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US Airways customer service is ranked #417 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 589 ratings. This score rates US Airways customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


530 Negative Comments out of 589 Total Comments is 89.98%.


59 Positive Comments out of 589 Total Comments is 10.02%.

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    • 34.22 Overall Rating
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    • 530 negative comments (89.98%)
    • 59 positive comments (10.02%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I travelled with us airways in September from Scotland never again every connection was delayed with one excuse or another,on the way back from Tampa my cabin luggage went missing which they asked to be put in the hold still waiting 10 weeks later with no one returning any correspondence, I travel to Tampa every year as I have family there but I will not be choosing us airways again I would rather pay for a more expensive ticket than give them any of my money, maybe I will get a refund before my next trip HA HA.

Posted by Bessy

My experience on our way back from Boston to Charlotte NC was horrible. All because couple or few employees of US airway decide not to do their jobs right. First of all at the check in point there was this oriental ladie from the airlne screeming to the top of her lungs horrible announcing to some travelers to go to other line far down the hall. It made my husband go where he did not supposed to because she will screen every few minutes some un-understable words complaining if one more traveler get to her line she is not going to take it. Anyway by the time we figure out that we were in the right line coming back again she was checking our bag it was over couple of pound she made us removed our stuff them a little bit more while trying to take other traveler without having finished with us. them when I asked her to please complete with us she was very unpolite. Any way then an other employee decide my hand bag was too( big ( pick and choose because my bag was not many travelers had bigger bags) understand the money maker point)) we needed to check it in and the assistance did putting the bag in an other plane when we arrive one of the bags did not we had no clue in what airplne it was coming until making a claim having to wait for an other couple of hours. Very bad

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely impossible to get a person to talk to. NO info on website about how to order a wheelchair from luggage drop off to the gates. Really bad customer service! Price goes up & service goes down!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the WORST company to get in contact with. Most numbers are for different companies and I need to speak to the agent to verify my ticket and get my dog on the plane.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I encountered a recent travel experience on US Airways which was deplorable! We were basically held hostage in Sacramento Airport for 24 hours. The delays and changes were not due to weather conditions, but rather gross mismanagement.
The itinerary of the tickets purchased was a nonstop flight from California leaving on a night flight to arrive early the next morning in Charlotte. This return itinerary changed from that 1 to 4 different itineraries:
1. Mon., Aug. 24, 2015 SMF to CLT on Flight #1763 departing 10:20pm. The plane arrived an hour late and reported a problem. While the plane was being examined the pilot timed out. The flight was cancelled. It took an hour to be rebooked for US Airways Flight #564 at 9:53am Tue., Aug. 25. We inquired about lodging and were told it looked bleak. Finally we did receive a hotel voucher and managed to get 3 hours sleep.
2. Tue., Aug., 25th we arrived for this flight departing SMF for CLT at 9:53am with a stop in Phoenix. The agent suggested a direct flight departing 11:45am supposedly created for the aforementioned cancelled flight.
3. We boarded the 11:45am direct flight from SMF to CLT. It taxied out to the runway only to be called back to the terminal because of a detected brake failure. Needless to say, after waiting on this plane about an hour, this flight was also cancelled. We were instructed to deboard the plane and return to the terminal to be rebooked once again on a 4th flight.
4. Tue., Aug. 25th 6:11pm departure on Delta Flight #4552 from SMF, connecting on US Airways Flight #624 in Seattle to depart 10:10pm with final arrival to CLT Wed., Aug.. 26th 6:00am.
The final flight on Delta was successful! But the entire flying experience with US Airways was extremely frustrating and tedious. We were deprived of sleep, incurred extra expenses of purchasing meals at the airport, and lost a full day of employment.
The first flight would have worked out fine with minimal improvement in communication on the management level.
Our expectation is that we will be compensated fairly to demonstrate your appreciation of our business with US Airways.
Wilbert J. Bryant

Posted by Frequent traveler

My backpack was taken from me claiming it would not fit. It fit on 5 other airlines, same bag. I was not allowed on the plane unless I gave it up, so I get to spend 8 hours in Dallas carrying my things I managed to keep out in garbage bag. Thanks, U.S. Airways. This happened to me years ago with U.S. Airways, same problem. They took 4 days to return my stuff, including my car keys. As a frequent traveler, I plan to avoid them much more zealously and I recommend others do so as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service out of all major airlines! I couldn't be accommodated for a reservation change or delay due to a family emergency, than you all cancel my flight without letting me know! After I was denied my initial request! The WORST customer service by far!

