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Victoria's Secret customer service is ranked #326 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 346 ratings. This score rates Victoria's Secret customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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Posted by Jasmine

To the manager harping about customers driving the prices up. Everything you stated is a lie. I used to work at victorias secret. Victoria's Secret drives the prices up by cutting up the returned merchandise and throwing it away. That way it keeps the prices high and ensures its not given to the thrift stores or homeless which would drive the price down. Petty right?
Also any merchandise returned VS writes off as a loss on their tax forms. They deduct it. So in reality victorias secret does not lose any money. You just don't wanna deal with customers. Its you, not the customers who are a problem.

Posted by Victoria'sCheapSecret

Received lace underwear from VS that shredded and tore before washing, as I was trying on, and others I delicate washed 1-2 times before shredding. In the end all 7 pairs are unwearable. I used to work in the Garment industry and know a lot about production. All of these ladies panties were produced with cheap lace that nobody quality control checked before using in production. The only concern here was not for the customer but to cut their costs. But I'm still not sure why they would put their name on it with such bad quality. I haven't purchased from this company in a long time. But used to in the past and they always had good quality... I never had a complaint. But as it stands I will never buy from this company again and I will also discourage others. Why buy this stuff just for a name tag when I can go to Ross and buy panties for two to three dollars that last me for quite some time and are usually just as cute.

Posted by E

Went to return a perfume that my grandma got my (heavenly) after the lady that was working the previous time I was there told me I could get store credit or exchange for full price without receipt because that perfume never goes on special. When I went tonight they said they could only give me 13 that right?

Posted by Rachel_x0

I received a gift from pink as well as VS for Christmas. Neither had gift receipts and were both purchased online, I returned my gift to VS, no gift receipt no regular receipt, just an ID. No hassle, no issues. Received store credit. now when I went to return my gift from to pink (was too small) also an online purchase they basically told me I'm stuck with my $40 too small pants. No receipt, no return. Now aren't you the same damn company?! So why the issue, I honestly think that's so stupid. Also online purchases should come with tags, now just in a plastic bag. They wouldn't even let me exchange my pants for something the price that actually fits me. I'm really upset about the situation. As well as the fact that I made an online return on a Sunday & it's now Thursday and I'm still waiting for my refund!!

Posted by Star2017

Just to clarify a couple of other questions and concerns I see in the comments.. If your merchandise is defective in any way in the 90 day time frame, bring it back for an exchange or refund if applicable. VS as well as Pink stands behind their products. As far as the amount you will be offered without your receipt, it will be the lowest in the last 90 days. This may seem low considering what the price tag says, but consider that your item has more than likely gone on sale or been part of a promotion in the last 90 days. Without proof of purchase, there is no way of knowing what you paid for it. I know some people prefer using cash, but using a card will always ensure we can look up your purchase. Also, if you were given a gift, you are free to keep it if you are just exchanging the items. I have seen comments here about the semi annual sale bras and people wanting to exchange for the exact same item, but a different color. Please remember core colors (black, white, nudes) don't ever go on sale during those sales. Except to pay the difference if you are exchanging for one of those colors. That's not to say if you buy a nude body by victoria bra on promotion for 40$ that when you exchange that the promo price won't be honored, it will. When you return, if you use a debit card or cash, you can chose to get your refund back in cash. However, if you use a credit card, the refund must be returned to the same credit card used. I realize people often buy gifts for people at this store. Employees are trained to ask what you are shopping for. Let them know its a gift so we can offer a gift receipt. It often shocks me when people refuse to take a gift receipt. It's very frustrating for both the recipient of the gift and the employee when we have to offer a discounted store credit. Sadly, even if the recipient of the gift wanted to simply get another size, we can't process it as an even exchange. Gift cards are non refundable, I don't know of any retailers who offer refunds on gift cards.

