer a lower renewal rate. I then called a US phone number listed in the WSJ contact directory. I spoke to 2 people with American accents who were polite and willing to assist. We reached a mutually agreeable renewal rate. I’m waiting to see how it all works out and hope for the best. My ratings below apply to the folks at the US-based customer service center; the toll-free number people were useless in resolving my issues.

Posted by dentgolf

My husband and I have been subscribers for the last year.I look forward to(I receive the paper via post so read it every morning)reading stories about so many varied topics and events impossible to find compiled in one place from here and around the world.It makes me feel more informed and in touch.
We love the editorials and special pieces written by WSJ reporters and others.
After reading this morning's edition I felt compelled to thank you for your excellent publication.

Posted by Simone

initially there was problem with my subscription but in the end they did the right thing

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