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UPS customer service is ranked #498 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 1729 ratings. This score rates UPS customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,600 Negative Comments out of 1,729 Total Comments is 92.54%.


129 Positive Comments out of 1,729 Total Comments is 7.46%.

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    • 31.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,600 negative comments (92.54%)
    • 129 positive comments (7.46%)
    • 11 employee comments
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

On 3-26-2018, I went to ups store in Wilde Lake, in Columbia Md. 21044, to send a packet of important papers to the Federal Phil. Pa. Told them I needed a signed receipt returned. I also paid extra..Was told that it would take 2 days to get there & that post office would send me signed receipt.. Went back 0n 3-31-18 to check why I hadn't gotten it & was told RUDELY to go home & come back with paper cause he could not find his copy in the pile of papers he was going thru.. Called customer service, which is in the Phillipines and were of no more help..To this day I still have not gotten THE SIGNED PAPER..& THE POST OFFICE TOLD ME THEY DON'T DELIVER THAT...I WILL NEVER USE THIS & YOUR SERVICES AGAIN!!!!NO MORE MONEY FROM THIS CONSUMER!!!!! Will gladly drive a bit farther to POST OFFICE with my business.....

Posted by Anonymous

4/9/2018: I got a notice on my door stated my package was at another location. I called UPS not where I expect to pick my package up, If I miss the delivery, I expect to pick it up at the UPS Located at 3rd and Oregon Ave.. I was told my package would be there at 3rd and Oregon4/9/2018, waited 20 minutes their could not find my package, I am a senior I can not keep going back and forth looking to see where my package is. I don't expect to be lied too. I am very unhappy with the service.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a luggage online in January 26th, the last package information is

Vernon, CA, US 02/01/2018 9:43 A.M.Arrival Scan,

I want to know when I could receive it, because I will leave the US at Saturday morning. I can�t find the customer service phone number,and my tracking number is

Could you help me to ask the time and urge it? Thanks too much!

Posted by PissedOffCustomer:@

Sent a package from US to India on a Wednesday. I provided all the necessary information and phone numbers.The package was supposed to be delivered on Monday. But they abandoned the package saying the receiver could not be contacted (although the receiver did not even get a call). I have been trying to reach the customer service for 3 days and every time i call, they tell me "Call during Indian business hours, call during EST, talk to our resolution team, talk to our brokerage team", for the past 3 days, but nothing has been done. Hands down, the worst postal service ever. When asked, the lady just told me "Mam, you have to keep calling every day until the package is released". Do i not have a job? Is it my fault that your resolution department is inefficient. Totally disappointed with the unprofessional service. Never going to UPS ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

I had four packages delivered last Friday, and one today. The tracking number for the one today
Is it customary for your drivers to leave packages at the end of one�s driveway. The last five packages I have received were dumped out at the end of the driveway. My concern is I have a very long driveway. Someone could have stolen my packages. Is there some reason that your driver will not come to the door? I have been hung on all of these occasions and watched him Leave my packages at the end of the drive.

Posted by Barb

Purolator uses UPS to deliver international packages. I purchased express (5 day delivery) to Danang VN. The package was to be delivered on Dec 28. It is now January 9 and it has not been delivered. Here is the list of issues:

(1) they called the client at the delivery location on Dec 30 to confirm the information. Still they cannot find the industrial park in Danang. In less than 30 seconds, a Google search locates it! If they are incapable of understanding a location, they need to take action: (i) hire a courier that can deliver the package or (ii) look up on Google maps. Both sensible and reasonable actions. They need to seek a solution to resolution. This is not happening.
(2) No updates were made to the tracking system which claims it is still looking for an address. This is false.
(3) Noone contacted me to try to remedy the situation.
(4) They are not responsive now to my inquiries through Purolator.

Review: Very poor, don't seem to be able to deliver internationally, possibly due to poor training on geography, use of Google maps, or provision of commonsense tools to find locations. A professional organization would have found another courier who has a track record for delivering between their Ho Chi Minh city depot and Danang.

Would never recommend this company - and strongly urge you to consider another courier company for international packages.

