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Verizon DSL customer service is ranked #304 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 29 ratings. This score rates Verizon DSL customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


26 Negative Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 89.66%.


3 Positive Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 10.34%.

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  • Verizon DSL

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    • 38.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (89.66%)
    • 3 positive comments (10.34%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 2.7 Cancellation
    • 4.5 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by danial

my DSL service out from jun27th 2016.I callevery day, spend 2hr. Ask to ckeck back within 24 HR., they did not fif problem yet, To day I desided to close my account.

Posted by Carl

Very poor customer service, they bump u to other people who can't help either . even supervision doesn't have clue how to resolve DSL technical issues, they transfer u to lines that only provide non relevant info, class action suit needs to be started they have no problem charging for poor service
They are quick to hang up with resolving issues,

Posted by kmgrayphd

I had a tech clean and optimize my computer, talked to Verizon and got a new modem, did everything I could to get good DSL service and I just can't. I'm trying to watch the Iditarod start live feed and it buffers every couple seconds. Verizon can't/won't provide decent service to those of us without fios. There statements about caring about customers are bald-faced lies as the appallingly inadequate service proves. This company should be investigated by the CCC but someone is likely getting paid off. Or do we not have a right to what we pay for?

Posted by KW

I cancelled my DSL account two weeks ago due to radicular price for this "dry-loop" account in recent couple years. (It starts at $29.95/month when I started 4 years ago, now it costs $49.5 /month). The cancellation went to smooth and I was told 9/30 will be the last day. I saw a new charge on my credit card (auto-withdraw) today, so I called Verizon DSL service, my call was transferred from service to billing department and then the lady told me he has problem to find my account, I said I cancelled it but still get charged and need her help to remove the charge. She hold me for 5 minutes then it turns to "main menu" voice again. It is hard to believe Verizon still has this kind poor service after ten years. It was a nightmare from their service 10 years ago. They seems don't care much about their customer.

Posted by mad at verizon

I'm suppose to be a NEW CUSTOMER but my experience with the customer representatives are horrible!!!! I've been on phone for,like 2 hours and the last representative put me on hold and after like 20 mins he just hang up on me!!! They're supposed to install my telephone and dsl today and they didnt come so uli called and they keep transfering me to different department!!! Its so annoying especially when i'm trying to be their i just cancel the whole thing because of stupid customer representatives

Posted by Champney94

I am so sick of hearing I apologize fron verizon. And being hung up and cut off. This truly is the worst company.

Posted by Big Mike

Starting about a month ago, my DSL started having serious problems. I called for support and was shocked to be connected to someone who was more than a "script monkey" and who understood that I was quite knowledgeable about computers and wiring. After about an hour, and my trying several different modems that I had, he told me that he was sending me a new modem without charge. So far, so good.

The modem arrived several days later, and I installed it. Immediately I noticed some problems, and called back to report them. This time I was connected to someone who I will call "Peggy" who was totally and completely not understandable. Seeing as I had internet working at that time, I hung up in frustration.

About a week later I get a box delivered to my home. When I opened it, there was another new modem, and paperwork saying that if I did not return the old one (from a week ago) I would be charged for it. I installed the (2nd) new modem and it seemed to work better.

This did not last. Now my internet will drop without notice, sometimes coming back within minutes, sometimes requiring resetting or of all things, making a phone call before the line comes back on.

Today I called service again. After one full hour on the phone, listening to the worst on hold music imaginable, I am told that they will have a repair ticket to check it out. They seem more interested in trying to get me to switch to FIOS than providing the service that I am paying for. Why would I want to reward them by getting a new service when they are stealing from me know (charging me for a service that they are not providing)?

Posted by annonymous

DSL has been down for over 3 weeks. Called in and had them create a ticket to replace the modem. 4 4 techs have been sent. none showed up. first two said "no access" other two tested outside, and said it was "Good" and left. I am now waiting for the 5th tech who was scheduled for 11-2. it is now 3:15, and tech still isn't here. I have spoken with supervisors, and tried to speak to a manager above the supervisor, and they needed to call me back. this is the absolute worst experience I've had with "tech Support", and I work in the tech support field. will recommend against Verizon in every way to everyone.

