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Posted by Reservations Coordinator

VRBO has gone to MANDATORY "on line booking" for its owners. Our company had villas listed with VRBO for over 8 years, and because we have our own website, and reservation software, did not need VRBOs online booking. VRBO WAS terrific advertising for our owners and also helpful to potential guests wanting a vacation villa. NOW, we pay VRBO a fee to "advertise" on their site, and they charge the guest a "Service fee" of 4-9% of rent up to $399 that is supposed to cover any problems, kindof like vacation insurance. From reading reviews, it sounds like they don't practice what they promise. Now, to "advertise" on VRBO, any owner MUST commit to their on line booking. We have no choice and now need to decide where to go next. And from what I researched AirBNB also charges a "Service fee". We have our own website, but have a small market and therefore relied on VRBO to help us advertise villas. I tried to call VRBO support for the last 1/2 hour and keep getting a message about the agents being in "training". Its hard to accept that a company would have ALL their agents in "training" at the same time. The message said they would be back at the "top of the hour"; well, it's 11:15 and they still aren't "Back". Good luck to owners and travelers, not sure what the answer is other than someone needs to create a website for strictly advertising our villas like VRBO USED TO BE! Any entrepreneurs out there willing to give it a try??

Posted by Anonymous

I want to look up certain homes for rent in Naples Florida but there is no way to put their listing number so I can go straight to them instead of looking through all millions of listings. The other couple who is going with us gave us a list of houses they like with the listing numbers but we can't find them. Please help

Posted by Ed

VRBO is acting like a monopoly and raising its fees constantly. My fees have more than doubled in 5 years and there is no end in sight. Now they are REQUIRING every property owner to use their credit card process for renters to pay. Meaning VRBO makes me either charge more or eat the 3.5% credit card fee. And VRBO makes out like a bandit - they'll make tens of millions of dollars a year with this. (Did you know they're owned by Expedia?)

In addition their dispute resolution process stinks - I had a renter absolutely trash my property, for far more than the security deposit would cover. When I wouldn't give the renter their security deposit they in turn trashed me on VRBO. VRBO would not remove their slanderous post and now I'm stuck with a 1 star rating in the middle of all the other 5 star ratings.

I am going to AirBnB. Suggest everyone else do the same.

Posted by [email protected]

The agents are overseas and have no idea what is going on

I have tried to accept a payment and I have worked on in it since 9:30 AM It is now 5:50 pm

It is easier not to even bother anymore. If you want to compete with AIRBNB, figure your stuff out

I have over 70 reviews and I am at the bottom of the all the available apartments in my building, because, I can't accept your payments? Seriously?? This is killing my business

Posted by Linda Williams

Be aware, VRBO is now adding their own considerable fee to rentals. I have used the VRBO site for years, but not anymore! Condo at beach was advertised at "Average $260" a night, but turned out to be $335 a night after cleaning fee, taxes, and VRBO" fee "was added on. No explanation of what the fee was for. I am aware the owners are paying a fee to advertise also, so why tack this on to the rental fee?? Pure greed! I will NOT use VRBO any longer. They have lost my business. Renter---beware!!

Posted by VRBO_Review

Stay away. They collect a fee for doing nothing. I recently rented a cabin from HomeAway (VRBO), but it turns out the property was completely trashed

HomeAway basically collected a fee from me and yet it did not provide any extra services. I had a problem with the cabin, and VRBO didn't do anything to assist me and completely ignored my request. When I reached out to HomeAway, they just send me back to owner of property.

Below was my rental experience.

Never again. This company sucks and will not back you up when you have a problem with the property.

We ended up staying in tiny motel room instead of the three bedroom two bath vacation cabin we booked in Tahoe..

After driving 5 hours, we arrived at the property around 9 PM, and were appalled by how unlivable the unit was. There was trash everywhere; the sheets were clearly not washed with bodily debris all over the pillowcases and sheets. Old car parts in living room, open alcohol bottles in the kitchen / dining area, full think of dirty dishes. There were socks and clothing from the previous renter all over

when we reached out to customer services; they couldn't help with emergency rebooking assistance what they advertise on their website (https://vrbo.com/info/ha- guarantee/travel-with- confidence)

The place was so dirty, we left it and found a random motel to spend the night which was 30 minutes from the cabin. It was a busy weekend in Tahoe so nothing closer was available.

When I requested VRBO to refund my money it took me multiple call and many hours over the phone. I still haven't received my refund and have resorted to filing a charge back from my credit card.

