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Viper customer service is ranked #945 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 10.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 5 ratings. This score rates Viper customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 10.60 Overall Rating
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    • 5 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by JD

the phone number for this site is bad, no ones answers is this even a real number. thanks for nothing - Viper alarms sucks.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried 7 times to get a hold of customer support, What a joke!!

I am going to find another brand to go to. VIPER

no support just endless hold time!


I have waited on hold for 26, 43 and 56 mins and no one ever picked up!
I emailed them several times and and never heard back until I gave them a negative rating when I was set an email about how the service was!The Viper Remote Starter 4806V never worked property the remote starters have to be replace twice and they still don't work.

Posted by What u mean screen name

I put alarm in my car and I want to rigister it to my phone

My phone

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I hope this message and comment goes higher up than your customer support manager, Rob Potts. I have never had such horrible and a lack of customer service!! I have been in the service industry for a decade now and work at a wholesale multi HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY! I had an issue where I ordered the remote start for my car and the battery and remote started to malfunction to a point where I can't even use it and it was just over a year. Yes I understand that you (VIPER) have a company to run and I totally get it where you guys have to stick to your policy of warranties but the main reason I am writing this HUGE complaint on your employee, ROB POTTS, is the fact that he did not service me and did not give me options such as possibly reaching out to the authorized dealer in which I had my remote start installed (BEST BUY). He was very incompetent and I would be embarrassed and disappointed if one of my employees acted the way he did to me as a customer/consumer. His answer for not being able to help me was that I was over the warranty deadline which OK, I get but like I said, he did not offer any type of solution or a way in which I could resolve this matter but his exact words were, "You have to buy a new remote." Seriously, what kind of answer and customer service is that to a customer of yours!!!! And also, the fact that we were exchanging emails back and forth for almost a month, and the last reply that he wrote to me took 7 days is unacceptable on every level and his excuse to which he said it took him that long was, " I took 2 days off for vacation." In no way in hell is that an appropriate nor reply that you tell any customer. Man up and admit that you (ROB POTTS) messed up and could've simply apologized for replying late. I am very understanding as I deal with hundreds of customers a day but in all of my profession, would that response by Rob be appropriate or told to any of my customers!

During our conversation we had today on the phone, he not once offer me any resolution or options in which I could proceed other than to buy another new remote! I mean, after a year of using your product, it malfunctions and yet, you don't stand behind your product and service? I would be embarrassed and ashamed as a company having that happen and not helping the customer (ME) try to continue to use your product/remote. I am extremely upset at his demeanor and attitude towards customers. This email would not have been written if Rob only had offered me some kind of help/service/ or option other than to disrespectfully tell me to just go buy a new remote and that's my only option!!! I feel that Rob has poor customer communication skills and should be reprimanded for his disgraceful actions and words to me. And this is not the end of me reaching out because I will be contacting Best Buy who installed my remote start and have them proceed with getting this resolved since Rob couldn't fulfill his duties as a so called "CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER"! A simple I'm sorry and offering a solution of any sort would've sufficed for me to be reasonable but the fact that he acted this way, resulted in this very disappointing email about your employee, Rob. Thank you!

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