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    • 26 negative comments (96.30%)
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Posted by None

I am so angry..I took my mentally challenged 23 year old daughter to her first appt at Visionworks. Our appt was at 3:15 so we arrived at 2:50..we did the first appt paperwork and the girl did the preliminary testing and we we re waiting. After we were sitting there about 20 minutes an older man came in looking for what I guess was a female technician who the girl at the desk told him was called to another store due to a call off..he got upset and said he wished he had been called and said he wanted to see the doctor he had a 3:15 appt. She told him he was after us. The doctor came out and called his name...I said excuse me..we were next and he said no you are after him. That was 3:20..
AT 3:40, we walked out...never have I felt more disrespected and time and my daughter's time is nothing? Anyone asking my opinion on Visionworks will hear my story..0 stars..0 rating...0 return...

Posted by Betty

Wife ordered two separate and different frames for two pairs of glasses from Visionworks in the Valley View Mall in La Crosse Wisconsin, salesperson was "Betty". When glasses arrived (3 days early) the order was made out for two of the same glasses, Betty admitted that she made the mistake and ordered them wrong. Betty said she restocked the frames after placing the order but those frames (that were not ordered) could not be found, wife very disappointed and forced to select a less desirable frame. Incidentally, this is the same salesperson who refused to let my wife select a different pair of glasses two years earlier when the ones she ordered would not adjust after two attempts. On a brighter note, the doctor that conducted the exam was very good and professional. Betty needs to retire.

Posted by Dmrobinson

2x last week (no call back)Lw- 3×1 day 08/08 2have 2 have a pair of glasses purchased in 01/2016, 03,07,n 09 all but jan n julys was i at store a paid 4 over the phone.ive been tryin t2do the same 4past 2weeks. vision works obviously doesnt do very good on job or company knowledge training so their instore customer serv are worthless. they can't or som1sorder & see what they had is a pain & just reorder them 4them asking them like the other people have then there's a problem?! Customers being left on the phone on hold4 over 15MINs!!?.U7 customer service is unqualified as your employees to represent ur company n know nothing about how to their job VISIONWORKS FAULT
Dawn Robinson ju

Posted by Anonymous

I received the worst service with your Fayetteville Ga.location. I order glasses and was told they would be ready in two weeks. After two weeks my glasses where not ready. They were not even ordered. I was told by the lab manager that my glasses would be order and ready by Friday. Well Friday came and you guessed it no glasses. I asked to speak to a manager to no avail. I was told I would get a call Saturday morning from the manager at 10am but once again to no avail. I called back to the store and requested a refund and they told me my glasses were in the store. I came to the store and you guessed it no glasses. The General Manager sat with me and explained she was new (30 days) and would be cleaning house. I should not have been told that nor is that my business. I am suffering with headaches because I don't have my glasses and all I get is I'm sorry. This is not the way to treat a Loyal customer. I will not be back.

Posted by Anonymous

I first notified Vision Works in January of 2017 to inform them that the Explaination of Benefits that I received from my insurance company showed a different amount for my responsibility than what I was charged at the time of my eyeglass purchase. Customer Service said that they mistakingly submitted a claim with their old pricing and that they would send me a new copy of a receipt and they would submit a corrected claim to the insurance company. I received a copy of a new receipt 3 days later, showing that my insurance company was not going to pay anything towards my lenses and that is why I paid the higher amount at the store. Ten days later I checked with my insurance company and they had not received a corrected claim from Vision Works. My insurance company also informed me that yes, they would pay something towards the lenses. I notified Vision Works Customer service again. I was told that they had just sent the corrected claim and my insurance should have it in a day or two. Eight weeks later and after many, many phone calls where Vision Works kept changing their story, at one point they admitted the claim was never sent because they were so far behind, I spoke to the customer service department manager. She verified that the claim still had not been sent and that she would send it immediately. I told her that it was certainly beginning to appear that they simply did not want to have to issue a refund. After a total of ten weeks, my insurance company finally received the claim, only to inform me that Vision Works did not follow correct policy in submitting the claim and neglected to write on the claim that it was a "Corrected Claim" I have requested to speak with the billing department manager, who has not yet returned my call. The customer service manager never followed through with me after stating that she would and you only get voice mail when calling her. The billing department is clearly incompetent.

