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USAA customer service is ranked #102 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 57.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 286 ratings. This score rates USAA customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


234 Negative Comments out of 286 Total Comments is 81.82%.


52 Positive Comments out of 286 Total Comments is 18.18%.

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    • 57.58 Overall Rating
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    • 234 negative comments (81.82%)
    • 52 positive comments (18.18%)
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Posted by Tmacbmw74

After 18 years of banking with USAA they let me down. I'm one of the thousands that they've done this to when it comes to not keeping their word, dropping the ball, being completely dishonest, delays, and being absolutely incompetent. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews and complaints on their site, Better Business Bureau site, or just goggle all the complaints about this bank. There's several class action suits being filed and honestly I hope they have to pay heavily for all the damage they've caused so many veterans and civilians over the years. Up until now I had no reason to doubt them but after doing my research I should have never signed up with them. Now that I have several accounts with them from banking, insurance, loans, and investments I'm sure it won't be easy to cut ties as I've heard absolute horror stories about leaving them as well. Do yourself and look for an honest bank, USAA is far from that!!!

Posted by Sad USAA Customer

USAA Auto Insurance says on its website, "WE PROUDLY SERVE MILITARY MEMBERS......." I am here to tell you, THAT IS A LIE. They will "proudly" sell their products to you, but they DO NOT serve you, once you have purchased their product. I am an Army Veteran who SERVED" in the Gulf War, THAT is SERVICE. You would hope and think USAA would want to honor their rhetoric.....what a huge disappointment.

In fact, If USAA Auto Insurance was a book, it would the #1 selling "HORROR" story written by the likes of Stephen King.

Bar none, USAA Auto Insurance is the absolute worse in "customer service," and even that is a gross understatement.

My bloodcurdling experience with USAA began on December 18, 2016, the day after I was in an auto accident; T-boned on the drivers side of my "new" SUV. I had to be cut from the vehicle and taken by ambulance to the hospital.

I notified the claims department at USAA and after being instructed on my path forward, I selected a USAA "approved" repair shop and my truck was towed to the shop, called ABRA. So far, so good. It seemed that the agent was empathetic to my plight and at that time, I felt good about having USAA's coverage. That feeling wouldn't last long, at all.

Five (5) days later, I get a message on my USAA App, that a check for $16,365.27 had been issued to ABRA, for the body repair that was needed on my SUV. Again, I thought, "wow" USAA us really on the ball.

A few days later, when I could physically get behind the wheel again, I picked up my rental car, which I understood to be be covered by USAA, until my vehicle was fixed.

Well, here is where the customer service began a tail spinning rapid decline. The car rental company called me on January 6, 2017 and told me bring the rental car back, because the coverage period had expired. I explained that I would have to call ABRA, the car repair shop, to find out the status of the repairs. I was told by ABRA, that they in fact, had to "TOTAL" the car, because it couldn't be repaired and said, USAA should have notified me about this. Well, they didn't.

So, I called USAA and spoke with Ricardo Lomas and explained the rental situation and questioned why had they not followed up. Mr. Lomas was considerate and did what he could do and extended the rental until January 13th.

But, someone at USAA had dropped the ball, when it came to following up on my claim.

Per Mr. Lomas's instructions, I Fed ex'd my trucks title and other required paper work, for a "totaled" vehicle, same day.

Beginning January 8th, I started called the USAA's assigned agent to my claim, Virginia Lomas, to inquire about the process. All of a sudden, no one at USAA is talking to me. No answer, day after day after day and no call back. I left message and another and response from USAA. In addition to the pain and suffering, (concussion / trauma to the head w/ongoing headaches, hip issues, whiplash, lower back pain) all that, I am trying to cope with, while worried about transportation and making a living. Finally, I sent a text, through the USAA app and got a response.

I communicated with Virgina Lomas and explained the car rental extension was about to expire in one day and with the "coldest, most robotic" tone, she explained that USAA only covers the rental for 7 days. It was if she hadn't even heard my concerns, NOR did they address the fact that they failed to follow up on my claim and time was loss due to that failure.

I am LIVID now. Virgina Lomas then said that the "totaled" check was prepared and would be mailed out. This was on January 12, 2016.

