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    • 27.04 Overall Rating
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    • 144 negative comments (95.36%)
    • 7 positive comments (4.64%)
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Posted by greveb

Ubisoft customer service --- worst yet! --- bought just dance 2018 which came with 3-month subscription to just dance unlimited -- when I played the game, was unable to use the unlimited feature and was asked to subscribe --- I used the ubisoft online customer service (you can't talk to a live person with ubisoft) ---i went through the steps online to get the service to work, but it still didn't --- talked with a customer service agent on "chat" for more than hour (she took FOREVER to respond to each message) --- she asked me to send a copy of the receipt which I did and then she told me she would send it to her bosses and they would e-mail me --- I got an e-mail saying they additionally required a picture of the gamescreen showing that the unlimited function doesn't work --- Beyond Ridiculous --- are there really that many people trying to scam them out of what amounts to about $6.25 worth of service? --- wouldn't have persisted as long as I had but for the principle of the thing --- I am not going to proceed any further with their customer support -- I'm taking the game back --- and going to avoid ubisoft products in the future

Posted by Jro562

Hey I payed 4.99 at the App Store for Hungry Shark World a promotion for 100 gems and free shark....got nothing????? Then I have to go thru hell to reach you!

Posted by i cant tell you that its dangero

Well so this just happened. busy playing a match of RS6 Siege and boom out of nowhere i get randy ortoned with a "perma ban" game gone..... start a chat with a ubisoft customer service guy. he tunes me sorry we dont see weird activities on your account so they cant appeal my ban. I asked him what the ban was for and he said he cant tell me because of the integrity of Battle Eye. what service is that if you cant even help a customer thats been playing ubisoft games for most of his life and you tell me you cant help me for some BS i didnt do. if i get arrested i want to know why i get arrested and now im not going to create a new account or buy all my games AGAIN.


Posted by Angry mom

Ubisoft customer support sucks. We bought our son Ghost of the Wildlands for HIS Birthday. It is the gold edition with season pass included. Guess what freaking Ubisoft screwed up, the season pass don't work and Ubisoft KNOWS they have the freaking issue. Just freakng Google it. They don't answer the phone and want to freaking online chat. I am epileptic and cannot do that. Ubisoft will never get any more money from us. From now on if it says Ubisoft; on it we won't buy it. Ubidoft just lost a lot of business due to this,not just us but a lot of others. Ubisft needs to fix this

Posted by stinly beez

It might be terrible. don't know. I haven't been able to find any. With all the "Support" rabbit holes, dead ends and menu loops, you'd think Ubisoft only had one employee and he was trying to avoid the world. I get better service from much smaller companies. There's no limit to the money you will save as long as you're willing to sacrifice support. So get your bonus and leave already. Let the long-time employees deal with the smoking ruins of your customer base.

Posted by gars the l est

For me ubisoft is dead never will i pay for there games again.anoter game company who just dont care.preorder south park to get the date changed again now coming out in december 2017.

Posted by abigfish67

The worst customer support i've ever recieved!!!!!!! I would never buy a game from your company again. I will tell everyone not to buy your games. You have lost at least 50 customers and whoever they tell.

Posted by Alexander

terrible support... I had no longer access to my email, but fortunately remembered my password after a couple of attempts. but now I can't update the email OR the password... bc I don't have access to my email!
I tried phone support and gave up after 2 hrs in the loop "the next operator will serve you soon"...
I created an online ticket and gave up hope... after almost 4WEEKS! I get a reply that they can change my email address, but that I have to authenticate with a screen shot of the license I purchased for one of the games... WTF? I can log in! that should be enough authentication!
I'd understand a copy of my ID or something... but a screenshot of the product key?? Who tells you you should make a screenshot when you buy a game?

Posted by stickybombjoe

I play a lot of Tom Clancy's the division at the moment my characters are frozen due to the servers going down why is this &when can I play again

Posted by Anonymous

account hacked, No way to contact support on the weekend so I cant play any of my games. Only way to contact them in USA on the weekend is to SIGN IN first but when your account is hacked with a changed google authentication, it is impossible to sign in.

Posted by UbiHard

My account was hacked, I made contact with ubisoft support, gave them my info the....nothing? No further help or contact was made with me and they continue to ignore my messages. Whenever I try to call their closed or cant take the call. What an absolute disgrace of a company.

