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Posted by GIJT

I called their bank representative to close my account. I had a zero balance which was confirmed by the agent, thus closing the account. I got an email saying the account was closed and I checked my online banking to see if I can log on. When I logged on, the site said that I don't have an account to access. Now (2 months after) I got a letter saying I have a collection amount of $40.95. Apparently, they charged me a monthly fee and overdraft fee. This bank is seriously the worst bank I've ever dealt with and I'm telling everyone I know about this so they too can close their account and stay away from US Bank.

Posted by UGH

My debit card was missing. Even though I had a good idea about where I will probably find the card the next day, I called the banks' customer services and asked for the card to be *temporarily* blocked. I made sure that the representative understands that I don't want the card to be permanently blocked and I don't want a new card to be issued. He said there is no problem and the card will be temporarily inactive. The next day I found my card and called to re-activate it. Another representative informed me that the card was permanently blocked. A new card will be issued and nothing can be done except waiting for a week and a half. This is crazy. I didn't want a new card because I knew that it would take time and I knew that it is faster to issue a new card in my branch. The bank's representative gave me wrong information about what they are doing and acted opposite to what I specifically asked them to do.

Posted by QWJ

I spoke to a bank rep who told me any branch could assist me. I went to my branch and spoke to Branch Manager, Randi Dinges, she was rude would not help me and basically treated me like I really think that she has no business holding her position. She gives the term customer service a BAD definition.

Posted by gcl1963

Deposited 6 digit check from a local bank into US Bank. Initially told it would be available in two days. Then bank called and said we would not have access to my money for 5 business days. Today I was told I would not have access to my money for another week. I had an existing account and I opened this new account 10 days before my recent deposit on 9/1/2016. I was told today I could not touch my money until 9/14/2016. If I knew this whenvi deposited the bank check I would never have opened an account. When I tried to get the issue resolved I was made to feel like I was criminal wanting my own money by your customer service department. No one would make any effort to correct the situation. My only option is to wait your bank out. I will be asking for cash withdraw of all of my fund due to dishonest conduct of your banking staff in the Mt Pleasant, Iowa branch. I am within my right to ask for a cash withdrawal. My attorney believes your banks conduct and policies to be fraudulant.

Posted by pissedude

On vacation and debit cards suddenly stopped working despite having notified the bank. I tried calling 24 hour helpline, what a misnomer! The system transferred me each time, but then gave a message about long wait times and hung up. Of course this wll happened on a Friday night in Vegas to boot... Decent bank so long as you are home and need nothing.

Posted by Liz

Us bank is terrible and cannot be trusted . their promotions are lies. They say if you start a account with they you get a certain promotion well I started a account never seen that promotion but heard five excuses and three different dates it was suppose to be on there and never happened. If they can lie about a promotion no telling what they would do with your money. Top it off my card was strangly over drown and I had no idea how or why and I only had that account two weeks and only spent $46 but the bank told me I had to pay a over draft fee and other things at places I didn't know they say I shopped. And they had a lady there smiling about it like she was a little sneak . so I paid off the bull crap waited for the fake promtion still another excuse and hasn't arrived and it's been two months I'm closing the account I refuse to put money in there I'm afraid the sneak women will do something because the way she act about my card and the stores that they claimed I went that I didn't. They can't be trusted.

Posted by Max698

I never received my 1099 interest form for 2015. I went to my online account and it said I was ineligible to get it online! Called their worthless customer service line and she transferred me to a supervisor right away. He was snotty and said they were sent out and must have been lost in the mail. (yeah, right) I said I needed it right away and he said that's impossible. I asked why it is that I have an online account and it says you can get your tax documents but when I clicked on it it said I was ineligible. He said I would have to sign up for paperless statements and that it would not be retroactive so I could not get my 1099 for last year. This bank sucks!!! Their interest rates are horrible too

Posted by amajikone

USBank. Fee Crazy thieves. Local customer service, rude, snotty, no skills. To say they suck just doesn't do it. 800 service? Un-able to help or explain actions of local bank. I have lost hundreds in fees while they held a deposit for 21 days. It had cleared in 3 days. Anywhere is better. Money under your bed is safer than USBank. I live in Utah and I have closed my accounts. USBANK you can KMA