Posted by Swa

UPS's customer service is horrible. I paid for a package (letter) to be shipped (overnight by 10 a.m.). The package arrived in my city in the morning of the day it was scheduled. When it wasn't delivered by 10 and had not arrived by 12 I check the status. The status had been changed to 2 DAYS LATER by Noon. WAIT. WHAT. I called their CS (which is the worst... once they get your money the customer service ends and you're just at their mercy) and they said there was nothing they could do. I checked back the next day and now it doesn't even say by Noon. The package is at its destination but sits for 3 days because why??? FEDEX and USPS is the way to go for critical docs. NEVER SHIP UPS AGAIN!!!

Posted by Amy Basham

I am as frustrated as I have been in a long time. Your Customer Service is absolutely horrible!!! I have called 3 times and talked with 5 different people including a supervisor. Each person had something different to say, either adding or subtracting information from the previous person. The only American I actually spoke with was a delivery person who couldn't help me because I hadn't been given a quote or paid for it. Customer Service Representative #2 connected me with him. Which Customer Service informed could not be done.

Rest assured I will never ship anything UPS and if I had the option f not having UPS deliveries from others I would do that as well. I will also be looking for every website I possibly can to tell anyone who wants to listen to not use UPS.

Posted by Brenda

The UPS location on Washington Blvd. Beaumont, Texas is terrible. It has not always been this way but recently I had a very expensive bar stool left in my yard upside down in a cardboard box in the rain. And now for well over a week I have been trying to get a package from Amazon Prime delivery it was a two part shipment first box arrived and the second box did not, they were shipped same day and should have arrived the same day according to Amazon and UPS but only received the one box and so Amazon reshipped package and it was supposed to have arrived Prime also which was yesterday according to Amazon and UPD and it was out for delivery yesterday now it is saying the 16th through the 19th expected delivery. Unacceptable....UPS should have to deliver for free and pay for merchandise since I have waited so long. I wish Amazon would change to FedEx delivery they are so much more reliable.

Posted by ray

dear sir

There is something trouble when I shopping in Amazon. The order deliver not succeeds.When USPSdelived in DEC.9 7:25pm the transport company is out of working time.

Please help me to contact USPS deliver packge on work time .


Thank you .

Posted by ds

their service and reliability have gone in the toilet. 2 day delivery becomes when they feel like it 3 days later. Guaranteed 10:30 am the next day delivery becomes sometime late the next day if we get to it. And, customer service sucks. I thought they used to have good logistics and figuring out how to do timely delivery. Apparently that is out the window.

Posted by khallkeller

This is about the UPS Store in my neighborhood, not UPS directly.

Tom, the owner of the business, is both rude and unprofessional.

This store . A notice was left by UPS that I had missed my package delivery on 12/4 and that it could be picked up from this particular store after 1pm on 12/5. So, on 12/5 I went to the store to pick up my package. It wasn't there. I was curtly told by Tom to call the number on the back of the notice to try and figure out where it was. After calling the UPS number AND checking the UPS website, there was conflicting information. The website said that the package was going to be delivered now on 12/6 to my house, but an email notification said my package was at the UPS Store. It was all very confusing, so I called the UPS store on 12/6 (the next day) simply to ascertain if my package was even THERE before I went back out to that store. Tom informed me (and he was very brusk) that he receives hundreds of calls a day about packages and that he IS NOT UPS, so I needed to look online. When I told him I had, and tried to explain the confusion with the notices, he interrupted me and said that he would just look in the computer. Why couldn't he have just done that to begin with, instead of being rude yet again? He then said my package was there and basically hung up on me.