As of yesterday, January 18th, CarMax, my vehicles, lien holder, has STILL NOT received the check from USAA. What in the HELL is going on?? On top of this, the USAA APP says the check still hasn't been cleared. Meanwhile, I have no income now, no way of getting to work, I am still being treated for injuries related to this accident and USAA AUTO INSURANCE doesn't care, at all.

This debacle with USAA has brought my world to a halt. I am an average Joe just out here trying to live my life, I bet if they were looking for an insurance 'payment' from me, I could actually "speak" to someone on the telephone.

I am down, but I am escalating my complaints about USAA Auto Insurance .And, it appears I am not alone. There are many others who drank the USAA kool-aid, only to be sickened by their service.

Next stop for me, Better Business Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection, The State Consumer Protection Office. All Social Media, because you see, unfortunately, I have time on my hands now, since I have no transportation to work. I am furious that my livelihood has been stopped by USAA's lack of customer care. I need to be able to get another vehicle and that is soley in the hands, at this point, of USAA Auto Insurance.

Posted by DJS

Terrible experience.... can't even get the adjuster assigned to my claim to return a phone call!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member with USAA for the pat 2 to 3 years, I was just recently in a car accident and worse than the accident the unprofessionalism I have had to deal with concerning this company is appalling. For over a week I have been trying to talk to a manager and/or a supervisor, and all I have gotten is the run around and excuses. I am filing criminal charges against the girl that rear ended me and in my opinion USAA should be included in the criminal charges as well. To have been in an accident but to feel worse about my X-insurance company than I do about the actual car accident says a lot about your organization. My husband is former Military and I begged him to get with your organization BIG MISTAKE on my part. I work for the Military and I see thousands of soldiers a year and have referred hundreds of active soldiers and or veterans to your very organization that will no longer happen as I will no longer be affiliated with your organization myself. It is more than apparent my businesst important or valued with this organization.

Posted by willy peter

I am a disabled vet who currently has two vehicles insured with your company. My wife was involved in an accident in April that is still not repaired because you have not approved the parts. Last week you finally approved one required part and the body shop took care of it. Of course, due to a decision on your part, the body shop had to do previously work on it so they were not compensated for labor or materials. This will be remedied because my mechanic does not work for you for free just because you make poor decisions. He has repeatedly brought this information on required parts to the adjustor and company officials only to be denied. I now have a vehicle which nobody on the USAA pay roll would accept as being fully repaired and still fighting 6 months later to get the problem resolved. This is how it's going to be taken care of. You will call Fish and get a list of repairs required. You will pay Fish for repairs done on your decision and he will be fully compensated for his work. I will drop off my wife's vehicle on Monday 28 November for repairs one way or another. My wife will need another vehicle to drive during the time being. That vehicle will be dropped off at the house for her to use or I'm sure that one way or another she will recover lost wages. I've done all I could to work with you in a polite and professional approach. The gloves are off and the ball is in your court. Make it happen. When the work is done then the rental agency can come pick it up. Never in my life have I seen business done by a company that is so proud of their services rendered nor taken advantage of the military community as a whole. I am still considering visiting San Antonio to make a TV/internet commercial about my happiness and satisfaction for your services rendered to a disabled veteran.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible Customer service only try to straighten out problem once you start posting complaint to BBB opn web sites ect., more worried about being sued than taking care of their financial responsibility

Posted by Charliekriskate

A fkin pathetic company will not return ur calls the client hot my car its bern 30+ damn days wat am i suppose. To do fkin walk around. Cause my car isnt driveable i jave to pay insurance on this car gras holes anf injured my neck do ont do business with this company

