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Virgin Atlantic customer service is ranked #294 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 48 ratings. This score rates Virgin Atlantic customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


42 Negative Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 87.50%.


6 Positive Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 12.50%.

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    • 39.70 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 42 negative comments (87.50%)
    • 6 positive comments (12.50%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have a booking for my wife and myself also our daughter,son in law and granddaughters. We are doing a special trip and would like to have seat numbers so we are together. We have our seats for return flight which is Delta from London to Detroit. I am a delta silver elite frequent flyer and would like to be able to talk to a customer representative. I can not get a live person. Please help

Posted by GDOG

Terrible customer service. No clear number, no trace of person dealing with correspondence. Delays in responding. Planes are old and grubby. Useless flying club reward scheme. Overall a royal pain in the backside.

Posted by mustie

Spent over £1100 for a return flight to Vegas for a trip of a lifetime. Booked my window seat a week in advance as I suffer from claustrophobia & anxiety . When I got to the airport the decided to change my seat with no notice & sat me on a different row from my family. Then they wanted to put me on a later flight that was grounded from the previous day because of a dodgy wing. Their aircraft is very old & have not been updated for about 20 years! Staff were rude & refused to help. Had to endure 2 hours delay then 9 hours of hell on the plane. Complained when I got back. They tired to fob me off with some vouchers that I will never use! Lynda from customer relations phoned me, offered no solution then started shouting at me down the phone. When I asked for a copy of the call, it suddenly disappeared!!! Horrible, horrible company. They used to be so good. I've even met Richard Branson who was a lot more polite to me than his staff!

Posted by atiyakm

I was surprised at the level of appalling service received from Virgin Atlantic or the lack of service. I spoke with four different representatives who were abusive to say the least and the executive office was not interested in even finding a middle ground. I have never experienced such disparaging treatment with a company in my life. It really makes me want to use my influence to launch an international consumer boycott. Any company who treats their customers in such a way shouldn't even be in business.

Posted by Bonniebrown1

I was upgraded to Premium Economy after being urged to do so by the airline check-in person . The cost was 798 dollars one way for my husband and myself. SFO to London we were sitting across from the galley their vent blew cold air on us for 10 plus hours we wore our coats, scarfs and blankets we ask to be moved and was told no available sets anywhere. I ask for my upgrade to be refunded over several email I was denies. Terrible service and shame on Virgin Atlantic.

Bonnie Brown

Posted by Napi

AWEFUL FLYING REWARD CLUB policy... NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY ALL AROUND- poorly trained staff for emergency situations- I passenger almost died on my flight to London and stewardess didn't know what to do, but also DID NOT allow doctors on board to get involved... The passenger almost died if not for those doctors...

BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE- LOW QUALITY- POOR TRAINING .. Won't fly with them again- not worth aggregation... Thought Branson's organization would be stella-... not at all...

Posted by mg

I have been waiting for over 30 minutes to book a flight. Do they want me to fly with them or not. Have no confidence there is anyone there to pick up the phone. This is totally unacceptable customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried for two Hour To book a seat, I gave the information they ask for (repeated] it for 2 hour, all the details from my Electronic Ticket Record, and still told me it was not correct, I normaly travel BA,changed to VA, Big Mistake...I normaly select an Aisle Seat, because of my Hip.Not Impressed...

Posted by Anonymous

I am having a terrible experience w Virgin Atlantic. I booked a flight, then endeavored to change it AND upgrade it. I was told that AMEx declined to "pay for" the upgrade expense. Icalled AmEx since I have never had a charge declined. They said thought the upgrade charge from Virgin was fake. Straigtened that out so they have approved it. Have tried to clarify w Virgin but have been on hold for hours, Unbelievable!

Posted by Anonymous

I will swim across the ocean before I fly Virgin Atlantic airlines again. My fiance and I were going on a safari and flying 1st class from JFK through Heathrow on to Johannesburg. Due to an accident on the tarmac, our plane was damaged and they had to cancel the flight. Over 300 people went scrambling to rebook, with ONE ticket agent on duty. Some supervisors finally appeared and we were rebooked "cattle" on another airline. We were promised a refund on the flight plus an upgrade from premium economy to first class on the return flight. The upgrade was apparently never put into the computer and the ticket agents in Johannesburg supposedly did not have the authority to upgrade us as we had been promised. It is now over a month since that scheduled flight to Heathrow and we have not yet received any refund at all.

Posted by dmo

Love reading these comments. Most are about being "unheard". No kidding. Had a complaint, talked to somebody at 800 number, asked to speak to a supervisor. She said "NO". Really, that's what she said. Got phone number for corporate offices in U.S.. If you didn't know a name or extension in advance, YOU COULDN'T TALK TO ANYBODY, YOU HAD TO LEAVE A MESSAGE????. Tried their Guest Relations 800 number. HAD TO LEAVE A MESSAGE??? What a joke. NO, YOU WON'T BE HEARD. If you figure out a way to actually talk to a human being with this company, please let me know.