Now, here comes my main complaint. I actually have to use this store monthly for this exact same shipment. I have multiple sclerosis and receive medicine from Novartis Company that helps me afford the medication. He has been consistently rude almost every time I come in. Customer service doesn't seem to be anywhere CLOSE to a basic priority. He does his job, begrudgingly it seems, and that's it. Back to what happened today (12/6) when I went back for my medicine... I brought a notebook with me to write his name down so that I could file a complaint with his manager about his behavior. After asking him if there was a manager or if HE was the manager, he informed me that HE is the owner and said VERY LOUDLY that he didn't know what "my problem was" in front of two other customers. He then continued to yell saying that his business wasn't UPS and that he had no control over UPS. I responded that my problem wasn't with UPS and that it was with how rude he was being. He then accused me of continuously calling him (I called ONCE right before I showed up at his business), and then accused me of constantly coming by (I came by the day before because I had a notice that my package was there and I went to the establishment that particular day to actually GET my package.) I wasn't upset about the package not being there the day before and didn't act so, I just wanted to know whether it was at HIS store or NOT. (Did I need to go wait at my house or what.) I was horribly embarrassed by how he spoke to me and his attitude towards me. He informed me that I can get my packages delivered to another store instead of his from now on, and I will. He then apologized to the other customers that were standing there looking uncomfortable, like somehow I WAS at fault. I am completely horrified by all of this. I am at Clayton State University, which is very closely situated to this UPS Store and will be speaking with the head of Supply Chain and Logistics for the university (John Mascaritolo) to see what can be done to make sure that this particular store is not used by staff or students any further. If this isn't an option I can at least use this UPS Store as an example in classes taught about how NOT to treat your customers if you want to stay in business. I have already spoken with the UPS Store corporate office and filed a formal complaint. How they allow a business owner to represent their brand with a horrible attitude like this, I'll never know. I felt slightly better after reading DOZENS of terrible Yelp, Google, and other UPS Store reviews about this particular location and owner. Go to the other UPS Store on Mount Zion. Better employees, better brand representation.

Posted by meow

Last 6 orders that Amazon shipped UPS didn't arrive.

Repeated emails and calls to both local and corporate have yielded nothing. No problems previously; incompetence or theft? I have no idea. We are up in the mountains so it isn't like he is delivering them to the neighbors. We have 2. Driver keeps saying that they are left at "the gate" Only gate is a decorative one that doesn't close, is in a street intersection, and is over 250m from our house.

We have talked to both the local driver and facility manager and given directions on how to find our house. Road is gravel but our drive is paved and marked with a large and lit address number.

Posted by Anonymous

We have a driver here who doesn't deliver packages. She'll call residents and if no one is at home the item goes back on the truck. The manager is in the office and has asked if she would like to leave the package(s) in the office and the answer is she doesn't have time. Do you deliver to Ellicott City or not? We are at Alta Crest on Rogers Avenue. This is a senior living community.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently started using Amazon for the convenience. Everything was going smoothly until they used UPS. Two items were returned to Amazon as undeliverable because of invalid address. UPS was kind enough to send me a postcard via snail mail to the same address stating the dilemma and I rec'd the card within one day.Tighest ship in the shipping industry? There are two addresses on my side of this block and the driver couldn't choose? A TV was noted as delivered Nov 7. WHERE???

Posted by Caitlyn

I am very disappointed in UPS. I ordered an item and I expect it to be delivered the day it says it will be delivered. If the people working for UPS would just do their job then there wouldn't be any issues. UPS needs to get their act together because delivering items late isn't helping their buisness. If you say a date then you stick with it. This shouldn't tolerated. Thank you

Posted by Yonni

UPS is the worst transporting company you can find in the planet earth to send o receive any product or item. They will promise one thing and deliver other. I am so piss right now that I haven't get my nephews gift for his birthday on time all because the ups keep changing the schedule day for no reason. I buy it because I was promise a delivery day and it is obvious that I was deceived.

Posted by UseFedExNextTime

Received an email from UPS My Choice telling me my package would arrive Fri 10/27 between 3:45pm-7:45pm. Took off early from work (w/o pay) to find the driver attempted to deliver at 2:42pm. Called customer service, was told the delivery window is just a vague time, and the driver gets it there when they can, and then told I would be called before 4:30 today. No call, but then get an email at 3:34pm telling me I can pick package up Mon. I am not happy/satisfied with this. I needed that package today.

Posted by Madness

I was supposed to get a package today. I got a notification it wasn't coming. I called and asked why? Where they made the mistake. I get a call back, 4 hours later, that one of their drivers had come to our business and asked us if we'd be open today (Columbus Day). This is in fact a LIE. NO ONE EVER asked us if we'd be open. So they stuff my package on a truck and are completely unwilling to correct their massive error. So something that was of critical importance that needed to be here TODAY, won't be. Thank you SO MUCH for costing me extra money, and completely ruining what needed to be done. Completely unwilling to remedy their lies and mistakes.

