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United Airlines customer service is ranked #382 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 2050 ratings. This score rates United Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,842 Negative Comments out of 2,050 Total Comments is 89.85%.


208 Positive Comments out of 2,050 Total Comments is 10.15%.

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  • United Airlines

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    • 35.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,842 negative comments (89.85%)
    • 208 positive comments (10.15%)
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Posted by Ginny

I have a Mileage Plus Card, #CR527503 and was charged for my baggage when I checked into Newark Airport for my flight to costa rica on March 15th. I believed I had already selected my bags when I purchased my ticket but apparently I did not. Of course when I arrived at the airport I presumed you had changed your policy on baggage when I checked in and paid the $25 baggage fee.

Upon my return flight I spoke with the airline attendant, doc.

Posted by Anonymous

It is heart breaking for the death of the puppy that was killed by making it be put in the overhead storage. Attendant knew the puppy was in the soft crate. No one brings on a pet carrier without a pet in it. It just doesn't make sense. I usually fly United but with all the bad judgements by staff I don't think I'll be using your airlines. I was flying from Des Moines IA to Atlanta due to mechanic problem I was rerouted to Phoenix to Atlanta then to have customer service say it was due to weather. Your company lie to people all the time just as in the case of the puppy. Do you have to wait until someone dies before you make changes and are responsible for your customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have faxed requested refund documents 4 times and keep getting the reply that the ticket numbers are wrong. I included pictures of the tickets and everything else required. I am so fed up! I will call next to complain. This is ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had two charges to my credit card for $96.30 each for United Airlines. The transaction number and the other was for the same amount and the transaction number. They were made February 5, 2017. I did not make these charges and I don't remember getting 2 flights on United. Please reseach this

Posted by initialsbb

Amazed by United's utter contempt for customers. I was scheduled o fly out of Dublin Airport at 9am Sunday morning, only to arrive and see a line and be informed the flight would be 8 hours late due to mechanical issues. I had to find out about the plane being 8 hour slate via other passengers as I waited 3 hours just to get through the check-in line to get to the desk where I was told I only had two options, either wait for the plane and stay the night in Newark, or stay another night and "try again" in the morning. Since they had a limited # of flights that time of year, I thought it would be best to at least to get to US that night and fly out of Newark the next morning. I was advised by United that I was eligible for EC261 due to the delay and reasons. Plane didn't arrive and leave until 7pm that evening, and was miserable.. Finally got to Newark and there was NO ONE from United at the gate to help the customers (the entire plane was filled with people who missed connections or needed a hotel for the night), I found and asked a United rep and they directed me to a Customer Service station for United....I got there and waited in line...they helped 3 people and then said they were closing and to go to another desk for help! Went to another desk in another part of airport and when I finally got to desk, was advised by the rep (who seemed ready to go home) that my flight would leave the next morning, printed my tickets and then said "next", i had to ask him about the hotel for the night....he looked slightly annoyed.confused and asked the person to his right...then he print out another voucher and gives rough directions to the Hotel shuttle..."Next!" they give me vouchers for food (at this time, the airport food places are closing, or closed, and it's late, and I have to get up early,) so no food.....get to hotel (seemingly really close to the New Jersey State Correctional Facility and get a bare minimum room for the night. Shuttle to airport in morning, grab a quick overpriced airport meal (had to pay more as voucher didn't cover) and then finally got a plane home, oly 24 hours late and missing work. I then try to contact United via their web portal to apply for the EC261...their website entry form doesn't work. I tried to different computers, 2 different OS, 3 different browsers...nothing, just times out (and I tried from two locations,) I then call customer service who tells me to use the portal, i expalin I can't and they apparently can understand that, so they send me to tech help....no help there. They advise their site isn't very user friendly. I ask, "your customer support site isn't user friendly???" yeah, no help there...I finally got a different # and call and speak to a man explaining my issue...he finally gives me an email address to put my claim again. I email and request the EC261 form, they finally reply 28 days later, that I wasn't eligible and here's a voucher for 150$...no thank you. I said they were liable and I have all the info from everyone else at uNited...they respond with no again....now pending ruling from EC261 body in Ireland. Absolutely the worst! I have flown 4 cities in 2 months, with several airlines (including cut rate ones) and United was by far the worst. I am in utter disbelief on how little they care or want to do anything more than collect money and burn bridges.