Posted by Nitro_Fish

In my opinion, Verizon DSL is not worth the aggravation; I have been using the service for a few years now since FIO's is not available in my area. The service continues to deteriorate and there doesn't seem to be a solution on the horizon, DSL continues to be the only option (at least through Verizon). I have been on the phone with tech and customer support for the past several weeks as my internet speeds continue to slow; my average Latency test readings are usually in the low 200ms range, and my download speed is usually hovering around .67Mbps & uplaoad speed around .72Mpbs, this is on the 3.00Mpbs plan! Totally unacceptable, they have sent me a new modem that did not help the situation, I have removed everything from the phone system except the modem and have connected it on a dedicated line to the exterior box on the residence and this doesn't help. One of the customer service techs even went as far as to say noise was still present on my line after the home was completely removed via the exterior connection at Verizon's exterior entry point. Check wireless or cable plans, don't waste your time or patience on Verizon DSL.

Posted by Adavis

Its been a full week since i have not had internet service! I called on the 6th of this month and tech support did their little test over the phone, the woman told me she had no idea what to do and that she would have to have someone call me back. I got a txt the next day telling me that they would fix it by the 8th. Really? I called back and was told twice within these past two days someone would be out to fix my internet. I am still waiting no one ever showed up! I called to speak to some kind of supervisor and was told no one was available the first time and the 2nd time someone would call me back and i am still waiting on a call. I am dropping verizon! this is crazy! They have the worst customer service and bad communication!

Posted by Ranger Rick

Been out of DSL service for 20 days. Called Verizon off shore tech support and Silver Springs, MD tech center. Sent onsite technical guy twice and they did not show up either time. I was home. They said "No one was home". Ok, enough. I am dropping all VERIZON services.

Posted by RL

Been a Verizon landline customer all my life with few problems. When they introduced FIOS they seemed to be avoiding my area intentionally. I was relegated to 768K DSL or dialup. But in the last few weeks, they suddenly started sending me FIOS offers through the mail and through popups on my e-mail screen. I mistakenly thought I had a choice.

Yesterday my DSL suddenly disconnected for no reason and would not reconnect. Today, it just kept alternately connecting and disconnecting every few seconds. I already had my suspicions even before I called Verizon to complain.

The rep who answered offered to "check the router" for trouble (it's only a few months old). When I declined, he immediately went into his routine, offering to send a tech out to repair the line by converting it to fiber optics. He promised there would be no charge for the upgrade and no change in my rate because Verizon was converting their entire network over to fiber.

Then he started asking questions about my internet usage and television viewing habits. He told me how much better it would be if I signed up for FIOS with a 2 year contract for just $89.99.

When I declined and refused to discuss my personal information with him, he put me on hold "to set up the appointment" to repair my line. When he came back he casually informed me that I would have to pay for the repair/installation and that my monthly bill would double, just to keep my current internet and phone service.

When I objected to the outrageous increase, he told me that I had no choice because Verizon would longer repair or maintain copper-based service or equipment. He also pointed out that I could get the full FIOS package for only a few dollars more and that the service would be far superior to what I have now.

I told him that rather than be extorted, I'd just keep my crappy analog service until it died and then I'd switch to Comcast. That got his attention but he did his best to follow his script. He even promised to call me back tomorrow to see if I was "still having trouble" with the line. Yeah.

Posted by boondoxmax

I've had Verizon DSL for many years and not many problems. Over the last few weeks I've noticed my connection getting slower and slower. Well this week it's so slow I can't even preform a speed test, it's that bad. Called tech support Monday and they state it's a problem on there line and they would get back to me in 24/48 hours. Of course no one called me back. Called today and they put me through the test this test that crap. I explained that I already went through all this and was only calling to see if my problem was resolved. They did nothing!!! See ya Verizon, I cancelled my DSL and phone service. Your customer service SUCKSSSS

Posted by Shadowlee

Have had dsl for $ 1/2 years. Now for the last 6 months the DSL keps droping out and there stupid optimising aotomatic program keeps lowering my connection to at the moment 364k coming into the modem have had 2 different modems and at least 10 ppole out to look at the problem, Both line tech and DSL tecs. still have the same problem and now have to wait anouther 4 days before they can send someone out to look again at the remote hub.

Posted by rcdjarrett

As I submit this message, I have called several time and was hang up on. Still trying but having the worst support in my life.

