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Vodafone customer service is ranked #750 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.14 out of a possible 200 based upon 118 ratings. This score rates Vodafone customer service and customer support as Terrible.


115 Negative Comments out of 118 Total Comments is 97.46%.


3 Positive Comments out of 118 Total Comments is 2.54%.

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    • 24.14 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 115 negative comments (97.46%)
    • 3 positive comments (2.54%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Sneha

The issue was regarding I could not recieve incoming calls wherin I was in roaming,I spoke to 2 guys Mr suraj n den Mr Aditya joshi..which I found Mr suraj told mi jst change ur settings to manual in netwrk settings which I did bt it was d same case happenng. Den I spoke to so called ADITYA JOSHI from bandra West branch which gave mi d same solution which I had already did n den he spoke to me in a very rude n harsh language which was called UNPROFESSIONALISM n wen I asked him is dis the way u speak to ur customers he said yes we are taught lyk dis to speak to d customers. If dis is the case with no proper attiquetes den please teach d staff to speak properly orels u'll b losing your customers for such a minute issue.

Posted by mickslack

Vodafone have been completely useless and have constantly failed to service my account and lately to close them successfully. They are now trying to recover money which is in no way owned.

Posted by ipek


I proud of your Turkey Operation team. Because �± applied twice for transfer to Vodafone from Turkcell but they can not do my transfer.

Please give them the worst team of the year reward. I can not understand how can it be too complex? no information no message etc.

Please call me for giving information what is wrong with you?

Yes we know Turkcell is the best

Posted by VictorT

If you think you've ever experienced bad customer service you haven't. Vodafone is in a league of it's own.

Posted by Vodafone

pathetic service and very frustrating after you choose to stop the number.

Posted by arul

vodafone is very very waste net work and custer care not respect....The custer care not take my complaint, supervisor, manager both of them na take the complain....i recharga data plan but vodafone company provide main balance....vodafone company cheating with customer....so plz plz avoid vodafone......that only i change network.......so plz plz don't by vodafone network thanks peopl


Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Vodafone mobile wifi. The instructions were simple but did Not work when applied. Called the service phone number and I was told a specialist will call me back within an hour to help me resolve my connectivity problem, they didn't call me back. I tried this 3 times in the course of 3 days with the same results, NO call back. I went back to the store I purchased the unit and the store clerk directed me to a "specialist" who was NOT a Vodafone employee but worked in the Vodafone store and for a price of 15 euros I had my problem resolved. I told the store manager that this was an unacceptable and fraudulent practice of Vodafone and that I was going to make my complaint public for people to take back notice. Shame to Vodafone and its organization, they DO NOT deserve the people's business.

Posted by Bypassmike

Why anyone would use this company I have no idea. I have been a customer for 26 years and my recent experiences beggar belief.

Last December (2015), I called to get the password for my voicemail as I was about to depart on a 3 week holiday to the Far East. A Vodafone agent gave me a new password but told me that my voicemail had been cancelled and it would take 3 working days to re-establish and this could only be done from the UK. As I was not going to be in the UK as I would have already departed to Singapore I was forced to spend 3 weeks without the ability to access voicemail people had left me. As the MD of a professional services company this was completely disastrous.

Let me make it abundantly clear, the cessation of my voicemail was something I did not do, and would never have done but sadly it is not the first time this has happened. What has also happened on repeated occasions is that the voicemail message I have recorded for my voicemail has been automatically deleted.

For some reason Vodafone's systems repeatedly do other things such as remove my wife and I (we are joint Directors of the companies I run) as administrators of the account and place our teenage son in charge. This has happened on maybe 4 or 5 occasions over the years.

When I returned from the Far East I attempted to escalate this voicemail issue and repeatedly called to try to speak to a supervisor or department manager. None was ever available and when a call-back was requested none ever materialised. I think I must have tried on three different occasions and gave up.

I can only conclude that this (not responding) is a well-tested and favoured tactic of Vodafone's customer care department.

Issue 2

As my 24 month contract had ended I phoned at around 11.30 on 23 June to get the cost of a new contract for an iPhone 6s. I spoke to a woman who was based in their Belfast office . As I was driving at the time (on hands free) I asked her to call me back if we got cut off. She failed to do so. I rang back and spoke to a colleague of hers. As a consequence of what he told me I established that she had given me wrong information as to costs of the phone (as to whether it was free or available on a reduced charge) and also the monthly prices.

