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Virgin Mobile customer service is ranked #488 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 1362 ratings. This score rates Virgin Mobile customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,276 Negative Comments out of 1,362 Total Comments is 93.69%.


86 Positive Comments out of 1,362 Total Comments is 6.31%.

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  • Virgin Mobile

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    • 31.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,276 negative comments (93.69%)
    • 86 positive comments (6.31%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I appreciate your assistance. How can I receive return label. Please email at

Serafima Khaikina

Posted by Frankie

Iam having alot of trouble finding a way to get a refund on a virgin mobile top up card. I tried to refund it at the 711 I bought it from but they refused. I've tried countless times to look at virgin sites on the internet but they have everything else but the answer to my problem... Someone please help me out. Thank you

Posted by grammyjanice2000

I telephoned VM to inform them I was returning the phone I just purchased on 10/26. The phone was received on 11/1 and I telephoned on 11/2. I was told I'd receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours....of course no email. I emailed requesting a return label as I was told one would be mailed to me and then told no label would be returned and the return cost is mine. A bit miffed as the last email said: As I said....blah blah blah and did not include the return address so here I am looking it up. Seems customer service, that used to be excellent, has gone the way of so many companies. I wanted VM to provide the return address so I don't get the sent it to the wrong address.

Posted by Mad as Hell

I'm trying to find out how to return my iPhone. I bought this phone from you over the internet a few days ago. It came badly boxed with no receipt, nothing, no basic instructions. I managed to activate it, but the phone continues to say "no service." I sent an email about this and the person emailed back with instructions I can't follow. Meanwhile, you disconnected my old Virgin Mobile phone so now I have no cell service. And on top of it, I have tried twice to sign up for insurance on this iPhone, yet the website continues to say I have no insurance. So I'm fed up. I want out. But now I am having a horrible time trying to find information or instructions on how to send back this phone and get a refund. Why are you making this so difficult?

Posted by Honeyboo74

I returned an iPhone 7 back to virgin mobile about 2 weeks and now they claim that they can't find the phone in the warehouse. I think they are lieing and that iPhone is right there in the warehouse and not trying to get it. Will someone please help me with this situation. I want my money back for that iPhone that I have purchased from them, they told me it would be 7to10 business days and the 10th day was yesterday. I need help with this.

Posted by Zachery

I had two phones both broke easy and i need a refund on my 35 dollar card bevauae i cant even use my phone. Im possed off so someone needs to fix this fast

Posted by Leelee

Virgin mobile customer service is the worst!!! 2 weeks back and forth with them.My phone caught fire!! They showed no remorse,the warranty dept.(Richard Lee) said he would send out a new phone A.S.A.P,it has been 2 weeks an still waiting! I have called and left messages,but no return calls or phone.I would not recommend Virgin mobile to anyone .Buyer be aware.

Posted by Fizzin

I returned a mobile phone to them in March 2012 recorded delivery. They claimed not to have received it so I emailed and phoned with Royal Mail details. In October 2012, after setting a debt agency on to me, I sent a letter with all the details and assumed that was that. However 4 1/2 years on they have started again with the same pattern. Another period of harassment over a phone I have never used and returned long ago. I believe they are chancers who hoped I would no longer have the evidence but fortunately I had photocopied it and will be sending it on. Don't trust them

Posted by Daughter of a Frustrated Custome

They make it impossible to cancel your account. You can call customer service and work through the phone prompts but NEVER will you find an option to cancel and NEVER are YOU going to be given THE OPTION TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN. My 85 year old mother had a credit card connected to her account, she stopped using this phone over 6 months ago but could not get Virgin Mobile to stop deducting money from her credit card. A class action suit should be filed against Virgin Mobile. They prey on people who are poor, old, technologically unknowing or trusting.

