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US Cellular customer service is ranked #413 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 264 ratings. This score rates US Cellular customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


243 Negative Comments out of 264 Total Comments is 92.05%.


21 Positive Comments out of 264 Total Comments is 7.95%.

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    • 34.35 Overall Rating
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    • 243 negative comments (92.05%)
    • 21 positive comments (7.95%)
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Posted by shanell

I personally WILL NOT give ANYONE us cellular recommendations because I am disgusted how they lie and they go about there seves to take your information and just do whatever they want, like open contract accounts when we never agreed to do so and then want to charge you an extremely godly amount of money for service when I agreed to a 35dollar a month PREPAID ACOUNT and got a 2yr contract bill of like 200 hundred dollar bill in the mail VERY VERY DISTURBING NEVER AGREED TO DO THIS THEY STRAIGHT UP LIE

Posted by Stacy4075

I have been with USC for over 15 years. I am very disappointed with them and LG to the point I'm considering changing to a new company. On May 30, my phone went unresponsive. Called USC, they could not help me. They said my phone was disabled by the manufacturer due to recent updated. Apparently, LG recently did a update and it has cause problems with some smartphones not responding. So, I have to return my phone to LG & wait for 2 weeks for them to fix it. Nobody offers a temporarily phone. WOW!!! No phone for at least 2 weeks & it's not even my fault. Something is seriously wrong to leave your customers with no way of communicating with your family.

Posted by Leanne

The first for being forced into data plans which I did understand what smartphones but now we're being forced into unlimited data plans whether you want to use the Internet or not you must pay for unlimited data even if it's 2 gigs and then slows you down as an overage protection I don't feel I should pay for something I'm not going to use as a family we decided to stop using the internet after having some overages that we are trying to recuperate from and pay off in order to pay them off I needed to lower my bill but now with the new plans I would be paying for unlimited plans that would not be needed seeing we are going to not use the internet anymore the only way around it is to get a basic phone I understand smartphones need some data if we don't use the internet there would still be a little bit of usage from Pixar messaging or email but to make me pay for an unlimited plan that I would not be needing is absurd

Posted by Dammed if u do dammed if u dont

New last month to us cellular. Prepay i got a plan with only 2g of data. Went through that in 5 days. Went back to tje store to get more data. They told me i would have to wait till my month was up. That they couldnt add more. So i waited till the month was up went to up my data. Now they say i waited too long. It was out of data and phone mins. and i would have to pay the same 2g plan and wait another month before i can change it. Wow. What a asinine way to run a business

Posted by Gary

I called sales to order a iPhone 7 which was 189.00 for one iPhone I was approved for...Gary placed my order over the phone extension phone was arriving today it did not arrive I called they sent me to the corporate store my deposit was 450 plus 100 more dollars...the people at the corporate store was real rude no manager was avaible... I asked to return my refund they said 10 days I will get my refund...

Posted by Anonymous

U,S.Cellular lies ! I had a past due amount on Sept 1st of $168 and my son called to ask if he could pay it ( the past due ) the next day, Friday. It just so happens that Friday our new bill, is due. The 168 got paid but a few days later our phones get shut off ! We have 8 lines on my account ! They charge us $25 fee for each line ! According to them, my son agreed to pay $579 by the 3rd ! NOT TRUE !! He had all he could do to come up with the 168 and would not have agreed to that ! By the 3rd the new bill and 168 would all be past due and that's what they were expecting. THEN, they said they would waive 4 out 8 fees, a few days ago when I went in to the store, I was told they got it down to 6 out of 8 ! I'm still not happy because I called today and a representative told me NOTHING has been waived but MAYBE she could waive a couple ! FORGET it, I am switching to another customer. I have been with you for many years but this is crazy. You will lose me and the other 6 on my plan ! Way to go US CELLULAR!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Pre-ordered note 7 and got it the 19th. Well recall came out so went 2 store where I ordered phone within the 15 day exchange if u don't like it and get different phone! Well Asked THEM Just 2 Exchange It 4 an iPhone 6S plus that they have in store! Easy right ooh NO! Well they can't do that because I pre- ordered now mind u they r the 1's that ordered it 4 me but oh golly gee I'm going 2 have 2 wait 4 u.s. cellular 2 send a box 2 return it in and then wait 4 the store 2 send it back! Oh yes and let's not 4get they hooked my note 4 back up 4 me oh that is so kind of them 2 hook up a phone that doesn't work at least 1/2 of the time! Yes that is y I had gotten a new phone because my old phone wasn't working right! Oh yes least I 4get they have no trouble taking my money every month 2 pay bill and had no trouble taking 58.oo$ 4 tax on the note 7 that was recalled! Yes how long do they expect ppl 2 put up with this! I really would like 4 them 2 have 2 deal with themselves then maybe they would realive what total pains in the *** they r! Yeah they r some great ppl running this company can u say idiots!!!