Posted by Bernadette

I have spent over 10 hours this week on the phone to United with no assistance.

First my daughter and boyfriend got stuck for 30 hours on Christmas Day oin route from San Francisco to Dublin as the airlines did not provide a wheelchair as requested and when it arrived 45 minutes later the missed their flight . They were routed the next day via Newark and were assured that their bags were on board . When they arrived in Dublin no bags could be found . " left behind in Chicago"

We spent 3 days and countless trips to Dublin airport still no bags . The kids had to buy new wedding outfits etc and were so stressed .

You would think what else could go wrong ??

When they arrived at Dublin airport to get their non stop air lingus ( booked by united 8 months ago) to SFO no seats for them.

Also no one at United desk in Dublin to assist . We her parents spent 3 hours on the phone with United had a 45 min hold to talk . They could do nothing for them, yes they agreed but still nothing they could do . They offered flights out tomorrow with 28 hour lay over and several stops .

No hotel accommodation etc . " you can try claiming back but no Guaranteex

The kids are stuck in Dublin have now lost 3 days vacation due to united incompetence .

This is so hard to believe .

Posted by Calgary

I had an unexpected medical emergency in October. I had to cancel the flight and United was really good about refunding the cheque minus some dollars. However, I didn't' receive anything! After 7 calls to their "service line" I spoke with 6 agents in refunds...each one saying they would have a response in 24 hours or 48 hours. That didn't happen....they had "to check to see if the cheque was cashed.

On my 7th try today, I found out the cheque was printed and will be mailed out. Thank you for that! I just wish it hadn't taken 7 calls to get a positive response. Will probably fly different airline next time.

Posted by minakshi

Hi I traveled on 18th sep 2017 my name is minakshi kathuria i booked two tickets and my returning was on 30th November but due to emergency came at home i prebooked the ticket from airlines directly and the airlines booked ticket on 30th oct 2017 on the basis of commitment that they will refund my amount $300 approx and they have deducted the amount from my credit card in INR that is rs20,000 till date iave not received my refund till date..please refund my amount as soon as possible i request you iave the proof of deduction also.

Posted by Ana

Hi, I need a refund of $75.14 It was issued In Nov 6 I've already talked 6 agents they said is going to be post in Nov 28 and Now is Dec 1 and today I talked to agent and he said it never been charge which make no sense

Posted by Anonymous

My name is John Bacchilega. On Nov. 14 2017 MY wife and I traveled first class (round trip) or so we thought. The flight there was great. Our return flight was rerouted due to plane maintenance. United put us on an American flight 725. Not first class.Our wait was another 5 hours.I fly first class because of back injury.I believe I should be compensated for the inconvenience Our seat assignmentio flight725 was 27E and 34C. Not first class.

Posted by Anonymous

I will not deal with United - EVER again!

I had to change my son's flight . . . but they are charging HUNDREDS of dollars to change the flight!

AND since he could not show up, and seat was empty . . . they probably used the seat and sold that seat to someone else at the last minute, I am sure!

Forcing people to take flight insurance in this underhanded manner is unconscionable, draconian, if not fraudulent and evil.



Posted by Auntkay

Need refund for flight 6042 on Sept 7. Have doctors statement, diagnosis of diverticulitis on Sept. 6. Husband has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and can not fly alone. We were going to one time event, Oklahoma State University vs. Southern Alabama football game. I will jump through whatever hoops I need to to get this refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I need a refund of my excess baggage w/c amounted to $150.00,where this information was not given or stated in my itinerary.My confirmation # was C9MFNX traveling from LAX to Houston.I believed this is screamingly high rate and very unreasonable compared to &25.00 for the first check in and & $35.00 for the second check in baggage.Had I known this ahead of time I should have not have an excess baggage.

Posted by was charged $200 to rebook I am

Need to ask for a refund for ForeFlight April 2017 due to the death in the family of the bride canceling her wedding till Till October 12 I was charge in a $200 fee to rebook this flight I'm confused on the policy thatwas charged $200 to rebook I am asking for a refund because wedding was cause us to death in family

Posted by United Airlines Return and Refun

Given Clear Instructions On How To Request Refund For A Cancelled Flight United 4615 And Use Of Ground Transportation Act Ii Transportation By Bus To Airport Destination Mli > Other Passengers Given A Voucher For $89.90. I Was Not And The Agent Gave Me Instruction To Contact You As Other Passages Were Givin Tickets. Can Uou Help Me Get A Voucher?