Posted by onemorew

Incredible!! US Bank received an Order to WIthhold for Child Support. No biggie, it is usual and expected, California, where I am, does this to take anything over $3500 from a bank account to pay arrears even though I pay religiously. Anyway, they sent 2 of them to US BANK. The COURT ORDER, very clearly states, "TO COMPLY WITH THIS ORDER, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: Immediately deliver page 3 of this notice to the debtor. US BANK did NOT do this and when asked why, they simply say that since they did not withhold any finds, they are not required to send this page to me. Nowhere on the documents does it state anywhere that there are any exceptions to this ORDER! I have asked US Bank to provide to me anything that says that they are not required to send this page 3 to me, they have nothing and tell me that if I do not like it or have questions, to contact the State of California. Upon further questioning, I have learned that US BANK has actually SHREDDED the page 3 documents of the order that they were ORDERED to provide to me. I can only image what that page 3 of the order contains. Possibly my rights? If so, they have been intentionally denied! I was just now speaking with a "supervisor" in the bank levy department, again, pushing for anything that says there is an exception to the order and I was very rudely told to call the state of California if I have "a problem" instead of providing to me anything that says that there is an exception to this order. All I am asking is for something from US BANK that says that they are not required to send that document to me for any reason, they are REFUSING to provide such. Furthermore, there is a $100 levy processing fee that US Bank charges anytime there is a levy order or garnishment order sent to them. They charge this whether or not any money is taken or not. Essentially, they charged me $100 twice to just look at my account and see that there is less than $3500 in my account. OK, I get that kind of, however, since the complete process never happened because US BANK failed to follow the instructions of the order by NOT sending me my documents, the process was not completed! Therefore, there should NOT be $200 charged to me! Essentially, I was ripped off! Again, I challenge ANYONE at US Bank to provide to me anything at all, whether it be part of the original 4 page Order to Withhold, State of California Statutes, internal bank documents or anything at all that says that there is an exception to the Order to Withhold that allows for US Bank to NOT send me the documentation that they were ORDERED to provide? Also, if there is any attorney or advocate or anyone else that might know how I can pursue this through legal avenues, please message me and let me know. There may be some lawsuit possibility here or perhaps a Class Action lawsuit involving many others who have probably been ripped off or denied their rights in the same manner.

Posted by Gman511

I was a US Bank bank and credit card customer. I closed my bank accounts 6 years ago to move them to PNC, good move. I left open the fee credit card I had since 1996. Long story, but, after much wrangling with them, they just screwed me out of $200 in rewards (albiet they did credit me the $165 in fees they posted to my acount in error). The automated phone system and training of their people is awful and the supervisors have no conflict resolution skills. I would strongly recommend NOT doing business with them as they are difficult and have no ethics.

Posted by fedupcustomer

RUDEST service ever. Never a friendly conversation, always snotty & disengaged. That tells me their superiors are not supportive.

Posted by oldguy

I have a mortgage account with US bank. They locked me out from online access due to too many attempts, then you have to call them for a re-set. But the hold time said ONE HOUR. Then after a few minutes the recording says they can't take the call right now and call again. No online password reset? How backwards. Then under-staff the call center so no help at all.

Posted by BadUsBank

US Bank is seriously the worst! They charge fees for the fees they charge! Seriously no joke they will charge you 36.00 for over drawing your account by any amount. Even when you show documentation that the charge was in error they say sorry that's not our fault. Absolute worst bank and worst customer service. O and by the way there free checking doesnt exist! youll pay a fee every month just to have an account unless you have 25000? what a joke. Every rep tells a different tale stay away!

Posted by Helen

I request to receive paper statement from now on but they removed all my previous online statements in my online banking and charge me for copies of the previous statements they removed.

Posted by 24host

Word to the wise. Stay away from #USBANK. They set a new low for worst customer service.