Posted by mesanford

Switched from another carrier, and it was a big mistake. Although US Cellular touts an "unlimited contract buyout" offer, they refused to honor their rebate, sticking our family with almost $2,000 in debt we have sitting on a credit card.

Posted by RyanFromMuscatine

I've been taken on some rides myself. It is pretty pathetic when a local store agent unistalls apps that relate to law, or my religion, christianity. Because he is gay, and therefore would see it unfit that a person has bible apps on their phones. It was only after speaking with the right supervisors, and torting then the law, and logicality. It was only then that they sent out everything you would get with a phone. Tech support has a bunch of liars, and support agents unwilling to help you. I was told to go into a local store and have my last months hill applied as a credit to my account. Did so. The person at that location by the name of Ryne Wagner, was rather rude, and unwilling to help. So I wasted my money and time even going there. They said go to the corporate store to see if they would do so. I had no time to do so. They tried to send me a shell of a phone. Which they did. But I fought them to get it all.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't think it's fair or right that us Cellular advertises 6 gb for 40 dollars if you have a contract through them. I pay 65 dollars for 4 gb through them but I have no contract I pay bye the month I should be paying 40 dollars just like people who have a contrant and get more gb
what's good for the goose is good for the gander.I think this is unfair.

Posted by Extremely Disappointed

Terrible customer service. One of their agents ordered the wrong accessory which was shipped to my house. I went to return it for the correct one and they would not exchange it because it had been over 15 days. The store manager, Austin would not make an exception. I called the 1 800 customer service number and they are correcting the mistake and sending me the correct part - no charge. Now that's how you treat a customer who has been with you for over 19 years!

Save yourself the trouble and do not visit store #3111 in Ankeny.

Posted by Disappointed

Updated a phone and purchased some accessories from store #3111 in Ankeny Iowa. One of the accessories was shipped to our house and it was incorrect. I tried to return it to the same store and they would not exchange the incorrect part because it had been over 15 days. The store manager would not make an exception even though it was their mistake.

I called the 1 800 number and they corrected the mistake. That's how you take care of a 19 year customer. Stay away from Store in Ankeny Iowa.

Posted by unhappy customer

The new plans have you buying the phone on a monthly payment plan. My plan with four newer cell not even top of the line upgrades is now 700 dollars this month. My phone bill is now higher than my car payments. What a rip off. They used to have reasonable service. Have been with them since 1995. Not much longer!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received every month it is a hassle and they keep trying to charge my card multiple times a week when I asked to speak with a supervisor I got hung up on 2 times and the 3rd time was put on hold so long I hung up last month with this crappie company swithing serice next month

