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Vizio customer service is ranked #222 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 476 ratings. This score rates Vizio customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


427 Negative Comments out of 476 Total Comments is 89.71%.


49 Positive Comments out of 476 Total Comments is 10.29%.

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    • 44.49 Overall Rating
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    • 427 negative comments (89.71%)
    • 49 positive comments (10.29%)
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    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 42 inch vizio back when flat screens was just coming out lasted about 7 years October 2013 Bought another vizio 55 inch hdtv smart lasted till March 2018 since it was out of warranty suggested to me to buy another one which I will but it will not be a vizio your products should last more than 7 years and 5 years will go to Samsung a much better product I had got family members to buy vizio but not no more sorry vizio your product is not made out to be what you advertise should make your product much more reliable than just to work till warranty runs out will never buy another vizio product and my i mention I also had a sound bar lasted about 4 years sorry products.

Posted by Steve

This TV went out. When I sent pictures in I'm getting some email about damage to the TV. I thought that's why I sent the pictures to show no physical damage, your cheap ass product went out!!! Walmart won't replace it and your company won't replace it either. You refuse to do anything but offer me to buy another TV when I just bought this one in March 2017. So I guess this how Vizio does business after you spend your money. What kinda crap is this..... Is there a Supervisor I can speak with?

Posted by Brent

I bought a VIZIO SmartCast 50" Class E-Series - Full HD, Smart, LED TV - 1080p, 120Hz (E50-D1), after 8 months I started seeing a white spot on the bottom right side. in 3 WEEKS the vertical line appeared,called Vizio to get replacement or service. After sending them pictures I received a phone call 2 days later stating that I must have damaged, my TV is sitting 5' on the wall with a 36 inch dresser infront of it but they ensured me that I hit my TV with something and I have a cracked screen . After I talk to a supervisor and sent more pictures of the screen he informed me that him and 3 other employees looked at my pictures and yes I have a crack in my screen . I explained to them that I am looking at my TV and there is no crack just vertical lines coming out from the frame . His explain to me how important he was in that company and he makes these decisions every day .After having a professional come out and look at my TV he explained to me that vizio was very aware of this problem so I asked vizio to please put their findings in writing. They refused. So I replied back to the last video email and sent another picture and asked them to please point out this crack and my screen. I then received a return email saying that my screen had separated from the trim because of an outside force and this also is not covered under warranty. This company is a rip off. I reported them to the BBB.

Posted by Tennisman

My hdmi ports failed 18mo into owning 48" VIZIO tv. Had serviceman repair it. 18month later failed again. Been using cables since but I'm still pissed off that this can't be fixed correctly. By the time I fix again might as well have bought a new TV. Any suggestions
Thanks, Neil

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a Vizio television on April 16,2017 from a local Walmart. On 08/25/2017 I turned on my television and the screen was distorted. I contacted Vizio and Walmart immediately. Additionally, I followed the process for submitting the needed documents to Vizio. However, it was determined that they can't compensate me for my television. As a consumer I received a faulty television and neither Vizio or Walmart want to compensate me for this television that is approxiemently 4 months old and I paid $318.00 for. Both representatives form each company have been very insensitive to my concerns, and loss of money. In fact, when I spoke to the Vizio rep. he indicated "it would cost more to repair the television and I should purchase a new one". With what money? I have just lost $318.00 in the purchase of the faulty television I brought from Vizio. I also, spoke to the Vizio rep. about the possibility of the television being mishandled or damaged prior to my purchase. The rep at Vizio responded " that could be the case, however we can't say that for certain". At any rate, for certain it can be speculated that the current condition of this television occurred because of what I allowed to happen to it. This is ridiculous and I'm disappointed with how Vizio has handled this issue. I don't believe I should be treated this way as a consumer of this product. The entire disregard for the loss of $318.00 is very disrespectful.

