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Volkswagen customer service is ranked #533 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 487 ratings. This score rates Volkswagen customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


465 Negative Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 95.48%.


22 Positive Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 4.52%.

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    • 465 negative comments (95.48%)
    • 22 positive comments (4.52%)
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Posted by Mira

I bought a POLO 2014, and tried to put my phone on the bluetooth to see how it starts to react in Chinese. The Israeli agents put a non - original device, and they don't care of the customers' problems. I need to pay a special place to fix it. Shame !!!!

Posted by S.Parker

I have been leasing my 2014 VW Passat TSI with for 3.5 years. My leasing experience was pretty good and m salesman was really awesome. I leased my car from Gaplin VW in Van Nuys, CA and felt really comfortable with my decision at that point in time. Throughout my leasing term I never had any issues with VW, all of my maintenance was taken care of through them and the car ran pretty well. The car was so amazing that I extended my lease by another 6 months just to determine if I wanted to purchase the vehicle but after my evaluating I decided that I should be saving money so I did not to go through with the purchase. I turned in my car on October 22, 2017 at the Volkswagen in Pasadena, CA. I was approached by a sales manager and advised him that I wanted to turn in my vehicle; he then told me that I could certainly turn in the vehicle there with no problems. I than explained to the manager that I was told that I should have some kind of written document that explained the condition of the car along with mileage information as well as any other necessities. I was told that they would absolutely take care of me and that I shouldnât have anything to worry about. The very next day I called the VW leasing company to advise that I had dropped off the car and wanted to make sure there werenât any outstanding balances or anything else that I needed to do, the operator told me that she did see a note that I returned the vehicle and that I would receive an end of lease invoice. About a week went by and I received the end of leas invoice that stated I owed $1200.00; I was shocked and highly confused as to why I was receiving this invoice. Immediately called VW end of leasing customer service and asked to speak with a manager, I spoke with Mike Nardoni on 10/31/2017 and he advised me of the breakdown in which VWs third party inspection company SGS quoted them with a breakdown of the charges I was being held responsible for. The 1st charge was a Gouged Front bumper, in which I had replaced under my insurance company Progressive charge $162.00. The 2nd charge was a Previous repair right quarter panel repair, which was also take care of by a well know repair and paint shop charge was 157.50. The next charges were for all four tiers that needed to be replaced and stated on their statements as worn for $120.00 each and lastly there was a $350.00 deposition fee. I asked Mike to speak with his manager and he appointed me to his supervisor Glen, which also broke down the same charges and stated that he would be willing to take off the right quarter panel charge because he couldnât see it closely in his images but that would be all that he could do because I should have gotten the 3rd party inspection before turning in the vehicle. I explained that the sales manager whom took my vehicle should have explained that and shouldnât have taken my vehicle without the inspection, I told Glen that I was not advises of the inspection at the time or return and would have had that done if they were not able to do it. I then told Glen thank you for his time and ended the conversation as I was completely furious that I have been a committed customer paying VW for the past 3 years and that was all that they could assist me with, I feel so taken advantage of and I feel that this is very unethical.

Posted by damn car

I recently bought a used 2013 VW CC sport, its an great car until I reached 100,000 miles the rear tires were cupping and making loud noises so put new tires on all four only to find out the engine service soon light came on and its said that cylinder 1, 3, 4 are misfiring so easy fix....bought new coil packs and spark plugs....two months goes by and the coil packs are misfiring again, not enough power to the move the car so almost got into an accident at the intersection. luckily I had warranty on the coil packs and traded them out and it happens again so I research this problem to only find out that its a carbon build up that's the problem. they recommend taking the engine apart and replacing the fuel injectors and manually clean the headers and what not....I asked the dealership if there a recall on this crappy design. nothing can be done so I have to pay out of pocket. which is $1500.00 im never buying a VW car again. I THOUGHT GERMAN ENGINEERING WAS THE BEST. I guess not...only good at engineering large group showers. smh

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2003 VW Eurovan with 238 K miles and it is starting to fall apart. I want to either refurbish my van or buy a new VW van. Can you direct me to a business that rebuilds these vans? Or can you let me know when the new van wil be available?
Or can you pass this on to someone else in VW?

