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Uber customer service is ranked #770 out of the 940 companies that have a sportpref.ru rating with an overall score of 23.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 1016 ratings. This score rates Uber customer service and customer support as Terrible.


997 Negative Comments out of 1,016 Total Comments is 98.13%.


19 Positive Comments out of 1,016 Total Comments is 1.87%.

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  • Uber

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 23.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 997 negative comments (98.13%)
    • 19 positive comments (1.87%)
    • 22 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Natalie

I mistakes a driver. How do I call correct it. I can�t get through to a person to speak with!

Posted by Anonymous

We have been waiting almost an hour and have had several requests cancelled. We hope we are billed for this. Thanks for your help. Please call

Posted by Anonymous

My Uber app wont respond & i cant get anyone to return my phone call for help.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to go to the sirport . The first driver so so rude . His name was Anthony, hung up on me and he said that I pick you up on Canoga!!!! My pick up location was on Burbank . I had to go from one side of my house to the other side . Then he canc l my trip !!! I am not happy with his service at all .

Posted by Anonymous

Someone is using my bank account for uber can u please make sure it doesn�t happen again can you please Make sure someone call me it�s happen twice this week I can I handle this situation make it doesn�t happrya Maria URGENU

Posted by Anonymous

I want to complain about an Uber driver, Dwight. Yesterday, around 5:00 pm he picked up my 13 year old daughter at our home who was running away. He took her to a mall five miles away and dropped her off. He must have overheard my phone call to her begging to know where she was. Instead of pulling over, he continued to drive to the destination. My daughter is small in stature and does not look her age. Does Uber have regulations about picking up children? My husband and I are both horrified by what happened.

Posted by Anonymous

I�m in Wildwood FL and after several trys I can get a UBER driver. I need a ride now.

Posted by Bryan Stokes

My name isBryan Stokes and I have always been a huge Uber fan.
I planned my trip 3 days in advance with Uber to get to the airport. That did nothing. No one was set up to pick me up. Unless someone on your end is “planning “ to pick me up, there is no plan. Uber driver was 40 minutes late and I almost missed my flight and was stressed out all morning. So much for planning in advance. Could someone please explain to me how this could be prevent?

Posted by Anonymous

I can�t seem to find a way to talk to a person. I just want to let you know out of all of my Ubers only 2 have been marginal. The rest have been excellent. I�m trying to give your company a compliment. I hope you see this.

Kathy Moynihan

Posted by Anonymous

I ama new Uber customer when I try to load the app it acts like it is loading by never does I am. Sandra

Posted by Anonymous

My name is John Hope. Uber sent me sticker to place on windshield, which I can't find. How do I get new one. I want to start driving. My email is Also how do I contact somebody if I need too?

Posted by Anonymous

Got double charged for a ride in Naples

$6.25 twice

Someone jumped in my first car without my knowledge.

I called for a second

Please advise how to credit my account


Posted by Anonymous

I got double charge today. Why do big co�s steal money from people. Please call me

Posted by Anonymous

I am looking for a driver for a senior citizen at 501 Washington st

Hanover mass.

I cannot believe that a company this big does not have a customer service number easily accessible for seniors or drivers

I am a Uber driver here on cape cod

My mother who is 83 years young is in need of transportation from time to time

Please help

Thank you Tom Fennell

Posted by Anonymous

i Waited a long time for my Uber driver but she took the wrong route and cancel my Uber ride. I would like to know if I can get a full refund since is the driver responsibility to call me if she lost

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to access Uber. My account is deactivated I would like to use it not sure why it�s not working. My phone number thank you

Posted by Kanishkan

The ride from my college to bus stand costs $8 in sept and oct $10 and nov $12 and dec $14 and yesterday $20.
It is ridiculous. For a student like me it becomes difficult to ride uber. Not very customer friendly.

Posted by Dianna De Castro

Jan 11 2018
I ordered uber to pick
me up as usual am
Uber insisted on new info
There is no new info
I have a $50.00 gift card that’s disappeared
Uber disabled my
account under fake information
Reinstall my Uber using all same info
as all I have zero
changed . Uber’s error ...

Posted by Dianna De Castro

Today Thursday 11 2018
I, Dianna De Castro
ordered Uber . All my info is the same since 20015
You Uber disabled my Uber insisting on a new cell
new email which doesn’t exist .. also
My $50.00 gift card which is unused is missing
Now what Uber ???? LMK

Posted by Efrain

I booked a uber and the total said $5.85. After the trip my card was charged $9.55. This is a problem please email me or call me at ASAP

Thanks Efrain mark.

Posted by Sepideh Khameneh

Why was I charged twice for same trip on 01/08:2018?

