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Posted by Disgusted of Chesea London SW3 U

I cannot agree more with all negative comments - the only thing right about this company is its products but let down so badly by it's shockingly useless Customer Services, its useless website, its total ignorance supplying programmes with invalid licences, its inability to properly identify particulat models (Intuos CTH-490k) when buying spare nibs, or supplying a manual (to view only which tells you zero?) - having call centres that are so busy they're closed most of the time or too busy to take calls 24/7 - all in all a perfect example of how NOT to run a service for loyal long term clients - yours, Disgusted of Chelsea SW3 London, UK (and look at their record 42 out of 48 bad reviews... which no doubt they are very proud of - or GREAT as one of their better known representatives might put it!

Posted by Nonamer

I am absolutely baffled by the customer service, I don't know if I am talking to Human or a programmed robot. I have never come across such a worst customer service/support from a corporate companies. It puts to shame all the fly by night operators and the shady photo equipment companies customer service.
I have multiple Wacom products and my BT enabled intuos pro failed and there started my customer support nightmare. All the paper sent and everything smooth to the point it felt too good to be true and it ended up being that, the worst nightmare and completely put the fault on the customer.
When Wacom customer support was proven to be wrong, completely switched track and never owned up to their mistake.
Having not learned from my first experience ordered directly from Wacom, it couldn't get any better. I had to request UPS to send it back to sender as Wacom absolutely refused to allow picking up the package from UPS facility. The package will only be delivered at the shipping address and nowhere else for security reason according to Wacom logic. If I cannot be at my residence to receive the shipment, I shouldn't order the product from Wacom.
This is seriously unbelievable!!! I guess I am spoiled by Amazon customer service.
I wish competition puts Wacom out of business and it's sad to say.

Posted by Michele

Well, I was a fool for buying it in the first place because in the few months I left for it to be out before I bought it, the reviews were amazing. No issues, everything the first one had as an issue had been fixed, no worries right?
I bought my Cintiq Companion 2 in 2015, and when I called today to get help with the fact that the screen died this week (No backlight, no nothing), they informed me that my warranty ran out just the start of this month and that it would be 1,050$ for me to get it fixed.
Now I'm sorry, but I spent 2,500 euro at the time I got it and didn't even use it much or use heavier programs on it (Though it was advertised it could handle things like Zbrush). And a quick search online told me that there were MANY, MANY people who got the same product, that had the EXACT same issue.
So for me, this is a known issue with the model. And it is their responsibility that they are selling a sub-par product at that insane cost. I thought I was making an investment at the time, that it would last, be worth the money. But no. All I have now, is a useless machine, and no help from the company that sold it to me.
Their customer service told me there was nothing that could be done. Other than me spend another 1,000 for it. And my warranty ran out just a few days ago. How convenient.
For me, there is no guarantee anymore that a wacom product will be a lasting one. And I would advise anyone and everyone to not even think about wasting their money on one of Wacom's tablet pc's specifically, because they don't know what they're doing.

Posted by Starlord

This companies customer service is shocking at best, I tried to order a replacement Cintiq 3 in 1 cable and was told I would have to look else where as the EU store don't have it in stock. I contacted the US store as they have them in stock and was told that they don't ship outside of the US how is it possible an item as expensive as a wacom tablet but are then unable to order any replacements for the poor quality cables they come with. I feel this s a ploy to take more money from me as a customer by making it impossible to rectify the fault by ordering spares and having to order a complete new tablet. I will not be leaving this issue here and will be contacting the trading standards and ombudsman service to gain more advice. I feel that the customer service is at such a basic level the advisors don't know what they are telling you or and information about the products they are charging so much for. I can see why Apple are by far the better company and also the reason companies like this one will become on existent.