Posted by Anonymous

For 3 billing cycles I filled out the change of address form on the back of my bill and carefully checked the "change of address" box on the front of the slip. For 3 billing cycles they failed to change the address. By the 4th billing cycle my bill did not come until after the due date....because it had the old address on it still. I called to correct the issue and was treated very poorly, basically being told that my request to change the address could not be completed unless I made a payment! I made an EFT payment and changed the address, or so I thought. 3 days later when the funds had still not been removed from our account I called again. This time to find that the EFT had not been processed due to a bank issue and now USC is charging us an additional 20.00. Out of frustration we went to the retail outlet to fix this in person. To our amazement the address still had not been changed. The EFT did not happen due to a 2013 incident with them when we had auto bill pay and they didn't take their payment out for several months when we figured out what was going on we called them to fix the problem. They however wanted to deduct the entire back amount and current balance at one time (Nearly 800.00) We were not keen on having 800.00 out of our checking account in one fail swoop without making certain that it would not cause checks to bounce. So we put a hold on USC from making any EFT. This carried through to current. I feel like we have tried to do right by them, and that they won't own up to there mistakes. Like "wow I am glad that you called us to let us know that we were not taking out our money, I see that it appears to be a large sum, can we break that into two installments to get current? After all it was our error. OR "Oh I see that you have been trying to change your address for 3 months and we couldn't do this simple task, so let me change that in our system so it won't happen again. Now that we have taken care of that would you like to make your payment while I have you on the phone?

Posted by pl

I am a former is cellular customer because they closed their servive in our area. I accidentally made an electronic payment of $250 into my closed account.
After Contacting us cellular I learned that I had to wait 20 days before they would work on returning my money and then it would take another 5 days for me to receive my check.
After I complained they told me to fax a bankstatement that will proove my payment and this would make it faster to get my money.
It was very difficult to find a faxmachine and they refused an email.
My fax went out on 12/12 and I called on 12/16 to ask if they are working on my issue. They confirmed. On 12/20 would have been the actual day they would work on my check I called again and they told me they are working on it right now.
On 1/2/16 I called again and they confirmed my check was shipped on 12/29.
UsCellular made me purposely run around finding a fax machine and made me believe this way would work faster.
After all it took even longer. I still didnt receive my money and I am afraid they lied again and I have to wait even longer.
I feel betrayed, I didn't owe them anything and they purposely are not giving me back my money.
The service was extremely unfriendly.

Posted by jack kirby

I have had 4 SIM cards for my tablet and it still does not work customer service has been no help.

Posted by lodner1

I tried all day to pay my cell bill over the phone. Could not get into the website, and now it is after hours and no one can help me. They overcharge. I was told that I now have an over $500 monthly bill because I was LATE on my last bill so had reconnect fees. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I cant wait to be out of this contract. You guys are horrible!!!!!!!!

Posted by Elecktra13

This is the most company ever. DO NOT use them. They make it virtually impossible to pay your bill, then charge you for late payments on each line. If you are late, they cut your service without warning--AFTER their customer service hours so you,AGAIN, CANT PAY YOUR BILL. They don't send a paper bill and don't email you. You set a pin for your account and it doesn't work! DO NOt USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Posted by [email protected]

These customer service reps have the personality of a broken toilet. Planning soon to make US Cellulite a poor distant memory. Hah they have the balls to let customers review/rate them.

Posted by Logan

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS IF YOU RUN ANY SORT OF RISK OF NEEDING PHONE REPAIRS BEFORE YOUR CONTRACT IS UP. I Recently dropped one of THEIR PHONES that THEY SOLD to me from a 1.5 ft tall coffee table. The SIM card reader had a dysfunction, rendering my phone unable to call, text, or use mobile data. I took my phone to them and they factory reset it in the store cause apparently they thought that would help. Now I couldn't even get past the startup screen because it wouldn't allow you without a SIM card. Where as AT LEAST before I could connect it to WiFi to communicate when I had to, the employees effectively bricked my phone. So I asked how to fix the problem. They told me I could send it into have repairs and I'd receive a loaner FLIP phone while my phone was gone for FOUR TO SIX WEEKS. And if they discovered that the drop caused the SIM card reader to break then I'd be charged $350 just to have the SIM card replaced and sent back. Either that of I could buy a new phone outright (my contract was a full year from being up) at around $500. These people treat their customers horribly. Long hold periods for over-the-phone help, a huge fiasco when switching operating systems 2 years ago that left me unable to activate a phone for 10 days in the middle of the summer (I was working and had sports practice in a town 25 minutes from where I lived), they INTENTIONALLY don't notify you that you have used all of your data until at LEAST 24 hours after it has happened even when you pay extra for notifications, and you can't do ANYTHING with your account, even over-the-phone trouble-shooting, without being an "account administrator" and providing your name, phone number, and secret PIN. This company's customer service is crap. I honestly don't know why I'm still with them.

