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    • 175 negative comments (87.50%)
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Posted by Brian

Quoted me one price, then gave me another, when I made the reservation. Called them out on it and they cowardly gave me the go-around. Was on the phone for over an hour. Extremely disappointing. If you made a mistake, just own up to it. Won't ever use them again. Plenty of other moving companies out there.

Posted by Joan68

Very unprofessional looked like a bunch of drug addicts runing the place especially the girl with the dark hair and thick glasses she was very rude and used cuss words when speaking not to mention strong smell of alcohol terrible experience at Uhaul sunset Rd Antioch CA 94509

Posted by race

I rented a trailer on 2 14 2016. and got a bill for toll charges 8 months later. I talked to them and they said that is when the toll company sends the bill. I said I would pay the bill and on the 8th day they took the money out of my a out and did not say anything.this posses me off

Posted by Robert

Worst business experience ever! Wouldnt let me have my u-boxes for over a week because they were "too busy". When I finaly was able to able to pick up my box, it had been opened, and many things were missing. Legal action pending.

Posted by Dick Garcia

Horrible experience! Charged me double, messed up with my bank account balance and scheduled bill payments, 10 days after still the issue had not been resolved. Called numerous times, no one ever calls back and they not only take on average over 10 min to answer but when they do, they hang up forcing you to call back and wait another 10 min. Its beyond frustrating! General manager of the store, Jorge, never called back after several messages I left for him. We are seriously considering getting an attorney and sueing uhaul.

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! This seems to be the new normal.
I learned today that it is possible to talk to a ROBOT with an attitude. She kept saying the same thing over and over again not listening to the question I asked.
Here it goes: I can rent a 10' UHual in Ft Lauderdale FL to Mobile AL for $964.00
NOW FOR THE TWIST: I can rent same UHual in FT Lauderdale Fl to Ocala FL get a different 10' UHaul truck continue on to Mobile AL for a savings of $230.00.
I only have boxes and no heavy furniture or furniture period.Sold it all to make the move simple.

Posted by Alex

The most worst and awful storage facility what I sow in my life.
Old elevator what is real danger to you life, when you are inside and not possible to take your staff because elevator almost out of service.Hundred homeless used this building as restroom and urine right on the floor.Very infected place millions tuberculosis and jaundice bacteria,cockroaches,bugs,rats.So if you want coming sick and infected welcome to U-Haul storage of Greater Miami. Plus you can enjoy nonprofessional management of General manager Hector Garcia.

Posted by Friend

I booked a truck three weeks in advance so I could pick the truck up two-three blocks from my house at 8:00 on a sTuraday morning. Friday when they confirmed my truck it was 1.5 hours away at a place that did not open until 9 am. So on a tight schedule i am 2.5 hours behind already. The person working the desk was very unfriendly, not happy to be there. They were no help the only words spoken were "Give me your credit card and the truck is over there." They handed me. Lot stack of papers And said next
When I get to my new home two pieces of furniture had water damage ..i went thru the paperwork and in small print was the truck has a hole in it and stuff may get wet.. I will never use u-haul again and I am filing a lawsuit against them..

Posted by Anonymous

We rented a 26 foot truck from this location for a one way move to South Carolina. Prior to pick up I requested a truck that had low miles do to traveling through the mountains with fully loaded truck. The one I was given had over 100,000 miles and of course after a stop for gas in West Virginia the truck would not start. After the repairs were made I decided to complete the drive to my destination without stopping incase the truck would not start again. The trip took 15 hours including the down time. Because i arrived after 10pm it was too late to unload the beds like I had planned so I had to Stay at a hotel. I asked Uhaul for a refund for some of the extra costs I had but was told that it was not Uhaul's fault the truck broke down so they will not give any reimbursement. I feel that they do not stand behind there vehicles and will do everything in my power to insure that no one I know uses this company for there moves. There are several other companies that have much better customer satisfaction ratings. Do not use this one.

Posted by Dissatisfied Customer

The U-Hual/ Self- Storage on John J. Williams Millsboro, De
The customer service rep. Michelle is customer friendly and meets customers needs. However there is an older lady that works in the office as well, that is very rude, ignorant and very nasty. The office area smells like an ash tray,I had to remove my kids from the office area due to the cigarette smoke. When I asked the older lady about the unit prices, she walked away from me and went to her daughter an said "Michelle there's a customer, you need to take care of it!" That is not a way to treat a paying customer on a business level. If she doesn't want to do her job then that is something she needs to take up with U-Haul an not the customers.