Posted by Anonymous

This Company Is By Far The Worst Insurance Company That We Have Ever Dealt With. My Grandfather Was Buried In Arlington National Cemetery, That Is Why We Had This Insurance For The Last 7 Years. He Would Be Rolling Over In His Grave If He Knew The Stuff That This Company Has Done To Us. We Have Auto Insurance With Them, And We Were In A Car Accident In 2013 That Started The Mess To Begin With. They Have Been Harassing Us Ever Since, We Have Had Horrible Adjusters One After Another. One By The Name Of Brandon Cooney Who Repeatedly Verbally Harassed Me And My Mother Calling Us Liars And Making Us Cry. Then We Had Another Adjuster After Him By The Name Of Laura Ann Regalado Who Also Continuously Harassed Us And Provided Poor Customer Service When It Came To Our Car Accident. This Has Been 7 Years Of Torture By This Company And It Is Finally Over. The Last Straw Is Because Of All The Money Every Month That We Have Been Paying To This Company, And We Got Our Policy Cancelled. In One Month We Paid An Estimated 757.00 And Still Got Our Policy Cancelled Due To Non Payment, Makes Sense Right? We Are Now Leaving This Company After Being Members For 7 Years Due To The Horrible Customer Service Of This Insurance Company. We Even Paid What Ever We Owed In Order To Continue The Insurance And Usaa Still Cancelled Our Policy Stating That We Did Not Submit Forms That Were Went To Us To Re Certify The Insurance As Well. Every Time I Call They Provide Me With A Different Story. I Am Going To Make It My Full Time Job If I Have To, To Complain As Much As I Can About This Company Until I Reached The Ceo. He Needs To Understand The Horrible Employees That He Has Hired To Run His Insurance Company. The Adjusters That I Have Dealt With Are Un Professional, Nasty And Rude. Good Luck To Anyone That Enrolls With This Company. It Is A Shame That This Company Represents The Military Of Our Country.

Posted by Tami in Texas

This has been the most INFURIATING experience I have EVER had to endure. The entire customer service department plays "hot potato" like pros. I have been passed around, ignored, spoken down to, ignored, and ignored some more and STILL have received no satisfaction. THEIR insured TOTALED my vehicle - with minimal coverage as an added bonus. I have been trying for THREE WEEKS to settle this matter.... not much to discuss since the USAA Member has already accepted fault and CANNOT seem to get this resolved. Their suggestion is to file on my insurance and let them re-coop the money.... I DON'T THINK SO!! That's insane - why would I risk my perfect driver discount to accommodate the incompetence in the claims department of USAA? I suppose my next step is my attorney and the State Insurance Board.... I would not have USAA insurance if THEY PAID ME to have it. What a monumental joke!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Feeling frustrated because I received a new card in the mail with a chip in it when my old card expired. I have had nothing but issues when using this card. I can't pay any of my bills with it and it does me no good to have it. I guess I will be switching banks. SMH

Posted by USAA is aweful

I've been a member of USAA for 18 years but when I had a complaint their customer service department treated me like dirt. They were more interested in proving me wrong and guilty of their inaccuracy than actually listening to me and trying to help. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Their claim that they "know what it means to serve" should not be allowed to be advertised.

Posted by Python

Issue of replacement cards from MasterCard to Visa Card. This is the 2nd card fiasco in a year.
I live overseas and have my personal information as much on my account.
Everytime some information or product is sent it is sent to a previous address that hasn't been on my account for quite some time.
Today I was on the phone for 27 minutes to attempt an order of new cards. (Thank you Magic Jack).
Two weeks ago I was told to do this today as the computer would not accept requests before.
Well. ..I was told that my cards were sent on 4 April, if they send another set,then my cards will be cancelled until I receive the new ones.
What kind of idiot would think of this?
Plus the cards went to previous address that isn't on my personal data.
USAA, you better quit outsourcing or you will very quickly find yourself in the same boat as Bank of America.
I now have two choices immediately available to me. Buy an airplane ticket and fly to the states to settle this. Or just call and declare my cards lost/ stolen.
This is the exact reason I left Bank of America. USAA, you were great before you started contracting out. Get your head out of your fourth point of contact and get back to the service that you know or knew.
You're not the only phone company in town.

Posted by VCatoe

Go to to see video

This is a video of an accident that clearly shows the driver insured by USAA hit my stopped vehicle (while I was sounding my horn). Additionally, the SC Highway Patrol Officer called to the scene filed a report, that I submitted to USAA, indicating that their client contributed to this accident. USAA has been sent a copy of this video as well as a link to it on Goggle Docs, but they claim there was nothing there. Hopefully someone at USAA will be technologically advanced enough to click on the link to this site and view the video. I have left messages for the USAA Adjuster, but he has not returned my calls. Other calls to USAA resulted in my being told that they have 30 days to respond to my claim...which is true. However, I'd like to ask Stuart Parker if he believes this is it an ethical way to do business. Service. Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity.? I don't think so. I realize that insurance companies are supposed to protect their clients, but right is right and wrong is wrong...even if they are your client.