Posted by Anonymous

Virgin Atlantic, you truly have a long way to go to achieve the quality customer service your ads profess you are striving for!!! On June 28th our family of 4 boarded your 9:15pm Flight 2 from Newark,NJ to London Heathrow, where we should have connected with BA 778 to Stockholm arriving 3pm on 6/29. During our flight we were detoured to Iceland because of a woman who seemed ill.We later found out she was fine and had just drank too much the night of the flight. Anyway we were assured it would be a quick detour and we would still make our connection.Hours later we finally arrived in London missing our connection.We were told when we exited there would be a Virgin Atlantic person to assist.No one assisted and we when we finally found our way to your ticket counter there was a long line with 1 person assisting everyone who had also missed their connection.Many others were walking around but they insisted only this 1 person could rebook our new connection.After a long wait they booked us on an SAS flight 528 and assured us our luggage would get on that flight with us. When we arrived in Stockholm 9 hrs. after our original arrival time our luggage was lost!We checked into our hotel in Stockholm with only the clothes on our back at midnight.We had to be at the dock for our cruise the next day at 3;30pm and at this point no one had any idea where our luggage was. SAS completed paperwork to attempt to find missing luggage. They were extremely helpful unlike your airlines. The next day they finally tracked the luggage that Virgin Atlantic had sent to BA instead of SAS where you had rebooked us!!!We were told it would be delivered to our hotel by 2pm in time for us to get a taxi to the cruise terminal.It never arrived.We never got to see any of Stockholm and boarded the ship not knowing where our luggage was. Our luggage finally arrived after we left port and the cruise ship got it delivered to us. It was a horrible experience!!!Coming home we checked into your Flight 1 which was supposed to depart at 4pm from London Heathrow and we were informed that flight was delayed 4 hrs.When we asked to at least let us use your lounge to wait in we were told no. Virgin Atlantic was responsible for ruining the first 2 days and last day of our vacation and no one from your airline made any attempt to make amends or any small compensation for the mess they created. We are frequent flyers and have never received the poor treatment we received from your airline. We paid 35 euros each, 140 euros,for the four of us to get
into the only paying lounge at Heathrow. At he very least we feel Virgin Atlantic should reimburse us for this in an attempt to somehow compensate for the poor treatment from start to finish we received traveling with your airlines.

Posted by Never Virgin Again

Virgin changed our flight route to suddenly include on ground transfer between airports. This was totally uncalled for and we are also expected to pay for the transfer costs. We travel with small kids and this behavior is just amazing. On top of things they try to direct our complaints to the travel agent who just sold us the tickets (which were fine initially).

Posted by Anonymous

we were delayed for 24 hrs on our flight back from jamaica on march 13th after a wonderful 10 day stay to see my daughter get married.There were 12 people in our party.The treatment we received from your staff was appalling to say the least. From the minute we were ushered from the the plane after sitting their for 3 hours only to be left waiting yet again to get through customs, then pushed and shoved like cattle onto buses that none of us newwhich one we had to get on, because of all the chaos, and no VIRGIN REP IN SIGHT.Then we all ended up in the most disgusting hotel called Grandiolas grand it certainly wasn't. On arrival were told room only and if we wanted water were told to get a taxi costing 15 dollars to the local shops,bearing in mind it was well past midnight,after nummerus times asking for a drink we were finally given a cup of water in a plastic cup.The rooms we were given was disgracefulfilthy bathroom dirty floors and walls chains on doors and to top it all infested with ants and millions of moskitos, had to spray room with my repellent to stop being bitten.Next morning told we had to pay for breakfast and lunch fortunatley you were apparently emailed and agreed to pay for our meals that was big of you.Breakfast was very poor and the staff very rude and unhelpful it semed they just couldn't cope with the influx of people.On arriving back at the airport we had to endure even more waiting,the staff on check were no more than useless,on checking one lot of people in they would then just walkaway leaving us all waiting they seemed to do this in turn and just didn't seem to care how long the que was or how long it took.Once on board the cabin crew were even less helpful on asking for an eye mask was told there wasn't any available only to see the same crew member l had asked proceed into premium class with a handful of masks was it because l was only in economy and l didn't deserve this small luxury? I'm sure Mr Branson would be appalled at the poor treatment his customers receive or would he?

Posted by ralphus

Wow! The website is down. The tollfree number in the U.S. does not work. I could not make changes to my flights without first doing the first half of my flight. On my way to Cape Town from New York I could take two bags without extra fees, but on the way back I had to pay extra for the second bag.

Most frustrating that I cannot get hold of someone over there. What does Sir. Branson think of this???

