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Vanguard customer service is ranked #510 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 149 ratings. This score rates Vanguard customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


142 Negative Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 95.30%.


7 Positive Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 4.70%.

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    • 31.10 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 142 negative comments (95.30%)
    • 7 positive comments (4.70%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Been trying to get someone at Vanguard NY MM tax exempt fund to look at the activity, whereas the yield on the fund dropped 27 basis basis points in one week (that's 20% drop,and happened in one day). The current 7 day now stands at %1.06 (was %1.34 a week or so ago). No one will look into this. Cannot e mail anyone other than a rep,which is useless.This fund should be yielding at least %1.38, since the Fed fund target rate is now %1.75-2.00 and soon to be %2.00-2.25. This fund yield has been steadily dropping, something is wrong. Is there an e mail to the executive offices so i can get someone to check out what the problem is?

Posted by Truth

It is now Friday, April 6, 2018, at 4:05 PM CST (Minneapolis MN)

I have spent the past 10 days of my life attempting to have Vanguard transfer a considerable sum of money from a Vanguard Rollover IRA account in my name (shares were sold, so amount in my account is cash). Sounds simple? Vanguard has been impossible. The people with whom I've had contact (many, many) have demonstrated misfeasance, nonfeasance, incompetence...lack of knowledge, fast assumptions/conclusions only to be wrong, sending me the wrong forms with disastrous tax effects, and creating a swirling morass. It is now 4:15 PM and no one has called me to confirm that the funds have gone out for an overnight delivery to the transferee custodian Bank in Edina, MN. Yesterday I had a call from the Bank that had already received its share of the IRA amount sent to it indicating it received the other Bank's share of the money, then a call from Vanguard indicating its error, followed by 2 stop orders issued by Vanguard. And today NO ONE with seeming authority has cleaned up Vanguard's mess and I still do now know if that this remaining sum is on its way via overnight delivery to the correct Bank. I contemplate filing a complaint with the SEC. However, again I called CEO Mr. Mortimer Buckley and left a very detailed message of my experience, was told that the message would be forwarded to him, and now 30 minutes later, still have heard from NO ONE. This has been the worst treatment that I have ever in my life received from anyone. I have lost trust and much for honesty.

Posted by First Presbyterian Church

Never have I had a more difficult time trying to add money to an established account from a financial institution as I've had with Vanguard. Your people require additional training and certainly don't make it easy with sending wrong forms, not able to answer questions without excessive holding times to "check it out".

The account is for The First Presbyterian

Posted by mcw3231

I've Had A Vanguard Account For 20+ Years. At Present It Had Only About $993 In It. I Wrote What I Thought Was A Good Check On Their Checks To Cancel The Account. The Check Was Not Honored And I Called. The Person I Talked To, Amber, Was The Most Cold Service Person I Have Ever Encountered. She Sounded Indifferent To My Situation And To The Fact I Will Have To Pay A Fee At My Bank Because The Check Was Not Honored. There Was No Indication Of Understanding Just That She Knew I Must Have Been Notified Of The Change I My Account And Check Writing Ability. There Was No Question Why I Was Closing The Account After 20 Years. I Am Glad I Chose To Close.

Posted by In Disbelief

After calling into the customer service center, I had a case opened but wasn't called back for 4 business days. Not only was management rude and unaccommodating, I was never told why their process broke in my case. I am very disappointed and am looking for alternate 401K services.

Posted by N/A

I have been investing in my IRA with Vanguard for 20 years. They have always no problem receiving my contributions. Some have been ACH transactions from my bank. But now that I want a distribution back to my bank account, I have experienced two weeks of delays so far. They claim they have security procedures they have to go through. No other financial institution I have ever dealt with has come up with similar reasons to delay my distribution. I talked to customer service, and they were very good about apologizing, but refused to give me any satisfactory reasons why they were delaying my payment. I was only allowed to talk to a "messenger," but not a decision maker. I had to wait for over an hour to talk to someone, so I probably won't waste the time to try again.

Posted by Anonymous

I've written several letters asking for my money. I don't have access to my account anymore electronically. I have limited internet access due to my assignment overseas. And, that's why I wrote letters. All I need is for Vanguard to return my money to the same bank it took it from. I believe my and the funds name is JT TEN WROS. Request somebody just write me a letter instructing me what to do (non-electronic). Send me forms to fill with list of other thing you need (non-electronic). I have limited access to the email below and if your instructions is for me to get into the internet - we're back to square one. I will pay for the stamps you use or take it out from my account.

Posted by Barb

We have been trying for over 2 months to transfer stock from an estate accnt to our accnt. We have called over 10 times, each phone call lasting over 45 minutes. They either assure us everything is in place or make an excuse for failure to complete transaction.

Posted by Anonymous

I called Vanguard today to ask if you had any energy funds which did NOT have fossil fuels as part of the package, and was told "No". Considering all the issues with global warming, oil polluting our oceans, and pipeline and train disasters, fracking poisoning ground water, and coal's extreme CO2 pollution, I wonder why Vanguard continues to rely on fossil fuels which are also not socially responsible since their use is dirtying our home - the earth.