If you have had a similar experience with USAA, I would like to hear from you;

Posted by Nothappy

I had been with USAA for over 10 plus years. The last three years they have taken a nose dive. I have removed all my business from them, ie: checking, savings, credit card, and finally my auto loan. The auto loan was the final straw. I had previously set up automatic drafts for my auto loan payment. No issues, until March. That's when I notice that two payments were still in my account. I call, speak with a representative who seemed as confused as I was, and set up a lump payment for the total payments sitting in my account. The following Monday I get a call from the repo department! They demanded I pay 797$ immediately. I was shocked and explained about the payments previously set up and how I called to make a lump payment. I was told, and I quote, it's not their problem the payments didn't come out, they aren't in charge of account numbers. That was just so unprofessional. I went to my local credit union and got a new loan for my car and called USAA for the payoff amount. The loan officer took the information from USAA and finalized my new loan, sent off the paperwork and I was relieved that USAA is no longer my headache. Well, now usaa is saying they gave me and the credit union the wrong payoff amount. This is after my loan officer got the payoff amount good for ten days. I'm still trying to get USAA to fix this mistake. They are unprofessional, unhelpful, rude, and have no business dealing with the military community.

Posted by cubetroll

USAA has degenerated into a fourth rate financial services outfit. It is now 2/28/16 and I have not yet received my brokerage 1099 for 2015. This despite declarations on the website and telephone contacts and assurances that 1099s went out in early February (IRS requires they go out NLT 1/31). I have also sent a email complaint and gotten he usual 'we have receied your inquiry and will contact you shortly. That was a week ago. I have received an "Annual Summary" but it specifically says it is 'not a tax document'. This sucks and, as a 40+ year customer with some $850,000 in assets with USAA, I think I deserve better.

Posted by Morrisovich

I am a disabled veteran and have a checking account, 2 investment accounts and 2 vehicle insurance policies with USAA.

I have been depositing the same weekly payroll check via the USAA mobile app into my USAA checking account, for the same amount and drawn on the same corporate bank for over 2 years without problem. My funds have immediately been available to me in the past.

USAA has begun to "hold" my checks for the entire deposited amount for 8 days before releasing and allowing access to my funds. Just yesterday I deposited a payroll check so that I could pay a car insurance premium and was stuck with a "hold" on my check until next week. I had the same thing happen on a deposit in late December, 2015. The hold is placed on the deposit for 8 days and then the funds are made available.

I had been in the VA hospital and my auto insurance policy is about to be cancelled so I needed to pay it after depositing my check. Now thanks to USAA I will not be able to do that and after speaking with them there is nothing that can be done to reverse this "deposit" so that I can cash my check somewhere else and conduct my business.

USAA customer service and product policy has become very customer unfriendly to the point that I am cancelling all of my accounts (auto, investment and checking) with them.

If you want reasonable and timely access to your hard earned money you should avoid this "bank" and deposit it into a real bank that has a real branch near you. Meanwhile, I am stuck waiting for this smug "bank" to release my money.

Posted by Skore562

I called than asked if i deposited this nice size check i have, if it would be cleared the nexted day.She said yes.

I then deposited the nice size check that my worked put up for me sense ive been out of work for the past 2 months. I was to used tgis check to pay of bills and with christmas a week away i felt i was in luck. Well it wasnt this crappy bank didnt let the check clear had my account over drafted. Wth!!!!

I just asked you guys......... So now that i have the over draft they have a hold on my account. Now i have been planning this big ol thing for girl friend to ask her to marry me did the flowers whole shabang. Ring is on lay away.



Posted by Anonymous

This is my first and hopefully last experience with USAA. I was in an accident with the owner of the other vehicle being a policy holder with USAA.It's been almost a month since the accident, and well over a week since I sent the police report through fax.

I confirmed that they had recieved the report with one of the office employees and heard the adjuster would be reassessing the claim and so forth. Prior to that, I had a conversation with a rude woman who lied that the claim had been finalized when she in fact told me just before that they had not recieved the police report. She interrupted me as I was trying to explain myself, which I shouldn't have had to since she was not the adjuster assigned to the claim, and by also saying the words repetitively that "It doesn't matter."

