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Posted by Czarina Lovell

UNIONBANK STA.ROSA BRANCH is the WORST of all. Rude employee's rude security guard. Service suck!

Posted by Anonymous

I just had the worse and worst customer service experience ever at UNION BANK (Borromeo and Ayala Insular Branch) here in CEBU.

I first went to Borromeo Branch to submit my requirements. I already filled out the online application form. The guy who assisted, not sure if he was really a guy because he speaks like a girl. He told me that I needed to submit more requirements for I was lacking some of it. He scrutinize my proof of billing. They want proof that I am able to receive any delivery to confirm my address and to make sure that I'll be receiving a thank you letter after they process my eon account. While he was explaining it to me, he sound very sarcastic and he was loud.

On my 2nd visit, I went to Ayala Branch, thinking they would be less stricter with the requirements and employees would be nicer but I was VERY WRONG!!!! When I gave the lady with my requirements. She scrutinize everything. My new address doesn't have a house number and she keeps on saying that I might not be able to receive a thank you letter from them coz even other people who setup for an eon account with a house number didn't get a thank you letter as well. If that happens, they will have to freeze my account eventhough there's nothing inside it yet. And she was saying it to me in a threatening manner. I also noticed that she keeps on asking her co-workers side to side, more like asking a 2nd or 3rd opinion since she was sitting in the middle. She was very sarcastic and rude.

IF they both treated me nicely eventhough IF I had to come back repeatedly, I will be okay with it. BUT I had enough of them. I am so pissed off!!!!! I am tired and I wasted my money on nothing.


Posted by janice

Unionbank Customer Service is not functioning as it should be.I understand security questions and procedure is necessary for safety but if there are issues which can't be dealt over the phone such as resetting transaction password on an enabled online account they could have informed ahead instead of wasting time asking alot of question.Very annoying.

Posted by Anonymous

First of, the website was always down when i tried to enroll to online banking. When i tried to reregister when it was finally up and running i was told my account was already registered. When i could not get in the account, i have reached out to their customer service represetative via email to reset the log ins and never got a resolution. I have called today only to be told there is no other way for her to help if i do not have the phone with me. The cellphone is not accessible to me since im away from home and i left my phone. i requested for the notification to be sent via email, and they cant just do it. sarcastic agent told me i would still need to wait 2 BD for either reset of password or to have my phone number changed. No resolution was issued AT ALL. would not even provide the current balance available on the account even after i have confirmed all info for security purposes. This is just stupid. my account was enrolled when the system was down so it was your fault and i had to suffer for the incompetence of your system.

Posted by Nani

I am very disappointed with how the bank tellers and managers in Alabang Town Center branch handle their customers. Special mention to Ms Rose Uy, who I think needs more training in customer service. I am the lone customer for the day an I was there to pay my credit card bill and I had to wait for 25 minutes while she is counting her money and no one ever bothered to let me know if they can accommodate me or if they will take a bit more time with whatever the hell she is doing. I am a visa card holder with this company and I have very high regards with Union Bank itself. I just don't want its reputation to be demeaned with the likes of Ms Rose Uy. I really hope this is the last time I get to experience this kind of poor banking service and the tellers need to remember that by the end of the day, they are not there to just count money, but to be able to serve the customers who builds and makes the company grow.

Posted by tan

My card is no longer being accepted at any atm. Then I went to unionbank in pioneer in mandaluyong. To my surprise there is a fee for replacement, I just ignore it since maybe its the normal process, waited for the replacement card for 7 to 10 bus days. Went back 2 weeks after then my card doesnt have the name on it, so I also disregard it but lastly my card is still not working.. upon getting my card friday, the banker told me it would be activated by saturday, but upon trying to withdraw at the atm sunday, it shows my card is not yet activated. Went again to union bank the next day which is monday then it shows card is really not activated. Im concerned that I would need to do over the counter that would charge me again of 100 pesos just for the negligence of others. Good thing the banker will waive the fee. But still its a hassle for the customer just for them to get a replacement card for that long without his/her name and will be chargeed for it and will know that card is still not working..