In short, you are basically taking your chances with this booking service. If you run to problems like I had, don't expect this company to make it right for you. At this point, I am taking this as a learning experience and will not work with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

If you are a homeowner and use this service be prepared to pay a huge amount of money, be locked out of your account often, have your site disabled for no reason, have a recorded message telling you that homeowners have a 20 minute wait to be served, but if you are a prospective renter, your call is taken within 60 seconds. Be prepared to look for your listing and not find it Be prepared to speak with customer service people, when you finally do reach them, who just answer from a script but who can't and won't really be able to provide you any information other than what is on their script. Be prepared to be told that you're on Homeaway when you are on VRBO, and vice versa. Be prepared, if you receive a fraudulent text, as I did, that your account is being de-activated, to have your customer service people have no concern, and when finally urged to transfer you to "security and criminal activity" departments, to be put on hold indefinitely. There has to be a better alternative to this site, which continues to raise its rates and lower its standards and customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

We rented a home in Holland Michigan for Christmas which advertised 5 bedrooms which we need. Moving in only to discover 4 bedrooms and a pull out sofa. The owner claims Vrbo says they must list as 5 bedrooms. So if I live in a one bedroom apartment with 2 pullout sofas, I have a 3 bedroom apartment. That is crazy. Why would you not just tell the truth? How is this possible?

Posted by Anonymous

What an extraordinarily frustrating experience. I am a homeowner trying to block out dates for a guest and am not allowed to log in to my account due to a periodic authentication verification. I am not home, where my authorization code will be sent, and cannot change it to be sent to my cellphone BECAUSE I CAN'T LOG IN TO CHANGE IT! Called customer service. Spoke with Maya. Got a verification code to use that will be good for 20 minutes. Attempted to log in at both vrbo.com and homeaway.com. Vrbo would not even allow me to get to a login page. HomeAway says that an error has occurred. Called customer service back only to be told that, due to a training session, no calls would be accepted. This was minutes after I had spoken to a rep. I have wasted nearly an hour of my time simply trying to update my calendar only to be thwarted by my listing hosts and I still have to try to contact customer service AGAIN. Sorry way to do business and treat customers.

Posted by Kelly Balaban

DO NOT BOOK WITH VRBO!!!! They are shady and not trustworthy! The only way to reserve a house is by giving them money, and since the website is NEVER updated, you think that the house is available but it's NOT! The owners contact you and tell you that the house isn't available, and they cancel the reservation but VRBO holds your money for days!!!! The only way to reserve the next house is by giving money, so I did and the same thing happened, they held almost $4000.00
I tried to contact someone at VRBO and they hung up on me, the woman's name is Lynn, she is in the processing department. I have dealt with VRBO for 10 years, but the last time was 4 years ago, so something must have changed, but they are NO LONGER a reputable company to deal with!! Try to deal directly with the owners!

Posted by Anonymous

Your website is not working and I have reservations on it and I also have a rental home on your site that I pay to advertise. This is the second time recently that the website wasn't working and I'm not happy.

Coleen Hester

Posted by Nobody cares

Your services are horrible during peak season. When I call to reserve a house on 5 separate occasions the prices were higher by $600 MINIMUM!!!! Why don't you let your customers post accurate numbers on your sight? Or on your Email services? It feels like a bait and switch con job. I can't and won't use VRBO. This site has waisted valuable time in my life. Upgrade your services and stop waisting people's time!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I cancelled a home today and was told there was a service fee of 70.65 additionally. We paid the 39.95 in the beginning to be able to cancel. This service fee was no in the contract. I expect a full,refund go unit 288489. Ref H If we do not get full refund check I'm going to thr Better Business Bureau and my attorney.

Posted by rosyink

I'm thoroughly annoyed to learn of VRBO's new service fee to renters. I didn't find out about this till today - and had been wondering why I hadn't gotten the inquires I usually do by this time of year for my Cape Cod rental.

As a property owner, I never liked the VRBO website. It's glitchy, it isn't intuitive (on the owner side, through the "owner dashboard"), and it's been the cause of a lot of confusion for my renters (repeat/multiple emails being automatically sent requesting payment through the website, for example, when my renters and I had agreed to alternative methods of payment). I only paid to have the VRBO account because of the traffic the website got.

With this new development, however, I will be emailing my return renters and letting them know that I'll be taking our listing off of VRBO and setting up on a competing site. My philosophy is we are trying to give renters a vacation they'll enjoy and will remember fondly. We establish a rate for the rental that is in line with the market, and aside from the cleaning fee and perhaps a small tax, that should be it. Assessing the renter an additional fee on top of that I find exploitative and misleading - when I send them the quote, the rate that I had set seems like a trick I used to reel them in because now there's an additional 4-9% fee on top of it that they weren't aware of. From the renter's perspective, it feels like they're being taken advantage of, and that's not a nice foot to start off on.

As others have said, VRBO is double-dipping - they already charge the owners a fee (annual subscription); there is no need to assess renters a 4-9% fee as well. A small, flat booking fee I could understand. There's been no explanation of why the fee is on a scale and where they came up with the range. It feels arbitrary and, again, exploitative.