Posted by Anonymous

They will keep your money--
I contacted virgin mobile regarding my brothers account since he passed away.
he had $ 278 on his account - I will try to make this brief-
after trying to discuss with 1 customer rep who did not understand what passed away or deceased meant I asked for supervisor - the supervisor informed me the account would be refunded-gave me a confirmation number and that it would take 3-5 business days to process refund ..a couple weeks passed...I called again- asked to speak with a supervisor -- was informed refund denied- see rules and policies- which I have yet to find--- and the kicker- I could upgrade to a different phone if I paid $ 20.00... 3 things for certain- death - taxes - and virgin mobile keeping your money
very poor customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I've tried your number and no live person. Yesterday one was suppose to call me back and didnt. Today I put in serial number and on line tells me it's wrong. Flustrated with no support to switch over phone. Something that should be simple has effected my work and daily life. Your service for my money sucks! Try calling me

Posted by Anonymous

my names is Bessie Eubanks and I have been a customer for a long time. Now, my phone is turned off. I entered the new card number last month, but this month I got a message telling me to top up. How many times do I have to give the card information.

Well I decided that I want a new service and a new phone. Can you send me some information on how to get a different phone and include a smart phone infor?

Thank you

Bessie Eubanks

Posted by Anonymous

Have tried to top up my account but instead of beingmelt logged in As I always have been I discovered i wasn't! Why? Virgin asked me to log in but when I entered my password it was rejected! I tried to reset my password Virgin wants an ID#, have no idea what that is since my only ID is my cell# and my pass word
Please reinstate my passwor and log me in to my account. I've been trying to log in since 6:00 last night!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a $60.00 top up card that I don't need and I was wpndering how can I get a refund and I do have a receipt?

Posted by Samih awad

I do not want to exepress my bad filling about your customer services and the head office does not know about the business

Please access the notes on my account

And you will no how much I am frustrated after all the year I have business with you

Please give me call from the head office in Canada

Not from your customer services at filebeen

Posted by Don't understand what's a screen

I have reached out to Virgin Mobile for at least a month to try and troubleshoot my phone all to no avail they have been unable to help me I cannot connect to the 4G LTE network and I'm paying for it every month this is quite disturbing I have been with Virgin Mobile for over 10 years and now they have got to be the worst cell phone company I've experienced please help

Posted by Larry N

I completely agree with the comment copied from 6/6/16, see below. personal experience with this issue has been very frustrating, the Virgin Mobile top up "requirement" is holding me hostage.I have a balance in the account that if I choose to not top up Virgin Mobile shuts/top up off my phone, closes my account and my remaining balance vanishes into thin air. I do not use this simple pay lo phone enough to use up the balance so Virgin Mobile demands that I add more money or loose my phone service and the remaining balance, what the??

Posted by Weldman
on 6/6/16 at 6:11PM
IS there any way we can do a Civil Law suit or Action thru the FCC here in the USA against them for unfair practices. I think the FCC should look into this as its called "Insufficient Services" in a Small Claims court. When they take our money its a "Contract" for that month of phone service! there should be a way of dealing with this issue.. I wonder if we can go after Sprint since they are the Provider and its well know!

Posted by Bob

Virgin mobile tech service one speaks good English, they put you on hold for 20 minutes a wack times three.....nothing resolved and you walk away pissed..and when you cool off and try the next day.....same sucky inept service....they make it impossible to return a shipped phone that was junk

Posted by I dont have one

Re: Hardware

Your WAYBILL info says that I must UNLOCK the Samsung Mobile phone before I package & send it.

How am I supposed to do that? I am a senior 80 yrs old & I cant even operate this device let alone unlock it. This is so out of hand. I wish I had never heard of Samsung, Virgin Mobile or of the Source store in Midland where I obtained the lousy thing. What if I send it back locked???

Posted by Anonymous

No phone now after activating a new one on virgin mobile, can't use old one now. How the hell can you not have access to customer service or email the problem, or chat with someone to fix this. Nothing no way to contact anyone in any way.

Posted by Homeless Because of Virgin Mobil

The store I purchased the top up card from added $200 instead of the $35 I asked for. The $200 was supposed to go onto the prepaid Visa and the $35 was supposed to go on the top up card. When I paid the bill, it credited my account for $200. I called and asked them if they could remove the money from my account and send me it in a check. Easy process, right? Wrong, they told me no.

So thank you Virgin Mobile. I have a phone paid up until next year but no where to live because you won't return my rent money. Me and my kids now have to live in a car, but at least my phone will be on right.