Posted by crummer

At the Union Bank Branch in La Canada, CA I spent about 45 minutes with an Edgar ******setting up a small business account but reached a snag when one of my checks I would be depositing made a problem for him. On it, a check from Southern California Gas on UNION BANK, which had my address printed below my name on the front of the check, was sent to Jim L. ****, the name on my driver's license is James L **** and the name on my new business account would have had my business name and James L ****. He seemed to be flummoxed by the idea that I could have a formal name and a day to day diminutive of that name.
He blanched and said he would have to "send it upstairs" for approval and could I come in tomorrow to actually deposit my checks -- one from Citibank where I had closed out my company acct because of high fees and the "problem" check (to him!) from S. California Gas.
When I called this AM one hour past the branch opening time he said he hadn't heard back from
"upstairs" yet and I told him I would take my business elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

My existing union bank account is just a company payroll account. This, by far, has the WORST ONLINE BANKING SERVICE IN THE UNIVERSE! From the simple account set up which takes a week long, mobile application set up & activation which also takes a week, and even for the simple password reset which takes upto two days...I have spent more than 3 hours of password reset because of the website message "our system is currently unavailable." After a successful password reset, I still was not able to access my online account. When I contacted the customer service dept, I was advised that it will need to be "manually" activated by a separate dept, making my online password reset in vain, a total waste of time. What's the sense of having to undergo a "forgot password" process when it will only be overridden by another team, with a turn around time of 1-2 days? How else will a user transact with your online banking if this is the kind of service that you are providing? To think that your website requests for the card number plus the PIN of the person, which makes it very uneasy for anyone to provide for security reasons. AGAIN, IF YOUR COMPANY COULDN'T FIX THIS SLOWEST ONLINE BANKING PROCESS IN THE WORLD, HOW ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT ANY CUSTOMER TO BE SATISFIED? You will be totally defeated by the rest of the local banks in the Philippines.

Posted by Majid

They reported me to credit agencies before notifying me about my little $825 balance!
Even my online account shows a regular positive number instead of a dash - or brackets to give a clearer indication that this isn't a positive number and that I have a debt to pay!
They gave me a line of credit and I was expecting to repay as soon as i get a letter or email or phone call or even in my online account box! but nothing whatsoever and then in less that 2 months they reported me to the credit agencies for defaulted! Craziest bank system I've ever came across! No wonder they have such a lousy poor happy reviews... very disappointed in deed.

Posted by kdawnia29

My Union Bank Horrible Story!! I. T PARK CEBU BRANCH!!!

Last December, I went to Union Bank to open an EON debit card account, I waited on the queue for an hour. I dealt with this first lady and was told what additional requirements I needed to submit.

Now on my 2nd visit, had my first encounter with this unapproachable lady same thing I waited on the queue for almost an hour & a half. I handed her the requirements which she scrutinized every piece of paper that I submitted to her, and asked me where do I get my source of income which i politely answered that I am working on some freelancing jobs and that I am not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term, but then she told me I can't open an account not unless I can provide some proof of how much I am earning because they just want to make sure that it's regulated. Okay fine! It sounds illogical to me but what can I do? So I went home feeling a bit furious because I haven't finished that agenda for that day plus I felt like I just wasted my time!
So after the holidays I went back to submit the additional requirements, this 3rd visit had stretched out my patience because I waited for like 2 hours just to get accommodated with the same lady again i handed her my contract and my invoices, i felt the whole thing was just very odd because she would scrutinized every little information on it, finally she said she will accept the contract but you need to give me the latest copy of your Billing Statement..

Now I was annoyed and told her what is the difference? as far as I can remember it was you who accepted this billing statement and she was telling excuses that we need to get the updated one and told me just comeback tomorrow and to submit the latest one. Now my patience is really running out!! 2 hours of my time was wasted! that doesn't include my taxi fare plus time i spent being stuck in the traffic.. Time I could have used it in studying since my midterm exams are coming up or i could have used for sleeping!!!

NOW ON MY FOURTH visit!!! same old thing, waited on the queue and got accommodated with the same lady, I assumed she knows me already. So I handed her all the things that she asked from me. she even have affixed her signature on each of the requirements because I told her last time that her information was really inconsistent, so her signature will be a sort of a proof that she had reviewed it and had approved it. Now this is where I got so FED UP! When she asked me for a REFERENCE NUMBER of my online application..
Wait what??? We've been talking for FEW times already.. and you have never mentioned I needed an ONLINE reference number before I can open an account on my first visit!! So she explained it to me, that I needed to log-in and create a profile online first before we can start this application and what she was referring in our first few meetings were just the requirements that I need to submit!

What a BS!! Wow definitely this LADY on her late 30's doesn't even know what she's talking about! and now she's telling me to create an account online first before we could start anything? with my 4th visits in your bank, nothing has been accomplished!! You just wasted my time, money and my effort!! oh come on! where is your initiative to at least help me create an account online? wherein fact you can just even offer to create it for me cause you are infront of a COMPUTER ALREADY!! Wow you still have the audacity to tell me just come back tomorrow once you have created an ACCOUNT ONLINE!
YOU know what I cant stand this whole bs anymore! So I told her Ma'am I wont be coming back tomorrow because I have just wasted my time with you. So thank you!!!