Posted by Trixie

I was in the middle of reviewing a property through a link you emailed me. I wanted to check something before finalizing the review so went to another site (( did not exit my review) and when I came back it had disappeared. The only thing remaining was the star rating. Feeling very frustrated as the review was very long and detailed. Fix your system. I'm sure the owner of the property I'm reviewing would also be upset to learn that an excellent review was deleted before I even had a chance to post it. I've read that you are putting up fees to owners. Perhaps you should fix you system first.

Posted by Paulette Lambert Weiss


I have been an owner on vrbo for several years. The new service fee is terrible because it increases the cost of the stay too much on top of my quotes.

I suggest you make a flat fee of $59 but nothing more. Your service fee has no explanation of its offerings. I was going to add another property this week but will now go to Air BnB and create My own listing. You will lose me and several owners in the future by making our properties too expensive for our guests with no explanation for improved service between a high rent property versus a lower priced one. I am completely dissatisfied with your program and intend not to renew if you don't decrease the cost to a flat fee under $100. Your tactic to take a percentage of owner rent for yourself is not in line with the concept of vacation rental BY OWNER. Please cut the high percentage based service fee or I will post complaints on the web like other owners.

Posted by Glenn

We rented house in Orlando Florida .Southern Dunes.

Owner was advertising the house on 4 different site and at prices from $204 - $ 230

Owner was contacted that the site would not take the payment card.

She direct us to another site which happen to be the most expensive charge. She would not honor the less price being advertised.

We canceled our reservation.. Still have not receive my full payment.

Steve was trying to help us but not going well... Been over ten days since the owner hit my credit card... VRBO need to step up and deal with this mess.

Posted by Stfflngr

Absolutely the worst customer service! We canceled our reservation 6 months out and tried to get our entire deposit back . We received 15 % even though the terms and-conditions were not listed when we booked listing number 81279. When I tried to leave a negative review, I was told I could not bc we had never stayed there. We has no recourse and VRBO was not helpful in getting it back . So we are SOL of 305.00.

Posted by Sun lovers Paradise

I paid a higher rate for the first six months of my listing and when it is rented you take it off the priority showings on your site and I have people looking gor two or three months ahead and cannot see my listing. This means you are not keeping up to your agreement of priority viewings. Please call me as I am paying for higher fees for nothing

Secondly I do not what to give address of home and how to get in until just before they arrive or else they may enter when another guest is there. Maryann Kinzel. Tubac Az. 9

Posted by Anonymous

I am far from a happy camper.........

I am a VRBO client for three years, and up until now I have been a happy one :

A) I have paid SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS in August 21st and have not received even one enquiry let alone a BOOKING

B) In the last eight weeks I have sent two e mails to VRBO and received no reply

C) I have just spent Eighty Five Dollars on a phone call to your help department (Ref Billy) to be told there is nothing they can do

Why does your company not supply some helpful customer support ??????????

If I spend ââ??¬700 in advance of a service I do expect at least to receive service - Let alone I expect also to receive bookings.

D) The dollar to the euro has never been as strong

E) My pricing is moderate in comparison to similar properties here in Kenmare

F) I am in receipt of bookings from other U.S. agents in this price range

G) While courteous, Billy failed to grasp the situation, and to come up with anything that resembled helpful

H) Kenmare is one of Ireland's premier destinations and I have perhaps one of the best located and fitted out property in this area

Considering all of the above I await, with interest, to learn what VRBO suggest to create even ONE SINGLE SALE for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terry O Doherty

Posted by Contact help

I am currently in Mexico at a VRBO property, this is my 5th or 6 th rental with VRBO and I have nothing but rave reviews about all my experiences to date, however I am able to receive all your emails and decided to enter a couple of the current contests, but I can't because this message shows I am in Mexico and the contest is not open to Mexican residents, but my registration information is in California. My major compliant with this is my inability to get to customer service any other way but by telephone and that is not in my area of acceptance because I don't want to pay for something that you obviously did not take account for in the programming of your website. You are a company for travelers, we travel, I think you need to keep that in mind. Valarie Meldahl

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I have been Trying to sign in in my listed property but supposedly when I am signed Page is redirecting to my admin page then is just blank. Then I ca not see anything like calendar or post new pictures or up date my reservation. My property is listed with the number Please resolve this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a homeowner with listing I have cancelled the online payments but they continue to show up on my webpage. I spoke with a customer service agent today and he acknowledged that there was a technical issue on that.

In the past available dates on my online calendar have shown up as white... now they show as both green and white. I understand this is only supposed to happen involving my 5 night minimum, but I have many dates on my calendar that now show green for two weeks straight! Please cancel this program!... or fix it!

Rob Austin

Posted by Anonymous

Just impossible to get In touch with you.
I'm in Mexico City and there seems to be no way to get in touch.
Your 877 number doesn't work and you don't have a live chat.
How can you help?

Posted by Anonymous

By far the WORST distribution site to deal with. I could go on and on but I would like the opportunity to someday discuss this with someone at VRBO who actually cares about their problems first.

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