Posted by Anonymous

I, Major Jackson, A UBER user for approx. 1.5 years Have become thoroughly pissed off with UBER!!My email is [email protected], 7. UBER has recently charged my bank account $233.68 in FRAUDULENT transactions. For a week I have tried to contact UBER by phone, by text message, by email and I have not received a single response! I have asked by bank to file a grievance and dispute against UBER. Which they have done. I have changed my credit card. Ihave uninstalled UBER from my cell. I WILL contact the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

Major Jackson


Posted by Madison_laine

I am very displeased because I left my phone in an uber and it has been incredibly difficult to get a hold of anyone in order to get it back.

Posted by Anonymous

I was charged $83.00 for Uber and I’ve NEVER used Uber before in my life! Trying to email someone and get a refund seems impossible. I’ve had to cancel my card with my financial institution which is a great inconvenience for something I didn’t do!

Posted by Anonymous

DRIVER cancelled my trip and somehow i was charged $6.30 for this ride. I want my money back bc the driver refused to drive me. If i don’t get my money back i will not only switch to lift but file a claim in small claims court. This is absolutely absurd.

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Posted by Elsie Tylutki

On my recent trip I accidentally gave the driver four stars I meant to give five. My finger slipped how can I correct ? The driver was very good and I want him to get the proper rating.

Posted by Kamol

I am new to Uber & on vacation in New York & used it for the first time last night . I accidentally gave my driver a 3 Star rating & definitely meant to give him a 5 Star ! He was great, drive through rush hour & delivered us safely.

Posted by rivkap

I needed to change my rating of a driver today. Name is Simon.
It was a perfect ride and the driver was first rate. However, before i was able to complete the rating of 5 stars which was my intention, thevscreen closed at 3, maybe even 2.
That is not right for this driver but the customer service page did not allow me to change the rating, only to check off comments which did not apply. So this is a problem.l i hope you can correct it for this particular driver and in general. Thank you, Rivka

Posted by Ad comment

I call uber 10/07/17 and waiting pick up point 40 minut and never show up then said you ride been cancelled.i set another ride is get me after one hour and i get charge twice wich is cancelled ride and the one get me the cancel one i get charge but no receipt is weird . i stop take. Uber no trusted

Posted by abhishek

your facility is very v.... good but some drivers are missing.... my all office staff ride bill using per month approx 9000-10000 billing but we are using ola cabs than your driver my office boy pick up office and on the way refushed on there venue.. & out the car????? than just now booked uber going to kukus & come to office than pay amout -1073/ date= 6-9-16 driver name anil ji mahindra verito but whic my due pay what is this tell me mr... uber

Posted by Anonymous

First experience was San Diego on October 5..driver got there we got in and in about 1/4 mile she said we had cancelled service and we would have to get out unless we agreed to pay her cash.which we did. Since then we have found she should not have done business that way. We have used uber twice in San Francisco and had no problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I submitted my request for a charge adjustment for the ride on 9/28 this morning via text and I just received an email for the refund. My experience with them was fine. 9/29/16

Posted by Afi

My Uber Driver, ANWAR, yesterday, April 14, 2016 needs wonderful rating & feedback. You see he literally dropped me off at the hospital & didn't have time to respond to him as I went into my Medical Work. How can I pass the positive loving words to him as he had it all in His spirit?!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I just got a ride home from uber and I feel that some of the drivers are not being fairly compensated for what they do. I feel that when you reach your destination there should be an option to leave a tip for them. They work really hard for it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely upset I can't use my debit card because it's saying its prepaid and it's not so I don't understand, you have lost a customer for sure.

Posted by Jordan.widdes

We had a fantastic driver this morning. The vehicle was spotless. The driver could not be any more courteous or helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

A note of Many Thanks ! we had a ride with our uber driver 12-17-15 with Jeff. North Hollywood to the Castaway resturant in Burbank.. We forgot our bag in the back seat. Jeff kept in contact with me and I would like your management to know he is a thoughtful and kind person and very helpful as well in regards to returning our property

Posted by Anonymous

I regularly get uber to go home every after work shift at the airport, and I like it so much. Good rides, courteous and friendly drivers, most of all Khaled, the Syrian driving a Toyota Prius with Plate Number He is a very nice person.

Posted by Anonymous

I recenetly applied for a uber driver position,and the customer servive was very helpful,and I just want to say thank you again.

Posted by Anonymous

Had my first ride today, and the drivers first passenger! He was kind, courteous and helpful with my bags. If I use again, would like same driver any day! Thx Terry!

