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Walgreens customer service is ranked #184 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 47.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 479 ratings. This score rates Walgreens customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


410 Negative Comments out of 479 Total Comments is 85.59%.


69 Positive Comments out of 479 Total Comments is 14.41%.

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    • 47.81 Overall Rating
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    • 410 negative comments (85.59%)
    • 69 positive comments (14.41%)
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Posted by Me +

WARNING! Walgreen return policy: when return you will be asked for valid photo ID.

Instead they asked full first name, last name, full address and phone number. Everything laud and spelled. in present long line customers. Brockton, MA.

Posted by Anonymous

I was gifted two pairs of sandals that were a size too small. I had no receipt (it was a gift) and just wanted to exchange for the same sandals (they had the exact same ones) one size larger. They would not do this. The shoes I brought were never worn and in perfect condition. This was at the Curlew Rd and US l9 location. They are nuts. Why wouldn't they do this even though their policy states otherwise??

Posted by Bye Walgreens

I picked up a prescription submitted from my allergist which was a new inhaler brand. when I opened it, it didn't seem like the correct category of inhalers. So I contacted my allergist for an explanation and we discussed an alternative. She submitted the preferred prescription the next day, but when I tried to exchange the medicine that cost over $100, Walgreens wouldn't allow it as per their policy. Now I'm stuck with a very expensive medicine that I can't use. I've been meaning to switch Pharmacies anyway, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Posted by Michele C.

I wanted to return cosmetics after 30 days. Purchases from 11-15-17 thru 1-12-18. Only 2 items were opened to test. I was polite,well dressed,all items were brand new condition neatly organized with proper receipts. Around $40.00 worth, all I asked for was store credit. The shift leader wouldn't even consider it. Although I was not rude in any way he said "Sorry I can't help you. Have a nice day anyway!" Just to insult me. Instead of his REAL name he had the name of "Butters" on his name tag. A "South Park" cartoon Character. Does That tell you anything? YES it technically is my fault, but almost EVERY other retailer offers better terms for refunds. I WAS in that store a month ago, but the "return system" was offline. I see other reviews mentioning this. It also DOES say credit can be given after 30 days. So why was I turned away with no consideration AT ALL???

Posted by DearAngryCustomers_

Walgreens is not as bad as most of these people claim it is. Alot of these comments have me shaking my head in disappointment because it's the customers fault. It is common sense that you can't return an item after 30 days almost all stores have that policy!!! Come on people, use your brains...you're supposed to be adults. Walgreens even goes out of their way to give you an in-store gift card if you don't have a receipt, which is also another policy they have that you NEED a receipt...which is also common sense! Just because you don't need something or bought the wrong item doesn't mean you can bad mouth Walgreens due to YOUR OWN MISTAKES. If you don't already know when you're returning something that you NEED a receipt and it cannot be after 30 days, please educate yourself so you can avoid these situations.

Posted by blondy

DesMoines Iowa 50313 you changed manufactures on hydrocodone its not right 4 us 2 suffer on a pill you make more money on i have ben getting Watson 4 over 20 years your new brand is a sugar pill please please switch back 2 watson i cant take the suffering i looked the brand Watson up a hole lot of people r upset i count on walgreens 2 fulfill my prescription needs with high qwolaty get back 2 me thank you

Posted by Jo

Just tried to return item to Walgreens
Purchased 12-23-17
Made sure I got it back tonight before they closed
Manager came running towards d the door, " were closing!" I saw d good I just need a o return one item
So the girl behind counter says " nope! I'm s been 31 days" and proceeds to turn around nd and read a return store please look cute off the wall"
Wouldn't you think these two very young ladies would of appreciate their local customer and their jobs?
Next time I will just buy it for of amazon prime. I'm tired of looking stoning to the news say internet is taking out store fronts
There's a reason and this is one of them. There isn't any chance stoker service at Walgreens