Posted by Angel

This company is he worst I bought a TV and it sucks and doesn't work at all for smart casting when arguing with Vizio they played so stupid and acted like it was my problem they have clearly mentioned they are having alot of problems with the smart cast TV's but instead of recalling there garbage they still sell them and have not fixed the problem. Do not buy these TV's as they give American based products a really bad name. They sent me 3 replacement TV's but what don't tell u is there's no tech support to go to your home to see the problem they sub contract with so many different companys that they have no idea what these other company are doing when u want a refund they put you on hold till u hang up and they don't want to help you for nothing. They want your money for the stupid product but that's as far as you go for help from Vizio of any kind. The service reps are horrible poorly paid losers who treat u as such. Misery loves company and that represents this company. I was told 2 months ago my refund process takes up to six weeks. When calling them today which Vizio has had the TV n my money now for weeks now they now have changed there stance and tryed telling me that once they get the TV and stock it in the warehouse after that then it's 6 weeks for them to proccess, not send me but proccess my refund. They tell u what u want to hear they never fallow up with u they don't do what they tell u. It's just an all around hassle disrespect, embarrassment, and a joke and I'm pushing hard to go after Vizio. I'm warning u!! Do not do bizz with this company. There nice till u have a problem with there product. Today is June 13th 2017 at 5:37pm west coast time. And now I have no TV or no money for a new one. This company is trying so hard to keep my money. 126 million profits come on people let's put these losers who give American bad names to rest. How is this company gonna Bragg about being American based when there screwing over fellow Americans?? Stop buying and trust my experience I wish this on no one if u have questions email me il tell u my story I'm freaking real and pissed as an American!!

Posted by Shannon

Please research before buying a tv from this company. I bought a 70 inch in Sept 2015. I have called several times about the tv freezing. They will just say power off, check internet speed, etc. No one had ever checked out this tv. A little over 1 1/2 years, now the tv will not power on and of course it is out of warranty. They told me to call ITI but no one at ITI answers the phone. I called them for 24 hours. I called Visio back and was quoted $454.50 to fix. She said that she would call and set it up for me. I wanted to call someone else so I didn't let her set it up. About 2 hours later, I called back and told them to go ahead and set it up. Now they are saying that they cannot and for me to call ITI. I told them to put the supervisor on the phone. Now all of a sudden they will set it up. $454.50. 90 days warranty. I never buy a Visio again. All of this money for a tv and it only last a little over 1 1/2 years. Unbelievable.

Posted by Rg

Called in a warranty issue on 27 march. Vision cust service promised to ship my part to the tech oil 2 business days. It arrived in 6. Tech calls and commits to be at my house T 9 on Thursday. Calls back at 12 and says he will be there by1. Naturally he doesn't show. Sets up a 9 am Friday apt net. Again, no show. No call nada! I call Visio customer service and speak to their most senior manager according to him named Justin. He says the repair company is a third party coommpany and they won't be open until Monday. If we are lucky they may show up next Friday. Vision eplained that they have no control over the tech company because they are. A third party. Avoid Visio TVs. I will

Posted by Anonymous

Vizio TV sound problem is a big issue with us. The sound is just not clear; sometimes we hear about 50% and we really have to listen hard.

Posted by Smart VIZIO 60 inch

60" 2 year old Vizio TV piece of junk I will never buy from Walmart ever again or Vizio or Samsung very very disappointed the thousand-dollar TV last two years that should be illegal

Posted by Emma

Vizio has the worst customer service.They are thifs. DO NOT BUY their products. The sent shipping labels that you are supposed to use and items get lost and when requested tracking information #from label they generated and sent it with the shipping box and instructions they don't have it????so no way to track the package l sent. Fedex told me they deliver a package from me to them. Now l am out of a TV and no way to prove it they have it. They do this to get of replacing or repairing poor quality and defective products. Please read all the reviews for this company before you purchase any of their products. What started as a happy purchase ended in a nightmare.

