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Videotron customer service is ranked #260 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 23 ratings. This score rates Videotron customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


21 Negative Comments out of 23 Total Comments is 91.30%.


2 Positive Comments out of 23 Total Comments is 8.70%.

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    • 42.10 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 21 negative comments (91.30%)
    • 2 positive comments (8.70%)
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer support phone system I have ever encountered! After selecting English, all prompts continued in French. The system repeatedly did not recognize my selections!
After finally getting thru to "Omar", the BS computer voice, it did not accept anything I said and it hung up! Really? Appalling! Whoever set up this system is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT!

Posted by Anonymous

On January 24, 2018 I transfered all my services, cable, Internet and phone to Bell. I returned the equipment and sent them a cheque for 38.90, which they cashed, but they really owed me 45.15 so plus the overpayment of 38.90 total owed to me 85.05. I have been trying since beginning of February to get my refund. At first they tell me it takes up to 6 weeks for a refund.. it's been now more than 3 months still no refund. Everytime I call, I get a different excuse, (you will get you refund in a couple of days or it takes 7 days or be patients it's comming. Today I call again and the representative tells me it could take up to 6 weeks more.. what a load of crap taking advantage of a 66 year old pesionner.Shame on you !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Videotron customer for 8 years. Service, reachability and responsiveness have always been sub-standard. This August I ended my assignment to Canada and moved back to my home country. I returned the Videotron equipment to the Videotron-Store as requested, however, the store representative was only willing to confirm 1 piece of equipment, as the other one wasn't returnable. Regrettably I trusted him. Sure enough Videotron is since then invoicing me for the non-returned equipment. Result: $166 lost!Videotron's customer focus: zero, concern for the client needs: non-existing. A very sad story and a company one cannot possibly recommend to others.

Posted by Joony

worst provider for inter possible. Can't use another router but theirs or they don't provide any service to you. I had a problem with my internet disconnecting all the time. Bought a new asus router installed it working so good for a month. Then my internet started to go down every single day like 3 - 4 times a day. CRAZY. Called support forget it. They said it was the router that was defect. replaced router same thing. Place their router same I was still facing disconnect problems. after 1 month and half they got a ticket open. Took them 2 weeks to fix it. Crazu how bad their service is. Some guy even suggested I change my power bar that was defect. LMAO.

Posted by Jay

The worst experience ever in my entire life. I had Tv service with them for the last two years and this very month the cost almost doubled. I called to see what can be done and the customer service rep, a lady was extremely rude. Finally the discount they offered me was totally unacceptable so I decided to cancel right away and bring back their equipment. Right now they don't accept the invoice adjustment but I cannot accept to pay something for the next month when the service is gone.

The worse part is that they come two days ago to cut the tv service but they cut me the internet which I have through another company, so that I stayed for two days without internet and had to go to the provider which is far from my place to check thr modem. Apparently it was not the problem but the videotron guy was. I intend to make a complaint to CRTC and to the other office since their actions are so wild.

Posted by They duped me

In Sept. 2016 I switched my phone service from Bell (after 14 yrs) to Videotron, because I was promised a better rate for my 2 services (phone/cable). I specifically asked if this was a 3 month/6 month promo rate, or not. They said no, and gave me the price. Now I received my Jan. 2017 bill with a price increase of 10%. I spoke to customer loyalty, and they offered me a $4 discount, on my rate which will now be going up by another $4 in Feb. What liars. They made me switch from Bell having made an understanding, and now they broke their promise. On the other-hand, Teksavvy, my ISP sent me an email a couple of months ago telling me my monthly rate will go down by 10% because they now offer better pricing.

Posted by night_walker

l got a quotation from videotron for my service month ago with a promise to get this deal once my contrast ends,l got reference number as the proof.when l called back they said agent made a mistake and they will not honor their promise.
their solution was that agent will be "educated" and l need to pay extra 20CAN in order to get that plan.

Posted by Surfman

Videotron caught messing with my internet signal! Good day, I wish to pursue a new civil class action suit against greedy corrupt Videotron for messing with my internet and telephone signals which has caused me months of aggravation, stress and additional expense for technicians and service. I have recently been plagued with slow internet speed trying to watch streaming movies on my Kodi streaming box and on my computer. When I called yesterday to speak with a Videotron technician for the fourth time, I was pissed off and angry and I used harsh words complaining about slow speed, terrible service. This remorseful representative told me, and I quote "You will never have this problem again. Within ten minutes, your service will be back to normal" unquote. Sure enough, all my issues were solved and fixed.

Videotron has been messing with internet and telephone signals intentionally lowering it to force people like me who are on a monthly income to buy more of their services and products. I have ordered a WiFi again for the second time and I will cancel it again when I receive it. I AM FED UP!

Posted by Vidoetrosux

Worst service ever. Technician who installed my services was an arrogant third world genius who could barely speak english or french... Was annoyed that i couldn t tell him how to do his job. Videotron stick to quebec natives as employees

Posted by Teebee

Videotron Is The Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With In My Life - Tied Equally With Bell. The Customer Service Is Out Of This World Ridiculous With Agents Promoting False Promises And Incorrectly Documenting Files - Sometimes Not Documenting At All (which Was The Issue With My File, Personally) ... They Are All Over The Place, Telling You One Thing One Say And A Complete Other, The Next. I Strongly Strongly Strongly Do Not Recommend.

