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Volvo customer service is ranked #264 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 71 ratings. This score rates Volvo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


65 Negative Comments out of 71 Total Comments is 91.55%.


6 Positive Comments out of 71 Total Comments is 8.45%.

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    • 41.45 Overall Rating
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    • 65 negative comments (91.55%)
    • 6 positive comments (8.45%)
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Posted by Shankar

For the last 6 months, I have been having regular issues with my Volvo. This is completely not acceptable. I have been an avid Volvo customer for more than 10 years and I have never experienced such. For the last six months, I have been receiving an indicator requesting me to pour in 1 liter of engine oil. ( This has happened 5 times and the latest being 13 February 2018). This is completely peculiar and I have sent it to Federal Auto in Penang. No specific reasons given but have been having this issue continuously. About 2 months back, I got another indicator that the engine has overheated and I have to stop immediately. I was on a business visit to Kuala Lumpur. It caused a lot on inconvenience to me. I have now completely no confidence on the Volvo that I am driving and am very concerned on the well being of the car and my safety. I have a feeling that I am having a faulty Volvo. All the issues that I am experiencing are pertaining to the engine. The car is about 2.5 years old and I am already having these issues. I have also spoken to the local Customer Care manager. I am very disappointed with my experience with Volvo and I do not expect to have such an experience with my XC60 . I truly thought that this was a high performing car. I never expected this!!!! How can someone assist and help me. I DO NOT have any confidence on my current car. The Service center could not detect any issues. The Volvo tag line of "Volvo for life" seems to be now "Volvo truly a nuisance!". This is NOT a Volvo brand and quality that I thought of. I owned an S60 for 8 years and I NEVER faced such issues. How can my issue be rectified? I am tired to leave my car at the workshop and yet no resolution. Please HELP ME!!! This will be my last straw of action before I express my views in the Social media. Thank YOU

Posted by Anita

I bought a Volvo xc60 from from Volvo Georgetownin Georgetown Texas. It was the worst car buying experience of my entire life. Actually initially it was a breeze, yes by eveyone and yes to everything then they take your money. Then its a different story. Buyers beware of this dealership. They are liers and use unerhanded deceiving tactics. And the sales peoples supervisors do almost notning until pressured numerous times to do things that they promise. Will NEVER again buy from this dealership

Posted by DebbieRaia

I lease a Volvo XC60 and have had problems with the dashboard alerts since I first leased it. Lately almost all the emergency alerts are on so I brought my car into George Town Volvo in St. James, NY. They had to upload the data to Volvo engineers because the staff at St. James couldn't figure out what the problem was. The damaged computer was disabling my airbags and other safety features. They ordered the part they described as 'the brains of the computer' and didn't overnight it so it will take 2 days. So I explained that i need to travel about 100 miles on business this week so I got a loaner car. The loaner car is 15 years old and bucks like crazy every time i slow down. This car has zero safety features that I have in my XC60 and it is not safe to take on a long trip. I am so disappointed with the quality of the Volvo and the service in not giving me a comparable vehicle to drive while waiting for this defective computer part. I wouldn't recommend Volvo and don't think i will be leasing another one.

Posted by Sal2403

Volvo made a big mistake giving the Margate Volvo franchise to Gunther in Coconut Creek. Incompetence Sales people with major disrespect for customers of 3 cars - 6- 7 years. Never again. Clowns at best, no care for customer. None.

Posted by Anonymous

My son was in a awful wreck a few weeks ago . He just bought his first car and it was a Volvo s4 ( I belive ) when the police and ems arrived at the wreck they said they were positive my son was going to be dead . He hit a phone pole and 2 other cars on his way to his army base . You could not even recognize his car . It was probably the scariest sight I have ever seen ..... he walked away from this wreck because he was in a Volvo.... the tow truck driver had said that to me a couple times ... we plan to get him another Volvo!! Thank You so much for putting so much work into your vehicles !!! We will forever be a Volvo family !!!

Posted by Anonymous

I own a Volvo, but don't like that you sponsor CBS and the Stephen Colbert Show...he is a disgrace and should be fired for what he said about the president of our country! Many college age kids watch him, and it's people like him that fire turn up to become violent against our country. It will be my last Volvo if something doesn't change by your network!

