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Valve Steam customer service is ranked #876 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 154 ratings. This score rates Valve Steam customer service and customer support as Terrible.


150 Negative Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 97.40%.


4 Positive Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 2.60%.

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  • Valve Steam

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    • 19.00 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 150 negative comments (97.40%)
    • 4 positive comments (2.60%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.4 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 1.9 Friendliness
    • 2.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by KevinLPerrin

Why are there no PEOPLE to help with problems -on a PHONE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please call me . . .

Posted by werewulfsco

Steam are a nightmare they have no Respect for their customers what so ever the disgraceful submit a ticket that is just ignored. I will never buy from steam or ubisoft again. Im reporting both companies to trading standards.
They have sold defective software with Lots of people suffering the same issue as i am and steam and Ubisoft are passing the buck both not willing to refund on a game that will not work. Disgusted at both companies.

Posted by Anonymous

Steam updated and then asked for my password which didn't work. I reset it but it still didn't work. Tried to email support but was presented with a message saying a code was sent to my email and that until I put this in, no one would deal with me. This code was not sent. When I tried again it shut me off and just keeps saying error. The service from steam is absolutely pathetic. I have bought this game from a shop on a disk. Why on earth do I have to go through all this just to play it?! So angry.

Posted by Broken_Microphone

I love the company for the sole reasons that I can have all my games in one place and they have sales on games. However, the website is impossible to navigate, and the customer service is total crap. My friend sent me a gift on steam. I get an email informing me that I got it and then when I went to redeem, there was an issue. So I contacted support and they told me the sender had redeemed MY gift. Like how the crap is that even a thing steam? They wouldn't fix it even after I had my friend tell them the situation. Out of ten stars, I'd give steam a 3 simply because I like the service they provide but if anything goes wrong, you're pretty much screwed. I seriously hope it improves in the future because right now, it's swirling down a drain of bankruptcy because it's customers are slowly going away.

Posted by Anonymous

Credit card was hacked last night transaction for $39.99 was made to your company Steamgames.com4. This was not a legitimate purchase. Card number was last four digits 5327 which has now been shut off. Can be reached

Posted by lawrencefleckinger

Hello, I have tried multiple times since Christmas to reach your customer support via online as directed and to no avail, no one has replied. I purchased a steam card FOR $50 from Game Stop a day or two before Christmas as a present to my dad. When I took the card to him, I downloaded steam and purchased a $19.95 game (TYCOON) for my dad. The game played 2 hours and stopped. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't get it to uninstall to reinstall, nothing! I then messaged customer support as soon as I got a chance and was advised the game played for 2 hours and to get a refund I am over the limit???? REALLY?? THE MESSAGE READ: We are unable to refund this purchase to your Steam Wallet at this time. Your playtime of an included product exceeds 2 hours (our refund policy maximum).......I tried to download 2 more games and neither of them play either. I tried to message your customer support again and NOTHING! NO reply at all THIS TIME. The fact that i am paying for these computer games and getting no game does not work for me. That's called stealing.. you are taking my money and giving me nothing in return. My dad is in a wheelchair and this is all he does, play games. He was so excited for his present and he gets nothing but a STEAM card! I would like someone from your corporate office to please contact me ASAP so we can rectify this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You, Marie

Posted by Lexers615

Steam's French version is horrible, as it is adapted strictly for users in France, arguably showing the middle finger to the other 80% french speakers from everywhere else in the world, a little like if they would be trying to force US English on UK users, or vice-versa. That's why I deliberately use US English version, as it is less frustrating and annoying. However, through geolocalization, Steams detect I'm in a French speaking part of the world, and commonly change my preference for "French", and, like most French speakers not living in France, I have no patience for Argo (France slang). I filled a complain about it, and the ***** that answered it made fun of me, and closed my ticket.

Posted by carter.feather

My son has been waiting for days for them to give him access back to his account.

I am sure if he decided not to pay them for whatever they would immediately deny him access.

They have no phone number to talk to anyone.. They will not quickly act on support tickets..

This is very wrong.. He has spent hundreds of dollars on their site...