Posted by Star2017

All these crazy comments have me seriously questioning if people understand that stores have policies in place for a reason. If someone gives you a gift and doesn't give you a gift reciept, its probably because they got the item on sale. Christmas time, fragrances frequently go on sale for half their cost or come with lots if free gifts- free lotion, a lip item, and free tote are current promotions. So if someone gives you the fragrance but keeps all the gifts, then VS loses money. Its that simple. And no you can't keep the gifts with purchase if you return your stuff. Again, VS loses money. The return policy is posted in the store and on the back of your receipt, don't shop there if you don't like it. Online returns are totally different btw, you can return online orders back to the store as a courtesy. If you don't bring the invoice, it can be difficult to find your order. Please bring the invoice, bring the credit or debit card used to buy your merchandise and it can be looked up. Please allow me to address you parents getting upset because your child can't make a return without identification. Again, its the return policy. VS and Pink does limit how many returns one can make and its to protect their business interests. I personally think its pretty disgusting when people return their used panties. Can any of you imagine how nasty it would be if someone pulled their used panties out of a bag stating they just don't work, now give me my money back? No business will give you the full retail price back in cash or a gift card without a receipt and I just don't understand why people commenting here feel they are entitled to be the exception. VS runs so many promotions that its doubtful full priced was paid in the first place. The company used to let people keep gifts with purchase but recently, they decided they would no longer allow customers to do so. Now, if you return the merchandise, you will be charged the rsp (retail suggested price) if you chose to keep the gift. Returns are dreaded at VS and Pink for a reason. Segments are run in two hour increments. The company sets a dollar amount that stores must meet in those segments. Example: 10am- noon segment, store must make 2000$. If the sellers make that on the sales floor and a customer returns 200$ worth of merchandise, its deducted from that goal. It doesn't matter if you didn't buy it from that location either. If you buy it while on vacation in another state and return it to your home store, they are penalized for it. Returns can be very harmful. If stores can't make what the company expects them too, hours are cut. Of course this is not the customers problem, but like the return policy, its company policy. Customer's mistreating and making a scene is uncalled for. They don't dictate policies, they simply enforce them or face losing their jobs. On a very positive note, some of you may have noticed that you are no longer required to give ID when returning when you have your receipt. The system has been upgraded to automatically track and credit your card back when you present ID. The exception is when you don't have your receipt, an ID will then be required to proceed. That's because your drivers license number/ identification number must be entered into the system. Returns are still tracked and you can still be denied the return if you have a pattern of returning too much. Again, its in the policy. I am a manager for VS and while I don't always agree with their policies, they pay me to enforce them. When a person under the age of 16 tries to return without required ID, we hate it as much as the parents do denying the return. If we could override this, trust me, we would. VS is good to their customers, sending out multiple money saving coupons, large rewards for card holders, and coupons for free items, often without requiring purchase. They give very nice free gifts with purchase. I have seen people bring back panties that they paid zero dollars for expecting a full credit. People often try to return EVERYTHING they have bought but think they should get to keep the free gifts. This truly drives the costs up for everyone. People are also very greedy. When they have a free gift with purchase, so many people feel like they should get 2 gifts if they spend more than required. Stores are given a limited amount of those totes and other gifts. Its sad when people literally argue with employees because they feel entitled to more. Its intended one per customer so all the customers can get a little something extra for the money they spend. I hate having to tell my customers that we no longer have the free advertised free gift. Often time, they are shopping because of it. So the next time you are shopping, don't be greedy and try to walk out with multiple free gifts. You are taking away from someone else. All this being said, we seriously appreciate our customers, without you, we wouldn't be employed. Its all about mutual respect. When we deny you something, its not personal but instead us following the rules. Instead of yelling at us because we need your ID or because you can't get the free gift, call the corporate number.

Posted by Sophie

I have bought some under wear and realised when i got home that thet were two sizes too big. I havnt even tried them on and only got them yesterday. Although i did take the price label off of them... can i still return them

Posted by Lll

I just be bought a pair of leggings I just wore them for the first time and there's already a rip I didn't do any movement that could possibly had caused this all I did was get up change get to school use the bathroom and it ripped a little bit in the mesh design( very disappointed)

Posted by Mac.baily

I've have my bra for 3 mouths I'm 15 so I don't have huge boobs cause I'm tall but very slim and one day I had just put my bra on and the middle ripped like completely someone told me that you'll give me a new bra because your bras aren't spouse to do that l.

Posted by tinkabell

bought 7 items from VS on 15.6 i returned 2 of them within 10 min as i was charged full price and today is 24.6 and still didn't get my money back! on my bank statement clearly shows money was taken out on 20.6 full amount. how much longer do i have to wait for my money back?

Posted by Maerina

I'm replying to the comment of returning the free gift. I was in the store today at Eastchase Montgomery Alabama returning some bralettes that were too small. The minute I entered the store with my small return bag the manager stared at the bags and stared at me they obviously don't like returns. After I completed the return the same manager came up to me before I left the store and alerted me that when I return items that the free gift has to be returned that they have had way too many people buying things just to get the free gift and then returning those things. She went on to say they have been having way too many people trying to return things and keep the free gift. If this is the case then they need to post a sign of felt like they singled me out and embarrass me in front of the rest of the customers. I agree that seems only fair that you return the free gift also.

Posted by Joy444

Online returns at the stores have not been a problem. I'm 67 so I have purchased at least a limited number of times from exquisite set I bought partial pieces for and went back several times and never saw offered again...years passed...sets of lined bras I felt like Dolly in and panties with lace bands that didn't stay up...still in the set worn once...of the others, the red worn a few Valentines days.... This spring collection ... I received an ad ... was SO exciting I cashed in a $5,000 401K to keep my credit card down. The colors have names like Cozumel Teal, Lacquer Pink. (Cozumel is in Mexico. The water is that color. The Lacquer Pink reminds me of a dated pink color of 40s, 50s pink plastics etc. The colors themselves are as special as the names given to them.) So I bought a lot. Inexperienced (at Express I take a medium. In the VS laced-up bralette it took an XL to get it over my doesn't lace slip it on) there were returns. There were no problems with online returns instore except for the occasional associate (Nashaminy Mall). When I had my collection just about finished I saw patterns, pieces that didn't work. Yesterday I attempted to return five lace-waist panties (I accidentally bought in my excitement I guess) Bought after March 1...not 90 days... tags still on. Did I know I could make seven returns and no more than $250 total? Well, not when I returned a mini bustier I planned to wear with an extender that showed up online in my size or four returns of $11.66 each. I had tossed my early receipts so I asked they do a lookup using my credit card. I KNOW it was used for every purchase. She found two panties of the fuve on my card. Then she said she'd put the others in as "no receipt." She quoted the prices to be refunded. They were the prices I paid, not lower. After which the system printef two refusals and I was handed back the panties. I spent over $8,000 since March 1...$1,000 or up to $2,000 of that in the store. It helps to be looking at this fabulous collection. Maybe that's why I can see the humor in it. Not be able to return five $11.66 panties? Not really a problem. Buy instore? Not likely.