Posted by jbow6652

Had a faulty men's groomer/trimmer product. Returned it to the store with the receipt but because I was two days past their 30 day return policy (due to me having the flu) they did not refund the cost ($43) to my debit card but put it on a Walgreens 'credit' card, kind of like a gift card. Should the Walgreen's staff have returned the cost to my debit card because the product was faulty? I'm not sure of my consumer rights here. So, anyway, I went online to check out other groomer/trimmers but the choice was more limited than in the store, so I found other products that I could purchase online because they weren't available in any store within a 25 mile radius of my home. Now, here's the thing I think people need to be aware of. The Walgreens 'credit' card they gave me, cannot be used for online purchases!!!! So, I called the helpline and they told me I could take a note of my product choices and get the staff in the store to put the online order through and I could pay with this card at the register. Great! I thought. It was not so great when I ended up spending an hour with them, trying to get it to work on the system. In the end, they gave up and told me to come back another time. So, I called the helpline again but was cut-off. Then I tried the online chat. Did not respond to me the first time, with me, typing "hello" several times, hoping for a response. Second attempt at online chat, I got a response. The Walgreens' employee told me the online ordering system for stores was down and wouldn't be available for 3-4 days. I should try then. Ridiculous for a big company like this to operate this way. I don't hold out much hope that their policies will change to assist consumers in the future despite giving them feedback asked for on a survey. I would highly recommend staying away from Walgreens stores and Walgreens.com to save yourselves future hassles such as this.

Posted by Just returning

I went to return an item at the Walgreens off Wilshire/Western station and I didn't have the receipt and I was told I couldn't return it without the receipt nor could I get store for lesser value sounds like the manager was making his own rules

Posted by Lisa K

I tried to return an item today, in the box, not opened with receipt. The receipt was dated 12/2/17 and today is 1/5/18. I could not get to Walgreens because there was a blizzard and the store was closed for days, the Manager told me that I could not return or exchange for store credit. The item is $10 and is still selling in the store as of today. I use Walgreens for all my family's prescriptions and as my go-to place to shop for cosmetics, etc. I will not be using them anymore.

Posted by Marie

Del City, OK Walgreens....Purchased a $50 Taco Bell gift card for my son-in-law's birthday 12-15. He tried to use it a few days later and it was declined, they told him it was never activated. I took it back and asked if they could activate it, and they would not do anything.I called Taco Bell, they said it never had money put on it. I called Walgreens, they told me to get the electronic journal and send that. It is now 3 weeks, and they are "investigating" it, and I am out $50! This is a bunch of BS!! They have all the information, they could at least give me an activated card while they work out their problems!! I will never buy gift cards at Walgreens again!!

Posted by Hockey 22

Went to Marshfield Ma Walgreens to return some Milax i had bought. It did not work at all for my daughter. I had the product and the receipt. There was some problem with the scanner it would not let them scan the receipt. The boy Ryan was his name was awesome he said it dosen't seem to be working i will get my assistant manager. She came up and said its not working so you are just going to have to keep the product, I said I have the slip its been less than 30 days I want my money back. She said there is nothing I can do. I said that makes no sense at all I have every thing. She said you can come in and talk to Manager tomorrow . I said I have been here for 15 minutes your in the wrong. I just want my money back. She said I can not give to you. I said I work at a supermarket and when a customer comes in with a receipt and the product we give them there money back. I dont think I will ever shop in your store again/ It was embarrassing standing there and she kept on saying I don't know what you want me to do. I want something done about this. I am so disappointed with your company. You don't make people who shop in your store feel like this. I did nothing wrong your assistant Manager did.

Posted by Bbw

"I dont need it" I bought the wrong color, I lost my receipt....this is a customer problem not walgreens responsibility. If u have proof of purchase and return according to policy theres no problem. Other retailers are very picky about returns and good luck returning items any other place without a receipt. Walgreens offers a gift card for returns without receipts, try that at walmart or cvs!! Take some responsibility as customers and get ur acts together jeez. Theft and dishonesty is rampant and unfortunately this affects retail prices and return policies for all retailers.

Posted by Employee

For those confused about points and store credit, if you dont have a receipt and did not use your walgreens card or if it was purchased over 30days ago then you get store credit. Also if they said they checked their system it only shows for their particular store so if you bought it at another store then it wont show up and they really are not supposed to take it because of the high rate of scams going around. Points are tricky though in that if it were a $20 item and you used $5 worth of points then you get $5 on a store credit and $15 of your actual money back. But if you bought a $5 item and used $20 in points on your original transaction then you get a $5 store credit. Points are essentially free store credit that walgreens gave you to spend back in the stores so its not all of your actual money being spent. So if you use that store credit and make a return youre only going to get store credit back.

