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United Healthcare customer service is ranked #723 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.95 out of a possible 200 based upon 705 ratings. This score rates United Healthcare customer service and customer support as Terrible.


680 Negative Comments out of 705 Total Comments is 96.45%.


25 Positive Comments out of 705 Total Comments is 3.55%.

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  • United Healthcare

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    • 24.95 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 680 negative comments (96.45%)
    • 25 positive comments (3.55%)
    • 16 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

I need the name Lawrence Wagner removed from my phone number

No one on your customer service team has any other solution other than adding my number to your no call list.

Unfortunately, I am a client of yours also.

Charlotte Manley


Posted by Complaint UnitedHealthCare

I am Health Insured through my company with UnitedHealthCare Since April 1st 2016 till March 31st 2017. I reached maximum out of pocket December2016. After I reached maximum after of pocket, insurance company was liable to pay for my bills. After I reached maximum out of pocket, insurance company started denying treatment back to back. I was diagnosed with sleep Apnea in month of January(my insurance expires in March'17). From doctors stand point I was supposed to start using sleep CPAP machine but insurance company denied to provide me treatment. They told me that I don't meet the criteria. When I asked if I don't meet criteria then what is the treatment, I was told that they don't know, I should check with my health provider. My health provider consistently kept saying that you should use sleep cpap machine. Insurance company asked us to re-submit the results, my health provider did that but they again said that they will not look at the new results. I went back and forth multiple times but they were non- cooperative. They kept killing time so that next year starts and they can save money. I was not treated well, They also denied varicose veins treatment to my wife. Thanks

Posted by cahillkellie

Filed appeal but u h doesn't show it fax # on form outdated new number not working.I'm suffering. And they constantly manipulate me to hang up, give fax numbers that don't work put me thru living by denying me the medication I have been on for 15 years, only medication to help with symptoms

Posted by Anonymous

After reading the first couple of comments, I now know I am not alone in my negative, incompetent service from United Healthcare. They have messed up my account 2x already. They fail to rectify, nor expedite any WRONG they do to a customer. Talk to 3/4 different people, departments, get a different answer from each one! Between phone transfers and HOLDING time, my phone battery died and the call was lost....NO one bothered to call me back to finish the LONG call. The whole company is not working together on the same page. It's very,difficult to find Corp.phone numbers and they are NO better either! I will be looking into OTHER companies for better service, lower premiums and more competent people and answers in this open enrollment. Sad....the bigger they are, the worse the service is.

Posted by Anonymous

United Healthcare insurance is just a bunch of unprofessional bureaucras denying the sick and needy the rights to good health care. They don't know the patient and shouldn't be allowed to decide which procedure is necessary for the patient!

Posted by Natalie

UHC hires people who don't even know how to speak or read English. They're extremely unprofessional and lack ethic. Every time I call to have a problem solved I obtain a different answer from every representative and they transfer you several times. Not to mention this insurance company is the biggest thief of them all every time I call they inform my balance is cleared and then I get a message stating I owe more money and I haven't even been to the doctor they state is coming from my past due premium which is a complete lie I always make all my payments on time and the correct amount. I will do everything in my power to inform every single soul of this horrible insurance company I sincerely hope it closes all its door for good. As I can see other several people agree because the reviews are horrendous. If an insurance company can receive an award for the most corrupt insurance company UHC is definitely the winner.

Posted by Jared

I was traveling in Thailand and I got sick and had to see the doctor which turned out to be around 500 dollars. I sent in the claims with all the information I was given and I did not receive payment. I contacted them several times about the issue and still didn't receive payment. I got in touch with a supervisor on e-mail and did that for several months with no resolution. Additionally, I had a claim from Safeway they verbally said they would cover but did not cover it.

Posted by Kerry

Unethical company. They dropped regional hospital and doctors with absolutely no concern for their customers. The nearest in - network facility is now 2 hours away. I still must pay my monthly insurance premiums for useless insurance. When we chose uhc as our insurance company, our drs were in network. They dropped them mid year. Now we're stuck with cap for 6 more months. HATE united

Posted by provider bene caller

I wish I thought posting a review on this website would have any affect on the quality of their provider benefits line but I'm sure it will not. For whatever reason it's of no concern to them if a provider has to repeatedly make calls over the course of 1 1/2 hours to get benefit information on a member. Most representatives do not speak english as a first language. If you're calling about a UMR account you can only receive benefits via fax, expect over an hour of calls if you don't have a fax to receive benefit information. How ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

I just finished speaking with a rep named Giovanni... and after supplying my personal information multiple times, I decided to request a manager. They left me in the que for nearly a half-hour. At the end of the day, these policies pay your salaries, have some respect. If you can not assist, you should willing transfer the person to a supervisor..

