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Verizon Residential customer service is ranked #375 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.53 out of a possible 200 based upon 75 ratings. This score rates Verizon Residential customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


68 Negative Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 90.67%.


7 Positive Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 9.33%.

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    • 35.53 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 68 negative comments (90.67%)
    • 7 positive comments (9.33%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

I am very displeased with the customer service I have been receiving from Verizon. I made two payments to them on October 14th and they are only showing one in their system, which both payments were withdrawn from my account on October 18th. I have placed four calls, opened three dispute tickets, faxed my bank statement and all the information they have asked for and I have yet to be credited for the second payment. I called again today and was given the run around, stating their system was down and they were unable to look up any credit card processing transactions. I have asked to speak with a manager on two occasions and been told there is no one available. I am not making any further payments until I see my account credited for the second payment made on October 18th. At that time, I will gladly pay in full the amount due, as I just want to see the proper payments applied to the proper months. I don't feel I am requesting too much. I also find it ridiculous that they will not call me back on the status of all tickets and my account. I continue to request a call back and they have refused each time, stating I need to call back to check on the status. I run a business and know this would not fly with our guests and additionally, I know that we have the capability of pulling dates and transaction numbers, through our credit card processing company, to determine what charges have been taken. This does not take two months, but one day or shorter, once the payment has shown as cleared. I am just asking for prompt service and to be treated as a loyal customer, as I have carried their residential service for over 17 years. Please take a look at your processes and make some adjustments that will really enhance your customer service, because at this time, it is inadequate.

Posted by jcepull

A Verizon tech was to install a single phone line at my house in Tarentum Pa. They did not show up at 190 Davidson St in Tarentum Pa 15084. Please install the phone tomorrow at 4Pm. I had to leave my job early to be there from 1-5 Pm. A note was not left on the door. This phone has to be installed by November 10th. My name is Joyce Cepull. My home phone is Please get this resolved. Thank-you.

Posted by Anonymous

Verizon, without a doubt, has the worst customer service, as a matter of fact, I wonder what they call CUSTOMER SERVICE. Someone assures you they understand and the problem has been resolved and you experience the same problem the NEXT DAY. You are put on hold 45 minutes to an hour and may have to call back two or three time to make contact.

Posted by Anonymous

The hours of operation have not been posted for this listing (Verizon Residential Customer Service), but they answered after 11pm on a Monday, so I would say they respond outside of normal business hours if not 24/7. As usual, the service itself was horrible. They argued for 45 minutes about my Verizon-provided Westell DSL modem's model number (it's a WireSpeed model with no model #, the first Westell model that Verizon provided for DSL service, although other brands may have preceded it) before they were willing to provide the login info required by the DSL cct. Fortunately I had learned sometime during my 30 years as a telephone man that their way of minimizing agent talk time per call is to try to get you agitated enough to ask for a supervisor but if you're calm up to the 45 minute mark they cut their losses by giving up the info you need.

Posted by wwjd16

Another Verizon residential cust that VZ regularly puts copper lines out of service with the intent to withold restoration of service unless I take Fios this is in the NE Bronx. Many other areas in NY also affected by this policy forced by willfull misconduct and gross negligence. As well as falsifying cust comp records. Where is the NYS PSC effort to support the Verizon customers with copper lines????????

iutif svc and then refuses to perform

Posted by Great Grandma

Spoke to six agents including 3 supervisors,who said taht eventhough the took my information they never assigned my ticket to a person to repair my land line. Then they said they were working on it. Then dispatch was to call me back "shortly" that was 4 and 1/2 hours ago. No phone line for over 30 hours. They do not care. They are a sad excuse for a "communication company" when the agents keep reporting information that the computer indicates but has no relationship to the trucks on the street! Customer service is totally ineffective since the agents are never given correct information. Imagine what would happen in a serious federal emergency situation!

Posted by H

One of Verizon's own workers has been abusing my information. Who ever this person is has been asking me for money in order to stop harassing me and other people I call. This person is in full control of my call log. Customer service/management seem not to CARE.

Posted by pa86

Verizon Residential Customer Service? What is that? If you have an outage they will first blame it on your lack of knowledge on how to reboot your router, and then they will tell you that your phone is out due to an inside wiring issue you must pay for. And then when I tell him the phone/dsl is out next door too, they might listen a little. But then they will still tell you that they have an outage and will fix it in 4 days. Keep in mind this is after you pound 0 and refuse to answer the automated menu options any longer -- if you are lucky a person then answers. Someone at Verizon gave me a phone number before to report them to the PUC. That number never answers, but I did find a way to report the poor service to the PUC on line today.