Posted by Slade_MKU

This is bull I tried to but R6 credits and I never received my credits and they took my money I tried to call someone but they said they were closed. I don't want a refund I just want my credits

Posted by gansta4

I bought the wild run dlc for the crew and did not access to the monster trucks or wild run. Ubisoft support keeps giving me the run around I have proof of perchas and I provided them with all they asked for. This company dose not care about the people. I got the dlc Dec 1 2016 wtf I want my money back and all I get is the run around. Ubisoft is a horrible company

Posted by weedblaze

First off, tried contacting support from my account but wouldnt let me because I was not able to login due to not having access to 2step authentication.
Once i was finally able to contact support from another email I was able to provide all the info they asked for minus my personal ID they wanted me to upload online. Nope sorry not going to happen, so they refused to unlock MY account regardless of the other info I provided. Too bad because I was going to buy The Division but now caint or wont after this terrible support.
Hope you NEVER have to deal with these neckbeards
Riley B @Ubisoft Support you suck kid

Posted by She

The company ubisoft is the worst....they take money upfront, don't deliver in time,there's no way to contact them directly except a chat which takes ages.....pathetic customer support.....good way to fleece youngsters and make money.....won't last long like this.....consumer is not stupid these days....get your act together or get out

Posted by denverdobro

I haven't been able to log into my ubisoft account, and I've reset the password multiple times. I was locked out when the password I just changed it to was again rejected, so I called customer service. I was told to just wait an hour and it'd work. I explained that I'd been having problems before that point and that I didn't expect that to change. Of course, my log-in still wouldn't work so I called back again. I was sent an email telling me to try clearing the cookies on my browser, or use "incognito browsing". And I was told to call back anytime for "support". What a joke... I call ubisoft twice, to help me log in to my ubisoft account, and they tell me to call back.

I will never buy another disappointing ubisoft game again. What a waste of time.

Posted by molol44

Extremley slow at responding had to wait around 30 mins to get a minor issue sorted.

Posted by Queen Elizabeth II

I don't understand why but they just stop responding for hours at a time on the chat line. I am currently still waiting on their response.

Posted by Alex Bo

The Ubisoft support site is a joke. A while ago (1st October) I put in a request to cancel my pre-order of Watch Dogs 2 for PS4, so i could get an XBox version instead. 3 Days later I got a response saying my order will be refunded in 5-7 days (9th - 11th). On the 13th I sent a message asking why i hadn't got a refund, no reply. So on the 20th I made another case (with a different supporter), 5 days later I still haven't got a response, despite their two day reply policy.
At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the game to be delivered to me, try and return it and then buy the version I want, which is a shame because the reason i pre-ordered it was because of the dlc you get which i most likely won't get.

Posted by JGS43

Have been playing Settlers online for some 3 - 4 years without any problems. Then c ompletely out of the blue account is banned. Sent in a ticket and got reply that Iwas operating more than one account and had been farming on the second to boost the main accounts progress. Actual fact is that second account is actually my grandsons but used one of my e-mail addreses as he does not have one of his own. Also he plays on a computer in my house so IP addresses are similar. Ubisoft simply issue a ban without even giving a warning or checking on the true situation. As customer relations go this is a total low approach to the problem. They are simply reading things into an exchange of resources such that they consider it to be farming. What a way to keep customers - NOT.

Posted by Orc


I've been trying to reset my Uplay account password since 19 Aug.

I request a password reset, and get sent an e-mail, which contains a link I'm supposed to click on to reset my password. The link takes me to a log-in page, where I need a password.

UPlay and Ubisoft support has no real e-mail addresses to contact about this problem.

I did find the e-mail address of someone else at Ubisoft. I asked this person to forward an e-mail to the support people. Support then opens a ticket and tells me to communicate with them BUT (yes you guessed it) the page they send me to requires a password. After four days they close the ticket because I DID NOT CONTACT THEM!

I tried opening a new account under another e-mail address to try get help that way but that hasn't worked either.

Right now my estimation of Ubisoft is lower than well... I don't know. Worst customer service ever.

Posted by golfingavo1

I'm sick of ubisoft and contacting customer service. All they do is continually shovel us and we continually gobble it down and return for more. Yet again, I have 4 missions not accounted for in dailys, 2 missions in Underground that caused me to miss weekly 10/10 for rewards, I spent somewhere around 550-670 Phoenix on the shotgun in the terminal, the one with 82-87k DMG on it and a Predators Mark mask that wasn't cheap b/c it raised my dps and toughness only to open my inventory and it is no place to be seen. It was not a blueprint, so it should be available immediately. All I know is I DID have around 1350 phoenix creds before those purchases and now I'm out those as well. You think that's it, nope.....I have 12 mins before server shuts for "maintenance" and am in middle of a HVT for "robinson" (who knows, it was an LMB but cost 10 intel) and I'm down to the 3 body gaurds and the heavily armored hostile "main dude" and I notice that I'm shooting but no damage is recording. I wait and it fixes itself. 20 sec later it happens again. This time, no luck with fixing itself. Now, I have 4 mins so thinking I need to get off, go to base, check in every single spot, even with rewards vendor but I know the outcome before even doing it really but I will give it a try. Actually, no...I won't. The timer said 3 minutes and 5 seconds before shutdown and BOOM, BANG....it shuts down early. So yea, I am pissed off, they never fix anything on the division or R6 and for paying extra $$ as season pass holder for both games, preorder both games, etc and already preordered ghost recon wildlands from amazon, I sure feel like they should send a bottle of lube with my game because if I am gonna bend over this often and know what's coming, I prefer it be smooth on the entry! How am I to recoup my time wasted and the stupid digital gear and crap I bought? I'm not. I dealt with this upon the release and when my backpack disappeared and when no exclusive content was available on day one only to show up a week later when I was at level 22 and level 4 junk was useless. Oh, I'm sorry....they gave me 100 phoenix creds after telling me I was supposed to get 500 but I just got what everyone in the whole game as a player got due to daily missions not loading. So, they suck and I'm unhappy. All over a stupid, fake video game that means zilch in real life. I can't even enjoy this due to all the problems that I learn of every time I play which is by the way, very rare, hence playing at 3am b/c no kids are climbing up my leg or I'm not answering questions about "why that bug just went in his ear" and wondering if a ER visit is necessary!