Posted by John

United is a terrible insurance company. I have been receiving the same medicine for a health issue for close to 10 years. Recently my doctor put in another order for it to be approved and it was denied. UNH sent a letter saying I do not qualify for it anymore. I now pay twice as much for insurance because of Obama and his Unaffordable Care Act. What's the point of staying with UNH? Ridiculous company that denies claims for no reason. They sent a letter saying they want my trust. Sure you do. If you want it then prove it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am from Cognizant Technology Solution. I am facing some issue which I cannot find any POC to handle this one.Where I have to escalate, I cannot understand.
Pathetic situation.

Posted by Anon

Worst customer service I've ever received. The employees have no understanding of their own health insurance policies as they all give conflicting information. This company denies claims before even considering and receiving all of the necessary information. This company needs to be sued again.

Posted by Anonymous

received conflicting information everytime i called in - they didn't know the answer and was on hold for 15 minutes at a time or longer

Posted by Ibiller

On Thursday May 12, 2016. I spoke with AMY B Call Ref# 5406. I stated I had mailed a corrected claim & needed status. I told her the claim was for a Medical Eye Exam she kept insisting Spectera was supposed to process the claim. She put me on HOLD FOR 30 minutes then someone from eligibility & verifications answered my call. I called UHC again & Luckily I spoke to AMY again. She still insisted Spectera was the insurance to process the claim. After 15 minutes of hold she said the claim was supposed to be processed by them since it was a Medical Eye Exam. When I asked for the call Ref# she stated #5406 which I know its a lie. Finally she said she would send the claim back or reprocessing & stated the call. I asked her I wanted to take the survey call they do at the end. She thanked me & hung up. This person NEEDS TRAINING!!!!!!

Posted by Jack'sMom

UHC's administration of Tricare is the worst I"ve encountered since my spouse retired from the military. My routine office visits, that are included as core benefits for well woman care, etc, are regularly denied. Any follow up visits are denied. When I call the customer service person tells me that I need to be referred for this or that. Then when I point him/her to the pertinent language on the TriCare web site about what coverages are allowed, they refer me up to another office to approve the benefit that had been approved previously for 15!! years. Recently, the only way I've expedited this ridiculous administrative cluster is to have my Dr.'s office call them directly. Ugh! Worst. Service. EVER. At a minimum, if UHC could have their undereducated staff actually LEARN and apply the correct terms an allowed benefits, it would help. But seems like a pipe dream at this point.

Posted by Angry Andy

I have been trying to get a reimbursement for prescriptions for over 4 months. I call the customer support line about every other week to check for status and each time my claim has been denied for a verity of ridiculous reasons. I get the feeling that they are creating roadblocks so that I will eventually give up and they can keep my money. I have escalated twice and still have no resolution. To make matters worse, each time I call in I have to explain the entire history of this claim to someone new. This is the absolute worst company I have ever had to deal with for any reason. I sure wish my employer would severe ties with UHC and choose another insurance provider.

Posted by anonymous

UHC is the MOST inept company I have ever worked with. It has taken no less than 3-4 months to get my pharmacy benefits activated and I have had to pay 100's of $$$$$ out of pocket for my medications last year. This year, I was unable to get my pain meds approved so they could get to me while I was gone for the winter. I have had it with UHC and will never ever use them again. I am just angry that I have to stay with them now. I pay $800+ for this crappy insurance and $6000 out of pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Paul Urban

United health care is absolutely the worst health care insurance I have EVER had. This company must spend all it's time finding ways to DENY it's unfortunate members the coverage they thought they had paid for. In my case, I had a nearly fatal prostate cancer 3 years ago. I had a skilled and wonderful doctor who literally saved my life. over the next 3 years during my follow-up visits with this fine man we formed a very personal relationship this year I changed my coverage to united health care. they denied coverage for my 3rd follow-up visit and suggested two strangers for doctors both of which had TERRIBLE,(I mean 1 star reviews on YELP!!) F#u#k this COLD DESPICABLE Company. WARN ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS AND ALL THOSE YOU LOVE AND CARE ABOUT the way these Lying, CRIMINALS do their DIRTY BUSINESS!!!!!