Posted by tinm9n

I'm sharing with you my recent, horrendous experience with US Airways so that you all can be informed before booking a flight with them. Due to convenience of location, I simply booked most of my flights with US/American Airlines although
they consistently exhibits poor conduct and manipulation. On a recent flight to Greenville, NC, my wife's flight got canceled before 50 minutes departure time, due to their so-called reason, "too late" to check in. Hence, her flight got pushed back to stand-by. She waited from 4 am to 2pm and none of the seat from standby flights available. Consequently, she spoke to the US Airway agent to see if they can honored the returned portion of the trip if she booked another departure flight with Southwest since there's no guarantee of their flight availability. The agent reassured her that she could and their airline would honored it. However, when she got to the check in today for her returned flight, the agent at the counter informed her the ticket was automatically voided because she did not fly out on her initial flight (although her baggage initially was already checked in and arrived to Greenville). If she purchases that same returned flight, it would cost her over $800 (in addition to $200 fee charged for changing her flight). Needless to say, we could not win any argument with US Airways and in the end, we spent close to $2000 for our ticket because of the greedy, sneaky business operation of US airline. We had no luck trying to deal with customer service since they refuse to look for any possible remedies to rectify all their shortcomings as an business entity. What's a costly, stressful experience! Think before you book another flight with US Airways.

Posted by Anonymous

I am frustrated to say the least due to US Airways Online Booking double charged me for a flight not once but twice. I booked a flight online and was charged twice for the same ticket due to no fault of my own and cannot get any resolve from US Airways. I called both times with my bank on the phone and we stayed on the phone for over an hour both times and got no resolution. I am angry to say the least. I will not be booking any flights on US Airways from this day forward. I am military and stationed away from my family so I have to go back and forth from Kansas City, Missouri to Houston Texas so I don't have a lot of money sitting around. I need my funds and they are mine so I'm upset that I have funds that are tied up until it is released back to me. You all need to fix the glitch in the US Airways Online booking system. It is unfair to your customers and it's bad customer service that they are charged twice for a flight and can't get their funds back in a timely money.

Posted by Anonymous

Vacation ruined and there is not one bit of remorse or assistance.

US Airways was supposed to put one bag on a plane to St. Thomas. They did not and despite 20+ calls, not one person at U.S. Airways has any information as to the bag - which has bag tags, tracking number and distinctive markings and which the airport representative (not US Airways) have confirmed is at the airport - has been at the airport for more than 24 hours.. Every US Airways customer "service" representative ("service" is in quotes because that term is a blatant misrepresentation,) simply said they do not know where it is, we made a note in the file and we will call you when and if it is located. Completely and utter unacceptable No wonder they are being purchased and merged.

The airport has advised that they know where the bag is, but US Airways customer service cannot or will not send a person to get the bag - at ramp transfer services to get the bag and put the bag on a plane - which is what I already requested and paid for.

The worst problem is that they simply take the call and then do nothing, even when they say they will return a call. In 2015, reaching people is simple - email., voicemail, text message. It is not rocket science Not person has even said they would do anything to actually solve the problem, like for example have "Bob" go to the transfer office get the bag, put it on a plane to the destination it was supposed to go several days ago. The only offer was to buy what you need, fill out a form, keep the receipts and then submit. Like that is not going to get or ever be responded to much less actually reimbursed at cost, much less the complete and utter misery and frustration associated with their lack of service.

Posted by Anonymous

my confirmation number was . The flights to Dominican Republic were good with the exception of flight 1967 that was severely overbooked. However, the last leg of the return trip was pretty bad. First of all, flying from Dom Rep, I flew to PHL flight 791, and was delayed. Flight 1805 didn't leave the ground until AFTER my connection from CLT flight 1940 had already left. The lines for rescheduling were obscenely long. I was given a voucher for a discount at a hotel, and after being on hold for 25 minutes, I opted to sleep at the airport. It was very cold, and music and announcements continued through the night. I got a grand total of 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I ended up on the 11:50 flight and from there the rest of trip was fine. Why go from PHL to CLT to Albany, NY? If I hadn't been so tired, I would have taken a bus or train from PHL to NY. When I arrived home, I found that a $20 bottle of Mamajuana had broken in transit, and had stained numerous items of clothing, some that I hadn't even worn yet. Soaking and washing did not get the stains out. I would like a return call home

Posted by Anonymous

My day from hell at Reagan National Airport started with me finding that although my ticket said American Airlines, I was actually flying US Airways -- and had to walk to another gate. Then, my name wasn't in the computer, so I had to wait for 1/2 hour to get my ticket -- 2 people ahead of me. When I got to my gate, I found that the flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours; could have gotten something to eat before going through TSA.

