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USA Today customer service is ranked #813 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates USA Today customer service and customer support as Terrible.


46 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 46 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased USA Today for a friend who is incarcerated. The paper stopped showing up and I, being the purchaser still received the email edition. My credit card number was somehow changed and I was told it was canceled, while still getting the email version, but I was told it was canceled nearly a month ago?? I did not change the cc number. The paper was also sent to a different location and I did't change the location.After several calls, the last one with an argumentative customer service rep,I asked to speak to a supervisor.I was told the supervisor would tell me the same outcome. I'm irate.
I wouldn't line a bird cage with this paper after this experience.. The way I was treated is inexcusable. One more thing, I have never in my life written an online review of anything. To me its a waste of time, just like trying to do business with the USA Today.

Posted by Anonymous

Please look at our account and see how many times I have had to call because of the missing paper it itâs getting ridiculous!

Posted by MilwaukeeMagic

I have been a long time subscriber to USA Today. But after numerous calls to so called "Customer Service" they do not want to help. I had a annual subscription which I paid there March 12, 2018. The delivery stoped on January 11, 2017. I call and they said they would solve the issue but never do, I would not subscribe to it unless you get a written invoice that tells you the period of service. They tell you one thing and then do another.

Posted by artbcpa

I am a long time subscriber to USA Today (over 20 years). This is not the same newspaper or the same company. Worst of all is their customer service. I tried numerous times to call customer service and was put on hold for over 30 minutes on each time. They offer a call back service, but never call back. In addition, the newspaper itself has greatly deteriorated. It once had the best sports section and the best weather page and gave a wonderful synopsis of the news. NO LONGER. After 20 years, I have canceled and would not recommend this newspaper or company.

Posted by Anonymous

really bad customer service, websites are not user friendly and most of the just give you "an error has occurred"message. Phone calls are never returned, email are never answered. Phone system has no provisions for disabled callers as required by the ADA.

Posted by Paul

When I can be put on hold or a 'call back' it was 1 hour & 30 minutes. Then when I answered the call back & press one to let them know I was on the line, the call got dropped! An hour and a half of waiting only for them to disconnect me - really!!
Called back to try again. this time, got a message saying "call back at another time!" Really!!! Absolutely horrible. This in addition to their 'suspend print delivery'. When I enter the dates to suspend my delivery, it is always one day off on the stop end as well as the resume end of the hold. Come on people. In this days of computer automation - really?! Need to find another newspaper. USA Today customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

Posted by Anonymous

Dealing with your phone system is a joke. I waited online for 15 minutes and was hung up on. I called back and got the call back and was hung up on again. I felt like I was on a episode of Saturday Night Live. Except it is not funny to me.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer support team at USA Today actually SUCK!! The Young man I spoke with was very abrupt, unprofessional, Over talking, rude and downright a smart ass!!! I will never ever subscribe to USA today again in this life... Nor will I purchase the paper,,
Get a grip guys, the Customer has a right to complain for such poor Customer Service, More training is needed there..

Sheila M Ford, Customer Service is an ATTITUDE, but not a horrible one...

Posted by Clipperflier

Only 3 papers delivered in a years subscription. 15 calls to "customer service" a total waste. No help, no refund but lots of promises to resolve issue and refund payment. Won't return calls.

Posted by F.c

I get USA today. A great newspaper for the last 6 years, never had a problem.
This week I have been getting all these notices about the paper being stopped due to non payment.
I've updated all my billing information and it's all correct, now they say they are going to deduct 75.00 for the past 3 months of service.
I had not missed 3 months.
Customer service is horrible, won't help, they just keep asking if I want to cancel my subscription and then they hang up on me.
No wonder the newspapers are going away. Who wants to deal with pissy attitudes and lousy billing practices.
I hate to see it go away.ð¢

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst service i've ever experienced. I work for a hotel and half the time we don't even get a paper.And when we do they are left under the canopy in rain,sleet.or snow.I've asked her numerous times to put them inside on the luggage cart,because you know it's only 5 steps.Still they are left outside. It's ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone

Posted by [email protected]

Have not gotten my paper for last 2 days, please advise.

Posted by Anonymous

I Started And Paid For My 3 Mo Subscription On May 13 For Delivery To

Joan Richards

8200 Sweetbriar Way

Boca Raton Fl 33496 Monday - Friday Paid $25.00 Plus Tax

Have Yet To Receive Paper!!!!!

Please Handle................

