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Vtech customer service is ranked #335 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 129 ratings. This score rates Vtech customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


117 Negative Comments out of 129 Total Comments is 90.70%.


12 Positive Comments out of 129 Total Comments is 9.30%.

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  • Vtech

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    • 37.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 117 negative comments (90.70%)
    • 12 positive comments (9.30%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by me

I have tried to contact the VTech Toys Customer Service by email, phone and through Return and Refund page but haven't received any success.
I appreciate if you could send me the two printable forms for RMA to be included with the return of the incorrect little mouse, as soon as possible. Thanks.

Posted by Vtech innotab max pink

My daughter recive a vtech innotab Max as a present I year ago but I try to down load song but it just die and I can charge no more no more and I talk to a lady by phone about it.

Posted by Marnie65

My 2nd phone doesn't work. Says "out of range, no power at base". So I bought a new battery. Still doesn't work.
Tried calling VTech and put in my model # and they have no record of it. Then I tried anything to get a live person to speak with. But their number is 100% automated, with no prompt to get a live person.
What am I supposed to do now?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to contact a customer service representative for well over a week now to inform Vtech of change in payment for antivirus protection for my laptop. Please call me ASAP My payment is set up for the second of the month.


Posted by Anonymous

I have been calling the customer service department and after 15 minutes, no one answered my call. How poor can it get?

Posted by gcgray

to who it concern
We purchase a CS6771-3 ON 2/21/2017 took it back 2 days pass the 14 days limit.as we live 45 miles from BestBuy .so we wrote you this same letter and no respond. I am sending you another letter I would like to have some kind of respond as to what I can do. We did purchase a senior citizen from vtect.and like it
thank you
Janice & garnett gray

Posted by Anonymous

My son received a Touch & Swipe Baby Phone as a Christmas gift. From the moment it came out of the package, it seemed glitchy. Within 3 days, it just continuously played a few noted form one of the songs over and over until turned off. I assumed it was just a defective toy because I've been satisfied with my son's 2 other Vtech toys. I exchanged the phone for a new one and had the same issues happen within a few hours of being opened. I tried replacing the batteries and that didn't matter. The store would only exchange it, not refund it because it was out of the packaging. So I contacted Vtech. They did email me back quickly the first time. They said they couldn't give me a refund because they no longer sell products form their website and that the problem should have been fixed when I changed the batteries. I replied, reminding them that I had changed the batteries and stated that I expected a full refund or a different toy of similar value. I also did some research and found countless people with the same exact complaints about the same toy (both online reviews and people I knew personally). I forwarded this to Vtech to show them that it was clearly a faulty design and not just an isolated incident. They replied saying I must have put defective batteries in the toy, ignoring all of the other complaints. Each time they replied, it should be noted that they took longer and longer to respond.

We've been going back and forth for several weeks. Normally, I would just drop it, but their increasing rudeness is making me not want to give up until the issue is resolved (probably a lost cause, I know). So far, they have accused me of using old batteries, not knowing which direction to put the batteries in, lying about purchasing the product to begin with, and intentionally breaking the toy to rip off their company.

I've worked customer service and if any one of those things was said to a customer in the tone they used, it would have been a fireable offense.

Posted by gcgray

To who it may concern
I purchase a DS6771-3 on 2/21/17 so the reason for a return was the letters was so small I could not read them. As we live 45 miles away from Lexington we didn't get to return until 2 days pass the 14 days limit, so the BestBuy store refuse to issuer a refund. We have purchase a senior citizen easy to read and we like it really well. We would like to return for money back would like to receive a address so we could return it
thank you
Janice & garnett gray

Posted by Anonymous

I am not if this is the correct site for comments/questions. I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on the go go smart wheels play sets and accessories, we have the construction site, the treasure mountain train adventure, the train station with ramp, the rescue city with fire and police, the busy sounds play housse the doggie play house and lots of vehicles and trains, however, I am not finding certain pieces like people and vehicles, every site I am referred to by vtech the item is out of stock, or unfound., or available in store only but it NOT in the store. I am not complaining about the money, spent we are enjoying the toys, just need to add to the collection, and am frustrated about how hard it is to find parts. Specifically I am looking for the dump truck and the excavator vehicle, and a black play friend for the busy sounds house. Please help!

Posted by What does this mean

It would be nice if you had a phone number for customers to call regarding products but you do not so its very frustrating for me. Therefore I will buy something other than a VTech phone.

Posted by billion dollar company that does

I missed two very important doctor visits due to the digital answering system. I spent 2 hours with the phone company to no avail in getting the answering machine to work. Then ordered three new answering machines. Called V Tech to chew some but found out they got my 75$ and I was the victum of an chew. Non existant customer service will never buy a V TECH AGAIN. I should sue them for FCC violation of access to medical needs via landline that is a clear breach of my access to medical care.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely pathetic customer service. Have waited over a month to be able to download learning lodge to allow my son to finally use his Xmas present. Still can't get it registered and when you contact help number no answer!! The worst service ever will never buy vtech again.