Posted by Guess who

Ups sucks. Their. Customer service, their stupid machines, their promises are lies. They are rude and do not care when or if you get your package. They will never be num 1 in the business. Do not use them. Three days is now turned to ten days. Next time you order something, make sure you ask who they use for shipping, and ask if they would use a different shipper.

Posted by Anonymous

Your website is the horrible. Very difficult to create & send a shipment. I have been using this site for years but each time you update -- there is a problem-- this current update or re-design is not user friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

The worse company I have ever dealt with!!!

I received a package that had clearly been tampered with, inside the box was a glass steamer that had no packing and was rattling around inside the box.
After opening the box I discovered a damaged steamer with the metal rim bent and a missing glass bowl with only some glass fragments left at the bottom.
The box had been taped up with a different tape, someone had checked and removed the damaged glass bowl and most of the packaging to try and cover up the damage.

Also missing from the box was a silver bracelet given to me by my niece which had sentimental value.

This was sent by my mother and packed properly with plenty of paper to protect the contents from moving around.

To receive a parcel like this is disgusting and to cover up the damage extremely dishonest.

Posted by Anonymous

I have to say that the UPS manager at 9th & McGee Street in Kansas City, MO is the most helpful courtesy person I have dealt with through this entire nightmare. He has continued to try and "help" us. I give him a 10 out of 10. Scenario: Our shipment has an incorrect street address. After spending additional money with one of your "Agents" to have the address corrected .. UPS it is still showing the incorrect address for delivery ... at least that is what your "Agent" says. We refused to give pay them additional funds to make the change since we already did earlier. As of this writing your "Agent" said it shows the incorrect address and it has NOT been corrected. The shipment seems to be going back and forth between hubs via Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. We can't even get someone ... anyone ... to just hold it at one of your hubs so we can come pick the packages up. Trying to talk with an "Agent" is impossible. They don't understand us nor we them with one person even asking if I spoke Spanish it would "help them". Excuse me??! Will we ever get our shipment? We will ever use or ask anything to be shipped UPS again?

Posted by Anonymous

I reside in Garfield Heights and I was supposed to have a package delivered today in the state of the UPS driver contacted me by knocking on my door he left a note or left for slip saying that it was undeliverable in which I know that was wrong because I was looking for him he never knocked on my door and I am very upset about it because I needed what I needed which was a lawnmower I reside at 12713 maplerow Garfield Heights Ohio not my regular driver it would not have been a problem I don't know who you have driving on the weekends but they're not holding up their end of the deal sort of speak !

Posted by Anonymous

By far the worst experience of my life. I've used ups before and it was ok, slow delivery but it got here. But now I've ordered brake pads and rotors online, which shipped through the ups. I bought them last Thursday and the "first delivery attempt was made" which is B.S. because nobody ever came to my door, and I live in a gated community so one would assume that the driver didn't even bother coming in here to look for the apartment. So I waited up again the second day, friday, and again nothing. Even on the tracking system it didn't show a second attempt was made, it said "not at an access point yet". So I called the store it said it would be dropped off at, 10 minutes from my home, and she informed me that the driver would drop it off around 5 most likely and the storend closes at 6. So I called after 5 and, wow, still no package. So I called today, Saturday to see where the heel this package is 9 days later, and she says that there was "a new driver who forgot some things" and my tacking system still says "not at an access point" and does not show a location. So where is my package? I call customer service to ask to pick it up at the hub, which is a 30 minutes drive from home one way, aso instructed by the store clerk. The lady from customer service on the phone, informs me that a second attempt was made to deliver, which as I stated was BS, and ONE package (being brakes or rotors) is scheduled for delivery to the ups story on Monday, and another package (being brakes or rotors, not sure which package is which),is scheduled for delivery at my house. Why 2 packages that were shipped from the same shipper at the same time going to the same place would be in 2 different delivery trucks, I will never know. So being that I have not had one actual attempt to deliver, though they said they did, I asked if I could just pick both packages up from the hub and get it over with. She says no, they're closed on the weekend and don't open until Monday at 10 a.m. Keep in mind, I needed to do this brake job asap as our braked are grinding metal to metal and I was planning on changing them this weekend while I was off. So I told the lady just have them do it as scheduled, and if they don't deliver the one package to my house, have them drop it off at the ups store with the other package, instead of returning all the way back to the hub 30 minutes from me like they did Thursday, making it impossible for me to go to the store to pick them up. So here I sit, 9 days later with no package(s) in hand, no delivery attempts made, and am told that I'll be waiting (with no choice) until monday afternoon, which is 5 days after it was supposed to be delivered to me. Totalling 12 days from the original ship date. UPS has me fed UPS with this whole ordeal. I can only imagine how much more livid I would be if we actually ordered next day shipping like originally planned. Now my fiancée and I both have to drive to work on metal to metal brakes, making it even worse on Monday, because UPS can't get their Sh*t together and deliver a package on time. Or even make an attempt for that matter. Seriously worst experience ever. And something in me feels like we won't have both packages officially until Tuesday, which is further going to piss me off. Really hoping Monday happens!

