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Vistaprint customer service is ranked #69 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 65.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 169 ratings. This score rates Vistaprint customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


132 Negative Comments out of 169 Total Comments is 78.11%.


37 Positive Comments out of 169 Total Comments is 21.89%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Vistaprint

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 65.89 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 132 negative comments (78.11%)
    • 37 positive comments (21.89%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 3.7 Issue Resolution
    • 3.3 Reachability
    • 4.0 Cancellation
    • 5.6 Friendliness
    • 5.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Aman jain

Wrong size

Posted by Dul

What can i do if i order the wrong cards i was trying to order business cards and instead order medium standard cards

Posted by Anonymous

Still waiting reply regarding refund on my account !

Posted by Jawed

Pen Is Not Present In given Box
Then You Have Talk To me About My order

Posted by Anonymous

wrong size notepad

Posted by DJ RN

I ordered wedding invitations but it has a typo. Can I request a refund and reorder a corrected version?

Posted by centro cristiano mujeres poderos

hi i want to now how to return, the sent wrong tshirt
i want to sent back please

Posted by [email protected]

I ordered wedding invitations and forgot a typo. Where can I return them for a refund? I would love to order more once I get refunded

Posted by Patrick

I ordered One item but I received 3, I need to returned 2 please.

Posted by MMPIERCE

I'm completely disguised with this service. I made a order and used a promo code for new customers, which I was, and they processed my order and then canceled it and said a lame excuse saying it was for a corporate account. But they are picking and choosing the orders to actually fill and send out and which to cancel. Beyond upset with this company!

Posted by Boboing

Absolutely no issues with refund/replacement policy. My cards came in with the text too small, but I also saw a couple other modifications they needed once I had them in hand. I got a full credit to my account to cover the modifications and had a second set sent to me right away.

Posted by GOD YATO

I called them today because I canceled an ordered on April 1st and the quickly picked up and refunded my money back.

Posted by Madhav joshi

I cancelled the cards i ordered but the money hasn't been refunded.
Help me asap

Posted by clc

While I was gravely disappointed by the quality of the business cards I ordered, they refunded my order immediately as requested, and I didn't have to go through the hassle of shipping them back first, so I could just recycle them. I'm pleased with the ease at which they handled it!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried several times calling Vistaprint. Are they out of business? Cannot get into our account. No one answers the telephone and the voice message says "due to maintenance on April 18th at 3:30 they will not be available for 30 minutes" -- today is April 11th.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot reach Customer Service. Each time I try, a voice interrupts stating that, "we will not be available March 18th from 3 to 5 p.m. - today is April 11!!; then disconnects. I tried 8002 and 8004. Would someone please call me so that I can order the checks I need for my company.

Oh, also, live chat is "Not available"

Posted by WillG

I ordered 4 photo mugs for Christmas 2015 and although they were delivered on time the quality was appalling. I told them so on the comments page and they replied saying they couldn't publish my comments! Beware, they will only publish what they want. There are better photo mug producers out there.

Posted by Caroline

I would like to return the phone case I ordered as it is the wrong one and

Posted by Anonymous

I am returning my magnets because i found out later after the fact that my truck is made of aluminum and will not stick

Posted by Kaaaaaaath

I spent alot of money to get 20 postcard printed with my design on, so I could sell my work. The postcards they sent me where on the cheapest, flimsiest card possible, I could run card through my crap printer at home which would be thicker and of better quality, I am gutted, I cannot sell these, people cannot post these in the mail, they are so flimsy they will bend and fall apart just holding them, what they have sent me are not postcards I am gutted, broke and don't even have anything that I can sell to make any money back

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service reps are very untrained ... they don't know the product. Final pricing on the order form never matches the pricing that website advertises.

Posted by Kent

We have been ordering our gift note cards from this company for several years. This year we decided to change how we are handling the process for this part of our business and wanted to reach out to VistaPrint for their help with locating a software vendor that could streamline the process electronically. We made several phone calls to this company asking for help and every time, the phone call resulted in misunderstanding, miscommunication and frustration. This company does not offer any value to the customer from a business standpoint. It's my recommendation to contact a locale signs and graphics shop to assist with your printing needs.

Posted by Anonymous

you have redone my business card twice & they are still NOT RIGHT you have put my office # on twice
My cell phone # should have been on the card for after service hours just forget this order I will NOT place anymore order from you & do not want to be charged for his order SO TAKE IOT OFF MY CREDIT CARD

Dr. H. Lou Heber

Posted by FaithM

I received my order of calendars, but some of the pictures are much darker then they looked in the pictures. Also one of the pictures is cropping off some of the faces.