Posted by Kathy 1986

I called Volvo customer service center in NJ regarding how to update navigation system. And I was told the dvd of map upgrades I got was expired. And 2nd dvd never arrived at my home. The customer service staff told me even I have received 2nd map upgrade dvd it was also expired too. Now I need to pay $ to download a software in order to upgrade my navigation system. She also emphasized that no customer like me made such a call, and no customer like me never upgrade map after receiving dvd. I explained to her that the upgrades need me to turn my car on for a couple of hours and I was too busy. And again she said no one like me, everyone did it. She startED to argue and I felt she was rude and didn't care about Volvo's reputation. This is the first time I call Volvo customer service and I will give their service 1 star due to the rude staff.

Posted by Judi

My husband HarryIckes purchased a new Volvo in March ordered in august hes an owner operator. He speced it out to his liking well a few months ago he started having problems with squeeking braking a few trips to the garage and finally a drum was the problem then it was starting hard so again bck to the garage was in from last Monday until yesterday 9 days which means NO WORK NO.PAY. we did not buy a new trk to have it parked in the garage!!! Harry is a owner operator with a $2220.00 payment kinda hard to make not wrking! This time it was the wrong injectors from factory. Seriously!!!! Then the order was late arriving. Harry was very stressed out over this as i was what is your solution to this ???? Now he left and wont be home for Christmas. Gotta wrk. Thank you Volvo im sure you all will be home. Mrs Judi Ickes. I do want a response. Steubenville Truck Center did all they could to get his truck finished. Im very dissapointed!

Posted by Very poor R.A. in Ottawa

The worst roadside assistance experience, or lack there of... Roadside assistance is dispatched to a U.S. call centre, who dispatches to a unknown Canadian city call centre, who dispatches request to the company they have contracted in the city you are calling from for assistance. After being told by the call centre agent the R.A. would arrive in 15 minutes or less, I received a text indicating ETA would be 44 minutes or more. The 1-800 places the caller in a queue that never seems to be answered. I ended up calling a tow truck company on my own, incurred the cost and am now trying to get Volvo to reimburse me. Good luck.

Posted by Anonymous

My comments are related to my 2011xc 60 volvo and the servicing of this vehicle at river town Subaru in Columbus Ga. I have taken my car there since the purchase in 2011. the service department was marginal in my opinion, but a service managed named Melisa made sure I was taken are of.I was happy with this until Melissa quit and and it has been detrioating since. My most recent visit on Monday September 5th for an 80000 mile service check and an solution to the problem of erratic air conditioning resulted in a changing of a the cabin filter and a recommendation that a $1500 replacement of the AC compressor and drier. I was stunned at the price but more concerned of the failure prematurely at 80,000 miles. I was offered no consideration of any alternatives. I was told my car would be ready for departure in 15 minutes. after 30 minutes I checked at the cashier desk where I normally checked out, to be told by the parts department that they only handled parts and shouldn't ask them of the status and to only check with my service advisor. I was unable to find my service advisor, but found another and he processed my payment and sent me on my way. the next day I learned from my tire supplier that my back brake pads worn to an unsafe level. I was surprised as the day before, there was no mention of this at the dealer. I have now decided that my relations with this dealer were complete and I would not return there for service. I was already driving 40 miles one way to have responsible people care for my car and I don't believe that to be the case. Please help me get this complaint to the proper place.

