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Uniden customer service is ranked #401 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 34.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 341 ratings. This score rates Uniden customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


316 Negative Comments out of 341 Total Comments is 92.67%.


25 Positive Comments out of 341 Total Comments is 7.33%.

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  • Uniden

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 34.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 316 negative comments (92.67%)
    • 25 positive comments (7.33%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
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    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service I have ever witnessed two phone numbers and no way can you speak to anyone live Uniden is a piece of garbage and I will never ever buy any unit product and I'm going to tell all my friends personally and put it on Twitter and Facebook y'all are worthless two-bit company

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Uniden customer service and support stinks, How in the world can I speak to a real person?!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

How in the world can I speak to a person so that I can tell them my problem I am having with your Uniden phone?

Posted by JRLKING

just bought a cordless phone from uniden outlet and having trouble registering handset/orig tried 1800 number and can stand talking or not talking to press this and that I NEED HELP WITH THIS PLEASE.

Posted by bob

A round robin - all phone numbers lead to the net where my product seems not exist - no email contact available, no human being available. I guess I need to move back to AT&T or Verizon for decent customer serevice. The additional expense will be well worth the customer service I know exists there. I didn't make this purchase, now stuck with this crap outfit. Once the entire system is crapped out I'll be moving on to a coompany that knows how to treat customers. I will be more than willing to share my experience with anyone. If you iintend to use theie stuff be prepared to trash it if you have any problems since there's no help for them at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot contact a human to help with my new cordless phone setup. The phone is not easy to set up-- there seems to be no simple way to access the proper information sites on the handset and no way to save what I've entered. I am in fact returning this phone to Amazon. I also feel that if Uniden intends to sell a product it should be fully supported by English speaking humans.

Posted by Anonymous

Funny how you can use the Express order method, that doesn't require you to set up an account when you buy an item, but you sure as hell have to set one up if you want to contact customer service (assuming they even have one). I tried to cancel an order and found nothing (on the order confirmation or the web site) that came close to telling what I needed, but they sure want to know everything they can about you. Screw this company

Posted by Apple1

I've been trying for a week now to ask 3 questions. 1 where can I find the DID number on the sysyem I received. 2 which app works with the system. 3 is there a way to add additional cameras? I never can reach anyone or your close to early.

Posted by Anonymous

You didn't mind selling me Uniden phones, first set online, second set, Staples, and third set Walmart. I now find you don't have a customer service rep to help me with a problem. I will return this phone and get my money back and go elsewhere for a set of phones. It is so nice to be able to speak with a human for questions about your phone, and as much money as Uniden is bringing in, you would think you would have available customer support. You sure have put me to a lot of trouble today, calling, waiting online forever, and finally getting a recording that spews out some instructions, and then hangs up in my face. A letter to your company will follow this complaint.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Uniden BCD 536 hp The flagship of scanners. I called Uniden Bearcat warehouse with a complaint about the scanner not holding its time. This was shortly after purchasing the scanner. Uniden support does not want to repair the unit without a fee . The unit was purchased under good faith that there would be no problems. Guess I was wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

I need help for my uniden phone and you say your open but your not. call me at or I will never buy any of products again.

Posted by gsatt

They are confused, difficult to reach, and warranty repairs take 6+ weeks. They sent me a replacement unit (refurbished) which was defective. I will be returning that and I suspect it will take another 6 weeks again to get the replacement. Initially they said they would have to send the problem to "corporate" as they had never heard of the problem the replacement unit was having. I had to point out that this was the unit they sent me and it was defective right out of the box. It was also dirty and had fingerprints all over it.

Posted by [email protected]

shame on you for not having a way to talk to a human.
I will never buy a uniden cordless phone again.

Posted by cw3wilson

Emailed the Uniden CEO about their terrible customer service.

Mr. Hayasaki,

I called Uniden Customer Support and was put on hold for more than an hour and no one had the courtesy to answer!!!!!! Just continuous 'elevator' music and a recording saying that Uniden knows how important my time is??? Apparently 'NOT'.

I have some questions on your 980SSB CB radio for a extensive project I'm working on!!

I hope to find some site that will let me rate Uniden's Customer Support.