Posted by Nouhad


I would like to share with you two unfortunate experiences that I have got with Vista:

My first experience was when I joined Lions club, and I become a treasurer, I ordered my business card with vista, But my email had a blank within the characters. I accepted the error and let it go.

This year I had order another business card with the Lions Club Logo, through a friend of mine, as I became the secretary of the club. But my bad luck still is on, as you can see attached, my email is showing:, com so as you can see there is a coma instead than a point in the email before the "com".

Note that lately I used my nick name â??Normanâ?? rather then my real name â??Nouhadâ?? but I am still the same person, as you can notice with the same email and phone number, etcâ?¦

Therefore I would like to share that two unfortunate experiences and ask you this time for compensationâ?¦. in reprinting another free business card, as I am now in a new position and need to change my cards again, but I need to get it right this time with your help.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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Posted by Anonymous

I ordered 2 shirts and when I received the package I quickly realized I had ordered the wrong sizes. I called right away to see if I could exchange or get a refund. The rep was polite and understanding. Asked what I sizes I really needed- filled out a replacement order and told me it would be at no cost to me to get the new sizes and it should arrive in 3 days. They are fabulous!!

Posted by Two Oaks Day Nursery

I placed an order for flyers, brochures, banner, tee shirts and Polo shirts on Sunday, what a fantastic company the order was delivered on Tuesday. Unfortunately the polo shirts arrived smaller then the stated size, I contacted Vistaprint they were full of apologies and could not have been more helpful and will send out the larger size and should be with me on Thursday. I will certainly use the company again and will recommend them to friends. Thank you for being SO GOOD.

Posted by Anonymous

You are better than amazing, you took the time to review my work, you found an error and are willing to fix it at no cost to me. Who can beat that kind of customer service? You are truly one of the best companies in so many ways! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Beverly St.Pierre

Posted by London

Actually I am happy with their customer service. They are always willing to help. I could not reach them through the phone but the live chat worked and the gentleman was very effective in helping me.

Posted by Domnic Dsouza

After so many bad experiences from so many company call centers,
calling vista prints and talking to Dimple was a totally different experience,
I wanted help for ordering the polo T shirt and she was very very helpful and patient to the maximum, so much so that if she was in my team today she would surely get 20% salary rise, people like her are an asset to vista prints.

Posted by Green

Dear Vistaprint,
Just want to inform you that your customer executives are excellent in communication and the way of talking to the customers.

Especially my heart full thanks to Neha & Ayesha they both are good and they way of explaining to the customers are in good manners.

Neha & Ayesha keep rocking...

Srinivas Mayaraj

Posted by uwyo

They misprinted some of my mailers for an event. I contacted customer service and they reprinted my items that day and had them sent overnight(as time was of the essence). I highly recommend them.

Posted by Contact help

I contacted vista print today and spoke to Armani mmahbouli and I could not have better service she helped me with everything advised me on things I didn't no about so patient I am new at using a computer and she was fantastic I would recommend vistaprint to my friends as your standards of training are brilliant thank you Armani

Posted by Purnima

I have used Vista print in Canada and UK since more than 10 years. I love the options, service and pricing is 1/4th of main stream printers.

Vista print are the best!

Thank you.

Posted by gilconsult

Customer service is great... helped with the bleed correction and sent everything in time.

Posted by Vistaprintlover!

I was EXTREMELY happy working with vistaprint! I love their products, their prices are great. I got my moneys worth. And I LOVE their products! Hope this helps!

Posted by Anonymous

I am surprised by all the negative comments about Vistaprint. I ordered Christmas photo cards, they were delivered three days early, the quality of the cards was excellent, the packaging was very good. I was very pleased would definitely order from them again.
Thank You!

Posted by whisper

Vistaprint is an EXCELLENT company to deal with, in fact i use them as a company i outsource to do all of my work such as banners, and posters, and guess what..the prices are perfect!!!!

Posted by Julie

Wow! I am completely blown away by all these negative experiences with Vista Print. Not one happy customer? That strikes me as odd. Doesnt it strike anyone else as being odd? Also, whats with all the Anonymous postings? Ive been using Vista for years and rarely have a problemand certainly never an issue they failed to take care of or credit properly. Id have to guess that many of these postings are planted by competitors; not all, but many. I only stumbled on this site on a Sunday while searching the Internet to see if Vista offers 24/7 tech support so I could discuss my website. I have always used Vista when starting up a businesstheyre cheap, have many branding options and is a good resource for any start-up business. I have talked to customer services reps in India, but Americans also answer the phone. For me, Vistas customer service is not better or worse than any other Internet based company.