Now, this is when the fun begins -- as we reached time for the flight, it was delayed again and again -- until 12 hours after the originally scheduled time (noon flight), it was cancelled. But, the US Airways employees forgot to tell the passengers -- when one asked, he was ridiculed because, as the employee said, "that was cancelled a long time ago -- that flight is ancient history." At that point, I had been in line for an hour to find out what was going on and, now that I found the flight was cancelled, just wanted my ticket cancelled and refunded.

What did this genius do? He told everyone to leave and go to Customer Services (which had no less than 250 people in line) and wait because he had to check-in some passengers. He refused to allow anyone who had waited in line to wait for the other flight to finish checking in. An hour later, his station was shut down and I still had two hours to wait before finally reaching the Customer Service desk at about 1:00 am. The Customer Services folks were good and told me where to (attempt to) get my luggage.

I went to Baggage Claim and found several hundred bags throughout the floor. I couldn't find mine, so I waited for another 1/2 hour to talk to a clerk -- she typed my info into the computer and gave me a printout of what I told her. I thought the slip was my receipt -- after another hour, another person asked for that and told me that they're using those printouts to look for the luggage. After another hour went by, I was told my luggage was not onboard the plane that I was supposed to be on -- keep in mind that there were only 30 passengers and few checked baggage.

So, at about 2:00am I left. This morning I logged into their check baggage site to see that my luggage WAS onboard that plane and transferred to another -- and sent to NYC even though their computer system shows that I cancelled my flight and asked for my luggage. As I type this, it has been sitting in the baggage area for four hours before taken to the baggage office, where it remains -- another four hours later. I can't get in touch with any human being at the airlines because the baggage claim phone is 100% computerized with NO human interaction.

I'll NEVER fly US Airways OR American Airlines again!!!

Posted by 1adoptmom

I contacted CheapTickets to notify of medical emergency....and potential to need to cancel flight. 3 days later called to cancel because son was still in hospital and remains hospitalized. Followed procedure to request refund.....US AIRWAYS refused refund....Son is special needs (to include non-verbal), has bowel obstruction then ileus...we have 3 other special needs children in home: Myself, and husband, have to alternate care and advocacy for our son: Hospital physician even provided verification of hospitalization; US AIRWAYS still denied refund due to medical emergency of child. Contacted representative to ask for reconsideration: Still denied. Very disgusted with US AIRWAYS....will NEVER fly with them again...will make this situation known to the many people I know that fly. This is unacceptable.

Posted by JamesJ

My wife and I decided to travel to Anguilla for our honeymoon and booked our flight through US Airways. Being that it was our honeymoon, I had decided to call US Airways and find out the cost associated with upgrading our seats. However, upon my conversation with the customer service rep, was promptly made aware that the actual flights we were on had changed and our plane was now scheduled to depart and arrive at completely different times. Not only did they replan my arrival and departure times for me, but they took it upon themselves to change my seats and not even assign me to two on my return flight.

I am not going to say my honeymoon was ruined, however when a merge causes a company to become so big they begin rearranging your plans, it begins to make sense why they shouldn't happen. On a side note, if we switched the situation and decided to change our flight instead, we would be paying a $200 change fee, and the difference in ticket price each. Not once were we offered an upgrade for the inconvenience, or a partial refund for the change of flights which appear to be less expensive.

I was previously a supporter of US Air, however after learning that they can take it upon themselves to rearrange my honeymoon plans, you can bet I am flying another airline for business moving forward.... One final note, the agent just informed me that to upgrade to FC from PHL to CLT it would cost me $3,400 EACH TICKET. Well done US & American, well done.... (slow clap).