Posted by Bugmaster

I purchased a G2720 Guardian Home Security system from Domayne they allways had great staff and helpfull.

I had a Problem with my Uniden G2720 Monitor and wanted to purchase a new one I was not concerned with warranty. Uniden advised that if I send it back they would repair it. I was quoted for the main board $88.00 but they could not give a final cost. I wanted to purchse a new Monitor Screen Uniden refused to sell me the item. I was advised by Uniden that it was Company Policy.

I advised Uniden that NSW Consumer laws overide company policy and that they are required to have replacement items/parts available for the consumer.

Uniden has refused to supply the part that I offered to purchase.

I now have a case with NSW Fair Trading that I am pursuing.

Uniden customer Service is pathetic. Thanks for making things difficult Uniden.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree. Uniden Customer Support is non-existent. It is the WORST experience with a major company in terms of trying to get any help.

Posted by Anonymous

I've tried for several days to get a customer service and tech help with my recorded message. Each customer service phone # is recorded and the # given didn't work!!! I've called SEVEN different #'s and none of them is of help.....it keeps saying go online for help!! I followed the manual online instruction for my recorded message on my Uniden 6.0 phone and it won't record. I hear the playback that is correct but when I call the number the recorded message does not play instead a voice says to leave a message at the ph # given.
I also can't get rid of my blinking light on the phone indicating that I have messages.
Please give me some help!!
Thank you,
Nancy Lee

Posted by Dissatisfied with Uniden Product

I purchased 2 Uniden AppCam21 Wi-fi cameras which claim to work with Android phones; they do NOT work with the Samsung Android S6. I called customer service twice. The first time I was told tech support would send me an e-mail with information since the customer service rep did not know what to do. I have not received the e-mail. I called a second time and after waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes the customer service rep told me to send the cameras in for repairs.
The problem appears to be that the cameras are not compatible with the Android. I have wasted money and will never purchase another Uniden product.

Posted by TechGuy

Someway we need to be able to get this information to vendors who are selling these products. Uniden needs to be held accountable for the lack of action. This is a legal way to steal. We have all been took, and we need to share this with retailers. So please email any retailer who is selling these products and share!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Uniden unvr85 Home Security System and I was told from the agent that they are not familiar with the product and they cannot help me. I asked them why they are selling a product that they cannot give support to and her answer was that they don't have time to learn about it because they are too busy. Yes, that is true. They are too busy answering phone calls from consumers and telling them that they don't know their product...do you realize Uniden, that your competition is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week and they have trained techs that can help you with anything?! Amazing that you are still in business with the lack of knowledge that you have in your product. I will be returning my $700 camera system and buying another from your competitor who can give me the support that I need...24/7 Good luck trying to fix this. Your agents might as well be monkeys!

Posted by I don't know. Uniden Customer Se

I have tried and tried both by phone and computer and have been unable to reach anyone by phone using the two numbers shown in my user manual for my cordless phone and also by computer. I am at a loss and really need help so that I can use by phone.

Posted by Anonymous

faulty dash cam returned to customer service, refused to replace it only 3 months old
unit bought for $70
they quoted $ 90 to fix it

avoid this brand

Posted by Anonymous

Have 2 Uniden UM525 marine radios, both quit receiving and transmitting. I also had a Radio Life Insurance certificate, issued by Uniden that promised to repair it for as long as you own it for $49.95. Sent the radios in with a check, got them back 2 weeks later with a note that they no longer repair that model. It is less than 5 years old and not exposed to the weather. They will not return calls or emails. What a crappy company. Hope anyone thinking about any of their products reads this first !!

Posted by disgusted

tried for a week and no results.Always refer to their website. Got a robot last time and said they were closed for training.What a way to run a company.No more uniden for me.Before i buy next time i will call their customer service first and see if i can get a real person to talk with. Then i will buy.