Posted by Meg

This company's customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with, bar none!! We pay 1000.00/month for the privilege of having a $12,000 deductible. They screwed up my account, (entirely their fault but the story is too long and ridiculous to go into) and terminated my coverage. When you call customer service you get a foreign call center. The employees do not understand anything you tell them unless it is a very basic, easily answerable question. Anything complicated they just act like they didn't hear you and continue to parrot back prewritten lines that do not help you at all...over and over again repeating useless phrases like "I understand you are concerned" "I do apologize for the inconvenience" "I am reviewing my notes to see if I can help you with this problem" but they are unable to actually DO anything except read the issue in question back to you repeatedly. When you finally browbeat them into submission they will send you to the "escalation department" where people actually speak English and can understand your problem. These people will say they are going to help you, but my advice is never get off the phone with them until your problem is completely resolved because it is impossible to get back in touch with them. You have to call back through the foreign call center and explain the entire problem all over again to the people who didn't comprehend it in the first place. Even when you call the call center about routine questions they will give you any answer they feel like giving you, they don't care if it's completely inaccurate. For example I asked "is my dental member id different from my medical" and they told me yes, find out at my dentist's office the answer is no. I have had this policy for 6 months and have still been unable to obtain an insurance card with my correct PCP listed on it, despite numerous requests and assurances it was in the mail. I have paid this company $6000 now and still cannot get my two measly medical claims paid for by them, and if I can't get this policy reinstated will probably be paying the Obamacare fine too! It's a total nightmare.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a professional. switched from Humana to United Health Care. Optim rx and united health care are the worst service providers I have ever seen. I have dealt with medical providers for 50 years. They are polite. However, you cant get meds filled. you cant talk to a pharmacist. They argue with Drs. about prescriptions. They appear to me to not follow professional guidelines in their behavior.

Posted by jwb1957

Prior to going to my doctor on 10-23-2014, I used the UHC estimator on their website to verify coverage for a shingles vaccine. I was told that for a 57 yr. old, it was 100% covered & "Good Job" on preventive care. That information was absolutely INCORRECT! I have been fighting with UHC for 16 months now. They state that it was only covered if I was 60 yrs. old (which is not what their estimator said). It stated that I would have $0 out of pocket cost. If they would have told me that it was only covered for 60 yr. olds, I would have waited the 3 yrs. to get the vaccine.

I appealed their decision that the bill was processed correctly. They kept changing whose responsibility the $210 was. I had asked for an external review 4 times & was never given this option. All the reviews were internal reviews done by UHC so what would you think the outcome would be, of course in their
favor. I had informed UHC that my pharmacist told me, after the fact, that had I gotten the shingles vaccine from him, that it would have been covered. My 57 yr. old husband did get the vaccine from our pharmacist & it was indeed 100% covered. I asked why UHC didn't tell me this because I would most certainly have gone to the pharmacy to get the shot & saved myself all this grief.

I have 100 pages of documentation with UHC & about 50 phone calls & emails to them. On 9-23-2015, they sent me a letter stating "You have no responsibility for this claim. The provider cannot bill you for the difference between the contracted rate and the billed charges". I forwarded this information to the provider & thought the case was finally settled.

Imagine my horror when I received a call from a collection agency stating that I owed the $210 & that UHC reprocessed the claim again & now I was responsible for the bill. UHC didn't even have the decency to contact me to let me know. I had to find out from a collection agency. The agency informed me that they would report me to the Credit Bureau & ruin my credit if I did not pay the $210 by 2-14-16. My credit score is 840 & I have never had an issue with bad debt prior to this nightmare.

I was at my wit's end & sent a letter to the CEO of UHC. He forwarded the letter to their Consumer Affairs dept. I just received a letter from them again stating they would not pay. In the letter it states "You may wish to check with your pharmacy regarding whether they will reimburse you for the charges." Because I have been fighting this for 16 months, we don't even have the same pharmacy provider anymore. Like I said, had they told me to go to my pharmacy to get the vaccine, I would absolutely have done that.

I have been given the runaround by UHC & they will not accept responsibility for their error. The letter I
received from their Consumer Affairs dept. is a joke. She states "If you have a question on what your plan will cover, call your medical claims administrator's customer service dept."

I have had many, many conversations with "customer service" & they have been absolutely no help whatsoever. They tout their estimator as a great tool to be used by subscribers. How great is it when it gives INCORRECT information. Her statement to call customer service after using the estimator basically tells me that they have no faith in the accuracy of their estimator. How do you run a business like that? I feel I did everything I was supposed to prior to getting the shingles vaccine & I relied on the information I was given by UHC, which turned out to be false. Isn't it reasonable to expect that the information you are given on the company's website is accurate & shouldn't they stand by that information?

"Under the law of most jurisdictions in the U.S., insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure". I do not believe UHC is meeting that obligation. They have basically given me the runaround time & time again. They are exhibiting "bad faith" all around. I do not want my credit ruined because of this. I have worked in the healthcare field for 33 yrs. & am very knowledgeable about insurance. I give patients estimates as part of my job & if I feel the estimate is not accurate, I will not give the patient the estimate. I do that rather than give them wrong information. Unfortunately I cannot go to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for our state because this is a self-funded plan.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I find it interesting that UHC's score is "D-" according to the BBB & rightfully so. You cannot believe how frustrating this has been dealing with UHC. If I had a choice, I would never choose UHC as my health insurance carrier & would never recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Well just to add to the stack..I was covered by UHC through a previous job. When I left that company I thought why not keep them and pay for the services I had. WHAT A MISTAKE! Service cost a third more services has dropped even more. Pay your premium and maybe you can get a prescription filled but only if they notified that branch of their org. And don't even get me started if you made the mistake by adding their dental coverage, so many un-documented waiting periods for this coverage or that one. Just cant believe it...

