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Verizon Wireless customer service is ranked #206 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.86 out of a possible 200 based upon 2233 ratings. This score rates Verizon Wireless customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,919 Negative Comments out of 2,233 Total Comments is 85.94%.


314 Positive Comments out of 2,233 Total Comments is 14.06%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Verizon Wireless

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 45.86 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,919 negative comments (85.94%)
    • 314 positive comments (14.06%)
    • 25 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Are there any obligations for the customerif the cost of the device is paid in full?

Posted by Rose Zehner

Verizon store, Gresham, Or on Civic Dr.
No help, didn't offer tech help. Said they couldn't help. Went to Verizon in Wood Village, Or, helped me, solved my phone problem in less than 3 minutes.
Cudos to the WoodVillage store.

Posted by Thoughtful

You know what my brother has a refund coming and if it's not here in 7 days I told him he needs to complain I have seen so many people upset because Verizon can't do what they say people just need to report them to better business bureau

Posted by Cheated in Roanoke, Virginia

I put money ($105.00) on my prepaid account and didn't use it for a year. They told me my money had "expired".

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a v.w. acct for 5 years plus, but for computer only, using a jetpack & number. My phone is with another carrier. I need to reach either tech or customer support, but when I call the 800 # on my bill, "she" says my (phone) number is not an acct with Verizon, & I'm automatically disconnected. I've called in the past & easily reached a live person to help me. Have tried to call repeatedly today, same result. So what the heck do you suggest that I do to reach your customer support ppl for help with my wireless acct question????

Posted by Anonymous

By far, hands down the worst service, customer relations, of any business out there. They nickle aND dime you every which way. I would definitely not recommend Verizon for anything but a place to throw your money away. Racketeering at its finest.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand I owe money for phones and free my bill is extremely high and I have phones from Verizon that are in great condition and I'm going to pay for data monthly anywhere from another provider so why don't they make payment arrangements so I can continue to have good service and good phones added on my monthly bill it was a hardship having to pay my mother's funeral expenses and having my family homeless at the time I got behind several months and my bill kept getting higher and higher wouldn't be better for company to get monthly customers then have me go to another carrier ?

Posted by Anonymous

I upgraded my phone and per contract the buy-out was $336 which they promptly took out of my account....that was on May 19th. I was told to return my old phone and they would promptly refund me. It is now June 20th and no money. I called 4 times and still no refund. Wow really bad service. No one seems to know how to get me my money?????

Posted by b

I would like it if you could talk to a human being,this is ridiculous,your service is awful

Posted by Anonymous

When I wanted a refund within 4 days, they said they couldn't refund the sales tax. If I return anything anywhere else, sales tax is always refunded. How can they keep something that is not theirs in the first place?

Posted by Virginia

I have a question.about My prepaid Verizon phone from Walmart. I had it for three years. An always pay through my bank card on phone I had just put $50.80 on it an put data for 25.00 on it to. An an a few days later my phone went out on me. Can I get the money back that just was paid? If so how do I get it back? I had all info in that phone. Now I have to re start over with another prepaid Verizon. cause I don't have any E-mail passwords. I draw low income an had to not pay on a bill to go get this new phone.cause I live far from town. If you could please let me know how to get my money back in my account that would be nice thank you miss wright.

Posted by Crystal

Verizon is NOT a customer friendly provider. My son bought a new Edge phone. The family has Verizon for many years and for one day they would not let him return a phone cover he never used. In PA 30 days is standard. I call this a SNEAKY way to cheat consumers. I would advise anyone this is not a place to buy accessories. The price is too high for the quality and they definitely do ot stand behind their products. Phone service is fine but so are the competitors now and much cheaper.

Posted by Cephas410

I have nothing good to say about Verizon. They are nothing but liars. I just spent approximately 20-30 mins speaking with a representative, and then a supervisor about how it was explained to me at a Verizon store by a "trained" customer representative how a $45 and $50 card worked for prepaid accounts. With both cards, I was told there would be roll over, but only what was left from the previous month-you couldn't keep building the rollover. Understood. Today, after loading a $45 card with 3.9 gb of data remaining from my previous $50 card, now they tell me a $45 card has no rollover.....HOW CONVENIENT!! The supervisor tells me there's nothing he can do....I got what I paid for!! Not even, "let me take care of that for you this time", "I make sure that the representative in Gaylord Michigan that took care of you doesn't make that mistake again", nothing....why would he, it benefits Verizon if customers try to save their data for the rollover, not use it but LOSE it. Let me ask, is this typical Verizon customer care? Is this how you want to be taken care of, or should I say taken "ADVANTAGE" of? BEWARE...!! This message will be retweeted on all media sights

Posted by LISA

I Did Not Get A Return Label With My Device,i Have Been Through Enough With This Phone I Just Want My Money Back Brand New Phone And Card Never Been Used Cant Use It In My Area Done Have Called You And Cancelled Everything So I Need A Label.please,wow..... Just Got It 3 Days Service Nowere.thank You

Posted by Jeff

Verizon Customer Service is by far the worst of any utility company I've ever dealt with. After 3 calls to Customer Service in 2 days (over 2hrs on the phone), and a visit to a Verizon store in St. Peters, MO, my issues are still un resolved. 3 CS reps, 3 different answers. They recommended I make an appointment and visit a company store. I did, and after 1 hour of waiting PAST my appointment time, I finally left without being waited on. There is no place on the Verizon wireless website to send an email complaint, they apparently already know they have issues and don't need to invest resources on responding to hundreds (or more) of Customer service issues. The good news is that my contract ended so I'm free to change carriers. So long verizon!