Posted by Anonymous

I had two very bad experiences at vision works.
The first time I could not see far with the glasses and could not drive on the highway.
I went back multiple times and every time they said they fixed them, but I was never able to see with that pair and went back to my old pair.
Later, I met one of the salespeople and expressed my frustration and told him that I had a new prescription. he told me to go back and promised to help me. I went back with a new prescription and a note from the eye doctor to to match the curve and the lens material to old glasses. They did not follow the doctor's order and I went back to Key-Whitman and they spent almost two hours and they found out that the vision works people did not follow any of the doctor's order and used discontinued material. They did not match progressive base curve or lens material. I went to other optical stores and they confirmed the same thing.I spent almost $1,000 on two pairs that I cannot use and I am still dealing with them and they will not fix both pairs. I believe I will seek other actions after I exerted all my energy with them.

Posted by Anonymous

Not happy at all with the service at the Haddonfield Road office in Cherry Hill, NJ. I made a purchase of over 400 dollars for glasses and I was not even fitted. The man that waited on me handed me my glasses, I put them on and he asked me if I could see the small print written on a card on the table I was sitting at. I said "yes", he then proceeded to hand me my case and started to walk away. I had to ask him twice if he could tell me if my eyesight had worsened, he asked me if I had bought glasses there before. I said no but you can check my old pair which he then did. Never said thank you for coming in etc, not a word. I am going back on tomorrow to had them adjusted but you lost me as a repeat customer. My husband was going to make an appointment so you lost his business too.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a 10:15 am appt at your Easton, PA RT 248 location
Saw the eye dr almost a hour ago. 2 "techs' with FOURTEEN patients waiting! They said they are short staffed because of death in the family. Today my husband is the patient. I was here a week ago and spent about 2 hours... Same thing loads of patients and 1 tech. So was there a death last week as well. We will never return to Visionworks again.

Posted by Anonymous

The most unprofessional, irresponsible people. The visonworks clinic in Bowling Green Kentucky on Scottsville road has the worst customer service I have experienced in this lovely town. The so called manager, CORNELLOUIS, is an arrogant man that does not even understand the most minimun about customer satisfaction. What a shame because Dr. James Buckner is an excellent doctor, but with such terrible manager, I doubt it that I will be coming back. And I'll make sure I'll let all my friends know about my terrible experience with the "manager.

Posted by Anonymous

I went today, May 15, 2016 at the location at the Forum. I had paid in full for 2 pair of glasses ($500.) and I wanted to get them and also get them adjusted. Alicia "helped" me, but she plainly didn't want to. I left my glasses there and plan on going back tomorrow to get another person to help me. It's not "right around the corner" from where I live- so I'm not very pleased with the customer service I received.

Posted by Anonymous

Following procedures presented to us by your staff to resolve getting three pairs of eyeglasses, correct, properly fitted and adjusted, two pairs ultimately had to be returned and the third, reground to my original prescription.

If it had not been for your Assistant Manager Angela working with your representative, Barry, in recognizing and re-meditating the problem, it would not have been solved.

Based on your Optometrist's (2) eye exam, your staff tried repeatedly. to remedy this situation but in the end only to be thwarted by your Manager, Christine. She was judgmental, curt, abrasive, uncooperative, insulting and rude. In short, Christine tried unsuccessfully to put the onus on me. She took a positive experience and made it extremely confrontational.

Posted by Jess617

I purchased transition lenses and new frames on March 12th 2016 from the Plattsburgh location. I picked them up on March 25th. The transition coating started to spiderweb not even 2 weeks later. They ordered new lenses and replaced them at no cost April 23rd. Unfortunately the new lenses are also flawed. The spiderweb pattern started appearing 2 days later and there seem to be imperfections around the lenses where they were cut. When I brought that to their attention I was told that I would have to pay out of pocket for new lenses. How is this fair? The error is on their end. I've been wearing glasses most of my life and have never had any issues with lenses. The lenses were poorly cut and coated. An employees inexperience shouldn't cost me money. So based on their lack of customer service skills I can either deal with the defective lenses for a year or go elsewhere to get the kind of quality I deserve and pay out of pocket. I would like some sort of resolution to this problem.