Posted by Pm

I also have the same issue with all of the underwear!

Posted by Anonymous

After a month of wear the under bone began to poke through, they refused to exchange it, as it had been worn and I did not have the receipt.

Posted by Ebiggs21

I had something I want to return but can't find my receipt....can they look up my account since I have an angel card? Use that as proof of purchase?

Posted by Anonymous

Is it possible for an employee to return a gift card if they REALLY wanted to? Would the system allow? Thanks!

Posted by Little old lady

Does anyone else have a problem with.VS underwear coming in hole's

Posted by readthereturnpolicy

They ask you to provide an id to stop return abuse.

Posted by Anonymous

As someone who has worked for Victoria's secret customer service I have a few things to say. There are guidelines for employees just like anywhere else. Do you break the rules at your job because someone thinks a situation should be handled their way? I would assume not. 1. Read the details of the offers that are provided!! As with just about any coupon known to man there are details to these coupons and offers!! I have literally received responses like "I don't have time to read details" but then you spend more time complaining that the offer or coupon isn't working because you didn't want to take 60 seconds to read the details and then get mad at customer service for not breaking the rules they are obviously there for a reason. 2. If you order online, and you don't qualify for a free shipping offer, there is a shipping charge!! Quit acting like you are superior to any other customer and are entitled to free shipping without qualifying for it! If you don't want to pay for shipping go to the store, that simple. Yes, Amazon may have free shipping probably only if you pay for a membership but vs is not Amazon, and any normal website that you make purchases on, has a shipping charge, because guess what? Postal carriers need paid too! Imagine that! 3. If you own a product for two years and it falls apart, guess what, clothes fall apart! Fabric falls apart after long periods of time! If you buy a car and it starts falling apart, do you think the company is going to reimburse a full refund for the car and take it back? That's not how things work. Just like anywhere there is a return policy in place. It's insane how entitled people think they are! If an offer expires, that means it is not able to be used anymore, we can't help if you forgot about your coupon, or missed a sale. There's expirations for a reason. The grocery store isn't going to let you use expired coupons no matter how much you beg and threaten to not return. Some of you customers are so crappy to associates and you constantly demand free stuff, you need to think, we deal with thousands of people every day... Majority of which want to be cheap and get free stuff somehow. There is a reason for every policy in place, the customers are important, but instead of getting all bent out of shape over the policies you should probably understand there's a reason for them.

Posted by jot

Heys guys,

Can anyone please help me out for my problem. I ordered some of the stuff online from victoria secret but after some days i got a mail that my order is cancelled and it will be refunded and if i have paid my credit or mastercard it says the card is not charged until the item is not shipped. But when i ordered the stuff online my mastercard was charged at the time. So will i get the money back or whts the issue? Can anyone please explain me the situation because i paid around 300$ and my mom would kill me if i didnot got my refund.

Posted by Anonymous

My only 2 cents is that they have no problem charging you. But the refund process is to long in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

This is ridiculous. Instead of getting upset, why don't you check the return policy before trying to return something. Every post here is from someone who is upset. Companies have policies(whether you agree with them or not)that YOU did not check before trying to return something. It is not the sales associates fault when they are trying to follow those policies and you don't agree with them or you did not do your research beforehand and it didn't go the way you think it should have gone. In addition, all of the questions people are asking here are answered on Victoria's Secret website under RETURN POLICY. Instead of posting your question on a random message board and getting an answer from a stranger who may not know, why don't you check directly with the company. That way you wont be inconvenienced because you got the wrong information. Just a thought.

Posted by Anonymous

It may take up to 30 days to process all returns

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 bras on Saturday while traveling through. There is no Victoria Secret where I live. I wish to return the bras. I don't find them to be any comfortable than my cheap bras. May I send them back and the refund put back on my credit card?

Posted by Elipera

I have never had an issue returning or exchanging at Victoria's Secret. I live in NYC and the stores are always busy but the sales associates always seem to know what to do. Yes I have to show ID to precede a return, yes they will give you the lower price for items returned without a receipt, yes there is protoc, but can you blame them? They are a business looking to make a profit. If you owned a store your policies wouldn't be a lenient. Don't lose your receipts and as for parents, just go with your daughters when they are returning items. Some of these comments seem so unrealistic in the level unsatisfaction.

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Posted by Alyssamarie18

I would just like to say thank you to victorias secret customer service. They have always been extremely friendly and helpful!

Posted by Jemay

My Moma, Love so much VS because she's addict in shopping. For me as what i saw in my mom. VS is such a great company with good Customer Services, they give full information about their products they also gives recommendations for what's the best for her. As long as you always ask on their CS they will listen and help you. Actually, that is what i observe its because usually people going in and out to the store they are afraid or shy to ask. Actually i really like VS because their quality services and products.