Posted by Kristin

I have a certain amount of data, I purchased 2.99 to turn off my data when I reach the limit. I'm always trying to check on their website, but dAta usage is never available UNTIL I've gone over then they charge me 15.00 for every bite over. I'm so sick of them

Posted by Anonymous

Worse service ive ever had.I used the automated from my phone to pay my sons bill n the dumb bastard put it onto mine even though I keyed in his number when they asked for number.I AM BEYOND ANGRY.IF THEY DONT FIX I AND 10 people I know will pull acct n file legal grievance with the number i

Posted by Stream everywhere joke!

Ever see the new commercials? Service everywhere? Even in a forest? Try IL around I80 and route 40. Or Pennsylvania, Indiana/Ohio turnpike. You can't stream there! Talk about fraudulent advertising.

Posted by Frustrated

This is my first time dealing with U.S cellular have always been a Verizon customer and after the Customer Service and unethical way of handling situations, I will not be a return customer after this contract is done. I am so upset with the way they handle things telling you one thing and totally doing none of what they say. When you try to resolve a situation with them, they tell you they will return your call and they do none of this. So Much for Caring about your Customers

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Posted by Anonymous

I had a pleasant visit with Retail Wireless Consultant Alison Cloudt who answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable about the phone and IPad I purchased today 3/22/2017. This store is located at Roseburg. I would recommend my family & friends to go see Alison! Thank You, Donna Napier

Posted by Anonymous

A year and a half ago we decided to leave Verizon, and thank God we walked in and met Tiffany Ramey! Hands down the very best customer service we have EVER enjoyed. There were some problems at first, but Tiffany made them all go away. So now we upgrade recently and who did we choose? Tiffany! Again this girl is there every step of the way! I chose 1 phone and my wife another, Tiffany helped us both through it. She even walked out 2 times to sync both phones to two different cars! Tiffany is what I would love to have working for me!

Posted by Anonymous

I was overbilled for insurance on my smartphone for two years. So I went to store #3131 & talked to Liz (manager) she was awesome & credited me for the error in full. She was so friendly & professional. I would be proud to have her as a employee & can't even explain how lucky you are to have her. I would hire her in a second, if you EVER decided to let her go. I wish everyone worked like she did! She saved both of us from one big hassle & expense. She is definitely top of my list for classy people. So please email me if you ever decide to let her go. She has a job at my company waiting for her ANYTIME. Thanks again Liz From the portage wisconsin U.S Cellular store. One great employee, I hope you really understand who you have working for you, before someone like me steals her away. Thank you, steve witthun.

Posted by tuck tanner

I have had service from all the big three phone providers over the years. By far the best one I have dealt with is US Cellular. Whenever I have called the online help they were great. Whenever I have had to deal with a representative in the office they were extremely helpful and I never felt like they were trying to take advantage of me or talking the company line. Since I live in the mountains and service is difficult from place to place, I find the US Cellular coverage beats out AT&T, & Verizon. I may not have access to as many choices as Verizon, it's nice not to have to sign in when you walk in the door, but rather am greeted by a smiling face ready to help me.

Posted by Grandma Patty

Just wanted to comment on how great your employees at the US Cellular Store at Westland Mall in West Burlington, Iowa are. Have been there several times lately and every time they have been patient, informative, and very knowledgeable. Latiecia Hood was excellent...went out of her way to make things understandable and easier for me. There was also a newer girl by the name of Auburn Nickelson and a young man by the name of Thomas...all were very kind.