Posted by Angry customer

Poor Customer service not people friend.. Two people called me to tell me my glasses were ready and that the store closes at 8pm arrived at 7:15pm left work early.. Walked up to the door two people inside looked at me like what the blank are you at the door for never acknowledged me just gave me evil stares... I want my $797.00 dollars back. Poor customer service even when getting my glasses..😝😝😝

Posted by MsOnly1Me

Horrible service and poor product! It's so many new faces each time you go there no one there is happy about work! You don't pay for what you get and the product is very poor I repeat!

Posted by Tracy

Worst experience ever. Went on a Thu evening. Waited 20 min to be seen with my 4 year old son while the one person working went to find someone in the back. They called to verify my insurance, then told me I wasn’t covered and to contact my HR department. I needed the glasses for my son so I paid out of pocket. When we picked out a frame I asked if they would be suitable for my son. They said yes. I asked if they had any frames for smaller children with cable temples, as our doctor suggested, they said only for infants. Once we waited the hour for one pair to be made, we went back to get them. They were obviously way too big for my son. A guy attempted to heat and melt the temples to make them fit better but they did not. I asked if they had any straps or nose pieces that would help. He said they did not. They told me I would have to wait a week or so for the second pair. When I contacted HR they said I had been covered for almost a year. When I went back to pick up the second pair of glasses they did not fit either. Another man walked in about the same time. He was told to wait. After waiting 20 minutes again I explained that my insurance had been verified and that I needed them to void the charge to my card and process the claim correctly through my insurance company. She then came back to me with a receipt for me to sign that was for more than $300. I again explained that my insurance covered almost the entire amount, showed her the paperwork, and asked her to correct it. After 20+ minutes of waiting and her putting in the same thing 3 times, she said she needed to go to another computer. The man that was waiting came and asked her how long it would be. She said 15 min or so. She came back 10 minutes later with the same paper. She said she couldn’t figure out how to make the charges come out correctly and asked if I would just pay the full amount on my card and she would just “refund” half of it. I disagreed and explained I needed the correct amount to be on my insurance claim for deductible and co-pay reasons. The then told me “this is how we do it.” I told her I wanted it done correctly and she said “then you’re going to wait”. She then informed me that the glasses my son had as well as the ones I was there to pick up were made incorrectly with the best part of the prescription being on the outside of then lens, meaning the pupil distance that they “measured” was way too big for a 4 year old. About that time, it had been an hour and the gentleman waiting left without being helped. I told her “I’ve been here over an hour, I will wait if that’s wait it takes to get this billed correctly.” She then got rude with me and told me I’d be waiting for a while. I did. When I asked her to call my insurance to verify what was covered, she said “they can say all they want, it’s not coming off the computer.” I told her I would not have her charge my card again until the amounts were correct. She then asked if she called customer service on speaker phone and they said charging my card incorrectly is the way they “fix” it, would I agree to it. I said fine, knowing full well any corporate office would not approve of this. She came back 10 minutes later and told me customer service was closed for the day. It was 7:15 pm. By this time I was beyond frustrated. I had spent hours and over $300 dollars at Vision Works and still did not have one pair of glasses for my son that were suitable. They were made incorrectly and the frames were way too big. She said they would remake the glasses I was there to pick up but that would only fix the lenses. I decided I no longer wanted to argue with her and asked for my paperwork so I could leave. She told me she would have to charge my card before I left because my son still had a pair of glasses. I reminded her that my insurance covered one pair completely and that I was not taking the second pair as they were made incorrectly and of no use to me. She told me I couldn’t leave without her charging me. I then told her she would not get my card back and that I would have someone bring the other pair of glasses back to the store while I sat there. She waited about five minutes to see that I was not bluffing then told me I didn’t need to have someone else bring the glasses. That she would charge my insurance company for the one pair and I could leave the second one there. I reminded her that the glasses he had were still not made correctly so she suggested I come in and have him re-measured so they could remake the lenses. I agreed and left, after 90 minutes. She then called me on my cell phone after I’d left to make sure she had my “permission” to bill my insurance for the pair my son had. I told her yes. When I went back the next day with my son to have him re-measured there was someone else working. She told me she could not find my transaction anywhere in the computer and could not put a work order in to have the glasses remade without a transaction. I explained all that happened yet she would not even measure my son. When we saw the opthamologist a week later we were informed that nothing about the glasses were suitable. The frames were for a “10 year old” and the PD measurement was “way off”. Therefore, the glasses that were supposed to be billed to my insurance are useless to us. I want to return them. I do not want my insurance to be billed for them as I will need to use my insurance for glasses my son can use. This should be an easy process yet nothing at Vison Works had been easy or professional. I do not want to have to wait 20 minutes or re-explain this entire situation to someone else who happens to be working when I come in. I do not want someone searching for a transaction that a Vision Works employee could not figure out how to enter appropriately. How do I go about returning the glasses billed to my insurance and verifying they have been refunded properly?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of glasses at vision works in Tampa florida last year. The glasses have been horible. They have broken at least 4 times. I've had to go back to the store several times because they would not stay balanced.