I decided to speak to Customer Care in Johannesburg to complain about her and called that afternoon and spoke to a man who was very helpful. I also spoke to him about another issues which is the amount of data used by two of the phones on our contract ending in 859 and 179 and he told me (erroneously as it transpired - but this was not his fault as the rules had changed and Johannesburg hadn't been told) that data could be shared between phones. He was not able to resolve my issues fully and promised me that a senior colleague would call me to discuss my issues but as I suppose should be anticipated no-one ever called.

I rang back on July 1 and again spoke to Johannesburg Customer Care this time to another helpful guy. I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to him. He decided that I had received enough lack of attention and consideration and took it upon himself to discuss this with the most senior people in his office and told me the most he could offer as compensation for all my aggravation was that rather than me immediately have to purchase extra data for the phone ending in 859, we could have 2 months unlimited data on that phone (value £40-£60).

I had lost the will to live by that time and accepted it.

Then on Saturday 2 July we got a text on the phone ending 859 to say that the data bundle has been exceeded and we are being charged out of bundle costs. On speaking to your colleagues in Belfast on 4 July (see below) I was advised that Vodafone's systems no longer allow free allocation of bundles. Somehow Johannesburg wasn't aware of this.

A further gripe was that at some time last week I had rung at 7.15pm to speak to Customer Care on another matter. The phone system recording informed me that "everyone was busy on other calls". I took the option to request a call back "within 7 to 15 minutes".

Guess what? Another of what may well Vodafone customer care dept's seemingly well tested ploys. Someone did ring my number back and immediately hung up. I suppose that way the call is notionally 'returned' and the computer logs it as such.

I rang the small business team in Belfast on Monday 4 July and told an agent that we were thinking of leaving them as we have received much more attractive costings from another provider.

At this point the colleague who I was talking to terminated the call.

I rang back immediately at spoke at length with someone else

I explained to him that I had received a letter from the Vodafone Enterprise Director offering me the opportunity to terminate all our phone contracts because of impending price increases.

He advised me that despite having received this letter it was not applicable to our contracts and that if I wished to terminate my contracts I would have to pay. I was confounded by this and adding this to the prior issues which had resulted in the desultory offer of compensation of unlimited data for two months for phone ending 859 which offer I was then told could not even be implemented I came to the conclusion that Vodafone and my company should part after 25 years.

Posted by Anonymous

Being billed for several months when service was cancelled, but no one will help via email or through live chat. Just trying to get a fair amount of what we owe and we will pay it.

No one responds to email and I cannot afford to call from the United States.
Karen Cristiano

Posted by Guidovejer

BE CAREFUL: My Mum purchased a new phone and switched from Talkmobile to Vodafone but she soon realised that she could not use the phone, Vodafone had no record of her account, new Vodafone number or bank details. After 48hrs of numerous phone calls she cancelled the contract but on the same day she received a letter by post stating that her Direct Debit was all set up. Quote: "Your payment date and amount will be confirmed each month"

Posted by Nataliedavis129

Vodafone continuously charge me for serices that wont work. I have complained by phone, letter, email, in several stores, and live chat. In return they have ignored and insulted me. They have also locked me out of my account and sent my login details to strangers. They also discussed my account with my daughter, who told them she was not me. My personal information is not safe with vodafraud and yours won't be either if you sign up with the worst mobile network in the world.

Posted by Pankaj363

The Worst!

Vodafone! Vodafone! Vodafone! Vodafone service is pathetic. call centre staff have very less knowledge of what they are doing. It is mostly to handle the customer for time being and their attitude is like passing the money from their back to someone else's. Fake people, less educated, Miscommunication, everything is there.
I'm charged extra on my bill and when I'm asking for waive off, you guys are completely deaf, dumb & blind. The story is- 1) I had requested for deactivate my 5GB Data plan in Dec month somewhere between 6 to 10 Dec. Lady accepted the requested. Again I spoke to your customer care executive on between 20 to 23 Dec (Didn't remember incoming or out going call) for activating 2-3 GB plan. Executive accepted the plan and call got disconnected saying that these services will be applicable from my bill cycle. I sd ok. I was kept using my data till 2nd of Jan then I came to know that plan hasn't been activated. I called your executive on the same date for instant activation of the plan and lady said, plan would be activated within 30 min. But I start using the data after 3-4 hours thought plan would have been activated but on 6th of Jan when I got 2 messages back to back for data plan that this has been activated and then deactivated which were really confusing so I called your guy again and that guy promised me that the complete charged will be reversed. But when bill was generated, there was no reversed amount and since my bill was generated, I'm keep trying to get the waiver but there is no help from your side.