Posted by United Airlines Returns and Refu

Excellent customer service over the phone

Posted by United Airlines Returns and Refu

Fight Cancelled Ord-mli Flight Ua4615 11:50am On Aug 4, 2017. Due To Severe Weather. Passengers Transferred To Act Ii Bus Transportation From Ord - Mli And Given Vouchers For Bus Transportation $89.90 To Mli. Agent Said I Had To Pay Although The Busload Of Passenger Was Given Vouchers By Another Agent.

I Have The Receipt From Act Ii Transportation To Transport Me The Final Leg Of My Journey> Can You Help Me Receive A Refund For The Bus?

Posted by JColeman

Booked a flight on United and purchased the insurance. On the day of the flight, there was a sudden death in my family and when I followed the instructions to refund the cost of my ticket...I was denied a refund! Why is insurance even offered?

Posted by Anonymous

6/30..ny to st.l....7/5/17 st.l to ny.Ua charged my mileage plus and UA visa 25x2 for checked baggage (1)..each way.UA refund doesn't recognize my name,MP#,confirm #nor my baggage claim #. All published phone#s lead to barely English spkg, who talks faster than I'm able to hear. ..offers no. assistance for she can't find any trace of my existence in the entire Ua system...she did suggest the unreliable refund #.. Delta,UA are off my travel list....

Posted by Hate United

United total cap and we don't care. This should be their slogan.

Posted by Marianne

UA had a refund for Issues related to Zika.
Apparently this condition is no longer a dangerous one that would prevent anyone who bought a ticket after the fall of 2016!
I booked a trip in March to Travel to one of the Island in August.
I just found out I am pregnant. My doctor and my Judgement tell me to cancel the trip.
Since I bought the ticket after the posted deadline, they will not refund!

Posted by Patrick I

Has anyone successfully received a refund from United? I just submitted today for a giant fiasco that started on Monday; my travel home day.

Posted by Furbert

purchased 2 ff tickets. a was told the charge would be 30000 miles each way taking one particular flight. I get my tickets and have been charged 65000 on one way to Europe, the other ticket charfed 30/30. I reach a supervisor who tells me I need to be charged another 35000 more for the other ticket. I would cancel the trip,, but have purchased full price ticket for my grandson. Don't know how hw will use an international ticket in a year as he is a gradyate student with only short breaks for the next year.Each call makes the conditions worse. It's worse talking either a supervisor.

Posted by Anonymous

Sitting on tarmac. Only relief I to send this note. I detest this airline I avoid as best I can but had to take them today. As always, they are not forthcoming about anything in my opinion. Example: after sitting delayed 20 minutes captain says we had mechanical problem. Whew! All fixed just doing paperwork in it. 30 minutes later: we are still working on that mechanical issue. Will update you.
Meanwhile: I have asked twice but can't seem to get the airlines to raise the freezing blower temp at my seat.

Posted by jmcmsu

you make it nearly impossible to get a baggage refund even when you change the flight from united to air canada...it should be handled through a phone call with an agant

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Posted by Martha

Angela at united in charlotte nc amazed my sister and i with exceptional, over the top customer service. Keep this lady, she is worth every penney you pay her and more.

Posted by Mary Patricia Monteleone

My first United flight was in 1947 and I have had nothing but good memories with United since.

I had a scheduled flight from SFO to Logan for Dec. 20th.2016. I live in Los Gatos, CA and had prepaid a airport shuttle company for a private car and driver to take me to the airport. They never showed up. I called my son and he cancelled the ORIGINAL Joseph(Monteleone) then booked me on UA380Z leaving three days later. He put this fare, luckily available, on his credit card. UA OTNBX3

Here comes the bad part. I got to the airport by 8:30PM. I checked my bag, got my boarding pass and since I have my own wheelchair I put off calling the sky cab until later as I thought I had plenty of time. I dozed off and by the time I got someone to take me through TSA & way out to the gate.........I missed my flight!

NOW this is what I consider the good part. The lady at the gate was most under-standing. I didn't know what to do! She assured me I would be safe to stay in the secure area. Then she issued me a stand-bye pass for the first flight next day..Christmas Eve.(8AM or so to Bostom ) Then she issued me a confirmed pass for

11AM same day.