Posted by fuvideotron

I went to the videotron store at Alexis Nihon to have a new sim installed. The clerk had managed somehow to put back my old sim back in the phone. After an hour and multiple restarts of my phone, i still had no service.

I then went to the videotron kiosk at the Eaton centre, spoke with Gabriel. He replaced the sim card again and did a factory reset on my phone without asking me or telling me... He suggested that i hang around for a little while just to make sure that the phone get registered on the network, and come back should there be any issues. I restart my phone, all of my photos, contacts, files, music etc, all gone, plus i had no data I go back to the Kiosk, Gabriel, was not there, I explain to the clerk the situation, he told me Gabriel will be back soon, so i waited on a bench right next to the videotron booth. The clerk i spoke with was on the phone speaking to Gabriel about the situation. The clerk comes to the bench I'm sitting on, he tells me that Gabriel did nothing to the phone, and in any case the content i lost was not on the sim card, it was on the phone, and there was nothing Gabriel can do....
I call technical support to see if they can get the internet working, and to find out why i was now missing ALL of my content. After a long call with no success, the representative told me that the phone seemed to be defective and i should bring it to a store for repair. I make my third trip to a videotron store on Ontario street. All of a sudden the internet began to work. The clerk asked me if i had recently changed my package. In july i called to change my package as i was going to be in the US for two weeks. I called back when i reentered Canada to have my package changed back, for some reason the change was never made. Once i got the telephone working after my visit to the Eaton centre i again called videotron and finally managed to change my package. The Representative at the store on Ontario street told me the reason my internet was not working is that there is sometimes a lag in service when you switch from one package to another and that is what that caused my phone to seemingly malfunction.
I call back the Videotron Kiosk at the Eaton centre, leave an urgent message for Gabriel to call me back, never heard back from him.
I call the complaints department, i was told that i just have to forgive Videotron for this huge blunder! I made it very clear that i cannot and will not forgive the unprofessional service, and the fact that a representative would reset a device, lose a client's content, without asking or even informing the client, and then do his best to evade a client. The woman i was speaking with told me she will call me back in 15 mins. She does, offers me $20 off my next bill for the inconvenience. i accept the $20, but let her know that this in no way covers the inconvenience. I told her i think it would be fair at this point, if Videotron waive the $270 fee for breaking a contract, because I no longer have any desire to continue service with Videotron. She told me to go back and see Gabriel at the kiosk and see if there is a way to retrieve the content i lost. As i explained to her, if there was a reset done on the phone, the content is gone forever, and she agreed, but was seemingly unwilling to meet my request.
I went back to speak with Gabriel, and his manager, of course there was nothing they could do, and neither were willing to accept an responsibility.
I do some research about data recovery on an android phone. A program exists, but it cost $100. I speak with a videotron supervisor about this and explain that they should foot the bill for software. He agree to pay me half of if, but will permanently block me from ever speaking to a videotron supervisor again. Classy.

Posted by Mireille

INFINITELY ROTTEN, BAD, BAD: if you get a call to become a client with Videotron, HANG UP!!! Stay as far away as possible. The service is just disgusting, I have been without a home line for over 3 weeks now because of them. I am now dealing with a supervisor that isn't any better than the rest, not even calling back. Also, when you finally speak with someone, they don't let you place a word unless you tell them to. And they want to give me 1 month phone for free, $25, are you kidding me!!! I have wasted countless hours on the phone with their stupid music. What an awful customer service we get, totally unacceptable; go with Bell, Shaw, Rogers or any others but do not deal with Videotron, you'll loose your sanity when trying to fix their glitches, and there will be some, garantied. Beurkkkk

Posted by Video-étron

I have been a Videotron customer for 10 years. I have Internet, TV and approximately 1 year ago, switched 3 mobile phones from TELUS. I found their service offerings superior to Bell/ Rogers especially with their US plans. Recently, we noticed that one of the phones was pulling lots of data (according to their online tools) but mysteriously, the cell data was off.

After spending countless hours speaking with multiple sales agents, support and retention - I was told that I needn't worry about any charges and that I would be credited should any overage appear on my bill. Low and behold, a $500+ bill arrives with all kinds of penalites a few weeks later. I had to go through the same process of speaking with counltess agents, retention dept, etc .. re-explaining everything every time and each of them always saying they are adding "notes" to the file but never do.

