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VMware customer service is ranked #800 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 22.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 23 ratings. This score rates VMware customer service and customer support as Terrible.


23 Negative Comments out of 23 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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    • 23 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Switched2Parallels

Had an issue where I purchased Fusion 10, then their own platform wouldn't allow me to download it with a "profile review." I had a deadline to meet, it was late at night, and only had a few hours. Fusion was the best tool for the job. I ended up using VirtualBox to get what I needed done (since I didn't want to dish about another $100 for Parallels), and emailed them asking for a refund.

So, instead of processing a refund (since I couldn't even download the DMG, including the demo), they went ahead and processed my account. 12 hours later I got the program I paid for... but, by that time, it was too late.

A couple weeks later, I upgraded my Mac to 10.13. I had kept it on 10.12 for an extended time due to compatibility issues with some programs. After literally everything else on my computer was working flawlessly, VMWare refused to run any of my VMs. After doing research on the issue (which has forum messages dating back to 2007 with the same errors), following VMWare's own tips for resolving the issue (which I had to load up in Google Cache because their own page 404'd), and following the recommendations of other users with the same issues (including digging into the Terminal and adjusting kexts and permissions), Fusion continued to start, but not launch any VMs.

So I emailed support again. Their response? Uninstall every program on your computer that isn't from Apple. Seriously? VMWare, a company tailored to corporate IT teams, wants someone to remove all non-Apple software from their computer? I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do that. So, instead of spending several days rebuilding development environments and reinstalling everything from scratch (not to mention the time and money lost by doing so), I picked up a trial of Parallels. Guess what? It runs better than Fusion ever did. It's easier to use. It offers more features. And I was literally up and going within 5 minutes of downloading the trial. And I can get back to doing what I need to do for my job.

I responded to another vague email from their support team (who has called me three times despite me saying "I am not available to take phone calls, please do not call me"), and was told "your ticket was passed off to this other person, please email them." So even their customer support software cannot even push an email to the right place.

Oh, and by the way, all the support people I've talked to (which is about 6 or 7 at this point) have all had "India" in their signature. Not that there's anything wrong with India, but VMWare is obviously outsourcing their support. So if you want to actually talk to someone that works on the software, or near the people who do, you're out of luck.

And, at the end of the day, I paid for Fusion, and it still will not work on my machine. I've wasted enough time dealing with this company and I refuse to continue. Stick with a company that actually cares about their customers, not corporations, and pick up Parallels instead of Fusion.

Posted by HeatheRawr

I've been trying for over a week just to get someone to open the damn tickets I need. I've called them 5 times and have to leave messages because the wait time is outrageous. I do have other things I need to take care of besides sit on hold all day. They have no way of opening a ticket online that I can find ... they just send you to KB articles. How is anyone supposed to get support when they need it?

Posted by Sys/Net Admin

This Indians' support is a nightmare. Almost all cases they browsed online and they sends me KB articles. They should be more train about VMWare products. Last time the guy almost killed my production because he assumed that my environment is simple not even checking what is configured. I had to stop him before disaster.

Posted by Anonymous

It's too much to write but honestly, the support is weak and it used to be on point. You usually get a run around from some Indian guy who refuses to pass you to an engineer but is more than happy to take more payment from you to change the support ticket to a $1200 incident. WEAK SAUCE VM-WHERE?!

Posted by Tried

Slow response time. Lack knowledge of their on accounts information. Being pass around. Requiring support issues like time zone place for your company.

Posted by truative

What company wants you to buy a product for around 5000$ and then when they give u an evaluation copy to try out they won't even help you install it when you're running into issues that shouldn't be happening.....please tell me...So sick of VMWare and their TRASH customer service. The customer representative transferred me over the technical support after i explained my case and he told me he couldn't help me. And then once he transferred me over, i was on hold for 15 minutes and then the line just dropped. Screw VmWare, Microsoft Hyper-v Here i come.