I had been calling the claim adjuster on and off, left voicemails to whom was said to have been "...out of her office." Seems my calls had gotten the best of them due to at one point she had her Manager/Supervisor (I'm guessing) leaving a voicemail that quotes" Stop!.... Do not leave a message." They had been very unprofessional on the matter, lacking in communication skills, and honestly it's comforting to know some of their members are treated the same way as far as all the reviews I've read on other sites. For those who ever have the same issue as I with a voicemail telling you "Not to leave a message," you still have the option to do so at the end.

After finally recieving a call back that they put me at fault even though my insurance company put their driver at fault, it's really a shame that USAA defends irresponsible drunk drivers with revoked licenses, being over 30 years old at that. They enjoy using the term "It doesn't matter," which was spoken by the adjuster this time.So I guess if I had lost my life that night, it probably wouldn't have mattered either way.

Posted by usmcusa

I am very unhappy about usaa changing my policy without my concent from full coverage to liability when I did not sign or authorize this and I have a loan on the vehicle with usaa.. now I was involved in a wreck and they are paying for nothing for me and I had a mild concussion as well with proof of the concussion... I have contacted the better business Bureau along with my chain of command and notifying all of my troops over 1000+ to stay away from USAA and cancel and move their current policy... usaa is going to be losing alot of customer through the marines corp real soon because of their mistake.. I want this resolved and I won't stop til it is resolved...

Posted by lalong

I've been with USAA since 1980. I have always had excellent service. When I called, someone would answer almost immediately. Recently, however, their customer service has taken a severe nose-dive. I've tried calling multiple times over several days at different times, and every time I am put on hold for 10 to 20 minutes.

Posted by The Accused Scumbag Thief

Unbelievable!! In error, they make a deposit of two hundred dollars into my account in April 2015. I didn't notice the error. That's MY FAULT. I should have noticed it. No dispute with that. Then, in November 2015 they find their error and remove the $200 without any notice or communication. This causes my mortgage check to bounce with included fees. To make things worse, they now have a six day hold on deposited funds into the account that they will not remove, saying that it is not related to their error! So far, just a case of bad customer service. But the last person I talked with from the "management" for customer service told me "It's not our responsibility to advise you that we are removing funds you knew you shouldn't have had." Wow! Now I'm a scumbag thief! There are a lot of people out there who would do exactly what she is accusing me of. I don't doubt that for a second. But, I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with USAA since the '70's and never have I been subjected to such a rude, unprofessional, mocking agent. His name is Sean Mulligan . I am surprised that USAA would have someone that unprofessional representing USAA.

Carla DeVaughn

Posted by Anonymous

I've been with this company for over 25 years. I needed some help this month and the people on the phone were very nice. Yeah, until the next day when I called and found out that the person I talked to told me the wrong information. This is not the first time that they did this to me and I am done. They act like they care on the phone but you end up getting screwed from misinformation. I am transferring my credit card balance to another card that I just opened through my bank.
Good luck! If you want to receive correct information your best bet is to talk ONLY to a supervisor.
Learn how to train your employees!!!

Posted by Frustrated Customer

I have been with USAA for over 15 years and have not had a problem until now. I had a joint checking account and have since requested to USAA to have the individual from the account. Filled out all the paperwork that was required. Although USAA claim that the account is no longer joint, they have been unsuccessful in completely removing the individual from the account. I know this because as of date the person continues to receive daily alerts via text concerning my bank account. They receive text alerts on how much money is in my account to balances to how much money is spent from the account on a daily basis. I have been getting the run around for over 3 months with USAA reps that clearly seems that they have no clue on what they are doing. I have been calling regularly and every time I speak with someone different that conveys to me that he/she has fixed the problem and it is no more. Has anyone ever run into this kind of problem and was it ever fixed? I am not sure, but I think what is happening with my account is illegal to be sending daily information to someone that is no longer on an account. I am thinking about seeking legal counsel in how to rectify this matter.

Posted by alxv616

I had valuable personal property stolen. When I tried to make a claim, USAA said "you are not covered because we canceled your service."

I would like to have known my services were canceled but I was on a military deployment. I never received a certified letter, no email, no phone calls, nothing.

I presumed USAA would take care of a 8 year customer but they like to keep my money and not back their promise. USAA said they will take care of me if I paid the overdue amount, and reinstated my policy. So I did, I paid what I needed to, and reinstated my policy on 15SEP2015, which is when I got back from my deployment.