Posted by billylee

So, screwed by US Airways again. Another flight cancelled. I mentioned to the ticket agent that maybe it's just me, but I ALWAYS have problems with flights on US Air...she said, "I've been here 18 years and it's gotten a lot worse in the last couple of years, and not going to get better..." There you go, plan accordingly

Posted by Mhd

Left my ipad on the plane - which I fully understand was my fault at PHL. Immediately went to baggage claim to report. The employee said there was nothing she could do. I asked her to call the gate and ask if someone could grab it from the seat back. She called someone and told me the plane was already cleaned and nothing was found. Amazing comsidering I only got off the plane 10 mins prior. US Air could care less nor do their employees. After this experience, I will never fly them again. Congrats AA for merging with this "customer service" focused airline. I know I will never see my ipad again - just as US Air/ American will never see my business again.

Posted by Anonymous

Worse experience eve, late flights, rude employees, missed connection. like herding cattle. Shame on you for doing business in this manner. Never again.

Posted by Melinda

Impossible to reach a live person. Have tried at least 8 times and have been put on hold each time or hung up on or heard a voice mail saying that ...due to the weather we are too busy to talk to you, call back later. WORST customer service ever!!!! Both my husband and I are Gold AA members and have NEVER had this issue. SO glad we used up most our miles as I would NEVER choose this airline unless there was NO other option. Live in NYC area so thankfully LOTS of better options. If you don't have a customer service department should you be merging with American???? Seems like you have other problems to fix first.....

Posted by Disrespected my US Airways

My luggage was lost for 5 days- was delivered to my home address with a TSA slip inside and half of my things missing. I filed a police report, filed report with TSA, and also filed a report with US Airways. I reached someone last week after being on hold forever but they couldn't help me. Today I've been scourging the Internet to try to find a way to get with someone who can help me. Looking at all the blogs I guess I'm out of luck because US Airways doesn't care about their customers. I'm not going to waste my time with them at this point and will file with Small Claims Court.

Posted by DSmith

It's impossible to reach customer service for US Airways. I tried for 3 hours last night and an hour today and all you get is transferred to American Airlines Customer Service and a long telephone message with a list of ways to complain via website which refers you back to American Airlines and the same websites.

Posted by IWonderIfTheyEverAnswer

Been on hold for 3 hours now. Do individuals still work for this company or am I just going to hear a recording until I die?

Posted by Anonymous

Waited an hour then got cut off. Waited another hour and was told they couldn't help me. They transferred me and after 1 1/2 hrs I hung up. I can get thru to American right away. Will be nice when you get your act together. There are no excuses.

Posted by pissed_In_Portland

I was visiting family in Charlotte NC for the holidays when I became violently ill. Per doctors' orders, I cut the visit short and flew home via US Airways on Dec. 27, 2015. Since then, I've submitted multiple requests for a refund of the $200 service fee, along with a letter from my physician. On February 20, 2015, I submitted yet ANOTHER refund request, both on the US Airways web page and by mail to their corporate office in Phoenix. No response, not even a courtesy email. Clearly, they think I'll give up. Wrong! This Machiavellian company operates with both ZERO BUSINESS ETHICS and TOTAL DISDAIN FOR CUSTOMERS. I encourage anybody with commonsense to avoid flying with these scoundrels..

Posted by Sad Dog

US Airways reservation service via phone is terrible. I cannot get the system to connect me to a person. It takes info and routes me only to be told that the system is overloaded due to weather conditions. Maybe because it is Sunday. There is no bad weather in all the US per Flightaware. The system says call back later. They could at least call me back. I tried four times so far.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone after waiting 50 minutes to book a reservation. No one picked up the phone. The same boring voice used all over America says " how busy the represenatives are, and we appreciate your patience".

I knew this merger would be a disaster for everybody except US Airways and American. I will find some way to use my miles that are left, and then move on to Alaska Airlines, who seem to care about their customers that do not fly 100,000 miles a year

I has

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Posted by Anonymous

I want to praise Diane P who was a ticket agent at Manchester airport, NH. I was cancelled and needed to fly home for surgery and she made it happen. She also recommended a taxi service that also exceeded my expectations. Thank-you Diane P and I hope you are
doing well also.Georgine Hager

Posted by Anonymous

This past weekend I was traveling from Baltimore to Jax, FL. I was bumped off a flight and very frustrated.

US Airways, service rep. Cieara Watson, helped me out with fantastic professionalism, customer service and old fashioned kindness. I was so pleased with the way she handled my plight with a new flight. She was wonderful.

I just wanted to let someone know in contrast to the myriad of negative customer service complaints.

Posted by Anonymous

Followed instructions on your website and got to talked to a live person in about 3 minutes. She was very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service from a very knowledgable representative.