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure anyone is listening to me now, as my experience with Virgin Atlantic has gone pretty much unheard since I made a reservation in December 2012. Following some sad news regarding my mother, I made a reservation from Los Angeles to London, BLXVFQ. Upon confirming my reservation to my family in England, I was told NOT to come until after my sister left London to return to the USA, as my mother wanted to see us individually, and she felt it wsas too overwhelming for her. After all, she is 95. I canceled my ticket immediately and certainly WITHIN 24 HOURS. At no time during the reservation process was I told the ticket was non-refundable, nor did it mention same on the ticket. When I canceled my ticket, the agent told me my request would be forwarded to Refunds Department. I received no confirmation in writing with regards to this cancellation and on the several times I called, was met with very unfriendly agents, who upon hearing my story, argued with me they could not put me through to a Team Leader for further research. I even called your corporate office in england, where the receptionist put me through (and back) to Customer Service. I was calling on an almost daily basis. It wasnt until December 30th, that I spoke to another agent, who listened sympathetically to my plight and had a Team Leader, Paul Moore, email me confirming the ticket had been canceled and had been sent to the Refunds Department for a full refund. On his assurance that I would receive a refund, I rebooked for a flight departing January 16th, EBV8SP. I emailed your Refunds Dept several times requesting the status of the refund as paying for an additional ticket had placed me in a financial difficulty. Imagine my shock when this morning I read an email from your Refunds Department telling me that all I was entitled to was $214 being govt. taxes as the ticket was fully NON-REFUNDABLE. Does Virgin's left hand know what their right hand is doing? I feel I have been put through the ringer with Virgin, speaking with different agents, being told different things, and most of the time, met with their annoyance and frustrations at my questions regarding my canceled ticket. Each time I was told it could take up to 4 weeks, then another agent told me up to 6 weeks and finally another telling me 8 weeks. Today, after receiving the email from your Refunds Dept. I contacted the Claims Department at my bank, who contacted Virgin Atlantic. He was on the phone the entire time while I spoke with Nichola David at ext. 32416. She listened to the same story and told me that the ticket had in fact been canceled within the "cooling" period, put me on hold while she spoke to a Team Leader, and confirmed that the Refunds Dept must have made a mistake, and even though she won't be in the office tomorrow (Thursday) she would give the inquiry to another agent who would call me Thursday. I am absolutely amazed at the lack of service and professionalism I have received from Virgin. Although not a frequent traveler, I have always flown Virgin Atlantic. This past Summer I took my son on a vacation, using Virgin. He wasn't so lucky on his flight. He had a chair that kept slamming forward and his request for diabetic food (he's type 1) was met with white rice, a bagel, pineapple. He did not eat on the flight. Even though I had been put through the ringer with Virgin agents, and thought perhaps I should fly another airline, because of the conversation I had with Cindy Jones, at ext. 32153, I rebooked. Is this any way to treat a customer? I would like my refund, in full. I don't particular want to wait up to 8 weeks to receive it, nor a portion of it. I should have been given correct information from the very beginning, i.e. refundable or non refundable, amount of time it would take to obtain a refund, or even a credit to rebook. I am extremely disturbed, and financially and emotionally a wreck over all of this. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

This airline sucks a party of 35 persons was suppose to travel from Barbados to London on the 2nd September, 2012. the flight was cancelled to the next day. we had hotel reservation made from the 3rd to the 4th September lost i day. The staff and supervisor at the airport was very rude. we have all lost our money for the one day. Received a letter from customer service Emma Thomas who also is rude. There is noting that she can do for us. We will now use BA. The service on Virgin has gone down

Posted by ian wallage

Virgin Atlantic damaged my suitcase on the flight to Antigua on June 16th. I filled in a complaint form at the airport and followed up on return to UK on 30th June. I have to keep complaining every 28 days as they say they have lost my claim. I have just complained again today 1st October (28 days since my last complaint) as I have still had no response, they say to wait 28 days. I am not giving up though I am taking them to a small claims court now. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen

Posted by cartmill

Definately not Rockstar service more like x factor. choosing seats online was a waste of time.I chose two seats together 3 months before flight. 1 week before flight the seat map disappeared from manage my bookings and the seat numbers. Online check in gave 2 seats in different parts of plane, could not choose any customer services fobbed me off saying seats can be changed at check in. At gatwick virgin customer services say the same thing( liers )At check in, the guy says no seats available. Then says you can pay £40 each to sit together with more leg room. Reluctantly paid as it was a 9 hour flight. Did not tell us seats were near toilets flushing all flight and people queing for toilets. Customer service is zero. a very disappointing experience. never again!!!!!