5 Years ago I bought a property out of state. I hired a contractor to make repairs. The contractor brought all the materials up to the front of a local Home Depot-like store (Menard's) and I made a payment to the sales associate via phone. The contractor then convinced the sales person to put the card on file for his contractor account. He then began to use the card on other jobs. We were running about $1M a month on the card for materials in 17 states and did not catch $40k in charges over a 4 month period. When we realized the error we filed a police report in Orange County and reported to #USBANK. #USBANK assigned a customer service rep who immediately began working on ways to deny our claim, probably because of the size. It took a month for the police report to make it to the out of state police department. The rep from #USBANK was the first to make contact with the detective and informed them that because we had hired the contractor #USBANK believed it was a civil issue. The rep then contacted me and said because the police believe it was a civil issue they were denying my fraud claim and would not reimburse the charges. I spent 2 years talking with different reps at #USBANK with no luck. They have by far the worst customer service of any bank I have ever seen. I paid off $33k of the charges prior to realizing the error and not only did they deny my fraud claim they charged off the remaining $7k that was on a business card and then went after me personally. Whatever you do stay away from #USBANK. #usbankisaweful #usbankworstservice

Posted by cathyposey3

US Bank sent my mortgage refund check to my ex-husband, and he cashed it, because US Bank did not write the check correctly. I understand they are not responsible for my dishonest ex-husband, but they will not take responsibility for writing the check incorrectly. It was supposed be made out to both of us, because my name is on the loan, and it is a loan for my house, so none of the money belongs to my ex-husband, but US Bank does not care.

Posted by Cpotter

I've been trying to get a hold of someone to help me with an issue on a mobile home in my mobile home park since mid-October and I am no further along than I was in October even though I have talked to numerous customer service reps.

I finally thought I had hit the mother lode when I was given a phone number for their liquidation department. This was too good to be true. When you call the number they ask for the recording asks you to type in the extension number. Not ever told an extension number I use the prompt to press *H for assistance. When I do that I am asked to type in my password. What kind of circus is US Bank running anyway?

Even their security codes are hard to read.

Posted by divemaster54734

US Bank Online acces is junk.
They are not asking all the questions for your safety, they are freaking data mining, and prying into your personal life so they can sell your information to third party advertisers.
I have 9 credit cards, 2 auto loans, 3 merchant accounts, and have to log into government and state sites all day.
US Bank keeps "losing" my log in so they can keep asking more and more personal questions.
I refuse to even bother with their log in anymore.

Posted by hateusbnk

I called this morning to check the status of a fraudulent charge on our account made last week wanting to know when the charge for over $300 would be reversed. Woman was the rudest person I have ever spoken to on the phone. Unreal. Raising her voice to me then acting sarcastic, I said Im done here and hung up. She helped me ZERO and once this issue is resolved, we are DONE with US Bank. Theives. Shes probably the one who stole my money! I would love to call her other names here but Ill be mature.

Posted by SwazePete

I opened a US Bank account online in 2015 to have a separate account for handling my father's funeral and other expenses. I used US Bank because they had done a nice job for me on a car loan a few years earlier.
I noticed a wireless transfer of $20 so I called them. This was a transfer into the US Bank checking account from one of my brothers. I couldn't believe they charged $20 but the "banker" confirmed it.
I called back later the same day because I couldn't transfer $4000 from the US Bank account to another account. Their ridiculous limits only allow $1200 or so per MONTH (or, if you used PopMoney, $4000 a month but in 4 separate payments of $1000, 4 days apart. This second "banker" was very irritating to talk to and didn't even know these limits.

Posted by Moe Myerblum

Leasing car through USBANK. Process was quick until they collected all of their fees. $650. Slow as a snail since they collected their money. Customer service through phone needs work. Step up your game.