Posted by horrible

Bought a tv a month ago. Was told that it would be delivered within a week on the order screen. A week came and went and I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt that with ordering on Cyber Monday there may have been a couple of hiccups. However, two weeks later I decided to call customer service. The lady told me that they had some computer issues and tracking numbers were delayed and people basically had been receiving their tracking number on the same day that it was delivered to their home. She went on to say that the order status showed it was still on the shipping/packing floor but that it was "probably already shipped and you should get it within the next 24-48 hours". That was 11 days ago. I called two days ago and the lady said that they have assigned my ticket to "customer support" and that I would be hearing from them in a couple of days. Couple of DAYS?! Customer service is horrible if it takes nearly a month to deliver a tv and even worse if it takes two days to figure out how to locate a tv. Maybe try to narrow that down to a couple of hours at the most. The recordings that you hear when you first contact customer service try to emphasize that the agents are "American based" which typically appeal to most American consumers but quite frankly that isn't anything to be proud of if they can't figure out order statuses in a timely manner within the same country. Agents outside of the US have better customer service, better knowledge on what is going on, and genuinely care more about your purchased products and try to make sure the customer is satisfied more than Vizio does. I have given them more than enough "grace" time and it's absolutely ridiculous that a company as "big" as this one doesn't have the capacity to figure it out in a timely manner. I will never purchase anything from this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered surround sound system. Day later checked in and rep said it would ship in 2 days. 2 days came and gone. Checked in day 3, another rep said it could take 5-7 "business days" to ship. Spoke with supervisor and conformed 5-7 days. After 5 days I cancelled order. I go to amazon or Target and they provide a ship date within 1 day. NEVER/ Vizio needs to take some customer service lessons and change their shipping process and notifications.

Posted by Jo

I purchased a Vizio Television just before Thanksgiving; it require the SmartCast app to access the TV settings and to stream movies. When it won't connect to my router they send out a new TV. That one didn't connect either. A third TV was sent which also wouldn't connect to my network. I spent many hours with many different customer service representative (some nicer than others). By the third TV it was getting a little frustrating. I was told that since it seemed t be a network problem then I could either go get a new router that MIGHT fix the problem or I can buy a Ruko or a Firestick to stream movies. Spending more money and still not being able to access my TV settings. I was not happy. The next option was to apply for a refund in which I would have to fill out a form and provide my receipt and then they would pick up the tv and once they got it back would cut me a check which could take up to 4 weeks. So now, I'm out of a tv for a month! I spoke with two managers one being Harley and both in my option was rude to me! I was shocked and appalled that they would talk to a customer that way. Yesterday I requested a higher up manager to call me and I still waiting for him to call. As a customer I feel like Vizio let me down. Lucky I was still within the time period to return the TV to the store. I purchased a competitors brand TV and with in 5 minutes I was connected to the router that Vizio said was broken and this TV had a proper remote that I don't have to have an IPhone or Android to access my TV! I do not recommend buy an Vizio TV that requires the SmartCast app.

Posted by Anonymous

I got a Vizio tv for my dorm room, I loved my tv until someone decided to take my remote. I want to know what company has the bright idea to not put buttons on a tv. I am not about to pay $20 for a tv remote that someone stole, and Vizio refuses because its "not under policy", any time that I have ever had any contact with a Vizio employee they are harsh and short. I plan on taking my TV back and replacing it with basically anything else. I will not support a company that makes idiotic decisions and is rude to the ones that supported them. Vizio is not a user friendly company by any means and I will never make the mistake of buying a tv from them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, we bought a Vizio smart tv for Christmas almost two years ago. This past summer we started having trouble with tv, it would only turn on if unplugged for a few hours. Support people said it could be repaired for about $350.00. We asked if anyone could help, we were told to pound sand. For another $150.00 we could buy a new one. We decide to buy new, so we bought another brand. I refuse to support a company that does't care to support their customer. Thank you the new one seems great so far. I will let everyone I know about Vizio. Manning Rascher

Posted by Vizio

I have a 55" Vizio HD, smart TV. It is FIFTEEN MONTHS old. Yesterday, i had it independanly vefiried that the display is SHOT. Vizio told me this earlier, but i couldn't believe i was out 895$, plus tax..and there is nothing i can do. They had to come to my house,4 months after purchase, to replace the "main board", so obviously this tv was junk from day 1.
The very first hdtv i purchased, in 2004, was a vizio, and it works as well as the day i got it. Its 32inch, and has 1 hdmi input. Not functional today. I bought a Sony Bravia, 48inch, in 08. I guess my next tv will NOT be a Vizio.