Here it gets EVEN better. As some of the gates were opening around 6AM I spoke with a United employee(who wore a UAL Blue dress jacket,shirt and necktie & several award type pins on his lapel.) He was standing at a nearby gate and I told him my dilenma. This gentleman's name badge said "Peter". He was so reassuring. Peter explained the gate had changed and even took me over in my wheelchair. I was in line when the gate opened and the agent who waited on me there was again so reassuring and courteous and I WAS ABLE TO GET A SEAT! I did not get this gentleman's name. IT WAS A VERY HAPPY ENDING. I DID MAKE IT TO OUR FAMILY REUNION And met my first great grandaughter who was 4months old.




Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern:

Last week, on August 11th, I arrived at the gate for flight 1774 - Newark to Ft. Lauderdale. The representative I spoke with earlier in the day told me that this flight was delayed by about 15-20 min. Because of this information, I arrived at the gate during what would have been boarding time, and about 5 min before the flight was originally scheduled to depart.

I arrived at the gate as the doors were closing, but was unable to board the plane. I missed my flight.

To my dismay your UA representative at the gate was very rude and unwilling to help. Therefore, I called your customer service line instead, and reached Mariann LaVoy. Over the phone, Mariann was professional, kind, and an overall pleasure to work with. She helped book me on another flight quickly and competently.

Without my knowledge, your UA representative at the gate created a new ticket for me, and checked me in to the flight. Her actions overrode Mariann's booking and created a second ticket under my name. Thankfully, Mariann once again resolved the issue with grace.

Mariann is a credit to your airline's customer service department. I hope to encounter more UA employees like her - on the phone, in the air, or at the gate.

Judith Isenberg

Posted by Sarah

I hardly ever get inspired enough to put 'pen to paper' but I felt compelled this time to tell you about your amazing staff..
I was on your 07:59 am United Airlines Flight 282 from Newark to Salt Lake City on 30th July 2016 and witnessed first class customer service from your ground staff Jean Browne and Cassandra Bowell Rosa
I had checked in before I arrived at 7am . Upon arriving at the Newark airport United airlines terminal, I was shocked by the number of people in line waiting to clear security .It was instantly clear to me that by joining the line, there was no way I would clear security in time to catch my flight . I was directed to the additional services desk to discuss options where I was told to either check with TSA pre to make an exception or get wheel chair assistance .
TSA pre did not allow me to get through for obvious reasons . I headed to the wheel chair assistance area where Jean Browne asked me if I really needed one . I told her the truth that I did not need one but this was one of the options provided by the additional services staff.
Jean immediately took control of the situation . She said wheel chair was not an option and our best bet would be talking to TSA pre . She helped me get through the TSA pre line however my boarding pass expired by then . Jeane then requested Cassandra to help me find a seat on the next flight . Cassandra got me a seat for the 11:30 am flight to Salt lake city via San Francisco .
Both Jean and Cassandra demonstrated excellent client service in a pressured circumstance.
In addition to this, the flight attendants on the flight UA1120 to San Francisco were extremely courteous . I had left my headset at home and requested the steward for one . This airline usually did not provide complimentary head phones . However, an hour later the stewardess came to me with an unused headphone. I was impressed by the communication between the staff on the airline and the effort they made to make my flight comfortable .
This was one of the finest examples of customer service I have even seen. I was given paramount attention and the staff walked an extra mile to help me get to my destination comfortably.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a passenger from PVR to SFO on Saturday, July 2nd & I wanted to compliment flight attendants Mitchell Croll & Courtney for providing me with excellent customer service. Both Mitchell & Courtney were very pleasant & professional. United Airlines is very lucky to have such outstanding employees.
Thank You
Stacey Bass

Posted by Anonymous

This is in regard to a wonderful flight attendant - Alan on UA #1978, flying on March 31, 2016 from Philadelphia to SFO (one of two serving at the rear of the plane).
Alan is the kind of flight attendant that makes flying a pleasure. He is clearly competent, but also kind, caring, patient, and very entertaining. I remember smiling often during the flight, which cannot be said much about air travel these days.

I hope you will apologize to Alan for me, as I had to wait until my return home to write this. But mostly I hope that you appreciate employees such as Alan and strive to attract others like him.