Posted by DEE

I spoke to Meg in online customer service she was so nice an helped me and my dughter immensley . we really apprecite her great customer service thank you Meg.

Posted by SamanthaG

I recently made a purchase from VS's website, i've made several orders in the past and never had a single problem. The package always arrives before predicted and I haven't had a single problem with the items i've received. Ive made returns, all were seamless and quick! My latest order however did not arrive, I contacted VS customer service and within a few hours the emailed me back asking if I wanted a refund or a replacement package, at NO charge!!! In 3 days I got my items. I couldn't be happier with their service!

Posted by Vicky kitchener

to the managers of Victoria secret in Broward county mall Florida. I was in broward county (florida) store, and TEVIN, one of ur employees took care of me, I was very please with his service, what a polite person, great salesman,good smile etc. I wished all ur employees were like him, it was a plessure, how he handled the the situation from beginning to end. and he finished with a hand shaking, TEVIN, deserves to be told about what a great salesman he is, I told him but to be recognice by Victoria secret company or stores managers.the store should greet u with a good smile. thak u Tevin.
thank you.

Victoria B

Posted by adelina

It's just not a normal situation, i pay 40 $ for shipping in Europe,I just need to know what's happening with my order, not to see some funny message.
Usually i got my order in 9 days after shipping, now it's been 15 days and no sign of it. of course, no traking order is available...
for how long should i'll be waiting?
does International carrier works slower now then it did in june last jear when i had my last order at home in 9 days??//

Posted by ferretmom

I just got 2 $10 off my purchase cards for my birthday from them! They really know how to take care of their "Angels" and make us feel appreciated! I have never had any problems that wasn't easily fixable. I ordered a pair of pants and the size was wrong, they fixed it immediately! I believe most of the negative comments with "problems" are actually not the companies fault, but their error in the ordering process (like my pants). Also about the shipping, the woman said you can bring it back to the store if it was ordered online, and the store will ship it back free of charge and exchange it and you can pick it up at the store. Plus with all the sales they have it's so easy to walk out with free stuff (other than the free undie coupons) Like the angels rewards cards can be used on clearance items! I got a makeup brush I wanted for absolutely FREE and what I want from them for my bday will be free as well :) I love being an "angel" :)

Posted by JessieLou

I'm honestly surprised at all the negative comments here. Victoria's Secret is my favorite store and I have constantly shopped there since 2007. I have been to almost every VS store in Florida and throughout the past five years I have only had two negative experiences with Victoria's Secret - there was one time I went to the one in Daytona Beach, FL with my Mom and there was an associate who was rude to her, and the other time was when I called customer service a few weeks ago asking what bra was the best for me and the lady just kept asking "are you trying to place an order?" and hung up the phone on me when I said no. That REALLY pissed me off and I wish I got that lady's name because that was a really unprofessional thing to do, especially from someone whose on the corporate side of things. But yeah, ranting aside, the majority of my experiences there have been positive. The associates are usually very friendly and helpful, and VERY lenient when it comes to coupons. I gave them two different free panty coupons recently and they didn't say a word and accepted both of them. I was surprised. There was also another time a few months ago at the VS store in West Palm Beach, FL, where I had a coupon that wasn't supposed to be used until like two days later, but the associate accepted it anyway. Overall, I don't get the VS hate. Their bras are of MUCH higher quality than any other brands (Charlotte Russe's are the WORST - strap broke literally two seconds after I put the bra on). I will continue shopping there as long as their products are of high quality.

Posted by MJ

I'm a new customer and have received two larger shipments about a month apart. Each came in a larger box via UPS. Both boxes were mangled. The first box was missing an item. VS was wonderful in understanding and replaced the item. Now that i know the sizes and styles of VS merchandise that I like, I ordered another large order. the box that came via UPS is so MANGLED I'm scared to open the darned thing for fear half of it is missing. I would think with the great customer service VS has, the company would want to use a more reliable shipping company.... no? I was so excited to find a company to order slacks and tops that actually FIT Me...but I can't keep hassling with UPS....

Posted by Alena

I shop VS for over 10 years and i have never had a problem that would not end up solved in my favor.
Maybe because I am from Europe, I am happy with "a panty" for free with a bra and do not ask for 2 panties etc.
People are crazy, want more and more and complain about really ridiculous stuff.
VS has amazing customer service, i really feel as "most-loved customer" anytime I contact them.

Posted by FavoriteStore

I made an order for $2,214 and a few hours later, I found an offer code for a free gift being offered for purchases over $75. I emailed customer service and explained that I had just made an order that would have qualified for the gift, but didn't enter the code. I asked customer if they would send the free gift to me anyway. The customer service lady emailed back "Yes I will add that for you." A few minutes later I received an order confirmation email. They sent me the free gift as a separate order and even paid for the shipping themselves.
Since then they've offered me exclusive discounts that say "Only for our most-loved customers" and I receive Thank You emails for being a customer.

Another time I made an online order and made a mistake. I paid $29 more than I wanted to because I thought an item was free, because I misread the offer. I called them immediately after I made the order and told them I had made a mistake. They corrected it for me by removing the $29 from my total.

A few store employees can be impolite, but what do you expect from young adults with little job experience. It's not the company's fault, and any person with common sense would realize that.