Posted by dennis

They aren't willing to listen to a problem thats over their head but would rather bullsh*t their way through it than escalate to someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I have spent hours trying to break through their preconceived notion about a problem. I am a senior unix admin by trade so I do know what I am talking about.

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot get their act together to send me the box I need to return my router. I'm told to give my number and they'll call me. They don't call. Chat is unavailable. No email address to reach.

Posted by DBW

Called 4 times for them to sent me shipping boxes to send my trade in phones back,,,4 times boxes never showed up!!
so i asked what am i supposed to do? they said you can return them to a verizon store! I said why didn't the first guy tell me that????
really bad customer service!!!

Posted by prokon00

David Kalosky

Why do Verizon store representatives say one thing, to which the customer agrees, while Verizon customer service representatives say something entirely different? This difference normally results in an increased phone bill. I have come to the conclusion that the Verizon store representatives are either poorly trained or extensively well trained not to reveal all the additional costs to a customer when he or she buys or upgrades their phone or phone service plan.

We are college educated seniors with all our faculties who still understand and remember what is being told to us by your condescending and superior sounding phone customer service representatives. Also, when we have told your phone customer service representatives what we were told by other previous phone representatives, we were told that those conversations never occurred, until we give them the date, time and representative�s name. Then your representative magically finds the record of the confirming conversation.

I also feel that it would be wise for us to record, with their permission of course, our conversations with your store representatives; even though we realize your phone customer service representatives would not be bound to honor those conversations.

Thank you for letting me vent after a very frustrating series of telephone conversations with your phone customer service.

I must say that your cell phone service is second to none, but your sales and customer service leave much to be desired.

Please feel free to forward the above to those who care about Verizon customer service.

David Kalosky

Posted by Anonymous

Barre Vermont. Horrible experience. Lied to and mislead about trade in options and it cost me $580.00 when it should have cost less than $100.00. We went back the next day after realizing it and they didn't even apologize! Let alone make things right!! I'm switching to AT&T I was even charged twice for the switch over on top of everything else.
The verizon cooperate office said they had been having a lot of trouble with them.

Posted by Josh

I was charged 30 $ for a prepaid plan .. During the transaction it kept saying card declined.. Then i go. Check my account balance next day and it shows it went through. .so i called they agreed to refund me my money that it will take 2-3 business days.. It has been a week and still nothing.. Verizon is horrible with refunds..

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in Verizon co. Been a customer for over ten years needed some help and had to go through 3 different sources to even get someone who supposedly could help me. Then come to find out it was gonna cost me for Verizon to help me. Doesn't make sense to me to pay to get help. Seems like when your a new customer you can get anything you want but be a loyal customer you get nothing and forgotten about. Verizon needs to remember we have been payinb your bills and making you money. Where did customer service go?

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to speak with Mr. Dave Finch a regional supervisor for Verizon, regards to a sales associate at the Verizon's Store front in SouthPark Mall in Moline, IL. 61265. Mr. Finch apparently,is too busy for such matters as he had not nor will he likely return my call. The point in speaking with him was yo commend a sales associate for his expertise, customer appreciation and salesmanship. Superior best suits my commendation. His name is Mr. Brett Sutter. Simply outstanding work.

Posted by Anonymous

I needed to contact Verizon about a damaged telephone box on my street --- not MY service, but THEIR equipment.
Getting through the voice activated menu system to report the problem proved ridiculously annoying. There is no way to report a general problem - and it took me yelling Customer Service, and May I Speak to a Human Being multiple times before the system could recognize that I needed a different service. When I finally did reach a customer service rep, he was polite but couldn't seem to understand the problem. He wanted to transfer me to the FIOS section, he wanted to alert me to additional services.... I JUST WANT TO GET THE CABLE THAT HAS BEEN LYING ACROSS MY SIDEWALK FOR A MONTH TAKEN CARE OF BEFORE SOMEONE TRIPS OVER IT AND IS INJURED.

The Customer Service person finally got it after about 15 minutes of repetition, and said he would dispatch a technician tomorrow. Well, I'll wait and see.

Posted by Eric

Was told I could pay $27 to pay off my old phone and upgrade to a new one. I specifically asked when my card was being ran that it was only for $27 and assured it was. Got home and realized they actually charged my card $189 and blamed it on a "computer glitch". After HOURS on the phone they finally agreed to issue a refund but told me it could take up to a month to get my money back. BS! You are not going to steal my money and keep it for a month. I called my bank to have the charge disputed as a fraud/theft and have filed a report with the FTC and will be going to the Verizon Store tomorrow to have the police come file a theft charge. Straight up crooks.

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Posted by Donna Dubas

My name is Donna and I had a problem with my phone that was creating anxiety in my life since I need my phone. I responded to my local Verizon store who called Verizon and I was connected to Verizon tech support. I spoke with "Lucky" who was absolutely amazing!! I was getting ready to leave Verizon but because of Lucky who was tremendously helpful to me, I decided to stay. He was helpful, and was to date the most wonderful person I spoke with from Verizon. I believe he was from Colorado and because his name is so different, I hope Verizon can locate him and contact him and thank him again.

Posted by Joycev

Went into the Yucca Valley, California wireless store. Arturo assisted me. I thought my phone face was broken. I assumed a replacement was necessary. Arturo not only replaced the protective cover, he assissted in educating me on a few tips on how to increase speed. Very nice man and professional.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't really enjoy when my phone isn't working and I have to bring it in. However, the girl who worked with me was so friendly and knew exactly what she was talking about. She fixed my phone and made it fun!!