Posted by Anonymous

I was stranded in Chicago on December 28,2015 because of the weather. On top of that I had left my cell phone in California when I cauvht the red eye. After several delays and cancellations with rude agents two agents helped book a flight home with a smile which changed my entire day. One agent Marie and the other unknown male were at gate 31 at about 8:00. They were not assigned to my flight but helped me anyway. Although could not get me out until the next morning they were kind and patient. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Posted by Anonymous

Linda and Kimberley, csr's at the csr desk across from gate 81, we're extremely helpful to my wife and I when we struggled to make a flight connection to Chicago on 10/15/2015. Thank you.

George & Phylis Reynolds

Posted by inhee

Positive comment. On flight UA 761, ORD-SFO on Tue 15 Sep 2015, the Steward (male)was the best. Black male (British or French) accent. He monitored passengers to ensure that only appropriate luggage was put in the storage above the seats ensuring everyone had a space for carryon luggage. This was a completely full plain. This doesn't always happen and often if you are in group 4 or 5 you have to check luggage because there is no space left which is impossible because there is storage space for all seats. What happen often is the stewards (male or female) don't monitor the passengers as they board who put inappropriate items in the above seat storage which takes the space of group 4 or 5 passengers causing them to have to check luggage which is unnecessary. This Steward was also remarkably professional in the rest of his duties. He should be training.

Posted by Anonymous

It's my third time traveling with united and I have never gotten a bad experience except for the handling of my suitcase which came back ripped and dirty however I must commend my airhostess grace I didn't get her last name but she was outstanding not just with me but her approach towards other passengers I highly appreciate her patience and politeness towards us on my flight from Newark to Panama on the Saturday the 12th of September

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to take this time to commend Customer Service Agent Deb Brook at the Denver Airport on the 13th of August. She was very patient and helpful to my wife and I. As ID 90 travels, we are not always given an agents attention. This was not the case with Deb, although we did wait until her station was clear. She gave us her undiveded attention to make arrangements to our flights to Jackson Hole. Please let her know she was very much appreciated...Frank & Shirley Melnyk

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I were recently delayed out of SFO en route to Sydney. One of your customer representatives MARY JANE SANCHEZ at the CSC Pier at SFO airport handled our situation.


Employees like her are the reason customers continue to fly United! MARY JANE SANCHEZ should be credited for her excellent customer skills, initiative, politeness and common sense!

Yours sincerely,
(Justice) Ian Harrison & Julie O'Brien.

Posted by Anonymous

I was scheduled to fly out of San Diego on May 20th at 8:05pm, flight UA1533. Many bad things were happening, brought on by weather at my connecting flight in San Francisco. I was in a delicate situation because my dog was on the same flight, in a crate, in cargo. I could not just hop to another plane. A very special lady, I do not know her name, was working the gate, and she saw me through 3 hours of flight cancellations and delays and made sure I got on the same plane, eventually, as my dog did and we departed at 11:30pm just in time to make curfew out of San Diego, to Washington, DC, where I connected on to Pittsburgh. I would give anything to find out her name because she treated my dog and I like we were first class VIP's. I still can't believe she made it happen. Thanks to her a million times.

Posted by FlyMe

To correct the comment about March on UA1017 and the blind passenger. I was on that flight. This person who posted this comment forgot to mention that the blind passenger was seated in an emergency exit row and refused to move out of the exit row seat being blind. The gate agent offered seats in another row and refused to move. United was right on this one and was very professional about it.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband & I would like to thank Rosalba Villa for her assistance on April 3, 2015. Our flight to Los Angeles was overbooked and AC rebooked us on a flight to San Diego and then onto Los Angeles. When we arrived at the United terminal in San Diego for our connection flight Rosalba was the customer representative on duty. We gave her our tickets that AC gave us in Toronto, however the FIM ticket was missing. She was aware we had the continued connection however we were unable to board due to the missing FIM ticket. Rosalba understood our situation and she made every attempt to contact AC to resolve the situation. She immediately contacted another agent Noel for further assistance to find options to assist us. After making several calls to different departments and contacts she finally reached a AC reservation agent Aaron who confirmed they messed up in Toronto and did not give us the FIM tickets. Once this was cleared she immediately made arrangements and booked us onto the next flight with American Airlines. Our trip did not start off right from Toronto and arriving in San Diego finding out AC forgot to give us the FIM ticket just added to our frustration and stress, yet Rosabla was able to make us feel important and she showed understanding. She went above and beyond to provide pleasant and professional customer service. I would also like to mention that while she was servicing us and resolving our issue, another traveller rudely butted in and expected her to drop servicing us and attend to him. She politely excused herself and advised the traveller there was no booking for him on the flight. He continued to butt in and she explained she is servicing us and he would have to wait. Throughout the distraction of the rude traveller she remained professional and courteous and focused us servicing us. Both Rosabla and Noel were helpful and they should be thanked. It is nice to know and see that excellent customer service still exists.