Posted by Anonymous

I give up after 25 + minutes with the (useless) menue

Posted by Anonymous

We have been a customer of Verizon DSL Internet service for about 8 years. We have historically been happy with Verizon until recently. We started having e-mail outages almost 2 months ago and now have sustained Internet outages for over a week. After 9 (yes, nine) calls to Verizon so-called "Technical Support" our outages are no closer to being fixed. They sent us a new modem. When we still didn't have an Internet connection they tested our line. When they decide there was nothing wrong with the line the decided it was the Ethernet cable. Tried 3 different cables, still no Internet. Next they sent a new modem. When that didn't work they decided the modem they just sent was defective and are now sending another. We've bee getting error messages for over a month but Verizon insists it a hardware issue and they must go by their playbook no matter what. Absolutely horrible "tech support".

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Mesa, AZ and recently went to a store near my house. I am surprised the manager of this store still has his job. His customer service is absolutely horrible and the way he treats customers would make any person cringe. From his smug look to his eye rolls I am shocked he ever even became manager. I came to return a phone on the 11th day of my 12 day return period. When we arrived he greeted us in a very unhappy contemptuous way and asked us what we wanted. We explained that we no longer wished to stay with Verizon (due to how terrible this company has proven it could be in previous experiences) and that we wanted to return a phone so we would not have the contract extension. After a long tirade about how we were making a bad decision he began to laugh openly at us for asking questions and mumbled under his breathe about how we were wasting his time. After we finally got things sorted out we left the store and as we were pulling out watched him mock us to another employee. I will never use Verizon again. I have received better customer service at Walmart (who is infamous for bad customer service) then I did at this store.

Posted by rj45_pa

After being a customer for years, and after being quite willing to commit to continuing, they kept jacking the price up, and on my last call to them they said "There's nothing we can do" in terms of finding me a better deal. Then after putting me on hold for a bit I was told that I could get FIOS for $1 a month less than what they were charging. After looking it over (and not liking what I was seeing) and doing a bit of research, I switched to DSLExtreme, and Verizon dragged their feet in terms of allowing the change, more than a week went by before I could make the change. I'll be looking at switching my voice phone service over to another provider as well. They do NOT want to communicate, which is pretty funny as the company is supposed to be in the communications business...


I have called Verizon since July about an intermittent issue. This is now Oct. I have to go through the first line to even get to the Central Office where the problem is located. I have been told by several employees at that level that it is an equipment issues and that they are currently working on it. That has been over 3 weeks. I have spent over 20hours on the phone and all I get is we are sorry you experiencing this problem. Here is a little math equation even the techs that they have that do not speak English can understand. BTW I am a U.S citizen born, raised and defended this country.

I Apologize = IA
IA = 0
20 hours of my time on the phone trying to get a hold of someone that is knowledgeable = 0

42 X IA = 0
Overall rating 0

Posted by ItsJustMe

I have Verizon DSL. Had it for almost 2 years now. Since late last year, I have never been able to pay my bill online. When I try to do it, the website says it's down or broken or whatever. The point is, the website is basically saying "EFF OFF. We don't want you to pay your bill. Higher chance you'll forget and then we get to charge you late fees."

That's actually happened a few times. Imagine the *burn* when you realize the service is cut off and then you think back on all the times you tried to actually pay. And calling isn't an option (for the smart alecks reading this smirking "Just call them! duh!")

Weeks ago, I thought maybe I'll upgrade to FiOS because of my new usage pattern. I put in my zip at the FiOS sales page and clicked, "I am a customer". The system went to process to find the best deals for me, then the site said, "Whoops! HAHA! We're broken again! ROFL!"

Ok, it doesn't say that explicitly, but you get the point.

I'll be changing providers. Also, I have Verizon Wireless. They suck, too. But what sucks the stupidest is that all the Verizon companies are separate. You call as a customer hoping to just call one dept to take care of a thing and ask to transfer to the other dept to take care of the other thing, they get all confused like their cubicle is low on oxygen. And they wont' tell you the companies are separate. You have to go a long period of time being pissed off why calling the company sucks until you figure it out on your own.

I've actually called Verizon and while I'm first starting the call, I'm already getting pissed thinking about all the previous times of being run around and thinking, "It's going to happen again! I just know it!" And the CSR are all too happy to keep the cesspit feeling of calling them alive and well, creating more angry customers. You know, instead of cultivating an atmosphere of "I am here to assist! If you're pissed, I understand it's not at me personally because I do good work."