Posted by I'd

Junk phone died less than 2 months old, perfect except the screen quit. The operator gave me the manufacturers 1800 that didn't open till Monday, virgin phones have no manufacturer warranty, blew me off. Called back only to get more run around, probably spent at least 2 hours on hold. Switched my service to ting and will be getting a non sprint device next time I upgrade my phone.

Posted by Disappointed with iphone 5s

I am returning 2 iPhones 5s. They are too small for me to use. I need an address where to send them

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to contact someone concerning my account refund. Virgin mobile removed towers from my service area subsequently I lost services. I requested technical support with no support in sight. I request a refund and was denied with no contact from the actual department. This is unfair practice. You cannot take money and not provide a service.

Posted by hutch6988

richard brannson shoild be assamed worst cust support EVER then just ripping you off and pockecting money on us you cant get back really please everyone or anyone looking to be your provider DONT DO YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID

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Posted by Anonymous

I've used Virgin Mobile for several years and I'm always impressed with the quality and friendly customer service provided by competent reps. Great Service!!!

Posted by myself

Virgin has been wonderful to me. I have been with them 6 years and have only ever had a couple issues which they promptly addressed and compensated me for. Their customer service is great as well. I'm pretty much never on hold, and its always a quick and painless process.

Posted by Anonymous

Want to say Thanks to all the customer service and techs who helped with my phone delimma. It was my phone, not the service .Thanks for your patience and courtesy. I'm back up and running.

Posted by Maria

I am surprised as well to see so many complaints. I've been with vm for 5 yrs, have bought 3 phones and 99.9 percent of the time i haven't had any reason to complain. Very helpful, effective customer service reps. Will stay with vm. I've used att, sprint, verizon and they do not come close to vm. VM is superb.

Posted by satisfied 24 hr support

Thanks for this #. Just activated old phone n got new number at midnight on a holliday :-)

Posted by VirginHellPhones CORRECTED

I am a douche bag. I posted the rant about auto debit account and how screwed up Virgin is bla bla card was replaced mid month and I did not update my account information. As I am lecturing the customer service rep that they have somehow screwed this up, my wife says - its becasue your card was replaced moron.......she was right. I apologize for the undue rant and accusations in my previous posting. I should have thought it through, realized the issue and called with the new number. Actually the phone service has been fine with no complaints. I am wrong in this.

Posted by trudy

I have been with virgin mobile for 8 years or more they have never given me any problems and I have had a lot of my friends use it as well with great results.

Posted by Anonymous

For me it was a surprisingly positive experience. I've been having problems text messaging with "code 97" or "out of network" (in my house?) for months and I finally decided just to call and try and get it fixed. I called and got no response, but then they called back with a live representative. She told me through all of the normal stuff, turn off and on, take out the battery, etc. But then did some advanced troubleshooting stuff and it worked. (She sounded really surprised when it did though). Hopefully this wasn't just a quick fix and its a long term one. Thumbs up.

Posted by saetum

I set up a new phone, but there was a confusion over it and I ended up putting it through twice. I emailed customer service and within the day they issued a refund. I was pleasantly surprised with both their willingness to help, and the speed with which they helped.

Posted by espec

I read through dozens of the comments here and, frankly, got a little worried about my new Virgin Mobile iPhones I bought this week. I had VM years ago for a talk-only phone, and my son has been using VM for the past year with his Android smart phone with no problems. Sure enough, when I tried to activate the second of the 2 iPhones, the MEID # was not recognized. I called VM but reached only their automated response line (I hate that thing!!), but I recalled having read here to try saying "Live Representative" over and over until it worked. It *did* work and I was connected to a pleasant-sounding woman with a fairly strong accent, but no problems communicating. She didn't instill much confidence in me at first, as she was clearly reading documentation (even putting me on hold at one point to "look something up"). I was prepared for the worst--hanging up on me or simply not being able to help me, but she patiently waited while I went through the iPhone set up steps and we eventually got everything working. She confirmed my new phone number and payment options and now I'm all set. Whew! If I didn't know the trick to reach a live rep, I think I'd be tearing my hair out now, but once I was able to speak to someone, the experience was actually quite pleasant. I hope this bodes well for the future, as I was quite alarmed to read all of the nightmarish comments on this site.