However because the valuable personal property was stolen on 14SEP2015; before my reinstated policy, USAA said you are not covered and they will not do anything to cover the loss. So I am wondering, WHY did you tell me you would cover the loss, then LIE to me, and my wife.

I submitted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and USAA said "I am responding to your submission regarding personal property coverage for your claims. Garrett Bonillas, of our staff, completed another thorough review of your concerns; however, there has been no change in our coverage decision"

Add your review!

Posted by DavidBKK

Since most reviews written are those of unsatisfied customers, I will add my positive experience because they saved my hide this time.

I'm overseas living in Thailand and had the unfortunate event of an ATM eating my debit card. Little did I know, my USAA AMEX credit card was no longer active due to a new one being sent to my US address (I had been contracting in the middle east at the time and never use the thing).

They Fed Ex expressed (free of charge) both a new debit and credit card to my Thai address, and I received them within 4 days. Not only that, but they worked some magic with my old credit card (changed the expiration date in the system) so I could at least pull a cash advance from the ATM until my new cards arrived.

Now I can book travel for my visa run and life returns to normal.

It isn't all doom and gloom folks. I can say for a fact the credit card services and debit card services are top notch. Reachable 24/7 and extremely helpful in an emergency.

Posted by Fred

Auto Insurance - Try to get a competitive quote. Almost all agents will say right of they can't match USAA.
Customer Service - I call customer service because they are so good I don't bother with web site.

Posted by Derricka Johnson

Derricka Johnson, MPA treated me with the most professional attitude every. Because of her desire to assist, I was able to switch over to USAA auto/home insurance and gain a grand total of $1500 annually. This has proven to be a GREAT choice. I just wish they would have relocated to the Jacksonville, NC allot sooner. USAA ROCKS !!!
Semper Fi

Posted by Anonymous

It's been about 3 months now since I had a fraudulent charge take place on my old Mastercard. That $500 charge is still sitting on that old card along with my new Visa card. I've called 7 times without it being resolved. This is beyond frustrating. It's just sad at this point that they can't correct this and I've had to be the proactive one all of this time without zero follow up. About to change cards after a long run with USAA.

Posted by Anonymous

I just finished talking on the phone that with a usaa employee about a loan. She was the sweetest thing. I got denied for not having another person on my loan so she recommended many other options, one in which I'm going to try now. Her name is Darlean in case anyone wants to request her instead of having someone with a bad attitude, sorry if I spelled the name incorrectly.

Posted by jwred151

Overall a really good experience last weekend of July 2015 -- will go again. Yes there are a few things they could iron out -- do not get a 5th floor balcony for the view because there really is a sliver of view of the river.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the BEST experience with USAA customer service. The representatives are so polite (even wished me happy birthday!). I hung up the phone in such a good mood. Thanks USAA!

Posted by BillS

USAA customer service continues to be outstanding for me. I have been a member for 40 years and have had service needs for everything except life insurance. 100% satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I love usaa. They are the one entity that aides my family when they need ir
it. Im not always the most pleasant person, but they do not become hostile with me. They are nice and speak easily. I wouldnt switch from usaa ever. Ive not always been pleasant with them, but they remain so great with customer service. Thank you usaa for understanding.

Posted by Dan B

I had a great experience yesterday with a lady named Elyse. She was very nice, helpful, and she set up my account quickly. I hope she will be recognized for her superb customer service.

Posted by ahaddock

I love, love, love USAA! The best company ever! Yes, sometimes there are mix ups. I was suppose to get my debit card within 2-3 business days and when it didn't come I called and USAA was quick to admit that they had made a mistake and had sent it out regular mail instead. Even though they made what seemed like a horrible mistake at the time they were quick to fix the problem and were professional and courtesy throughout the whole process. When people comment bad about USAA they don't ever mention the great things they do for them or how sometimes they go out of their way to try and help you out. I know from personal experience that you are going to get a bad member service rep every once in a while. But seriously come on! Everybody has and off day or a bad day every once in a while. When I compare other companies to USAA those other companies cannot even compare! USAA will always be the best in my book, despite the few mistakes that happen here and there. Sincerely, a member of USAA.

Posted by Pogie one

I have benn with USAA for 19 years and have had both a car and house claim. Both claims were taken care of very fast and professionally. After reading comments here there has to be more to the story...these people are not being fully honest.