Posted by E Scheiner

A compliment about an employee Albert Bechor employee
He was a Israeli flight attendant on flight UA90 that I just flew with JFK-Tel Aviv on 12/23/14. I sat first class in seat 11A and he was excellent in educating the non jewish flight attendants about the prayers services and in general being helpful and very sensitive and understanding in bridging between our need and the other flight attendants.He made the trip really nice and smooth

Posted by Anonymous

Our names were written wrong when our son made the reservations.
Beverly Johnson in Detroit worked very hard to get this corrected for me.
I now have the true hope that those "mean" inspector folks who match out names with our ID's will not tear up our tickets and lock us up during the Christmas holiday.
Carole Clay, Midland, TX

Posted by Anonymous

Att: Jacqui Key: As my wheelchair assisted wife and I watched our United flights being cancelled on 10-2 & 10-3 at O'Hare, we were directed to the Handicapped Service area and had the good fortune to meet Tina Rodriquez. The young lady went out of her way to help us re-schedule, brought food to foreign passengers who were totally lost, offered us part of her own diner and directed us to places to eat. As upset as we were with both O'Hare and United, Tina was a highlight of our day. She deserves a healthy raise.....

Posted by Anonymous

Aug 26 we were to fly to Norfolk VA. The plane was late coming in because of weather then we waited on the tarmak for hours and then the storm moved in to Chicago Ohare so we waited on the plane for it to pass then they closed the airport then the crew timed out and the flight was cancelled so we deplaned. We had to find our way to Norfolk VA and we had to eat another meal at the airport which is horribly expensive!!! United should have reimbursed the meals and tried to find us another way to our destination. I do not have any good memories from United. Then we had to wait for luggage until the next day. A captain from another flight was more helpful than United.

Posted by Wise Wanderer

I had the most amazing Customer Service Agent at the Phoenix Airport on July 14, 2014. Her name is Eva Gianfaglione, I asked her to write it down. With a mistaken cancellation of my ticket by the airlines, she reacted, reinstated, and reassured in the most pleasant and professional manner. In all my years of travel, I have never experienced such expedience with a smile at an airline. I have been singing her praises ever since. A less congenial and proficient person could have made matters worse. This woman is a star! I hope she will get the recognition she deserves by the company.

Posted by Anonymous

We flew from London to Chicago and were so impressed by the 'can do' attitude of staff, their helpfulness, flexibility and friendliness. There were a couple who particularly stood out - a husband and wife named Peter and Carol, who really went out of their way to help us and we hope they receive recognition for their outstanding customer service.

Posted by alexisk

When leaving Tampa, FL., Glory assisted me at the check-in. There had been a mishap with the UA credit card and I was going to be charged for one piece of luggage. She saw that the mistake was not mine and allowed it to go w/o a fee. That was very kind of her. Also, b/c I am disabled and just had surgery, she moved me to a set with more leg room. Glory is an asset to UA and is definitely a keeper!!

Posted by Diane Halaas

I purchased my flights through Orbits and they only gave us one seat on a leg of our flight. I contacted United on a Saturday morning at 8:30 fully expecting a long wait. I was able to get through immediately with no wait whatsoever! The agent I spoke to was very friendly and solved the problem instantly.