Posted by Craig

I take UBER to LAX from my home regularly. It is much cheaper and reliable than an LA cab. Last week i flew to JFK and paid $75 from there to my apt. in manhattan. The return trip i decided on uber. There were tons of cabs around fro the trip to the airport but loved Uber. It cost me $120. More than a limo. Rediculous. This is a mistake, correct? How do i go some refund.



Posted by Anonymous

Uber app charged me twice for the same bill.I did work fine for a week.but now everytime I try booking cab.it gives me outstanding amount.wherein I paid it already two time.kindly refund me extra charge.as it should only be debited once.it is not good for your business.

Posted by Anonymous

This is not a comment for public posting. I received my first Uber service today. It was great. However, I inadvertently forgot to give Chad Boggan credit through his promo code when I used your service today. His promo code is 1620ue. He was insistent that I try you all and I did. for him raving about your service. Thelma Harrington

Posted by Anonymous

I am a new customer. I was charged approximately $88.000 for a trip from West 67th st. to Teterboro airport on 5/11/14. This is excessive and I don't know if it is due to the driver not being able to enter the address of the F.B.O. private jet service and having to drive around the entire airport perimeter before finding the Lindberg Drive address. Our Uber charge from the Newark airport which is a longer distance was only $68.
The driver was pleasant.

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Posted by Vinman

Signed up for Uber months ago and still have not been able to sign on and drive. I went to see someone at the sprint store for customer support and she said I’m still waiting for my background check to be done. I don’t know what’s taking so long I don’t have a bad background I’ve worked in nuclear power plants and been read badged with FBI background check I think maybe I’ll sign on with Lyft instead

Posted by Anonymous

I️ picked up a customer and the app said unexpected error now I️ can’t see how much I️ got paid bc the app thinks I️ didn’t pick Bria up

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to start driving with Uber for weeks now but the website isn't working. It keeps asking me to upload my documents and I keep doing it but my status hasn't changed from Onboarding. I tried going to the hub and they said I had to upload my documents online. I tried contacting Uber to fix the issue, FOUR TIMES, and they just keep sending a text that says my inquiry was resolved but nothing has been fixed. This company is lazy and ridiculous. How are you running a company without a phone number? That would resolved 80% of Uber's issues. I decided to go with Lyft who is much faster and much more professional. Why keep wasting my time with Uber when Lyft actually appreciated my time and pays more. I will NEVER recommend Uber, only Lyft.

Posted by Pdolne

I am filing a complaint and need to speak to someone in corporate I'm still waiting for my earnings from two weeks ago and they are giving me a hard time I'm not getting anywhere at this point I'm seriously thinking of hiring an attorney I could be reached

Posted by Dilcy Westbrook

Good morning I am a uber driver an i wanted to know how do i go by getting a printed copy of my pay statements. I live in los angeles California

Posted by Anonymous

I currently am a Uber driver. Uber is a rip off. The offer these guarantees and then don't pay you for them. They give a million unacceptable reasons whyyou didn't meet the qualifications. They are full of crap. They are cheating there driver out they money and this is unfair. I would like to bring legal action towards them.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been driving a few months the .Every night I drive I accept a call in surge only amd you lye amd say it wasn't when clearly was It's stealing money from your employees s I'm going to get legal advise I took a 2x1 in area in ever pic up in because of surge I completed ride amd yoy steal money say it wasn't when the I am going to try to reach Salem This is illegal and not ok to steal from youe employees I am a lady of my word amd do t lie so Quit playing games stealing amd lying Have integrity it's just tru You how me 2 x for ride MastoessThousand to Burbank airport

Posted by Klara

I'm a driver who has been emailing with uber over an unpaid week. I've emailed dozens of times, only to get a different person each time who has no idea what happened yesterday, or ever for that matter! I've gone to Uber in Hoboken as per one customer service rep. I trusted the person I spoke to was being honest who he said the problem was resolved and I'd get my money! Only to learn it wasn't resolved and they didn't pay me for this week either, now!

This is a damn disgrace! I'm a mom of two who desperately needed this money which I earned!!!! How dare this company toy with people!!!! You have nothing but incompetent children working for you! If I don't get a real resolution TODAY, such as getting the 165.10 and 62.25 transferred to MY checking acct, I'm going to the media and an attorney!