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service representative Dan from the Largo, FL location was superb. Dan assisted us with upgrading 3 phones seamlessly. The knowledge and assistance Dan provided made all the difference in this experience.

Posted by Anonymous

There were so many negative reviews listed here that I felt compelled to leave a comment. We have been Verizon customers for at least 15 years minus one terrible year where we has switched to another company that we hated so much we paid an early termination fee and fled back to Verizon. We have had nothing but great customer service with them. Cell service has been great. Data speeds are crazy fast. The only issue we've had is getting service in rural areas were there are nothing but GSM towers so only AT&T and TMobile users get service. But the cost.... Great service, high cost. We have finally switched to a budget prepaid carrier solely for the cost. The speeds are a fraction of what Verizon gave us but acceptable and and I'm having to give up my personal hotspot but we're paying 50% less. Even when I called today about canceling our Verizon lines the customer service rep was very nice about it and helped me with no pressure, just "Sorry to see you go." If money is no object, go for Verizon. They are great.

Posted by Big

I've been a customer since 2000, and for the most part feel that Verizon has supplied me with good coverage and service when needed.
My displeasure with them is that if they can't "solve" an issue, they most likely have a device that will "fix" the problem...of course at a high price.
It's frustrating to have to pay reasonably high price for data usage in comparison with companies.
When you are in an area where there are only wireless devices available (no cable), they have you "cornered".

Posted by cbstock

Sarah Huber is an all star. We have been customers of Verizon for 16 years and our experience with Sarah exceeds our expectations way above any interaction we have had at other stores or other representatives. She is by far the most knowledgeable and competent, friendly, knowledgable, of any verizon employee we have encountered in the past 16 years. She totally took ownership of my problem and solved it to my great satisfaction. She is by far the most technical savvy verizon person we have ever dealt with in the past. Her interpersonal skills are superb and left me with the feeling that I had a person at Verizon who cared and who I could contact in the future if i had any additional needs.

I am a retired Sr. Exec from Honeywell, 81 yrs old and have an EE degree. Sarah would have been one of my Key employees that I would have had on a fast track. I seldom meet young technical support people who demonstrate her competence. You have her in the right position of being the store manager but she could easily be a district manager also. Her military training showed thru in everything she did. I also am an EX Marine.

Please call me if you want to discuss her potential in the future.


Chuck Blackstock

Posted by autumnm.

I was helped by a woman named Cindy. She was extremely helpful, cheerful, and went the extra mile for me. Instead of passing me along and transferring me to number after number, she helped me with everything that she could. I always dread calling for customer service, but this was the most positive experience I've ever had.

Posted by Tomasito

I just wanted to send a huge "Great Job" shout to Katiera & Drucilla at the Lakeland, Florida, Verizon Premier Retailer Store located on Highway 98 South, 33812. Katiera, who was in the process of conducting employee training with Drucilla, took a Verizon cell phone potential problem & turned it into a New Apple I-Phone SE sale. Immediately, as we entered their store, we were greeted by both, Ladies, & Katiera sorted out our potential cell phone problem, actually getting a eager new employee, Drucilla, involved as a "Team". We walked out with our problem solved & purchased a new Verizon cell phone plan & a new Apple I-SE cell phone. My wife & I were very impressed with both "Ladies" as Professional Representatives of Verizon. More Young Professional people like them should be complimented. "Thank You" from Tomasito

Posted by Leo

Excellent service by leo in ossining ny store.he's friendly and very professional.

Posted by Amoshall14

For a long time I as big on straight talk. I always had phones that used at&t towers. My mom lives in Florida and used Verizon and told me to come to Verizon and I refused. I didn't think Verizon could match the reception and the speed of at&t. I actually use to work for at&t. I finally gave in and switched and I have to say that I was wrong. I have the droid turbo 2 available only thru Verizon and it is by far the fastest phone I ever had. I also work at GM and the building is massive and I still get great 4g LTE service. I'm the only one with service in my area. I live in a small country setting town and I am a true believer now. Thank you Verizon for impressing me. I will always be a customer. I wish I had a Samsung gs6 edge plus because I would have 2 phones

Posted by MicMac

So impressed with their helpfulness. They couldn't resolve my issue even after going through tier 2 tech support, but they were helpful and friendly nonetheless. I ended up needing to restore my phone.

Posted by Meanmel

Verizon wireless at 5323 poplar Ave Memphis TN 38119

I would love to say how wonderful my local store is. Ladaria and Saeedah have always had such a wonderful and joyous disposition. They make a customer happy just seeing thier smiles. Please enjoy your day and hopefully
they get the recognition both of them deserve. Saeedah was so wonderful helping me switch form the evil company sprint. I enjoy my in store experiences. Thank you for your time and dedication to your customers.

Posted by ??

I want to give a 5 Star Exellent rating of your sales store rep, Bonnie Hanley at Verizon Wireless Retailer 1065 Old Riverhead Road, Riverhead, MY 11901. She was my rep when I purchased my new Samsung Galaxy cell phone. Then I had to return three times to fix some minor problems. Each time i sought out Bonnie for her though knowledge of product, able to do technical service to my phone, pleasant and very professional. You have a STAR in Bonnie Hanley. if there is a more dedicated site that I should go to to make sure you get my review & rating.

ps your verification code process is impossible to read. Why???? I have now tried 6 times

Posted by Anonymous

I dont know what planet these negative reviews come from but I would rate verizon a 10 over there cometitors. Friendy, knowlegeable and best cellular performance.