Posted by Anonymous

My dealings with Ivan employee # 6063023 have been great. He's gone out of his way answering questions I've been texting to him on his own phone and has been prompt and helpful. Kudos!

Posted by Anonymous

Called Virgin Mobile for a phone issue they took about 1-2 mins to reach but they did not resolve my problem they were very friendly and very understanding

Posted by StophatinonVirginMobile!!!!!!!!!

I dont understand why everyone is saying Virgin Mobile sucks! It doesnt my whole and family and myself all have phones from them and we have had them for many years and never had a problem with them. If you had a problem its your own fault! Virgin Mobile wouldn't still be in business if their things were screwed up. Obviously they are a good running business and just hop of their jocks and stop leaving rude comments. And maybe thats why they hang up on you! You are rude people who have nothing better else to do than sit on the computer all day and write mean comment on the comment boxes!You guys are probably breaking your phones to try and get you money back!!! Virgin Mobile is a wonderful company and I enjoy their products and i have never had a problem with the towers or anything. I plan on having Virgin Mobile for as long as I have a cell phone!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Virgin Mobile Eastlands,

I would like to Thank Katie for her patience, help, assistance and information that she gave my wife Grace on using her new Samsung Galaxy II mobile phone on Thursday 19th July.

My wife, Grace was apprehensive at first on buying the Samsung Galaxy II mobile phone as it was her first smartphone, but after Katie's clear explanation and showing of the phone's function, she now thinks it is the best mobile phone purchase she has ever made.

It is refreshing to find in a Retail shop, someone like Katie who has excellent customer service skills and the ability to build strong relationships with customers. We will only be buying in the future our mobile phones from Virgin Mobile Eastlands.

Thank you and regards
Grace & Robert Makin

Posted by JVCustomer

I have had VM for many years now and im only 19 years old, but as personal experiance Virgin Mobile has been great since i have been a customer, i dont know why people say it sucks if it works great for me, but now im not sure of how its going to work out since i have the 25$ plan and i just bought a Lg Optimus elite but their telling me that i have to change to the 35$ plan, why is this? cant i just keep the same plan? hopefully once i call customer service they can help me keep the same plan of 25$ a month instead of changing it to the 35% a month, they shouldnt change the monthly plan just because i bought a new phone..but overall Virgin Mobile works great!!!

Posted by Tantalum99

Not bad service.

Some dead or weak spots for phone coverage.

We use this service for our 11 year old. He mostly texts and plays games.

The Optimus Elite only cost us $129 at Radio Shack. Monthly is $45 for 1200 mins of talk and unlimited text and data. Not Bad.

Posted by JackA

I am trying to switch my cell number from Verizon to Virgin Mobile. I'm on hold right now.
Because I used 98 minutes of my 1200 minute plan, they are saying I have to pay for another monthly plan to 'start' my service with the new phone number.

The attempt to change my # has taken 43 minutes so far.

My thinking is, if they are willing to ...
oh wait, they seem to be resolving the problem! Good for them!

That changes everything from a big negative to a big positive. Shouldn't have been an issue in the first place, but they said they would resolve it.
It appears they did. It took one hour and 18 minutes. But they appear to have done it without adding stupid surcharges.
I'll rate them a bit higher than they deserve, but in any case, it was not as bad as it could have been.

Posted by Chibs

The customer service is (for me) at 50/50... I had no trouble porting my phone number from AT&T when I switch to VM. It took 10 minutes and the lady I Filipina to at the call center was nice and helpful.

That was the good 50. The BAD 50 happened last night and this morning.

I bought a new phone to replace the one I was using is a year old and doesn't work as well any more (don't drop your phones.... I tried to use their online "swap phone" service. It told me there was a problem during the swap and that I need to call their customer service number (1-888-322-1122) and ask for a live rep.