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Posted by Anonymous

the employe at the boise id vista ave store elezbeth went above and beyond to help me with a century link pkg i turly apparated all her wonderful service

Posted by Blueskies 7

UPS just made World News Tonight! I'm so impressed. Someone was about to commit suicide on a freeway in Michigan and police dispatch truck drivers ups with one of the trucks. I understand all truck drivers and their trucks stood there for 4 hours to SAVE A LIFE! Thank you UPS and keep up the good work with morals, integrity and caring for others.

Posted by Anonymous

The UPS store in Winchester VA is excellent. All employees are knowledgeable and pleasant. I have shipped 20+ boxes over the past four months to a destination of over 2,300 miles. All shipments arrived on the estimated time given and were received intact. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Posted by Happy Camper

Wanted to thank UPS for going out of their way to get a package to our company when we missed the first try at delivery. The driver made the effort to swing back by our office before she left our area. We received the shipment in time to get to the to the job in was intended. KUDOS UPS !!

Posted by Anonymous

my name is david bryant of galion,oh.44833, i was just at a bank atm.when i was leaving a gentleman named mike bear hollered at me and told me i had left my card in the atm machine.he works for ups and i couldnt be more excited that there are still honest people around,and you employ 1 of would be nice if you remind him that he is appriciated.....thank you so much,david bryant.

Posted by H

I was served by a notary public Frances G. at Store 0348 - Back Bay.
It was an excellent service. Frances is very professional.

Posted by Happy Customer

My UPS package went through a trying journey; starting with the "due to operating conditions" message. I emailed and Tiana T got back to me within the hour. She uncovered the problem that the reps on the phone could not figure out. She contacted every management team at the locations where my package was going and fought to have things made right. She was amazing and UPS is amazing to have her. Try the help email before calling UPS. That team will work to make things right

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a UPS driver Lincoln Kilpatrick. He delivers to our Medical Office at 317 South 11th Ave in Yakima. This driver goes way beyond his assigned duties, our office had sent out the wrong cast to be fabricated for one of our patients, and it was a rush job. Lincoln had given us his cell # in the even that we ever had problems, I texted him as he had already picked up the package and he went out of his way to bring the package back and really not only saved us, but the patient was able to get their product on time. I can't tell you how much this meant as we were able to provide our patient with their product when promised, all because Lincoln was willing to come back and let us switch out the item. Lincoln is so consistent is his duties and is ALWAYS willing to help, which is one of the reasons we use UPS is for just that kind of service. Thank you so much! That kind of service in a business today, especially a large commercial business is rarely seen.

Posted by Anonymous

I Was At Store #0647, Addr.1173-a 2nd. Ave. Ny,ny 10065 The Employee Name Dino, Was Excellent!!! It's Good To Know There Are Employees, Who Know How To Treat Their Customers!!!!