Posted by Anonymous

In February 2016 I met with Carly White at the Glenmont,NY Verizon store location. The service I received from Carly was excellent. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, available and truly went above and beyond to help fix the difficulties I was having with former phone as wall as set me up with a new one. Carly was a great teacher and problem-solver, solving tech problems that others could not.She used creativity and resourcefulness in her customer service with me and my family and I highly recommend her to others and wanted to recognize her service.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you,, Jonathan from NC, for being so polite and helpful to me this evening as we discussed my bill. it was a pleasure speaking to you. I appreciate your kindness.

Posted by Korhi

I've been a verizon customer for 16 years. Verizon stole my unlimited data from me, made me choose a plan that is charged a different price every month while giving me 1 free gig as if they were doing me a favor. Verizon has been a royal pain. Every month they will add charges to your bill they cannot explain.

Posted by LinoLeon

Verizon is the best. They are the fastest and most reliable network. They don't stand a chance against any other competitors out there. The only reason people switch is because of the price. I only switched because of that. I am with T mobile right now, there the worst. No calls, no clear text, and no data. They are the slowing everything down.

Posted by CD

Had a great experience the last two interactions.

Posted by Janice Klein

Every time I need customer service by phone or inside a store they have been superior. A customer for many years

Posted by Anonymous

So I have been through the ringer with verizon they have done everything but hold me at gun point and take my money ... lmao ... they have put my phone numbers on other peoples accounts ... they have charged me multiple times for the exact same bill ... To the point that EVERY month my bill comes in we have to call and check our bank statements just to insure that we are not being taken advantage of ...

But today I spoke with a man named justin with verizon customer care ... he is the first out of 10 employees to help me and actually take the time and effort to try and resolve my issue ... So VERIZON can Shove it ... but this guy that helped me today is how I would think all customer care/service reps would carry themselves ... thank you justin I appreciate it bro ...

Posted by kathleen818

I am so happy to be back with Verizon! This is why I'm a Verizon customer:

I recently converted a business line to a personal line when my company no longer provided cell phones. I had been a previous customer of Verizon but decided to stay with Sprint because my company was satisfied with them.

I signed up for monthly service and bought an iPhone 6. Less than three weeks after getting the phone, I started having major problems with the phone. The screen would freeze, I started getting blue and green backgrounds when I would turn it on, at times the screen would go to black while I was on a call so I couldn't see options for automated systems, and the last day before I called, my phone was out of commission for good and I was panicked. I use this phone for business and for personal needs.

I called Sprint to see what they could do to help me. I'm a very busy executive and had meetings back to back all week. I requested that they send me a phone and I would pay to send the old phone back.

I spent 75 minutes on the phone with five people and also engaged in a chat while I was on hold. The first person told me that they would definitely send me a new phone but I wasn't in the right department so she transferred me. The second person told me that they couldn't send me a phone but that I need to go to a Sprint center. When I restated that I was not going to be able to do that because of my schedule, he said he would transfer me to technical assistance to get it taken care of. The person in technical assistance told me that I could not have a new phone sent to me because I was outside of my 14 day warranty. I again explained that I needed a new phone and asked if an exception could be made. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I waited again for many minutes and finally spoke with someone who was in the first department but who was not a supervisor. This person stated that I had to physically take the phone into a repair center that would take me 45 minutes to get to in rush hour and that closed at 6, before I was even done with meetings. I asked again to speak to a supervisor.

For the fifth time in 75 minutes, I was told that there was nothing Sprint could do, even though I was in a bind. I let the person know that I needed to cancel my contract and that I would be moving my account back to Verizon. At that time, the supervisor said that she understood and that there was nothing they could do for me. She said as soon as I transferred my phone number over to Verizon, then my account with Sprint would be closed.

During the online chat, I also asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked that supervisor to cancel my account. That person said that they could not help me cancel the account. And that was the end of my conversation with Sprint until...

I called Verizon. Within 30 minutes I had an account, a new phone waiting for me at a store that I could get to, open late to accommodate my schedule. Excellent experience. And no problems since. Great coverage and great customer service.

Thanks Verizon!

Posted by eholdenerosf

I just purchased a cell phone at the Milwaukie Marketplace Verizon store from the Wireless Sales Consultant, ARIANNE SMITH, in Milwaukie, Oregon. She was very cordial and helpful. There was no pressure to purchase anything not to my liking.
Arianne was so kind as to transfer all my contacts to the new cell phone, which made it so much easier for me. And she also shared information to clarify any of my questions. My time at Verizon was very pleasant thanks to Arianne!

Posted by RachNJ

I called because I had an upgrade in 12 days, and wanted to see if it was possible to upgrade early since Best Buy was having a great deal on a Galaxy S5 2-year upgrade. The woman was very polite and friendly, and was able to get our account accepted for early upgrade! Very helpful and refreshing to have such a nice Customer Service experience for once.