Posted by Anonymous

I've owned 5 wacom products before, been a loyal user for years. i bought an intuos pro small, not a cheap piece of equipment but the wireless function stopped working about 6 months or more ago (seems to be when el capitan was released). I tried using it wired since then and kept searching and trying to find a fix. I tried everything suggested and nothing worked. I eventually just used it wired because I couldn't be bothered to try to get it to work. FInally I called today and spoke with a man who was very hard to understand and who was whispering. He 'fixed' it for about one minute and then it stopped working. After that he said that it was out of warranty and nothing could be done. After being a loyal customer to Wacom for 10 years and owning about 5 different wacom products, I couldn't believe he wasn't willing to send me the wireless kit to fix the issue. I will be complaining about this at any and all platforms available for their poor customer service. When I asked him if he could send me the kit to try to fix it (valued at $40) he said it was their procedure and not his decision. nevermind that getting help from them is almost impossible. He laughed when I asked him if he could ask whomever's decision it was and he laughed at me. I hung up as he spent about 5 minutes laughing and telling me it was impossible to help me. Apparently the warranty expired a few months ago but I really have been trying to get it to work for a very long time. I am not the only one who has this issue, if you search on forums many many people complain that their tablet stops connecting wirelessly. It has become a very expensive Bamboo and for the size and the price, it's been a waste of money. I will look for other solutions in the future and not give my business to this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently went through two months of the most frustrating and anger inducing process of trying to get a straight answer, or at the very least, an answer in general, from wacom regarding issues I was having with my tablet. Not only did it take days to even get a response after sending a clear email describing the problems I was having, but they started actually ignoring my emails and then email address in its entirety after a while. I had to use three email addresses. One of the people literally just told me to get a new computer. Thinking about this experience gives me physical pain. They don't know what they're talking about.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a wireless accessory kit which stopped functioning four months later.

After my initial support claim was answered with a suggestion to buy a new kit for 40USD, i reminded my support contact that, as a Canadian, I cannot buy direct from Wacom (really? it's 2016 and you can't ship to Canada?)and would need to pay close to double out-of-pocket to replace a kit.

Their reply was simply to tell me that they had no idea how I managed to buy a new kit in January, when they hadn't sold that particular kit for "3 or 4 years" (a little suspicious considering their previous email told me to buy the same kit from their active website) I mentioned that there was a 1-year limited warranty on the unit that I purchased, and sent them my purchase receipt and other details. They then replied to say that a replacement kit was on the way.

That was over 6 months ago, and no unit was sent.

I continued to use the tablet hard-wired into my machine, but now I am having software incompatibility issues that are causing me to delve back in to the nightmare that is trying to work out issues with Wacom.

I have been a loyal wacom user for over 12 years now, but you can guarantee that my next tablet will be from a competitor - Apple and Microsoft are now producing high quality work surfaces, and I can't see how their customer service could be any worse than Wacom's.

Posted by ewrc

No reply from any of my multiple support emails, after an entire month. And people buy these products for their fabled 'customer support'.

Posted by Twome

This place leaves a lot to be desired with their customer services. I needed a driver for my tablet it wasn't on the list, they didn't recognize my email or password. The 1st phone number wanted me to take a survey about travel and insurance. The other number I called NO answer.

Posted by MG

First, the customer support people are like robots, they keep saying "We're sorry" and "We understand" but they're like a rubber wall that bounces off everything I need from them. MY Cintiq (a $2000 piece of hardware) isn't working properly, basically it works fine for a month and then suddenly it disconnects while I'm working without any reason (I update the drivers, changed the cables etc..) causing me financial distress and a lot of personal stress. I use different Cintiq at work and they all work fine with my computer so it's something specific to the hone that I have at home. So I sent it back twice (and I had to pay for the shipping) and both times they said, after 2 days of test, that the Cintiq was fine and they sent it back to me with the same intermittent issue. This is enough annoying but the second time I sent it back they sent me a picture of the glass of my Cintiq damaged saying that, despite the box arrived in mint conditions, the glass had this hole in the top right corner and they blamed the shipping company, asking me for $600 to repair the glass. Also, when I said that it was very strange to damage the glass that way without a single bump on the box, they said that the shipping companies change the damaged box with a new one to conceal the damage. Since the box that I sent was the official Wacom one, I wonder how UPS managed to find a new Wacom box in such a short time! So right now, not only they're sending back a Cintiq that still doesn't work, but also with the glass damaged! I don't know why, given the intermittent nature of my issue, they don't keep the tablet for more than a couple of days and send me a temporary replacement in order to identify the issue. It is obvious that, being Wacom the market leader, they don't absolutely acre about their customers and that they ignore the basic customer service protocols. I filed a report to UPS but I doubt that with the box in perfect conditions they will ever pay for the glass damage. At this point I will send the Cintiq back a third time in order to be eligible for a replacement but the whole situation stressed me a lot and made me lose any respect for Wacom.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, I bought the original cintiq android (what was I thinking) hybrid. It kept getting delayed shipment because they claimed that they were relocating thier factory. After about 3 weeks And alot of back and forth emails and calls it finally came in the mail.