In reading about the explosion of clean energy use in Europe, while the US lags far behind, it would seem that now is the time for Vanguard to come up with a product or products that would capitalize on the coming rush to catch up. There are many companies, here and abroad, which make equipment, install systems, sell clean energy, or storage products, and one would think that a mutual fund made up of those companies would be worth beginning. While such a fund would probably not be as profitable as those you now offer. One could safely invest in a clean energy fund without feeling like one is selling one's soul.

And then there is the issue of Vanguard liking to think of your contribution to society. Web pages touting green buildings, giving back et al. Wouldn't a green fund add to that image?

Otherwise, my wife and I thank you for your good work. R-

Posted by gwgladstone

I have been trying for two days to speak to a representative and have spent over an hour listening to the voice ma8il apology for the delay. I've been a Vanguard client for twenty years and have never experienced such frustration and inability to get service. I have used secure messaging three times and have yet to get a response

What is happening at Vanguard

Gordon Gladstone

Posted by tinker046

I have been trying to withdraw money from my 403b for a hardship loan. I have been out of work for a month with out pay due to surgery, i was told this would be no problem, I have sent everything in that I was asked to send in, and still am having issues. I understand this is a 403b, but I never should have been told there would nit be an issue to do this.. VERY AGGRAVATED...

Posted by Anonymous

We had a Michelin 401 K / retirement account Transferred to Edward and Jones and you coded with the wrong code and now we owe the IRS $12,000. We have not been able to get anyone to fix this. we was told that since it was sent directly to them there is nothing you can do. I need help with this and if this is how you do business that is a real problem. We will be calling tomorrow again to get this fixed. My lawyer will be contacting next.

Posted by I don't know what screen name is

Whippersnapper on Vanguard phone told me that if I have to ask and have their financial advisors advice in writing, I am not a candidate for that service. I cancelled my financial advisor phone appt.

Posted by M West

I worked directly with the Vanguard Roll In department. I was trying to move several accounts that I had with another provider to Vanguard. The Vanguard Roll In department was not helpful at all. They gave me the run around to the point that I finally just gave up on moving my accounts (around $200,000 in value) in to the Vanguard plan which was selected by my employer.

Posted by Anonymous

Their services are getting worst and worst. Their statements are always wrong. Their Accounting system is the worst one.
2014 year end statements were wrong and then corrected on end of March.
2015 year end statements was worst. After my income tax returns were filed and sent out on 4/12/16 then 4/14/16 received another correction. HORRIBLE!.

Posted by sunshinekat

I received a phone two days after Vanguard received my hardship withdrawl request, during the review process letting me know they needed a dependent verification. I sent the document the following Tuesday as it was a holiday weekend. They then begun the whole review process over, taking over the 1-3 day processing time they claim. That Friday I called to check the status and was informed I need to send more information. Im no genius but why didn't they let me know the previous week all the paperwork I needed to send. Now its been almost three weeks since they got the paperwork and I have been trying for two days to fax ( from different machines too) and I am constantly getting a busy signal. They claim not to have another fax and that there is nothing wrong with their fax. I requested to speak to a supervisor after I got the notice for more paperwork, they claim one will call you back in 24 hours..its been 3 business days since I made the request. This is a supposed million dollar would think they could pay to get some halfway intelligent people. they won't let you email. Does anyone think we can start a class-action lawsuit against them?

Posted by lahope

I had taken most of my RMD back in July but still needed to take the remainder before December 31.On December 29 I called Vanguard and requested the remainder of my RMD to be sent to the IRS, in other words 100% to the IRS.

I was shocked when I received a paper check that indicated 10% had gone to the IRS and 90% to me despite that my account is set up so that all money sent to me is electronically deposited in one of my checking accounts and aside from the fact that my order was that 100% was to be sent to the IRS. Then on top of that "mistake" on December 31st shares totalling the identical amount were again withdrawn from my account. After talking to a couple of know-nothings I was finally transferred to someone who could allegedly fix the mistake; however, I would have to cash the first paper check from the 29th and send it to the IRS myself necessitating some annoying trips to my bank and the post office. As for the funds that were superfluously withdrawn from my account on the 31st, the 10% that was sent to the IRS could not be withdrawn supposedly because of IRS regulations, so my accountant will have to do two tax filings which will offset one another.Since the work he does is not free, having him do two tax filings will cost me something. There will also be a small penalty from the IRS that I will have to pay.

Since Vanguard made the error, the 90% overpayment of my RMD will be returned to my account, but alas not to the funds it was taken out of because of the restricted trading rule that says you cannot repurchase a fund you have sold for at least 90 days.

When I asked how this egregious error could have happened, I was told that at the end of the year Vanguard hires a lot of temporary employees to handle the volume of calls they receive and the one that helped me on the 29th didn't turn off the automatic RMD distribution when he took my call.I've certainly lost my faith in Vanguard and will be exploring moving my funds to another company in the near future.

Posted by Anonymous

Poor customer service. Called to freeze funds so I could draft a final check. THey did not advise correctly and did not freeze the funds as a result they bounced an $8,000 check to University.