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Posted by VerizonTrainer

I am a Verizon Wireless trainer. Verizon is NOT a bad company. Yes, they are expensive, but they are running a business, not a charity. Get over yourselves already. Customers just want things handed to them on a silver platter. Really? YOU bought the phone. YOU should have read the agreement. YOU can't work your own phone. WAHHHHHH

Posted by Anonymous

Hi there, I'm an actual Verizon Employee. I try my best to resolve all of your concerns ans issues. I actually attempt to go above and beyond and try to think outside the box to help. I know that some policies are in place and trust me if I could change them I would. Just so customers such as yourselves dont feel cheated or neglected. I know in your eyes it would take alot to redeem ourselves or in some cases there is nothing at all we can do to redeem ourselves. I know I'll probably get alot of hatemail or cursed at. I'm just like all of you. I work my job. I do EVERYTHING in my power to get you the end result that you need/want. I know in some cases I'm restricted to what I can actually do. especially to those of you that were/are loyal to us for "X" amount of years. I know some reps can be just plain rude and I know that some of the policies are not fair in the eyes of you the consumers that allow people like me to keep my job and maintain a paycheck. If I could apologize and fix all your concerns trust me I would. I know its too l ate in some cases but if there is anything that you think I can fix or if there is something i can do to explain any situations please email me at
. Yes I'm a real rep and yes I'll do everything in my power to help. If you just want to vent and curse me out you can do so as well. I'm here to listen and help

Posted by Daisy

I used to be proud to admit I retired from was a great place to work, but that was just prior to Verizon putting all emphasis on "wireless service". Sure wish they trained the folks who sell their products to be accurate and honest. My husband bought 2 IPads for Christmas, one for myself and one for our daughter. At the time of purchase he specifcally asked how much will this increase our monthly bill. He was told about $ he said great I will take them. After the Christmas excitement I asked him about cost....and when he told me I said there is no way. So I did some looking and made some calls to find our bill would go up about $60-70 a month. No one would give a definite amount. So I said lets return these and buy them cheaper at Walmart or HHGregg. We did. The girl at Verizon who we returned items to was nice....but she forgot? to tell us of the $70.00 return charge per IPad. Which I didn't learn until I called to change our plan back to what we had before 1400 minutes and friends and family! When I went to reenter the friends and family numbers I only had 10- had 12 before. I called Verizon AGAIN and was told that the extra two numbers were loyality bonuses when we had AlTel and there was no way they could go back and give me the two numbers back. So now I am out almost $250.00 because of bad information and lost two numbers from friends and family. I would terminate my contracts but I don't want to give them any more of my money. My advice get names of people you talk to, write down or have them write down specific costs - all costs including if you return something. I did talk to someone in the "loyality" department and they did concede to give me a $50.00 credit. WOW! Buyer BEWARE!

Posted by Behind the Curtain

I work in a VZW call center. I understand why many of u are upset so let me provide some clarification. 1st do not onfuse "Customer Service" with "Corporate Policy". The decision that u would lose ur unlimited data was made by the corporation and no 1 at a call center can reverse it. Posts mention being lied 2 and not receiving calls back. Well, if u were only paid per inbound call that u take and not compensated for outbound calls, would U be making any? Yea, I didn't think u would. Now u may ask, "Why would I say I was going to call u back if I had no intention of doing so?" Well, ur survey responses affect my pay, that's why. If the thought of receiving a return call from me results in u giving me a passing survey score then why wouldn't I leave u with that thought. A rep I know of even told a customer a straight up lie (she knew what she said was false) and when asked why her response was "I wanted to pass my survey." That is why some reps will lie 2 you. It is because if they tell u the truth and u don't like it (even though they have done nothing wrong because it is the company's policy and can't be changed) u may give them a failing survey score. Lastly, if u want to know why you wait for long periods for a supervisor's assistance, well it is because they have things to do. I have sat and watched my supervisor take breaks while customers are held on mute. My supervisor will then come back and tell you that she was looking into the matter and that's why it took so long when in fact he/she already knew they were going to tell you "No" 10 minutes earlier. This is why ur customer service experience may suck on occasion. I am not paid to call u back, I need 2 pass my survey so I may lie 2 make u happy until u find out I lied but it's 2 late as u already gave me a good survey score. There's the truth, can u handle it? Hey, at least you r speaking with someone who has English as their 1st language, right?

Posted by Former employee and customer

I worked for Verizon for 3 years and now work for Sprint. After my time with the two carriers I have come to the conclusion that this all that cell phone carriers care about is the bottom dollar, with no regard to what's fair and ethical when it comes to their customer's or employees. I ported out a number from Verizon 3 days after the bill cycle ended and was billed for the entire month service which they will not credit back. I never even signed a customer agreement stating this is policy because that number was ported in from another carrier and I had a used Verizon phone on the it. They offered to reduce the amount down by almost half but I still told them good luck in collecting it and I'm never returning as a customer again.
As a former Verizon and current Sprint employee, I can say the treatment for the employees is the same as the customers. It seems like the motto is "Find every possible reason to "fee" the hell out of your customers and to keep as much money as possible from from your employees paychecks for things they have little or no control over."
I will be moving soon and looking for a new job with anywhere but a cell phone company, and I will never be subject to a contract again. I'd rather buy a phone off Ebay or full price now that I've seen both sides of the coin when it comes to the policies and procedures of two major wireless carriers.

Posted by Ken

I've worked for Verizon Wireless Customer Care for a year now, and I have to say that Verizon Wireless has some of the most ungrateful customers I have ever spoken to. They seem not to understand that Verizon Wireless, just like any other company, has rules and policies they have to follow. They aren't trying to be unfair to you, or rip you off. They are policies that apply to every customer we have, and that the majority of cell phone companies have. And I am not quite sure what one of the other representatives are saying about 70,000 a year, unless said person is a supervisor. We are overworked and underpaid, and punished if customers fail us customer service representatives on issues we couldn't resolve because we had to follow policies. You go to work everyday wondering if you are going to get yelled at by your boss because a customer disliked the fact that because they opted out of insurance and ran over their year and a half phone, we can't offer them any free replacement.

