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US Postal Service customer service is ranked #501 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.30 out of a possible 200 based upon 754 ratings. This score rates US Postal Service customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


702 Negative Comments out of 754 Total Comments is 93.10%.


52 Positive Comments out of 754 Total Comments is 6.90%.

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  • US Postal Service

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    • 31.30 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 702 negative comments (93.10%)
    • 52 positive comments (6.90%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Brooke

Hitting 0 doesn't do anything anymore. They've updated their system so it just repeats "sorry I didn't get that" when you hit 0, no matter what menu you're on.

Posted by JW

Put on hold for an agent. System generated message told me the expected hold time was 3 hrs 40 min to 3 hrs 50 min! No wonder they are going out of business.

Posted by singshaul

Packages were opened during transferring and resealed. Many contents were missing.
I shipped three packages on April 3rd, 2017 from Kansas City Missouri to Monterey park California. The biggest package is 13LB 7.4 oz, and there were eight woman's purses in it. However, the package was opened and lost four purses (6.95BL in total) before the receiver got the package. The box obviously opened by someone and resealed. Later on, I tried many times to communicate with USPS agents, managers, and supervisors. The supervisor in Monterey park USPS has the really bad attitude to me, and he said he cannot do anything because I did not but insurance for the package. He never shows the willing to help me and find the items. He names Luis Cansolis. He said the only way I can do is to do the MRC then just hang up. There was no monitor to record the phone because he used an unknown number to call me. Maybe that is why he was rude.
Later on, I called USPS inspection department and reported the issue. The problem is that even the customer did not buy insurance, that means no any responsibility to USPS if the package lost or damaged by them. Therefore, the service departed into two classes insurance package and non-insurance package. In another word, the employees of USPS can do anything to the non-insurance package because they do not have to bear the responsibility about that. Even the customer reported the issue to the postal inspection department. As the result, insurance will become a fixed clause or mandatory charging.
In addition, the system vulnerability is obviously from my issue. My package was 13LB and 7.4oz, and the receiver received package was 6.85LB. The problem is before the receiver received the package he/she does not know if the items in the package are missing or not. The rule of USPS is that if the receiver received the package, and USPS will no responsible for anything if no insurance with it. Here is the resolution, getting weight every package during transferring to each postal station. This way maybe has more work to the workers, but we will know and find out which part was wrong. Also, to prevent someone put some filler into the package, USPS can get monitors to inspect the process of transferring and to take a picture of the package.
When I was shipping the package, no one asked or suggested me to buy an insurance about the package. The situation that I didn't buy the insurance, which is based on my previous shipping experience. I was shipped many items in other USPS store in Ohio, and I was wanted to buy insurance for the package, and the operator said the postage already cover the insurance which is $50 value. Then, I never asked to buy insurance to the later shipping because of the previous experience. However, I did not know only priority package covering insurance. At this time, I did not buy the insurance as usual and the bad thing happened. I would suggest that the workers should ask each customer about insurance no exceptions.
This situation is not just happened to me but many of my friends had the similar issue. They lost package will never be found, and never got compensation. After this issue, I am very disappointment about USPS and I would not trust USPS in the future.

Posted by FLamont

As any one noticed that there are no listings of Corporate Post Office jobs on there job web page. I think there should be ample information on there webpage as to how to apply for a Corporate jobs not just jobs for carriers and clerks.

Posted by Anonymous

This page was of no value whatso ever!!!! If you are open 24 hrs, you should have someone to answer the phone!!!! It's false advertising otherwise!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I mailed out a package that was for TMobile. I sent it to USPS but suppose to be going to UPS. How can we get back that package that we accidently mailed out to the wrong service. It has been 2 weeks already. They should of just sent it back to us. If there was a wrong tracking # on it. Hope we get back that package soon.