Posted by Joe

I had to switch my home insurance to a new company as my old insurance company decided to leave my state. So, I got new insurance and paid for it out of my pocket as soon as I signed up. So far so good. About a week later, I get a nasty letter from U.S. Bank telling me that they put an expensive insurance policy on my account that I will have to pay for unless I send them proof of my new insurance (which I verified with my new insurance company that they already sent out proof of insurance). But, I had them do it again per U.S. Bank’s request. Then, about a week later, I get an email stating that U.S. Bank paid my insurance – the new insurance that I already paid in full when I signed up. So, I call them up. First, I was lied too and told that my new insurance company sent them a bill – not proof of insurance – which was a straight out lie as I have a copy of what they sent (it was not a bill). Then, when I asked them to put that money back into my escrow account – they said they couldn’t – that I was just out of luck (out of luck from their own incompetence). Then, after escalating this to a senior call representative (who had to be the rudest person I have ever talked too) – I got them to stop payment on the check (which the first person said was impossible) and put that money back into my account. However, this took a lot of time – a lot of time on the phone trying to get them to do their jobs (several calls over several days) and a lot of time for them to actually do the right thing. However, in the mean time, my property taxes were coming due and since they incorrectly sent out an insurance payment – there was not enough money in my escrow to cover my property taxes. Thus, I went down – like a responsible person – and paid my property taxes on my own as there would not be enough money in my escrow to pay it. But, when U.S. Bank finally put the wrongly paid insurance payment back into my escrow account, they then tuned around and paid my property taxes (which were no longer due as they were already paid). So, I had to call U.S. Bank again – and again got an extremely rude person who told me that they verified that my taxes were due (a complete lie as I was looking at a receipt stating that my taxes were paid in full). I then asked them to put that money back into my account – U.S. Bank refused. I then asked to be escalated to a senior call representative. And, I got another rude person – was only told that her name was Amy – would not provide a last name or even a last initial. I then asked to be transferred to a supervisor – who again was very condescending and rude (her name was Kathy Phelps). Not only did she tell me they would do nothing about their mistake (even though she confirmed that they never verified anything) and that I was just out of luck regarding my own money and that it should make its way back to either me or them eventually (eventually). I then asked her to escalate this situation to the next level. But, she refused. First, she said that if I got any madder, I would have a heart attack (I guess I am not suppose to get upset when they are wasting my money) Then, she kept saying over and over again that she was the last person, that she was the top person in all of U.S. Bank – that there was no other above her (so, I guess she is the CEO, Chairman, president, etc. of all of U.S. Bank) – at this point I gave up and will just prey that my money gets back to either me or my escrow eventually (maybe by the time my taxes are due again next year – maybe?).
So, two conclusions from my own personal observations:
1) U.S. Bank’s personnel – especially their customer service people – are either poorly trained, incompetent or they just do not care about customers (it is not their money they are playing with after all). And, too that note,
2) They seem to have no concern about your or my or their customer’s money – it is just numbers on a computer screen to them and if they make a mistake with your money – they do not care – at all.
Lastly, looking back even on the very first time I called U.S. Bank – they answered the phone in a mad and rude manner. It must be that they screw up so much that every call they get turns out to be a screaming match.
Think they would be better off if they just did their jobs properly – that is what I am paying them to do after all.
Conclusion – if you can, stay away from U.S. Bank as your life will be better for it (way too many financial institutions out there that actually want and will earn your business plus it is so easy to switch these days) and if you can’t – like me as I cannot fire my escrow company – then know that over the life of your home loan, U.S. Bank will make your life hell while you continue to pay at least 1% of your hard earned monthly interest to them just for the privilege of being treated badly by them.

Posted by dragonzvalley

Regarding branch 12000 Beach Blvd, Stanton, California
The day I came to make a deposit and setup online banking, the branch only had 1 manager and 1 lead teller with no customer inside. The manager would sit and text on her phone, while her lead teller would not even bother to give me a smile and a direct eyes contact. 3 problems on that day and 1 for today as I am typing up this review:
NO HOLD NOTICE was provided for my deposit (only found out when I tried to withdraw money the next day)
NO TEMP ATM CARD (understandable) and NO COURTESY to say “sir I apologize but we are out of temp card today”. Instead, the manager said lies “sir, we don’t give out temp card. You need to wait for it in the mail. If you want to, I can also rush the card for you”.
NO BANKER AVAILABLE when I needed help with enrolling into online banking to setup my direct deposit. The teller was on lunch. Manager was busy with her cell phone. Lead teller was busy day-dreaming. They asked me to make an appointment with the teller although they could just pick up the phone and call Online support for the new customer!
And as I was typing this, they charged me $25 fee for rushing the card! WOW. If you would have disclosed to me about the fee at the moment, I wouldn’t have to write about you right now.
And as I was typing this review, I was also on the phone with the phone rep regarding the fee. “I am sorry sir, if the branch charged you the fee, then you would have to go back to the branch. I cannot tell you that this was the bank’s fault, since they did send you the card…” ok US BANK, what about the fee???? I am not stupid enough to select the rush option if I would have to pay 25 bucks for it!
Long story short, if I come back to the branch, I will have to see the same manager. Would I want to waste time to talk to someone without common sense? (Who knows, if I am still upset, I will see you tomorrow Lady!)
No wonder why your branch is death. Management is so important. Are you in the right position?