Posted by Kharrison

I was the victim of an internet scam involving gift cards from iTunes. I was given a list of things and documents to submit to get a refund. I have been chasing down Walgreens daily. The consumer relations departments have no idea what's going on nor will they refer you to the next chain of command. Chiquita is condescending and rude and the others that I've dealt with just sound bored with your dilemma. I am out $500 that was supposed to go towards rent for a supposed partnership with AirBnB. Walgreens is quick to take your money but slow to return it or even give you a ballpark timeframe as to when you can expect resolution.

Posted by Fisrant

I returned an item to the Monroe,la store with the original receipt and was told I'm not going to keep giving y'all cash when you return stuff. Cash was he got of payment that was tendered at the time of sale 600s worth of merchandise bought b my mother who suffers from depensia alzehimers . I had already told this rude manager that I had a couple more things to bring back and the reason. I haven't been in that particular store in quite some time because if the rude and aggressive Manor in which she treats the customers

Posted by Erin

I went to return some merchandise today that was over 30 days. The manager said it was about $80 worth of product but there was nothing she could do for me. What? I don't understand why they couldn't give sale price like other stores do. Just another reason I no longer shop there.

Posted by Mark

They have to be the only store that won't take something back after 30 days. Ridiculous! I will go out of my way to NOT SHOP HERE anymore

Posted by Anonymous

I went to return 2 items without a receipt. A guy came took the 2 items. And went to check his system. He didn't ask for anything but that he had to check his inventory. I went to the back room and came back with an inventory list stating his store or the whole district has not sold them items in the last day or months.i asked if wanted to take my ID or know the price I purchased it for. He stated he was not able to take the items back or give me and credit or exchanges. He basically accused me of trying to steal a couple dollars of merchandise so I can be humilated for stealing?!!!! I was so embarassed. I donated stuff bought from Walgreens all the time. Never will I ever have someone look at me and my race (Asian) and assume I stole something. My 2nd time there and I will never shop there agaun! Location: East Wash Ave. Walgreens in Madison, WI Associate: Jacob

Posted by Anonymous

Can a liquor item be returned to Walgreens? I have the receipt and it was brought 3days back.

Posted by countesspowers12

Well, I had to return 2 adhesive bandages that my mother did not need. She didn't have the original receipt (she threw it away). She asked if I would return them for her, telling Mr a store credit would be fine. So I went in to my local Walgreen's and the cashier had to contact the manager on duty because I did not have the receipt. He came up, I explained my situation, and without a word spoken to me, he grabbed both bandages (still I'm original packaging) and went to the back office. I asked Tue cashier what was up, and she said that they have to check their system to make sure these items were sold in that particular store. They've had to update their policy due to people scamming them, stealing produce to receive giftcards, etc... I truly felt like they were targeting me as a scammer and because the manager didn't explain what he was doing, and what the cashier told me, I became uncomfortable. After 5 minutes or so, the manager came back to the register with a printed report, and he then told me that he had to check the price the bandages. So in the end, I received a shopping $10 on a gift card, but was made to feel uncomfortable and like I was being targeted as a their! Moral of the story, kids: KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The Walgreens in Jonesborough TN has very rude employees and make up lies about their customers.

Posted by Concern Constumer

I brought a greensdot (moneypak) from Walgreens on Thursday of last week to pay a bill through PayPal. When I went to register my card it said on the website that it doesn't do PayPal anymore. I'm like what in the world and I have a bill do. So, I went back to Walgreens to get my money back and the sales persona said I had to call the number that's on the card mind you I looked at the card for a number and didn't see one to call. I asked could I get my money back he said the same thing instead of getting a manger for me. I need my money back so I can pay my bills I work to hard for my money. I need answe ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service at the Walgreens in Inglewood. It's ridiculous the policies change per city you visit. Will Tomas needs better training and I expect better from a manager. Ridiculous

Posted by Rihanna

I came to the store to buy some items I asked one of the employers for that item her name is nequila she laughed at me and she said look for it by ur self what are you blind I said no I am not blind I am just in ahurry can you show me where is that item please she said omg stupid customers, and started laughing at me,location is 3802 cedar spring rd,dallas, texas .