Job well done Wings

Posted by Anonymous

In October 2013 I kleft a very important date book on the plane. I was shocked to receive a phone call the next day from a wonderful baggage department agent in Philadelphia, where my plane had landed. She said she had the book and provided detailed information on how I could get it back. The book arrived this morning, and I am so grateful! Thank you, U.S. Airways!

Posted by Anonymous

excellent information; the lady agent was able to help me immediately....Thank you

Posted by WYNN

Confirmation no.

I was a passenger on your flight no. 37 of June 27 from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Though my flight was booked as Envoy/First Class, I was asigned a seat - no. 7A - in Economy class. My boarding pass did not indicate the class for this ticket. I only found out about the error during boarding, at which time it was too late to make any adjustments before take off.

I would appreciate for an adjustment to be made now. Thank you very much.

On a more positive side I must express my gratitude that my luggage did arrive on that same flight. Beforehand I was informed that it would probably be sent on a later flight via Phoenix and would then arrive about three hours later. Thank you for that as well.

Wynn van Ketel

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with the lost and found department of US air. They returned my c-pac machine. It was lost in my last trip. They called me one day and it was delivered to my door the next day. This saved me from having to make a 2,000 dollar new purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to commend your employees on being very helpful and friendly to talk to. It is always a blessing when trying to get help and you get a wanting helpful person. Thank you again for having such employees with such grate attitudes while helping someone.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a different experience. I forgot my laptop on a flight and didn't realize that until hours later. At 2am I called and immediately got a real person. Within minutes, she had located my laptop and got folks to put it in a safe. The next morning, I called US airways again and they connected me with the office that had the computer. We retrieved it this afternoon. Every person I spoke with was fantastic, helpful, smart on the issue and their process. I couldn't ask for a better response.

Posted by Psyber

I waited less than 3 minutes to talk to a rep who answered my question about prohibited items. Her answer was clear, concise and courteous. A very satisfactory experience.

Posted by Russ H

I wish to inform you of a stellar employee who made my month not just day. She is Wendy from Salt Lake City. What a delight she was and she assisted me with getting an earlier flight and balanced this with the demands of all the people at check in. I had been traveling for a number of weeks and really wanted to get home and she found a way. I have flown for over 30 years and it is rare to find someone like her. You better keep her.

Posted by richard paterniti

while flying flight attendant spilled soda on my slacks and i was in front of a child who cont. to kick the seat there were plenty of seat empty but was not asked if i would like to be moved until the last 15 min of the flight...

Posted by Queen Harmon

We want to thank the staff at Charlotte NC especially Queen Harmon who went above and beyond her duty to get us to our final destination to Memphis within 24 hours after our flights were cancelled July 28 due to inclement weather. We were a party of 7 and though it took three different planes we were home by the evening of July 29. Thank you Queen for your tenacity and great customer service. You went the extra mile and deserve recognition. God bless you. Jim and Sharon Burke.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank and show my appreciation to your ground crew at Tucson Int Airport at 6:00 am on the morning of 4/11/2012. The plane was boarded when I arrived at the airport (late arrival is a whole other story) and I was being paged. The gate was closed when I arrived there (no shoes on my feet as I ran from security) but they made special accommodations and were able to get me onto the plane. Everyone was so nice and helpful and I greatly appreciate their assistance.

During all of this I realized I'd left a jacket at security and one of the US Airway attendants said she'd get it for me and have it for me when I arrived back in Tucson on 4/17. My thought was "how is that going to happen?"

Well, IT DID!!! They had my jacket waiting for me in their baggage office when I arrived the evening of 4/17/2012.

I wish I had names, because these people went above and beyond their duty to assist me and they were extremely pleasant under the circumstances. I hope management appreciates the hard working and accommodating people working for US Airways at Tucson Int Airport. Thank you, Sheila Cushing; Tucson, Arizona.

Posted by Anonymous

We are flying back to Germany Apr. 9 on U.S. Airways flights from Phx-Philadelphia-frankfurt. What's the weight limit allowed in pounds or Kilos ????
need to know today please !


By the way, the flights from germany to Phx were great, service and all !