Posted by Anonymous

tried to get residential service

could not get any help

my address is

i do not have verizon residential phone service but wanted to get but thinking it is a waste of time

Posted by Pissed

Sat on the phone being transferred around for 2 hours and no one resolved my issue that my online account wasn't letting me pay my bill. one representative even hung up on me!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My Verizon Internet and Phone service cable was recently cut by a contractor digging a ditch near my house. I called Verizon on my cell phone to report the outage and they argued with me and told me that my phone line checked out just fine! I had to call 3 times and finally spoke to a Supervisor who admitted that the cable had been cut! WOW! It took over 2 1/2 hours just to get the service semi-repaired and sort of working. What a bunch of Morons.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. Went through the phone menu and was told I would be connected to someone that could help me, only to wait and find out no one answer the call and the call was disconnected

Posted by Anonymous

Always have problem reaching the CS rep from verizon. Very long wait. At this moment, I am still waiting. It has been 20 minutes.

Posted by Not happy

Gees where do i start with all my Verizon, (no difference between the three, all suck)\ old General telephone, Time Warner problems! #1 The city i live in can't get AT&T or Comcast ( Un-American) i'm told! One good thing from switching to Verizon from Time Warner is my landline still works when the power goes out unless it rains! I call Verizon to report my friends landline phone service don't work on rainy days with my nearly new cordless Vtech phone. The recorded voice tells my to push #1 for English, i do, & i hear the tone then "sorry i didn't get your response" they hang up! I keep trying for hours finally reaching a real live person because of my cussing i think? She balls me out for not calling the service #. I tell her that my phone is not compatible with her automated system so she connects me to a verizon cell phone store as i said no! I explained it all over again an finally got connected to the service # only too talk to a female that's incapable of listening! Finally i get a service repair order for my house, not my friends so i figure all send them over to my friends house. 15 minutes later i get a automated call telling me my service checks out fine so they terminating the service order unless i push #2! I did an got hung up on! #2 I have Fi0s internet landline bundle contract for two years at nearly $ 200oo a month. They keep taking away the channels i like! This is same thing T W did! I miss Thursday night football an i am pissed! I am stilled over missing all those Dodger games ! If Cable stands for Could Actually Bankrupt Leno's Empire then what does Fios stand for, ha ha? blank in Obuma's blank! #3 I get flash flood warnings interruptions (on TV) that are at least 20 miles away all time. But when i can feel the heat from a major brush fire i get no warning on TV for fire or flash flood warnings except on the News channels ! #4 my Dvr still sucks! I would go into detail but my neighbor needs help shoveling mud, & adding more sand bags like i had to do here yesterday !!!

Posted by Anonymous

Well, I would love to comment on the customer service but I have been unable to actually speak to anyone as of yet. I did travel (drive) down to the local Verizon store to pay my bill but to no avail; the payment kiosk would not or could not pull up my bill. When I asked for help from the customer service fellow, he wasn't able to pull my bill up either. I'm at home trying to resolve the issue, and my wait time is now 15 minutes. Verizon has great service but currently has terrible customer service.

Posted by B

Initially, I was getting tired of overpaying for a service that was limited and slower internet speeds. I contacted Verizon to negotitiate faster speed for the same monthly cost, as newly subscribed users are getting the current speeds at the same price (simply due to the 802.11 AC routers). It didn't require a lot of work just a swap of equipment, After being a 7yr costumer I didn't think it was unreasonable. Apparently I was wrong! After my current change of living circumstances having a room mate and being on orders flying in and out of the country, I decided to cancel my service and have my roommate request a new service under her name for two reasons: 1) I wasn't there to take advantage of the service 90 percent of the time 2) Simply, she wanted the service and I was going to cancel it. Well DAMN, what a crap storm that evolved from that. They disconnected my service but are continuing to charge me for it for two weeks, while charging my roommate for her service that isn't connected. THATS RIGHT both paying for devices and services at the same address, they didn't send the new equipment as promised and within the agreement of the contract, and wait for it........YES!! they cut off the service.. So we are paying for two services and devices at the same address and have NO DAMN SERVICE. The funny thing is that no one can fix it (on the phone service representatives). So now after after three days on the phone for a total of 7 hrs. they can't get a service tech out to my house in an reasonable amount of time to fix (re-connect) the problem (THREE DAYS, GETTING PAID FOR TWO SERVICES AND CANT GET EITHER ONE OF THEM CONNECTED) JESUS.... Meanwhile my roommate is currently working on her masters, papers are due on fridays (there are other circumstances involved so I don't need to hear suggestions) time and attention drawn away to deal with ignorance.. Oh and it is up to us to contact billing and straighten this out, FREAKING REALLY?!?!?! How about they call billing and explain the situation and how they dorked it all up. NO, come on... that would require customer service.

