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    • 55.51 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 31 negative comments (79.49%)
    • 8 positive comments (20.51%)
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Posted by Joyce Ferguson

Dear Wachovia i want to inform you that i have a personal account with you guys. And i been banking with you guys for more than 5 years and i normally go to a branch located and i haf never have any problem with the staff. But there is only 1 person that works there and she is the only one that gives me problem for the past 3 years. Today i went to get coins in exchange for cash. The lady told me that i can not get coins in exchange for cash because i dont have a business account. I do have a personal account and in every other bank they allow me to get coins in exchange of cash. So please talk to these lady. She has no costumer service. Shes not polite. She doesnt even smile at costumers. And shes around 50 years old she should be mature enough to act like a respectfull person. Her name is Joice Ferguson (Lead Teller) i hope wachovia takes futher actions. I appreciate your attention.


Wachovia/Wells Fargo legal department froze the trust account of a 92 yr old woman in an assisted living facility. There were 3 parties on the trust account and when one of them complained about Wachovia, the legal dept. froze the account and would not allow her bills to be paid as they had automatically been paid for three years prior. Even when all 3 abided by the stipulations the legal dept. gave, Wachovia still would not allow her bills to be paid. One of the parties had part of the account moved to Suntrust and the bills were paid without incident. Now Wells will not allow Suntrust to move the remainder of her account, so that all funds will be with Suntrust. Wachovia legal department is the absolute worst and NO ONE should ever bank there. They will lie to you and then when they get your money, they act like it's theirs. More than two years, and it is still not straightened out. Wachovia/Wells Fargo is the WOR$T!!!

Posted by Marcia

I have just gotten off of the phone after a very disappointing conversation with "Darcy" and then her supervisor "Carmen Espericueta". Their customer service was abhorrent. Not once did either one of these women acknowledge my concern. Both women intimated that I was not being honest and truthful with them. I am so offended. They will not work with me. I explained my circumstances and all I received in return was a canned speech. The supervisor was the worst. She did not want hear what I was trying to tell her, told me that the person I spoke with yesterday did not exist, and that their documentation of conversations indicated otherwise. I did tell her that I thought their customer service was horrible. I have a lack of confidence in this company and will work towards refinancing with another lender. I have never felt so degraded and humiliated in my entire life. What happened to the banks bailout they received from our President? I believe the two women I spoke with at best had a high school education. Very poor language skills when they veered off their canned speech. No personalization, professionalism, nor common courtesy with this group that's for sure! Eeeeek, I need a new lender.

Posted by Anonymous

I paid my mortgage (not a financial institution)in person at 3:10 p.m. on August 4. My company has direct deposit which the company deposits into my bank on Thursdays, in this instance, August 4. It clearly states on the window of every branch location that "transactions after 2:00 will be processed the following business day". For whatever reason, my mortgage payment was processed on August 4, PRIOR to my direct deposit. I have now been charged $35 NSF by the bank, $25 NSF by mortgage company as well as $250 late fee by mortgage company. The customer service at Wachovia stated that the deposit was after 2:00 and not processed until the following day, but that the payment was presented for payment on the 4th (I made the payment by check after 2:00). Now explain that one!

Posted by Anonymous

Is it just me or is there now long wait times on hold when you call Wachovia? I used to call the number 1-800-wachovia and as soon as I hear the music and the man's voice I immediately enter my account number, then pound, then last 4 digits then pound. Then he says "alright you're logged in, your available balance is ...." then I hit 00 and immediately a rep picks up. For the last 2 calls I've been on hold for 20 mins for a rep. It's so annoying! I don't want to sit around waiting 20 mins! That alone will make me want to switch banks! ugh!

Posted by Anonymous

on hold as we speak for 5 minutes.roommate moved out months ago but they keep trying to find her here.I have called 3 seperate times trying to resolve this,but nothing ever taken care of.The loud jazz music playing to encourage me to hang up and give up is annoying as hell.we're at 7 minutes now.Still waiting.