Posted by Anonymous

The absolute worst customer service. Can not reach a Live person about the problem with our phones. Problem not on website

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Posted by aloha27

Called Uniden support today with a problem regarding my Oceanus DSC marine VHF. Was on the phone for less than five minutes before Shandi answered. My issue was resolved in less than two minutes. For $49.95 and $15 shipping, they'll repair my unit. Outstanding service in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

I talked to a man there who was very helpful and nice and would recommend calling them if you are having problems.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a problem with my Uniden scanner BCD436HP and called customer service Call was answered (after a 40+minute hold) by a very friendly guy in Platteville, WI who had it figured out in 3 minutes. Turned out I'd accidently activated the "close call" priority scan that caused a "blip" in the regular scan every 2-3 seconds.

Posted by dajo235

I talked to Carson on 8/25 and he was very helpful.Then I screwed program up and it would not scan again.
Today, I talked to Jeff and he set me up again, both helped me with my problem, and were very knowledgeable

Posted by bigfoot

Outstanding Customer service.
Had problems and 'SaraH' tech rep
walked me thru a number of steps
and nailed the problem.
I had no wait time on the phone and it was one of the best Customer Service expierences I have ever had.

Posted by hobo

i had NO problem getting to a live person on my first try....she was very helpful and allI had to do was give her a number

Posted by kcnygirl

Never will i buy uniden again i can't even get replacement base for a phone i spent a lot of money on and not even a year old. They state they will email me when part comes in so in the mean time i have no phone and service i have to pay for.....great customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

I have 3 Uniden phones had a small problem with my dect 6.0 I didn't understand called customer service in Ft. Worth, Texas was on hold for maybe 2 minutes, the woman I spoke to resolved my problem in about 3 minutes and I am quite satisfied.

Posted by aztrisha

I read all these 91 bashings about Uniden, and these 91 people bashing Uniden soooooo bad are really crazy and have nothing better to do with their time! I've owned Uniden before with 5 handsets and it was the VERY VERY BEST TELEPHONE SET I'VE EVER OWNED

I just had a problem with one and I had absolutely NO PROBLEM in returning it!

Posted by jumbo mightymouse

After reading your reviews comments on this site I write to you that I'd purchased Uniden Dect. 1588-5 cordless phones in early June 2010 and they have worked great. My son also has Uniden and it works fine also. We always print off the instructions for product off internet site and in larger print to read as we do for all products we purchase in this current age of tiny print information booklets if you get one. Also to set up your answering messages on your phone you need to call you phone company in doing that and same goes for Caller ID etc. Uniden can't do that. Also those with problems contact the BBB Better Business Bureau and if that don't help contact your state consumer protection agency. In Iowa that is in Des Moines, IA. File complaints there in those places. I have written letters of complaint in past designating a date that the issue is resolved by and tell if it's not resolved by that date you will contact Consumer protection agency connected with your state government departments. It has always worked for us. Make yourself a photo copy of that letter etc. and keep so you can send another photo copy of that and rejog their memories if they don't follow through. Make sure you make photo copies of everything and receipts to send to those Consumer protection places.

Posted by S. Miller

I had a most pleasant experience this morning...after much frustration of being on hold for an hour for the Warranty dept. I called the 800# and talked to a very knowledgeable lady whose name is Benny. She told me that I was trying to add the 7th phone to my NEW system and that all handsets had to be de-registered and and then re-registered to accommodate the extra handsets. She took me through the process and I did not have to send the 7th phone back for replacement. I was totally impressed with her skill and patience. I told her that it takes a "woman" to figure out these high tech problems. LOL Thanks to Benny for success today. Now we'll see how the Uniden phones perform. I have had this brand before and was happy with it..

Posted by Sunny

I Love My New Uniden Phones. They are the best phones I've ever had. I can't get enough of them. I had a ffew questions about my product & called UNIDEN CUSTOMER SERVICE at 1-800-297-1023. Spoke to a very nice rep & she answered all my questions. Thanks Uniden!! You're the Best!! BTW For you that are getting offered help but have to pay $30, THIS IS ANOTHER COMPANY, THAT IS NOT UNIDEN!!!

Posted by cindy

I always got great service from Uniden, Phones have their glitches but as far as Uniden service its as good as any I have dealt with.
I just purchased another Uniden phone system from a club store and I had a problem with one handset. My husband burned the box before I discovered the problem. I called Uniden and told them the problem and about the box. They said No problem, if the store doesnt take it as a return they would exchange it. The store did except the return, and this time I'm going to order the phone directly from uniden.
I'm not trying to invalidate anyones opinion on here but some of these comments sound contrived.