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I were on a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Philadelphia on 4/01/2012. There was a sizable group of Army troops boarding the flight. Once onboard,the seats were not completly full. The flight was 1074. Once everyone was seated, the crew (from the terminal as well as the onboard staff) did a gesture I have never seen before. They allowed our troops who protect our airways as well as our country to move to more comfortable seats for a four hour flight. They were not just seats with more leg room, but some were allowed to have seats in 1st class that were not full. Everyone on board gave the crew a rousing applause for a gesture these young men and women well deserved. Hats off to U.S. Air's crew of flight 1074. They did all the right stuff to acknowledge the sacrafice these troops do to keep our great country safe. Thanks again U.S.Air. These were golden moments.David & Jane Cline

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I have flown with US
Airways for year, and have never had
a problem, we are always treated well,
and the pilots are the best in the
business. Smooth flying, always on time.
What the heck are you people talking
about? I agree with Boohoo, go find
another airline like Delta, lol,
American, LOL or Continental LOL.
They are horrible.By the way, when you
worry about things like late planes,
lost luggage, stuck in the airport,
it happens to you.

Posted by Anonymous

I work in this service business and an thoroughly pleased with the service I received. when everything went wrong they took care of me. I had a 510 flight that I ended up getting st the airport at 5pm due to horrible traffic and caw problems. when I got to the counter a wonderful woman cindy s. Helped me get a new flight and got me ask situated with ease. She is an angle and I wish more people would be like her! Thank you us airways and I will fly with you just because of cindy s!

Posted by AB

After several attempts of making a reservation I was told by customer service at the 1-800 number that doing so at MBJ (Jamaica) would be very difficult if at all possible. I took my chances and was met by 2 reps (Gordon & Patandra) who were "over" accommodating. They answered all my questions and explained everything to me. Koodos to you 2 for making a difference. Hope there will not be any problem with my luggage(s) upon arriving. Thanks also to Nicole, who stood there wih such beautiful smile (she reminds me so much of myself - always smiling). Keep up the good work ladies & gentleman.

Posted by ttrat

I missed a flight in Paris because taxi drivers refused to take me to the airport. They instead insisted on taking me to the much more confusing train station. I finally arrived at the airport as the plane was taking off. The agents there were more than understanding and immediately changed my reservation with no fees at all without even asking. Every person I encountered with US Airways from California to Paris and back was extremely pleasant and very helpful.

Posted by Traveler Gal

I would like to commend a US Airways Club employee named Darren at the Philadelphia airport who was very helpful to me on August 8th as I tried to find a way to help my 18 yr. old nephew who was stranded in the Philadelphia airport due to cancelled and delayed flights for 7 hours. My nephew had been injured at a conservation camp program in the Appalachians and we were trying to get him home quickly. Ha! Not to be that night. Storms all over the Northeast and flights cancelled and delayed all over US Air's network. I, his aunt from Washington, DC, was trying to figure out how to help the boy, who was on meltdown and in pain from his injuries. All made worse by sitting for several hours on the tarmack, only to go back to the gate to wait for several more hours. I finally tried the US Airways Club in the Philly airport to see if I could at least buy, over the phone, a pass so the kid could get some snacks (he was out of money by then) and lie down on a couch-- it was now 9:30 pm and the kid had been traveling since 7am. Darren at the Club office was very responsive, courteous, and helpful, thank God. Even though the Club was closing in 30 mins, he checked the status of the flight, got me several hotel numbers to call in case the boy got stranded at the airport for the night (since US Air reservations made it clear they would not pay for overnight accommodations for flights cancelled due to weather - nice, eh?!, and determined what terminal the boy was actually at. So while it was a pretty painful night for an entire family, this fellow Darren gave me a way to help my nephew from afar. But the kicker for me is that for all that hassle, I paid an extra $300 in change fees and fare differences for that ride home because of the child's medical emergency situation. Now THAT was painful.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to comment on the most professional and courteous agent who helped me on July 12 in Philadelphia to arrange overnight hotel accommodation and rearranged my flight schedule for the following day. Her name is Gianna Aleman, employee # 172892. She turned a rather angry customer of yours in a more satisfied customer,notwithstanding the inconveniences experienced. Her behavior was in stark contrast to the other agent who was stationed at the jetway when we disembarked our delayed flight from Akron/Canton.Her attitude was, that's just tough that you will have to take a flight some 10 hours later.
Anyway, please advise Gianna that she discharged her CRM duties perfectly.

