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Visa customer service is ranked #229 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 66 ratings. This score rates Visa customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


60 Negative Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 90.91%.


6 Positive Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 9.09%.

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    • 44.09 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 60 negative comments (90.91%)
    • 6 positive comments (9.09%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 3.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Visa

I�ve been having problems with my Visa card through Synchrony Bank. I ordered a prescription over the phone, as I do every 3 months, but my authorization was denied. Just like it was 3 months before that and 3 months before that and 3 months before that. Each time I call, I�m assured that it won�t happen again. The prescriptions that I order are EXTREMELY vital!!!! A supervisor there says it�s in their detection system and they can�t do anything about it except register my dissatisfaction. Which is an understatement. I�m a Visa shareholder. I�m not happy. Perhaps you could inform them that a multi billion dollar company should have the capability to resolve this. They are a poor representative of the Visa brand.�

Posted by Johnny

I tried to call visa customer service it took 37 minutes to get through and the rep was very unprofessional and rude...very bad customer service for a customer who spends $2000-$3000 monthly.....

Posted by Cassgian

Visa not only sent my new visa card to the wrong person resulting them activating and stealing my card.. But they also sent the wrong replacement card to me.

This has resulted in over $100 in late fees from my billing companies. I asked visa to give me some sort of proof that none of this was my fault and they told me they'd send info to the bank which they never did. I needed this proof to tell my gym and other companies that this issue had nothing to do with me so that they'd waive my late fees.
Disgusting service. Screwed me over royally.

Posted by dianna

no* customer service what so ever!*5* calls and all reps were **not**in the u.s. and were rude**, and ignorant to the point of reading probably from a script! most annoying they did not have the least**idea of what the issue was or what to tell you other than **repeating their so-called script over and over! we have several accounts with visa and if knowing the poor service**and overseas***reps* never****have a visa anything**! visa* gift cards suck**and absolute no help there if an issue!****visa ruined**our thanksgiving as gift card purchased, a return * and money back**to the card--visa never applied the money back! 5 days and still no********refund to the card!*even was given a authorization code**for money they refunded and reps**had no idea as to what was the code! no wonder our u.s. has gone to hell as outsourcing***out to ignorant***reps from other countries!

Posted by Keres

I lost US$ 800, inside a ATM machine located inside a Chase Bank Branch.

The bank manager explained that she has nothing to do about. My bank Debited the 8 hundred dollars on my account, and left me without money to pass the night. Now 24 hours passed, I'am here with a International VISA electron card that can't be used as the card already take all my money. What to do?

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon,

I watch four to five NFL games each week and I am appalled that the NFL is allowing our flag, country and police to be disrespected. This is certainly a "Code of Conduct" violation and the players that take part in it should be suspended. Free speech would be the player(s) going off the teams property and calling a new conference to voice their complaint NOT showing the disrespect that they are currently doing.

I will not be watching any games that include these players. That now includes the 49'ers, the Dolphins and the Broncos. I will add to this list if there is further action taken by players from different teams and I will continue my boycott until the league takes disciplinary action. I will also not be making a purchase of Miami Dolphins merchandise that we give to our son each year for Christmas.

I wanted to copy the NFL league offices but they don't seems to have an email available to the public, please feel free to pass this on. I will also notify the major sponsors.

George Hemsey

Posted by John

I was in a neighboring state over the weekend. My wife and I went to our favorite international foods store and when we went to check out, the checker said my Visa Platinum card had been declined. Fortunately, we had enough cash to complete our purchase. Later that day, we tried to buy gas with my card and it was again declined. Later, when I called Visa customer service, they said I needed to call fraud prevention. When I called them, they said my card had been blocked because I had attempted to use it out of state, something I have done many times before without incident. They informed me that if I intended to travel out of state, I needed to first call my bank and let them know. When I asked the bank about it, they said no, I didn't need to let them know. Only if I left the country.