Posted by fckvzwgetcricket

I used to work for Verizon Wireless and left after 6 years. When I first started with the company (pre iPhone era) I felt they had my best interest at heart and cared about their customer. It seemed like the release of the iphone changed them forever. While the company carries that phone now, their main concern has always been to be the largest cell phone carrier. When that slipped away from them, they took it out on their employees. People who were hired for customer service were now being forced to be sales reps and they even tried to put people on performance warnings, which they later rescinded. Then, to top that all off, they change dates and other pertinent information on performanxe appraisals. If a customer calls in to disconnect, they penalize the customer for using the word "disconnect" back to the customer. They prefer you act as though you didn't hear the customer and keep trying to move forward with the call. In any case, got tired of the lies, high phone bills (even for employees) and quite honestly...the b*llsh*t!

Posted by Pissed Wireless Employee

I am an ATT employee and this is my 3rd wireless company to work for. I started off as a verizon wireless customer service rep and i have been on the other end of the phone calls customers make and it is sometimes stupid on how they treat their customers. Then i left and went to the best company in the world ALLTEL but was purchased by VZW and as a retail rep they are horrible to the reps. the pay is top notch the benefits are top notch in the industry. Now to all the VZW customers that have a complaint about the reps in the store i am gonna tell you something behind the scenes that we dont talk about because of the shhhhhhhhhhh code we have as retail reps. We come to work everyday scared and with the fear of losing our jobs every single day with VZW. i worked in the Houston/Gulf Coast market and this is the worst ran market in all of the company the Area VP runs her market with FEAR and it makes it a hard place to work and that is why we can have attitudes sometimes but we all love working with customer and when some immature customer come in with a issue that is not the company fault your child done it we will help if you come as an adult because guess what we are adults also. When i put in my two week notice to leave VZW and come work back to a divested ALLTEL store that was purchased by att was the best day of my career. And there is a saying in my store we have a saying that the grass is greener on the other side because there is a person on the other side that have to water mow and keep up the grass. that person is the SALES REP.

Posted by zero

Working for verizon has been a joy. I enjoy talking with customers. but customers do need to understand that our company just like any other one has its rules. and it doesnt make sense to yell over a rep when they are trying to explain something you just dont want to hear. for example. i had a customer call in today and wanted to know why his supposed overnighted phone had not gotten to him yet. i did some research and saw he had not accepted terms and conditions, so that meant his phone hadnt been shipped out yet. all the cust did was yell at me saying he did this and that and its all done and he already paid his money. i was trying to help him accept terms so he could get his freakin phone. but alas, he escalated and then just hung up. i mean, really? we arent gods who can go " oh so you went over your min by 600 two months ago and you want to change your plan now to get credit? SURE!"...... yes we can bend the rules sometimes. but we still have limitations. i still see verizon as a good company. again, i enjoy the work.

Posted by justasalesrep

No wonder customers think we are rude. Look at how some of you are talking about them! Not everyone knows what we know about technology. We are the experts and it is our job to educate customers on the products and services we offer. I have worked for the company for 6 years and have seen a real decline in service. Part of this is Corporate expectations of employee behavior and achievement vs Store level Managements expectations. There is a tremendous disparity and disconnect which causes low moral because we hear one thing and then get told by our managers something completely different(and then get written up). Store Management expects you to sell out your @ss and work magic with sales. Dont tell me to be a consultative seller and always sell the customer what they need and then tell me that I need to get a manager involved everytime a customer wants a basic phone...when thats all they need. I'm sorry but I'm not going to sell a 85 year old an iPhone because Store Management doesn't want their smartphone take rate to suffer. Its a simple smartphone yes but a smartphone is not for everyone and that is just facts. I have never had less than a 1.0 multiplyer for my return rate because customers like and need what I sell them and keep the phones. I don't wheel and deal or make rediculous promises and I'm not shady by any means. Im a "middle of the pack rep. and I get crap for my numbers(which are not horrible). I've seen people who don't do a damn thing get promoted and get accolades for kissing the right persons ass and the people who work hard and truly care get walked all over and abused. I stepped down fom management 4 years ago because what I was told to do as a manager did not correlate to the values I held as a person. Don't blame the reps for everything. $hit rolls downhill.

Posted by anonymous

WE THE EMPLOYEES, GET AMAZING PAY and AWESOME benefits because y'all can be so rude! A company that compensates me fairly for the hard work I do? I don't think people understand how hard every employee works every day in all channels of this company. If you don't like to work hard, than you can't work there. You will last maybe a month after we pay to train you for a month. And I love when people talk down to us, "You sell cell phones?" Yeah, and I made around 70,000 grand last year, I have insurance, I got a raise and a bonus, and I got prizes for winning contests. so, go ahead get mad at me because you can't check your emotions regarding your phone, there's people in the world that don't have access to clean water... but god forbid you don't have remote access to Facebook!

Posted by everyonebenice

Verizon Wireless is a BUSINESS. They need to make a PROFIT in order to expand their network and provide you with cell phone service. There was a point in time where NO ONE relied off of a cell phone and now everyone does. And Verizon hears everyone's life or death situation if they can't make a call. BOO HOO. If it's your ONLY phone and you WILL CRY if it doesn't work properly one day, guess what. Your computer crashes sometimes. Your home internet may be down. it's TECHNOLOGY and you don't think someone wants it to work for you? and GUESS WHAT: If you stop and read information, instead of going in and harassing an employee, TRY YOURSELF FIRST. You can pay your OWN bill, because you can CLICK A MOUSE, DIAL NUMBERS, and TOUCH A SCREEN. It's not their job to set up your ENTIRE phone, OPEN THE BOX and TRY before you stress out yourself and someone else. And if you buy ONLINE, expect to set up your phone yourself. Employees work off commission so if you CAN"T purchase a device from a salesperson, it should mean you CAN do it on your own.