Seems to be a common problem

Posted by NoneYaBuisness

This company is a joke. I have always used one vanilla cards to purchase my steam games and to restock my steam wallet. Yesterday, I put $10 on my account, after buying a $40 game, and then I put another $10 on my fiances account (whom I always put money on and pay things for as well) WELP, Merry Christmas to him, because as soon as he TRIED to purchase anything, it told him there were RESTRICTIONS on his account, and he had to wait a whole 5 days, just to be able to use HIS money, that steam had ALREADY taken OFF the card!! He opened boxes with his $10 instead of getting what he really wanted, because hours later, the item was gone, and boxes were the only thing steam "ALLOWED" him to purchase. Sorry sacks. Then I STUPIDLY added another $5 to MY account this afternoon, wanting to make a purchase off the market for a game I play. NOW, it's giving me THE SAME EXACT MESSAGE as it gave HIM. Steam freely, and GLADLY, TOOK my money from my one vanilla card, but now denys me ANY access to it, saying I have to wait 5 days AS WELL.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a new steam gift card for grandsons xmas. I noticed later that I was charged an additional $4.94 to the $50. I also noticed the receipt stated "card reload". How can that be? This is a new card and I should not be charged an additional amount! How do I recoup this amount?

Posted by Mikey

I got Civ V for a Christmas present back in '10 - at that time Steam was so frustrating & annoying that I put the game away and quit trying to play it. I just upgraded my Mac's OS and thought Steam might be better. What a joke that is: their online "Help" is useless and Steam is busy downloading an updat despite my 150mbps+ connection.

Posted by Mnm1338

Couldnt log on to my account. Did all the procedure to reset password. Procedure said it work and top log in.

Log in part still doesnt work.

Post a ticket to Steam customer support explaining my problem and needing help.

Never responded to my ticket

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a bunch of games and my credit card thought my card was stolen cause i had just gotten into steam. steam took games and left my $100 i didn't want anymore taking ark survival subnautica, depth and other ones i enjoyed

Posted by Anonymous

one word 'pathetic' this company is why i will not play pc games anymore.
you buy a product key legit and this dosnt work, you contact supplier and they send a new key, that dosnt work... youre locked out for an hour. you contact supplier again and they kindly send you a 3rd key code... that dosnt work. 3 key codes dont work for the same game ??.
contact their 'faceless support team'... no rely !!
this is why console players dont want anything to do with pc gaming, thanks to companies like steam.

Posted by Butternubs

Refuse to refund an early access game (ARK: Survival Evolved) that has been unplayable for over a year. I have barely played this game apart from dipping in now and then to check on its progress. I realise it was my mistake to buy an unfinished game but i think they're equally at fault for allowing an unfinished game to be sold for £22. Received a short, unhelpful, automated reply. Even valve recognises steams support service is awful but as far as i can tell they haven't improved it at all since i've been using it (>4 years)

Posted by nightrone

I am pissed off that, I have tried to CALL, I don't want to text, chat live, or computer anything. I want to call and talk to someone live... in person, don't wonat a computer machine, I want someone from the United States of America, that speaks ENGLISH to talk too...

you take my cash, my hard work, and I expect to be treated with respect... so I want a phone number I can call, and talk to someone live... thank you...

with that information....

Posted by Anonymous

Account got hijacked by some commie ruskie....
trying to get any help thru their idiotic website is an effort in futility, it just sends you in circles...
one part says e-mail already exists, other part can't find it...

can't reinstall games either.

In short worst customer support ever. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND.


Posted by VandyBen

Generally speaking, I love Steam and Valve. I have had no complaints until today. I had items in my queue to purchase and it seems their payment gateway has gone down. So I tried to make the purchase a few times and still no results. Now, I have a message popping up telling me I have tried too often and need to wait a few hours. Honestly, I will probably have changed my mind by then. I own 52 games and have only beaten 20 or so. I didn't need to buy any new ones in the first case and this, probably, ensured I won't.

I mean, just go look for a customer support number... you may find the one in area code 425. Try it... it is a joke. Tells if you have any kind of problem with Steam to press 8 and then tells you to go online for a resolution. Well, right now, you can't even get to that area of the website.

I will probably keep buying games because they seem to own the market on buying games online, but as far as customer support it is literally non-existent. What's sadder is they are aware of this issue and have been for a long time. They just care so little about it they do not even outsource it to India. That is really sad.