Posted by Kaicielia

First I want to say, I have been a customer of US Cellular for many years and have always been satisfied with their service, and am currently satisfied now. I live in the country, and friends who visit always have peoblems with reception/dropped calls while I never have. Wait times at the stores can be long, but having worked in customer service myself I understand.

In June I added a line to my contract for my son. Apparently I added the line the same day my bill was being printed, and the bill I received was over $100 less than I expected. I called customer service and was informed that the rest of the bill would be shunted to the next month and my service wuold not be affected as long as I paid the amount on the bill. Since we had just paid an unexpected vet bill over $1,000, I was relieved.

In early August (phones still not disconnected) I realized I had never received a July bill and called again, only to find out their billing service is experiencing problems, bills would be sent when they were ready and due dates would be adjusted accordingly. After reading some of the negative reviews, I fear that problems may be coming. Thank you, US Cellular, for giving me the 5 star service you have so far, and I pray that our business relationship will survive this transition.

Posted by monicamm

I recently got the galaxy 3 as s upgrade from my motorola electrify. The phone has turned out to be very disappointing with drop calls and poor signal. I've contacted us cellular 3 times in regards to this phone, twice in store a once with tech support. The technician was extremely polite and sympathetic to my problem, but unfortunately was unable to really give me a solid resolution. I can't complain about tech support, but in store sales associates gave me the run around and lame reasons about why my service was poor. unfortunately my 15 days are up on returning the phone so I'm curious as to how they plan on correcting this problem. will let you know next week if they blow me off.

Posted by Algona Ia

You make me feel like a customer who is needed

Posted by tucktanner

I have been a US Cellular customer again for the past year, after moving to Verizon for 2 years. Before that I was a US Cellular customer for about 6 years. I'm thrilled to be back with US Cellular. Verizon was a nightmare, with bogus charges, poor customer service and an unwillingness to work toward a mutually agreeable solution to any problem. US Cellular treats me like a customer should be treated. #1 they listen. They seek solutions outside the box when it requires. I will never go back to Verizon. I'm with US Cellular to stay.

Posted by Mrs Grif

I just wanted to pass along a compliment and let you know how pleased I am with my US Cellular service. My husband broke his phone so I had to buy another. I was helped by a Mr. James Folan at the Wisconsin Rapids store and I just wanted to tell corporate that this young man deserves recognition as does this store. I have always been helped with friendly service. Just thought I'd send along something positive. people always complain and moan but very few every make a call to say "good job" or "thank you".

Posted by sheila

We love US Cellular and are very disappointed that they are leaving Central IL. We have no idea who to go to now. Wish we could stay with US Cellular!

Posted by hjk

Wow, I'm shocked at the negative reviews for US Cellular, honestly! I've been a customer of 4 different cell phone companies and hands down, US Cellular is the best!! I have NEVER had a frustrating experience with US Cellular, whereas the other 3 (well-known) companies was one frustration after another. I have called US Cellular several times for minor questions, etc., and ended up with a better plan for us because the rep was proactive in looking at what we had and comparing it to current promotions, etc. VERY, VERY satisfied...I just wish they made refrigerators. :-)


BEST wireless cmpany I have ever worked with. Not only do they provide EXCELLENT customer service, I have never had a dropped call, bad reception of slow internet on my phone, regardless of which phone I was using. I have been a customer since they were Cellular One and switched a couple times to try to get a lower price ans found out it isnt worth the few bucks I may have saved...I came back to US Cellular every time and plan to stay for good this time. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK U CELLULAR!!

Posted by Lydia Webb

Bekah Cornett, location U569 was very friendly and greeted me immediately upon entering the store. I went to pay my bill and asked some questions about my points. She was very knowledgable and made sure my questions were answered. She showed great poise and concern in my prospective as a customer. My experience was one of great customer service and excellent management of this store.