Posted by Gilbert

I purchased the new D2280 phone & I love it!! I had a little problem putting names and numbers into the phone so I called uniden and got through to a guy and he helped me in a matter of minutes. Asked a couple other questions and he answered them as fast as i asked them. Thanks Uniden. You're OUTSTANDING

Posted by Margo Franklin

Just purchase a new Uniden telephone & I was having trouble setting the answering machine up. I called in & a very nice lady came on & I told her my situation & she said "I know exactly what you are talking about, let me help you". She gave me the intructions & I followed them step by step & got my answering machine set up in a matter of minutes. Best & nicest support I've gotten in a long time..

Happy Senior Citizen & Uniden Customer

Posted by Jacob

Just recently purchased the new D3280 bluetooth celllink phone system. This is probably the best phone I've ever purchased. The celllink feature is very easy to do and the phone itself looks awesome.. Had a couple questions about it so I called Uniden, probably talked to one of the nicest customer service reps that i've ever spoke with.. He new every question and I got every question answered.. Thanks Uniden.. I have no clue how you people don't get through but you should probably try listening to the menu options.

Posted by Gregory

I purchased a new D1680. Had a couple questions about the features on the phone, so I called Uniden customer service and I must say the person I talked with was so nice and so patient with me. (Must have been the best customer service I received in a long time) He answered every question I had and more. They also reminded me to be sure to keep my receipt so that my warranty is valid.

Satisfied Uniden Customer!!

Posted by Franky

Sent an e-mail to Uniden on uniden.com yesterday 3/22/11 about one of my cordless handsets (DECT1580-3) having static and hums while on my phone. Got a response back today 3/23/11 did what they suggested and the humming and static is gone!! Thanks Uniden!! BEST AND FAST E-MAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Posted by Pam

I had a problem with my answering machine not taking messages but when people called me they were saying they left a message. I e-mail Uniden last Thursday got a reply back from them the next day (Friday) asked me a series of questions. I answered all of the questions and they replied back today (Monday, not open on Sat. & Sun.) and knew exactly what the issue was. I had voicemail with my telephone service and didn't even know it!! so I canceled voice mail and now my Uniden machine is taking messages. Uniden is the best!! Knew how to troubleshoot and address the issue in a fast timely manner!!

Posted by Al

Uniden's customer service is great!! Had a problem getting the phone set up. Call Uniden and a rep walked me through some steps to change some settings and got this resolved very quickly.. Best service I've had in a long time.

Posted by John

Just purchased my product... got a DECT1480-3 I believe.. I love this product. easy to use and easy to navigate!! Simply phone for simple guy. I needed a question answered about the product so I called the 800 number thats imprinted on the bottom of the base unit.. Spoke to a guy and he answered all my questions.. THANKS UNIDEN!!!

Posted by HughJohnson

I purchase a Uniden phone from BestBuy two days ago and had some questions about the phone I purchased. So I e-mailed Uniden directly it was after business hours but the next day I got a reply back answering all my questions. Very knowledgeable and speedy response..

I am not sure what website some of the previous commenters went to but I didn't have to pay to get my questions answered..

Posted by EddieLong

I have a DECT1480-3 and one of the handsets stop working. I only purchased the phone about 2 months ago. I called Uniden and set up a warranty and instead of replacing one handset they replaced the whole phone system. Fast and easy service!!

Posted by Anonymous

Always found them to be polite and helpful.

Posted by Mark_42

I got through in less than two minutes with a question regarding Uniden's new HomePatrol-1 scanner with a concern regarding it's apparent willingness to charge partially discharged non-rechargeable batteries. The technician was very polite, very concerned, (it's a potential explosion hazard) took my number and promised to call back with an answer as soon as he found one. (It's a new product and he hadn't heard of this problem before.)

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Posted by Lindsey

I see alot of people ask for free support.. Uniden does offer free support online. You have to go to Uniden's actual site.. (duuuh)


Uniden just answered all my questions free of charge & I love my new Uniden phone!!!

Thanks Uniden


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