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Posted by Anonymous

I am so tired ofur stuff who works on those boths on the malls Eaton centre and Spadina ave with queen st. Where is freedom repair. I had to change twice my mobile because since I gave u my mobile to repair I got Pakistani number, penis up on my galery.i got hacked. When I got this mobile device now I discover that he took my package any $30unlimited everything.i was happy. Now this guy from UR co. Working at Eaton centre of mall change my package from $30 unlimited everything to $40 fixed data. . He tricked me and john touchbourn. I want my $30package back and no more problems for me from your Co.
U Chace to change my package as soon as possible otherwise I will take my case to human rights or to the city.
Hope u do the right thing

Posted by EMF Hater

Your company WIND, and now FREEDOM, has put a huge Cell Tower, a few steps away from my apartment building. It is Huge. DOES YOUR COMPANY UNDERSTAND.....the health consequences of living close proximity to a CELL TOWER, and being EXPOSED to DANGEROUS levels if EMFs, that are being emitted into our bodies, everyday. Do you understand that living close proximity to a CELL TOWER, has been known to cause Lukemia, Hodgekins and other CANCERS. Are you aware and do you really care.

I live at 145 ave and 92 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, and the cell tower, that you have just a few feet away IS VERY UNSAFE for Humans living there. I am sure the executives of your FREEDOM Company is not being exposed to a cell tower, across from the street, inwhere they live. It is all about money and you and your FREEDOM TOWERS, are a disaster in waiting. You think that cancer is bad now, just give it a few years with your Freedom Towers, and there will be an epidemic of CANCERS.

Why don't your FREEDOM company remove that big EYESORE of a useless CANCER CAUSING PIPE OF A POLE, CELL TOWER.

I SURE HOPE I DO NOT GET Cancer in the future because of your Freedom EMF cell tower. I could and still cannot believe that your FREEDOM Cell Tower, had enough gull, to put that dam thing up, right across from an apartment building. What are we going to be the guinee pigs for your Freedom company and whomever, gave you the authorization to put it there. Please do not put those EMF cancer causing poles, in other close proximity of where humans might be living.

Posted by HANK

Get Your Service Up And Running In Oshawa Or Give Me A Discount. Tired Of This Situation

Posted by Anonymous

Your company has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with actually I am not impressed with the fact that I have 2 phones that I cannot call out to any Canadian # but am able to call U.S. #'s without any issues, this is very concerning as I live in Canada and cannot call anyone in Canada and no one is able to fix this problem you need to hire better tech. support

Posted by BC Bill

They just tooke the money - then when questioned said it was for usage prior to the payment ON A PAY BEFORE PLAN! This is bloody criminal! Had two accounts with them - tomorrow whtere won't be any!!!! Got them on the phone and they hung up n me.

Posted by Anonymous

We started using Wind when we were in the US last year. Our daughter actually facilitated this, so the account was in her name. When we came home we realized Wind did not have service where we lived. This was verified with a Wind supervisor, who was very responsive, cancelled our account and actually credited us with two months. Unfortunately Wind sent a NASTY AND THREATENING LETTER to my daughter today, stating the account was in arrears, her credit rating was in jeopardy, and her name would be forwarded to a credit agency. When I tried to sort this out, I had no success. Even speaking at length to a supervisor was ineffective, and I had to stay on hold for close to 20 minutes before she came on the phone. She refused to look at the documentation in our file from the previous supervisor that would have clearly reflected we no longer had Wind service. I was told this needed to be "investigated". When I asked to speak with her supervisor (as I was clearly getting nowhere) she said she was the supervisor - there would obviously be someone she reports to but she would not provide this information. In essence, she hung up on me. This is totally unacceptable. My daughter is looking for a new apartment, so having a letter threatening her credit rating could be considered negatively. Also, it was very upsetting for her to receive such an inappropriate letter, when the service with Wind was cancelled months ago.
Wind should seriously look at the way customers are treated and be able to address problems quickly, especially when Wind is at fault. There are many more service providers that will provide me what what I need (I am now with Rogers). Wind should consider the competition allows lots of other options and my negative experience will colour my assessment of Wind. I would hope someone from customer service will follow up with me and acknowledge the seriousness of this incident. I rarely write letters of complaint, in fact I can't remember doing this in many years, but I am angry enough to do so now.