Peace, a concerned gamer....

Posted by IhateUBI

Was playing Ghost Recon for over 2 years when I got suspended. Yes I admit what I was doing was a TOS violation but based on how UBI has pretty much abandoned the game the entire community is using the same thing because UBI has left all the BETA Maps unfinished and almost every daily player in the game is getting into areas of the maps that are accessible due to UBI failing to do their job and finish these maps after more then 1 1/2 years being out.

If they banned every user who is behind or in walls do to their failure to finish these maps there would be no GRP community left as probably 80-90% of players are using these areas and for the most part enjoying using them as it has opened the maps up to so much extra fun like trying to out snipe your team mates or trying to find new places to snipe your friends who are on the other side from. But does UBIsoft care about their users opinions? Nope they would rather listen to the complaints of a newbie who is barely new in the game even.

Tech support is the worse they never listen to what the user is saying and constantly try and blame the users computer for their own failings as I would tell them the whole team both sides got DC'ed from a match and they would immediately ask me all about my computer set up as if my set up caused the other 15 players to also DC from the match due to their horrible servers.

I for one will never buy or play a UBI game ever again!

Posted by Asarokk

Last Christmas I received Heroes of Might and Magic 7 as a gift. Except the activation key code didn't work, despite being linked to my account, all contents of the game remained LOCKED. I experienced first hand how unhelpful Ubisoft customer service is. I'm still trying to get them to help me and unlock the game, seeing as I am unable to do so on my end. I've lost all hope to play the game. I guess I'll think twice about buying a ubisoft game, it's just a waste of money.

Posted by Asarokk

Last Christmas I received Heroes of Might and Magic 7 as a gift. Except the activation key code didn't work, despite being linked to my account, all contents of the game remained unlocked. I experienced first hand how unhelpful Ubisoft customer service is. I'm still trying to get them to help me and unlock the game, seeing as I am unable to do so on my end. I've lost all hope to play the game. I guess I'll think twice about buying a ubisoft game, it's just a waste of money.

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Posted by noble_5

when i called them the person on the other end was friendly, nice and was very quick.

Posted by Turkey

Activation codes for a game purchased weren't accepted. Called support: very friendly, solved the problem on the spot, as well as a problem with my account that just came up during the conversation: "if you want me to, I can fix that right now".

Posted by ubisoft

haa ubisoft you are well known for your massive games,,i liked most of your games,they are awesome and felt amazing completing your games.so i had a issue in tom clancy the division.firstly,i have seen alpha footage at e3 2013 that was amazing and detailed environment but when i played the beta in 2016 the environment was worst.so it is still beta and plz.. i want e3 type graphics on march 8th ok...if this happens all fans will feel happy and good.i think u understood my words.tc and bye..

Posted by Anonymous

So I had been having problems with my Tom Clancy's The Division beta code for a few days and I called the Ubisoft support team and I thought that they were great. They picked up within seconds and were on the phone with me for around 10 minutes both times and were helping me with my issue and then it was solved the second time I called. The problem was that I was underage to use my code to get the beta code and I just had to wait until I was 17.

Posted by h443ler

called in an was helped by riley he helped me get Rocksmith working again THANKS

Posted by Lee

I was able to reach Ubisoft pretty quickly via phone, and while their online "questions" section is a bit odd it worked well for me to provide support with the required info to resolve my issue. The problem was with keys purchased for Anno 2070 that did not unlock the expansion as they were supposed to.

So as far as support goes, I say it's not too shabby. Keys that don't work right though is kinda crappy.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a wonderful experience with Customer Service, I called referencing to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta because my key wasn't working, and they told me that the beta was extended to the 19th of April, but they haven't told anyone that at all, because Gamestop still thought that it was released on the 1st of April..

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