Posted by NeverVizio

I bought a Vizio 55" E-series Smartcast TV. From day one there was a lipsync issue. The first thing I did was contact the cable provider. They responded quickly and showed me that my signal strength was strong. However, just in case, the Tech installed a new box. There was no change. I called Vizio with my problem and was told a Tech would call within 2 days. It never happened. I called back a week later and was told over the phone that it had to be a problem with the cable. After arguing for about 10 minutes that my Sony, and 2 Sceptres have no such problem, nor did the antique that I had just replace, "Ricardo" from "South Dakota" said have a nice day and hung up.

Posted by Vizio

I bought a 32 inch smart TV at Wal-Mart. After 30 days picture quit but had sound. I contacted Tech support in South SD. I did not have a box and they tried to run my Master card 3 times so the could get me a replaceme you alsont. My bank told me any thing charged in Ca. NY. and Florida, could be accepted due a lot of fraud. Suggest you set up a couple other States to accept. Mean while I have been with out TV in my house for about 3 weeks due to Having to send my TV back to CA. Lady from KC. on the phone said it will be at least 8 to 12 days before I get a replacement. I asked for a Corp. phone # She said this is as high as it goes no number. I am 77 years old and live a lone, not accatble. When people need something It shouldn't take this long. Atta-boy to TECH in SD.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to get the 3rd Vizio sound bar taken care of. I have been on the phone for 1:25 hours and I ask to speak to someone above the lady I was talking to she put me on hold and no else came on the line and it disconnected. I think 3 tries at that sound bar is enough, I just want my money back. I am very upset and would like some answers. I do have a case number if you need it.

Posted by Anonymous

This is for customer service i have been in contact with your company serveral times the ref:-00D1aKF model # D32hnDo
input 120v 50/60 HZ 1.0A
part #10223130222
Factory ID F
i bought the tv about four months ago at Walmart in Dixon Ca but unfortunately have miss placed the receipt but can get the date since i paid with my debt card but in the mean time i have bought another tv so if you would like this one back and you want to fix it at your cost and donate it to a family that needs a tv please send me an address i can mail it back thank you

Posted by Dragon452

I recently purchased a model D32-D1 Full array, 1080P, 120HZ Smart TV with a full function remote. It had the best specs/features I had seen of any other brand name TV in that size. This model is supposedly a 2016 model as well. Imagine my shock when I found out that this model is discontinued (according to authorized Vizio dealers)! WHY DO THIS? The sister model E32-D1 with "Smartcast" and its associated "simple" remote control IS USELESS TO THOSE WITHOUT SMARTPHONES OR WIRELESS TABLETS. Not owning a smartphone equals NO TV for us? BTW, the D32-D1 was the superior model of the "D32" series. Big mistake on your part. Thank you.

Posted by Sharic

I would never purchase another Vizio product due to the poor customer service I have received. I have been dealing with support for two weeks now and still don't have this resolved. Television was 5 months old and went blank. After a part was sent as well as a rude technician to repair it, to no avail, still no repaired television. Had to wait another week for Vizio to send me a box to ship it back in and this came without a return shipping label. Now waiting on this to return television and all along Vizio will not send out the replacement until they receive the old one back. This television was my elderly parents (who has been without a television this whole time) and this has been very frustration. At this point, I just want a replacement, very frustrating. I work with the public and if I did my job this badly, I would be looking for another one. NEVER AGAIN!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 42 inch and a 55 inch Vizio I try to reset my 55 inch Vizio picture and now won't work keep saying select Network I don't have internet we don't get internet around here and now my TV will not work I'm not going to pay to have it fixed when there's nothing wrong with it either you guys do something to fix it or I will go on every social media and tell them how you guys screwed me over when there is nothing wrong with my TV

Posted by TECH42

NO TUNERS IN THE NEW 4K SETS?? I cannot believe for $10 a set, you are removing the most valuable feature that makes a TV at TV. You are no longer selling TV'S now, but rather simply MONITORS.
I am a CONSUMER ELECTRONIC REPAIR TECHNICIAN, with 40 years of repair history in, and find this decision to be the worst I have ever run across from ANY MANUFACTURER EVER. The idea that you would remove the TUNERS from you sets when the GOVERNMENT REQUIRES ALL DIGITAL TV STATIONS in the USA to broadcast an over the air signal is simply crazy. How dare VIZIO penalize the very people that put them where they are today to save a few dollars per set. People on tight budgets bought Vizio sets back when they were cheaply made and priced. Now the same people that cannot afford or do not want satellite or cable cannot purchase a new 4K Vizio set and connect a simple antenna to it. WHY? Because the TUNER is no longer included!!