Creighton Kelly

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I went to Dean Team Volvo in Brentwood on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 around 5:40pm. We saw about 3 salesman stare us down from inside as we got out of our vehicle. We proceeded to look at some of the SUVs outside. About 10 minutes elapsed and my wife went inside to get some assistance. A salesman named Zachary Williams came out to assist us. We told him we were looking at a 2016 XC90 and he hurried us along as he “explained” the features of the vehicle in under a minute. He said they were closing soon and we could come back the next day for a test drive. We left with a bitter taste in our mouth for a couple of reasons: Not being acknowledged, not getting the full details of the vehicle, being scurried out of the dealership (we had not been invited in even with a child), and finally, we came about 50 minutes away from Belleville, IL only to be turned away.
Since my wife favored the XC90 we looked at I decided to return the following week to see if maybe the Dean Team had a bad day…was I ever wrong! I went back Tuesday, September 6, 2016 around 4:00pm with plenty of time to get a full breakdown of the vehicle and not get hurried out again. I went inside and sought out a salesperson and Zachary happened to be there again. He told me to wait while he helped the boss park a showroom vehicle which took about 15 minutes. After the wait I ask Zachary to show me the vehicle both my wife and I looked at previously. We went outside and he looked at the front where the Volvo was parked and said “It’s not here. I guess it was sold. I told you these Volvos are hot!” I thanked him and told him to give me a minute as I called my wife. I walked around the lot as I spoke to my wife and what do you know…the Volvo XC90 we looked at was parked in the back along with some other new Volvos. I went inside and told Zachary I located the vehicle, no apology was issued. He got the keys and we went for a test drive. Minimal information was again given during the test drive and he even fumbled trying to locate some of the settings and had to go to the user manual. After the test drive we went inside to talk about a possible purchase. I gave him an offer based on all the incentives he told me about during the test drive. He left the office to talk to the “boss” and told me the incentives were not being offered anymore. I reiterated, that’s what you told me during the test drive. He said they were available the first time I came to the dealership. That concept would have been nice except MY WIFE, SON, AND I WERE RUSHED OUT THE DOOR the first time we were there. I asked about incentives for military members and he said it would have to be approved by the “boss”. I got up and made a phone call to my wife to discuss our options. When I came back in I met the “boss” and he shook my hand and introduced himself. I asked about the military incentive and he said “are you really in the military?” I answered him yes, otherwise I would not be asking. He said “yes, we can take $750.00 off the MSRP.” The Volvo was a 2016 model which Zachary reminded me they had numerous incentives on since they had a good amount of 2017s on the lot.
I gave Zachary an offer and he said I would have to wait until the next day when the “BIG BIG boss” would be in. As we were negotiating the regular “boss” disturbed us and asked for the keys to park the Volvo XC90 we were test driving, back on the lot. It was about 5:45pm and he was ready to go. Again I was rushed out the door. Zachary said he would call me tomorrow when the “BIG BIG boss” came in. I asked, “so even if I’m ready to purchase tonight, no one can call the “BIG BIG boss??” He said that would be impossible because he doesn’t take phone calls after he leaves work. He has a strict ‘no phone call policy’ and turns off his phone.
I left Dean Team Volvo in Brentwood knowing this had to be a hidden video prank. To be rushed out of the Volvo dealership TWICE, asked if I was really in the military, not fully explained the details of the vehicle, dealing with an incompetent salesman who couldn’t even locate a vehicle on his lot, dealing with a rude “regular boss”, and lied to about Volvo of Brentwood’s incentives. To top it off I drove about 50 minutes each way twice to get there and I was being asked to come back a third time. Zachary said he was going to call me the next day and that he did. When Zachary called the following day I explained to him the rudeness and unprofessionalism my wife and I experienced at Volvo of Brentwood. No apologies were given. All Zachary asked was if my displeasure was due to him or his boss?? He was worried about his reputation and acknowledge it was the bosses fault. He said he was going to call me back with a better offer…that never happened. I will never purchase any vehicle from the Dean Team. It’s hard to comprehend that William Dean, Bill Dean, or Patrick Dean could accept this type of behavior. His team at Volvo of Brentwood gave us the WORST car shopping experience my wife and I have ever been through!

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in navigation system on my new 2016 xc90. No help from dealership.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently was in a car accident with my 2012 XC60. The damage was relatively minor but the repair process has been extensive. The passenger side headlight lens was cracked and needed to be replaced. To make a long story short, it took one month to get my car back and still having issues. The reason for the lengthy repair time was due to a known defect in the replacement lenses. The story I was told was that the manufacturer, subcontracted by Volvo, had put left bending units in the right lenses and that there was no way to tell the batches. How did my auto shop, Keinath Auto Body, find this out? After determining that 2 replacement lenses weren�¢ï¿½ï¿½t working, the brought the car to Fathers and Sons Volvo in West Springfield, MA. Keinath told Fathers and Sons that the lens wasn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t working and they needed to know why. 4 days later and a charge of over $450, Fathers and Sons told Keinath that the lens wasn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t working and they didn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t know why. So Fathers and Sons took 4 days to tell Keinath nothing more than they were told when the car was dropped off, yet they charged Keinath a ridiculous amount of money for no value add.

Keinath then took my car to Mitchell Volvo in Simsbury, CT. Mitchell did the research and found out about the manufacturers defect. They worked with Keinath until they got a lens that worked. This took approximately 12 lenses before they got a working one. This process could have been much faster if the supplier would have shipped more than 2 lenses at a time.