Posted by Dissatisfied non customer

They, at the 70th and A branch, blow chunks, would not break a hundred dollar bill for a non customer. If I was thinking about being a customer or changing banks, US Bank would be at the bottom of my list. Really, you wont give 2 $50.00's for a $100.00. Explaining your "I THINK it's our policy for non US Bank customers not to change more than $50.00 dollars took more time than just doing it, thus earning my negative comment

Posted by alpinerider

US Bank received a court ordered garnishment from the Utah State Tax Commission on Jan. 3 2014. Three months later, on July 3, 2014 I received notice in a letter and immediately contacted the USTC and resolved the matter.
Instead of waiting 20 days as instructed in bold print in the court document, US Bank mailed out a check on 3 days later. I have received two conflicting stories on where the check was mailed by US Bank's Garnishment department form Debbie and Mary. Meanwhile my business has been been suffering the financial burden of losing over $16,000 due to US Bank not following court ordered instructions.

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Posted by Anonymous

My son and I had the best customer service possible from Michael Hantid-Margetta last month at your 42nd Ave branch in Portland Oregon. Michael stood tall just minutes before business hours where almost over. It is because of Michael My son and I will continue to support US bank in our Neighborhood.
Thank you Michael for you extremely excellent customer service. I hope you get a promotion soon.

Regards. Thomas & Solomon

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had a bad experience with US Bank. I have had a mortgage with them for over two years, and my questions are always answered quickly. I was late on one payment, and when I called to explain my oversight, the late fee was waived. I am sure that would not be the case if I were habitualy late, but who in their right mind could expect that.

I have accounts at two national banks and one state bank. My experience with all have been about the same. I see alot of complaints here from people who signed contracts (either mortgage or auto loan), failed to honor their commitiment, and are now crying bad faith because the lender is seeking to be made whole.

Posted by Anonymous

I've banked with them since PNC showed me just how awful customer service can be, and it's been a drastic improvement.

Posted by Anonymous

i have just returned from a branch of USbank,money had been removed from my account without permission, the young lady a miss Sarah Halsband of the North Oracle LM-AZ5139 branch dealt with the problem extremely efficiently and professionally,although being agitated and annoyed by this event miss Halsband put me at ease as she navigated her way around this problem with expertise and left me with no questions to ask as she had covered every detail.I was very impressed and rarely write a letter such as this. thank you, i hope you pass this to the branch concerned, a VERY satisfied customer.
Yours Faithfully
Mr Roger Peplow

Posted by linuskatz

Our home mortgage is with US Bank. They convinced me to go to paperless statements and on-line payments (Go Green - it's the right thing to do!) but now I find that they added $8.50 in fees for one monthly on-line payment! I'm trying to switch back but can't figure out how to do it on their website, which isn't exactly user friendly. If I could choose, I certainly wouldn't choose US Bank! And they have no live customer service people available by phone on the weekend.

Posted by PhoenixBusinessMan

I have just switched all my banking business from a very bad experience with Wells Fargo to US Bank. I have been extremely pleased with the response and professional manner that I have been treated at US Bank. It is what banking SHOULD BE! It is like a step back in time where people cared about your business! I can't say enough good about them. I could state several issues that have arisen that have been handled quickly & knowledgeably. Way to go US Bank ... keep it up!

Posted by Yankee

I have been doing my business banking w/ US Bank for 12 yrs. The messed up and didn't offer to refi my building in a timely manner. Ended up w/ PNC and they are a horrible. Since their mess up US Bank has been treating my quite well, in an attempt to keep the rest of my business. Well, they have got it due to PNC being pitifull. I quess it is all relative.

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Posted by disgusted

I was once an employee of the bank but was terminated for violating a policy I didn't even know existed. The day after I was let go I had a mystery fee show up in my account and then when I called the bank all I got was attitude and, "we only refund fees when caused by bank error and this clearly isn't". Well, actually it was bank error-I worked there and the fee structure is so confusing that I didn't even understand it and I looked everywhere to find where it said that I would recieve this fee in my secondary account that was suppose to be free. Apparently my business is not worth the $10 that I asked them to refund, I will close my account out which will cost me $25.00-which is total garbage. Go easy on the customer service people-they are directed to be awful.


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