The last time I went back the young lady replaced the frames from the shelf of sample frames.

Once again the frames broke and I've resorted to using readers.

I've asked numerous times to get another frame and I was refused that option.

To my surprise I go to get new frames and I've been made aware that my insurance only gives me new frames every 2 years but I get new lenses every year.

Im now sending you this message along with calling the corporate office asking for new frames. The ones I purchased last year are broken and have been since the day of purchase.

I need new glasses asap

Thank you

Donna Cihlar

Posted by Anonymous

NY Branch

This may be a decent location for people but this place has horrible service!

The bad part is that both over the phone and in person exchanges are horrendous. Customer Service Reps are rude, and the waiting time is completely unnecessary!
I've been a customer for years yet this place has continued to disappoint me.

Posted by veey upset

Im very upset with my experience with visionworks..I purchased a pair of glasses 4 myself & my daughter and all ive had is problems with them since I received them in Feb ..1st I got wrong perscrition ..had to send them back then got them back couldnt see with them had to send them back the asociate ..then said they would put rush order on them it took close to 2 months to get them back ..I got transition lens ..they dont work when I go ba k to store I get run around it cost me alot 4 theses glasses and the lens r coming out ..I Dont Recomend Going Here 4 your Glasses. .ur treated better at Walmart ..

Posted by vjmrjm

I can not believe the treatment or should I say the mistreatment my parents experienced today at the Visionworks location on Market St in Akron Oh. That the employees there would detain them for three hours and then refuse to let my father use the restroom (my father is 76 yrs old has a bad heart kidney failure) causing him to have to walk to another store and use the employee restroom is unforgivable. I HOPE ALL UAW RETIRES READ THIS POST AND DONT VISIT THIS STORE!!

You deserve respect and courtesy not abuse.

Posted by Anonymous

I came into your Duluth location to purchase glasses and waited over 45 minutes. No one even asked, "Can I help you?" We travel over 20 miles to your store and expected greater professionalism. The store was not crowded. I received no greeting and no one even asked about my insurance coverage. I work foral a local school system. I think I'll try your John's Creek store.

Posted by DCG4TH

The Store Refused To Attempt To Repair The Frames Of My Recent Purchase. The Clerk Attempted To Sell Me Another Frame By The Same. It Is Sad That A Company Would Not Back The Material That They Are Selling

Posted by Anonymous

Our appointment was at 3:30 and it took an hour to see the doctor. I did't finally leave there until 5pm. The doctor was fine although he did seemed rushed at the waiting room was packed. I had no insurance and paid cash for this visit. I will not return in the future as I do not like spending my day in a waiting room. I was obviously triple booked. When I went to the frames section, my mother was looking at frames for herself. She has insurance. When my mom asked how much would insurance cover, the salesman went into her insurance coverage and pre-authorized purchasing the frames there. She went next door to another optical and found a pair she liked better but couldn't purchase them as she was now locked out and only authorized at Vision Works so she went back there & then told her she had to wait till Monday to fix the problem as Davis Vision was closed on Saturday. NEVER WILL WE RETURN.