Posted by pixelrebel

Why are people reviewing "VMWare Customer Service"? It simply doesn't exist. Moreover their Knowledge Base articles are incomplete, inaccurate and worthless. Pro Tip, when you have a VMWare issue search google with "-site:vmware.com" This will remove VMWare from your results and you can find step-by-step tutorials and workarounds that are higher in quality than anything this worthless company can produce.

Posted by BuyingCustomer

I've used the VMWare products before and had good success with them.
Upon trying to contact sales I've sent in 3 forms from their website and left two messages within the last few weeks.
Apparently they are not very interested in selling their product as I've received no return calls or e-mails from them

Posted by Ba

I dont get them, they are too slow to response and mostly spend time just browsing around . They dont response on timley manner

Posted by AAron

Same as the below comments really, they take too long to get back to you, they dont understand the products they are suppose to be supporting and ultimately you're stuck on the phone for hours only for them to eventually just say "you will have to reinstall it".. Its utter BS!

Posted by sgnas01

THere is a lost of bad support offerings in the IT world. VMware is by far the worst I have ever experienced. They take for ever to contact you. they never have any good troubleshooting steps. They take forever to respond to emails. They can hardly understand english. they do not bother to read the ticket with the info you gave them or the logs so they call you with stupid questions which could of been answered if they bothered to read the ticket. what a waste of money and time.

Posted by ds_sp00k

VMware support is consistently bad. There are never enough engineers to give our cases the attention that they deserve, and when an engineer is assigned, their support is always untimely and unhelpful, and their attitude is usually apathetic, even on priority-1 cases.

This does not appear to simply be a problem with specific engineers, because this is case for every support ticket.

VMware support needs a complete reboot.

Posted by James Lai

I like to make an executive complain on VMwware Unethical business conduct for security violation of customer information. I have been over years being spam for renewal of another customer VMWare license over past few years. Despite complaining to the person in charge and he promised to resolve it but nothing has happen. This proven VMWare failure in market. This is totally unacceptable and I see failure in your personnel is handling serious issue.

Posted by solidago

I just purchased an upgrade to 7.1.1 and have been unable to download it. there is no function telephone # for customer support or for technical support. Unbelievably impossible to resolve. Inn addition, as part of the process of upgrading VM removed most of version 6, so that is unusable. Had I known this and the comments on this website, I would have abandoned VM entirely and looked for other software. TERRIBLE!

Posted by Carlos

Ive hardly ever had to call support but I opened up a case about 6 days ago. I never received a call back even though we are supposed to get a call within 4 hours time. When I eventually called back I heard they were waiting on customer. Waiting for what? I still have not been able to get in touch with the tech assigned. Vmwares support is awful.

Posted by oksonottovirtualize

vmware techs are not trained to understand the vsphere server software product functionality. when presented with the content of error messages from vsphere client while attempting migration, cloning of vms: vmware techs cannot explain the error messages. all suggestions vmware techs make to accomplish the migration or cloning fail. they do not acknowledge their failure to resolve the migration/cloning issue. after many telephone calls, this tech cannot waste any more of his time.

Posted by Exador

My company tasked me with getting VMware Certified. What a nightmare! We've paid THOUSANDS to be a TAP partner. It's a joke. You still get NO support. I've spent months trying to get their BUGGY testsuite 'Workbench' working, and they provide no support, even when you pay their exorbitant $250/QUESTION (only available to TAP Alliance Partners)
Unless you are already a VMware GURU, RUN!

Posted by b393capt

The support team is entirely inept. Makes you waste time trying things that are obviously not going to work / not directed at the issue reported.

Current issue, incompatibility with QNAP disk drives. Issue has been going 60+ days. No urgency to fix. Multiple escalations.

Posted by Anonymous

VMware makes great software, but their support ranges from nonexistent to useless.

Be prepared to fix your own problems, sometimes by downloading patches posted by random forum users. (Seriously.)