Posted by Vijay

I am amazed at how Verizon plays with Customers. I am so surprised to know that they charge customers for even News channels. I was always of the impression knowing the news is the least form of entertainment and they are even charging extra for these channels.

I am shocked and would never be a Verizon customer in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I am EXTREMELY upset with this service. Management was extremely rude and unhelpful, continuously talked over me, and did not listen to what I was saying. I would never recommend Verizon to anyone and should have switched to Brighthouse when I intended to but I let a representative make me feel like they were cutting me a deal when they will screw you over in the blink of an eye.

Posted by Private987654321

Terrible customer service billing charges I never used and was never in my contract

Posted by Anonymous

can not receive my emails first was told to wait 30 min. waited 2 hr,still no emails. later another lie there is an outage. this company has no idea about customer service everybody passes the buck. please this company wants you to pull to check cable wires you know nothing about. ask for help if anyone comes out a charge of ninety dollars. i cannot wait until this contract ends. never again.with this company, maybe com cast will be here.had phone calls hung up on me.should have chosen cox. not verizon we need a change.

Posted by Michael

Over the past month I have had three service calls and two non-existent calls to repair the problems on my and line. The first repair man said that the ground was bad at the box and he tightened thing up. Phone worked for one day. The second call the repair guy said that mice had built a nest in the street box and eaten into the wiring. He cleaned things out. Phone worked for one day. The third call the man said that the copper wire had gone bad and needed new wiring to the adjacent street. He said that a crew would be out that day to lay a new wire. He also said I was the only person on the line; others had gone to COmcast or Fios. Apparently Verizzon wants everone on Fios. The repair crew never came to lay a new iwre, I called again for a repair and on the scheduled date and time I got an emailo saying they missed me--I was home and at the door. The worst thing is that you can't talk to a human being, all calls are automated and there is no follow up by Verizon to determine if anything was fixed. The automated system is a long and complicated procedure. Nowhere to turn but I did write a letter of complaint to the PUC. I guess I'll just cancel the land line and go with a cell phone. What a very frustrating and poor display of customer service. Don't ever use Verizon or expect any level of customer service.

Posted by meamsie

Signed up for Verizon Fios and was happy with service. However, had to cancel within approx 6 months due to job relocation. Took four phone calls to receive boxes to return equipment, then took three phone calls to get credit when equipment was returned. Now I'm being charged for early termination. I was not told there was a two year commitment when I signed up, do not have anything in writing, and company can't/won't provide a copy to me. Sad thing is I would have been happy to keep Verizon at new home, but it is not available here. $150. charge now turned over to collection; collection agency sent a request for explanation to Verizon, which Verizon ignored. I have spent way too many hours trying to get fee waived, but do not feel I should have to pay when they don't offer service. Will be writing to corporate tomorrow.

Posted by Anonymous

My landline is very much tangled in tree limbs, and I assume that Verizon, like the power company, would be concerned. I am because I have this for a medical alert system.

Cameron Nickels

Posted by Bob

Verizon customer service has been the worst I have ever experienced.

Why solve a customer's problem when you can delay, continue billing him or her at the same rate, and hope that he goes away? It's institutionalized at Verizon. Delay and obstruct. From the Kafkaesque robo voice-cue phone system on up through the customer service departments, it's designed into the system to make the client get fed up and go away.

Posted by Anonymous

Called today with a question about "what is the Sensible Minutes Plan" that I am being charged for and the customer service representative told me she didn't know and that she asked three other people and they didn't know either. She said" ill just remover the charge". I said by removing the charge though I am not sure if you are removing a service that I will need. I was being very polite needless to say the conversation continued and she was very rude. I was shocked at how rude!