Here is a summary of some of the things I was told or that happened:

1 - Call one morning with concern about data bust. I am fowarded to support. Support tech tells me that something on the phone is consuming. I assure him that the Cell data is off and all traffic is going thru WiFi. He informs me that all will be ok, he'll "add a note" and the system reporting is glitched. I ask if I need to speak to Customer service to advise them and he says no, not to worry and once the month cycles, it will reset. Of course, it resets with a $200 surcharge

2 - I recently call to ask about this. Speak to counless agents to be transfered to Retention. They say "Well sir.. you used the data, why would you want a credit?" in an arrogant tone. After explaining to "Jean-Pierre" from retention about the multiple calls logging the issues, and that notes are supposed to be on my file, he explains that there are no notes. Very frustrated by now. I tell him that their service costs me 330$ month which is over 4 000$ a year AFTER TAX .. and that not only am I due what I was told, but that he's missing the big picture he informs me there's nothing he can do. I tell him about a Bell deal that will allow me to save 75$ month for better offerings and he tells me to go for it. By now I'm beyond frustrated.

3 - I call Bell to confirm the deal and realize one of my mobile phones is stil locked to Videotron. As I call back Videotron to speak to another "knowledgeable" rep to have the phone unlocked ($50 - complete ripoff and I Own it!!), she tells me - are you all sitting down? ... that iPhones are never locked by Videotron. By now, I'm livid... I ask her to please go talk to someone who knows what they're talking about and come back to me. On hold for 5 minutes.. 5 MINUTES to hear her come back and tell me that my phone needs unlocking.

This is a summary of the last 2 days. I have placed approx 10 calls in the last month. I have been ripped off.

Retention called me today to say they would wave to overage (they have probably seen the Bell porting requests start coming in). I told them they can do what they want and that I was leaving.

I never ever write reviews but please be careful. Videotron is not the company they were 5 years ago. They pride themselves on superior service but it has changed.

PS - I am ALWAYS super polite and calm on my calls. I always stick to facts. I'm not that "difficult" customer although I was on the last call when I told them to go

Posted by ?

This is the worst service ever. They claim that an Apple update caused me to no longer be able to receive my incoming emails. After 1 hour on hold and speaking with a well-meaning nice guy, I am told that I have to go work this out at the APPLE store. This is unacceptable. I pay a lot of money for this service and this is the third time this has happened. Does anyone have a better suggestion of an internet service (which is always cutting out and is slow incidently)? I think Videotron is as phony as its founder PKP. Let me out of here!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The reachability is beyond disgusting! I have been on hold now for 25 minutes trying to get to customer service and all you get is the music with nobody coming on line to talk to you! Who has the time and patience for this horrible service from Videotron!!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried the Videotron official number several times,they put you on hold, and nobody from Videotron ever answers,I generally hang-up after I've wasted 20 to 25 minutes of my precious time.

Posted by N/A

New system as of May 13, 2015...REALLY? Technician came, to install "boxes" of some kind...Very unsatisfactory "explanation" of what to do NOW...Have TWO tv's in my home...GET NO RECEPTION ON ONE. Other: sometimes yes, sometimes, no. AM NOT GETTING CHANNELS I WANT, BUT MANY I DO NOT WANT OR NEED. Called Customer Service. Woman on other end EXTREMELY RUDE, talking OVER me, refusing request to have (another) technician come to home to "fix situation." WROTE to Videotron, via e-mail; getting the runaround. NO RESPONSE. Passing of the buck. THIS is what they are being paid for? DISGUSTED. BUT WHAT TO DO? SWITCH? TO WHO?????

Posted by kloiey

I signed up with Videotron because I couldn't handle Bell's continual bill raising without explanation. When I signed up for Videotron they guaranteed that my bill would stay the same for the year under promotion but that after the year if I called in they would again lower the price. So, I just called in. The response was horrible. The employee was rude and not surprisingly seemed to have a hard time understanding my english. The kicker was that she told me that I'd have to cut my services to get the same price as she couldn't put promotions on my bill. I asked to speak to a manager and low and behold, she was the ONLY person that I could talk to. She tried to talk over me and did not listen to anything that I was trying to tell her. Very disappointed. When will we have decent costumer service for telecommunication services in this country? I'm tired of their lying to get you to sign up and then you find out that its not true. Anyway, perhaps get everything in writing.

Posted by canheat

last july2014 i left bell for videotron they said that they would advise bell that we were going with [vid]. phone internet and tv.
bell said they never heard anything and is charging me since then.

Posted by Norma

I called Monday morning to order a new Illico box and was told it would be delivered on Wednesday.I called on Wednesday because I hadn't received it after waiting all day, and was told it would be delivered the next day.Thursday,NOTHING so I called again to be told it would be delivered Friday.It's now 3 p.m. and I'm still waiting. Do I have to call Bell ExpressView to get some service?

Posted by Eric

Videotron customer service is very bad. Unbelievable! you have to call 5 times to be sure u have not been told something wrong. Always different answers to the same question from different agents. Their training for their agents seems very poor judging from my experience with their call center agents. I'm waiting for the end of the contract to move to another provider with a better customer service. I cannot handle that anymore.

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Posted by Jules

Excellent service! We have been with them for 16 years now and even if we do have some issues sometimes, we just call and everything is fixed. They do have a long wait time but it's worth it. The services are a little costlier but at least we have a constant good service. We were with Bell for part of our services and we will never regret switching everything to Videotron.

Posted by Anonymous

I've had very good customer service and support with videotron.

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