Posted by Nicole

My experience with UHC has been nothing short of a nightmare. I don't have claims issues, simply because I am paying premiums, yet have no insurance! For an entire year I have been making payments for insurance I cannot use. They consistently post payments on a plan that was changed on Jan2 to remove my son as he had obtained his own policy. The plan was to switch to an individual plan. Now I am billed for both, pay for only the one I need but they can't post a payment correctly. By the time each pymt is put in the correct place, the policy has already be cancelled for nonpayment and the cycle begins again. The first person you reach is good for nothing more than taking 30 minutes to verify address, phone number, etc. If you do teach a supervisor, all they do is reverify everything and take another hour to key in the complaint and say that it will be escalated.in a full year I have never been called back by UHC. I make no less than two calls every week, each being no less than an hour long. Who in the world do you turn to in cases like this? We are made to purchase insurance now and marketplace gave uhc as the option last year. I might as well just take the tax penalty, it is the same as what I have now...paying money and having no insurance!

Posted by pixeldust

United Healthcare has been unable for 3 years to get my address straight, when it comes to mailing the check.

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Posted by Anonymous

I am a new member to United Health and needed to see the doctor as soon as possible. I called customer service and was reached by Rudy T, a service representative. I told him of my urgency of seeing a doctor quickly. He could of told me to just call the doctor's office on the card. Instead, he had me stay on the line and he called the doctor's office to make sure that I could get a quick appointment. I felt like I was being well cared for. Thank you Rudy T, for your help. You are awesome!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with United Healthcare is simply a matter of not being professionally or personally being made aware of upcoming and eventual "dis-enrolling" me as a member. This lack of notification has caused me both financial and embarrassing situations. I contacted United Healthcare, but I'm fearful of a United Healthcare representative filling out a form (and not me).We will see what is the outcome. I strongly suggest that all communication with United Healthcare be done in written documention.

Posted by Anonymous

Amanda Haluptzok was very helpful in locating and responding to an old claim in a very timely manner.

Posted by jrc

Although I have experienced mixed responses to my enquiries / questions from the standpoint of knowledge of UHC and cooperation by the representatives my most recent call to Customer service was an exception.
The agent (located in Wisconsin - because I asked) went by the name of Nicole. Although obviously a young lady she was fully committed to providing professional, cooperative and efficient service. Relative to other representatives I have encountered she was absolutely superior. Individuals like her should be recognized by UHC - she is the perfect ambassador for the organization.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated United health Care!Iam recently retired and am happy for the coverage.The agents have always been very helpful and get the problem solved quickly.Ihad a problem with my enrollemnt with prescriptions and called and spoke to Sheila and within a few minutes she had the problem solved!I would also like to "thank Latosha(not sure of spelling)&also Debbie too for their great service as well as patience with me.Thanks again United Health Care.keep up the good work!Sincerley yours,M.E.B

Posted by Sami24

I see a lot of negative responses on here but I can truly say united health care has been great to work with I got into a car accident back in 5/2012 and the insurance for it is not willing to pay for my procedures on my back nor my surgrey and united health care has been covering it all for me making things a lot easier for me to deal with which is great this has been a horrible process to go through at such a young age Im sorry to eveyone that has had issues with them but I have to honsetly thank united health care for really being there for me!!

Posted by White Fox

I am a fairly new customer, about three months now. I have no complaints at all. The people I have spoken with have been very pleasant and helpful.
Regarding the negative comments, I think some people are very hard to please and they find fault with everyone that they come in contact with.
I just received the Premiere issue of Renew and I enjoyed it so much! I'm looking forward to the next copy!

Posted by [email protected]

I wanted to write and commend your customer service agent Glenda Cox. She was patient, knowledgeable, courteous--all around great!

Glenda clearly knows her "subject matter" very well and was able to clearly, concisely answer any questions I had.

I have never been involved in this type of insurance enrollment before and Glenda made it simple and painless.

She's a great asset to you customer service team.

Thank you,

Amy Haywood Dorr

Posted by nygal

Unlike the other UHC customers, I have always had a prompt response to any inquiry.

Posted by Ms.gonzales412

Surprizingly enough I had no issue. Then again I only needed a Letter stating that my son no longer had coverage....Thank goodness for this site to have the number posted! I've called at least four different numbers before finding this one on luck!