Posted by VW owner

I have a 2009 VW Beetle that both headlight housings are broken. Also, the ignition sticks when putting the key in and only a select few people has the magic touch to start the car. The cost to repair both of these issues is about $2000 ($1000 each). I think VW should give me discount on parts and labor to fix both of these because both issues are ridiculous in the first place. Headlights housing should not break and especially if the cost of them is over $1000. Please respond to me with who I should talk to about getting a discount.

Posted by Anonymous

Service advisor Matthew from VW Boksburg is pathetic rude and downright full of himself.

Posted by three county vw

On October 20, 2016 I asked Three County VW located, 701 Riverside Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 to diagnose why my Jetta 2004 tdi hesitates at ~3k rpm?
I explained to a person who was receiving my request what changes had been made in my car. He told me to bring the car in. I even provided the technician a printout of my VCDS 21 results of the engine scan.
To my surprise, I didn't get what I paid for. The technician gave me the same information about my car which I had already told him. And besides that, he requested that I reverse all changes done in the car, come back, and then he will make the diagnoses.
I am not satisfied. They charged me $128.40 to tell me nothing.

Posted by [email protected]

I own a 2010 Volkswagen CC. I purchased the car from Volkswagen of Naples, Florida. In early April of 2016 I received a recall notice for my Takata SDI driver frontal airbag. The recall notification described this recall as "IMPORTANT" ans stated that this could result in serious injury. Now 6 months have passed and my dealer can't or won't even provide me with a due date for the failure to be corrected. If I am injured or killed who is responsible? Me, my dealership, or Volkswagen of America? Last Friday I filed a complaint with the NHTSA. They advised me that they would file my complaint with the Office of Defect Investigation. The complaint number Please provide me with an explanation for this unreasonable delay in making the parts available.

Posted by Jennyincspacastro

I was treated so badly by Melissa at x5023 in finance dept. I was told I wasn't a customer because my husband financed the car. I pay the bills on it. She was so rude and unprofessional. I also have had my 2 year old jetta in the shop 12 times. I have been given false information and left on hold 45 minutes each time I call.

Posted by tsmiller

I WAS a loyal VW customer until this past week. The body control module went out on my 2013 Jetta TDI. Dealer priced the part and labor at $1100. This car is barely outside of warranty. The dealer then failed to reconnect my windshield wiper tank. I was planning on keeping my TDI after the November deadline, not anymore. You can take your POS car and shady, overpriced dealerships. Toyota, here I come!

Posted by Anonymous

Sir,I have a doubt,im purchase a polo 1.2 last year,2015 model. This first service time is break, after one year.and 20500 km driven.. So I have get company warrenty,or not??

Posted by Nonhlanhla

Pls contact me. I am devastated the way I have been treated by vw. I have taken to vw for service since then it has been breaking down. It has been towed to vw twice after service. I have logde the complaint instead of resolving the matter the manager covered the guy who was dealing with the car. When I checked the invoices they all don't reflect what was done. Only money is reflecting.please support. The car is towed home now sitting hear and not working because they are keeping on draining my money. I think they take me for granted as I am woman. My husband took over but still there was no resolution. I don't have transport as speak.

Posted by ANIL KUMAR

Last month I brought a new Polo GT(automatic)which met with an accident with another car and got a small damage in the front grill and bumber. I have already taken the bumber to bumber insurance. Today its been 14 days since the volkswagen took it for repairing. But every time they are telling that after two days it will be ready. It was my mistake to choose Volkswagen through EVM motors at Trivandrum branch. Actually my friends adviced me earlier don't choose volkswagen since they had lots of bad experience. When i bought the vehicle this was explained to the branch head. But he told that earlier it was some mistakes made by the staffs and now everything is perfect that's why I bought the poloGt. But as per my experience I would never advice anybody to buy volkswagen cars. The after sales service of volkswagen is very bad. Now I am thinking to sell this vechicle and buy a toyota car.