Posted by Anonymous

Will ANYONE in corporate office contact me. It has now been more than ONE MONTH that I have been trying to talk to SOMEONE about a $40.00 gift card. Mr Sillin is not even acknowledging my emails. What KIND of CUSTOMER SERVICE is that.UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

Posted by Abena Adomako

I have been ripped off by fake merchants on facebook and google who stole my pin online when i made a valid purchase in January 2016.
Visa failed to notice the regularity of the fake transactions.
My complaints i hear are under review and that i might be informed that i compromised my details.
The only compromise would be that i trusted VISA to protect and verify my transactions.
Please protect cardholders from online fraudsters.

Posted by I don't know what this refers to

Sadly I recently found two VISA gift cards given by dear friends. Unfortunately the $100 cards were nearly zero due to inactivity fees. When I called to inquire about California law vs the amount deducted, I was told it was a "Federal Card" not CA. The agent could not explain what a federal card was since it was bought and loaded in CA. Very frustrating to lose the gift money, but to have a VISA agent not be able to explain why CA law did not apply is frustrating and irresponsible of VISA. I just received the new Costco VISA card I will not support.

Posted by richardrgayton

Bank of America has picked a Visa card that is frequently arbitrarily blocked for ridiculous reasons. I have had this happen several times and called to find that "the Visa computer" thought my paying to buy a cell phone was a "suspicious transaction" and that when I went to pay for a hotel reservation that this was "not one of my normal transactions" so these were blocked and when I was stuck in a foreign country and paying for an airline ticket "this does not follow our normal pattern of purchases for you." so we are sorry but no. This is not primarily BA's fault. Visa in general has very poor customer service and uses computer generated decisions to protect their bottom line--the customer is not particularly important.. American Express is a much more customer oriented company, but it is also not accepted by as many places. My suggestion is not to use any Visa product unless you have no alternative

Posted by Anonymous

Even for a corporate 800 number, this is abyssmally awful. All I got was some guy saying "what number are you calling?" again and a again. Then when I asked if he was going to serve me, he said "please sir, I'm trying to discover the number!" As if I'd interrupted his train of thought or something. Outsourced idiots you people hire. If I can switch to a CC company, in future, that cares more about it's customers, I will.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible! I am trying to talk to a real person regarding a charge on my last bill that should not have been there. I filled out a "charge back " form and have heard nothing. It would be nice to call and get personal help. The charge was on my last bill for $104.94 Amazon Membership amzn/com/prme NV. I did not authorize this because I seldom use Amazon. Please help! Questions please call

Posted by Anonymous

It took quite awhile to locate a number to call concerning Visa Checkout. I was helped by a very nice gentleman who understood and resolved my problem immediately. I am very grateful.

Posted by THANKSVISA!!! F****** A******

I was a victim of a fraudulent micro-transaction company. I called within the month to rectify the situation and was told nothing could be done by them, i would have to contact the merchant. which... yeah right. well i thought i was out of $300. i just called to see if they could raise my limit and was informed that i not only could have block the company but i also could have reclaimed my $300.

Posted by tired

Got a call from their security, tried to call back and got one horrendous rep after another, sent to dead ends and hung up on over and over, finally one saying nobody would help on Sunday, no explanation as to why the original caller "Olga" didn't say that on the message she left. They made sure I was not transferred to the survey offered at the beginning of the call.

Tried again today, as bad or worse, persisted, finally wound up with "Kendall" in security, no help whatsoever. Visa/Security Bankcard Center are apparently there to make customers' lives a living hell and not to help in any way.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently received Visa Gift cards from Omni Card That expired when I called them to possibly help they basically told me to go put them where the sun don't shine. So with that I will be cancelling my Visa Card which I generally charge thousands on ea. month Visa should be careful who they partner with it just cost them a customer.

Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

We've been having issues with the fraud protection on our visa credit card. Our card is flashed at least one time per week while doing regular shopping in our neighborhood. It is frustrating and embarrassing to be at the point of sale and then have your card frozen due to "fraud protection". While calling customer service I was hung up on several times. The one individual who did not hand up on me was incredibly rude and spiteful. When I called to speak with a manager, Devon, he too was rude and condescending. The individuals working for visa are poorly trained and useless.this company clearly had no concern for quality add shown in the dregs they have working for their customer service department.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to replace Visa Vanilla Gift card was a horrible experience. It took at least one to two weeks plus to get any right information. I was either given wrong information on what items needed to be provided or to call back over & over again. It was a big run around to replace my gift card that was never even activated!! And, you want to speak to a supervisor, well that takes forever too! This was some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT PURCHASE Vanilla Visa Gift cards EVER!!