After 1 month, I finally got my car back but now I have a new problem. My back up camera isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t working correctly. I know that either Fathers and Sons or Mitchell or both dealerships played with the electronics in my car because I had to reset features. I didn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t have this problem when I dropped off my car for the accident damage. The damage was on the front passenger side and had nothing to do with the backup camera or its functionality. The problem now is that neither dealership will accept responsibility and fix my camera problem. One small accident and I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m the one who is suffering due to negligent dealerships. I�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve owned Volvos for 10 years now. I�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve never had to deal with these kinds of hassles before but as of now they are never ending.

Here are my issues:

1. It should have never taken so long to get a working headlight lens. Volvo knowing that there was a defect, should have had the lenses tested before they were shipped to avoid this issue.

2. There is absolutely no reason for Keinath Auto Body to have to have paid Fathers and Sons to look for a KNOWN manufacturers defect. On top of the fact that Fathers and Sons should have refunded their money upon the discovery that Mitchell made of the defect, but they refused to do so.

3. There is absolutely no reason for my back up camera to not be working and for Keinath Auto Body to be fighting with Fathers and Sons and Mitchell dealerships to fix they problem. Both dealerships refuse to fix the issue.

4. As a customer, I am suffering due to the negligence of Volvo and Volvo dealerships. Keinath Auto Body is suffering due to the negligence of Volvo and Volvo dealerships. This needs to be fixed

As a loyal Volvo customer for a decade now, I am extremely disappointed with the level of treatment receiving.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Betty,i recently reach out to you about issue with my Volvo 2004 XC90 As i mention i had took it to Cottman Transmission to see why the car had complerely stop on me while on highway wyilrbthe vehicle was in Drive. I had have kept up with oil changes and emissions seneors and all of the maintenance of the owner of vehicle. I told the repair shop about this problem as well. The issue is the only way i can drive the vehilcle is in third and fourth gears and after i start i can switch the car into drive until i slow down. Then i would have to switch back to 3rd to continue to drive. The weird thing is there is no messages in the dash there no engine light or transmission messages. However the transmission fluid keeps leaking out of the vehicle . The customer service team suggested that i contact Volvo again and they was respectful and honest about the situation stating that i should not drive the vehilcle only if necessary with windoows down because of the gas smell. I was also told about the GM transmission that was used during the manufacturing of the vehilcle implicating the uncompatibility with the model XC90 2004. My concerns at this point would the vehilcle be able to be driven to the scheduled appointment that i have with Volvo. . Concerned Customer. Again i would like to Thank You in your assistance with this matter. Sincerely, Donald Crews

Show quoted text

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening.

I have been a fan of Volvo autos for about 20 years... Have owned an 240 sedan, an S60 sedan, an S40 sedan, & an XC70. I have sung Volvo praises from sea to sea. No more.

The fantastically expensive Driver Information Module on my '03 XC70 has failed. Research on Volvo consumer blogs shows that this is a fairly common problem with this much so that it reasonably should have been a recall issue (obvious safety issues when your speedometer & engine warning lights don't work). And now, within 2 weeks of each other, both of my interior door latches have "broken" (the cheap plastic slot that holds the cable end is broken on the passenger door, and the metal slot that should hold the cable end no longer "holds" on the drivers side. On my wife's '06 S40, the drain lines from the sun roof clog & back up constantly & leak into the car, now mold & mildew all through the carpet & pad, and rusting on the floor panels... The mold smell is so bad, you can't ride in the car without all the windows down. Additionally, her headliner cloth is falling down, and the leather door panel liners are falling off the doors. The cars are falling apart.... I am not a happy consumer. Has Volvo intentionally turned to making crap?

Anthony Quickle
Saint Simons Island, GA

Posted by Anonymous

The remote start for my 2016 XC90 malfunctioned and wouldn't start the vehicle. I manually started the car and left my keys in car. Closing the door resulted in the vehicle locking itself with engine running and my iPhone with the Volvo app inside.

I called Roadside Assistance from a landline and was told that he couldn't reach the Volvo on-Call rep so he dispatched a Roadside Assistance tech who would have "RF Access Codes" so car could be opened via this RF device. When tech showed up,70 minutes later, his RF tool was a "slimjim" device that he pushed through window and was able to open the car by lowering another window.