Posted by Freedom for Palestine

Terrible. They just ask if the product is within warranty then completely ignore you if it isn't, no matter what advice you're asking for.

Posted by Anonymous

innomax plus,, bought for 4 yr old son for xmas, he's still not played with it due to technical issues, abismal company, lying customer service people, will tear clear of all of vtechs stuff in future !!!

Posted by Rebel For Justice!

Vtech is a Fraud!!! Beware and do NOT deal with this company. They lie, cheat and try to steal your money. I am filing a police report against them and will go to any lengths to expose the scammers that they are. I closed my bank account, lost ALL my documents/photos and will make sure they don't get one cent from me. BEWARE!!! These people come from other countries, set up scam businesses and take advantage of the American way of land & opportunity. They are people with NO conscious & have NO scruples. They're the underbelly forms of life that feed off of hard working, honest people. The men I dealt with names are Abbey Singh & Bo Bo phone numbers 631-223-7957 & 888-361-3731.
They won't take credit cards and have a bank in NYC call you back to confirm your payment so VTech gets their fee. The name of the bank in NYC is Charge One. When you confirm with them and find out VTech is a scam your bank will be looking for a check from VTech for what ever the amount they charged you and it will slip in because your check will clear under the name of the bank Charge One. They think they're slick but, I will make sure my voice is heard and will NOT pay them, even "if" I have to change banks. Heed my warning.... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

Posted by Jesikah

I am having trouble. When i call out on my house phone people are not able to hear me but i can make and recieve phone calls please help asap you can email me at

Posted by C Harry

I bought a 4 Phone system of VTech's new 4 Line small business . I have installed the base station CM18445....no problem. Then I installed the secondary full phone, CM18245...again no problem. Then I installed one CM18045...easy! THEN...I tried the 2nd portable handset CM18045...the display on that pne reads "out of range Base no Power" NOW the trouble begins. The Vtech customer Support Website does know recognize the CMseries AT ALL. All one gets is a PR Firm doing their advertising, and no customer support e-numbr or phone contact at all.

Posted by winter8888

I purchased this phone in Nov 2103 and now my phone no longer works (Aug 2015). My base keeps flashing red saying line in use. I have no dial tone and the light for the phone on. I called my service provider who checked my phone line which is working. Since I have had this phone less than two years I decided to call Vtech. Frist off just getting to speak with someone is a chore. You can not go straight to a customer service person you must pick an options or there recorded message will actually disconnect you. When I finally got to speak with someone (20mins later) I explained the situation and the phone was less than two years old and I had my phone line checked. He asked me if I unplugged my phone for a few minutes and than plugged it back in again I said yes and the phone still does not work. The customer service person I was speaking with and I quote stated your phone is defective and is toast and you are not entitled to technical help as not in warranty. I explained to the customer service person that a phone should last longer than 1 1/2 years and he just repeated himself. When I asked to speak with a manager he told me I couldn't and that if I wanted to speak with one I could leave a number and someone might call me back. This is very obvious that this company does not stand behind there products. I will never purchase or recommend another Vtech item.

Posted by Anonymous

We will never purchase vtech again after your help at 9511 number.

Posted by Anonymous

Vtech phone came without a user's manual. When I tried to find it online, their website shows how to locate the model number, but there is no such number on my phone. I tried calling the 800 number on their website and on the back of the phone but all you get is a recorded survey, followed by an attempt to extract money from you for a "free" cruise, followed by a "free" medical alert system. When I declined both, the automated recording ended the call... no customer service!

Posted by Pissed off

Our new vtech phone worked fine at first, until I made the mistake of following the instructions to change my answering machine message. The answering machine stopped altogether after that, and they have no weekend support. So, once Monday comes around, and I'm at appointments and interviews all day, no one can leave me messages, so I'm probably going to lose out on a job. A job I desperately need. Thanks vtech, for being a piece of garbage. Who the hell doesn't have weekend support these days? Horrible company

Posted by jeff

bought vtech phone 1S7121-2 PHONE Answering base broke vtech want sell alone want 194.00 for answering sytem base and handset very dissapointed with vtech cusstomer service

Posted by Anonymous

I am a senior citizen with physical issues that could be serious if I fell on the stairs in my home and could not get product support to get my phone to work. Vetch left me with no way to get help for what seemed like weeks because there was no support. To make matters worse I purchased new batteries thinking that was the problem for a cost of about $40 and now have no use for them since I gave up and purchased a new phone that was recommended to me by family and friends. This is a serious problem when a phone company made a decision that causes what cold potentially be a life and death situation for people who own their phone. I want my $40 from for batteries I cannot use because of their policies. As you can see I am very angry about this issue on many levels - poor company decision, safety, etc.