Posted by Unhappy Volkswagen Owner

My car has been in the shop for a week and the repair was supposed to take a couple of days. I am very disappointed in the maintenance department. I have not heard anything about my vehicle.

Posted by Bongane

Good Day

my name is Bongane Ndlozi, i have a Polo, which i have recently took my car for a service on 28/06/2016 at VW Newcastle KZN.

the car service was 105 000 kilometres and i requested that they also check my sitbelt light that was showing.

I was qouted on it then i said they should not do any work on it, because i did not have the money.

when i went back to get the car the boot was not working, and i asked them whose fault was it and they told me its nobody's.

They asked be to book for the car again for 11/07/2016 so they can have a look at it, i booked and when i went back they said it would cost me R2040.50, to it fixed and they made me sign some Dispute resolution on 11/07/2016 which they refuse to explain it to me.

My biggest concern is my boot was working fine before they did anything on my car but on its return there was now the problem of a boot,

in my knowldge the boot was fine till they touched my car and i refuse to be charged on something that is clearly their fault.

I feel that really they are taking advantage of their customers. Its really becoming a pain to service your car at that service station.

its not the first incident i have had with such thing.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,
Iown a passat brought on 2012..on 5th june.. i had a recent problem with the coolant reduce from the normal level it should be.I call up ur centre and told them the reduced coolant. Your guy told me to add water and next day drive to your service centre to top up coolant.And i ask him is it fine to use water wheresle i saw in the video not to add water n i explain to him .But insist and told me its fine...and i did...than on the following week i call up on the pricing for the coolant and they told me it cause about $20.The next day i call up spoke to another customer service guy he told me not to worry about coolant you can add water and carry on driving i dont have get coolant.I was piss off with all the service....and the price for coolant is $35.00 now...i call up again another customer service guy he said will check and get back to me regarding a guy called and told me it should be coolant and the price is $19.95 now...well i am confuse but my son has already paid for the coolant $27.90.yesterday..Please check on this matter.Thank you

Posted by Disappointed VW owner

Absolute WORST customer service! Bought a brand new Passat Tdi which we all know the scandal that has hit VW which makes the car I bought worth even less now. But since it was purchased new in 2013 we have replaced the ignition, clock spring twice all of which was a battle on who should pay for the work. They finally honored it after long drawn out arguments that was completely unnecessary. Now the ad blue pump, piping has gone bad with only 50K on it. Now I'm quoted at $2K to fix even know they supposed to be a 8/80K emissions warranty. The dealership is an hour each way on top.of all these issues. So if you like wasting lots of time and money on an overpriced vehicle to begin with then buy a VW. If not STAY AWAY!!! I bought a new vehicle to have a dependable car to get around instead I've had more issues then I've had with a 15 year old junker.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2006 VW Passat and really like the car. I received a recall notice for the air bags being defective. This puts my family in danger and also I can be held responsible for this defective part if I trade this car off after I have been notified of the recall and another owner gets hurt or worse killed in an accident that the air bags are proven to cause damage. I think it is time to get this defect fixed as soon as possible.

Posted by Samuel

My wife and I bought a polo tsi in July 2015 at the VW Claremont branch. We had a very helpful salesman by the name of Ivor. When we collected the car he said the only thing we had to get on a later stage was the spare keys and the vehicles books and also a spanner. Three months down the line I contacted him and he told me that they can't find the spare keys and that management does not want to cut New keys. We then went into the branch,only to find out that Ivor has retired. We then dealt with a Ryan Stokes who just messed us around from day one,lying to us and making empty promises. Finally going for a service I was promised to have my key available,then to only find out that Ryan Stokes does not work there anymore and that no-one knows about the spare keys. Then a Wayne Rocchi was surpose to sort us out and he himself disappointed us, with Quinton Adams aswell. Now we dealing with a Roy Pheiffer and he to is ignoring us. I'm fed up with the service I'm receiving at VW Claremont. Nobody is coming out with the truth of our spare keys and it's really starting to irritate me. It's been 9 months that we've been calling and sending emails but it's falling on death ears. Never ever again will I be going there again.