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Posted by JagMkV

Don't know what all the fuss is about. I called in, asked the computer for a representative, was connected with about a minute wait. She took care of my request and that was it... a five minute call. Customer service is important, and I just wanted all the others on the list to know that I was happy with the service.

Posted by Anonymous

I had previously had to spend several months trying to address a billing issue. I was bounced around by multiple different reps in various call centers. Tonight, I finally got my issue resolved by Nancy (CSR supervisor) . Working in a call center I know what it is to get good customer service and provide it. Nancy did just that and I am very thankful.

Posted by trusgold

The company has the best most professional custoner service people of any company I deal with. Very reasonable, if you come in withn the attitude that you need help, they will do whatever it takes to satisfy you and help you with your issue. I have been dealing with them since The bell Atlantic Days. The limited hours is my only complaint. Nothing after 6PM and no weekends. In todays world they need to have people there until 10PM and at least all day Saturday. But the reps have no control of scheduling

Posted by justme

Canceled my land line and customer service was VERY nice. They also looked at my other services (internet and phone) and were able to save me additional money on them without extending the contract.

Posted by jpmoyer

In the past, it has been painful to contact Verizon for any matter. I could feel my blood pressure rising at the thought of having to speak to someone for over an hour, to not even have my issue resolved. UNTIL TODAY! I spoke with Janet and Reggie in customer billing. They went above any expectations I had. They took the time to listen to me, and really investigate the issue at hand. They were extremely pleasant and knowledgable. They fixed the problem! Hopefully I will get them next time!

Posted by Quickbeam

As much as I dislike large, generally incapable companies (Qwest, Time-Warner). I must write a positive review. So far, I have had only positive experience with Verizon FIOS. Connectivity is good, solid 15gb down, 5 up.

However, I did once call because my bill went up to 59.99 from 54.99 because I had been a customer for a year and was now on month to month plan. I asked for another 1yr contract for the better rate. They never changed it. Poor marks for efficiency but I am now thinking about moving anyway so it works out for me.

Posted by MoneyMan008

I am a tech for HP and I spoke with a technician Brandon who helped an HP customer reestablish their wireless connection. He was very helpful and resolved the issue quickly. I was thankful to have such a knowledgable person on the other line. Verizon is better for having Brandon.

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Posted by T Doff

I have to agree with the Ex-Verizon employee. I'm a CSA within technical services and now they want us to start initiating sales potential to customers when we are taking calls to help remedy a problem with their current services. Some of the problems are caused by the non-human process that handles service changes to their current packages.

Verizon is in the process of trying to get unions out of their call centers by hiring 3rd party service groups that are not Verizon employees (aka Telvista) who don't care about the customer or their employees, but just to bow down to the Verizon mgmt demands so they don't lose their cash cow. The support documents provided by Verizon are most times outdated, screen prints are from versions that are no longer supported, so CSAs are having to figure it out on the fly. So those of us CSAs that try to truly get a 'real' fix to the problem end up with an uphill battle since it cost Verizon more to send field techs out to fix issues at customer site, than it does to just send a placibo fix (another router or cable box), because you are tagged as sending too many techs out which then means you aren't doing your job the Verizon way so you don't get the monthly incentive pay.

So Verizon CSA unions, watch your back. They want to eliminate you, and in the end the 'new' customer service groups will most likely have less than a year experience with little or no training except to not send out a tech if possible.

Posted by Ex VZ employee

I worked for Verizon's multilingual residential customer service center for 10+ years. Verizon is trying to cut back on employees so they are now inundating current employees with information to service different states (keep in mind that each state has their own taxes and package rates). Half the time, we got trained by our peers who were provided the information minutes prior to executing the training. Ask to speak to a supervisor, and they know less than the reps. You really can't blame the reps for doing a subpar job when they aren't given the tools to succeed. And, also, keep in mind that reps are forced to sell to every customer who calls whether the service benefits the customer or not. If we don't meet sales quotas, we get put on disciplinary plans that lead to "separation from payroll" (in other words, we get fired). We are encouraged more to sell and being in revenue than we are to provide outstanding customer service so much so that the job title changed from customer service representative to sales and service associate. Also, people, please keep in mind that the reason why some employees are rude is because they've probably been cursed out a few times before you got on the line with them and if you come on the phone yelling and screaming or the 1st thing out of your mouth is how long you've waited to speak to a person, odds are, the rep isn't going to be too helpful. Remember you catch more flies with sugar than you do with sh*t.


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