Posted by DJC

Worst customer service ever - in store and on the phone! I was sold the phone and started having issue almost from beginning - now less then one year after purchase I have no warranty even though I was told I have one year warranty. My camera is not working - sooo frustrating! Still the owner of the store DID NOTHING for me....doesn't care. Called customer service they offered me 20.00 credit!
Really? I would never recommend WIND Mobile service to any of my friends or family!!!

Posted by Cindy Sauro

I have been trying to get service since I moved into my new home in Ajax since Sept 2015. I have called about 20 times and everytime I do I am connected to the Phillpines, Egypt, etc. Never someone in Toronto or even Canada. I am given a ticket number as they are going to come out and adjust the tower in my area. They tell me someone will call back within 10 days and yet nobody ever does and they close the ticket saying all is resolved and yet I still have the same problem. I am not going to pay for a service I am not getting. I was forced to have to hook up a home phone as well. I am very dissatified with the customer service and service overall! Why can't I get a person in Canada to help me!! I would like to hear from someone. I have to actually call again tonight which I dread because it means 2 hours out of my life I will never get back ................AGAIN!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We took our phone into Wind at 1450 Clark Avenue W. Thornhill for repair back on Sept 2/15. They told us that is would take 4 to 6 weeks, it is now October 20/15. We also tried calling the store and got a recording that this phone is not excepting any calls. We also called customer service and they said that they can not help us and we need to drive to the store where we took the phone.

Posted by Angry women

My boyfriend has been with Wind for about two years and he loves his plan. The problem I have is that he needs a new phone and I live in the country so I have to drive 45 minutes one way. My boyfriend wants this one phone and he has called and they say they have it I drive all the way there and get told that they are sold out. How can you be sold out in 45 minutes. They always say they should have the next shipment in by Tuesday. Tuesday night my boyfriend calls them and they just sold out of the shipment that they just received that day. Its all bull.

Posted by Grim Reaper

Wind is currently offering a $45 plan for $39 for a limited time to September 30, 2015. I am on a Wind $40 Plan since October 2011. Today, Sept. 18, 2015, I phoned Wind Mobile customer service to switch to the $45 plan being offered for $39. I was told that's a downgrade so I have to pay a $25 administration fee and an extra month's service charge to get it because it is considered a downgrade to $39. I objected to that interpretation of their offer, I insisted that it is a $45 plan being offered at a discount for $39 until September 30, 2015 and that switching from the $40 plan I currently have is an upgrade not a downgrade. I got nowhere with the first customer service representative and nowhere with the person I subsequently spoke to after I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. My wife is a lawyer and told the supervisor that what I am asking for is not a downgrade, it is an upgrade to a more expensive plan being offered at a discount for a limited period and that Wind is using the $39 special offer price as a $39 plan which is not what the promotion states. The promotion states that Wind is offering their $45 plan for $39 for a limited time. What Wind is doing is unethical and fraudulent.

Posted by 416 826 1226

I bought a plan with unlimited talk, text, data and unlimited U.S. calling. What a joke.
All this is of no use if you cannot use the phone or data because there is never a signal
or available network.I bought a Galaxi not 3, thinking it was a good phone.Unfortunately
one of the worst. Sound quality is si poor that i have pften wanted to through this phone away.I have talked to wind, but no one listens and no one cares.

Posted by Sam

I am A new Wind Customer I joined Wind on May 22, 2015, It is now June 15, 2015 and i want out of this service. The only thing that i wished for was to make and receive A PHONE CALL. how ever this seams impossible to do so with wind. Apparently the only place you can get a good single is outside. i am unable to receive a message, calls or text while i am inside my house or work place. Well what good is wind then (the calls have (GONE WITH THE WIND). i have called their customer service and as the people are very nice the result has been a big fat ZERO. i still can not make a call from my home. So i am left with an hefty bill and a system that does nothing for me. WHAT A MISTAKE TO JOIN WIND. BE AWARE TO EVERYONE.

Posted by Andrew White

I have two WindMobile Data Sticks, each with a SIM Card. The first card, I have been experiencing MAJOR connectivity issues. While the device connects to my computer just fine, and connects to the Wind network well enough, it will go for extended periods refusing to receive any data from said network, remaining connected and at 0.00kbps download speed. In an attempt to resolve the issue, I went to the Wind Mobile location in Hamilton downtown (right in the heart of the city). There, I was told that there was nothing they could do to help; I needed to go to a "Warranty Center", which was my choice of Limeridge Mall uptown, or Eastgate Square down in the east end at Stoney Creek (both options being highly inconvenient for travel time). I was then told that if it was a SIM card issue (since both Data Sticks were showing the same connection problems) that the warranty center would simply replace the SIM card. Why do I need a Warranty Center for that? Doesn't every store have a pile of SIM cards in the back room? Why do I need to go to a special store to get such a non-special item?