Posted by Ashley

I ordered a sweat suit & the pants had a small hole when I received them. When I called customer service to have them exchanged, I was told they no longer had that style in my size (not even a different color). I was very disappointed because I loved the suit & color! I found another set that was a similar style/color, but the price was higher because it was not on sale. I asked if they could wave the difference since there were no suits in my size/price range that I paid for the first suit. They were happy to make the exchange with no additional cost on my part. The woman I spoke with was very polite & professional. She had a great knowledge of this product & I felt like I was in good hands. Overall, I am VERY pleased with the customer service dept, thanks to Karen!

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at Victoria Secret's PINK and purchased a sweater for $44.50 and it was an okay deal for PINK. So I went yesterday to purchase some sweat pants and I found these really cute sweats that were around $39.50 and when I went to look for my size the ONLY sizes they had were all SMALLS! I was like come one there has to be other sizes but I couldn't find any. So I was like okay, let me find other ones. Then, I did find other ones and ince again only smalls! So I looked around the store and found other sweats and I found sizes x-small,small,medium,and large so I was like finally but they were high priced so I left the store. The when I went home, I went to their online store and they have sizes up to large and I am thinking "How come they only have bigger sizes online?" but then I found these really cute sweats and a matching shirt and I was thinking of buying it and when I selected my size and went to select the color in violet they didn't have my size! I was very upset because they had my size online but not on the color I wanted! I just wish they sold bigger sizes for women,teens, or kids who are either full-figured,have big curves or just curves in general, or people who are not skinny. That would just be my suggestion for their company. I hope they take all of these suggestions from their customers into mind so more people would like their company, and also to have more reasonable prices. And from all the comments below this comment about bad customer services, I hope they try VERY hard to fufill alot of their customers, so they make their company better but to also make their customers want to shop there and to also making them feel comforable.

Posted by CH

I shopped in Omaha and had a very good experience. I was greeted promptly and offered assistance. After choosing my items, I went to check out, since they were having a free bag offer with purchase. It was the pink and white striped large duffel bag offer for summer.

Unfortunately, they started giving them away a couple of days earlier than stated on the ad/card, so I was informed they were already gone.

I emailed customer service and they apologized and said they would send me a new bag as soon as they came back into stock. I really didn't expect it would ever show up, but one day, it did. It's a really nice, large bag and I gave it away as a gift.

VS has their stuff together!

Posted by Anonymous

I have also been a very lyal customer with VS and I have never once had a problem. I mainly shop online and I have never had any problems, the order is always correct and shipped quickly (however I would like the shipping/tracking number to be updated...)

Posted by Uliano

I have to say, I am surprised to read these types of comments. I love Victoria Secret's and have always been so satisfied with the service. I am a loyal customer and will continue to do business with Victori's Secrets.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called their customer service to resolve a minor issue. It has got to be a super busy time--the Saturday after Thanksgiving--but my call was answered by a human immediately. She was able to politely and very quickly resolve my issue. The whole thing took 2 minutes. Awesome.

Posted by Hardcandy

I am a Victoria's Secret shopper faithfully. I do not have the models body, but since when do you compare yourself to the mannequin the clothes are shown on. I am happy with my purchases both online, and in the store. I do have an Angels card, and in no way was forced into getting one. I wanted one. Why, because if I shop there, I might as well get the perks. Free panties, and discounts are great for me, also the monies off discounts. I have never had a problem with my bill payments as i do not wait until last second to pay it, and do not charge what i can not pay off. I love this store, and unfortunately, know there will be people who do not, so. Everything is not for everyone.

Posted by Jake

I have been shopping at VS for years, both in stores (Glenn Mills, PA) and online. I have never had a problem. The sales associates are extremly professional and always willing to help me. As a male, I always feel very comfortable when shopping at VS. I have the Angel Card and LOVE all the discounts and perks it entitles me to. I wasn't "pressured" to get, it just makes perfect sense to have it.

Posted by liongirl29

I may be in the minority here, but so far I haven't had any issues with Victoria's Secret, either online or in the store. Ok, well, that's not COMPLETELY true. I hate the fact that their tracking numbers never work and are never updated. I don't know if that's a VS issue or a USPS issue, but it amounts to the same annoyance.

Other than that, customer service is always friendly and helpful both in store and phone. I shop at the Oakwood Mall VS in Eau Claire, WI.

I have accidentally gone over my limit once (purchase went through in store anyway) and I wasn't charged a fee. They actually increased my limit without me asking.

I hope I don't start running into the problems that some others have been having!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an issue with the online same day 'chat with a computer and not a real person' feature. The bank account that it put my payment on wasn't correct, and I was worried that I would be charged an overdraft fee. I called the customer service and Katie handled it wonderfully! She took the time to listen to my worries and quickly changed the bank number on the payment. I was off the phone in less than 5 minutes!