Posted by Savyredhead

We have been trying to resolve an issue with Wachovia since April 8 2011, well over a month ago. My husband went to take out $360 from an ATM in which it said that his request couldn't be processed at that time. He left and the money still was deducted from our account. We called the bank and they put a "temp credit" on our account to put the money back stating that they would send us paperwork in the mail to fill out so that they could investigate. We have never gotten anything in the mail other than a letter on May 8 stating they are done with the investigation and find that there wasn't an error with the ATM so they are taking the money out of our account. WHAT???? We have called to find out what they investigated and they tell us we have to write a letter to the President which they have given us 2 different addresses. One address was to Charlotte and one was to California. They did say they would request a video tape review and still nothing. We called again to see where we were with the video review and they said the case had been closed and they couldn't tell us anything we would have to write a letter to the President. URGH.. I am fed up. I will no longer bank with them after we have this cleared up. I cannot believe the lack of intelligence and that you have to write a letter??? What?? I'm sure it will never even be read. Meantime I am out $360.

Posted by Justincase

I am good at detail finding. First, Wells Fargo has a thousand smoke screens when abusing clients. It is a LIE that Wellsfargo and Wachovia are not the same right now, that they can not obtain the files of the other, it is to fool the customer to make them appear unresponsible.

Suspecting the online services acted like telemarketers I set out to prove it after weeks of events where they proved they engaged in lack of knowledge combined with sadistic humor of the abuse of customers accounts. I proved it. Seems the online banking is a branch set apart from the actual bank and organization. It exists in its own world. There is NO online bankers. The only requirement to become one is to according to adds and promotionals, 'be able to work a computer and increase sales. ' Note that, think hard, these are telemarketers who do not even have to have a high school diploma engaging in hundreds of complex issues with banking of others money. It explained why some guy in Dispute actually thought it cool to approve me into a year contract with a merchant I had refused to become engaged with. Crazy. Then to hold out a Provisional Credit AFTER the partial refund they even refused to touch, overturning my account into oblivian. Ok so nothing from that point on was legal. BUT here is the scoop.
Wells Fargo Customer Connection (formerly Wells Fargo Phone Bank, ) is a subcontracted part of Wells Fargo and Wachovia. This is the online anything customer service. One only needs call center training if that. Forget banking! It sets itself apart from the actual Bank and by doing so protects this in the inner circle. The so called Executive Office is a farce, simply a few hand picked persons no differant than all the other customer service reps on telemarketing but will tell you are are the Executive Office secretaries. Executive Office is the Code name for the call in service program or the Wells Fargo Customer Connection branch. If they tell you to write the Executive Office, forget it, you are being told to write them only. Its a fantasy land that does not exist. Basically they are placed there to protect the people in the banks or Upper offices, and banking ability has nothing to do with your issues. If you get frustrated because they dont get it, there are two things going on, they really dont get it or not getting it is OKEY DOKEY with Corp. The more they antagonize you it appears the happier they are sending notes to each other, so hang that concept up.
There are no actual means provided to file a complaint of unethical or illegal activities. You can not file a dispute either online, so it is all verbal. I will say they will lie when the truth works better.
At this time, Diana Starcher, Group Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Customer Connection is directly connected to overseeing the office. You will be sent to the office of Exective in California, forget it they have the real office in MN.
The Dispute office will come across as thugs and harsh, it is part of the persona to prevent the public from learning the ruse. If you get close to suspecting they are fakes, they up the strong on acting. Ignore it. Its all fake. What they dont tell you, is they all rotate online services and are simply the same. Dispute IS online, online IS dispute, Investigation IS disputes, online IS investigation. The goal is to send the customers in circles, if you are right, they will lie to cover it, if you catch them at the lie they will lie to cover the lie and they lie for each other.

Posted by Warrior

Needed to speak to someone about swapping insurance company listings on my home loan. I called in november and they apparently didn't ever do it, and now my insurance is cancelled.

Call #1:
Spoke to rep, needed someone in wachovia's insurance processing center. Transferred to a number, the phone sat there in silence for 10 minutes before disconnecting me.

Call #2:
Spoke to a rep, told them the situation. They transferred me to someone in wells fargo's insurance department. Told that rep that I needed to speak to someone in wachovia, not wells fargo. put me on hold to transfer and the line told me it could not be processed and hung up.