Posted by tony4

atrocious! very disappointing at vanguard customer service wait times. on 2 occasions i waited over 68 mins and 53 mins for someone to pickup the phone on a normal day. a multi billion dollar company still using 70's technology mindset. even comcast isn't this bad

Posted by unhappywithvanguard

horrible experience for my wife and I from start to finish in trying to open an two reps gave us the same answers...from mailing in paper application after the account was created on line, from having usernames frozen because they didn't have the paperwork yet, from saying is money is not going to be transferred, then saying it is, and then calling my own bank to have them say a request was never made....horrible experience and I would never recommend them..,.

Posted by Anonymous

Since customer service refuses to help me. They have started a new system where they apply money to whatever account they want. So when I am trying to pay off the lesser account, they continue to put the money to another account.
I've called them three times with nothing they can do to fix. I clearly apply my money where I want it. Not where you want it. Please fix.

Posted by Anonymous

Had an appointment to talk to an advisor today at 1pm. Advisor never called - I called them back and asked cust. rep. (Jim McD) why they didn't call me? His answer was that my case was closed in their system?? Tried to re-scedule another appt. - was told by rep. I had to wait 10 days to get another call back. When I told this idiot I would be shopping my $750k investment to other companies while they took their time getting back to me, he actually said to me "threats won't get you a quicker call back". Needless to say I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

what code do you want? I called phone # on statement and was asked for code twice and then you (vanguard) hung up. what happened to your service? why can't I reach my accounts. you people used to be helpful.

Posted by sandy6t

In trying to transfer my IRA account OUT of Vanguard, I received every excuse possible why they only transferred half of my account out. Then they took the position that they could keep my money for up to 30 days! I spent hours 'on hold' - including being put on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up on anyone coming back.


From reading other reviews, Vanguard is in the habit of freezing accounts for no reason and keeping their investors money. I was trying to make a change and provided ALL of the documentation they requested. Once that was done, they tell me that their customer service rep gave me incorrect info and the documentation I sent made them decide to freeze my account. I'll now have to go to court to get my account unfrozen. Obviously, as soon as that's handled, they will lose my accounts plus those of all of my family members. They can't be trusted to give correct info and to stand by what they tell you. I can't think of anyone I know who would want to trust their life savings to that type of company!!! BEWARE!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Mary

I just got off with Spencer from Vanguard. I am new to the brokerage account process. I had many questions, some that needed answers repeated twice. He was respectful and patient through the whole process. I never felt rushed. He directed me step by step through the website so I could correct my mistakes.
He was knowledgeable, without having a big ego and did his job with excellence.
I really appreciated the way he treated me. That's why I'm giving a big "THANK YOU! TO SPENCER!"

Posted by Lux

It took four tries, and 3 trips to the notary public, to get an account transferred and online. Even the agents were not clear on which forms I needed (not to mention what the forms were requesting). I never had this problem at Fedelity.

Posted by docdoc

Have had a brokerage account, an IRA, and a Roth IRA at Vanguard for more than one year and have been extremely happy. Their ETFs are across a wide range of industries, both domestic and international, which makes for great portfolio diversification, at a super low management rate. Customer service has been flawless. The representatives in Concierge Services always answer my questions, are very polite and knowledgeable, and I can usually ask for the same representative when I call, so that I have continuity with a Vanguard employee, with whom I can establish a relationship. Would highly recommend Vanguard. They do not rape you financially as other brokerage houses do. My portfolio was managed by a "crook in a suit" at Merrill Lynch, and other online brokerage companies have numerous hidden fees and charges, so beware. There has been none of this at Vanguard and I plan on investing a lot more with them in my brokerage account. Wire transfers are easy from my bank account into my brokerage account, and dividends are automatically reinvested, which is not the case at other brokerage houses, because they want you to pay an additional trade fee to reinvest your dividends. However, I have not transferred money out of my Vanguard account as yet, so I don't know if this will be as difficult as some of the negative comments have suggested.

Posted by skatewash

I have transferred three accounts to Vanguard: from my 401(k) managed by T. Rowe Price, from an IRA from Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, and a brokerage account from RBC Wealth Management. I have received excellent service from Vanguard all three times. The last two were assisted by the same Registered Representative in Vanguard Concierge Services, whom I can't recommend highly enough. I should also mention that I prefer doing most of my business online and Vanguard has in my opinion a vastly superior website compared to the three other investment companies mentioned above. I am an extremely satisfied Vanguard customer.

Posted by dave

I've been with Vanguard since 2000 and never had any major problems. I do all of my interacting with them online and move my money in and out with ACH. This avoids problems with mailings being late. When I first opened my IRA my initial contribution got credited to the wrong year (I didn't even notice) due to a glitch in their system. Someone called and left and message notifying me of the issues and that they had corrected it. A few years later when I moved my 401k to my IRA. I did an direct transfer and everything went without a hitch.

Posted by Esp

Vangurad is the best investment company, I really like their corprate structure, being an at cost provider. Their participant service department gave great customer service. Would recomend to any investor.

Posted by Ralph56

Excellent company. I opened an account and rolled over 401K funds last week. Very knowledgeable reps. answered all questions.
Couldn't have been easier. I am a very happy customer!

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