And lastly, despite my DSL situation, I DO pay (or attempt to pay) all my Verizon bills on time. Most of my issues have been with technical difficulties on THEIR end. Then I have to see at websites (elsewhere) where Verizon reps posting anonymously taunt all complaints saying, "The only people who complain are deadbeats who don't pay their bills. They are mad because they cant' have free service! Pay your bill, deadbeat!"

I've seen complaints by people where you read them you instantly see the frustrating complaint (nothing to do with money) and then an anonymous Verizon rep comments, "Only deadbeats who don't pay complain!"

Verizon sucks.

And I never mentioned the phone options when you call, it goes to the extension it gave you as an option (or a rep transfers you there), but it rings and rings and rings and rings and rings and--cuts off! Call ended! No option to go back, gotta start the call all over again and get back in queue.

And what gives me whiplash is that it all depends on where in the country the rep picks up in. If it says the call is being answered by a rep in GA, I advise you hang up and try again. Try to get someone from Denver if they're open. GA has Sassy McSassalot working there.

If someone picks up and it's a man with a personality-less voice. Hang up. He's stupid. He won't listen, he doesn't care, he won't respond in full sentences, he will misunderstand what your question is.

If by some stroke of rare luck you get a regular accent voice woman who speaks in a clear voice, complete sentences and sounds like she has two brain cells to rub together, try to get her to stick with you as long as possible. Because I am here to tell you, she is the rarity.

Posted by Frazzled

We have been a Verizon DSL customer for over 10 yrs. One day in May our service just disappeared. I have since talked with over 30 service reps, spent countless hours on hold, been told I would get set up with a new account, would be called back, etc....and none of it happened. I have just gotten off the phone with the last customer service supv to discuss what I learned a few weeks ago and have been addressing. Our service was cut off because we used too much of it (they allow 18,000 and we used 18,800). We were NEVER advised to back down our usage, given notice of ANY KIND, nothing. Just POOF!! I was even told by one rep to go buy a new router and see if that helped. That was $90 and the time spent getting it, trying for hours to hook up differently, taking it back,.... My job is home based and this is affecting me in a very bad way. My children need internet for school projects. No other internet is available in my rural area and I will be required to purchase a 'Hot Spot' and pay MUCH MORE $$$$ for less (ie..$30 vs. $130 per month). I am beyond disturbed at the unethical treatment by a monopoly company that obviously doesn't care how they treat their customers. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had the same experience.

Posted by Senior gal in Frederick, Md.

Trying to get technical support I was subjected to tweny minutes of your Robot automatic record. Then later "Hold for the next etc"Going on your web site did not help,if you want to Chat for help.You must only have one sentence.Great.
How you treat customers,shows how little you care.When I last spoke to a person at Verizon about the slow DSL he said I should upgrade.More money,less service seems to be very user's complaint at one time or another.By the way I hung up and never got the "error" erased on my email acct.

Posted by bob


Posted by sick of big greedy companies

Simple new home phone order turned into week long nightmare, rude zombie like customer service reps could care less, transfer after transfer.I made repeated calls for missed appointments, service still not connected, (but I sure have received numerous letters welcoming me) with no resolve in sight. I make the appointment leave work early (missed money for me) and wait and wait and they never show up, and then have the NERVE to send me a TEXT message on my cell phone sorry they missed me???? FIELD REP ID# FL2115 lied and said he placed a tag on my door, NO tag here as he never bothered to come out. Another BIG GREEDY COMPANY whom has total disregard for customers, appointments, and my valuable time. Sup Steven ID# 43402 refused to give me his supv contact info, just said call Shelia, no id, no direct# but gave me a call center number 800-567-6789 . I'd like to see the group ANONYMOUS take VERIZON SERVICES down A FEW NOTCHES!

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Posted by Addy

Very Very Very Very Good .. Representative... Helped Me Alot ! After Call We Met As Well Now She Is My Friend

Posted by lisaclark

i have always had the best luck working with verizon. although they may be expensive.

Posted by GB101

REally understanding and responsive customer service, from my experience. My phone was acting up. Turns out it was a faulty charger. Verizon replaced both within 2 days. The reps were very nice and understanding. The only nuisance is having to wait on hold for so long and getting transferred from person to person.

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