Posted by Jim

I have been a member of several different United Healthcare medicare plans over the last 7-8 years. I currently belong to their Medicare Complete Choice 2 plan, a regional PPO plan. I have to say their customer service has improved a lot and I currently find them courteous and helpful.

I don't believe most of the negative comments on this board would apply to their medicare plans, and they certainly haven't out-sourced their customer service for these plans to India, as some people have stated.

Posted by Anonymous

I called and spoke with Yetta, to get specific information on my Claim Summary She was very very nice, made me feel comfortable about my concerns and we even laughed together which helped alot! I just want to give a supper shout out to Yetta!!!!

Back to my issue, I found that my Doctor was charging UH Care for things that never took place or we even discussed during a routine physical exam! I think it is wrong that this insurance company believes the cheating-lying doctors over the patients and premuim payers!! I have nothing to gain buy telling the truth since I am not being charged but the injustice that is taking place by the doctors submitting claims for anything they can think of or exaggerate issues to get more money is sickening! I will be asking the CEO to incorporate some type of official feedback system via the internet regarding these false claims that cost us lots of money. The complaints by the patient or customer should be taken more seriously and a system to stop the fraud by doctors should be developed!!

Posted by Anonymous

Shelly Miller was extremely helpful in resolving a difficult situation. she is a valuable asset and a wonderful person. she is to be commended. (501 660 1127) Jim Burleson

Posted by Yeah

United is one of the best health insurance companies around. There are so many nay sayers about any and everything in life. I would agree that most of the time, people don't really know what they signed up for (ie: deductible) and how to find cheaper prescriptions. I highly recommend finding a broker to work with because when billing or claim issues come up they can sift through and figure out what needs to be done to tip the scale more towards your favor! I love my broker and I love United!!!!

Posted by happy2be


Posted by Erin

I spoke with a rep at Oxford who was very helpful. She walked me through where I could find the information myself on the website. She said the appointment would be covered when the doctor's office said it wouldn't be. The rep and I spoke for over an hour. I never felt rushed, she gave many good tips, and she was extremely patient even though I was very emotional. Had the appointment today and it was covered! Thank you Oxford and your team in Hookset!

Posted by karmajane

When I was scheduled for a screening colonoscopy I called United Healthcare and was told my a rep there was a $250 copay. I didn't pay a copay 5 years ago when I had my first procedure when I was with Pacificare. So in a few days I called again. This time I was told I would not have any copay. I spoke to my doctor who said this was definitely a screening, not a diagnostic test (that WOULD have a $250 copay). Called UHC again and was told again that I would have a copay. Finally the hospital called me and said that most insurances do NOT have a copay for screening procedures and to call my insurance company. So the day before my procedure I called and spoke to Rick B. Rick put me on hold, called my doctor's office to get the codes that would be used for my procedure (CPT codes and Diagnostic Codes. When he got back on the line he told me that the codes the doctor was usisng for the procedure, I would NOT have any copay. Thank God for Rick B. He took a little extra time and eased my mind.

Posted by Mythwitch

I was able to get the information I requested almost immediately. The customer service rep was very knowledgeable and friendly. The prompts were direct and took you directly to where they said they would. I have always had great service from United HealthCare.

Posted by Anonymous

I had very good service from customer service once I found the right number.

Posted by Pete in Florida

Very well satisfied. Misplaced my uhc ID card. Obtained the required 800 # thru UHC customer service online. Called the number, answered by a real person, who made arrangements to mail a replacement card post haste. What could be easier?

Posted by Anonymous

I must say, UHC has taken a drastic turn for the better. People need to understand that the benefits you chose or your employer offers you is not UHC choice. They can not guess how your dr will bill a claim. If what you ask regarding coverage is not what your dr bills for then that is not their fault. If certain issues are not being addressed for followed thru on... call the rep out. There is a standard of service and the individuals have processed to follow as well. Ask specific questions and ask the reps to call your dr's to find out how they will bill with you on the phone. The drs are just as if not more at fault for certain issues. Take responsibility to know your policy and ask your dr who they are sending labs to and dont trust that your dr is checking status on providers they are sending you to... be accountable for your own healthcare!

Posted by bosox guy

United HealthCare is no worse than Aetna, Cigna or Blue Cross. They all outsource customer service to india so one is not worse than the other. Ive actually had my best claims paying expierences with United Health

Posted by Anonymous

i called to get a letter sent to me now that my policy has expired so that my new primary insurance would cover my costs. I repeated representative in the automated system a few times and was transferred. The woman I spoke with was wonderful and she helped me and put an urgent status on my request to help me get things straight. I definitely think their customer service is above the norm.

Posted by Anonymous

They solved my issue and called me back timely.

Posted by Anonymous

This company has the best customer service.