Posted by Tou

Our neighborhood mailbox was ranked down by a car and it's been 2 months that no one has replaced it. I went to local office in fresno ca. And the supervisor Thomas blames maintenance that they are dragging their legs. I called corporate office and they were rude. They get paid to sit

Posted by Erashea Clark

My name is Erashea Clark I order a package from eBay and you guys were suppose to deliver it, it never came it's showing up as undeliverable as addressed, why I'm not sure because I gave out the correct address it never was mailed to the address, how I know because I had it delivered to my job it never came, what's going on ?

Posted by Monte

I paid premium service charge of $6.45 for a 3 day priority letter, which did not arrive until the 6th day. Great service, now I know never to use USPS again, UPS stands by those three days. Tracking number is thanks for NO service.

Posted by disgruntled

West Suburban Station, 2135 NW 108th Steet, Clive, IA delivered 2nd notice/final that occupant was not available for delivery of certified mail. Delivery agent never rang bell, and I was at the door and watched route delivery push the notice into my mail box. I never physically received a first notice.
This station has had multiple problems/complaints recently. Same route delivery agent was lazy enough to coax my 84 year old mother down icy driveway so that they didnt have to get out of their truck to get her to sign for certified mail.
Dont mind USPS being lazy, just hate the lies reported on your delivery notices. Please just write "I am lazy and want to stay in my heated truck". or "I am way behind. Go pick it up yourself". Lets your employer know your real value to the company.

Posted by suckitusps

was told by the automated system that our package was undeliverable, no further explanation and the automated hung up on me twice while trying to find out why so we could tell our customer what was going on. we are a small family business and can't afford to lose any sales. This automated answering system is reminding me why the war of man against machine is a dreary inevitability. you and you half hour wait time to talk to a goddamn human being. suck a thousandusps.

Posted by where is my mail?

My mail is being tampetred with.As of today it is sitting in dead mail with no legal authority are reason.I will not allow your service to get away with this.I will be contacting my lawyer today.This is horrible.It sta4ted in Houston,kept it a day, claim label issue and then in Atlanta dead mail after confirming problem was is still not at location yet.This had really upset me and I know that you about to play another mail just sitting there at 30369.The representatives is claiming dead mail file.I better have my mail to its Atlanta location in the morning or this post office will be hearing from my lawyer.

Posted by Anonymous

I mailed 2 boxes on January 7 from Kansas City mo and they were both going to the same address in pawhuska ok. They were both suppose to arrive there on Monday the 11 th. One arrived on Saturday the 9 th. The other one on the 11 th I received a text stating that they had just arrived at the post office in down down Kc not even 10 minutes away from me. I went to the post office that I mailed them from and he said that it would be there on wensday I needed. It there by Monday and he could not tell me why it sorta sounds like that that box ended up sitting for 4 days at the post office I took it . My tracking .I would like to know what happened and make sure that it will be delivered today so I can have them looking for itG

Posted by Anonymous

The post office never changed out my lock. The former box holder has been stealing my mail and my packages. This is only an assumption at this point but the packages have all been signed for. There should be a lot more mail in the box forwarded from my previous address. I just got done filing a police report at the post office with the police officer.P.o

Posted by Mike

My girlfriend sent my much needed medications on Dec 14th 2 day express to me, its now Dec 21st and still no medications. I will not use USPS ever again as this has been a bad few days waiting for my meds...

Posted by KEKOCSI20

Can't talk to a live person at USPS. This is the second time they lost of my international package. USPS sucks, never send another mail with them. Can't talk to a live person.


I had a package sent by First-Class Package International Service Registered. Tracking stopped a week ago. The USPS website is useless. Called the 800 number, computer voice leads to dead-end "check with sender."
Called another number, told "this isn't USPS CS" but there's a USPS recording playing while I'm on hold, telling me "for reliable service" and "use First-Class Registered Service where your package is tracked closely until it arrives." Then when she admits she's USPS CS, says they're no longer responsible as it's left the country. I point out they took the money and offered the tracking, so it is their problem. Put on hold, after 10 minutes the call is dropped. I call back, once again battle my way talking with a human being, finally I was given a local number in the sending city to call. So I can start over from square one there.