Jens K Neelsen
7363 Alicante Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Posted by Anonymous

Unlike others I had a good experience with US Airways customer service. My flight from DC to Orlando was cancled because of storms, I was upset but it wasn't their fault. My only complaint is that Orbitz notified me my flight was cancled before I heard the news from US Air. I was promptly rebooked for the next morning and offered a hotel voucher, though I didn't need it since I live in DC. I opted to rebook into Tampa two days into my vacation I decided it would be easier to fly out of Tampa as well. When I called to change my return flight the woman I spoke to was very pleasant and rebooked my ticket without a fee.

Posted by Anonymous

I just booked a flight and felt so tired! it took me all day to figure out what was what then when I finally did the screen closed on me! BUT I have to say, when I called and the customer service gentleman helped me...he was sooo patient and kind and did give me the best poss. rate. People can be kind when they work at a service job! and even keep people like me calm when things get frustrating! THANK YOU Victor! Keep up the good work!

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Posted by Denise

I�m a former employee and I�m trying to fine out about my 401k.. and I�ve been callling around and get nothing.. who can I contact,, please tell me

Posted by USJoe85

Just a note for all of those that have posted on here regarding their bad experiences with US Airways. I have worked for US Airways for three years and have learned a great deal about the reasons behind all of these complaints. Let me state a few to clear the air for some.

1. "Delayed or cancelled flights due to weather or maintenance."
--As a passenger you expect when you get to the airport to leave on time no matter what. This is not the case in 90% of flights, no matter what airline. These aircraft are flying non stop almost 20 hours a day with no time to cool down. If these aircraft are well maintained everyday they shouldn't break down, but with every mechanical piece of equipment, it happens. Sometimes it's not as clear cut as replacing one piece of equipment. US Airways does not have aircrafts on standby if one breaks down, they do what we call an aircraft swap, which means taking another outbound flights aircraft for your own and delaying the previous flight. It costs a great deal of money to have an aircraft sitting on standby waiting for a breakdown. If the aircraft cannot be fixed and will take a certain amount of hours then it is scrapped and taken to the hanger for work. Weather is a tricky subject also. It certain cities they have different policies of when they are allowed to fly. If there is lightning outside then the Tower must close down the ramp so no one will be struck by lightning. This changes constantly so it's up to the FAA tower to decide whether to open or close the ramp. THIS IS NOT THE AIRLINES FAULT. We are bound by the FAA tower for when we can and can't fly. This means that messages get crossed with the FAA tower and passenger service that is in contact with the passengers. THIS CAN CHANGE! Do not look to passenger service as if we are trying to deceive you. We only want the best for our passengers, we do not want you missing a flight, being delayed etc. because that makes a lot more work for us.

2. Calling the 800 number.
--Since Doug Parker had decided to cut jobs in nearly every station/hub there have been cutbacks. As with every reduction in workforce the public is the ones that are hurt by this. If you haven't been able to contact a LIVE person by the 800 number it's not because we don't want to talk/help you, it's because our CEO is trying to save money.

3. US Airways East Cost VS. US Airways West Coast
--This merger with US Airways and American West is still a factor in performance of our employees. We have a mentality in our airline. Philly, Charlotte and many east coast employees of our airline DO NOT CARE. They are so upset with how the airline has treated them that they feel by treating the customer poorly that it will reflect how management treats them. It's a shame that it hurts the passenger, but this is a reality. This continuously happens even years after the merger. The West Coast US Airways still does its amazing job, but we also have been burned by the airline. They continuously treat it's workers like second class workers and are basically "owned" by the airline. They can make you do whatever they want and when something goes wrong, your guilty until proven innocent. With this mentality, it's very hard to care about the passenger when management doesn't care about you the worker.

4. Baggage Fees and Information Provided by Management.
--If one person on the phone tells you one thing, and when you get to the airport they tell you another it's not because one person is incompetent then the other, but that the airline changes its Policies SO MANY TIMES it's nearly impossible to get the correct policy to inform the passenger. As I fly standby I still am quoted prices and baggage information that I know is wrong. It's the same thing with information provided to gate agents, rampers, pilots, and flight attendants. Policies change so much with this company it's impossible to know what is true and what is not. If you have complaints, go DIRECTLY TO DOUG PARKER. Managers and people you speak to on the phone about these complaints really can't do anything about it, but believe me if it's happened to you once, it's happened many more times and to many different people, we at the airline have heard it so many times. As an employee of the airline I want my customers to make it to their destinations on time (If not early) with their belongings intact and to have a great experience on my airline. Sometimes this is not the case and with these economic times, it's the passengers that suffer. I hope this cleared the air for many of the complaints that many of you have.


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