Posted by msKathy

Verizon has by far been the best service I've tried Sprint, T-Mobile AT&T Metro and the customer service and coverage sucks.... and I'm an employee at
AT&T and with the discount it's still not worth it

Posted by empathetic_VZW.CR

I'm currently employed through a verizon wireless vendor as a customer representative, and I'm appalled at the way our supervisors tell us to handle the calls! They're refund/credit not-seys, and they treat customers with little to no respect. We get a lot of calls from unhappy customers who have unfortunate run-inns with verizon wireless in store reps who consistantly give them the wrong information (they know NOTHING, are paid to look pretty!). It seems vzw is not what I thought it was.. Granted this whole 4GLTE is better than 4GWIMAX offered from sprint, but hell I work for vzw and would rather go with sprint. What does that tell you people? But I love this job.. It pays, and I love to interact with all of you unfortunate souls getting raped by vzw. At least if you ever get me on the phone I will fight til the death to get your issue resolved, and get your retarded charges credited. Not all customer reps. are the same, some of us actually care!! (and know what we're doing!)!

Posted by oldman

im a vzw employee and we do not support any 3rd party applications... i wont go to taco bell complaining that mcdonalds screwed up my order. dont be so childish

Posted by VZW_REP

So I work at Afni which is hired by Verizon Wireless to do Customer Service. I had 8 weeks of training. I hate my job! I hate Verizon! I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day having customers SCREAM at me. I would blame 75% of the issues that most customers are having on STORE reps who don't care about anything beside the commission they are getting for selling you something! Than something goes wrong and they don't remark your account or sign you up for trails and you fail to notice and call customer service SCREAMING at us like we did it. These calls that take 45 mins are because more than half the conversation is spent with customers yelling at the rep on the phone! Well calm down and talk about it. We do have limitations and NO we cant break the rules. The other 25% would be customer error on going over or accidentally doing stuff. Most reps are willing to work with customers to give them the best deal if they are screaming. We understand your upset we would be to! I have only have 4 escalations to a supervisor but also had 4 customers talk to a supervisor to say how good I am. I have passed all my surveys done by customers. But because of the crappy reps at stores and customers who insist it OUR fault and we are mindless robots I am quitting my job. Next time you call customer service and want something solved be direct and nice about it and more than likely you will get treated do you except to call someone screaming about something they didnt do and except them to stay calm when everyones favorite word when mad is YOU YOU YOU did this and YOU HAVE to fix it...we are human to and have feelings it not the best feeling in the world to be SCREAMED at all day and go home in tears! Yes there are bad reps out there who don't care but there are some that do and they are there to help you out and are doing there jobs. I would like to say I am one of those but because of the way I have been treated by customers screaming at me I can't do it anymore leaving work in tears. Honestly Verizon does suck and it is all about money but what do you except from such a HUGE company. I am sure you will have the same issue with any big phone company! I know I have with Sprint! I am sorry for all the problems that anyone has had with verizon and good luck!

~Soon to be ex Verizon Wireless CSR

Posted by vzwtech

I work in tech support for vzw. Here are some tips and info I wish everyone would remember or consider. First, if you need your device replaced under the warranty it is replaced with a REFFURBISHED device. This is the MANUFACTURERS warranty..not verizon. Yes it sucks having it replaced like that but it is with every manufacturer. If your tv breaks and the manufacturer replaces it guess what..refurbished. When you have your car repaired...refurbished parts! Second, if you have a blackberry or any data device PLEASE back it up when you first get it all set up. Third, if you are getting a data device please research it first. Try using it at the store, read online about it, look at our support website. We make sure you can make/receive calls, messages and internet. Setting up your phone is YOUR responsibility. We get the manuals just like you do or in newer device cases that dont come with one its online. We dont mind helping if you get stuck but please dont get mad when we dont have it memorized or are not alloted an hour to help set up your phone. Do your research as a consumer. Yes we also have a responsibility to give you info on products we sell but we don't always support every feature/capability on the device. You wouldnt call microsoft for support on third party programs you download on your computer. I know we all rely on our phones so much but its an electronic device, network connections and servers are involved...They will never run 100% all of the time. Stuff happens, take a deep breath and relax:)

Posted by Anonymous

another awesome week, i got a 10 on an after call survey but achieved first call resolution. I gave the customer info about his rebates and he didnt want to hear it, he was six months past the expiration date and there is nothing i could do except give him the citibank number and maybe he could work something ou with them. If people are going to be catty about it I belive we should get the aftercall survey removed its causing more hate and discontent than imagined, especially if you are trying to educate the customer on how to avoid pitfalls while dealing with verizon / citigroup/asurion problems. however somebody in corproate needs a job and since they are only good at coming up with stats and surveys then it looks like we'll be getting abused for a bit longer

Posted by Anonymous

as a verizowireless rep I handle a great deal of calls troubleshooting devices. most of these problems could easily be resovled if customers would remember their user id and password information that is needed for logging into their smartphones. if customers would read their user manuals and follow the steps to do these tasks they would have no need to call me. occasionally I get a long call that has to do with why I cannot issue a .99 cent credit because someone called out of country without an international plan. I personally want to rip their heads off, so someone that has a real problem can get on the line. In most cases i just let them vent and they walk away unsatified. I myself called customer service once in 12 years and it was because i was in Vegas drunk as a skunk and could not remember my password.
Dr. Gonzo

