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Posted by Brenda

My family was visiting visiting Port Isabel, Texas and we stopped to get gas. My husband went inside to buy some drinks and pay $15 of gas. He mistakenly said we were in pump 4 instead of 14 but the attendant looked out the window and clearly saw we were parked in pump 14, but went ahead and set up pump 4. When my husband got back to the car to pump gas, it wasn't working. He quickly went back inside to to correct the mistake but when he walked in, the attendant pointed to another worker and said, "that's him" because he didn't want to assist my husband. They told him to go ahead and go to pump 4. We drove to pump 4, but someone was pumping gas there already. We asked the person if the pump was pre-set. He said no, he was using his card to pay for his own gas. I went ahead and got off the car (being 8 months pregnant) to see why the attendants weren't being helpful. The manager took us to the back to show us the cameras to prove to us that it was my husbands mistake for saying we were in pump 4 and not 14 and that he couldn't give us our $15 worth of gas. He refused to refund us our money or give us the 15 dollars of gas we had paid in cash. I stormed out furious stating that it was very poor management and that I would be contacting corporate about this. This is STEALING! They pocketed $15. The workers we spoke to were RENE and JOSE from store #2284. I still have the receipt showing proof of payment for gas which we NEVER received.

Posted by Carmen

Date 5/6/2017 I was inside one of your valero's a soon as I walked in I had a terrible customer experience. And customer service . Me and my 3 children and 2 family members walked in, my 4 year old was on his bike and was told to leave it outside . I felt like the lady was targeting me but I said ok and we took the bike out. Kept shopping for my kids I dint mind, walked to the ice station made a lil mess and decided to clean up after my self as I try to get some napkins I felt weak and had to faint as part of my pregnacy I leaned on the counter to avoid falling . The employee told me to move because she had to clean the counter never once asked me if I was ok or if I needed help. I fell and faited hitting my head on your property . Woke up to the lady being rude telling me if I needed an ambulance I said no I could just sit it out and she said I couldn't be on her floor that I had to get up or she was going to call an ambulance . I forced my self to get up but I couldn't get up I had to sit back down as I felt like I was about to faint again. I got up 5 minutes later and proceeded to the check out to pay for my stuff. This lady had the worse customer service !! Please make your employees awear of the things they have to do to satisfy a customer I felt forced to move when all I needed was to rest for a couple of minutes . I don't have a name of the lady she was old and African American lady was not able to get a name the location was near holly hall

Posted by [email protected]

I was just st a store number 1503 and I got some nachos well the cheese machine was low I told the clerk. She removed the cheese bag and poured the old cheese into the chips she poured a lot which was okay but then she charged my an extra 99 cents for the cheese. Now if there is a limit then the cheese should come in cups however the cheese was old and was non pleasing very disappointed never again will I be buying nachos at Valero store if I'm going to get the old left overs and then having to pay for it. You should be ashamed of yourself for treating hard working customers like that the clerk name was Ida she said I had to buy the nachos because I opened the package which is true but I should have not have to pay for old cheese

Posted by Anonymous

The gas station on Meridian ave in San Jose California has a very rude employee, I am a handicapped older lady, I asked for help checking my oil and gas, he refused and made a few very rude comments. Also refused to give out the owners number.

Posted by Anonymous

The Valero on San Miguel Canyon Rd in prunedale CA has bad employees. The customer service is poor and they even make inside comments around me when I go inside. It is very rude and is becoming a daily routine. Please fire them and replace them with different employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Rio Rancho, NM, very close to the Valero store on Southern and Nicklaus. I was holding several drinks in my hand (there are no mini hand-carts) someone else gets to the front of the line before me. That person wants cigarettes that the cashier has to go to the back for, then when she finally gets back the guy wants to take his time selecting lotto picks. This is all happening while the other cashier is making a plate of nachos, waits until the person at the other register is almost finally done to eventually offer to ring me up. By that time, she really wasn't doing me any kind of favor. She saw me there the entire time, and it was an inconvenience to her to stop what she was doing to help me. At the end of it all, I was the one that was inconvenienced....

Posted by Anonymous

Location; 2710 N Hwy 190, Covington, LA
June 30, 2016 @ 12:00p.m.

When in store to make a purchase; placed my money right by the cashiers hand.
She told me to pick it up and put it in her hand. This is were I also get my gas and usually make a purchase. Last time; too many Gas Station that don't have rude cashiers;

Posted by Anonymous

U need to talk to ur manager in old pearsall rd in sa tx very rude i will never go to any valero in my life

Posted by Abel

I went the valero in universal city. We walked in way before 9am waited for the cashier to refill the cappuccino machine she walked over didn't refill it and instructed someone else to refill it. We for over 30 min to finally get our cappuccinos cause they needed to refill it. We still had to pay for our free cappuccinos we paid 12 bucks. It's not about paying for it. It's the Customer service of the cashier knowing we were waiting on them for our free coffees and because of that we past up the time frame. I don't think we should've paid for it. I understand about complaining about free coffee after a spurs playoff win free coffee is hectic. But come on providing customer service especially when we are waiting on a rude person who obviously didn't want to do her job. Just honor what is obviously advertised free coffee after a spurs win. Do your job. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in lack of response fro manager at y0ur location in Keller Tx N Tarrant Pkwy. Experienced damage to right side of vehicle on 4-9-16in carwash
Need to replace 2 wheel covers and paint 2 inch damage to right front fender well. On Saturday was told manager would call 4-10....Asst took picture sof damage
I called 3 times on 4-10mand was told Mgr was outside. This is not major damage but my car is 1 month old. Mgr will not speak with me to find out how to file claim.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sirs;
I went to your store in San Antonio at Culebra and Les Harrison on Monday Nite at about 11:00 PM. The store was locked up early and the attendant was sitting in her mustang in front of the store. I asked her if they were already closed and she said no, so I waited another couple minutes and asked how much longer she would be. She told me to hold the F**K on. I left and went to the Shell Store across the street to buy what I wanted. I really dont care if anything is done about this kind of customer service as I will not go back into that store again. I figured I would let someone know about this.

Posted by Work

Good morning. I live in houston and work all over houston, we visit many gas station but until today visiting one of your gas stations will not ever happen again. do to the rude and ignorant cashiers you have this coment will be posted on social media.
The store we visited is on grant road and canyon rose.

Posted by Anonymous

I Would like to pay a overall store complement. I went into store 1544 in Three Rivers Texas and was greeted when I walked into the store. The store was not only customer friendly but very well maintained and organized. The fuel island was even maintained and very clean.

I am a professional driver and a retired military veteran. I notice these traits and conditions when I visit various establishments.

I will continue to do business at this Valero store!

Best Regards,

Gary Crawford

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