I really hope this terrible decision backfires on you, and you bring back TUNERS in all your sets. MAKE TV'S NOT MONITORS. Not everyone wants to have to stream to their set or use a smart phone or tablet to change programs. KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Produce normal easy to use TV'S with a standard REMOTE CONTROL. Think about Senior Citizens....they don't want all that complication to watch their tv.

It's bad enough all the manufacturers put clock radio speakers in their tvs all almost all price points that require many people to have to purchase Sound Bars or connect to a Stereo system just to be able to understand the otherwise garbled sound.

I will now only recommend brands with a TUNER built in to the set to my customers and will no longer recommend the Vizio brand unless the customer thoroughly understands that they will NOT be able to receive over the air broadcasts without purchasing an external TUNER...........a total step backwards....Remember the converter boxes back in the late 2000's??
THE FACT IS THAT MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE IN FACT GOING BACK TO ANTENNAS. For one, the over the air signal produces a better picture than Cable or Satellite.....that is a fact, as this signal is not compressed. As a TECH, I have seen the pictures side by side. Additionally, more and more people are discovering that with the new DIGITAL TV STATIONS, many broadcast several stations from the same tower and in many cities now, there are 30-50 stations all available for FREE if you have a tuner in your set and an Antenna to connect.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know that one of your wonderful reps. friom South Dakota saved us hundreds!
While discussing a TV that was just out of warranty, she asked if we used our AMEX card, which we did. This extended our warranty by an additional year. Kudos to this rep. for offering the suggestion and info, which we were unaware of.......saving us the cost of a new tv.

Posted by Nathan

We had such a patient young man, named Nathan who did everything he could to help us. Our phones were too old to connect the WiFi to the TV lol. Anyway, 10/10 excellent service. 👍👍

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you so much for the quick and successful service.

Posted by Miss Trudy

I have had Vizio TV's for about 10 years...I have only had to call them 3 times and every time the tech support was kind and I am a little old lady that is everything that is technology challenged. Thank you vizio and the super lady in South Dakota that helped me!!!

Posted by MRM

Great service! Just walked me through a re-set of my remote and now it is working again. Thought I was about to be out the cost of a new sound bar, but cost nothing but my time to call. Fast service and English speaking support!

Posted by denis

excellent service surprised me!

Posted by alan

have found them to be very knowledgable and responsive!! Good follow up too.

Posted by Anonymous

Today we had the pleasure of working with Levi in your technical support department. My husband and I are in our early 60's and we're trying to set up our Vizio TV for Amazon instant videos. We run into some trouble so called your tech service and was LUCKY to get Levi. Also, I guess I never registerd our TV as well. Anyway, Levi guided us through every step to download the Apps we needed on our TV. He was EXCELLENT.

Posted by GKimball

Warren at Vizio Tech Support was an absolute guru on setting up my new Vizio tv to get access to the internet. Very nice, patient, and we got it going.

Posted by Anonymous

My two experiences with Vizio Customer Service (not on same topic) were exceptional. The last representative, "Presley", employee #841) was super. Service is quick to answer & professional in handling the problem(s).

Posted by Barb

Just wanted to say thank you to the young lady(senior tech) in Texas that helped us get our TV back on line with the internet. We spent from 10 to 5 today working with Vizio and comcast. Comcast has the worst customer support section I have ever experienced in my 78 years. We spent 4 hours between Thrusday and Friday with Comcast who did nothing. Thanks again to the young lady in Texas. Too bad we didn't get her the first time. We kept repeating the steps they suggested over and over again to no avail. She had us change some things on the computer and finally resolved our problem.

Posted by skyii

Never ever buy VIZIO TV anymore...there warranty service will be your nightmare..