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Posted by Anonymous

A pharmacy employee at Walgreens store on Riggins and Demaree St,VisaliaCa by the name of Natasha performed Wonderful service on prescription that was not covered by insurance. The cost was $172 and she knew how to input a Medicare Part D discount that lowered the price to $24.14. She should receive the highest positive acknowledgement by Walgreens.

Thank you

Emilio & Sally Velez

Posted by spousson

I went to the Walgreens located in Metairie, LA to have some reproductions of several photos. When I got there a woman named LINDA assisted me. She was extremely patient, and helpful. This was my first time using the photo machine and she helped me crop all my photos exactly as I needed. I cannot say enough about the assistance she gave me and I am very thankful for her help. It made the whole process easy.

Posted by unknown

I had been looking for a place to ask about a particular Walgreens store in Las Vegas, Nevada that allows non-service pets to come in with their owners and sit on counters meant for checking out packaged food items. Although I see this very often and know it is against health laws, I find that I am being very picky. After reading the comments from L. Simms on the Walgreens employee, that did not look her in the eye and, therefore, must be a racist, I decided my concern was not a problem for me. L. Simms, please check your attitude. As a mixed race person, I use spell check.

"not be back and I am encrounging my friends and family and co- worker to do the same. Macey who ever is a racious."

Posted by Anonymous

U went to Washington Wallgreens in Missouri on hwy 100 and 47..Susan in the pharmacey was beyond helpfull she went helped with a problem I was going out of town and needed medicine a few days early she instructed me on what we needed to do to complete my request...thank you to Susan now I can go on vacation to visit my daughter and family without worrying if I would be able to even find my medicine since each state is different and have different regulations....thanks Wallgreens for hiring such an intelligent and knowledgable employee...my Wallgreens yes.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to express my gratitude to Walgreens in Albuquerque New Mexico 9601 Gibson Boulevard Southwest in Albuquerque New Mexico 87121 the manager is Kathy leering I received excellent customer service from Sam and Debra on around July 5th they are the most courteous the most helpful the most knowledgeable Walgreens employees that I've encountered so far thank you so much for having a Walgreens in every corner and thank you so much for having such wonderful staff as Sam and Debra and Kathy they're always willing to help their customers they go out of their way to go the extra mile to make sure that the customer needs are met first thank you so much and have a great day my name is Ernest J Esquibel phone thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Portland, Oregon Store #04296 (3909 SE Holgate) re Diane, who works 1-9pm.....exceptional customer service on numerous occasions. Can't say enough nice things about this employee (works cosmetic counter area). She deserves kudos from company in response to customer satisfaction!

Gary (Portland, Oregon)

Posted by Anonymous

I was very impressed by Charlene's diligence in getting my discount card approved for my prescription today. The phone number hotline was busy for a day and a half and she finally got through and saved me about 200 dollars. She works at the Walgreen's in Kerrville, Texas.

Posted by Freehold nj

Amanda who works at the pharmacy department in the Freehold NJ Walgreens is the worst unfriendliness person behind the desk. Everyone seems to be helpful and I understand it's stressful. But she shouldn't work with people.

Posted by Sara

The purpose of this comment is to commend Jacqueline Torain, Store #10071, for her kindness, effort, and flexibility in assisting me in identifying and purchasing a pair of over-sunglasses. She checked out more than simply the Walgreen's website to follow up on the offerings of certain brands. With grace and patience, she goes the extra mile and further reflects the excellence of Manager David Hendricks.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank Debbie the pharmacist at South main store in Centerville,Ohio for being very patience with me on phone helping me to understand the medications Im taking

Posted by Anonymous

We shop at Walgreens store No 07540 on a regular basis and over all have nothing but praise for the Pharmacy, and the entire staff, they are very helpful, kind and will go out of their way to assist you .My problem is with your headquarters .I take The.generic med for Nuritin.and a while back you changed vendors and the pills you changed to are chalk and I can not take them, I get chocked and they get stuck.I asked the Pharmacy staff about getting the smooth coated one's. They said there was nothing they could do about it.So now I go to CVS FOR THE ONES i'm able to take.I really dislike useing two different pharmacys.And I'm considering changing all of my familys percriptions to CVS .I really don't want to switch but I'll leave this issue in your hands .And I hope you appreciate the awesome Store and Staff you have at store, on McCgrady Dr SE Cleveland Tn.Hopefully you will respond to me concerning this issue MR & MRS Beulah Fohs .Here is my Email address

Posted by Anonymous

I want to acknowledge an employee of Walgreens in the Cosmetic Department, her name is Ashley, she was most helpful and friendly. She helped me to purchase the items I wanted. The store iis located in Berwyn, Illinois Thank you.