Posted by we-try-our-best

I work as a customer service rep for VZW prepay. Please understand that our hands are completely tied on some of our customers concerns. Believe me I would love to sprinkle some magic dust and fix everyones issues but people get real. Do you pay $15 for electicity/water bill/ food and expect to use it the rest of your lives? Would be nice I know, Im a single mom and understand how hard times are. Just stop and think people we are all having hard times and your cust rep may be worse off than you are and just let him/her do their job in piece and we will do everything in our power to help you out and resolve your concerns to the best of our ability. Yes there are some great people that call for reasonable concerns but we also deal with alot of cust that try to beat the systems and want evrything for free.Sure keep hanging up you may get that rep that will tell you they will fix it for you but eventually Verizon will catch it and you will loose it.Or the rep will mess your issue up worse than when you first called complaining,and then you will have more complaints and issues to deal with. Be patient and things will work out and get over that " I DESERVE IT ATTITUDES or the EVERYTHINGS FREE. PEOPLE WE DO NOT LIVE IN THEM TIMES ANYMORE. And just to clear up one more thing UNLIMITED DOES NOT MEAN FREE, Nothing is free!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tbob3

the reason people think wer unfriedly is becasue we get yelled at all day long, by people who think they deserve the world. people need to calm down, its not the end of the world its a cell phone for god sake..We dont issue credits for no reason its not are fault little tommy downloaded something. watch your kid its not are job.also to be a smarter consumer, which im sure you are because you all go online and post compaint after up on are servcies at then youll know when theres extra charges. so please stopping giving us crap everyday becasue you cant get what you want. any one do that on there electric/gas/water far as getting in touch with us its not rocket science you just need good listening skills..cancellation.go ahaed 1 less complaint a day.but no etf waivers.issue resolved? yes we do you just dont like the answers..frindly? up until u start in on us.knowledge? yes. but cus think they know it all..

Posted by thanksforcalling

Verizon wireless offers its care representatives a giant amount of information we can use to help our customers. There is a policy in place for every situation that my customers have, and most issues have a simple fix. And even if they don't, we'll still work hard to figure it out. I mean, we can't give you a free $600 smartphone when you decide you want one, and we can't credit you back for your entire bill, and we can't give you an employee discount for the past 10 months when you never called in about it in the first place, but we can help with pretty much anything else. Why people seem to have so many problems with our care team is beyond me, and, in all honesty, most Verizon Wireless customers are reasonable people. I think people just like to complain. Most people don't mind paying a little more than the competition because their service is excellent everywhere they go. They have a customer service team who resides fully in the United States who, 9 times out of 10, will reduce overage charges when they call in. We have a team of close to 30 expert departments that work diligently to see a customer's issue through.
So, yeah, I'm fed the company line. Verizon Wireless has the best value blah blah blah, but I see this in action 40 hours a week, and it's legitimate. And believe me, this is not the only care team I've worked for.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee from verizon wireless and a costomer service representative. All I have to say that I am very happy working for this company. The benefits, training, and opportunities of the company are amazing. Also are customer service is great. We work hard to do all that we can do for customers. but u also have to remember we are a company. we cant just give you credits or new phones everytime u request them. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but I am extremely happy with vzw and we work hard every day to please are customers.

Posted by Anonymous

And just to continue the rant, there are a few bad apples, yes, but we do not purposely hang up on a customer unless they are screaming at us so much that there is nothing we can do to help because they wont let us talk. It's not very easy for us to ask help when we need it at work, and all of the departments are in different cities, states, and even customer care is split up that way, reps have no control over which rep you end up with when you call. And when you ask to speak to the highest supervisor, no we are not in the building with ANYONE from verizon corporate, and we really don't have the numbers to reach corporate. If we could do half the things customers requested, we'd all have magic powers and wings!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am actually a customer care call center rep and let me tell you..I understand why half the customers are mad when they call in..but half the time we literally can't do anything about it if we tried. And then it doesn't help that there is SO MUCH information we have to learn that just gets thrown in our faces before we get tossed on the phones, customers wonder why we are confused so often..not only that, but when demands are being thrown at us on the phone too when we can only do one thing at a time doesn't help either. Most of us are just trying to do our job, everyone has things they can and cannot do at work, including us. not only that, but every call, we have a huge LIST of sequence to follow that gets drilled into our head on a daily basis, we get in TROUBLE for handing out most credits. And we go into work every day and for the most part just get one phone call immediately after the other of people screaming at us before we even know what's wrong. And then we get threatened all day, I've been told things you couldn't imagine just because the rules of my job tell me I couldn't give them that free phone or credit the overages. And then customers tell us we are bad people for working for Verizon, or that we are losers, for starters, we hear this stuff ALL DAY, and all we are trying to do is pay rent and buy groceries just like everyone else. We can't work magic over the phone, and just because we aren't exchanging something or crediting something doesn't mean that we don't want to, really it means that we CAN'T. I'm sorry, but I'm not losing my job over a $50 dollar credit so I can wait a month to get a new job just to pay my bills. I've had times at work where I almost want to cry on the phone because this customer is SCREAMING at me and I can't do anything about it to help them. My point being, if you are mad at Verizon, be mad at Verizon, but don't take it out on a representative that's following the rules at work so they can continue to put food on the table.


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