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Posted by RICKP3

My Viking Stove....the Over Temp Knob...the Lettering Wore Off!!! A $4000 Stove....and I Called The Cagey Viking People...and They Wanted $39.00 For A New Knob...what!!!!!! They Shoulf Repalce The Defective Part Free.....they Build Overpriced Junk....please Do Not Bother To Buy Any Products From Thjem....poor Customer Service...and Poor Products!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The lettering near the knobs on the front of oven have worn off so I do not know the functions they perform as I turn the dials. This is a real issue! I took photos so I could send them to you to view.

Posted by Anonymous

My expensive Viking range has no preheat function and takes forever to heat the oven. I bought an oven thermometer to check and it's taking longer and longer to 'preheat'--now it takes over an hour to heat to 350 degrees. That's not functional. I tried the customer service number to ask about the preheat/heating problem and although it's 11 am for their office, all I get is a recording that says I've reached them after hours. Unacceptable. Will never buy Viking again. Looks nice but not a good appliance.

Posted by Jesse

Worst of the worst customer service I've ever encountered.
I can't believe how dificult it is to reach someone for help given that my Vicking stove is only 2months old and I paid a premium price for the Vicking name.
I'm on my 8th phone call today, each time waiting approximately 20 minutes or longer for someone to pick up before getting frustrated and hanging up.
The best was that While I was holding I was informed that there was no one in the queue, 8 minutes and no one picked up..
I'm going back to my selling dealer to complain. Ugh

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know how much a Viking toaster (2 slices)-the lowest price costs in New York?

I would like to know also where I can buy your products,in New York City.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a complete kitchen of Viking appliances a month ago. I went to dust off the vent at bottom of refrigerater and it nearly severed my finger tip off. I think for the price we paid it could have a better design, maybe a vent like the microwave, rounded. The handles on frig should be more like the ovens, solid, not hollow. I'm glad I sill have a finger tip!

Posted by Anonymous

We bought a second home recently and were excited that the previous owners had updated the condo with glistening new Viking appliances. The initial excitement was soon over. First the Viking refrigerator began leaking water, which was a bad problem since we are not there for weeks at a time and we have wood floors. The service man recognized the problem and the issue seems to have worked. Next, our Viking wine refrigerator stopped working. The repair man came out, told us he needed to order a part and left. It's been over a month and no word. Are they building the part from scratch? Do you think we may get the part by New Years? Next our Viking dishwasher is doing strange things. It's been used probably 10 times and we only recently removed the stickers. When the repairman was out looking at the wine fridge, my wife showed him the dishwasher. He said you need to be careful to not close the door tight when you leave, it may leak water! How comforting! I'm just waiting for the Viking microwave and Viking stove to malfunction. Never have I experienced poorer quality and service, congratulations! I'll be shocked if I get any sort of response because if you care so little about quality, why would you care about customer service.

Tom & Grace Morrissey

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Viking Professional line refrigerator (VCBB363rss) and a wall oven along with a stove top. While the stove top has worked well (except for one burner that requires a match to light) the refrigerator and the wall oven have been disasters. The oven had to have its electronics replaced twice and has never heated properly or held temperature. The repair guys came out numerous times, stuck band aids on the problem and walked away. I talked with Viking about replacing both units while they were both under warranty and was told that they didn't do that. And as soon as the warranty was up, even though the problems had not been fixed, Viking dropped me. I have to buy a new refrigerator and a new wall oven and the replacements will not be Viking. People talk about products made in the U.S.A. which is all well and good if they're built well. Viking is not. My advice . . . don't even consider Viking. The company spends their money on advertising and not on the quality of the product. Shabby, shabby equipment.

Posted by macann56

To whom it may concern:

We bought a Viking fridge in 2006 - Model # DFBD363L, Serial# 031306H0000002224. As you are well aware, there was a fridge door hinge recall for this model in 2014 and a new Cobra Hinge Kit was installed in June, 2014, by a Viking approved repair service - Mr. Appliance in Salt Lake City.
Very shortly after this "recall repair", we started having recurring problems with the fridge door not closing properly. The identified problem - again always by Mr. Appliance - seems to be a very poorly manufactured door cam, which grinds apart within about 6 months. We just had the 3rd replacement of this door cam - Model # PC020296 - installed and are very unhappy with the Viking company for delivering such an inferior product. Every time we have Mr. Appliance to our house, we pay a substantial amount in work fees without any relief in sight, since we know that even this new door cam will again wear out in about 6 months.
This is clearly a Viking generated problem since, in the words of the Mr. Appliance technician, our work can only be as good as the parts we put in. These technicians have also pointed out to us, that we are not the only ones with this problem and that Viking is well aware of this situation!
When we bought our Viking fridge, we relied on the Viking reputation to deliver a superior product. Now, we find that that reputation is apparently no longer justified! We are looking for Viking to propose a permanent solution to this problem of a faulty door cam!
Best Regards,
Annette MacIntyre
Salt Lake City, USA

Posted by connie

I've been waiting over a year for the viking plate that you said you would ship with my refrigerator. I also have been waiting 8 moths for the seals that are broken and the flip part to close it. The service company said you keep telling them they are on back order.

I will be taking you to court if you don't supply me with the parts to fix this broken useless refrigerator.

Posted by Anonymous

We have a viking range and refrigerator. I adore the range but the fridge has been nothing but trouble. NO ONE knows how to service them and diagnose the problems and we keep spending money to have people come over and tell us what they think and nothing is ever fixed. Finding authorized service is a joke and either they cannot come until 2 weeks later and then when they have an appointment they call on that morning to say the guy is sick. DO NOT get a viking refrigerator. DO NOT call viking to try to help you because they can't seem to know what the hell they are doing. Very disappointing from a company that boasts such incredible products.