Posted by Looking for understanding

My daughter went in to two vw dealerships on two different times and got no results from anyone no help it was not a good experience. When we purchased the first car the experience was so great we went back to purchase again. The jetta we were looking at is on the internet priced 16,000 and some.So the saleman explain the price is 18,000 and the internet prices are more or less just to get you in.What is that called? So I don't get the price on the net and I can't start looking at my numbers from the internet advertisement of 16,????. Can someone explain to me how this works.How do you do this to the consumer? Did these dealers really want my business. Did they really do their best to keep us as a consumer NO,NO,NO.Will I deal with Volkswagen? WIll THEY TRY TO WIN US BACK!

Posted by Anonymous

2014 vw passat tdi .. terrible car terrible customer service and if that isn't enough the turbo blows at 50 k and the dealer I purchased from says to bad can't even look at it 2 to 3 weeks.. that's crap let me make payment so it can stay on your lot. Door would take stay shut dealership say it's ok just hold the door shut and drive in the icey roads with no regards to my safety.. turbo blows at 50k and they try not to cover it.. the depreciation of over 15 grand speaks for it self .. very sits back stalling and stalling dealers won't even touch this piece of crap. Repairshop and costly and not done correctly causing extra hardship and time for my family. No rental car offered no thought of my time or my family's. Unacceptable do something right buy these back

Posted by Anonymous

I am so sorry the day I walked into a volkswagan dealership and bought a brand new volkswagan motor car cash.may god forbid me and never put me through that punishment again.I have recieved better service at the local flea market.never again

Posted by Jimmy

This is my personal opinion. Volkswagen is the WORST car company I have ever dealt with. They claim they care about there customer however I have yet to see any care/concern from this company. I have a 2013 Passat diesel that I cannot even trade in at this point. They sent me a letter telling me I can just trade it in well out of 17 dealers guess what no one would touch it let alone take it in on trade and 5 of these were VW dealers. They say a different thing each time you call them so lying and fraud seem to go hand in hand with this company. The CEO is a joke (In my opinion) and he states that VW will succeed in winning back consumers. Someone should tell him that in America when you lie cheat and steal and then think we are all going to rush out and purchase Volkswagen's you are badly mistaken. I hope the Justice Department makes them pay the entire 46 billion in fines for lying. However the consumers will always be on the losing end. Purchasing my Volkswagen Diesel has been my biggest regret so far.

Posted by Rabie

i have a cc volkswagen and i have 4 m,onthes suffering with my local provider in egypt each time entered to solve a problem it comes with another one .
im really surprised and really chocked.

Posted by Don't buy from VW

Gunthers VW located in Coconut Creek FL is one of the worse places to get your car for service. My experiences there with them has been nightmare after nightmare and just when you think it couldn't get worse it does. At the beginning when my car was under warranty I told them that there was a leak coming from my EOS roof. They said they didn't find anything serious then and a small leak is normal for convertibles. Now that I'm out of warranty they want to charge me a great amount to fix it! Another visit that was horrible was when I brought my car in due to a check engine light. They wanted to charge me another large amount. I felt something was off like the service adviser wasn't being honest with the repairs. So, I took elsewhere which where I ended up paying a fraction of the total cost that VW was charging me, this shop explained to me that VW was trying to replace additional parts that weren't defective!!! Just a coincidence a customer service rep from VW called to follow up while I was at this other shop, I told them how it made me feel that VW location was untrustworthy because of the situation and what they tried to do was give me a discount which I declined because I couldn't trust them anymore! This link location is a Scam! I paid them recently a service repair bill that didn't even fix my problem or help at all and now they want to charge me an extreme amount more!!! I do not recommend the VW in Coconut Creek to anyone even if they were the only repair shop left on this earth, you'd be better off fixing it yourself because they are dishonest and just want to drain you for all your money!!! On top of that they don't even email you a survey another reason why you can see they are SCAMS!!!