Posted by Disappointed999

After making it clear that I had more than one card to cancel, Roberta ignored me and hung up on me. It was no accident as I could not have made myself any more politely clear. She also went thru the motions like a robot reading her instructions (silently) as she verified who I was and did cancel one card. That was enough for her. Called back to go thru the grueling verification process all over again. Defineatly detecting attitude from this fellow. I think it had to do with my trying to get my debit cards canceled as this was an option on the phone menu, but not visa debit cards. I realized later this could have been their issue. If it was, this has to be a common thing,so why the attitude and why not recogonize that and explain it immediately? Or it could be that I opted out of the post survey which was an option before the assistance. Wow. Crappy!Roberta,!

Posted by Anonymous

there is an identity scam were people are hacking into phone calls like to ssi pretending to be them in order to get your credit card number and s.s. number they are u.s.a.benefites the number is1 ididnt know where else to put thisinfo

Posted by usrrhz

Feb 21st, my vise card was fraudulent used. Your fraud dept. caught it. Thank You big time. So now it's March 4th and I still have no card. I called visa several times with NO Help. I am leaving town Fri. morning with out your card ! I guess the norm is, don't rely on visa.!
Will be waiting for your response.

Posted by Visa Useless

I have a Visa HHonors Reserve Signature card which is supposed to earn a free weekend certificate at Hilton after the annual fee is paid following 12 months of spending at least $10,000. I have been trying to get my certificate for over 4 months as CitiCard (the issuer) and Visa point fingers at each other for blame and refusing to provide a resolution date. They admit I met the conditions and say there is a computer glitch "somewhere". I have spent the equivalent of days making phone calls to different departments at Citi, Via and Hilton - none of them wanted to "take charge" and resolve it. The Points Guy web site has threads indicating they know of this problem since LAST SUMMER! I will probably switch to the Starwood Amex card, no sense rewarding these guys for truly lousy service. You shouldn't reward them either...

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to offer my appreciation for the wonderful assistance I received from your agent, Katie Wilson. She was extremely helpful and professional. I contacted Visa Customer Service to confirm a transaction on my account, and when I wanted to dispute the charges, Ms Wilson went above and beyond my expectations. She contacted the company that I wanted to decline and remained on the line until I was satisfied. I do not know the location Katie Wilson is working at, but I contacted the Customer Service number Please pass along my gratitude to her supervisor. Thank You. Mrs. Darlene Muffler

Posted by Anonymous

Greetings, I noticed a charge for a service, then credit for the same amount the next day. Called VISA and said i didn't make the charge or credit. I was told since I didn't suffer a loss, call the issuing bank. VISA would not get involved. Canceled card with issuer. Call the 800 number on the charge. Got The run around from both Expedia and Hot Wire. Both kept asking me for an itinerary for a vacation I didn't ask for. I did finally get a call back Hot Wire Fraud Yes, that is the number on my caller ID.

Their attitude was the charged was reversed, so what's the big deal? the big deal is no one bothered to call the REAL cardholder and let me know someone tried to use my card.

Thanks for nothing.

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Posted by sue2y5

I Had The Best Time Talking To Your Customer Service .i Would Like To Apologies To Miss Sue2y5 That I Had Not Done This Early.i Had Applied For A Card With Brand X.the Customer Service Rep.was Short,dry And No Personally.unlike Miss Sue2y5.i Live In Alabama And While I Was Talking To Sue A Thunder Storm Hit And My Dogs Were On My Deck Scratching At My Front Door.i Had To Interrupt Are Call To Let Them In,as I Opened The Door My Dogs Ran In An All Of Them Went To Shaking Themselves Off All Over Me.we Both Got A Good Laugh Out Of That! Miss Sue Was Very Pleasant,knowledgeable And Polite.its People Like Miss Sue That Take Ownership At What They Do.that Is What Makes A Company Strong.sue2y5 Is My Customer Rep.for Now On.if You Can Replay Our Conversation.if I Cant Get In Touch With Miss Sue2y5 I Hope Its Because You Promoted Her! Thank You Miss Sue For A Good Experience.