I ended up trading it for a surface pro, since that I've upgraded to the surface book. I will never buy another Wacom product again.

Horrible customer service.

Posted by MN

Received the Wacom Inkling Pen as a gift a year and a half ago. Went to use it the other day and discovered that the battery had exploded. I contacted Wacom to find out if I should replace just the battery or the whole pen, only to learn that it has been discontinued. This was fine, HOWEVER, the pen uses a small battery that is, for some bizarre reason, made only by Wacom, and they had also discontinued making the battery! It is absurd to discontinue making a battery for a recent product they've sold that requires said battery to function. This is clearly a greedy tactic to make their customers buy new Wacom products instead of being able to continue using the product they already spent their hard earned money on. Upon telling me the battery was discontinued and my 1.5 year old Inkling Pen in perfect condition was therefore rendered useless, Wacom offered a highly insincere apology and then proceeded to attempt to sell me on new products without offering any sort of discount for screwing me, and others, over. Luckily I found some replacement batteries on Ebay, but I will never give another cent to Wacom. They do not care about their customers, they only care about money.

Posted by MB

The people are nice but literally nothing gets done when you call. They assure you changes or things will get fixed, but it won't. I have called 4 times and gone back and forth with 5 different customer service reps through email to correct my address in their system and they still haven't made the changes.

Posted by Avelez

Worst customer service. When spoke to they guy on the phone regarding the free software that comes with the tablet he was really nice, but then he asked me to provide some information via email. I sent at 3 emails with all the information he requested and never got any answer.
I paid 2,000 dollars for a tablet, and I can't get the free software that comes with it? unbelievable!

Posted by dragon_king

I purchased a Intuos Pen & Touch Medium from them a year ago. I had a two year warranty, but even so they refused to do anything for me when the Pen Pressure stopped working. I tried the troubleshooting options before I even contacted them, but they kept making go through the same steps over and over, all for nothing. They did not refund me, replace, give me a discount, or anything. They basically said sorry and oh well. I am happy to say that I will never purchase from this company again, and they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Posted by Rae B

Wacom has the absolute worst customer support I have ever encountered. I have the first edition of the Cintiq Companion (Windows not Andriod) which many know is riddled with problems. I got the Companion about a year and a half ago, and the first one's charger port crapped out within a month or so. They had me send it back so they could give me a "new" one, and they ended up sending me a refurbished machine with a broken display and other problems. I emailed support and told them it was unacceptable, and they claimed it was a mistake that they didin't send me a new one. I sent that one back for another "new" one, the one I use today, and while it mostly works fine I know it is refurbished because it had a few dings and scratches on it when I first got it. It didn't end there. This Companion had to be sent out for repairs when its charger port crapped out, which took over a month while I still needed the computer for school work, and I received very little updates on its status, even when I requested such. This January, I had problems with my wifi adapter driver and display and it took so long to get a response I ended up spending hours fixing it myself. Today, the same Companion is starting to have charging problems again, despite the fact that it was repaired less than a year ago. It has been more than 3 weeks since I first sent in a support request, and I have only received one reply from support so far. I asked to be put in contact with someone in a higher position, aka a manager, but that request hasn't even been acknowledged. All I want is to send this practically-prototype Companion out for a Cintiq Companion 2, because it is cheaper now than what I payed for this one and I would hope it has less problems.

Posted by Sam B.

Wacom has got to have some of the worst customer service I've had to deal with. I'm on my third Cintiq Companion, due to the first to having the known charging port issues! My first tablet was shipped without my Windows key and it took two weeks for them to get that to me and only after I called and asked for a tier 3 rep.