Unbelievable. USPS should be ashamed of itself. I deal with Hong Kong, Japan, German Post all the time, NEVER a lost package or other problem with any of them. Just USPS. They're the worst.

Posted by Kris

In our area the mailman stopped delivering the mail to our office building and returning the mail to the senders, making his own decision that the building was empty. He did not notice that the mail was being picked up from the building mail box. It became a nightmare becuase the checks were being returned to the customers and also the bills. The City of Dallas disconnected the water supply to the building because of non-payment. We never received any bills from the City od Dallas or any of the notices. We had to pay the late charges and the reconnection fee to get the water service to the building. The local post office, Spring Valley station in Dallas, Texas does not even answer the phones. I am writing to Ms. Megan Brennen, Post Master General to look into this matter.

Posted by tomarnolad2

OMG! I have been going back and fourth with the USPS for almost a month. I ordered a PO box online. I was double charged. long story short, they game me 2 boxes and charged me for both. I only wanted one. I thought it was going to be a simple refund but NOOOOO. When trying to log into my account my password didn't work. so i did forgot password. they asked me a security question that i didn't create. so i got locked out. i called held for 4 hours over 3 days. finally i just emailed tech support. they asked the same question. no go. they told me to create a new account. did that. now what? no option to close a box that's not on the new account.... told them that. they asked the same SECURITY KEY QUESTION!!!! i guess they copied and pasted the email! this went on for the next 15 days. Finally i said screw it. I plan on going to pick up my keys to the box and just have 2 dan# boxes for reasons unknown... $36 down the drain because of no fault of my own... and for those wondering, yes i called the local po and CS and Tech sup several times only to get "we are working on it and we will call you back". Just refund the money why is that sooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Charlie 2013

First I would like to say your website is garbage and I have been trying to send you email for the past hour with several wasted unsuccessful attempts. But to get to my point. I am very disappointed, angry and have no faith what so ever in your services. I received a message early this morning around 10:51am that my package was to be delivered as scheduled (on time) today and I had been keeping up by going to the update website by myself without any specific answers being available. I had been requesting updates all day long with no effective response what so ever on USPS's part. I did not hear again about my parcel until 6pm by a USPS text message letting me know my delivery was being held at the post office and would not be delivered again until Monday. I specifically had made several requests that it be left at my front door, since I already called and let them know my complex office is no longer open on Saturdays. Also I made the request on your website. Just to make sure it would be relayed to the post carrier. No such attempt was made. This is not the first time this has occurred. I am severely disgusted. Your service has no regards or any respect for their customers and I know for a fact you do not treat your employees any better. I have no faith in your company and it has been said many a time that the post offices will soon enough disappear and will no longer exist. Well all I have to say is good riddance and all apologies go out to the postal workers that actual do there jobs! As you can see I am not a happy camper.