Posted by Tricia C

I don't say enough about my UPS delivery gentleman, Chris. He works long hours, always has a smile on his face, efficient and puts packages between both doors. Whej i need something returned via UPS and told to leave it, it's picked up no problem. They would be crazy to ever lose such a great employee. Thank you Chris from Worcester Grafton hill :)

Posted by taylorca22

I have been very stressed out dealing with a package being shipped to the completely wrong part of the country because of a glitch in the sender's website and the customer service at UPS has definitely calmed my nerves. They have assured me that the destination is possible to changed even though the company sending it told me it wasn't and then became unreachable.
Thank you for your help Jordin A! (and emails from Dana and Emily)

Posted by bearstump

UPS Store 5454 in Abilene gives GREAT service! Staff are professional, courteous, and go the extra mile to make sure I'm satisfied. Wish all UPS stores were like this one!

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to say thanks, the UPS delivery serivice as been outstanding. I live in the Waldorf MD. 20601 area, my wife did not get the Rep ID or truck number but the gentleman delivery a very heavy item on Oct 24 and was great. Customer service was outstanding and we wanted to take the time to say thank you. Your Representatives have been great in their delivery and customer service since I moved to waldorf in Aug 2006 and just wanted you to know.

Al & Julie

Posted by Anonymous

I love our UPS man! He is always so friendly and upbeat!

Posted by stormin

UPS is not perfect they handle Millions of package and do an excellent job, but an occasional glitch occurs NOT BODY IS PERFECT all other carriers have the same problem OVERALL they are a great company

Posted by Squaradi

I accidentally put in an incorrect address for my textbooks and was worried I would no to get them in time to complete my assignments for my classes. I called around to a couple of locations and when I made a customer service call, I was told I would receive a call within the next hour about where I could arrange to pick up my package. I received the call within 15 minutes and will be able to pick up my package! Everyone was super kind and understanding.

Posted by Anonymous

UPS service is prompt and swift. I have no issue with this however I do have one suggestion to negate one complaint. RING THE DOORBELL WHEN A PACKAGE IS LEFT. Of course that would be - IF a doorbell is available. This is a retirement community (Indianwood Golf and Country club, Indiantown, Florida 34956) so most of us are home. A package was delivered and left on the door step, door bell not 24 inches from that location, and it sat in the warm Florida sun for hours. It was a special refrigerated package (properly packaged with a Kool-Pac and insulation) however even with these measures in place the interior temperature got rather warm and the chocolate covered strawberries within began to sweat. In the past we have had packages left on a chair near the door and were not noticed for 24 hours or more. I do not say the driver should make a mandatory effort to ring the bell or knock, and I do realize there is a time constraint placed on the driver, however if the door bell is within reach, it SHOULD BE USED. Our UPS driver is otherwise a very efficient person and in most cases our packages are received in good condition and promptly.

Posted by jtpeachy

Rated B. UPS drivers delivered a package to my home moments ago (9:30 pm). Left package on carport and did not ring doorbell or knock. With all the talk about package snatching, it really concerns me that they could be making my home a target late at night and at 6 am in the morning when pkgs also have been left. Its a positive that they are trying to get pkgs delivered on time that's why they get a "B" in my book.

Posted by Douglas K. Ware Sr.

I had cancer and cannot speak. I have a hard time with these things sometimes. I have to write all I want to say on a dry erase board. I have never shipped UPS. I took a box in and the girl says, that will be $33.49, but if your box was 5 inches shorter, it would only be $20.94. I wrote thank you, but that was all I had. I'll go look for a shorter box. She says watch this. Whips out a box cutter and after a few swipes, she was taping up a 5 inch shorter box. She saved me $13.00. I promise you that I will never ship USPS or FEDeX again. I am now a customer for life. That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Posted by Kris

We really appreciate our ups delivery guy. He is always friendly and personal he remembers all our names at work and he cares about the packages he delivers and the condition we receive them in. We are in a small town so odds are he will be the one to deliver our home packages as well. He knew as soon as he came to my house who's house he was at we both had a good laugh as we had just seen each other at my work earlier that day. It's wonderful to know he cares and takes such pride in his job and getting to know his customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Roy, the driver on Broadway in Burlingame, CA, is fantastic!! Super helpful and very nice!!

Posted by Claire

Brian Evans delivers to me at my print shop. He has always been helpful and thoughtful and I gather from him today he is leaving. URRRGGGGGHHHH! dont let him go, he the best guy by far. We will miss him. Claire, Printing At The Vicarage, Dulverton, Somerset.