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight I tagged along with my daughter to shop at Victoria's Secret (Toms River, NJ)
While I was there I looked around and found a bra that was what I was looking for, so I tried it on. It was totally the wrong size. I had asked the lady who worked in the bra dept. if they had more like it but in a different size....from that moment on, I felt that an expert was in control! She somehow knew the exact size I should have been trying on and showed me other similar styles that would work for me. After I tried them all on I found the one perfect bra for me, so I bought two! The sales associate's name was Donna, and she made a customer for life in me! I walked out of the store tonight very happy and FINALLY with a bra that fits me perfect!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had ordered a dress that was accidently shipped to my billing address rather than my shipping address. I called Victoria's Secret customer service and they were incredibly helpful. They sent me another dress absolutely free of charge and they were so understanding and I was on the phone for less than 5 minutes before they fixed the problem! Easily the best customer service experience I had.

Posted by bridgetbell75

my sunglasses were lost in delivery so i called customer service and Angie is shipping them to me overnight o i have them in time for vacatio! She was awesome-GREAT WORK VS!

Posted by Diva1

My customer service with VS has always been outstanding. Keep up the good work you guys!!!!

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Posted by Juno

I work for Victoria's Secret. Regarding our return policy, yes, we do require ID. Even if you have a receipt. The receipt only exists so that you get back the amount you paid with, and so that you don't have to get merchandise credit back.
Our store runs through a system called The Retail Equation. If you have returned an item using your ID before, you can actually go onto their website and look at your returns there.
The machine just validates your identification to protect us from return fraud and return abuse. Anybody can pick up an item in our store and try to return it otherwise: before this system, we were loosing millions of dollars per year due to return fraud and abuse.
No store anticipates you returning an item after buying it. We don't need to ID you when you are making a purchase: business requires profit to function.
I don't think many of you understand that when we have to give you back money, then yes, you do owe us information and reasoning. Not only does it protect us but it also allows us to better ourselves for our consumers.
You usually will not be asked for ID if you originally paid with an Angel/PinkAngel Card or if you are returning an online order, as with either way your information is already in the system and we would not need it.

As for parents getting angry about their 12 year old girl being asked for ID: I don't know a single good parent who allows a young child with no ID go into stores alone. Prodding us with questions like "why didn't you ask for ID when she was making a purchase?" is also absolutely absurd.
Please go onto the Retail Equations website to read their policies.
It's absolutely infuriating when parents can't wrap their heads around why return policies exist.

Posted by VS Angel #840

I must say that after reading many of these complaints on here, I have a newfound appreciation for reasonable, level-headed customers who do not blow things out of proportion. I work for VS and I love the company, its values, and our product. Many of the complaints here could easily be addressed in many ways. We always strive to say yes to our customers and give them the best experience, because we understand that our brand is emotional and every interaction could create a customer for life. So I would like to address some complaints that have been brought up....
1) If you order online, are dissatisfied, and want a refund, you are absolutely entitled to a hassle-free refund. VS has listened to its customers and offers free return shipping if you just drop it off in the store. All you have to do is provide an ID along with your order form, since the payment automatically gets credited back on the card you paid with. If you paid with a gift card, they will issue you a new one through the mail. You may also choose to exchange for something in the store. The return shipping is FREE. Meaning you can order the whole website and return it for free if you so please. Not many companies offer this luxury...please be appreciative.
2) If you want a price adjustment outside of the 2-wk time frame, you can simply return the item and rebuy it, or do a free exchange if it's an online order.
3) We absolutely stand by the quality of our products, and if you ever worked for VS and have professional managers who truly represent the brand and care, you would know it for sure. Our products are NOT made of cheap materials, and a lot of testing and technology goes into them. If bras are falling apart, 99% of the time, it's because our customers are not taking proper care of their bras. Hand wash, OR delicate cycle with a delicates bag, lay flat to air dry. The clothes I have purchased from the catalog have lasted me years. Obviously there is the possibility for defects, in which case you can absolutely return or exchange the item. If any associate/manager refuses this, it is either because you have abused the return policy in the past (they keep track), you do cannot provide a receipt (then the return is to their discretion because anything with a damage returned without a receipt is possibly fraudulent), or they simply are not good ambassadors of the brand.

Unfortunately, VS is a HUGE chain and there are so many different people working for the company that it is very hard to quality control the employees. We are all trained to be a positive image for the brand and always do what is right for the customer, but you will always inevitably encounter a snooty, snobby, uncooperative, unhelpful person here and there. Please, please, please do not start hating on the brand just because of such individuals...give a different location a try. You might be pleasantly surprised! It hurts to see so many people hate on the brand just from one negative individual who isn't even properly representing the brand.