Sent from my iPhone

Posted by 4flipper4

I have been having a problem with Mailman Enrique here in California, 91387 not delivering my mail. If i wait in garage (so they won't have to climb 3 flights stairs), he leaves packages at door!! If i wait upstairs...he leaves pink slip!! I check delivery on ebay again and it says, NO ACCESS, then NO SECURE LOCATION? I was 30 feet away! He drives by and laughs again! THIS HAS TO STOP! He's been harassing me like this for several months!! Some one will be calling 911 if nothing is DONE!! He delivers later than other drivers and they ask me why?? lol. He drives around waiting for people to take packages out and then puts other packages in instead of taking to door?? Throws packages around in truck...I say i hope you don't do that to mine?? No..not to yours Phil?? How does he know? I called him on it! He didn't like that..oh well. I check when out for delivery and i should be receiving package and i tell him and he says NO i don't?? Comes back 3 hrs later and says he just found it!! That has happened several times now! I have called office several times and...EVERYONE is a supervisor!! I can't get in touch with who will help me or there is no answer! I waited at mailbox 30 feet away knowing I'm getting a $12,500 NINTENDO Stadium Events game (VERY RARE COMPLETE IN BOX) and i will have to sign and he drives away just laughing at me! I check box and pink slip? Call supervisor JESSE at # on slip? No tracking # no address of mine? How can I go to post office with no Tracking #? I kept calling and no JESSE? There's John,Sam,Mike, and so on but no JESSE? Now if I get a's dented or crushed! It's only good when another driver delivers to me...and in the garage!! This has to Stop! He has no manners and customer service! I do not know what to do? I have gotten 2 pink slips and signed for was on Monday 8-13-15 and Tuesday 8-14-15 and still no packages? Now if I call...The so called supervisor's leave me on hold and never come back! I guess they know my voice by now! lol. So how does one get there packages if they took slip with redeliver signed and they do not? I have thousands of dollars being delivered by a worthless piece of crap! I sent complaint email and they reply..CALL 1-800-ASK-USPS ? Why? FIRE MAILMAN ENRIQUE IN NEWHALL,CA 91387. THIS IS GONNA STOP! I am a collector and ENRIQUE shouldn't be near my packages! Ever since I caught him several times...HE IS HARSSING ME AND NOT DELIVERING MY MAIL! PLEASE MAKE THIS GO AWAY! I WILL RUIN HIS LIFE BEFORE HE RUINS MINE! NOT A THREAT..A PROMISE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND GOD BLESS...and i will keep praying for ENRIQUE! He's got the devil and demons inside him and they need to be brought out in the open! SO..LET US ALL PRAY FOR ENRIQUE! GOOD LUCK ENRIQUE...i tink you need it! LOL. He should be blessed he has a job for the kind of person he is! HE HAS TO GO....PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Posted by Anonymous

nothing like calling customer service and having a computer tell me that customer service is closed... 1pm in the afternoon on a wed... This is most certainly not my grandfathers post office! At least there was a face behind the counter then.

Posted by Very angry

I had an order from Ebay shipped to my house as a birthday gift for one of the residents. When they saw package was not in the name of one of the adults in the house, they declared it as "Addressee unknown" And shipped it back. I emailed them telling them to get the item sent back to my house immediately after and got no reply. I then emailed them again telling them to fix the mistake and was told exactly what I already knew by their tracking info, that the package had been returned and the case closed. No apology, nothing. The "Consumer Affairs" agent, Maria Almada, was completely worthless and deserves to be fired for incompetence and the entire USPS needs to be shut down and its useless morons they call employees sent packing without benefits. Just further proof how worthless government run agencies really are.

Posted by Dannyd101

USPS is a completely useless organization. There is no satisfaction on consumer complaint & no discipline to any employees who completely violate federal laws on mail handling.
My mail has been withheld,destroyed & thrown out on several occasions. Complaints do not get answered or addressed in any way.
The USPS should be privatized and all USPS employees should be fired with no unemployment compensation.
Let's see what a private company can do with the mail as USPS is a complete & total failure.

Posted by Dora Washington

There was not any mail delivery on 8-8 for 90016 zip code street Corbett Street 5600 to 5700 block Corbett Street los angeles no Mail person never show up.

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Posted by C.Hart

We live in a service oriented society where complaints are readily expressed. I am here to report the contrary: the good! To my dismay, I mailed a package that was temporarily lost due to me listing an erroneous zip code. The parcel was a surprise gift to my significant other. I did not broach the subject until after 8 days from the initial mailing. To my horror, I realized she did not receive my gift. Lou Wendy Jenkins from the 8509 W. Markham branch worked above and beyond the call of duty to locate and correct the error, thus righting the course for intending delivery. Mrs. Jenkins is the platinum standard displaying empathy and a high degree of professionalism as a valued United States Government employee. Mrs. Jenkins is a shinning example of dedication and problem solving: thank you.