Posted by [email protected]



Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of US Cellular for 7 years. I have had need to contact customer service many times and always received the best support from them.

Although they do not have 24/7 phone support, I am perfectly willing to make that trade-off because their call center is based here, in the United States.

They are friendly, easy to understand, and have always gone out of their way to make sure my needs are taken care of.

I usually do not add comments because negative comments can be from competitors just like positive comments can be from the company. However, I just felt like they do deserve a mention because they have always taken care of me.

Posted by moose4beer

great service and help

Posted by Lamar H. Jeffries

February 28th 2011
US Cellular Associate: Ashley ? "Hermistion, Oregon Office 97838

Ashley was working in the Pendleton, Oregon store on February 24th 2011. Ashley demonstrated a remarkable level of customer service skills that far exceeded the skills of the associates in Pendleton. She exhibited what we refer to as A-Plus value.

When I entered the store Ashley immediately came around the counter "removing the barrier" and said welcome to US Cellular and asked how she could help.

She focused her attention on my eyes, facial expression, tone of voice and appropriately responded with; Sir, give me your phone number and I'll take care of you right now. I was tired and expected the same poor customer service when I came in.

Ashley communicated clearly built a uniqueness of service which made a memorable experience. Her personal approach to service was refreshing.

I strongly suggest that you promote Ashley to a training position and allow her skill, training and indelible personality to revitialize the image of the US Cellular store in Pendleton Oregon

NO.# 1 Problem with the Pendleton store:
Associates failed to be able to multi-task.
If they are with a client, and all other personal are busy they need to get those who just want to pay their bills paid and gone.

This means they need to excuse them- selves "asking permission first" to find out what this new customer needs. Not just sit there and not acknowledge the new arrival. I've had to wait long periods of time and have left more than once rather than wait.

NO.# 2 Problem:
When the associates are busy you don't run some guy out with a clip board to take names and waiting order and allow him to run back to the back, only coming back out when you he hears another customer enter. You put that clip board down and work overflow to ease backup. Thats at any time and is especially important on customers lunch break.


Lamar Howard Jeffries CEO
Utopian Development & Consulting

Posted by natlp

Always excellent customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

They have been great. Very impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service and Technical Support are awesome. They were the most helpful people I have ever dealt with. I would recommend calling US Cellular for help at anytime. Thank you. Thank you. Mary Watson

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Posted by Xeroxguy

I've been employed with US cellular for the past 6 months and it's been a stressful experience thus far.

To see people frustrated with the service is understandable as some of the networking issues are high in abundant and thus not getting what the customer pays for.

Customers must realize that training within the company is ridiculous...We HAVE to sound as though we know everything about the company,service,bill and products we provide to the customer. Since the training doesn't cover this topic enough to give the customers proper information, we must fabricate information in order to give information that we have no idea on.

I won't go into detail about my role at U.S. cellular but I work at the call center as a tech. Some customers I admit shouldn't use phones if they don't understand how they work, sure we'll help you the best we can but if it's not the answer you're looking for then feel free to use "google" to fix your problem.

We have a policy if phones don't work correctly, If you own a smartphone and it malfunctions we either master clear it or replace it (If warranty is still valid) and if wiping the phone is the only answer if the issue is hardware based then we do our best to make sure your contacts are backed up using either "My Contacts Backup" OR on your SD card within the phone. I am sick of customers calling in and getting awol if clearing the phone is the only option to fix it, we are trying to help you so chill out!

I close by saying we do our best to make our customers happy (in the tech least) the training is appalling. CSR training is 5 weeks of useless information and Tech training is a lousy week just to tell you of the tools in tech are used for, you don't get to use them until you are nesting on the floor while helping customers! Don't blame you for disliking the CSR,they are a piece of work (junk). I don't care for the company but when trying our best to help you at least have a bit of common courtesy and under stand that we are people who are trying to do our job so we can get the little money given to pay our bills, Just like some of you folks do on a daily basis.

-US Celluar employee-


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