Subsequent calls to On Call, Customer Support in NJ and local dealer resulted in nothing but more frustration. This is incredibly POOR customer service, especially when you consider how much I paid for the vehicle. I've owned 8 Volvos in the past but this is my last one.

Posted by Fy

I have 2014 volvo s60 r-design. 2 months ago 1 year old car gave warning that the engine cooling water is low. I have send my car to dealer and they couldnt find out what is the problem for 1 week. Then a reply came from Volvo Sweden was saying that OPEN THE ENGINE AND CHECK IF SMTHNG IS WRONG. I told them to stop. I was expecting that Volvo replace with a new car. 1 year old brand new car driven for 35.000 km which has a problem in the engine mean that customer needs to be satisfied. I will definitely never get a Volvo car again. You pay almost same money as bmw or mercedes but volvo doesn't stand behind of its product as german brands does.

Posted by Anonymous

Volvo in SA will charge for all work they do,but never fix the problem. Volvo service in general is useless. In SA they are a pregidous company run by a bunch of right winged thinking management.Go to hell Volvo.

Posted by Anonymous

My 2005 s40 Volvo had a charging system problem while I was travelling from Orlando to port st lucie, Florida. I had the vehicle towed to Wallace Volvo dealership in Stuart, thinking it would require a new alternator. Their assessment of the problem was the a/c compressor was seized and had to be replaced. As well they said a motor mount should be replaced as well as the battery. When I suggested the power wire for the electric clutch on the a/c compressor be disconnected therefore allowing the pulley to free wheel. I would live without the a/c system. They then told me, I didn't understand the problem was the bearings in the front of the compressor and the clutch would not free wheel as an idler. The estimated cost of this was in the area of $2300.00 plus taxes. I decided to take the car home to think about it. I went on line to "parts geeks" to check on parts availability and pricing. I consulted a local repair shop to ask if they would install parts I supplied. They agreed. When I looked under the hood for identification numbers I noticed the belt was still on the alternator. I pushed on the belt with my fingers, it moved freely so I pushed it a few more times. I then called the local repair shop and explained my findings. I then had the vehicle towed to "Bobs automotive repair" in port st lucie for further examination. They called me to say they installed a new drive belt between the crank pulley and the a/c clutch and started the engine to determine if there was a problem with the compressor or clutch components. The car runs perfectly quite, the air conditioning and charging systems work as they should. The cost of repair was $100.93. The difference between and honor repair shop and Wallace Volvo dealership is more than $2,000.00. There are laws against fraud and theft. Volvo should check this dealership very closely to learn how much theft is actually taking place.

Posted by Anti Racism in SA

Looking at the comments on Volvo SA, it is unbelievalabe that such service incurs so much hatred towards other races. I am shocked at what I was reading, Sorry no Volvo for me. Anti Racism in all Car Manufacturers. People in these organisations should be made an example of and be asked to step down from the positions they hold . Absolutely disgusting... Volvo....Wake up we are in 2015.....

Posted by Anonymous

To the person who says Volvo is racist, i concur with you . In South Africa, the motor industry and components suppliers is controlled by the White Management, who tend to favour their race and apply lots of NEPOTISM as well. It is very common here . The industry is given an incentive by the Government to Stay in the Country. My bad experiences with Volvo leads me to believe that they are racists. They did not solve my problem in the warranty period and was hoping that I has a non white would give up . I stand by you by saying " SUPPORTING VOLVO IS SUPPORTING RACISM" Keep your cars in Sweden with your blonde hair and blue eyed people. Leave South Africa and that goes to rest of the motor industry who supports the old white values in South Africa, known has APARTHEID . Volvo CEO and BOARD, your company is getting quite a reputation for promoting RACISM. Please pass this mail on to many Volvo customers ......