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Posted by satisfied vw customer

VW has had the best customer service I have experienced. From looking at cars, purchasing and after. I have a TDI involved in the scandal and although the process for resolution is slow, They have provided great customer service throughout the process.

Posted by No time to waste

I have a VW Amarok and a Polo Vivo. Everytime I have to bring them for service i have the same problem. Workers start ariving at 7am. Then they have a meeting for 20 minutes and then it takes them another 15 to 20 minutes to bring the job card so i can hand over the vehicle. I have a job. I don't have time to sit around and wait for an hour just to bring my car for a service. Please fix this problem. I am sure i am not the only unhappy customer.

Posted by SKV616C

During my tough time to make a decisions of which New car to buy, I met a VW Singapore sales representative who is well-versed, knowledgeable & experience to guide me throughout the program. I'm satisfied with the good salesmanship provided. Thanks to Edison Neo .....

Posted by david mahon

Rhys Young at Lookers Blackpool dealt with me regarding sale of a Move Up. I can give him a rating of absolutely excellent in every aspect of my purchase. He was brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Mahon

Posted by myrna777

I recently purchased a 2012 volkswagon passat from volkswagon galleria in norwood, mass. The staff were great! Eddie A. Client advisor and Paul V. Business Manager were extremely professional and worked with my budget, and i drove off in my new vehicle very happy, they have earned my business for years to come. These two gentlemen ACE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thanks guys.ð

Posted by Beckie

I recently had to contact my local VW dealer in Sarnia Ontario.
I must thank the parts/customer service lady as well as Mark the Service Manager for their fabulous customer service. Any time that I have called including this time, I have never felt rushed or not an important customer with my worries or concerns of my jetta. I have always promptly had the service manager Mark/ previously Marty answer the phone friendly and willing to listen.
I can not complain about VW. My first VW was a rabbit and I got tboned in 2013 the police said that I was very lucky. I say my VW saved my life.
Thank you! Beckie McGee-Kearney

Posted by s4r

Car breaking down

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a car from your Oaklawn,Il dealer ship (Mike Haggerty) and received a survey that was misconstrude. I want to make my self clear that I am giving the sales man John Murphy and his manger Rocco 110% rating for an exception sales job on the honest and fair and supportive purchase of my new beetle bug which I love so very much!!

Your survey ask if he introduced me to service which I answered no because I told him I lived to far away from them (45min away) and would have to have any service done near home.

I feel your company has unfairly scored my rating of service and would like you to fix it as John Murphy deserves 110% for his great job as a sales person with my new purchase dated 6/28/14. Please feel free to calll me Holly New

Posted by Tarek Hagar

Dear Sir

I purchase Volkswagen Jetta on Sep-2010 model 2011 chassis No.

I have a problem with the car which is every about 6 to 7 month repeated, I face a problem with the transmission and in last Sep-2013 I was in vacation for 15 days and when I came back I tried to drive my car but it doesnâ??t move I called the agent which is Ali and Sons they took the car for repair around 15 day and this time was the 2nd. Time this happened to my car.

Now I am facing from the same problem, I donâ??t know if this problem will continue with me. Now my car is 66,000 KM and I have warranty up to 100,000 KM or 5 year from the date of purchase. After warranty I have to pay for the repair of this problem which is a fault in Manufacturing.