It was 8:45 when I called so they were still open. I gave them a call, got a Filipina named Sarah (if I remember correctly) and I told her what was going on. She would NOT let me speak. She kept speaking over me so it made it hard to tell her the problem. Eventually she understood and took my MEID for activating and swapping my phone to my account. She then told me that I needed $10 on my account (which I didn't have and didn't want to put on there) in order to swap my phone. I asked her why and she said because it's required to swap the phone. A few seconds later she told me that I wouldn't be able to use my phone for making calls, text messaging, or data for 4 hours (I didn't care too much because I was going to go to bed. Whatever.) Right as she said that the line went dead like I got hung up on.

With prior experience with phone systems in the PI it is very common for phone lines to go out and internet to stop working due to the way things work there (everything's all screwed up there). So I called back to try to figure out what's going on since I couldn't tell if my phone had actually been swapped or not and the call center was closed (it was then 9:03pm PST...)

I was livid because I HAVE to have my phone for work and if it was going to be de-activated for 4 hours (if it had to be swapped the next morning before work) then I'd be missing a lot of work things.

I tried to use my phone after the disconnection and I could still use data but I couldn't use my texting or make or receive calls. I managed to use Google Voice to text people when I needed to (in case anybody has the same thing happen!)

This morning, I tried to see if any of the phones were working and found that neither one was activated. I tried the online form again to swap. No dice. CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-888-322-1122. Boo....

I got to work and called VM immediately. I spoke to Steve in the PI center. He apologized and said he'd help me with my problem.

He was nice until there was a problem happening on his end. He started sounding frustrated, heard a lady yelling at him about something about "she has a credit card on file!" and then... He put me on hold. I waited and he came back saying to hold longer. Ok... Waited more. He came back and told me that the phone was swapped successfully and then put me on hold. Again. Then he came back and said it wasn't fixed and that he didn't have the tools to solve the issue. He then transfered me to a "device specialist." ...O...k...

I sat on hold for another 10 minutes waiting. Got somebody named Josh.

He listened to my situation and then told me that I would have to pay a $10 fee to swap the phone because it's over the phone with a live representative instead of the free online service. I told him the only reason I was on the phone with him was because the online way wasn't working and told me to call them. I asked to not be charged and then he started swapping my phone and investigating the problem.

He told me that they had a maintenance and that's why it wasn't accepting my online request an that it should be working today. I told him that I tried it this morning and it wan't working still and that was the reason for my hour long call today.

He said "oh." and then started asking for information about the phone. "Is it new or a replacement?" - It's new and is replacing my old VM phone. "What's the MEID?" - gave it to him. He put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back asking the SAME questions. He then said that it was linked to a different account and then asked me if he could call back on the number I was using for the call. We hung up and he called back immediately (GOOD) and then put me on hold so he could call a different department.........

He came back, had me type some # signs and numbers to get to a hidden menu, then imput my phone number and then a different phone number (who's number was that? I have no idea....................) and then it restarted. Ok cool. It booted up and then I magically started getting text messages and voicemails. I guess I sounded surprised because I could hear him laughing in the phone and asking if that was my new phone making that sound and then to make a call. Everything was working. He explained that they have two systems and I wasn't able to swap the phone because it was getting hung up on the first system. Ok. I guess that makes sense. I guess.

He asked me "Does this resolve everything you were calling about today? :)" and I said "yes but I have one question." He asked what it was and I asked him if I was still being charged that $10 for the swap since it wasn't my fault their system wasn't working. He stopped sounding happy and then told me they already charged it to my account. I was pretty mad and told him it didn't make any sense because I WANTED to use the internet and I wouldn't have called other if it had been working. He then explained that he wasn't the one who charge me and said "they actually only charged $6 instead of the $10 so I still have $4 in the account! :D" um... I had $14 on my account. 14-6 is NOT 4. I told him this and he said "oh." and then I heard a bunch of typing and then "it's been reversed... does this resolve any issues you're calling about today...?" I told him yes and thank you and the call was over.

I checked my balance and it was indeed there like it was supposed to. I'll be keeping an eye on it since they did charge it... I'll also be keeping an eye on my credit card because of the lady in the background yelling about it being on file... So... Yay Virgin Mobile...? ._.