Call #3:
Spoke to rep at same number, who transferred me to wachovia's line. This was wrong, and I made it abundantly clear to NOT transfer me to wells fargo again. They transferred me to wells fargo's insurance department. this department wanted to transfer me again, and the line was the wrong department again.

Call #4:
Spoke to the good ol' reps at the wachovia line. Made it clear again that I did not want wells fargo. got transferred to wells fargo. Wells fargo wanted to transfer me, and I stopped them and demanded a number. Got the number, and hung up. Called myself. The line asked me to press 1 for insurance inquiries. This turned out to be WRONG (the automated machine was wrong!!!).

Call #5:
Hung up and called the same number. Hit zero until i got a representative. The rep asked for my loan number, and then said my loan number was wrong. I asked "is this wachovia??" AND THE REP SAID IT WAS THE NUMBER FOR WELLS FARGO WHICH I SPECIFICALLY STATED I DID NOT WANT, TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON I'VE DEALT WITH. I lost my cool at this point. I demanded a supervisor and was refused. They transferred me to another number which was supposedly Wachovia's insurance processing center. This man told me that he needed to transfer me to the ESCROW DEPARTMENT. I got connected to them and explained and he said "oh, you need to talk to the insurance department!"

I cut him off and demanded a supervisor. he tried to stop me and I said NO. Supervisor. Now. He transferred me to another department instead.

I got to that department and demanded a supervisor. I kept cutting off the person (rude I know) and told her I dont want to speak to her, I just want a supervisor. Now. Put on hold for 5 minutes. Supervisor refused to speak with me without verifying the loan info with a rep. Verified, and she tried to assist me. I demanded a supervisor again. Explained the situation and she explained that I would have to speak with a different supervisor.

Already had the number there so I called them, and the extension number, and asked for a supervisor. Conveniently, they were all in a meeting!

Posted by roberbober

My husband has stageIV bladder cancer and had his bladder removed and wears a urostomy bag. We wre in Wichovia in Bel Air, Md. trying to change IRA's. We were there for about 40 minutes when my husband had to empty his bag. When asked he was denied use and told to walk across parking lot to Baja Fresh. (cold and rainy), We asked 3 times to speak to a manager and explained that his bag was in danger of leaking. He empties it from a tube by his ankle, I told the branch mgr that he didn't even need to "pull" his pants down and showed her the tube. Still no, I asked to speak to a mgr higher up and was denied. My husband walked to Baja Fresh, while he was gone I asked about American Disabilities Act, she to;d me it did nit apply to banks, she said that they store classified materials in the restroom. Finally spoke to a vice pres. She also claimed that bathroom usage was not allowed, I told her even in a medical emergency, she asaid yes. I asked her what she would do if someone had to throw up, she told me she would get them a trash can.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been customers of Wachovia for less than a year and the only reason we became customers is because of their extensive presence in Southern Florida. I have been having a big challenge with on line bill pay - with one particular biller. I have tried all sorts of permutations/combinations of the biller address, entered the billers routing number and account number, spoken to several folks at Wachovia Bill Payor customer service. Each time I call, I have to explain the entire history and each time I get a new suggestion. I have been told at my last call, that the csr cannot see what I have entered into the biller template. If she can't, how can I validate that what I have entered is correct? The template says that only the last 5 digits of the account number is shown for privacy reasons. I have found it extremely difficult to resolve this issue. Any help you can provide is appreciated. It appears that technology has become a hindrance rather than a convenience.

Posted by wacgovia ardsely branch

every time at wachovia bank at Ardsley NY have differnt rules and every body is bank maneger

Posted by Anonymous

horrible, still dealing with THEIR error from over 2 years ago...run away from this bank

Posted by Geddonn777

I just want to say folks, give up on banks. Leave these banks alone!! They are not here to protect your $100 in the bank, they are not here to forewarn you when you are about to be overdrawn, they are here to pay for their mansions, 8 cars, free trips, big steak meals, and pay off the richer investors. OK? I no longer need bank accounts. I've use Wachovia, Chase, Investors Savings, Bank of America. Stop thinking that these major and community banks are here to really help you ok?