So please I need your advice


Posted by Linda Tan

I recently bought a Volkswagen Jetta on Fathers' Day. My husband and I wish to commend on your sales representative, Mr Edison Neo Ann Liang. We were very impressed by his courteous mannerism and professionalism in handling your product. He is knowledgeable not only in the features of the car but also well tuned technically. Very rarely can you find a sales person who is also good technically.

We went to your showroom to view the cars that day without any intention of buying one. However, we were won by his presentation and approach to the whole matter coupled with your promotion that we decided to purchase the car on that day itself.

Upon collection, he was meticulous in showing us all the features on the car.
Thank you Edison for a job well done.

Linda Tan Lee Choo & Eddy Lim

Posted by Wayne and Bev

We recently purchased a 2011 Jetta TDI at the Murrieta Volkswagen dealership nearby. From the moment we walked on to the lot until several days later when we eventually closed the deal and drove off in our Jetta we were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and outstanding customer service we received from the sales consultant, Arman; the sales manager, Scott, and the finance manager, Sue. We have never experienced this level of customer service when purchasing an auto in our 40+ years of automobile shopping. I would highly recommend this dealership to others!

Posted by Tarynj

I would like to thank Mossel Bay Volkswagen for their awesome service and for going the extra mile to fix my vehicle when I was stuck in Mossel Bay. Thank you to all the staff especially John who worked overtime to fix my
car so that I could come home (Cape Town) with my car the next day. From the moment I called them in Riversdale they gave me brilliant service and where very accommodating and helpful.

Posted by [email protected]

Dear VW: I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my new (2-10-12) VW Beetle. I have been driving for 47 years and this is my fourth VW. It not only drives great, but I have had more compliments on this car than any of the many cars I have owned over the years. Everything works perfectly and the vehicle has wonderful driving characteristics. I haven't had to use my dealer very much, but the few questions I have had were answered promptly and when I have showed up at the dealership, they were great and treated me well. Bud Brown in Olathe, Kansas, deserves an award for great service and products.

Posted by Anonymous

I think it is real funny how people choose to blog about their concerns when it comes to them being responsible when it comes to taking care of their own vehicle, to busy to do this to busy to do that then want to cry and make up lies when things do not go their way, everyone is a GROWN adult, face reality VW is a wonderful company, if you can't afford the repairs or maintenance stick with something you can afford (LIKE the BUS). I am an Euthanist I LOVE and can afford VW, and i also service my vehicle with VW so if something goes wrong my service department helps me

Posted by Dr.K.Sreekanthan

I own a Volkswagen polo 1.2 CR car with registration No KL-01-BB-605 purchased on 26-3-2011 from EVM Passenger Cars India Pvt Ltd,NH Bypass,Venpalavattam,Anayara.P.O,Thiruvananthapuram.It met with an accident on 19-9-2011 by striking with a motorbike. The car was taken for service on 23-09-11 after police procedure clearanc. My car has got a bumper to bumper insurance through Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.On enquiry I was informed that the insurance company has given permission for the repair of the car. Now already twO months are over till the car is with the dealer Now they have informed me that they have not yet received the required spare parts from the company and will take more time.This will have bad reputation for your company. Your company started dealership in kerala recently only. If somebody asks me regarding post sale sale service I will be tempted to answer in negative. So I request you to look into the matter and make arrangements to supply the spare parts and get my car repaired and given back at the earliest

Posted by Anonymous

2007 golf 2 L engine . Having problems with seat warmer in drivers side not shutting off and getting so hot that a fire possibility exists. Dealership pulled fuse then charged me $75.00 . Is there a recall on this problem as I have noticed alot of online complaints??????