Cavallero Hart

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Posted by Anonymous

Wanda at the Floyd Virginia post office provided exceptional service. I was very pleased.

Posted by Anonymous

I mailed packages from California to be shipped to Montana after tracking went off the radar I was concerned. I had a wonderful phone call from the Miles City Post office asking me if the packages were delivered. I so appreciate that someone from that post office took the time out to follow up on my packages, especially when it was out of State phone call and being the Christmas season. That phone call meant so much believe me.
Thank you so much.

Posted by Chuck

My recent contacts with our Post Office has been much better than we have grown to expect from the postal service. They are helpful, courteous, while being very efficient. Depoe Bay, Oregon is very fortunate in having them.

Posted by Nataliia

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing regarding my very positive experience with USPS, particularly with your officer Mohamed Fathalla, who works in New York, NY. I thought I lost a letter which I sent to World Educational Services in New York. I called USPS and minutes after Mr. Fathalla called me and promised to double check with the WES supervisor. Next day he took time to talk to supervisor at WES and confirmed that they received my letter but didn't put it into their main system. It was very kind and cooperative of Mr. Fathalla to take the matter seriously and talk to the WES supervisor. I am happy that you have employees like Mohamed Fathalla who are responsible, organized, cooperative and have a high energy level. I believe he highly deserves promotion or accolades from his manager.
Thank you for your services.

Best Regards,

Nataliia Z.

Posted by Donna Aitken

I live in Madill, OK. Our postmaster, Patti Sparlin, is very helpful. She has a great staff also. Jason and Patti both are very upbeat. The mail carrier who works my route is also helpful. We appreciate the hard work they all do. If this helps, our zip code is 73446.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried this method and it actually worked. Had to way until after 'we are experiencing high cal volume...' To start pressing 0 but as per the instructions it worked and the operator was pleasant and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

The new US Postal Service office in Hagerstown, MD, has shown marked improvement in terms of friendliness and efficiency. I want to write though specifically about a note received from the Senior Plant Manager, Processing and Distribution in Baltimore, MD, enclosing a signed form that had accidentally slipped off my outgoing mail (probably improperly sealed by me). The recipient of my mail had called to say I had sent an envelope with nothing in it! The signed form I thought I enclosed was important enough to be missed. How wonderful to know that amidst the millions of mail processed by the USPS, they cared enough to pick up the form and send it back to me. Thank you, USPS customer service.

Posted by wayne

We receive first class mail that doesn't belong to us, We mark it so and return it to the box and the route guy simply sticks it in the mail he delivers that day and never takes it with him. I return some to the local post office and they say "We have a new man." and take it and do something with it. If you have a new man teach him how to do his job. wayne

Posted by Marimar

i ALWAYS have a problem with USPS but, they always find way to solve it.. I just hope they'll have a faster service

Posted by Anonymous

Please note I had the pleasure of being waited on by a very pleasant US Postal Service worker, Lisa Wiles, located at the US Department of Labor--satelite Post Office. She was just a joy to encounter. She was gracious, helpful, pleasant, patient and a joy to be served by. She is a keeper. When I get good customer service, I am grateful and think those that provide it are so few, that they deserve special recognition. Ms. Wiles is at the top of the list.

Posted by Anonymous

Olympia Fields, Illinois Post Office
I want to express my appreciation to the consistent exceptional customer service provided by the staff, Janet, Kim and Geralyn. I have a choice of POs to handle my postal needs however, I 'll drive out of my way to allow this PO to handle my postal transactions. They are knowledgeable, explain options that meet my postal needs and recently they handled a complicated and difficult issue and they were patient and timely resolved the issue. Please share their Best Practices of Providing Quality Customer service.

Opal Nealy

Posted by pear

can some tell me why the mail carrier in
my rural city just deliver mail only on the right side of the street, I had some very important mail was return that I could have had a serious case.