Posted by Vicory_Secret03

I worked at the Fashion Place Mall, victoria secret in Utah. When I was hired I informed them I was in fact looking for a pharmacy tech job but wanted to start somewhere. They were fully aware that I was probably not going to be working there long when they hired me. It came around I found a job (making double what I made there) and I told them I'd be quitting. They yelled and screamed at me in front of several customers and said some EXTREMELY rude things to me, making me cry in front of these customers, who also walked out of the store after witnessing this scene. This management is women in their 40's acting like they're in high school. I almost left right then and there but resolved to finish out my shift then I was never going to come back. The sad part is, it was my favorite store to shop at. I could spend a whole paycheck in there. (from my new job that is more then $100 a paycheck) SO after a few months (I thought they'd have forgotten me by now) I decided to go in, because of course I can't stay away. I love victoria secret. it's all I wear. From the minute I walked in, one of the managers GLARED at me. then pulled an employee aside and said something, which she then started to follow me around the store. I was SO insulted that she was so suspicious of me, I stormed out. I had gone in looking to spend about $500 on new bras, because I had lost a lot of weight and needed all new bras. Needless to say they lost my business. I now just resort to the South Towne mall which is smaller and with my size being so common they often don't have my size in the one I want. They always offer to call fashion place and put it on hold, but I always refuse to go there and so then South Town loses my business too. I hate ordering online because I don't like waiting and I like being able to match under ware in the store. I'm so EXTREMELY disappointed because the way they treated me was not what we were "taught" in our training. These ladies need to GROW UP. You're not 17. Have some respect, especially when I'm pretty sure I'm making more then you are. I never plan to step in this store again.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for a VS store and too many times customers come in or call complaining about issues we have NO control over and frankly its annoying...we Don't have control of credit issues we don't work for citibank..if you are charged fees its not our fault. We HAVE to offer the charge card to you can't apply for it wo giving you ss # out so why would you just give your ss # wo asking why we need it. And we return things you buy online or catalog as a courtesy to give you free shipping and just like if you sent it yourself you get your money back when the product goes back to warehouse.

Posted by kaybee

After spending over an hour reading the reviews on this site I am honestly infuriated. I have worked for Victoria's Secret for almost a year and half of these stories sound like complete BS. When employees are hired we are taught from the beginning that the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! my store manager even sent out emails reminding us that associates CANNOT tell a customer no. At my store we accept expired coupons and I have seen my managers break company policy just to make a customer happy. I have had customers insult me right to my face and I just stand there and smile because I know that I would lose my job if I retaliated. It sounds like a lot of the bad reviews on here are coming from people who just expect the entire world to kiss their butt.
There are a couple of specific issues I saw on here that I would like to address

1. the woman who complained about being outside of the return date and not getting her original money back. our return policy is clearly printed on the back of every single receipt. NO ONE in our store has the ability to override the options that the register offers us. It says 90 days on the receipt and after that the register will not even find the transaction. HOWEVER any items returned after 90 days will be given store credit for the lowest selling price. We have had items returned from as far as FIVE YEARS AGO and the person received money back. We have items returned that are stained or reeking of smoke and we give the customer their money back. If a customer comes in with a bra that broke or ripped we replace it for them no problem. These items have to be damaged out at a loss to the company. Our return policy is one of the most lenient I have ever seen.

2. issues with online orders/credit card company. These companies are separate from the store so I cannot speak for there mistakes. I will say that in my personal experiences with both (as both a customer and an employee) I have had absolutely no issues

3. "talking" about customers over the headsets. We use our headsets to communicate for our own convenience as well as the convenience of the customer. It allows us to quickly check in the back for stock and to inform the girls in the fitting room when a customer is coming back to be measured or assisted. the ONLY time we use our headsets to talk about customers is when we suspect theft we warn the managers and other associates. It is against company policy to use the headsets for purposes besides business

4. rude cashiers/ managers refusing to give names. This one is tricky because obviously in a large company there are going to be some bad apples. I understand that there are some people who have probably had a bad experience with one or two specific people. but as a whole I would say that our associates are friendly, and ones who are not are usually weeded out by the management. Managers must give their full name if asked- as required by the company. ALSO - at the top of every receipt the cashiers ID number is printed- if a customer has a complaint they should give the management this number so that those individuals can be reprimanded.

These are just a few issues that really angered me but I just can't believe this company has such a bad rep. on here. I have had multiple customers compliment on our wonderful service and friendly staff. I am sure each store operates differently but I cannot believe that such a customer oriented organization would allow continuing bad service. Like I said before, sometimes you get crazy customers who expect you to part the red sea for them....sometimes we just can't meet every single request. If those people are unhappy so be it but we always try to respond to them with a polite and professional attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Victoria Secret and I can honestly say it is a good company to work for but the managers need to be picked better and the managers that are good people need to take charge. I enjoy working at VS but not because of my co-workers but because I make it a fun job and am very sweet to my costumers. I know how it is to go in a place with a bunch of girls working and just feel rediculousy uncomfortable! Me and my bestfriend got hired for Seasonal positions. It's her first job and my 5th. So as you can see I know how jobs work but she's new to the experience. Right away, she asks me why everyone we worked with came off rude or were just snotts. I told her I have no idea but she's right because I've never had this!

I don't think this is everyone because we both work with girls who are genuinly sweet and are good people. But sadly, all 3 managers I have aren't a good example.
They talk behind costumers and mostly co-workers backs, including me and My bestfriends. So it's not because I'm doing something wrong..
If VS coporate reads this I hope you really change this.