Posted by Litlyn

Okay, so i wanted to get my western union remittance to my bank account since western union didn't accept my available IDs (my main I.D is expired and my other id's are in cebu while im in manila). It's a good thing that union bank offers this product where i can receive western union remittance directly to my bank account. In the website, it says that i need to call their Customer Service Hotline for the transaction.. I called their hotline from my mobile number, i wasted my 200php load without anybody answering the phone (always music onhold).. had to go down to the store to make a telephone call, paid 60php for 36 minutes and again no answer (music on hold), i decided to got off the phone and tomorrow i'll just go to Union Bank for the transaction.. take note, i am calling 3PM philippines time while in the website, it says that they can entertain calls from 6AM-10PM... Well, this doesn't only happend once, iv'e had the same problem from months ago calling them about the charges that i don't have any idea what it is... adding to that is their worst online banking system that i cannot get access to my account several times...plus the very slow website that takes several minutes to access their site..

Well, i love the staffs of the branch i use to go in paranaque branch, sm cebu branch and mandaluyong branch. I usually get special treatment and staffs are very friendly,they still entertain me eventhough it's already pas their closing time.

anyways, i'm just pissed because their staffs are good but their phone service and online banking system are the worst..

Posted by Rebekah

Everything was fine until I moved out of state and closed my account. I called a rep, and needed to close my account BEFORE fees hit (actually discussed on the call), and get a check sent. The call went really well, easy to close, avoided fees...until I got the check. It was not for $50, which was my account balance when I closed. Instead, they stole $17.47 and pocketed it for themselves...$10 for a check fee that was never mentioned, and the fee amount that the account rep close out was supposed to avoid, since she checked the fee calendar with me on the phone and did it the way we did in order to AVOID the fee! I called them to get the rest of my money, and the new rep, after speaking to a supervisor, said she couldn't do anything, because my account was now closed, and the fees were already charged. Backward much? The 1st rep to mess up was Kamisha, and the second who wasn't given any recourse to actually assist a client was Rashina. I told her we'd not be banking with them again.

Posted by Kevin

I applied for home loan 3 mounth ago, they quoted my 3.65% then half way through they tried raising it to over 4% and i told them to check the application agreement, now they are dragging their feet, in the past I used Minnwest Bank in SD and it took them 3 days for my last house. Says it ALL.

Posted by clockman

I had been with Frontier Bank (prior to being taken over by Union Bank) since the early 1990's and stayed loyal when Union Bank took over and most recently had always maintained a six-figure balance on the accounts. Over the years, I have found the usual staff/tellers change to more impersonal ones, who don't really know who you are even when I was a regular face at the bank when I come in for deposits. Because I have all my direct deposits/debits tied to your bank as well, I decided to maintain my relationship with your bank out of convenience and the thought of switching all those contacts to a different bank appeared too monumental of a task to consider, up until now.
I recently refinanced my secondary home mortgage loan and the lender required me to wire closing cost funds to them, so I attempted to use the online system. The phone verification system that is required to achieve that was so cumbersome, that I was not able to complete it, and because of several failed attempts, the account was locked. I then called the fraud dept. to explain what I was trying to do, and they assured me that they would unlock the account again, but couldn't help me complete the transaction so they transferred me back to the phone queue. I had to explain the whole situation again to the next representative who seemed to have limited knowledge on how that phone verification system works, claiming that it didn't work because I added a new phone number recently to my account (cell phone) and stated that it "reset the account and I had to wait 30 days again to be able to use the phone verification system". I tried to explain to her that I was not trying to use the cell number as the system does not allow me to register that phone number anyway for 30 days. The second step of the process offered to use the other 2 registered phone numbers I had already verified where I had to click on the number to call to enter the 4 digit code, which never worked, even before I entered this new cell phone number to the system. I was completely exasperated by the conversation, and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with both the original rep and her supervisor ("Raven") but neither was able to help. Ultimately I had to take time off my work day to physically go to a Union Bank branch to complete the time sensitive transaction. I spent 2 days trying to get this wire done online, and wasted my time and energy on a most rigid, unhelpful customer service. The personalized service when the bank was local has devolved into an impersonal one after being taken over by Union.
Thus ends my long relationship with your bank over this remarkably trivial issue that a motivated or enthusiastic representative could have easily solved, I'm sure.

Posted by tiffany

UNION BANK SUCKS! i tried to withdraw, transaction was completed from the machine, but the money did'nt come out. and they said that i need to wait from 1 to 3 business days! they got my money that fast, but for them to give it back it'll take 4 days ! come on!