Posted by Anonymous


my account has a vac ban ive been triing to get this fixed i have never cheated my computer had alot of problems i was a victom here i want my account re checked for the vac ban i also have 2 other accounts that have ark on them and i got vac ban on them as well for ark only something is going on and this was not my falt i want this fixed....i want a human to check this out not a automated responce from a compurter....thell me why and what the exzact reason i was baned from ark like i said i do not cheat and this vac ban is a false postive... i will contune sending emails untilll this is fixed... i want the corporate # or email or ceo of steam this was not my falt as u can tell if it was i would not be tring so hard to get this fixed I know that u can fix this and remove the ark vac ban if not give me the contact info as listed above and maybe they can help me better then whoever just sent this aotumated reply ..................... i want the corporate # or email or ceo of steam..... i will keep sending emails to fix this you have given me no info on the vac ban only ur policy on vac bans that is not good enough i have 52 games with steam i want to talk to a human whats ur # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by maiwand23

How do you guys keep customers is beyond me.....I wont be doing business with you guys ever again.. I work in customer service and 90% of the time, if a customer is upset. You can make it better, if you have a strong communications skills. You guys don't even have a phone number. Good site and good prices on games, but big lack in customer support. You can make more money, if you charge a $2 more for the games and get a good customer service going. Now a day phone is cheap and I don't even care, if you hire someone that can't speak fluent English. Just at least act like you guys care.......WOW HORRIBLE AND LOOK AT YOUR CUSTOMER RATINGS....I can't even change my email on my account I tried every way this is Crap

Posted by Anonymous

steam support by e-mail only is a complete useless joke.

Posted by eeven

My son used my credit card for his game ( I had to cancel my credit card because there 3 times charges one day. I was trying to call the company, but no one ansered me. I wrote an email, but no one wrote back to me. Let me know if anyone have good ideas to stop this happening again to all of us.

Posted by MeganB

I called Customer Support a month ago and got a call back within the hour, and a prompt refund of charges made erroneously by my son on Steam. However, the one month restriction period on his account is up today, and he cannot log in. It is locked, and there is no way to log a specific complaint in the Steam Support area, and the EXACT same customer support number I called one month ago is simply an audio recording, and it just repeats continually, even when I enter the extension digits.

Posted by Just Universal

This ridiculous to have a Steam account with my son and have no way to contact someone. I am a parent I have no need to setup an account.My son has charged my creditcard 3x at 19.99 on March 31st

One of the invoice his account name is JustUniversal

Posted by SAYNOtoSteam

trashy typical steam, trash company with a badly coded client and horrible wait periods, this company needs to just disappear waste of time talking a company that dosnt even provide live support

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Posted by Anonymous

In my years of use, I've yet to have a single issue with Steam, so this review is based solely on the refund system, which I must say, I am impressed with. I've refunded a number of different games in the last few years and Steam has always refunded with zero questions asked. As long as you meet the requirements of "less than 2 hours played" and "purchased within the last 14 days," Steam doesn't care what your reason is, even though they ask for one. (Which probably to look into technical issues if there are any regarding a certain product) Today, I put a request in for 2 games and got notified of my refund the same day when I checked my e-mail. I appreciate that it's very easy to do and was also very fast.

Posted by Gaben4Lyfe(not a fanboy)

Steam is a good Company
Most of the people on the left have the most stupid problems and are either talking about the time they had to wait before a response or that the refund service didn't work. To all of those people **** you. With the amount of customers steam support deals with on a daily basis you're lucky the servers are up most of the time. Oh and the refund service well if you've got the cash to buy a gaming pc and then buy the games I'm sure losing a bit of cash an the one game that doesn't work(which will get patched drivers ect) isn't that big a dent in your pocket. So back off

Posted by Anonymous

I am really satisfied with what Valve Steam was able to do since my account got hacked. I got my stolen items back and i am very happy. Thank you!

Posted by PenguinGod

I don't really understand all of these peoples complaints about what steam is, I've been using it for a lot of years and love it. I've used customer support several times and had any issues resolved satisfactory. I love not having to dig in piles of disks, maintain their condition, or keep track of them. Steam also gives you access to a lot of cheap indie games you never would have seen from previous formats of gaming. If you still want the disks, get a PS3. But even then, you can opt to just buy games on their online market.

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