Before yesterday, my 47" vizio tv show out some imprint mark lines,

I still has 26 days warranty, so I contact COSTCO first(because I buy from them), and we talk with vizio person on the phone in the same time.

after that, I take picture(from tv), and email to Vizio.

when I get vizio confirm email, I call to their office.

The vizio person A tell me, they don't get any email from me, so I sent again.

The vizio person B tell me, they receive my email, but, don't get any picture attachment... they want me try one more time..

The vizio person C tell me, they receive my email, but, they don't

see any shadow line on the picture, they want me take more clear picture to them..

The vizio person D tell me, they receive my email, but, they can't

open( I save to microsoft onedrive, and paste the link with email),

they want me sent again, use jpg.jpeg, I sent again..and this time, I talk to supervisor A, he promise me, will take care my case, and when he receive new picture, he will contact me...

this morning, nobody call me, so I call their office..

The vizio person E tell me, they receive my email, but, because all

the picture I take, the source form computer, maybe I use computer made fake picture try cheating them, so they want me change the source, like cable tv.... I say I don't watch tv, only use computer, so, if your company buy another source for me, I'll be happy to do that.. but, they still insist me follow their step.

I tell E, for this two days, I just like a foolish, do anything by your order, but, till now, you still tell me, I need do this one more time?

I ask talk to supervisor, and my sister help me talk to him(supervisor B)..

supervisor B ask my sister, use this smart tv connect to netflix, and take picture, sent again, he will take care right away..

when he receive the picture I take from Nexflix, he say: the picture

look like normal...we can't ask for warranty service...

no matter my sister ask supervisor B: you can sent your person come to our house, to check the shadow line, or, let us bring the tv to costco, let costco customer service person check the shadow line for true, and prove to vizio for us, but, the supervisor B all say: NO,

we don't accept those way......

my sister very upset hang up the phone...

So big company like vizio, NO 2 tv sales in american, but, the warranty service like junk, keep going tell customer: everthing all your fault, any prove I give to them, all can't support them want..

I am a computer guy, already do my best, don't tell me I need hire pro photographer, to take picture for vizio....

I really feel very bad, and already contact my lawer, se how he can help me to sue vizio..

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with a customer service rep Chris in Ok. Very nice and solved my problems. I was extremely please and impressed by his knowledge. Thank you Chris

Posted by Curtis

Called tech support for an update that botched the booting process. Out of warranty they sent me a replacement 55 inch M550VSE updated. Great CR and service on their part.

Posted by dlhvac

called cust service was asked to try a reset did so nothing screen lit up with visio v and then shut down was told it was a software update causing failure to reboot think this is the standard answer for a failure of boards in set they said up to five business days for repair company to call they called in three days
and he called the fourth day and asked if he could come a day earlier than scheduled i said fine. the tech came very nice guy . he installed part it worked and all i had to do was reload the apps i had installed and download the lastest software done ok

Posted by Anonymous

I was finished writing a complaint for another terrible company and thought I'd write an actual good experience I had with a company for once awhile ago since people always tend to complain on the internet but never say the good things. I had this TV for awhile. One day out of the blue the pictures started coming out distorted with lines coming out and the picture being warped or something. I called Vizio and they told me to take a picture and send them the problem. Within that same week they had a repairman come to my house (he actually was earlier than his appointed day and called to ask if it was ok to fix it now) and he fixed the TV withing an hour (something about replacing some cable inside of it). Throughout all of this I did not pay a single penny. To this day the TV continues to work fine.

Posted by N/A

Earlier today I had an issue with my TV and contacted Visio Customer Service. I spoke with a gentleman named Rodney )who exercised patience and technical knowledge in walking me through the repair/correction process. Thanks much to Rodney for his accurate assessment of the problem and the proper solution. Very much appreciated.

Bob Pettit

Posted by LawStudent

My remote (hopefully, and not my TV!) is broken. I called and although I had to talk to someone for about 15 minutes tracking down numbers and telling my life story, (after being put on hold for about 8 minutes before I even reached anyone) they agreed to send me a new remote free of charge. (though they said it was for this one time only). Overall, if you don't lose your cool and you try to do what they say and be a good sport, they might reward you in the end. Overall, my experience was positive.