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Posted by healthcare rep

I work for United Healthcare, and the majority of the complaints I see are just people who are unaware of services that are uncovered. Health insurance does not cover all providers and with this being the healthcare industry even providers and physcians know that benefits change daily. Come on people this is health insurance. Name one plan that covers 100% of eligible expense with no copay and deductibles....ill wait......there are few plans that do benefits that way for there employee. If you are unsatified with the benefits you receive you can always opt out with you employer group as these are optional plans. You can always purchase individual insurance through other companies. My suggestions is before opting into a plan that you lack knowlegde of benefits and coverage do, do your research. ALL PLANS ARE CHOOSEN FROM YOUR EMPLOYER GROUP WE JUST MANAGE THE PLANS. Claims will get denied if information is not clear on services rendered period this is all PER IRS REGULATION. so the real complaints should be with your employers or the IRS other wise spend sometime and learn how insurance works period. I see none of these as valid complaints just lack of knowlegde or people who are mad because they could not get there way. Grow up and do research your grown no one is going to do it for you dont sign up for stuff that you dont know how the benefits work then blame the insurance company wow. people

Posted by exhausted UHC prisoner

Frustrated is correct. I work for USPS as well and the flex plan is handled by UHC. They will say they didn't receive your claim even after multiple submissions. They will deny claims and not inform you. You can send detailed information including EOB, Dr. statements as well as medical billing codes and they will deny it. They claim they don't have enough information based on IRS standards. This company is a farce and should be shut down. The stress and frustration they create is healthy for no one.

Posted by bde1983

As a worker of United Healthcare and i read these comments about complaints. Most of the problems are not the customer service, its the members who don't know their benefits, or the company they work for doesn't cover the service. So its not a customer service issue, its a member/company problem. 90% of the members I talk to don't ever never read their benefits or call their employer to find out about the different plans their company has to offer. So before you start calling to vent about something not being covered, check with your doctor, 9 times out of ten, the doctor did not send medical notes. We get irate members all the time but what is that going to solve? Nothing. If members would just follow the process to get things done, then we wouldn't get that many people complaining. Sometimes people complain over the dumbest things ever. So remember, check with your doctor if they sent medical records, check with your employer for the best plan suited for you, and finally PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read your benefits book. If you don't have one, ask your employer for one.

Posted by ann

I am a ex employee as well and I got fired for something I didnt even do and they insisted I was a liar. I was so horrified after that experience.They treat there employees like slaves. Dont go to the bathroom and be gone more than 3 min or you will get a sametime asking where are you. What is this 3rd grade.And all they do is send you emails all day and never train you on what changes have been made. UHC is a joke! I feel bad for there members and all there unpaid claims. This is the worse company I ever worked for ever in my life and I would never refer a friend or even an enemy to work here.

Posted by awfulcompany

I used to Work for UHC's Pharmecutical benefits Manager-which is, Prescription Solutions, not express scripts.Things they do not let you know in regard to the medication coverage-number one the price of the medication and the co-pay go against your deductible-therefore, you are going in to coverage gap a lot sooner than you think you will.you are much better off buying a 90 day supply at walmart for $10.00 the next thing they won't tell you is,they DO NOT CARE about you. As a customer Service Rep,I saw this Company FORCE physicians to say mother may I to them.by that I mean-all the patients who were on name brand medications-because through trial and error by the drs -decisions to use name brand were made by that-and by virtue of the doctor's education-well-they want all patients on generic-not for the good of the patient-not to save the patient money-to save THEM Money.These patients had to call their drs offices and get meds they'd been on for YEARS,approved.like-drs offices are not busy-they have nothing better to do than sit on the phone for an hour or more waiting for a prior authorization. I was there for almost three Years.Because I worked there, and saw these things occur first hand-I will not have AARP or UHC,and I encourage others to do the Same.If enough People drop AARP because of UHC,and from what I've read on this page-everyone needs to-citing UHC as the reason-I think AARP will drop this awful company.And I agree their customer service is Horrible. As an employee of prescription solutions, I was forced to have them as my carrier.

Posted by fighter

As a soon to be EX-UHC employee of many years, I have to say the treatment by many of their managers is HORRID and an experience I wouldn't wish on any one. The mental abuse is unbearable but allowed by this company. They truly disgusting!!! Don't EVER consider working for this abusive company.