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Volvo in 2005, Supposedly to be the safest car (what a joke). In the first week we had to take it in as it was jerking and switching off. It was a danger to my family to drive. We went in during the warranty over 50 times and they could not figure the problem, After the 7th Year out of warranty, they realised it was the ECM(Electronic Computer Module) The dealer principle together with his Service insisted they were unaware of the problem and our complaints. Luckily I had the docs to prove it . They had to use a flight recorder to check why this car was doing this. Never once did Volvo acknowledge this was there problem. The service consultants resigned based on the lies from the Dealer Principle . To those of you who are thinking of buying a Volvo think again, it is a death trap. Personally i hope the directorship and management of Volvo experiencing this problem and the worst happens to them . To The Port Elizabeth Volvo, you have cots us dearly and will pay in many ways. They should close down . They are rude, and delusional in their conversations. Volvo SA is pathetic and will notify every person never to purchase cars from them on facebook etc. South Africa was a country driven by Apartheid and Volvo was here selling their cars . Do not support them ever ...
The board of Volvo lacks the understanding and severity of the issues. Never will i go to them for a service and look at the nonsense they will manufacture, My company wants to by Trucks and I told them dont support VOLVO....We are now looking at alternatives...Get out VOLVO for all the hell you put me and my family ...

Posted by Anonymous

Volvo is a racist and pregidious company . They cannot provide proper information when there is a problem. I will never support Volvo again . The Directors at Volvo does not have the capabilities of checking the mess that they create. I will create a facebook page of Hate Volvo .. Disgusting service and inexperienced management.

Posted by Tori

Sales people inexperienced with no knowledge of the new Volvo XC90 specifications or colour charts. We were about to order a new car to upgrade our old one but they had ordered the wrong colour. Sale lost and unfortunately any future sales due to utter lack of knowledge and total incompetence. Nobody in the showroom seemed to have any clue about any of the questions we were asking even when referring to a so called manager. Lots of wrong information was given by the salesgirl who had only just started but was given the role of selling a £50,000 car that she knew absolutely nothing about. Just not good enough. I would expect this kind of experience from Volvo or for that matter any car dealership.

Posted by Ted Lahey

We contacted Jim Pattison Auto Group : Volvo, Douglas Street, Victoria BC today regarding our C70 2011 Volvo.. Our battery was dead and after getting a jump from BCAA proceeded directly there.. They took our car in immediately and found out the problem was caused by the satellite radio.. upon doing a computer update and charging the battery the problem was corrected.
We wish to compliament your Service Representative: Morgan on his professionalism and speeding help to solve this problem.

We have one complaint ...we feel we should have received a new battery.. Volvo knew of this issue and we should have been notified..We travelled here from Halifax, NS arriving on August 30, 2015. We travelled through some isolated areas and if this problem had happen along the way the result would not have been a good one!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

After 4 visits to Volvo service department @ 128 Volvo, Reading MA for the same problem which was thought to be an oil pan problem, authorization for a new engine was obtained on 5/19/16. I was placed in a loaner for the duration of the repair and was kept informed of ongoing progress. I had no complaints and was very pleased with the service. My car was returned to me in great shape except that 2 pair of sunglasses (one very expensive Tiffany's and a less expensive Kate Spade's) were missing from the center console.I have been driving Volvo's for many years and this is the first time I have ever encountered such an issue. Overall, Volvo stepped up to the plate and I received great service. Unfortunate that we all have to put up with the human condition of liberating another's belongings for ones own benefit.

Posted by A Dis-Respected Passenger

The Drivers are not well mannered and they even dishonour the passengers by yelling at them while stating the amount, the passenger paid for the ticket and force the passenger to get down the buses in front of ALL the CO-PASSENGERS, especially in Delhi to Haldwani bus- UK 07 Pa 1148.

Posted by WRD77433

Bought the dealer's car S60 (5000 miles) in 2012 and have loved this car and the excellent service we receive from the dealership. Ray at Volvo Houston (Katy Freeway) is outstanding! Highly recommend this model and this dealership. The roadside assistance was handy too (dead battery - my fault). They hauled it right to the dealer to fix.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2010 S40 Volvo and I was surprised to hear that my coverage does not apply to a leak in the car. When I purchased the car I was told anything except tires was covered for 5 years or 62,000 miles. I took the car into Primer Volvo in Watertown CT and it was confirmed that water is leaking in on the top of the front windshield. I was told this was not covered and it was suggested I go to Safety Glass and have it replaced.
This dealership was always helpful, so I was very surprised to hear that.

Posted by volvolover

I needed my code for my radio and I didn't have any of my information avaliable. I didn't know my car's VIN or anything! But luckily, Volvol kept my files are record and they were able to pull everything up!
Bart was VERY friendly, nice, and very thorough with the iinstructions on how to reset my RADIO. I am very pleased with this service and cannot wait to buy another Volvo!

Posted by wimp1946

excellent service

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