Workstation 4.0.x shipped with a bug where the vmnet module wouldn't build in recent amd64 versions of Ubuntu and Debian. There's an active thread in the forums about it -- with contributed .sh files to patch the modules -- and two point releases have come out now with no fix.

I tried to report this as a bug -- my company PAID over $100 for me to have Workstation on my machine -- and was greeted with a page telling me no thx, pay for email support. Really, dudes?


Posted by Peter Franks

I have had a VMware account for several years for licensing, downloads, classes, etc. My employer was recently sold and our jobs moved to Mexico. To keep current I tried to set up a trial version of VM Workstation8 and ran into a problem getting the trial license.

My email address was at my old employer and when I tried to change it I got a message that I needed to open a support case. I did so and finally received a reply that VMware CANNOT change my email address in their system, that I MUST set a new account and that NONE of my history will transfer. Unbelievably, they have used the email address as the DB key field so it is written in stone forever because people NEVER change their email addresses.

This amateurish mistake and their unconcerned handling of the problem has cost me weeks of time trying to get something as simple as and email address changed. VMware simply does not care that they have made a gigantic mistake that reflects poorly on them and is a great inconvenience for their customers.

Given that a mistake was made by VMware they should have handled it by either getting the address changed OR setting up a new account and transferring my information to ensure my history remains intact. Their failure to do so and the complete lack of interest in maintaining my history indicates to me that VMware doesn't give a damn about my business.

Customer service for VMware consists of only front line drones who exist to tell customers tough luck and insulate management from customer complaints.

Posted by jdenman

VMware ripped me off because I paid for services I never received.

This morning around 10:30 I called for support and was told that I needed to pay for support and that someone would call me back within 12 hours to help me. I received no advice on my call and only explained that I could not get vmware running. I had to pay right then with my credit card. They never worked on my problem. Immediately after I phoned around 5 min. later I was able to solve the problem by myself, but vmware would not return my fee I had already paid even though I had NOT received any service since I FIXED THE PROBLEM ON MY OWN. They lied to me and told me that someone was already working on the problem 0 they were not because it had not been explained to them, SO HOW COULD THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY PROBLEM IF THEY DID NOT KNOQ WHAT IT WAS!, THIS IS STEALING FROM THE CUSTOMER!!!

Posted by ptrusk

Having been a vmWare Fusion customer for several years, I had occasion to mistakenly order an upgrade to a newer version. (With not enough caffeine in my systems one Sunday morning, I made a mistake. I had actually intended to upgrade my Parallels installation.)

Immediately after installing the upgrade, I attempted to contact vmWare customer service via their website's chat feature. The agent merely said that he would have to bump it up to tier two tech support, who would contact me by email.

After a couple of days, I got a terse message, presumably from tier two, telling me that I was SOL, and that vmWare does not do refunds. Period. Full stop.

I replied that this was too bad, and that if it were my company, I'd be most interested in WHY my long time customer wanted a refund.

Response to this message was crickets chirping UNTIL after nearly two weeks, I got another automated message from vmWare tech support apparently reading the case as a new one, and giving me excruciatingly detailed instructions on how to download and install the product!

This company's customer "service" truly sucks, not to mention their refund policies... I, for one, will NEVER purchase another one of their products again.

Posted by Chad

Every experience with their customer service has been negative for me. They have a 30 day money back guarentee.... I bought their VMFusion product when it was on sale for $49 dollars and they charged me $79 (full price) so i called them up and asked for the $30 dollars and the customer service rep simply said no. I asked "excuse me"? "Yes we will not give you your discount." I was stunned.... well I asked what my choices were at this point and he said "we will be glad to give you your money back" So you will give me my $79 but not give me the advertised sale price? Then I look at there refund policy and they treat it like a mail in rebate... no lie.... 10-12 weeks after i mail in a request form that can be rejected if i miss something on it.... VMWARE is running a scam that looks out for themselves not their customers. Avoid them at all cost.

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