Well, owing to the fact that I would just need to refresh my card in a matter of days anyway, I simply decided to do away with the old card and buy a new one. Less walking, same result.

This new card is having the same issues, meaning it's not me or my devices; it's Wind's overall network. It's the only thing I haven't tried changing.

Why does having problems fixed at Wind have to be such an inconvenient hassle, marred by confused and misleading customer service reps (both in-store and over the phone)?

Posted by Anonymous

It's pretty sad when you try and call head office, you get directed to the call centre. Everyone including employees should have access and be able to call head office of needed.


Since June 2014 I have had little or no connection to mobile service. Apparently, the signal from the tower in my area is not strong enough to give me consistent service. Sending text messages is extremely frustrating. Sometimes it will take upwards of 10 tries to send a message. One message took 2 hours to finally be sent to the recipient. I have repeatedly called the Customer Service department regarding this issue. They have escalated my issue numerous times without any resolution. I have contacted this department at least 4-5 times per month again with little or no compensation. Actual calls are often dropped in the middle of a call.i have been lied to repeatedly by customer service reps, the supervisors and the managers. I am simply not able to keep in touch with my children in the USA. What am I supposed to do? Next step...Ombudsman, CCTS? I believe I am owed compensation for lack of consistent service.


I have never experienced such disappointing customer service as I have with WIND. They provide no assistance to their customers at all. I was just on the phone with them for approx. 30minutes and all I was repeatedly told was I'm sorry but we cant assist you. Stay away from WIND. Their low prices are not worth the quality or their product or their service.

Posted by frustrated

Hi I'm feeling like I'm being ripped off by wind.I bought WiFi hotspot a few months ago and sense then have taken it back 5 times each time asking them replace whole system. Fairview mall kept just giving me batteries. Then I call and say it broke again the system keeps killing your batteries and they say they can't help me but tell me where buy new battery. My sister is less then 5 months old its been killing batteries sense I bought it and I don't need Fairview yell at me and make me look stupid when its been faulty sense day 1. I want it replaced if wind has a problem following warranties well they shouldn't offer them and let custermers know. My wind WiFi as u can see is new account and day I bought new. I want this problem fixed and the girt in Fairview should be told not yell and treat custermers that way. If it wasn't for custermers there wouldn't be wind


Hi Ian Wind Customer More 2 Years,and Very Desappointee We Wind They Charge Rooming For My Son,in My House On Leave-room He Don't Have Service Now They Charge $125.00 They Said For Rooming
I Paying 3 Line Phone If I Do Calls I Don't My To Pay But For Son-thing We Dint Do It No Fair, They Toll-me The Are Available Credit The $20.00 Dollar They Cant Do.
That Is Very Bat They Do To The Customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Too many inconsistencies when giving out information and poor customer service. The reps aren't very helpful.

Posted by frustratedwithyouwind

Until 3 days ago, I was happy with Wind despite my cell phone being stolen. On Sept 4, 2014 I went to your office at Bramalea City Centre to find out how I could get the account that was attached to the phone that was stolen transferred. Owing to the fact that there was a tab on it and it was also under my mom's name, I was advised to do a number of things, pay the tab, have my mom transfer the account to my name, purchase another phone and wind will do the transfer. Sounds simple right? The phone that I needed was out of stock, so the rep told me that since I wanted to use the same number that was stolen, I'm to just purchase the phone at another location and call customer service to have it done. So Sept 5th I went to another Wind dealer on Queen Street to purchase the phone. I told the rep the same thing and ask to purchase a device and SIM card as I need to call customer to transfer the account. After making the purchase, I went home and called customer service from my home phone. The rep, Ceramos spoke with my mom, hang up then called back in 2 mins to speak with me to transfer the account over. She also took the payment for the tab. I made some specific request of her:
1. Make sure that the stolen phone is still blacklisted
2. After the transfer my account should be reflecting the number that was attached to the stolen phone
3. The plan should reflect the $35 promotion under which I bought the new SIM card and phone and the due date as such.
She reassured me in the end that it was done.
A few hours later I was setting up my Whatsapp and noticed that the messages were coming through. I also called the line with my home phone and it says unavailable. I was puzzled so I called customer service again only to be told that I can't access a blocked number, I need to purchase another SIM card and call them again to activate it which made me hopping mad.
After 20 mins of intense conversation, I was told by Andy to purchase another SIM card and a credit adjustment will be made to my account for the new SIM card. I agreed and was given a case number C18676887 for tracking. Andy also said that all I need to do was to purchase a new SIM card and call back to have the transfer done.
Today Sept 6th, having purchase the new SIM card, called customer service, give the rep, Muhammad the case and SIM card number, he later told me that he has sent my detail to the back office and they will call me back. So I'm home waiting for a call back. Having waited 45 mins, I called the contact centre again, gave Abdullah my case number and said why I'm calling. To my surprise, I was being told that the turnaround time for a call back re my dispute is 5 working days. Come on now! At no point in time, in any of the conversation that I had with either Andy or Muhammad, was I told that this was going to take an additional 5 working days. Wind mobile has left me bitter and frustrated. There is no consistency with the information, also if you need to escalate an issue the reps find it funny as if they know it's a waste of time and that Wind won't do anything about it.
Are you serious about customer service? How do you plan on keeping and attracting new customers if your staff isn't equipped to manage clients concerns in a timely manner? There are so many issues here, I just could not state everything as it would take a lot more time which I really don't have. I have suffered this inconvenience not only based on lack of knowledge and training but also because your representative lack a keep element in customer service which is empathy.