I'm glad it got resolved but... I hope I never have to buy a new phone again. -.-

Posted by Matt

I have been with Virgin Mobile since early 2002. Generally speaking, their customer service is sub par at best. Tonight, I was able to FINALLY get through to someone who could A: speak English, B: did NOT sound like a robot, and C: was ACTUALLY HELPFUL.

I have bought every "flagship" phone that Virgin Mobile has offered for years, beginning with the Kyocera V5 Slider. I have had several run ins with Virgin Mobile over the years up to and including: getting cussed out in 3 languages (Taglog Portuguese, and Spanish), I have been lied to, overcharged, etc.

I am currently trying to purchase the new HTC EVO 3D and do a warranty exchange on a Triumph that has several issues. After speaking with the SAME REPRESENTATIVE for well over 45 minutes we were able to get the issues ironed out and I am receiving Free overnight shipping, a free month of service, free hotspot connections for a month, and I was able to actually get my issues resolved.

I called in once and got through and was hung up on, the second time I was hung up on, the THIRD time I was hung up on, and I was able to finally explain the situation to someone who COULD and DID help.

Heres the situation for me;
I called in on 5/31 and ordered my EVO, and my replacement triumph at the same time. I am supposedly getting my replacement Triumph in the mail today (6/4, long time due to weekend) but I had been promised that I would receive my EVO on Friday (6/1). Well I called back in the first time for the tracking number and I was told that FEDEX hadn't picked up my order, so I called back on Saturday for my tracking number to just be told the order hadn't been submitted, which I knew was a line of crap because I had the order number sitting in front of me. So I called back in AGAIN on Saturday to be told that it was backordered from HTC and I would have to wait. Then I called in Sunday (6/3), 4 times, to be told that my order was on hold. To say the least I was livid, especially since they had already charged my account for the money and hadnt shipped the phone.
Well after 45 minutes on the phone with a GREAT customer service rep from Tech support, it was found out that the ORIGINAL rep had dropped the ball and hadn't submitted my order until the late SATURDAY (6/2) which took the extra 2 days to post to my account, AND now caused me to be back ordered on my phone. This representative took the time to actually E-mail me a copy of what she saw on her screen so I could have a physical copy of it for myself, AND was able to track down the order and get the phone ready to ship, plus allow me to be sure I wasn't receiving a pink phone, PLUS all the free stuff I mentioned above for my trouble.. THAT is 5 star customer service in my book! I have been in her position before and I have ran a call center for YEARS, SHE is a PERFECT example of EXEMPLARY customer support! THANKS LYDIA!!!


Posted by LANCE356

Planning a trip to Idaho in June and wanted to Top Up my Virgin Mobile Phone.
The automated process for changing my CC from Visa to MC was flawless.
Hoping that my phone will work on the trip from Colorado?

Posted by Anonymous

I have only had the service for 3 mos but have had to make 2 calls with questions and the CSRs were more than polite and helpful. Have had no problems at all and this is a great phone for my teenager.

Posted by dpverksies

suprisingly very nice and helpful with my problem. They accidently turned my wireless network off. they fixed the problem and compensated me right away. thank you virgin mobile.

Posted by drevel71

I have had nothing but great experiences with Virgin Mobile's customer support. Just recently I had an issue with my phone and Virgin Mobile resolved my issue for me. My Motorola Triumph was not holding its charge and I called Motorola and they offered to fix it, but I would not have my phone for 5-7 days and they did not offer me a loaner phone in the meantime! I called Virgin Mobile's customer support and they overnighted me a brand new phone and had me send back my broken phone (prepaid shipping)and they are going to deal with Motorola for me. Now that is customer service and I will never buy another Motorola phone.

Posted by E1C

Great URL!! Bought a phone 12/29/11 on the $45 "unlimited" plan but burned thru my 1200 minutes/mo quick and had to make two top-offs, one at $90 (12/17/11) and the other at $45 today - so I switched (today) to the true unlimited plan at $55/month. The number listed by this site was correct. There were no customer service numbers listed on my first $45 payment card nor on the VM USA URL (which says "dial 789" on the keypad which did not work at all). The correct number listed on was the same one my sales rep wrote down on a piece of paper for his own use to set up my account on the day of purchase (just found it in my phone retail box). This site is awesome, and includes problem escalation which I did not have to use today. The customer service person was very good today. Thanks! M. Johnson

Posted by Bolton

So far I have had multiple problems with my Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone and have had no problem with the representatives helping me, they have done a great job atm and have helped me get things working.