Posted by ande

I just took a survey at 930 pm in Michigan and misunderstood the prompt. I wanted to rate the gentleman a 10 (extremely wonderful) but then realized it only went up to 9. I hope it didn't register as a 1! This man was extraordinary and so helpful and friendly. He made my night! Especially after having my computer hacked and items stolen from me....he managed to put a smile on my face. He was great! I'm sorry if I accidentally rated it wrong!I would hope that you could e mail or call me to rectify my review?!

Posted by MRS DIX

I've Spoke To One Of The Polite Rep In Visa. She Explained To Me That They Have Any Access To The Accnt Bcoz It Should Be Handle By The Bank That Issued The Visa Card. And Visa Rep Tried To Explain To Me That They Cannot Blocked The Card Without The Fullcard Num That's Why He Need To Transfer Me My Bank (internal) Lost And Stolen Dept To Pull Up My Accnt Using My Personal Info. Lets Not Blame Visa. They Are Just Doing There Job. They Are Actually Excelent. There Are Times That We Do Not Hear There Side. We Dont Let Thm Speak To Explain Further To U What They Can Do. Just Like Any Other Private Establishment, They Have Scoop And Limitation. Im Actualy A Visa Cardholder Whose Traveling Overseas And Im Very Happy And Pleased By The Rep Who Help Me With My Lost Card And Help Me Get A Temporary Card That I Reciv 24hrs After I Request It To Them. They Are Helpful And Help Me To Understand What Only They Can Do. But Actualy The Rep I've Spoke Her Name Is Kelly Is Patience Explaining To Me Everything. I Can Sense That She Is Offshore. But She Did Great Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

I needed to call VISA about my warranty claim on a crappy Frigidaire washer that broke after a year and a half. For those who don't know, if you buy something that has a warranty, VISA doubles it through their Warranty Manager program (800-231-3250). The three times I've called this number or the main number (800-847-2911) I waited only a few minutes in queue. So far their phone service has been great and very efficient. Can't comment on the warranty program since they haven't even received my paperwork yet. Re. other comments here, why would anyone would call VISA to get their account balance or other account info instead of calling the number on the back of your card or looking up the number for the bank/company that issued the card. VISA doesn't maintain accounts; VISA is like the Great Oz behind the curtain. They work with your bank unless you need to use one of the extra VISA benefits like Warranty Manager (your bank can tell you when you do).

Posted by jackson

I would like to thank to a customer service who assisted me for more than 20 mins just to get a rep from my bank and the mayguel told me he doesnt have access to my account its the bank who has my info and he never leave me until weve reach the right department. keep it up

Posted by saynotodell

I placed a order on the dell website and the total charged to my card was $20 more than what the confirmation page said it would be. After getting no where with the barely understandable customer service rep for dell I hung up and called visa. They explained to me how to dispute and that if I am able to work it out and return it I don't have to pay for the item and wait for the credit. I can wait for the credit and all interest occured will be erased. The guy spoke perfect English and was very helpful.

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Posted by VisaEmployee10

I am a Visa employee, & actually work with their Lost & Stolen department, heres a couple pointers & tips...

1. The best way to get through is to call the 1-800-VISA911 & then press 0#0# to get through the VRU.

2ndly- One thing we educate hundreds of cardholders everyday is that we, VISA, do NOT own your CC, its your bank, no matter if its a CC or debit card, so if u ever have an issue with your card ( activation/ credit limit/ balance/ card not working while traveling) you MUST call your bank, not Visa. We DO NOT have access to your personal information. But some people dont get it & yell at us. If you are unhappy with any services that happens w/ your card you need to take it up with your bank.

Finally- Visa ONLY manages lost/ stolen card reports & handles emergency services for cardholders that are traveling, we DO NOT make the decision if you receive your card or not, that is upto the bank, remember they are the owner of your acct. & when you receive an emergency card that doesnt work, you need to speak to the bank, we JUST emboss them ( it maybe that the card isnt active yet). & we help with certain benefits that visa cardholders have (

I hope this clears the air on what we do, we are an amazing company excelling in Customer Service. Thanks.


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