Posted by muzzy rose

To Who it may concern: Your pharmacist Ms.Puja Dhawan store on Illinois/McClurgh.
Our family have been customers of your store since !991 and would like you to be informed that this lady has always since she has been at this store gone above and beyond to make all our experiences pleasant.. Your company is fortnuate to have such a wonderful, pleasant employee..I do hope you will note this in her persnoal file...Mr. and Mrs. Murray Rosenblatt

Posted by Anonymous

Employee Scorpius at location is awesome she saw a elderly woman struggling with water and checked her out then walked the water out to her car now that's customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Your Employees in Peru, Ill. are excellent but your product with gold emblem is the worst pistachios I have ever bought. Could not open but 3 out of 4. Had use a knife to open half of them. Brought 2 of your 18 oz nuts in light green bags. On sale still not worth it. I own stock in your company hope this not a sign of future. AL GRANATA

Posted by Anonymous

last Friday, August 28, the pharmacist at the Oak Lawn Walgreens called our home to ask about my brother's health. My brother had recently filled a number of new prescriptions and he wanted to know how he (Eugene) was doing. I told him that Eugene had recently experienced congestive heart and was given medication to reduce swelling in his limbs and that the doctor would probably put him in the hospital to expedite the situation

I enjoy going to the OakLawn Store and dealing with the staff there. Thank you from my family

Posted by Anonymous

The walgreens located in Aventura the pharmacist named Mackenzy is very helpful for the customer . He is nice to the customer all the time.He helped me and my daughter two times when we had the problems with my insurance company with the prescription refill. We need more this kind of the employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I am both a customer and shareholder of Walgreens and have been so for many years. Yesterday I went to shop @the McCord-W.Cenrtral Store store in Toledo, Ohio and was surprised to find the store closed with notes on the front door advising pharmacy customers to contact two nearby Rite Aid store regarding prescriptions. I have been on a first name basis with the pharmacy manager and he had advised me the pharmacy was doing well and I feel disapointed that pharmacy customers were not contacted about the store closing.

Posted by Hernandai

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens in Kingwood, TX on Lake Houston Pkwy. The staff is always friendly helpful. I always get my questions answered quickly. There is a great pharmacy tech named Lauren and a clerk named Noah. Always cheerful and helpful.

Posted by gary clark

went to your store on Washington St in Escondido,Ca. needed some help correcting photos. A young man by the name of Caleeb assisted, and it was one of the most pleasant experiences. he was professional and extremely polite. if you find more like him your business can only improve. I have been an Rite-Aid man up till now. will definitely be back.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Walgreen today to get my puppy somethings. The treats were all from foreign countries. The worst Hartz brand being made in China. Products from China have killed thousands of dogs. Please do some research and put American products on your shelves! Thank you. Concerned pet owner?

Posted by Anonymous

Khiry provided excellent customer service

Posted by jjae

I have been a Walgreens customer for several years now and have regularly had a positive experience. However I do have a complaint. The pharmacy personnel keep changing. Why is that? Some of my prescriptions are paid for by a financial assistance program which the new pharmacist is unfamiliar and this causes me to spend time explaining this and then the pharmacist has to research it causing further delay.I have several prescriptions that are refilled every month. There are some pharmacy personnel that are working there consistently and are familiar with my prescriptions and these special circumstances but even when they are there, the new pharmacist has to go through the same process.

It is much more comforting for me to see familiar faces and knowing that I am not going to have to go through this scenario over and over.