Posted by someone that cares

I am a former employee of uhg and know that what has been said is true and very sad. Most csr.s you speak with care and try, its not true from former responces if your nice they answer your questions, we were trained to listen even if your rude or nice and hanging up on a customer was forbiden, no matter the tone I listened and then tried to help, things has changed and every day we had to read to keep up with new changes. They have let a lot of good reps go due to changes in reform ones that really cared about the members, so please when you have a complaint the best thing to do is in the medicare and you handbook, medicares complaint address is in it, please write your complaints to medicare, this will be viewed and a rep from medicare will try to resolve it which will give you better assistance with uhg, they also keep track and account of complaints of insurances companys and give them rateing, if they fail the ratings than the problem is with the insurance compay and will not be allowed to sell all of their products, this is not only for uhg but all insurance companys that sell medicare products, They have grown so big and sad thing is the csrs you speak with know more than most sups, if they call you back they will get information then advise they will research it and then call you back, then they will go to the csrs and ask them the answer for the solution, Askng easy questions like needing a new id card or change of address and ect is simple and the reps can do this in no time, they do have limted time frame to be on a call as all business do due to call volume, hard questions with no answer please write to medicare complaint adress. Also the scrip company that mails your prescriptions to you may charge more than the local drug store for the total cost even tho you pay very little, so keep account of the cost to avoid the coverage gap, if you do reach it you can always get your doctor to fill out a form ( the doctors only have this form) to see if you can get the meds from the maker of the medications at a lower cost to help while in the covrage gap.

Posted by UHG sucks

very telling story on UHC and our countries healthcare problems in general - I work for UHC so I am familiar with procedure codes, terminology and benefit structure. I needed emergency dental work but was uncomfortable with my interpretation of my plan. I go to dentist and get a treatment plan (all the procedure codes they will bill my insurance for my services). I call up my office and fax over my treatment plan so I know what my patient responsibility will be and how much they will pay before agreeing to my procedure. I am told I will owe $1900 by not one, but two different reps. I use the online "treatment cost calculator which says I will owe $1900, not a bad deal in my opinion. I go through with the procedure and I get a bill saying I owe $5k. I appeal it and they tell me the information online, from the reps and from my certificate of coverage may be wrong and that there is nothing I can do about it. As an employee of UHC, i get emails and flyers all day on how we are so great and the best insurance in the world but from an insider perspective I know better - they have incompetent employees train unqualified new hires in both the claim processing and customer service dept. Therefore, you call for an answer, you get the wrong one, then when your claim is billed, the processor pays it wrong and your stuck with the bill. Personally, I am out $2100 and a whole lot of stress because of my own employers idiocracy. They dont pay well, they offer terrible insurance to their own employees which I find to be ironic, but the good news is, bc I work on the inside I can scam that lost $2100 back to my own pocket but will have to violate HIPPA and other federal mandates to do so, but I learned from my own employer that when it comes to dollars and cents, it only makes sense to care about yourself. This is a perfect examply of our nations healthcare problems at whole - people have no clue how much they will be liable for until months after they agree to services. If only this industry worked like others where you know what u are buying and how much it is prior, and if your dissatisfied with the product/service, you get your money back... imagine if you had to sign papers to buy a car but weren't told the price until after its yours. Or imagine if the nutrional facts and "sell by" date at the grocery store were incorrect. Healthcare in our country is the only industry in the world that is like this. THe saddest part of my personal story is that I would have saved $1500 if I bought a dental discount card for $20/year as opposed to the $20 I pay bi-weekly. For future purposes, my best advise to everybody with UHC health/dental is to get from your doctor exactly the procedure codes/dates of service/diagnoses they would bill your insurance for, then print out a HICF form and send in a fake claim yourself. It will take about a month to get it back, but it's the only way to know exactly what they will cover. Something else to keep in mind - if you go to an out of network provider, the doctor doesn't get an EOB, just you which opens the door for fraudulent billing and getting big checks sent to you directly. You can continue to send the same bogus claim in just stamp "corrected" on it and write that you went to another doctor on the same day of service for a repeat procedure. If your a provider, I hate you too, but you can do the same and get paid multiple times for the same claim depleting our countries healthcare funds, but hey, in this industry it's every man/woman for themselves.

Posted by i dont know

As a past employee of UHC customer service, i will say that if the employees were treated better and the management would communicate with the employees it would be different and as to some of the previous comments of why not hire more people its because they can't keep people, they give you mandatory overtime for about 5 weeks and tell you one thing then a different. We're not even sure if the information that we give half the time is correct because no one communitcates the right way. it was very rewarding and to help people and i loved it on that note but to hear the people complain everyday about the same thing when in fact i know it is UHC's fault and me have to give them a lame excuse and not the real reason made me feel bad.

Posted by Anonymous

I too work for UHC. This company does not care about it's customers. It is insane to see the things they tell you to do in order to get the customer off of the phone. We have to worry constantly about our AHT or average handle time. If you go over 5 minutes average for every call, you can get into trouble. And don't give out the wrong information, or you will get a wapmo. Its sad because I truly want to help the customer and rarely transfer to an RRE because I can handle the situation on my own, and it skyrockets my AHT. If this company truly and really cared about their customers, there AHT would be something that EVERYONE could meet..and we wouldn't be giving out wrong or bad info just to get off of a call. The health insurance I have, even working at UHC, is a joke. My deductible is 1300 and my military insurance is way better..(I am a dependent on my parents policy) Even if I go INN at UHC, I am paying more than if I went to ANY dr. with Tricare. Absolutely ridiculous. There are no dedicated teams or any of that. And chances are if you get a person concerned with their AHT, they will just try to transfer you.