Let them be rude, evil, devilish, they believe that this is the only life there is on earth. They just don't know that thee is a stack of books written about them on all the things they had done, said, act upon, thought in life and they all will have to be explained when they see MIGHTY LORD FATHER up there. LOL, let them be mean ALL THEY WANT!!! lol lol lol lol!

Posted by Outraged

This is a horrible bank. I closed all but one of my accounts yesterday, and the only reason I didn't close the last one was because they wanted to charge me a $25 fee, go figure.
My wife who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and hypogloximic (however you spell it) works for the San Antonio branch. Last week they pulled her chair, and wont allow her to sit down forcing her to get a doctors note saying she needed it. When she took the note in, they still said it was an accomidation, and not medically nessisary, even though the medical note said it was.
My wife could probably get in trouble for me writing this, but seeing as I'm her husband, and I'm writting this, if she gets one word said to her about it, it's just another thing for our lawyer to look at.

Posted by swagner22

Called the 800 number to report that my ATM card was not working. When I got a hold of a lady she was very rude and saying that it must be the ATM. When I then told her that it has been happening to me at four different ATM's which where in two different states she still said that there is basically nothing she can do for me. I asked to speak to the supervisor and then she goes on to say "O gosh". Not my fault my card is not being recognized by the ATM it is a bank issue. Really RUDE!! Had great service until Wells took it over! And after being on the phone for an hour and still waiting for a supervisor the rep comes back on and tells me something else to try which we had already been through. After the hour I was STILL not transferred to the supervisor!!

Posted by Anonymous

good customer service at the Mt Holly Branch of wachovia does not exist-

Posted by [email protected]

We are a longtime customer of Wachovia and have 6 accounts. Your customer service is the worst. We will shortly change to a more responsive bank.

Alfred Giovannetti

Posted by Not a banking snob

I opened a new checking account at Wachovia and deposited a certified check for $10k. The "Personal Banker" who assisted me could NOT have been more disinterested in me or in my new account. What should have taken 15 minutes took close to 2 hours. Was mine the first checking account he had ever opened? Even though I deposited a certified check, it still took 5 days for it to "clear". Several weeks later I still did not have my new checks so I emailed my "Personal Banker", who probably didn't have a clue as to who I was. It took him days to respond and to say that he would "check on" the order. A week later still no checks. I go into the branch but the "Personal Banker" is on a personal day. So I email again. No response. I email AGAIN. He responded and finally admitted that he never ordered my checks. How hard is this, people?? I SO wish I had gone into another bank. Customer Service must be better elsewhere. Stay away from Wachovia!

Posted by Anonymous

i had deposited over $11,000 in my accout in less than a week, on the 4/7/10 according to the bank the last 3000 would release. i gave the clerk a check for the payment on my cridit card to post later that day since i was leaving town. the total payment on bills that would arrived that day would have been less than two thousand dollars. would you beleive that i received two letters in the mail saying i have insufference fund and they (the bank) paid the bills. i was sick to my stomach over the weekend. today i went to the bank and Jannelle A Hunter the bank mg egnored me for 45 minutes (for the record camera`s dont lie) when i asked her why she egnore me she simply said "i didn`t" all i need is my money back into my account. i asked her for the address of one who is in authority i could write to she told me there is no one she new of that i could contact. i plan to put a mg in the paper but for now i am awaiting a reply.
almena B

Posted by Anonymous

What do you think of a branch manager (spartanburg, sc ashevelle hwy branch) that when a customer tells the branch manager that they are thinking of changing banks the branch manager tells the customer that she is well aware of it and if thats what you need to do it. Their was no load discussion and I do not know what was going on but she said this with a smile on her face. I just thought this was very cold

Posted by karlavincent

I have been with Wachovia for about the past 4 or 5 years, I change to this account when I moved to South Carolina and needed an commercial bank because I was only with a Local Government Credit Union. Although Wachovia is very understanding and always help me to receive refunds when they have change my account over the limits fee, most of the time due to the way of their bank processing, I am very dissatisfied with Wachovia. I am on my way to closing my account with this company now that I am back in North Carolina and can bank with my family bank again. I would just like to say it would not surprise me if this institution did not make it financially because Wachovia differently will walk all over the everyday person anybody thinking about going with this bank...run...