Posted by VistaPrint ROCKS

I have used Vistaprint for years and NEVER had a problem with them! They are fantastic! I pay for 21 day delivery and they upgrade to 7 days delivery at no extra cost.
And the billing on you credit card IS NOT a scam! When you place your first order it clearly says int he small print 'for an extra £**.** a month you can have these extra offers. tick here if you do not want this'. I'm sorry but if you are all too stupid enough to read the terms and conditions you have no right to moan!
Vistaprint offer great products and everything is FREE I order. The postage is amazing £2.45 for 7 day delivery for a T-Shirt, Mug, Notebook and Calander. The customer services are amazing people! The only fault is that they are overseas so it costs to call them. They are really helpful.
The company is AMAZING and I would reccommend the website to anyone who will actually read the terms and conditions.

Posted by [email protected]

I ordered magnetic signs for my tow truck and they blew off 4 times .3 times they sent me another set telling me to read the directions and they won't blow off unless you drive over 136 mph. Hello I drive a tow truck (that weighs over 4 tons) not a race car. But anyway today they sent my money back. I guess I'll be looking for another place.

Posted by DEB

I have been dealing with Vistaprint for some time now. Once you get used to their system you can work out deals that are best for you.
Each time you get an email and enter Vistaprint through the email, it will bump your pricing to whatever is valid in that email. Therefore, if you already have items in the cart, they may rise considerably if they are not included in your latest deal. To get back to the previous pricing, you must go back to the old email and enter through that email, and it will take your pricing back down to what it was the previous time.
The other thing to watch out for is that after ordering a considerable amount, they start reducing the discounts they offer you. I have 2 accounts, one for work and one for home, and I receive 2 versions of the same email. The one that is used less frequently has better offers than the one I use all of the time, same email, different discounts.

I have found the product great, I pay next to nothing for most of my stock, I never order any more than the free or heavily discounted quantities but might order 3 days in a row to get the qty I want. It works great, orders come quicker than anticipated, and I love the site.
Just be wary of your pricing and you can work this site to your advantage.

Posted by thankyouvistaprint

I've used vistaprint for several years and use their emails to get loads of freebies.
Only ever had one complaint about poor print quality and it was replaced and sent by express delivery without any problem.

Posted by Very Happy

I can't understand all the negative that has been posted about Vistaprint on here. I am so sorry you all have had this experinece as my experience with them was awesome. I got the survey and filled it out after I got my order. I admitted that my disapointments could have every easily been my fault because I had never designed anything online and was not sure what I was doing. I described what was wrong and how I had wanted things to look. It was no time at all I heard back from them saying they were sending me the merchandise again at no charge because they had given me a credit for the order I was disappointed with. They never ask me to send back the order I was disappointed with and sent me a new order without additional charges. They had taken my remarks on how I wanted things to be originally and I must say listened very well when they redone my order. With this kind of service I was very impressed and happy and would diffently order again. I just wish I could find a phone # to call to place my next order to make sure I got exactly what I want. Thanks Vistaprint for your kind service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have used vista prints for many of my business needs including business cards and post cards. I have always been very happy with there products and service. I have always been able to reach customer support and don't to wait forever on hold like many other companies. I would highly recommend this company. They also have great prices.

Posted by Anonymous

After countless negative comments for Vista Print I felt compelled to add a POSITIVE one!
I recently (the past week) ordered invitations for my sisters baby shower. You can imagine that I wanted them to look great, not cheap and be on-time. All of the above happened today. They are a bit smaller than I had imagined (post card sized) and size to my knowledge was never specified but the quality was exactly what I expected to receive for the price. The price for 30 will end up being $40.
So consider VistaPrinting for your next project or business venture. I'm also happy to say that my husbands business cards came out fine as well.
Sincerelly, Patti Williamson Richmond, VA

Posted by Friendly's Finest

Thank you for everything vistaprint is my new one shop store for my business

Posted by Anonymous

I have been very satisfied with vistaprint. I was able to reach a customer service rep not on the site but on another search engine.

Posted by The Wedding Planner

This company has been a real find for me, my husband and our businesses.
We took advantage of their free and low offers for business cards and discovered several great coordinating products. All were very nice looking, good quality and we used them up.
I recently ordered 2 Guest House signs to put next to our House For Sale sign. They cost me around $12 instead of the $99 the sign shop down the street wanted to charge me. I love the multiple choices they have.
I recommend this site to lots of friends who have small businesses.
My last products arrived a week early and I could track the progress. Nice.

Posted by azgirl

I've NEVER had one problem with VP! I've had to call the company once before, just so they could add more items in my profile! I'm calling again today, to have even more added! I love, love, love, VP!

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