Posted by Mary

Angel was most helpful, pleasant and patient while walking me through my questions about an upcoming flight. She is truly an angel!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Well when I called the recording asked questions and I just kept saying operator no matter the question which was 3 just say operator or you might get disconnected like I did about 4 times before I did this ! Then I was on hold for less then a minute and she was very helpful !!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Although I appreciate flying as a buddy/customer, kindness goes a long way which is something you rarely find in Las Vegas. When you clearly can see that there are three open seats while you are on the plane and you are to hold you have to get off because there were "paid passenger standing in the galley or I'll" that was totally false . I am referencing to the Houston flight which left Las Vegas at 9:57 AM on Monday, March 7. My name was called as a standby, got my seat ready to go and all of a sudden there were customers waiting to get On. I beg to differ, since there were already two open seats in the back by me plus my seat that I had to an Accu pie. I don't know what kind of games are played, but I do take customer service seriously. Since I toI work with the public on a daily basis, I know the importance of honesty and trust. It saddens me that this is how a non-Rab person is treated. My fiancé works very hard for the airline, and is very proud to be part of your team yet it seems anytime I have flown standby, there is always some sort of drama. I really do not know what can be done to correct this issue other than maybe less hours of some of your gate agents so that they are nine over exhausted, or classes which reinforces positive energy I appreciate the time you have taken to read my lengthy thoughts in this essay/paragraph. God bless and take care

Posted by former united contractor and goo

I was a contractor at united and let me tell you, that IT Department is one of the most disorganized, ill-equipt bunch of folks I have ever encounterd. To have users wait 30-45 minutes to change a simple password is ridiculous. And let us not talk about bridge calls that will never stop, because everything breaks down. I am shocked this company, which is top heavy and employee heavy is still in business. Reading the customer complaints, they are spot on. The world of Fly the Friendly Skies of United, need not apply to the United today. If I was any of you, find another job it is know way that 80K people doing multiple number of work is going to stay around, pink slips are coming.

Posted by SorrytoContinentalCustomers

As a 30 year employee of CO, I must apologize for the deplorable state the new "United" has developed into - We struggled through the Lorenzo years, went through a untold amount of CEO's changes until Gordo came aboard - CO transformed itself into a customer oriented company with a terrific work environment. The newly merged company has thrown us back to the dark days of Lorenzo and dismal customer service. I'm stunned/embarrassed/mortified at the way the United folks treat customers. While I understand the original United people have had a bad run in the past, you all need to put that behind you and move forward - I wish Jeff had given a little more thought to the merge of the employee groups before pulling the trigger on this abomination of a merge. The difference in culture between the two groups is astounding. I'm afraid instead of the CO culture surviving, this merger is only going to produce a company with 80,000 very unhappy people. Not conducive to a healthy,profitable,viable company with long term sustainability.

Posted by Anonomous

As a 14 year employee for former Continental i remember when Jeff Smizik announced his great merger slogan..."There are alot of changes coming and I think you are going to like them". All I can say about the "New" United... our new slogan should be...We're not happy, till you're not happy!

Posted by tommyjintheusa

[email protected]
let me clue you in
Everyone that I have known over the thirty years of working at UAL has been loyal, dedicated,heart and soul but one cannot fight the greed and arrogance at the top.
This whole fiasco should be investigated by the government but the government officials are too worried about saving their own skins in Washington and getting re-elected, so absolutely know one is paying attention to our plight.
Greed is good if your on Tilton's and Smisek's side of the fence, and something is very wrong with this country when the corporations can get away with what they are doing to the employees much less its customers that rely on dependable transportation.
Tilton was quoted as saying he had no love for the United employees and Continentals savior is delusional if he thinks the inept infrastructure of Continentals systems computer or managerial can handle a finely tuned system an UAL once had, the only way Jeff Smisek. out of it is admit your over your head Mr
American Greed at its finest.
You have evil greed driven people who couldn't care less about anyone but their own back pockets sitting on the board of directors and till Tilton and Smisek are removed by the stock holders this airline will never have the legacy that it once had.

Posted by [email protected]

As a shareholder with most of my portfolio in CAL stock, I am disgusted with this asinine merger and discarding the Continental Brand Name. I am also an employee of Continental for 14 years and more disgusted my current managements lack of faith and input from customers and employees that made CAL one of the top US based airlines. Although I understand top managements reasons for choosing United name over CO with the merger, it was an INSTANT downgrade to the company. All the years I've dealt with passengers (continental and united), 99.9% have stated how bad United even the top frequent fliers.

my own experience as an employee with merged management is --- sell your stock --
United seems to be taking over CO culture and bringing it down quickly. CO management is trying to change old UAL management and I will tell you from my personal experience, they are not cooperating with the plan.


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