Pathetic, awful services.

Posted by Appauled loyal customer

Been with vodafone for 8 years....
I do the job for vodafone and am furious i am not on their payroll by now!!!
i speak to about 4 people who refuse to communicate with eachother or write notes to do a simple upgrade, and wasted 3 evenings simply trying to do so.
I then call back to discuss adding my employee discount the day after the order had supposedly been placed, to be told that the order had not been placed!!!!
I have absolutely no faith whatsoever with vodafone anymore....and rightly so.
i called back and spent a further 45 mins to reorder an order i had no idea had not been placed- for the advisor to be frustrated at my frustration!! How dare he!
I then went through the order process all over again and upon 'completion' i tell the advisor that i actually have no trust anymore in vodafone, and he assured me i'd receive a text message to confirm the order and an email confirmation.
I also told him i'd like to make a complaint about the person who first took my order, and was told the manager would be in touch in 72 hours.
The cheek of him to get annoyed at me because i am appauled at their service and the fact that they cannot do their job!!

Posted by Milsey

Worst ever so called customer service, a long long line of broken promises.

Posted by Disgusted

Been with Vodafone for 15 years. Upgraded in July. Couldn't get a proper receipt instore as their 'system was down'. I'm NEVER RECOGNISED ON THE 'SYSTEM' anyway. Despite multiple calls to Customer Service and being passed from one Dept to another I seem to be stuck with them. Despicable Customer Service. Despicable Company. Destroyed my faith in the word 'loyalty'. AND I STILL HAVE NO ACCESS TO A HANDSET and I'm still paying for it and looks like I will be forever. God help me if I have an emergency. Vodafone have caused me so much stress and being ill already....I DON'T NEED all this. Isn't it strange how a Company can go from 15 years of Loyalty with what I always classed as exceptional Service, to Zero Service And what's worse is that NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES. Multiple emails sent. Multiple calls made to Customer Service....but then I don't exist....EXCEPT when there's a BILL TO BE PAID....Thanks for nothing Vodafone.

Posted by Anonymous

Vodafone service is pathetic. call centre staff have very less knowledge of what they are doing. It is mostly to handle the customer for time being and their attitude is like passing the money from their back to someone else's. I bought a new phone and the sim that i had was old, which could not be converted into micro sim, hence was suggested to visit a V-store. I had to located one, as it was quite urgent for me to get the sim, due to my officel that was scheduled next day. When i provided all my details at the vodafone store, the person there confirmed my sim will get activated in 2 hours. Next day morning (sunday) i realised, it was not done. I called the call centre and they confirmed it wld be done by noon. it was not done, every time i called they bought time and today is literllay 5th day and its still not activated. The attitude of people was so careless and they did not have any empathy for my situation even when i was going through this becasue of their fault (so called technical issue), they just said we are sorry, but we cant help, you have to wait. They did not provide any alternative solution that would make my situation better, as all my OTPs were linked to this number and there were many other things linked to my number. I have never heard any other telephone companies that would have such useless/awful service. First thing i want to do getting back is to change the service provider. I do not have the time an energy to deal with louzy service like the one Vodafone provides.

Posted by Milamber

They have repeatedly called me with the same survey over a the course of 2 years despite me constantly requesting that they never call and remove me from the allowed list of call recipients.
They once hung up on me when i called with a complaint about the quality of their customer service stating "I don't think this is real".
When they haven't hung up they tend to leave me on old for prolonged periods of time when I am trying to resolve an issue (30minute to 1 hour).
I recently attempted to acquire a simple phone for an elderly relative who required one for emergencies, and was treated with a sneering and brusk manner.

This company seems pathologically focused on providing the worst customer experience I have ever encountered.


Worst services. Officials are behaving in a rude and high handed illogical way. They only get in line, when they are thwarted to initiate legal action against them. Even officials are not well educated for schemes of Vodafone. Customer care and decency has no place in their behaviour.