Posted by que lastima

I know ...i am en ex employee of UHC (5 yrs) ...thats why I quit! Even if an employee attempts to defend themselves nobody ever wins...it has alot to do with corporate greed!

Posted by shauny2k3

I work for UnitedHealthcare and would like to explain why most of you are having difficulty adding u/26's to your health insurance. The healthcare law only requires insurers to covered dependent children under 26 as of the plans next plan year; for examples, UnitedHealth Group employees plan year is Jan - Dec; Humana employees is July - June. Whenever your employers plan is getting ready to renew you'll have an opportunity to add you slacker under 26 adult child who doesn't want to get his/her own health insurance.

Posted by chelsea

I use to work for UHC as a customer service rep and I can tell you from experience that this is a company I would not recommend to anyone. When you get a rep ask to speak to a rapid resolution specialist and they will be a bit more helpful if all else fails request a mgr and do not give up until you get one. I left the company due to stress and they put all kind of demands on the reps such as talk time ...you can only speak with a customer for a certain amount of time and you can only put someone on hold for so many seconds and also heaven forbid that you don't read everything correctly on your screen you get a wapmo...wrong answer per million opportunities...then you are written up...after being written up so many time you can lose your job....good luck ....I am with another health insurance now for coverage...thank goodness.

Posted by Anonymous

I have read all the negative complaints and I am in full agreement with them being an employee of the company. I am one of those customer service reps who answer the phones. And day in and day out I dislike the fact that the company tries not to pay their claims; either having the claims processed incorrectly (which is most of the time) or denied on a play of words.. for me it's a job and hey I have to pay the bills like everyone else. However let me tell you about a fact that is not well known. They treat their employees worse than they do their customers. The insurance policies they offer their employees are outrageous I can't afford the policy I have that has a $3000 deductible before they begin to pay anything and then half the time it's denied - it for emergencies not for preventative care as I can't afford it. The company grossed billions each year and they can afford to install new cubicles into the office however they can't afford to give the staff (reps who are on the phones in a call center) a raise. I know many of my fellow co-workers can't get the medical help they need as they just can't afford it. My advice is not get United Health Care if you have an alternative as they do not do what their moto says "Healing Health Care Together" that's a load of crap . They only look out for themselves and not anyone they have to step on to get that mighty dollar

Posted by hatesuhcalot

In 2008 I worked for United Health Care in Duluth, Minnesota as a claims processor. I did well for five of the months I worked there, and then the 6th month my supervisor tried to have me written up for filing a claim incorrectly but the training documents we had been given completely justified why I had denied the claim, and I provided the proof to her. Instead they just changed the particular rules in question for everyone else and still wanted me to take the write up. Another coworker or two made the same mistake and they were not being written up, and to top it off, we weren't supposed to be written up until we had hit 180 days of employment and this was before that 180 days were over. I argued the matter and talked to other coworkers about the issue. I then e-mailed the manager because my supervisor had pulled me into a room and intimidated me by saying I was being insuboardenant and she wanted me to take a 2nd write up for the insubordination and one for the original mistake. Once I emailed the manager instead of talking to both the supervisor and I the manager and supervisor pulled me into a private room and intimidated me and wouldn't let me speak. They basically said this might not be the right job for me, and I shouldn't have asked the other coworkers for their input and I should've basically just taken the write up and the "fall" for their faulty training. After the meeting with the supervisor and the manager I went back to my desk to print out emails with all the proof of everything that was going on so I could go to the production manager the next day and prove my case, instead somehow the manager was spying on my computer and sent me an e-mail telling me she had went to the printer and gotten the emails and I'm not allowed to have copies. After this, I quit because I was scared and humiliated. I tried to file a complaint with the Human Resources company for UNITED HEALTH CARE but they wouldn't even investigate. They told me to go to work and take the write up for the mistake that was BECAUSE of faulty training. Alas, I didn't. I just quit. Then to to top it off, over 2 years later, they have me on a no rehire list for the entire company. What kind of company would treat an employee this way when they were the ones who made the error during training and not me?

Posted by c.

I am a former employee of UHC and I had to leave because I could not work for a company as indecent and disorganized as that company. Their systems are a mess and there is no possible way for them to give accurate information. They are even denying my claim for an IN netork procedure that they are saying is out of network. I found the provider in THEIR system at their terminal located in the manner they taught me. DO NOT LET YOUR EMPLOYER SIGN WITH UHC!! I know from th inside...they are awful!! Cynthia C.(Buffalo)


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