Posted by joelrochow

USAA is just too advanced for this old duffer of 73+ years, so I have to request repeatedly that USAA recognize this fact and do business with this loyal subscriber by telephone.

Posted by Army Specialist

USAA Customer Service is the Best! Very respectful, knowledgeable and courteous.

Posted by milliamp

I have been a long time member and I use them for tons of stuff (all things banking and insurance). Maybe my expectations are too low but I'm always delighted at the competence level of the people typically fielding my questions. I can tell the people usually fielding my requests have been in the company long enough to learn a few things.

Everyone I have talked to was based in Texas as far as I know.

Posted by hansel2324

USAA has been extremely good for all the years I've been with them. I will never change banks.

Posted by Tennesseegal

I love USAA. We have several accounts with USAA--checking, savings, investments, and insurance. We have had auto loans in the past with them. We are currently in process to get a mortgage with Wells Fargo, which is a huge mistake. Our experience with Wells Fargo is so horrible, it reminded me that I have begun to take USAA for granted.

Posted by longinthetooth

I have been a USAA Member for about 20 years. They do have the best customer service in the insurance industry and one of the best overall. If you are able to get USAA insurance, DO IT. In many cases your insurance rates will go down

Posted by pilot58

I received a letter about 1.5 months ago from USAA stating a home inspection was needed. I PCS'd 2.5 yrs ago after being reactivated to the military and have leased out my home. Last year I received the same letter from USAA and when I said it would be too intrusive to a new set tenants that were just in the process of moving in, they said a drive by would be sufficient. Then we get this letter again, this time an inspector, contracted by USAA, calls a month and a half later and tells us the inspection would take 2-3 hours! I was taken aback by the length and unknown reason for this inspection. He said the time was due to the level of detailed information USAA was requesting, i.e. interior picture documentation, interior measurements and determination of structure construction, etc. Sounded to me like all the things that were available on the original home appraisal and tax records, and building costs estimates are readily available to track changes from the original insurance estimate. So I asked the inspector to also be provided a copy of what he sends to USAA he replied, sorry I work for USAA, youll have to contact them about that. This sounds very intrusive to ask of my tenant, especially since I do not know what the purpose of the inspection is. I have been a customer of USAA for more than 30 years, during this time the company had earned my trust and loyalty, so I tried to be cooperative. I also come from a long Military family background where our combined experience with the company is over 150yrs. So trying to be cooperative, yet suspicious, I ask the inspector to put this in a email to me with some proposed dates and I would send his email along with a scanned copy of USAAs letter and a cover requesting support from my tenant so this inspection could be coordinated and accomplished. Our discussion took place around 5pm and he sent me an email shortly afterward that evening, but stated now his calendar had booked up that he only had one day and one time available. We put him in touch with our tenant directly who asked for the inspection to be rescheduled to 1st week of August instead of 3rd weekend of July as they are traveling out of town during that time. Inspector said sorry no can do, we must get in contact USAA. My tenant owns a large business and has multiple insurance policies and called this out to me, stating he has never ran across this before. Makes you think the insurance company is casing out the house.
I called USAA, said I am not doing anything differently and this inspection comes out of the blue for an unknown reason, then I commented on the amount of length of time this would take and inspectors inflexibility, and requested this be rescheduled. Still I ask them why? I understand when you purchase a home, an insurance inspection makes sense to appropriately document for coverage purchases and to get an idea of replacement costs etc, even a drive by occasionally to check the condition, but really 4 years after purchase? They would know if anything was wrong a claim would exist. I told them that I do a thorough walk through inspection with me tenants, including pictures and written checklists that we both sign during beginning and end of leases. Current tenants have only been in the home ~3 months and I would be happy to share this formally documented information. I have owned ~5 homes; last one for 10 years and have never had this issue. Something has changed at USAA. I am highly suspicious of a hidden agenda, rate increase, dropping insurance, finding something they could exclude in the future, let your imagination take you there. The USAA agent hesitates, thinking of what to say, then tells me that our home values have increased, and this inspection is to adequately check the value of our home. This is counter intuitive in todays economic, employment and housing environment. I have had 2 appraisals on my home and track current values; in fact my current resident is a builder, leasing our home while building his own custom home 2 doors down in my neighborhood. I live in an exclusive manned gated community. I can answer the question directly; I am satisfied with my current level of coverage and believe I am adequately insured for the replacement value of my home. (I have an inside track to what is being built in the neighborhood.) I feel USAAs is using bully tactics that show a mistrust of current long term customers and I hate to say it but this is making me think of going elsewhere for my auto and home insurance needs and encouraging the same from brothers, sisters father and children. This tactic will inhertinetly backfire, and cost USAA far more in Company Brand equity and customer loyalty (effecting the bottom line) more than they realize. The competitors aKa Geiko and others have ramped up marketing campaigns and sponsorships, targeting USAA customers at practically every major military event and is nipping at their heels. Once customer and the brand loyalty is lost, kiss it goodbye. The piss off factor is large, especially if as I suspect, the true hidden agenda is only one sided, raise my rates to increase company revenues with no value added proposition. My question, what do I get out of this for the a**pain? I am finding it difficult to make excuses to my current tenants for the behavior of my insurance company. Waiting to see what they come back with for rescheduling and the why again?