Posted by Jarge

I would never ever fly Virgin Atlantic again. Old aircraft, terrible, if they work, entertainment systems and surly Flight Attendants. If you contact Customer Relations, they are even worse and this because they have a Master's degree in rudeness and a Bachelor's degree in excuses, all graduated from The Branson University of how to run a crappy airline and screw the people out of every penny we can get them for..

Posted by sandy

Terrible service with my disabled child who needed 2 carers - they wouldnt sit us together as family of 4 - instead myself and daughter 10 rows back from my disabled child and husband from lgw to orlando! Despite my son having life threatening disability!!! You cannot get worse than that!!! I complained in april - no reply, so emailed CEO 15th May - they say investigating but today is 28th may and still no apology!!!!!!!!!!!NO CUSTOMER CARE AT ALL. Too much money spent on glossy advertising and fancy tv commercials - but in reality - they are a very greedy company with the worst customer service i have ever known. The only consolation is - that we, as travellers on VA are all in agreement that they are Crap!!!!!!!Im done with VA this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my husband are going to England. My husband is tall so he bought the seats with extra leg room but when we got to the airport they said that the seats are extra knee length but not leg room.
My husband showed them the receipt that showed the payment . They said we made a mistake but can't honor to give you extra leg room. That was very disappointing and the ground staff ass unfriendly and rude.

Posted by Joanne

I was kept waiting on the line for more than 10 minutes. What kind of custom service is this????

Posted by mackq30

I have just flown home from Las Vegas to Manchester and i have got to sya, it was one of the worst flights of my life. The plane seemed as if it was a throw back from the 80's. The crew were totally useless, as was the in-flight entertainment (i would not call it that but they would). The miserable attitude and faces of the crew put me off from the beginning and as it went on it got worse. The entertainment system was one that they chose what time things started with upto an hour at times with nothing to watch, i know this seems a silly complaint but when your sitting there for 9.5 hours and am not the keenest person on flying you need to be distracted, it was just pathetic. TO top it off the crew if you can call them that were so rude with the exception of one girl, they just were not what i would expext from an airline that i thought had standards, at one point a crew member came on the pa system to say and i quote " alright everybody, we is gonna be landing in about an hour, so if you wanna TINKLE or OUT i would do it now because when we dont want a que before we turn on the seatbelt sign now do we", look i amup for a laugh as much as anyone but that was just a tad too much. Then on final approach 11 yes 11 crew members went to the back of the plane to sing Happy Birthday to a fellow crew member, a nice thing to do i know, however as a former crew member myself i know this is totally not done. They could have done this an hour before when they had nothing to do, you do not do this on final approach for obvious reasons. All in all Virgin for me was a joke, totally not what they offer on the tv ads and if i was offered a free flight i would tell them to keep it. I work in a field now where i deal with upto 200 clients a day most of which are preparing for holidays, and i can tell you now i will be onforming everyone of them about the pathetic virgin airlines experience i was so unlucky to experience. I would suggest the company take a good look at the service they claim to offer and the reality of what they do. People who pay top price expect TOP SERVICE not attitudes and bad service.


Virgin Atlantic customer service is worst & worst & worst....I never had this bad experience in my life so far. I asked them for a change of return dates and its been 2 weeks I did not get e ticket confirmation at. Daily I'm spending an average of an hour with the customer service. people working in customer service are very irresponsible, they don't care for their customers. I'm regretting for choosing Virgin Atlantic airlines for my travel.

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Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I just returned to the US from a celebration of our 50th wedding aniversary and flew V.A. to the UK both ways. I wish to compliment your company on the finest service we have had in many years of flying. It was exemplary and we have already recommended V.A. to several of ur friends who are planning trips abroad. Thanks for excellent training of your staff and service personnel and for going the extra mile in serving your passengers. Whether on-line, by telephone or in person, the entire experience with your people was a pleasure and made our special trip even more so. Thank you!

Posted by ICQ7

I wish all airlines were like Virgin Atlantic. If the plane is delayed they give you free chocolate and drinks. Customer Service is always pleasant and they treat the workers well rewarding them for a job well done.

Posted by [email protected]

This is a very very good customer service company when things go wrong at T3 london. Everybody could not have been more helpful. Well done....... eileen kelly I would love somebody from virgin to call me

Posted by fia

CALL the Japan customer service number via Skype!! They pick up on the bat, waited less than a minute, super friendly and polite, and am certain most of them speak English as well.
I tried calling the US number, called numerous times at different hours, kept on hold for over 10 minutes each time, NO ONE PICKS UP. So i gave up. Called UK number via Skype, also held over 15 minutes, no one picks up. Called Japan number, I'm from Japan so I gave it my last chance, and voila, my problem solved in under a minute, call ringing time included.

Posted by BarbaraAnn

Excellent service, food, entertainment and seats. Will use them to fly to America again, especially with the hot staff ;)

Posted by zallaz

Very friendly, patient and willing to help.

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