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Posted by ex employee

I used to work for VM customer service. I answered calls for tech support and at your service (top ups). I was going through the comments and found much more negative comments than positive. I know that VM sucks, Im not here to talk bad about the company or anything.. As an advisor I will say my opinion about customers and why they don't get their issue resolved. What I don't like about customers who call in, is their freaking attitude. They call in yelling and being rude to us demanding to fix their phone.

If someone from the Philippines releases your call because of you being rude or for any reason, I understand that you will call back pissed off. But this time you will not get the same advisor from the Philippines. you get an advisor from another country (Mexico) and as soon as they pick up the phone you start throwing them off and talking crap.
example: Thank you for calling VM....(advisor is not done opening the call and then customer is already yelling) I am fkn pissed off. Im tired of this company you suck. after being placed on hold for 30 mins i finally speak with you. if you don't effen fix my problem you guys better watch out and bunch of other crap...
How do you expect for that person to help you with your problem? As a customer you must understand that it wasn't his fault that the filipino hung up on you. Your talking to a Mexican now. Totally different person.
As an advisor I understand that the customer does have a problem and thats why they are calling. You should consider on being a little bit nicer because the person you make mad might have had the solution for your problem but if you start talking crap about him do you think he is going to be willing to help you?

Advisors can do some refunds and some cant be done. PERIOD! If you call in asking for a refund on a ringtone that you bought last year we wont be able to refund that money back. That was last year you purchased the ringtone. The system doesn't save information that old. If we don't have proof of that purchase we can't add any money on your account.
Some people want their whole 55 dollar plan restarted for free because they received a text message saying that they need to top up and it was wrong. When we say that we cant do something on your account is because we cant. We wont risk our job FOR FRAUD just because someone wants free minutes or because they feel like they deserve to be compensated for a stupid reason. Although, there are exceptions when the customer is right and should be given credit but not a whole month for free. I know that we may also do mistakes but we are PEOPLE AND NOT PERFECT. WHEN HAVE YOU NOT MADE A MISTAKE?

This "customers" are the most demanding ever! They get a phone for free and 250 mins a month and 250 text for FREE and they still call in mad because their minutes are over. They also don't listen when we tell them the steps to program their phone making our phone calls the longest.






We are hired to take phone calls and help customers yeah... but we also do what we are told to do as employees and please don't request for things that we cant do ! Yes we usually have the solution for your problem but if we dont do not make it personal with the advisor! It is not his fault and also we are aware that VM SUCks there is no need for you to tell us that..

I truly recommend to just leave VM

or visit us at

Posted by callcenterguy

i am a virgin mobile representative, and i answer calls from broadband2go and tech support, i just want to say that virginmobile is the worst company, i dont know why people uses virgin mobile, is a terrible company, but that is not all, the customers are the worst, people call angry yelling, asking for things that we cannot do, instead of being polite and saying please and thanks, if they do that we will be more than happy to help you, of you call and start insulting us we will hung up, or we wont help you..we are call center in different parts of the world like philipines, mexico and some others, there is no call center in india,and we dont work for virginmobile we work for different companies that provide the service for virgin mobile.. we dont do miracles, we just have a computer in front of us, we cannot fix outages or network issues...and is not only the service that is bad, the customers are the worst, they dont know how to use their phones or computers and call upset saying that is the service when they dont know what the hell theyre doing.. they throw their cellphones to the water and call asking for a new phone, wtf, you broke it, why do we have ti givve you a new one for free??... but the worst of the worst.. assurance wireless customers.. they dont pay anything, they get free phone and free minutes and still they call in upset and want things for free and demand a lot of things when they dont event pay a dime.. please before you can call a call center, first do something by yourselves, try to play with your phones a lil bit,before you can call someone in mexico that dont care about your issue


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