Posted by Anonymous

Uber need to bring back up the pay scale in Memphis T.N. the driver will come back to the service to drive it hot in Memphis and the pay scale shell come back up people have family that trying to support them Miami got a great pay scale for there driver so please sir stop loosing your drivers in Memphis Memphis need driver do the right


Posted by Anonymous

I work for Uber. They charged overcharged someone. Didn't pay me for the trip. Fired me two days later. I can't get a response from the corporate office or anyone. Is there a number I can call.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a question as an uber driver that isn't one of the question uber allows us at ask about my tax summary WHY Is there no way to contact uber with a simple question please DONT instruct me to go to the available way uber has set up for its drivers they only allow you to ask questions they pre approve my email is

Posted by Westmania

I read, 3 weeks ago that this airport thing / norfolk international airport was to be resolved that week. Who is dragging their feet? I'm now driving for Lyft so I can give the service I'm suppose to when called by a ride to go to the airport.

Posted by Please help

I am a new driver who wants to get started, why is there no help? Please call me at if you would like me to start. This should not be this hard.

Posted by Kelly Robinson

I am a driver I was promised i would be paid on monday following last weeks trips i made for this company. I know why now you do not have working numbers or a help desk in the states but in Manila you rape us drivers for 20 percent of our fairs so you can build fancy offices and you do
not support your drivers the one thing that drives your market

Posted by Anonymous

There doesn't seem to be any way to speak to a live representative. I'm a prospective employee and I need to contact them. Very frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been going through the hoops of becoming an Uber driver and I'm having issues with their App and submitting documentation. I sent in my vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and car inspection form, which was initially approved. I received a text message saying I was all ready to go. I waited a few days until I had time on the weekend to make my first pickup. When I tried to login, it asked me to select a vehicle before I could go online to pick up my first passenger. However, my vehicle wasn't listed and I got an error message saying that my vehicle wasn't configured.

When I tried to email Uber asking for help on how to add my vehicle so I could begin, I was told that my vehicle was deactivated due to missing documents. I tried re-submitting 3 times and all 3 times I got text messages saying I submitted the wrong documents...the ones I submitted were right every time. About an hour later, I got a 4th text saying that I failed my car inspection. What?? The paper I sent in to them clearly shows that I passed.

I emailed their representative explaining my situation and have still not heard back. I would call, but it doesn't look like they even have a phone number. In the meantime, I'm missing out on peak times for driving. I'm becoming so frustrated that I'm considering signing up with one of their competitors instead.

Posted by Kc

I am a member of Uber registered excepted driver I would like to drive in New York or New Jersey however I can't get on it says that my car is not acceptable I have some questions and concerns I have a brand-new Hom day Genesis 4 door and would like to drive for over in New York New Jersey and filled out the information my phone number isI am registered and excepted in Orlando and need to change it or I could drive in New Jersey/New York

Posted by Anonymous

Drove for Uber for 1 week then had to send updated insurance. They said it would take 48 hours to get back online to drive and it's now over 4 days. None one to contact and emails are answered by automated computer with same answer over and over. I QUIT Uber and will drive or many other companies who have 100% better service than Uber.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been driving for Uber since Jan. 1. I am mostly happy and greatful at the same time. Being able to work like this has been a huge help to my survival. Thank you.
On the not so happy side I have had some technical problems while driving in the field that have become an extremely aggrivating. My thoughts are that there should be an app. or button that will direct a driver to someone that can help him ASAP. For instance, presently I have an issue with NOT being able to call the rider. I work on South Beach in Miami a lot and it's very congested with people and few places to pull over. I try and call the rider when I am close to cooridnate the pick-up. BUT, I cannot. I could before. But not now suddenly. NO number appears, like it did before. I use to just touch the number and it would call them. NOW, no number appears. How do I fix this? I need to fix this NOW. A GOOD TIME TO TALK TO TECH SUPPORT. For now, that's my issue. But I'm not alone on the idea that being able to talk to someone should be easier. My account offers no options to speak to a LIVE person, nor does it offer a means for me to explain a problem and then have someone find me to fix the problem. When you're on your way to a rider and driving in a very busy area, it's dangerous and difficult to accommodate technical issues while in route. So between riders I pull over and waiste a great deal of time trying to troubleshoot my problem and figure out a way to TALK TO A HUMAN. First question,,,,is it my phone or the program? Next question......what do I do? See,,,that's it. That's all I needed.
Ok...overall,,,I'm happy and not anticipating any serious problems. I hope to drive for Uber for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity.

Tim Callahan

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to work for Uber. I sent in all my information, however, they have me logged in as a customer, not as a driver. I trying to fix this. I sent a request a week ago about this problem. Can someone just call me and we can fix this?

Posted by Anon E. Maus

I DRIVE for Uber and they suck - there is no tech support, the app is buggy, and fares are frequently cancelled midtrip or go unpaid. There are no phone numbers, no customer support, and no driver support. There is no training at all either. I quit! I never got paid once in thirty odd trips and there was NO ONE to complain to.

Posted by Anonymous

They don't pay their employees and don't respond to email inquiries about their pay


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