Posted by AngelforLife

Honestly, I've worked for the company for a while, and it's a great place to work for and shop at. Any customer must recognize that a business is a business; therefore it has to make money. The reason they give out those coupons with free panties and discounts is to keep customers coming back because that way it encourages the sales, and it also makes customers happy that they saved up some cash on their purchase. The reason they are only allowed to use 2 to 3 coupons to transactions is because if they use all of those, what kinds of profits are WE (the store) going to make? There has to be a limit. Customers always seem to want more, and it clearly says in the back of the coupons on what kinds of items they can use it, and other details. That is company policy and Customers always try to fight with us because they can't use their coupon on a sale item. They need to understand we're just workers and we're trying to make their shopping experience go well. We don't make corporate decisions and we can't change the policies, i'ts not in our power. (Example, when they want to use a coupon on a SALE item) It's already on sale sometimes up to 75%! Yet they're still not satisfied. As for the return policy, 90 days is more than enough, its like 3 months you had the merchandise without wanting it. Instead of them having the merchandise at home, it could have been sold already. We're a company that constantly changes their color story in merchandise and by the time those 3 months are up, that item will normally be a SALE item already; therefore we have to return it for the SALE price because we will no longer be able to make profit from it as a company. It's real simple, but somehow it creates a lot of issues. Victoria's Secret trains its employees to give the best customer service and we're constantly having workshops on how to make customers for life, but during holidays, that's when the company hires a lot of associates because of all the customers the stores will be expecting. These associates aren't fully trained simply because of lack of time and because they're so many. They're taught basic things, so they might seem ignorant to customers, but they are trying their best. It's hard to be a new worker and having all these customers complain about you when you're trying hard, but its because there is so much to learn. As for the wholesale issue, I have personally heard from customers that they re-sell our product, so when they go to the store, they buy massive amounts of product. People aren't aware of this, but especially in other countries and online, our products are sold for as much as 100% more than the original price and that is illegal because those independent sellers are not paying for the Brand (Registered Trademark) they're selling. It seems ironic how we could be upset about that, because we're making money either way, but it's unfair that all those independent sellers are using our name, and making over the double in profits. It's a crime. Lastly, what seems to be the biggest issues, the credit card, and online/catalogue shopping. Anything that goes through the catalogue or online has nothing to do with our independent stores. They do their own thing and we do ours, usually when a customer orders something and they dont have it in stock, instead of sending back nothing, they send the most similar item to what they ordered, so that way the customer wont be empty handed. It seems to satisfy customers most of the time, but then there's those who fuss and get it sent back. Same with the store, when we dont have what the customer is looking for, we offer the most similar item in hopes that they will like it that way they dont leave empty handed and sad, and we get the chance to make a sale. As for the credit card goes, its just like any other credit card. if you dont want to be in debt, simply dont get one. its our job to offer the credit card to every customer and they can simply say no. We must inform them of all the bonus's and rewards but they still have the chance to say no. Nobodys forcing you unless they're pointing a gun to your head.You have the right to say no, and we have to right to respect that. I have the credit card though, and it works out for me because i give the payments on time and i also get coupons for 10 dollars off purchases so it works well. Credit cards are designed to make profit, but you can beat the intent by paying on time. Everybody always looks to blame someone,but people must take responsibility. Im an employee of VS and a customer for life and it honestly is an amazing company. It is a little over priced, but it's very good quality merchandise you wont find anywhere else.

Posted by VS Store Employees Aren't Custom

My daughter goes to Baylor, and says Unhappy Shopper is on point. She worked their last Christmas season as seasonal help. She said Susan Lowe was rude to employees and customers a like if they don't fall into a certain profile. My daughter is a hard worker and I know she would not even mention it if it wasn't true.

Anonymous 8/8/11 I couldn't agree with you more. My experience is they won't take no for an answer when you politely decline.

Posted by True Angel

I always see how people complain about the service they receive at Victoria's Secret but continue to call in and ask for free stuff! Yes I have worked there for years and am tired of hearing how we have such horrible service and we go out of our way to help ungrateful people who are just plain greedy and mean! We are always getting yelled at and told gimmie gimmie gimmie! I don't know any other company who gives out free gifts, gift cards or allows you to use three offers together! We take peoples words that they didn't get their package even though it says it was signed for... we spend hours on the phone trying to find the perfect item and colors for someone we've never seen! Try having my job for two hours and you wont be so quick to judge!

Posted by vs98004

I am an associate at Victoria's Secret and am extremely disappointed to see all of these negative reviews. At our store, we work hard to positively correlate customer satisfaction with team sales goals. I noticed that many of the issues people were having were through online or catalog; these are separate companies than our physical stores so I cannot speak for their mistakes. However, I can say that at our store if a customer had a complaint or question, we would do our best to assist the issue or answer the question. At stores other than Victoria's Secret, associates also paraphrase return policies, making them sound more lenient than they truly are. You can find a return policy statement on the back of any reciept! It's very straight forward and not all that strict. Sometimes people are annoyed but they have to realize this is not Nordstrom! If you have an issue with a particular employee, report it to a manager. If it is a manager, ask to speak to the STORE manager because VS has like 4 different managers but only 1 is head honcho. Please don't write off VS it's a great company to both work and shop for! Also if you don't want to be pressured about the card just say you know about the program and are not interested and we will leave you alone. Happy shopping! Hope your future experiences are better- xo

Posted by Anonymous

I work for the wfnnb aka the bank that owns the credit card. If having trouble getting thru the automated system on our phone number when it asks for account number hit pound when it asks for the account number again hit pound again get you right to us. Please be aware we only do things dealing with the credit card anything to do with orders returns anything like that you would need to speak to catalog. if your not recieving your statements just give us a call, we are able to send a statment thru the mail and it will recieve within 7-10 business days.


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