Posted by moi

I wanted to say that my post office, and it's staff are GREAT!!!!!!! When I need something, out of the way, they do it, no rudeness or slowly doing it, they do it. In the office, itself, they are always freindly and very nice to me, and to other customers(I've watched them). Overall I am VERY pleased with my post office and it's staff!!!

Posted by Anonymous

It has come to my attention that the US Postal Service are contemplating to stop Postal Service on Saturdays. Is there anything you can do to avoid this? The US Postal Service has not spent any time realizing what this could do for people receiving mail, as well as how this would affect our Postal Workers who so diligently and efficiently deliver our mail Monday-Saturday. It would be a big mistake for all concerned. The other situation you may want to be aware of is the scheduling that supervisors are doing that is having a very negative affect our Postal Carriers. Postal Carriers are working 9-12 hours a day for the past 1-2 years. They are working well into the evening when it is dark, with mail that can consist of checks and other valuable items, which could be very dangerous for our Carriers. Most recently their starting hours have become jumbled up from week to week. One week their day starts at 7am, next week it is changed to 7:30am, the next week it is 8am, and they will change back to another start time. The Carriers with many years of tenure, as well as the employees with less tenure are burning out, frustrated, and cannot get any cooperation with supervisors or managers to talk this out, or find out what is happening. The Postal Service needs more Carriers, but apparently the Postal Services aren't permitted to hire. There is talk about the Postal Service being privatized and this would surely be a huge mistake for all concerned.

Is there possibly anything you can do to clean this up and/or address this situation? Our Carriers across the board serve and have served residents for many, many years and have done an awesome job and deserve so much acknowledgment, and cooperation in what they do.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently mailed an express mail packet that contained important personal documents, including my passport. When I wrote the address on the envelope, I left out a digit in the street address. I didn't realize my mistake until 2 weeks later. I followed up with the USPS' customer service number and opened a claim. I followed up and was patched through to the post office supervisors at zip codes 89134 and 90048. My packet was found and my error corrected. I was treated courteously, respectfully, and professionally throughout the entire process. I didn't catch the names of the employees I spoke to but they should be commended.

Posted by The confused C

So I looked at what everyone else was saying and I "braced" myself for the call I was going to make.
My problem was I am in Canada and I believe USPS lost my package, I was tracking it and the info stopped coming in a week ago.
I used the method that lilygirl218 suggested with getting through to a human being (press 6 then 4 then say COMPLAINT) and it worked great! Got through to someone right away! I heard two beeps and immediately was talking to someone. The man on the line to my surprise was quite pleasant to talk to, he didn't seem sarcastic or rude though he did seem a little tired. He gave me a clear explanation and everything was sorted out quickly and efficiently.
Keep in mind I was expecting the call to be bad when it really was quite the easy going call. Overall the call was simple quick and efficient for the problem that I had.

Posted by SCOOTER

I would like to share my experience with a window Clerk named April who helps me at the Tompkins Square Post Office in New York City. She was very kind while I was mailing a box and very patient with me. She thought me the best, most effective way to send out! I have a small business and she gave me lots of tips to make my experience easy and fast at the post office... USPS is lucky to have her!!!!! best Scooter LaForge

Posted by Simone

I am a senior citizen displaced by the Joplin, MO tornado. I now reside at 8172 B Lincold ave, Evansville, IN and my USPO carrier is LISA PARKS. SHe goes beyond the call of duty EVERY day. Her professionalism, attentiveness to job and dependability WITH that extra touch should be noted and rewarded by her superiors. THESE are the people who make our postal service the best in the world. Thank you, Mrs. Russell

Posted by ProgramRAM

Very nice people and fast wait time

Posted by margaret

T. Wright at Sumbeam Rd. Jacksonville Fl Post Office is a great assest to your organization.

She is the best person i have met in my contact with the Post Office.

Posted by Anonymous

I am always treated well by the night shift employees at the South Station Post Office, in Boston, MA.