Posted by ing.chroust

To all who may be considering buying VIKING product. I have purchased at the beginning of 2010 complete VIKING kitchen consisting of dishwasher, range double stock oven and refrigerator. Any time I need a service it is a serious problem and parts is usually not available or beadily overpriced according to the service individuals. In my last claim against the service contract it has been taking over month to have repaired my dishwasher which I have paid for over $ 2,000.00 and I am still nowhere close to the solution or repair. Let me say this, I did have for over 20 HOBART dishwashers and it never needed it service and it did work at the time of disposal. Should you need to know more feel free to contact me at

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a Viking refrigerator for 7 years. I bought it because it matched my Viking range. Needless to say it was an expensive appliance. The ice maker and water dispenser have repeatedly needled repair, in the seven years i have owned it, I can't remember a prolonged period of time when the water & ice have worked. The drawers have needed to be replaced because they have cracked. I cannot believe that Viking has made such an inferior product. My sister has the same model and has had even more problems with hers. . I had a Kitchen Aide refrigerator for 16 years before I moved and never had one problem with it. I would never recommend this product. It Viking should be embarrassed that they have made such a poor quality appliance. I was only told it was not covered under warranty. I had to hang up because I was so disgusted.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Viking Designer Refrigerator had problems from the first couple of months water leaking all over my kitchen & destroying drywall in lower level they sent a service man assured me it was repaired which was not true.

Posted by SLO

Purchased 48" eight burner cooktop. Appliance dealer sent unit for NG even though LP was ordered. Had a plumber do the conversion. No such thing as simmer-all burners will boil a pot of water on the lowest setting. Tried to contact Viking by email: no response. Wrote a letter sent by USPS: no response. Finally, I discovered the fix by searching the internet and made the adjustment myself. Also bought Viking 30" double wall oven. Seems to take a long time to reach temperature and there is no audible alert when that has happened. Attempts to contact Viking led to the same no response. Would never recommend their products.

Posted by Anonymous

Staying in a luxury custom suite over looking the pacific ocean. Real nice kitchen with viking professional appliances. ok. The dishwasher has no on/off or "run" cycle button. Incredibly stupid that the engineers who design this did not create with simple interface. I have stainless kitchen-aid appliances at my home. Just as nice looking stainless, alot less in cost, and simple to use.
I've past on you viking before, and will continue to do so.
Good luck!
ps: I'll have the maid do the dishes.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, horrible customer service. I've had a broken Viking dishwasher for several weeks, The pump unit was leaking and the appliance service company still has not received the replacement part. I spoke to Sandy today (X1340) who assured me she would call the appliance service company and get the part to them ASAP. She never called them!! I also left a message for Randy (X1334) regarding the extraordinarily slow process that Viking has in getting replacement parts to the consumer. I intend to file a fraud complaint with the California Attorney General's office over this.

Posted by Anonymous

i subscribed with the viking service paid for 2 months in advanced in jan 2015 this is march, 17,2015 and still never got my mags so i guess my 50.00 was kept and i was just a money donor so even though i cancelled my sub with them i still paid for 2 months of my 5 mags to be delivered to me, or they should of refunded my credit card for the amount paid with no services rendered

Posted by Sedona-D

We have a 48" freezer and 48" refrigerator that we purchased for a new custom home we built in 2007. We purchased the units in advance for space planning purposes. The refrigerator is a total mess. The service tech practically lives here. He has replaced several parts and the unit still dumps water all over our stone floors constantly, the drawers fall off of the rails, the fan freezes up due to moisture getting on it and freezing, etc. The freezer fan totally froze due to an internal leak in the icemaker, which we no longer use. Viking has refused to talk with the service tech any longer and demands that we call them back directly. This has been going on for over a YEAR! Our next appliances will NOT start with a V for this price!!! They are overpriced JUNK! Sure wish I had known that in 2007!!!

Posted by A. Monteiro

I purchased a Viking food processor two years ago. The handle on the bowl broke this weekend. Tried to find a replacement bowl -- I have no problem buying one. Can't find one anywhere. So I called customer service this morning. After waiting for 5 minutes for someone in countertop appliances to answer the phone, I called back. Got a rep in the proper division and she tells me there are NO replacement bowls. The product was discontinued two years ago and I am basically out of luck. I asked what I am supposed to do and she said call around to some of the higher end stores in my area to see if anyone has a bowl. Other than that, she said she's sorry. I have a Viking gas cooktop that has to be lit with a match every time I use it because the burners won't catch. NEVER buying another Viking product again. Overpriced and cheap product.

Posted by Des9116

Wow viking products are the worst and most expensive products..they do not stand by their name and no one is customer service helps""never buy again...overpriced and break like cheap products,,l,

Posted by Anonymous

Several months ago we were appraised of a problem with refrigs having a bottom freezer. Seems the top door has a bad habit of falling off! Contacted Viking ---they sent a set of new hinges and no info on who or when the fix would occur. Today the hinges set and wait.
Guess I have to contact the US CONSUMER PRODUCTS SAFETY COMMISSION to light a fire under these guys.
Never again will I look at VIKING

Posted by frustrated

I purchased a Viking Icemaker for about $2,500 in 2007/2008. It stopped working 6 months ago and I have been working diligently to get it fixed. The first part took 2 months to get from viking and lasted 3 days. Now other parts are not available after 3 months of waiting and there is no date as to when they will be available. The service on this product is the worst I have ever seen.

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