Posted by Anonymous

On April 1,2015 I ordered new glasses at the cost of $386.60. This was at store #95 in Phoenix Arizona. When I picked them up I could not read with them and everything else was not in focus. I took them back to the Dr. and had them checked. The RX. was all wrong. They were sent in to be remade on 4/23. When I picked them up they were still not right. I took them back to the Dr. He could not believe that the old RX. was put back in the frames. I went back to the store right away. The manager was there and said that the lady would be fired. I want to know why the lab made this mistake.

I am 74 and It took me months to save for new glasses. I also have Parkinsons. I should not drive but I took the glasses back. The more I think about this, and waiting to read and see better and talking to my family I should be compensated in some way.
Hope to hear from someone soon.
Jean Hoyt

x. was put back

Posted by Laura Brackett

Vision Works, Hamburg Pavilion, Lexington, KY. I picked out glasses and employee assisted me in the fitting check out process. She sold me glasses that were ill fitting. I ended up with open sores behind my ears. I went back after 2 weeks and another employee told me I wasn't suited for plastic glasses. She bent the arms in such a way they were resting about an inch above my ear. She said she did this to let the other sores heal. I looked ridiculous and ended up with more sores. knowing nothing about fitting glasses, I googled properly fitting glasses and found out the nose bridge on the glasses sold to me and came to find out after visiting another vision center my bridge size is 17. I went back today and explained to them that I had received a poor fitting. The employee didn't even know that bridge size mattered. So I looked for another pair of plastic glasses with 17 bridge and this store has a lot of 14's and 16's but very, very few 17's. They has 2 pair of 17's way above my price range. I ordered wire glasses with size 18 bridge, which I don't want. Due to the constraints of my Humana insurance and my budget, it looks like I'm stuck with glasses I don't want. I asked the employees what training they received and they said "hands on." THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I spent $499. dollars for open sores and glasses I don't want. If you can't provide me with the plastic frames that I want in the RIGHT SIZE for that kind of money then you should be ashamed. Also, on my second visit trying to get the fitting correct, and employee looked up from the desk and with a scowl said "You need something." Seriously? If you want to make this right then provide me with 17 bridge, plastic glasses for $499. I will be writing a letter to the newspaper editor and posting pictures of my sores on Facebook and asking my friends all over the United States to help me make the pictures of my wounds go viral. Thanks for absolutely nothing. I will NEVER be back unless you can right this wrong. I should send you my medical bill for treating the wounds. Also, don't be so greedy and train your employees!

Posted by Carla

I purchased a pair of eye glasses from Vision Works with at least 3-4 upgrades. I have been in and out of the store complaining for different reasons. The lens fell out 4-5 times before they gave me new frames. There was a glare on my glasses so I took them back in so I could upgrade to smudge/glare proof, scratch resistance lens. The lens I upgraded to are not glare or smudge proof. In fact they smudge up while I'm wearing them. They are extremely hard to clean, and need to be cleaned throughout the day constantly. Whenever I do or did have go into the facility and someone cleaned them for me, it took them a long time to clean them as well. One of the employees went through at least 6-8 wipes and they were not as clean as we thought they should have been considering the length of time they took to clean them. I have had to have a pair of glasses replaced because they did not transition right. The lens was blotchy. I expected better quality glasses. The glasses I have are garbage in my opinion. I wish I had purchased my glasses anywhere else. I would not recommend this store to anyone. I must say their customer service has been great, but the quality of their glasses are very poor.

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Posted by Anonymous

spoke to corporate about my crazy experirence.very helpful....

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