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot begin to describe the level of frustration and I hate to admitt, rage, generated within me resulting from this company's level of incompetence. To suggest this company even has a "customer service" department is absolutely ludicrous! Customer "disservice" department would be more accurate and truthful! I could go into detail about the hours and hours of wasted time and being ran in circles from one department to another,, suffice it to say I now understand why people have walked into office buildings and started blowing people away...

Posted by Christina. B

Customer service? huh! What customer service? I have $170 in overdraft fees for over spending by $24. I understand that this is due to the fact that I swiped (and they allowed it) 5 times. I've never gone into overdraft before & not only could they not help me out but I also had to wait for ever to speak to someone. What a waste of time. I've banked with Bank of America and not only are they much more helpfull but they also dont allow your account to run into overdraft. Wachovia might be a big name but dont let that fool you. Rather bank with another banking service.

Posted by L Baltimore

I need Wachovia/WellsFargo to get back to basics. Get back to taking care of the customer. I am so tired of having tellers try and sell me something EVERYTIME I go into your banks. And now I'm getting phone calls from Wachovia/WellsFargo employees trying to sell me things. I declined and still received paperwork in the mail for those offers. I complain only to find out that these are manditory orders sent from "the people upstair", the ones who don't deal with the public on a day to day basis in a typical bank setting. Do you realize how annoying this has become? And it has to be stressful for your employees to HAVE to sell sell sell to every customer whether the customer is interested or not. This has become a burden. Please get back to basics. Get back to taking care of the customer FIRST.

Add your review!

Posted by PapaDude

Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) always does their best at answering my questions and serving me in as prompt a manner as possible. They are always friendly (almost TOO friendly) and go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of.

I've been with Wachovia for about 10 years now and I've had nothing but positive experiences with them, both online and at any branch I go to.

Posted by Anonymous

Anita was so nice and accommodating. She is better than my financial consultant. Of all the people I spoke with at Wachovia she was the best. Wachovia should be happy to have such a customer care person.

Posted by edituh

I have multiple accounts with Wachovia, both business and personal. My customer service experience with this bank has been, for the most part, very good. It is especially good when dealing in person with people at my local branch in Carmel, NY. My phone encounters with customer service reps has always been satisfactory at least, sometimes better.

Posted by JennOwens_0621

the problem is when you call the 800 number that is located on the back of your card... 800-wachovia. i have had this bank for almost 4 yrs and if you notice (800) wac-hovia has an extra digit. it works though. when the voice speaks press **, put your account info in and when he starts talking again then press 0 and wait then press 0 again. gets u to a rep right away. Wachovia has been nothing but very helpful. i am stationed at a base that is about 45 mins- 1hr away from a wachovia and they waived the extra atm fees for me. i have no clue what or who yall are talking to but i always speak with very nice reps and its hardly a wait max 3 mins.

Posted by Julesvar

I called the Wachovia Help Line and spoke to a guy named Raymond. I just wanted to say how friendly and helpful he was and thanks for the music recommendation! I'm now a fan of Zero Assoluto!!

Posted by lilbitrn

Called the number again and was able to resolve all my issues and get the overdraft charges $420 returned. So I guess I will stay with them a little longer.I changed my ranking of them I am happy with them now.

Posted by Abot

I've been with Wachovia and this is one of the best bank that I've ever know. I had problems with lost ATM Card/frauds, cancelling checks, etc in the past and they resolved the problems in no time. The money was put back in my account right at the same day. They take care of all of my financial needs: mortgage, safety deposit box, notarization and money order without any fee through Crown Checking Account. Thank you for being my bank.

Posted by Thatguy.

Ive been using Wachovia since i was 12, it has been the greatest banking company I've heard of. Besides that there arent many ATM's, they make it easy to make deposits, simple pop in and out. The tellers treat you like family, and not another face with money. I accidentally sent money from my PayPal account to the wrong wachovia account, wachovia was able to set a refund in the system in about fifteen (from when i first entered the number).

The only thing i could think to make this better is to have more ATM's. I rarely see a wachovia ATM, and it costs money to withdraw funds from a foreign ATM.

Plus, they give lollipops and candy when you make a deposit =).

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