Posted by sean

I feel very bad for all the people who have had a bad experience with USAA. I have bene with them for 7 years and have always been impressed with there insurance and banking side. I was shocked to hear about all the people with such shockly negative comments. I think its a great company to do business with. I have them for my primary bank and insurance company.

Posted by Anonymous

We have used USAA for decades now. We've had our share of claims and always had great customer service. All the reps we've ever talked to are helpful, they do what they say they will, payments are made promptly, claims are processed quickly. Love USAA.

Posted by Anonymous

I've used USAA as my bank for more than 15 years, for checkings, saving, and some credit cards, and for 4 of those years, they were also my car insurance company (and then I got rid of the car, or else I would still be insuring with them).

Throughout my experience with them, their customer service has been excellent they've always been easy to reach, ahead of the curve on use of technology (they pioneered depositing checks first via scanner and then via mobile phone), and on the rare occasion I've had some problem or misfire with their service, they've been good about clearing things up and fixing them.

Additionally, for a primarily-online bank, they provide great services for accessing cash they refund up to $15/month of other banks' cash-withdrawal fees at ATMs.

Posted by Anonymous

They're quick, friendly, easy to understand, and helpful.

Posted by burnsomaha

I've been a member of USAA since College (over 25 years ago). They have ALWAYS lived up to my expectations and beyond. When my husband passed away, they were the ones who helped me through everything. I work for an insurance agency (with whom we had life insurance) and my own agent didn't know the rules like USAA. My daughter is now driving and, unfortunately, has tested USAA multiple times. They have been so good through everything - nice, caring, supportive. My rates have not increased outlandishly but they did have to exclude (named exclusions) her on my umbrella policy (I don't blame them). I have most of my financial products with USAA now - Mastercard; bank account; homeowners, auto, umbrella insurance; 529 accounts; investments accounts. They've earned my business.

Posted by Buayaguy

I've been with USAA first under my father's policy when I first started driving (late 80's), and when I got my first new car in 2000, I became a full member of USAA with my own car insurance policy.

I'd had 2 minor accidents between 2001-2004 (neither one my fault), but I got USAA right on them, and they helped me deal with the other insurance company and were extremely helpful during those times.

Fast forward to November 2011 - I decided I'd had enough of Chase and their outrageous fees (Overdraft "protection", huh?) and decided to move ALL of my finances over to USAA - Checking, Savings, CDs, Credit Card, brokerage account. You name it, I probably have it.

Online banking with USAA makes Chase look *shoddy* by comparison, and their brokerage service leaves TD Ameritrade in the dust in terms of features and salaried financial employees who are willing to spend as much time as necessary on the phone with you to help recommend a financial plan (they helped me set up my first IRA and given some information, recommended several mutual funds that would be good for an intermediate investor like me.)

I really can't say enough good things about USAA - they've taken good care of me and my family for a VERY long time, and I don't see myself ever leaving this amazing company.

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Posted by Panamagal

I worked at TeleTech who is the call center for USAA. The training is terrible. We had four weeks of computer reading and testing. The first day of taking phone calls we were sat at the computer and were told, "Start taking phone calls." TeleTech does not care about training and hides information from USAA. USAA does not care about who and what kind of people work at TeleTech. TeleTech hires anyone who breathes.


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