Posted by Jennifer Diaz

This Jenifer Diaz who just recently processed my eon account was very rude and not very helpful at all i asked her some info but she will answer back in a sarcastic way as if I have done her wrong..she actually asked a lot of identification from me so I have to go back home and get it but when i came back the bank was closed so i have to return the next day. When i came back this same girl told me that some of the documents that i brought is not necessary!!!! REALLY??!!! those are the documents that she actually asked me to bring!

Posted by PissedOffBanker

I had a problem with this bank since December. They had taken my money and tried to blame it to another Merchant because I was using my card for POS transaction. They told me to wait 15 to 85 working days just to get my money. I mean WTF?! The merchant already contacted them and said that they didn't have the money. They had taken my money and tried to come up with lame excuses. I am gonna try to send now a forward complain to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilinas. I tried to research and they have a contact number for all banking complaints. I suggest for all of you guys do the same so this bank can get what they deserve! Here is the link.


Union bank is the worst bank and wrong choice I ever made. Payoneer transferred my payment last Dec. 22, 2014 and never arrived to my account until now. I went to this bank several times but keep saying no money was transferred to my account. WTF!! Payoneer provided me all the documents I could use for this stupid bank to trace the payment but until now no feedback from them...A lot of people also complaining that their current savings were gone and only cents were left..If you'll ask them if there's issue with their system, they will just tell you" we can't disclose any info to you"...WTF!!! what kind of bank is this... THIS BANK CAN"T BE TRUSTED. PLEASE DON'T EVER TRY OPENING AN ACCOUNT TO UNIONBANK..YOUR FUNDS WILL BE PUT IN DANGER...

Posted by rohit

pathetic bank. service sucks big time. i tried to withdraw money from an atm and the money got deducted from my account but it din come out f the machine. n its bin 15 days im calling them up but nothing is happening. i dont think il get my money back.

Posted by Ren

This is the worst bank ever. I lost my debit card because somebody stole my wallet. All of my IDs and cards were in that wallet. I went to the bank so that I could replace my card. I was told that I had to get an affidavit of loss first. I also asked if I can do over the counter because I needed my funds. I was so disappointed because I could not. My card was lost during Holiday season so I decided to get an affidavit of loss after a week. I went to a public lawyer and asked for an the required document. When I came back to the bank, they told me that they do not accept affidavit of loss without doc no. I was infuriated becase I was never told about it. I called the bank many times and I also visited two of their branches however I was never told about it. This bank is incompetent and should close.

Posted by Long time member

I have been a customer since 1975!! After two owner changes and years of service with much $$$ and loans, they are closing the two branches close to men, in a major metropolitan area, and virtually causing me to close my accounts and withdraw my belongings from my save deposit box. So much for foreign ownership
I was dedicated, they weren't.

Posted by majain

I really dont have a choice from banking with unionbank since it is my payroll account. Im so done with their customer service and all i wanted right now is to know how to reach the higher management so as to escalate my issue and to file a formal complaint with the people whom the clients first interaction takes place. They are non other than the customer service.

Posted by very disappointed customer

I called yesterday to verify if the ATM/system is down since I was not able to withdraw money from 6 different ATM machines (including 2 Unionbank ATM). I usually choose option 1 for lost/stolen credit card to immediately get a live person to talk to.

I got agent "Rona" who was at first pleasant when I asked regarding the system issue. She placed me on hold and informed me she will transfer me to option 5 (or something). I declined to be transferred and asked her to at least verify it with her Supervisor regarding my concern. She then interrupted me with "you pressed the wrong option.." Anyway, I told her I've been going around to 6 ATMs and it still not letting me withdraw money.

Call lasted about 18 minutes long going back and forth regarding my concern and "Rona" insistent for me to be transferred. I then asked for her Supervisor. I was place on hold for a about a hundred years with no updates. She went back saying "there is no need to talk to a supervisor since the concern is not with their department. I mean WTF?! After how many long hold and dead air "Rona" informed that there was indeed an issue with bancnet, etc and I just have to withdraw with a megalink logo.

I mean it took her 30 excruciating minutes -- to tell me the only information I needed. The assurance that there was indeed an issue and I just have to withdraw maybe later during the day or withdraw in an ATM with megalink logo.

I still insisted in talking to a supervisor, in which I was placed on hold. She went back saying yet again "there is no need to talk to my Supervisor since she will just give me the same information".

The name of the Supervisor is Joan Cabrera. Which she eventually gave when I told her I will not drop the call.

I am a very easy to please customer, but with all the BAD experiences I have with Unionbank -- it is way to unacceptable. I am a very disatisfied customer!

Posted by Nahid

I would like to send you my complaint.
Please provide me Customer Advocate Deparment email. It seems it is not possible to reach your customer service by email, it is bad.

Posted by Nahid

Why does not Union Bank provide email address for customer service or complaints?
It is important that you be able correct your wrong doings and customer response.

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