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is horrendous. i have been billed multiple times for the same order and i can't get anyone to resolve my issue.
i have called 6 times and am on hold again - over 30 minutes now.
just awful


to whom it may concern....i am haveing a very diffcult time in the billing on my account.

i have called numerous times and nobody gives me a correct statement overview,,im being billed for something i didnt order and i get a different answer to my billing problems..can somebody call me at.or who do i call toget this cleared looks like the salesperson is giving the accounts dept erronneoue info..need help...tnx dfn

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to acquire a USA Today Life page from January 9th 2017. I called in to customer service and was hung up on. Would it be possible to get a issue from that day sent. We had a customer whose son was on the cover of the Golden Globes. His personal copy came to him smeared. We would love to help the gentleman out. We would obviously cover the expenses of copy and shipping.

Rachel Bruno

Operations Manager

Posted by Cici73

I have tried repeatedly to call this 800 number, been on hold over an hour at a time, still no one ever answers and there is no other way to contact this newspaper? I just subscribedon't and already I am disappointed in this customer service department.

Posted by Anonymous

UNBELIEVABLE.. I spent over FOUR HOURS total trying to fix the screw up their computer glitch over a rate. I paid an annual rate of $225.00 paying my account up till the next January and around October, I got an authorization on my credit card for $313.00. They tried to charge (not bill me) for an entire year from October till January because the rate code fell out of my account. I called and they couldn't refund the money because they took out my credit card since I filed a dispute on my card. They promised to honor the rate...then I got another bill for ANOTHER $313.00 for October till NEXT January. From there, I spoke to 8 different people, all with different solutions and failed promises. I then spoke to "Mike" on 12/30 who promised me a $15/month rate for all the inconveniences they caused. I went to pay it on line to find out nothing was updated on their useless website. Now, today, 1/5/17 I spoke to Josh who guaranteed me the $15 rate again..... Stay tuned..

Posted by Karen Maher

Terrible customer service. Getting to a person is way too complicated.

Posted by Anonymous

It took them 1.5 months despite numerous phone calls to restart the paper after a vacation stop. Once the paper did start (out of nowhere; it had been a month since my last attempt), they cannot get the billing straight. Now I have received a bill asking me to pay six months in advance, even though there had never been an issue with them charging my visa each month. I cannot even imagine trying to extricate myself from that mess. Sorry, USA Today, but you are definitely not worth the customer service hassle.

Posted by bhh1020

The absolutel worst customer service I have ever seen. Their website has continuous failures - you have no idea if your order is processed or not. Constant busy signal on the National Customer Service Center number. This company is astoundingly NOT customer focused. -10 Stars!

Posted by muirms

USA Today's Customer Service is lousy because:
(1) If you subscribe to more than one Gannett paper, service reps often confuse them, giving you information about the wrong paper. They never start by asking "Which newspaper are you calling about?"
(2) it can be reached only by phone (!), NO CHAT, NO EMAIL responses to queries. You only get replies telling you to call their 800-number.
(3) Few things can be done online. You cannot subscribe or find out when your subscription expires, which almost every other newspaper is set up so you can do it electronically.
(4) Its phone hours are awful for people who work regular hours. You can call them ONLY M-F 8am-7pm, SA 7am-11am ET and SU 7am-2pm.
(5) Wait times for Customer Service can be very long with no information on how long you may need to wait on hold.
(6) When you request a supervisor return your call (even in the U.S.), you never get the promised call.
(7) Everything is even worse for travelers or people living abroad, because:
(a) 800- numbers in U.S. cannot be dialed from many countries, and USAT does not provide a collect phone number
(b) Phone hours,, all in the Eastern Time Zone, are horrible if you are several time zones away.

Posted by Crossword Puzzle

Read paper almost every day, but wake up early & do the Crossword on-line; however, as of this week the site keeps cutting out. I just confirmed with my personal & work computers. Both cases the cursor shakes, takes time to click on area o work, and all of a sudden cuts out and you have to start all over again. As of this AM., you can't get past 15 minutes w/o a problem.
Hopefully this will help you correct. I am having no other problems with my computer sites, but here!
Thank you!
Sam G

Posted by Anonymous

I have called USA Delivery Issue service every week since June 1 to resolve our delivery issue. NOTHING has been done and it is 10/20/16. This is the WORST customer service ever. I will not read this paper again.

Posted by Ed

I live in Tucson, AZ. I get USA Today every day at the Giant Convenience Store at Kolb and Sunrise. They get 1 copy of USA Today to sell on most days. The person who delivers to them says that's all they give me!!!!! He and the store have asked for more, because they have customers who want to buy USA Today. THIS IS INSANE!!!! When you have people wanting to buy your paper and refuse to deliver enough copies you turn customers off to the paper. Can't believe that is your marketing/sales strategy, but that is what you are doing in Tucson, Arizona!!!
Ed Kolakoski

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