Posted by J. Dell Gordon

I own and drive my second Phaeton sedan. They have been easily two of the best automobiles I have had the pleasure of operating. The comprehensive package of size, power, systems, comfort and reliability exceeds that of all other automobiles I have owned, including Lamborghini, Mercedes and Jaguar. While I understand something of the market and public perception forces that have operated to remove the Phaeton from being offered in the U.S., I remain hopeful that by the time I am ready for another automobile, somehow there might be a modification to your marketing strategies so that those of us thoughtful enough enough to understand what an extraordinary automobile and superb bargain the Phaeton is, will be able once again to purchase one for use in the U.S. The original concept and production results for this grand touring model have been fully realized, if not exceeded. I hope I have the opportunity to obtain another one. Thank you for a fabulous driving experience. J. Dell Gordon.

Posted by thummala.mahender reddy

here is ur customer T.MAHENDER REDDY
i bought a car in the year 2010 so recently before i met with a major accident
dat was on MAY 13TH 2011 so i gave that vehicle for service on d day of accident it self frm d day i gave d vehicle for service dey didnt even touch d vehicle the simple excuse is d parts are not available... here is dat d service u do for a customer and dey told dat we will give u vehicle with in 45 days 30 days is already completed more 15 days wil u do dat total work with in 15days which is not done in 30days .if u complete d vehicle d vehicle work vth in 15 days its ok other wise d situation will be so cricial

Posted by Leon Stom

Dear Sirs

I have a GTI and as I was passing Ocala Fla. the check eng. light came on. I went to the Ocala VW dearlership and they took it in the service department within 5 min. The problim was a cam follower was bad. We had to waite for the parts which took 3 days. The dearler ship gave us a new 2011 VW cc to drive while the work was being done.

The personal,the workmanship, and the overall service was excellant! I will recommend them any time I can.
Leon K. Storm

Posted by AmyD

OMG! I love my 'bug' and my dealership!
I can stop by just to have air put in the tires. They have a great ** fun ** selection of VW merchandise. And the friendliest people!

Posted by rico

love my veedub.. treat it well and will take care of you. All my issues were always fixed on all my cars ( 6).

not all cars are perfect, but vwoa does take care of their customer.

Posted by andie87

I love my Passat 2.0 T!!! I have enjoyed it since pulling off the lot. Oil and maintenance costs are on the higher side, however, I've been pleased with the service and support at my VW dealer in Oneonta NY. I would like to buy the CC, but will wait til its been out a little longer. Volkswagen handling and speed is AWESOME!

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Posted by Anonymous

I just recently retired from a vw dealership after 42 years of service. In that length of time I have driven vw products.I would like to receive a 40 year pin from vw as I have received various ones in the past decades. If a large corporation such as vw cannot supply me with one; could I buy one? All I ask is for a reply one way or another from vw to see if anyone is listening or even cares. This is my third attempt at trying to resolve this with no response.

Posted by venning01

I am an exemployee of VW and they treat their employees like children. They talk down to you in the orientation classes which are a joke. You sit there and color pictures of beetles, put together puzzles, draw pictures of pigs. this ****ING 1st grade? Im an educated salaried profesional person with an MBA. The orientation classes insult my intelligence.`They group salary new hires in with production new hires and talk down to everybody. This is a bad company to work for, and they offer no help for relocation. Now for mgmt, its easy for them to say it, because guess what??? their relocation was already paid for 2 years ago during the start up. they made me leave a good job to come down there, and gave me no place to live. i was forced to sleep in my car for 2 weeks. this is how VW treats their new hires. make them sleep in cars like bums, and then treat them like first graders in orientation class. this company is a joke and a disapointment.


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2018 World Car Awards: VOLKSWAGEN POLO - 2018 World Urban Car
Peter Lyon (chair – Japan), Jens Meiners (vice-chair – Germany), Mike Rutherford (vice-chair – UK), Tim Stevens (director – USA), Siddarth Patankar (director – India) and Gerry Malloy (director – Canada and president, WCOTY Association). New York...
Volkswagen recalls various vehicles with airbag inflator issue
Volkswagen will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driver's front airbag inflator free of charge. The recall was expected to begin March 15, 2018. Owners may contact Volkswagen customer service at 1-800-893-5298. Volkswagen's number for this...