Posted by [email protected]

I am a Stanley Black & Decker employee. I recently need to ship large items using UPS. I went to the appropriate sight here in Knoxville, Tn. Unsure of what the correct procedures were I looked for assistance of any sort. From behind her desk, without hesitation came Margaret Irwin. She not only walked me through the paperwork that was unfamiliar to me, but instructed me as to where to take my items, who to see on the dock, and then old Mr to return the next day at a very specific time to eliminate shipping delays. Without Margaret's guidance and assistance I fear I would have spent wasted time trying to complete my important shipment. Thanks Margaret Irwin and UPS for making my experience painless and successful.

Posted by Jebem

Hi people,
After reading so many bad reviews here and on other forums, I was afraid about getting my package delivered to my location (Lisbon, Portugal) coming from a UK eBay seller.

Well, all went well in the end.

The package was picked up on 20-July in London, and it was delivered to Lisbon, today morning.

Also, the online UPS reporting system was accurate as well, allowing me to follow the packaging locations along its way from London to Lisbon. The expected delivery date is updated daily as well. For me this is good enough.

And last Friday when I decided to speak to the UPS local branch to feel how they respond to their customers here in Lisbon, I was treated with all the information I needed.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an experience. Lisa made sure even with rain that I could get my parcel out of package and loaded in car. She was pretty much a perfect example of what I could hope for in helpful and nice. She even had a fellow employee break down box so it fit too. I wish I worked with more people like Lisa. She works in Kansas City and fits the mold of the Midwest. Polite, nice and hardworking.

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Posted by x

I work in Overstock (ups Logistics) hebron, Ky and I can tell u that there is a lot of favoritism among the leads and management as well as poor management

Posted by Jay

I will just quote one thing from this delivery service provider: "UPS are not obliged to deliver the parcel to the correct address ... if we have an incomplete address on our system, we are not obliged to contact the sender or recipient ... we will just deliver to any address in that block"
This seems totally improper and almost immoral to me! If most people ran a business like that, they would be closed down. This is a global service provider! I found this very difficult to believe.

Posted by Get real management

Today a UPS driver pulling a trailer had the trailer hitch bumper and all break off. Why does UPS pretend to push safety when their own managers (Trey) not walk he talk. Don't get me started on the other wrong doings (breaking the law) by changing employee time sheets this management team does. The Texas Labor board and OSHA departments would have a hay day at the Stafford Tx facility.

Posted by anonymous

I used to work for UPS. I loved my job and I was good at it. I worked almost 5 years for the freight division. I could perform any operations job there was. I never received a write up or reprimand. I was a good employee. It just so happened that when I was hired, there was a relative also employed with UPS freight at a different terminal. Shortly, after I was hired, it was noted that I was related to this other individual. I had forgot to put her name on the computer application. UPS had no rules against hiring relatives. I worked there for 2 1/2 years and this relative was promoted. Three regional vice presidents, ups freight, and UPS all were aware we were related. We had this low-life supervisor at the terminal who decided that his girlfriends mother should be promoted. The only reason she was hired was because he was boinking this woman's daughter. Phony interviews were set up and no matter who applied for the position, she already had the job. Mind you, she had absolutely no experience in freight. It was rumored she was to be fired for incompetency and I was going to be forced to take over the mini-hub duties. This low life weasel of a supervisor came in one night, looked in my employee file, and two weeks later, human resources was at the terminal. I was forced to resign because I did not put my relatives name on the application. At first they tried to fire me until I threatened legal action because once it became known almost 5 years ago, we were related, and it was an accepted known fact, there was no need to fix the application. The reason they made such a big deal about it is Helga the Sea Hag and this piece of trash supervisor telephoned the 1-800 ups helpline and complained two relatives were working out of the same terminal. Then they changed their tune and allowed me to resign. I should have sued the living daylights out of them. UPS was more concerned that I was related to someone else instead of why their 1-800 # was being used for retaliation. Since then the SEA HAG was made a supervisor and is still the height of total incompetence. The entire terminal hates her guts. Because she was promoted after only a year working there and with no freight experience. As a matter of fact, I know personally, that corporate executives told the terminal manager to get rid of her because she was an idiot. UPS does not care about anything or anyone that works for them. They would screw over their own grandmother for a buck. The two brothers that started the company are rolling over in their grave!!