I go to them often for business mailings and they are always helpful and in a good mood. I always leave smiling.

Also, I recently took my wedding invitations in to that branch for mailing, and they were wonderful.

Posted by Penny Miler

I was at the Daytona Beach Post Office on Beach Street today and had the most wonderful service from an employee named Vicky. I was confused about sending a parcel to Canada with the many options available. Unfortunately I changed my mind several time but Vicky was so patient and helpful she made all the adjustments and corrections needed. I just want to complement the USPS for just kind and undersanding employees and hope Vicky gets a commendation for her outstanding service to an elderly, slightly confused lady.

Again - thanks to Vicky.

Posted by Save our Post Office

Note: Did you know if you send in a complaint to the POST OFFCE 1800 COMPAINT dept. # about your local post office they forward your complaint to the same local condescending, rule repeating post office manager, you complained about and then this same local condescending post, rule repeating post office manager calls you at 7:00 in the morning to review this complaint. First I want to make this clear that I love having a post office in my small town. So I get angry when They don't perform as they should or when they don't make efforts in. convinces I complained to the post office 1800 number in writing about the 3:30 closing hours and the prim and proper rule monitors flexibility when I request by phone to hold on 1 minute or a least open the door for a clip and ship prepaid package to large to be placed in the drop box. I dont want to loose our post offices. I have a small business and my business counts on it . Rules are there for a reason but common curtsey and community loyalty should be a consideration at all times I know that it does with my business.

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Posted by Lilygirl218

I use to work for the costumer service line for USPS. If you call 18002758777. The quickest way to get to a actual person besides hitting zero nine times. Do this instead.

After the Lady says "Thank you for calling United states Postal service. Than something in spanish" She says "Main Menu! You can say ____"

Hit 6 on your phone!

She'll say "Get a zipcode, passport etc.."

Hit 4 on your phone!

She'll ask you to breifly state the reason for your call.

Say "COMPLAINT" (whether it is or not)

It is the most direct way to Agent. And when your call goes throught the Agent will not have a clue as to what the nature of the call is. Were not informed if you said Complaint or not.

She'll ask if you want to hear a privacy statement. You can say yes or no. Than you'll be put through to the Agent line!

Hope this helps! I was told when I took my classes to be an agent that they don't give this information out on how to get to a agent directly because they like the automated machine to try to help you first. But I know how frustrating that can be & most times only an agent can help.

Posted by Unhappy USPS

A postal supervisor in Lima, OH, (Emerson Joseph), is never at work until at LEAST 10:00. Workers come in hours before that. When they have a problem, need something, etc., he is unavailable.

He is running his own business on the side (coin machines, etc....) and doing it during the time that he should be at work. It's no wonder that the postal service is in trouble!!!

Posted by Anonymous

At least two years ago our local P.O. was no longer allowed to do local Cancelling and all mail had to go to Lancaster for Cancellations and Sorting. I had a problem with mail that was caught in the automatic cancelling machine or was slit open by an employee in an attempt to take my payment out of it. I had a check made out to a utility which noone else could have cashed. When the envelope was then taped closed and sent to the utility it was late arriving and I was then charged a late payment fee. I asked for the cancelled damaged envelope and took it to my local post office. The Post Master told me the Postal Service had spent huge amounts of money to put a sorting location in Lancaster and spent much money for the automatic machinery they were using. As a result she had carriers who were being paid $25.00 to $28.00 per hour and they had nothing to do as they no longer had the mail to sort. It came back every morning already cancelled and sorted.Today we are hearing over and over again that the Post Office is in trouble and plans to cut services as well as close many Post Offices. It is apparent that the US Postal Service created their own financial problems and have noone to blame except their own management. How will they answer to this when they are doing away with employees who may need those jobs to provide for their families? Maybe if they did not earn such high wages to do nothing they would still have their jobs. Typical Government. If Private Industry tried to operate the way the Federal Government does they would not survive.


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