Posted by natalia

Sorry, but I am writing you out of my frustration with Wind Mobile Services.
Please see the terms of our contract:

Rate plan WIND 39 ($39/mo)
Talk Unlimited Canada wide from any WIND Zone and Unlimited Canada/US wide from the USA
Text Unlimited Canada from any WIND Zone and Unlimited Canada/US-wide from the USA
Data Unlimited from any WIND Zone and from the USA
Call control Included


But apparently it is LIMITED to fair usage policy as we found out after phone was just disconnected without any notices.

I was not able to find out what is the fair policy or actual usage on our phone. I was told that thIS data cannot be provided.
On the website I was not able to find out it either.

I really would like to avoid the interruption of services and to find out what does it mean Fair Usage and what is the cup on the usage.
I also would like to know what does UNLIMITED mean in the contract if in fact it is LIMITED. And if it is limited then where is the numbers for usage.

Should it be any kind of notifications, clarifications, explanations, etc before the phone just would be disconnected???

My husband iS a truck driver and mostly works in US. We specifically purchased this service to be able to have unlimited usage in US. At this point he is on the road without any access to the phone or connection to the job. Who will be responsible if something happened to him on the road???

The services were interrupted without any notification. After being on the phone with Wind for 2 hours the issue was not resolved. No apology, no even Credit Adjustment to account. The most important that fair usage or actual usage was not provided either.

I am really disappointed with the services of Wind Mobile and ready to file the dispute CCTS or call to Toronto Star.

I hope you can clarify these issues and find the solution to this dispute. I was not able to talk to anybody who is competent or trained properly to resolve these issues.

Posted by CONGOMAN

To Whom This May Concern.. I Recently Topped Up My Wind Data Stick..of $50.00 Plus Tax On Line..the End Resulting In My Stick Being Cancelled Back In Oct. 2013. When I Called To Confirm The Transaction I Was Told There's Nothing They Can Do About It.. Meaning No Refund And No Service To The Data Stick. Now I Am Out $56.00 Including Tax For Something That Is Of No Use To Me. I Was Told By Your Csr That The Money Was Never Received, Yet It Shows A Debit On My Bank Statement To Wind Mobile, Which I Payed Through Online Banking. Does Anyone In Your Company Have The Guts To Reply To This Matter?

Posted by ben

To all tech staff. ...and service. Management... Get off your but and a fix drop calls. Signal issues and help the customers that are being inconveniently experiencing issues that are on your end fixable and solvable by going out on the field....

Posted by Farzina

Above telephone number activated 14 months ago since then I am facing a lot of problems such as call drop, disturbance during the call between parties, we are really frustrated with this service provided. What is the point when I can not make a call from Richmondhill to Markham or vice versa not even able to talk to in Scarborough. I have been having this problem since I bought this telephone thinking will get better but it is getting worst.

Secondly talking to your customer representative I am unable to talk.

Please resolve this issue that has been going on now the time have come it is beyond my limit.Talking to your CSR or your supervisor on duty does not solve the issue

If this issue is not resolved within two days I will stop the payment and give all the details to my lawyer you will have to deal with them as I have recorded all the telephone conversation with all your different CSR and Supervisors on duty.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Farzina Fidahussain

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