Posted by karen robins

Service from Rishma was excellent and she reminded me about a nail polish coupon for the Essie polish I was purchasing, very professional, thoughtful and pleasant! Nice to see sales associates who enjoy people and appear to really enjoy their job. This is my neighborhood Pharmacy and for years so I truly appreciate the service and calibre of individual. I also like Arnold very much. The store outside though could be kept cleaner. I take pride in my neighborhood and often the garbage cans are overflowing and dirty and there is paper everywhere. This used to not be the case. I know people are inconsiderate and often neglectful or unaware of this but its important.

Posted by Bj Futrell

I regularly shop the Walgreen store at: 5434 Hwy 78 in Sachse, TX. Jared, one of the employees, has always gone out of his way to be helpful and is very polite and has a great personality. You are very fortunate to have him as an employee.

Kudos to Jared

Bj Futrell

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Posted by Linda

I don't have a complaint about customer service. I have a complaint about employee service. Me being the employee. I recently transfer from Kentucky to Tennessee. I was working 8-4:30 Tues-Sat. I have worked for the company since 1991. I am trying to get on at a Walgreens down here, problem is this fair scheduling BS. I have to work days because of my home life and a child at home. We know nobody down here. I worked 15 years with a swing swift, including being assistant and working pharmacy. I believe I have paid my tides and earned the spot to work my day shift. How is it fair for a veteran like me to have to still work the swing shift. You want to be fair? but Walgreens is not being fair to the people who have put their time into the company already. I am an honest, hardworking, dedicated employee who now has to look for a job outside of Walgreens. I have dedicated 23 years of my life to this company and I feel that arrangements can be made to accomadate this situation. My old manager even sent a really good recomandation the the team leader here in Tennesse, to no avail. I thought that Walgreens was family, they are sure not treating me that way. Family takes care of their own, not shou them away. I am very upset that I cannot continue my career with Walgreens. I have invested so much in the time I have been with Walgreens, I really do not find this to be very fair at all.

Posted by edirol

Store manager seems like a nice person but is a "mouse" having poor management skills. Unable to fire employees who: chronically come in late, don't perform minimum core job duties, and oblivious to employees who steal merchandise. Little to no verbal communication - simply leave memos on counter-top to read. Store is dirty and unsafe. Rules enforced unevenly. Store mgr gets all nervous when Regional Mgr comes to visit - presume feels guilty. Annoying that some co-workers feel entitled and goof off.

Posted by hatethispalce

Walgreens treats it's older workers poorly. They cut our hours, make us do more than the younger workers, and we have no hope of ever being promoted. Only those under 40 are promoted into any type of supervisory position, and into the pharmacy. The younger workers are given 25-30 minute paid breaks and 45 minute lunches. They also are not expected to really do anything. Customers wonder why they can't get good customer service. It's because those of us that are expected to work are treated so badly, we don't even want to be there - we have to.

Posted by Anon

I would have to say that as far as corporate goes, Walgreens is crap. You can't expect them to look at you any further than as a infinitesimal speck on their radar. They cut hours every other month, for both store and pharmacy hours, and then brag to forbes that they are up for sales. And worse, they literally just redesigned the Management system so that assistant managers lost about $3-$5 an hour just to keep their jobs. The only people who are safe from this are the lowest of the grunts and the store manager.

As far as stores go, it's not much better. As you can expect, morale is low from all of this cut hours and lost wages crap. So nobody but the guy who doesn't know anything, and the guy who runs the store gives a damn about much of anything.

However, there ARE a few stores here and there that you can find excellent service from. My store is one of those rare gems. Everyone who works here is very friendly and we receive excellent customer ratings all the time. Most of us have been at the store for 2 years or more, so we all know what's up and most of us can even tell you what is in stock without going to look for it. (Which I understand is annoying, but trust us. If you stare at the same aisles and stockroom for 40 hours a week, you tend to memorize it.) We frequently write Rain Checks for anyone who asks for a reasonable number of the item that is on sale and out of stock. If you have any issues, most of us can fix it quickly, even those of us who are not managers. I would say, for our store at least, expect excellent service, even if it's a little hectic.

Posted by CRW

My District Manager at Walgreen told my store manager to keep the expensive items lock up away from "Aunt Jamima and Uncle Ben". then the DM point her eyes to an elder couple African American in side the store to make her point.*** That is so not cool. I think she need to stay away from the Klan.