Posted by Anonymous

fooling customers by putting their call on hold and after that again activating faulty packs .... did not had patience to agin get it rectified ... they have charged me double for their mistake

Posted by Jon

Customer service at Vodafone is nonexistent. I often am put on hold for over an hour. I was luckier the other day as I only had to wait 40mins before someone answered. But she was incompetent and hadn't a clue and there was loads of laughing and the sound of people acting the goat in the background. The advisor then told me to hold the line and I was on hold another 15mins then it sounded like she had transferred me through to another dept. as I heard this ringing which just went on and on and on indefinately and no-one answered. I just had to hang up in the end, which is the 'norm' with Vodafone. They are the WORST customer services I have EVER experienced in my whole life!!

Posted by Ktd666

My new address had awful coverage so I couldn't get 4g or call/text. I was offered a reduction on my tariff but not a termination. After 10 months of complaining I requested a package code and they offered me a cheaper new package and refunded 6 of the 10 months without service. After more weeks of complaining to several different call centres i eventually go the other 4 month refund. They are a disgusting service provider and are lies.

Posted by Polly Molly

For the second time this month, the Vodafone signal has vanished. I am a business customer of theirs, living in the SN8 area. A couple of weeks ago I lost my Vodafone signal for three days with no explanation given, and nothing on their website telling me anything.

I tried getting through to customer services twice, but lost the will to live after about 25 minutes of hearing options, music, and the message that 'they're all very busy'. I am busy too and their service (or lack of it) is costing me and my company money.

Vodafone claims to offer a premium service, and is the strongest signal in my area, when it's working. I am thoroughly fed up with their truly appalling customer service and their lack of interest and communication when their service is down.

As a company which uses various loopholes to pay a fraction of the corporation tax it should do, combined with a sub-standard customer experience which is simply terrible, they may rest assured I will be looking to take my business elsewhere when my contract expires.

(a little later after getting through to a "local" customer services representative - in Johannesburg!)

I have just been told by one of your "Customer service" people that the phone network in this area is down and is expected to be back in 6 days.

How can I run my business for the next 6 days? I rely absolutely on my phone to conduct my business. I have clients in the US who cannot contact me. I am unable to sell my products, advise on them, provide customer support etc.

Should I shut my business down for the next 6 days?

I want to cancel my contract, not pay the £221 early termination fee, get a PAC code, and take my number to a phone provider that can provide me with a signal.

I want some answers.

Posted by Meltem

Vodaphone İsparta/Merkez/ Turkey . One of the worst mobile phone stores i have ever been to totally up the ranks in down the pipe service Horrible service. makes you wants to flush your mobile phone down the toilet. Arrived from the United Kingdom to Antalya to spend time in İsparta thats one of my worst mistakes

Posted by FireHorseUK

Only been with Vodafone for a week - not able to access or set up my on-line account as the wrong email was the 'Username' also they have two databases (one being C-Board/See-Board) and one wouldn't show my number while the other wouldn't show my account details. After speaking to the call-centre opps (four times) and two on-line 'Live' chats, still a problem and not able to set up or log in.

Ask for PAK codes to move to EE. Phoned customer service for PAK codes, told have to go to the store to get them. At the store told have to phone customer service. ???? So, got the store to phone Vodafone customer service. One assistant couldn't handle Vodafone's own menu system, so gave up - got your store assistant manager to take over, he also had problems with Vodafone own call centre. in the end he spoken to 5 operators, and spent 45 mins on the phone. I was there for an hour to get PAK codes. It seems to be a problem that vodafone has two databases, and from reviewers who say they have been charged twice, the two databases could be why.

Vodafone just have not got a system in place, and you will suffer if you go with them...

Posted by FireHorseUK

Vodafone, stop being total pants: get a 'contact us' system in place that works - an email would be good, this 'live chat' is b0ll0cks - talking to someone in India who doesn't know how to fix the on-line issue.... you have a FAQ section which isn't detailed nor cover a lot of real issues. Close the call centre in India, pay for some staff in the UK and spend the rest on a better on-line facilities for your customers. No point in spending a lot of money on your revamp stores with your after care service is PANTS.... 6 days & 4 calls to 191 since new contracts and still don't have on-line account or an answer to why the login details don't work.

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Posted by MakhiyaWala

I'm fully satisfied with Vodafone Gujarat services,appriciated to whole team,team members are always ready to help with politely & humble behaviour.

Thanking you once again

Posted by Rose

I use the service I personally experianced a very fantastic service specially the guys at liverpool street store in london. I think the manager in the store personally diserve an oscar. Such customer focused and manager it very well

Posted by Zero

they have the best tech support ever
they are so supportive

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