Posted by Sally

I can tell you all that UPS MANAGEMENT is to blame for the behavior of their hourly employees. These poor drivers are lied to, pushed around, manipulated, and forced to do their jobs faster than time should allow which causes them to do things out of stress and frustration with their lives...UPS needs to be exposed..I even read somewhere where this company got awarded a most ethical company award,lol. Don't take my word for it, ask 3 or 4 drivers how they are treated. They are abused and it's a crying shame that ups can cover it up by flashing their profits. UPS destroys peoples lives daily! DONT USE UPS!

Posted by Ex-UPSer

I worked as a pre-loader for UPS for a full year before I lost patience for their mistreatment of employees and insane work environment.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked at UPS for over 5 years. I started as a regular package handler and have been a supervisor for 3 years now. in that time i was going to college, ups was very flexible with my school schedule and provided me with a well paying job and profound benefits. not everyone is the ideal employee (management or hourly) but that's life not everyone is perfect. in my time i have learned a lot, have had some disappointments but at the end of the day i would not want to work any where else. when i go home i know i spent my day working to the bone. i know others may disagree but i wouldnt have it any other way. my advice to anyone who new working for ups is if you continue to work hard good things will fall your way and once they do it will be the most gratifying feeling imaginable.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked at UPS for 17 years in Customer Service. I can tell you firsthand the importance our company places on customer concerns and our ability to make amends. UPS leads the shipping industry in reliability, on-time deliveries, logistics, customer satisfaction, and customer service. UPS is the largest donor to The United Way charity organization and is very involved in local communities around the world. I am proud to work for UPS and hope that you can give us the opportunity to provide the service everyone expects.

To contact UPS Customer Service:

1-800-742-5877 or

Posted by rula4

im a female unloader who as been part time at ups in laurel, md for 5.5 years and i love my job. i think managment is great i know their is plenty of complaints buy employees but my opinion differs thgen others. money is not the best but it does teach us the true value of a dollar. so many people come and go you are not gonna last and experience the good if you dont stick around besides the best benefits MY MANAGMENT is great and they break their backs for us pt package handlers and try to meet OUR needs the best they can. its not an office setting we aRE in 53 footers unloading all night but thats the job. i tell many employees to take their pink panties off and mann-up, coming from a female wow!!! we get hired KNOWING UPS expectations and i feel as if many take advantage of UPS because of the union knowing they really wont get fired when they slack off. that really irritates me and feel bad for managment cause they cant do anything about it which sucks.. plenty of pt package handlers need to be fired i swear they are lazy and it shows... im at my day job now ready for my shift tonight (night hub)(unload4 baby)#1 in the region Laurel,MD

Posted by upspreloademployee

"I used to work there...until you have, you don't understand exactly how frustrating it is. Fragile packages come flying down the slides to the trucks anyway, and could very well be crushed under a heavy box before they ever get to the loaders. You don't always have time to take extra care to load certain packages, especially in the busy trucks. So take it from someone who, unfortunately, used to work there; disregard a few dents and dings, as many times the boxes come to the loaders ALREADY ripped and bent. It's a flawed, inefficient system, so be happy you get your packages at all. "
... 100% agreed - i still work there and customer service no longer exists at ups - its all about "get the packages out of the trailers onto the sort aisle & sorted to the proper belts and into the delivery cars (yes they call them "cars" not trucks lol!) asap at any and all costs" packages are shoved & stuffed out of trailers and pushed & thrown through the sorting process with no regard for package handling care at all - its all about down time meaning all management cares about is how quickly the morning operation gets over & done with. a few packages getting mangled & broken or smashed in the process is of the least of their concerns i promise you.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work there...until you have, you don't understand exactly how frustrating it is. Fragile packages come flying down the slides to the trucks anyway, and could very well be crushed under a heavy box before they ever get to the loaders. You don't always have time to take extra care to load certain packages, especially in the busy trucks. So take it from someone who, unfortunately, used to work there; disregard a few dents and dings, as many times the boxes come to the loaders ALREADY ripped and bent. It's a flawed, inefficient system, so be happy you get your packages at all.


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