Posted by Lizardbop

I used to work for Walgreens And would not recommend anyone working for these people ever.
I started out as overnight cashier got consistently 40 hours a week but they would give me a scedual of 1 day on 1 day off 1 day on 1 day off that went on for about 3 months killer turn around when you work 10 hours every other night.

asked to be put on days so I could go to school again was never gonna happen they just ya sure w/e me a month later hes like I want you to be a photo tech during the days only because he wanted to fire another employee mind you. Put me on days and cut my hours in half. Asked for more hours went to 15 hours for 3 weeks. Kept asking for more hours weeks never happend. That manager eventually got promoted to district and moved and a new manager came in district as well this time. he cut my hours to 10 hours a week and would not give me more eventually walked in and I had 5 hours in 1 week and told him wtf and he wrote in more hours for that week. He hired someone new and I got a good look at his calender and he would scheduled everyone else's hours around this guys availability. the guy cut everyone elses hours in the store to make room for this guy. its like wtf man I worked hard when I was there they would schedule me for truck day 3am to 1pm on those days and I would unload the truck and move it all out to the floor and put it all away.

I still get mad at how they treated me there wont even walk into a walgreens anymore

Posted by Ginger

I am currently working at Walgreens. I am trying to get hired at CVS. At my store, during truck days we are forced to tell the customers the photo machine is down although its not! Because we are short on people. Poor customers! My assistant managers are terrible, they are very lazy.

Posted by Good luck

Walgreens has hired many new young kids to be managers,district managers, district supervisors and others on the top of the chain. This company I have seen just many changes that were good but sad to say I have seen more changes that have effected the spirit with employees and the value it used to have with employees. Ive seen stressed out Pharmacist and realy outraged technician because of the budget cuts and not able to meet their needs. Walgreens if their realy busy, usually has 6 techs. one at 8am, 9:30am, 10am 12:30pm 1:30 pm. They say we have been affected by express scripts, they are still busy. and even when we had all the contracts they still would cut hours. What gets me, why are they still buying STORES! give me a break, greed, greed. Customer service is a big deal for Walgreens and all companies but they still make them wait. All Walgreens are under staffed and from what I hear from these employees they are not being treated right. They cut hours on workers that been there for many, many years and they decide to hire another person and cut hours from a person thats been there longer. Thats wrong! It seems the older you are with the company the more hours you will be cut because of performance. There is more to put on here and all this is not written preoperly. I was rushing, so im sorry for the grammar.

Posted by B

I worked at Walgreens several years back at store number 5475 at 300 East Township Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the photo department. The lady over the photo department was horrible. Mean as a snake, and yelled at other employees in front of customers. Wasn't too nice to customers either. The store manager was horrible too. There were some very good managers and employees there too, but the store manager, the lady over the photo department, and one assistant manager(can't remember the names now)were just rude and treated me like crap. I apologize if these positions are filled now someone with someone new, this was back in 2002.

Posted by Walgreens Employee

I've worked for Walgreens for almost 7yrs now. I've been a pharmacy technician and during which I've also been studying to be a pharmacist. However, it's very unlikely that I will return to this company as a pharmacist after all the experiences I've been through. They cut the pharmacy hours every summer and for some reason, it seems like we get busier (numbers don't lie) when they say we should be slower. Customers complain that we can't have their prescription ready in 15 minutes, instead we have 1-2 hour waits during the afternoon. The reason being is that we do not have the help that we need. Today is the 2nd of the month and we had 60 labels on the counter with 1 technician filling, taking in new prescriptions and answering the phone, 1 technician working the drive thru selling and taking in prescriptions and 1 technician working the out counter selling prescriptions. The 1 technician filling was me this morning, and I had to come home and take a nap because I was so exhausted!! I should not have to exhaust myself to get these prescriptions out on time. It's not fair to me, and after awhile I stopped answering the phone and let the pharmacist get it because I was running out of gas.

Posted by [email protected]

I have worked for Walgreens. I quit when I got fed up with my fellow employees not doing there job. There are a few good ones, but most management is awful. They only care about the bottom line. Bottom line being money. Also the reason the pharmacy is so bad, is that these pharmacy workers are not given lunches or breaks, besides bathroom time. These people are seriously underpaid, overworked, and that is why they act the way they act. I hope walgreens decides to post my comment, if not they have somthing to hide, it will come to the lite, I'll be watching!


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