Beyond that, every time I've had to return the tablet, getting my replacement has been short of pulling teeth! This most recent case started 3/16/2016 when I requested a replacement for the charging port issue on my second Companion. They sent me a UPS return label that day. I returned the tablet on 3/18/16 and was told they were making an exception and expediting my tablet and I'd have it on 3/21/16. The tablet didn't get shipped until 3/23/2016, after numerous calls and even a manager telling me I'd have it by 3/23/16! Now the manager told me I won't get it for 3-5 more days! All she could offer was her weak apology after telling me completely incorrect information. Every time you call you get misinformation, incompetence and the run around. It is the most infuriating company to work with. This is the first and the last Wacom product I will purchase.

I'd also like to know why their customer service reps continue to tell customers things that they can't do or aren't true?! In the past week and and half, I've talked to 3-4 different reps, one being a manager. Each time I spoke with them, I got different shipment information on my replacement order. What unacceptable service!

Posted by Very Upset Customer

Absolutely horrible. I paid $2600 on a Wacom Cintiq 24" display, and accidentally broke the stand when my abusive partner pushed me into it a year later. I called support because I wanted to fix it. I didn't cars if I had to pay to get it fixed. They told me they would do nothing because the tablet only has a one-year warranty. A year later, I discovered there was actually a 2-year warranty on the tablet and requested assistance for repair. After a month of Wacom telling me to call back later or that they would call me back, a representative said that I will receive an email on when someone will come out and repair it. After waiting for literally a month for an email or call, I called them today and they told me, "My surpervisor approved the repair even though the warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, but since we do not sell Cintiq 24HD displays anymore I'm afraid we can not repair it for you."

Posted by Jyoti

My wacom product details.


I requested for a pick-up weeks ago, the issue hasn't been resolved yet. SUCH PATHETIC SERVICE,I am never ever buying this product.

Posted by osterich

I bought a cintiq companion many months ago. It had a defective battery charging unit. I returned it and received a replacement. The replacement had a defective battery charging unit. I returned it and requested a refund, which was refused. The replacement was a refurbished unit, not new, and it was missing all cords. I called and explained this. two weeks later I received the cord from the computer to the battery pack but not the cord from the battery pack to the wall. I called again. 5 days later I received the cord, only to discover that I had not been provided with the " product key" to activate Windows (the sticker was missing from the battery pack where it usually is). I called again. They said "we'll contact you in no more than 48 hours". Nothing. I call again, they say "we'll contact you in no more than 48 hours." Still waiting. Wacom is an unscrupulous company with the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Posted by soyLottie

Ordered a cintiq 13HD power adapter with US plug. Received the power adapter, but the clip on US plug was not in the package. Basically a useless cord that does not plug into any wall socket. Contacted email support, was told to buy the plug at a reseller, despite it saying on the website that it comes with a US plug. I then called and was asked if I had looked on the webstore. Finally got it through to him that I needed the plug as the power adapter was sent without it. I was put on hold, then sent transfered to "cintiq specialist" who never answer the call. Still can't use my cintiq.

Posted by MechSketch

Absolute worst customer service I've ever had to deal with.

I purchased a Cintiq-Companion a few months ago and (despite it's horribly botched OS install) it worked fine for months. Then it suddenly stopped charging altogether. I did a single short search online to realize, surprise surprise! This has happened to literally everyone who bought one prior to the end of 2014. Now, when you offer to have something fixed graciously for free (because it's your own fault that it was shipped with such an egregious error to start) I feel it shouldn't take over ten days to respond to an email to ask all the questions I answered in said email, but maybe that's just me. I was told after 10+ days with a broken computer that I would receive an RMA and Shipping label to return it shortly after. Wacom's definition of shortly vastly differs from my own, and after multiple days of no help from either email or phone support (who was rude and almost incomprehensible) I have doubts that I'll ever get my tablet fixed.

Worst support, I never want to buy a product from Wacom again.