Posted by EZwroter

Very positive customer service.
The video went out on my 60" Vizio. A call to customer service and the very courteous woman in south Dakota said it was a problem they were aware of. She took my name address and phone number and 10 days later a new set was delivered to my home and set up by the delivery team. They packed up the defective set and were on their way.
OUTSTANDING! No hassle, no hoops to jump thru, no attempt at putting the blame on me.
Every company should practice this kind of service.
Thanks, Vizio!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've had great experiences with technical services at Vizio but like others here I've found the 55" TV is prone to break down. We had a Costco extended warranty and during that time the tv was repaired twice, then replaces (with a reconditioned tv) and in its third year is on the fritz already. The remote was replaced once, is constantly in need of resetting, and is currently unable to be reset (so we can't access Netflix). I've never had these problems with other TVs. The tech service people on multiple occasions told me the remotes are poorly designed.

Posted by Blue Jay

Hi! My fiancé and I purchased a 55" M550SL series flat screen television last year and have had wonderful customer service, the couple of times that we have needed to call. We have the sound bar also and we did have to return the first one we received, but we had no problem with customer service on the phone or in returning it and receiving a new one. Customer service has always been pleasant, courteous, friendly and always helpful. I've seen these complaints and can hardly believe it. The Vizio customer service and technical support have gone out of their way to be helpful. Our experience with Vizio and its' service has been awesome! We will definitely be giving this company more of our business in the future and have and will recommend Vizio to anyone and everyone! Thank You Vizio for being an absolutely wonderful company to work with! :)

Posted by na

Got 47 in smart/3 d 16 months ago.Problems getting it set up.Direct t v AT&T AND Netflix WERE NO HELP.VIZIO KNEW MORE ABOUT direct' at& t ' business than those people knew about their own .Last week a problem with wireless function.Called warranty company after Vizio diagnosed problem.10 days later a tech came and in an hours time was done and problem solved.

Posted by Serge

I had an issue with one of there 60" smart tv's and had to talk to about 7 different people. Every person i talked to knew what was going on with my case and was able to help me with the next step with no trouble at all!! I loved the customer service reps and their help. The only thing i would change is the number of steps and how long it took to figure out the issue, even though it did get resolved with complete satisfaction.
PS. the best Reps seemed to be in UTAH!!

Posted by Ro

Bought a TV and it died after about 2 months. Called Vizio and they sent out a USB dongle that fixed it. Amazing service, very friendly and prompt. They have a fan for life now.

Posted by col2or

Lost wireless internet connection for my Vizio TV. After attempting to "fix" myself, I called tech spt on two occasions. Both techies were professional and very helpful. Thanks so much for having real people to walk through troubleshooting until resolution!

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Posted by you know who you are

I recently sent my partner o to vizio for an interview telling her what a great place it was to work at. This interview took place in north Sioux city partner was interviewed by a very rude man last name Lane....
My partner said he was very rude to her from the beginning which I'm sure had to do with an employee on his team lieimg and focing deformation of character to me lane....however Mr lane asked my gf how she had heard about the job..she named off a couple references and then told Mr lane I was her gf...his attitude sent from rude to ruder and then he made a dirogitory comment about my attendance which was.personal in formation and should have never been talked about in an I terview with someone else....he then left the room and came back and said the reason she wasn't offered a.position is because she could talk and rtpw at the same time and didn't know enough about the connections and products. Now I never had to take a rtling test and talking teat at the same time and neither did anyone else that was interviewed...I knew nothing about the connections at my interview..and I was hired. Another person I know that started a couple weeks prior did nor have to t take a ttlinf and talking test. My gd was judged based off my attendance which has nothing to do with her work erhiva at all and then as soon as Mr lane heard she was my lesbian partner.came back with a bunch of lies as to why she didn't get the job....I mean really..she has worked om a call center for 10 years and you are telling her she can't talk and type at the same time...nope she was discriminated against for being a lesbian and my lane ceoases a line when he released personal.information about me when my record with vizio should never have even been mentioned during someone else's interview....needless to say they now are going to have a discrimination law suit against them and my lane will be sued for releasing my personal file information to another person being advice to anyone thinking of applying there..don't do it...they are rude and set bad examples as human beings
See you in court vizio and Mr lane


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