Posted by My Name

This is an explanation to the customer who told us, he or she could not find a LIVE PERSON to talk to, at V-Tech. That is because these companies are all the same. They love to get your money, but couldn't possibly care less, about bothering to talk to you. They want your money and CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TALK TO YOU ON THE PHONE. So they install an automated phone system, with a maze of instructions, that take forever to go through. While they sit on their asses doing nothing all day. I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm on line, in a company, their phone rings, the automated message comes on, and they JUST SIT THERE, LITERALLY STARING INTO SPACE, WHILE THE RECORDED PHONE MESSAGE PLAYS ON.

Posted by Anonymous

Vtech died on two phone - seperate systems (with 3 phones.) They lived about 6 months and 1 year just past the warranty. One had a phone (not one of the system base) died before of the warranty AND THEN the base system died short after the warranty. The other base "system" of the other equipment died after the warranty-but not enough to think the technology is NOT 'tech'.. The people on the "tech" compamy had the warmth of a cold fish - gave me the complete idea to NEVER PURCHAGE THEIR cordless system phones! A little better than two cans and a limp string. Save your money and don't buy anything from Oregon except dead beavers..

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Posted by Anonymous

I was having trouble logging onto my wireless laptop. Called v-tech. My tech was
Penn, he took control and found the problem, fixed it. He was very polite and helpful.

Posted by Peanut

I just left a review on Google, but I forgot to mention all the techs by name! And I think everyone deserves to know who they are.

Thanks to Carlin, Penn, Angelo, James, Brianna, Tiffany; and if I left anyone out I apologize. Take care everyone!

Cherie OBrien

Posted by Cat622

After initially finding the phone number didn't work, found it did on a different day!
Had a very friendly and helpful lady who dealt with my problem without hesitation.
The car in the rave car track set wasn't working properly. They sent a replacement car and rc within 10 days. Not even had to return old one

Posted by Anonymous

I had a issue with my out going calls I could hear people but they could not hear me. Thanks to a very nice young man I was able to get my phone back up and working.

Posted by Riley Benstead

I would just like to say I am 100% pleased with the service I received. My Grandson broke his Innotab Max by pushing the lead for the charger into the USB socket too hard. Warranty was void as he abused the item although he did not intend doing it. I phoned the company and got through straight away and the lady I spoke to was very helpful. She told me to return the item and a new one would be sent out to me. I posted the faulty one on Monday and received the new one on Thursday. Fantastic customer service. It makes a pleasant change for a company to be so helpful. My Grandson is such a happy boy now. He is not allowed to plug the charger in, that is now a job for his Mum or Dad. Thank you so much for dealing with this in such a friendly and professional way. 10 out of 10 to you. Andy Benstead.

Posted by nn

If you call this number and enter the plain model # (e.g. 6229) it gives you options to order online, check your order/charges, get technical support, etc. They were AMAZING, I don't know how I got lucky compared to all the other comments here! I never comment on sites but after the negative reviews I felt this was necessary. The website gave me trouble so I called support and they gave me the online price and free shipping. They were cheerful too!

Posted by GKJ

The person who said to dial 800-521-2010
Choose "1"
Choose "4"
then you can actually get a customer service rep. is RIGHT
This is the only way to get one. No response from e-mail. But rep handled it nicely.

Posted by Qaarma

I just called the corporate number and got through immediately. 1-888-722-8528. I was looking for a Vtech phone with an alarm built in similar to Panasonic models. She said Vtech didn't make them anymore but would forward my suggestion that they start making them again to their tech team.

Posted by Anonymous

I called today and got through to a representative quickly once following the prompts. The only one thing that disturbed me is that my one handset is only 24 hrs old and they told me to return it to the retailer unless I wanted to pay shipping because of the manufacture defect. I believe this is a issue that they should handle and not penalize the retailer to correct. The retailer has the overhead to operate which also in return had to purchase the unit to sale in the first place. I do not agree with this but overall I am satisfy with the quality of the product for the price that was paid. The one thing I will state is that you get what u pay for. You pay a little, expect a little. I have had big name brands an they were outstanding but the battery replacement prices out weighed the option for my purchase of the Vtech product.

Posted by Angry Mommy :-)

I was lucky today to talk with somebody representative :-)

Phone: (847) 400-3600

Posted by Anonymous

I had no problem reaching customer service, but I did have to listen to all the options first. I just had a question on how to set up a feature; if you want to speak to someone, just select the option "if none of these options address your question" (or something to that effect), which I believe was 8 in the choices (after you put your model no. and a few other options). The person was polite and walked me through the steps to do what I wanted on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I found the support numbr very easy to use. You simply list the model numberof theproduct you re calling about and listen to the options. There was an option for sales and technical support. I found the FAQs to be extensive but did not solve my issue. However, at the end of the FAQ, there was an option to speak to a live rep. Therep was very knowledgeable and cuteous.

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