Posted by Wacom Customer

Seriously the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have been through the longest processes of trial and error with the representative to no avail. The guy is literally on the phone googling how to sort out the problem. Clearly, everyone online with Mac OS Yosemite is having HUGE problems with their Wacom drivers being recognised / installed correctly, and it also seems as though Wacom have NO CLUE on what to do with the situation?? Still haven't resolved my issue. The guy on the phone told me he will email me a driver and to just email him if it works instead of calling... WHAT KIND OF HELP IS THAT? I SENT AN EMAIL TO HIM A WHILE AGO AND STILL HAVENT RECEIVED A REPLY....

Why put out products that state on the box they work with certain OS versions of Mac yet it clearly doesnt work on Yosemite for anyone despite the fact you have placed drivers on ur website for that OS version, even though they don't WORK! Thats the most bizarre thing ive ever seen a business do or try and get away with!!

Posted by Mike Loucas

I bought a tablet in the late 90's and it worked ALL THE WAY UP to WIN7 64bit, and it is now obsolete with no driver support on WIN7-64. I contacted customer support twice and twice they said there's we don't support that version, try going back to an older OS.

I told them I wasnt aware that when buying there products it would result in expiration. They didn't even offer to replace my tablet and communication stopped completely.

They basically told me to F myself politely...

Im found alternatives to Wacom and I'm in the choosing process. (lots of others to pick from)

I consider WACOM to be thieves because they got my money, but I have no product.
Nor did they have any concern for solving this issue.

Thumbs down and fingers up to WACOM.

Posted by Kitkatattack

I have had the worst customer service with this company. They took over a week to give me a damage report because I had to demand it. They told me they were going to give me a new unit..it even says so on my order sheet. However, I did not. Instead, they shipped back my old unit, almost battery dead. The main proble was fixed, but don't give tell me I am getting a new unit when it clearly did not happen. Also, my C disc was acting very funky to the point where I had to figure it out and fix it myself. I paid good money for the cintiq companion (when it was first sold,it was $2500), but the service is definitely not great. This is my second cintiq companion I have had in less than 2 YEARS! My asus laptop is still alive, never had to be taken into a repair shop..and it has been with me for 8YEARS. I paid less then half for the asus than what I spent on the cintiq.
I do not like to leave negative reviews, but I felt inclined to do so.

Add your review!

Posted by federica

unfortunately my cintiq 13hd stopped working.
i called the italian line and a really nice agent helped me to find out what was the problem.
i waited a bit for the swap unit to arrive but I was really happy to be able to start to work again!!
thank you to the wacom team for the service and the kindness

Posted by bamboo CTH-460

I borrowed the tablet from my friend and called customer support.
Despite some hearing issues, the help provided was easy to understand and fixed my problem.

Posted by Mr B

I bought my Intuous Pro in December 2013, and had trouble with it, but customer service walked me through the set up, and it seemed to work okay.

Off and on for the next nine months it worked for a while, then a day or two later it didn't, or I'd get an error message the tablet driver wasn't installed.

Now the tablet doesn't recognize the pen, but it does respond using my finger. So now I'm going to invoke the two-year warranty and get a new unit.

Remember folks, if you have complaints that the company doesn't respond to, just contact the Attorney General in your state to file a consumer complaint.

Posted by kristian

Had problems with connection and buggy responce with my "bamboo pen and touch" tablet, went trough a conversation where I described the problem and the Wacom costumer service helped me out with several approaches for installment of drivers, emtining of system folders for the tablet ect . (everything step for step, when the normal installment didn't fix it they gave some extra options)
In the end it was the tablet itself that was broken, sent it in to the site I bouht it from (an electronic onlinestore, not wacom in my case)and the warranty still applied so I got it refunded to buy myself a new tablet.

I am very pleased with the follow up of my email, and they're responses was customer and "beginner" friendly and had a tidy approach,
I was replied to after about a day, and after the process had started the frequency of their responce were faster!
All in all pleased customer :))

Posted by evelyn

Don't waste your time, if your product fails then you may as well just bin it, customer services will not help you.

Posted by John G

I recently purchased a Tablet for our business, When we got home Wacom customer care had called and wanted to vertify the purchase, We do appreciate you doing that, Make us realize you care, I have and older large Wacom tablet, it doesn't have a driver for a 64 bit so decided to get a new one, From looking at your info on line, looks like I will be a happy camper. Thanks for calling to be sure it was us, John & joyce Griffin

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