Posted by Melissanola

I never would recommend U-Haul to my worst enemy!!!!! They took my reservation and credit card # and when it was time to verify truck pick-up location they did not have a truck for me!! U-Haul doesn't I guess understand that people have to take off of work, get help with moving furniture and other items and it is a big deal orchestrating a move. I have an elderly mother in a nursing home that I needed to move her things and at the last minute they tell me they have no truck, I will never use nor recommend U-Haul to anyone, terrible what they did.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a uhaul van on a Saturday, used less than Han a quarter tank of gas because I put five dollars in and it filled the tank, probably drive it a total of 30 miles and lock it up West in mansfiels, ohiocharged me for 70 miles!!!!! What a rip off. It was a local move and I went to my storage unit twice. I will think twice before using uhaul again to move!

Posted by katieking09

Nothing like being hung up on and called "unreasonable" when I requested that the $50 "guarantee" be applied to our reservation after the trailer was not available at the reserved location, but rather at an alternate location. I was spoken to very rudely and told I should be happy to drive to an alternate location because some people had to drive farther.
Also, apparently U-haul is run by a regional manager in Texas, as she does not have a supervisor.

Posted by frustrated former client

never use Uhaul long distance as the customer service follow up is poor. Had alot of tire problems with truck and trailer.

Posted by Anonymous

I guess none of you at the main office care about customer service. All I can say I will never rent a truck from your company again. The experence we will never forget or forgive this manger schould be fired but you havent done a thing so we sent a letter to Austin they called us the next day shame on all of you,
C J Crout

Posted by ....

The worst costomer service in 15 years of experience - no accountability, lies, trying to cover up their asses instead of helping the customers, poor listening skills as if they are doing us a favour.

The only time I reached out to you - never again will I work with U-haul.

Posted by Jordann

U-haul cancelled my reservation for absolutely no reason and simply transferred me through several different people and didn't tell me why I was being transferred to another person. At no point did any of them apologize for cancelling the reservation or take ownership. They simply said "I can't tell who cancelled it but now there is nothing available in your area". They then offered me a unit for double the price they originally told me an hour away. This was a terrible experience and I did not appreciate the way that they handled the customer service portion of their job.

Posted by LJ

Horrible experience!!! We were sent an email two days before and told to pick up the truck at another location that was farther away and to pick it up after noon. Who starts moving at noon??? None the less, we had the truck reserved for weeks. We called customer service, if you want to call it that, and they were very rude, no one wanted to help us and eventually was put through to a voicemail! Called several more times and got the location changed. We go the night before to pick up the truck and there is NO truck for us and of course no one knew where it was. I was told, "I don't know, we don't have a truck for you", My husband had taken off from work, we had a brand new empty house with two small children and no truck to get our things out of storage. We ended up calling Penske, who gave us a truck right away and with a better deal. Go with Penske people, not Uhaul.

Posted by Camper Girl

I was shocked at the LACK of "customer service" by this huge company. I reserved a CARGO VAN in Angels Camp storage place 209 736 9238. The idiots rented it to someone else. I have to go to another town to get a van and they won't waive mileage or help me out in any way. You can not rely on them giving you what you rented. "upgrading" me to a truck would only cost me much more gas and I surely can't camp in it! Corporate gave me no support.

Posted by anonymous

Terrible customer service. Canceled a reservation and tow kit. Then received a call 7 days later that everything was waiting for me. Called store number to re-cancel. Was told everything was fine. Three days later, another call that my tow kit waiting for me. Called again. Same response "all is fine; don't know why you keep getting the calls". 40 minutes later I get an email "tow kit waiting at the store; please email or call to confirm or cancel." I email "already called and canceled". Email response "if you called, you would have talked to Phoenix call center and btw, your order cannot be canceled online". After much painful back and forth, I call for the fifth time and speak to person sending emails who tells me that after they send an email they leave phone unforwarded and you have to immediately call back to avoid getting forwarded to the Phoenix call center in order to cancel the tow kit. In what universe is that logical? I actually work for a living. Very rude. Very unprofessional. Will never use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

The Uhaul trailer disengaged from the truck hitch, making the trailer swing back and forth across into the other lane. Luckily a car was not approaching in the other lane. We were on a two lane State Road, driving slow enough where we were able to come to a stop without it running into the back of the truck. By the time we arrived at our destination, we were so stressed, we returned the trailer a day early. Out of $203 all Uhaul compensated us for was $70. The person I talked to said it has happened before and was glad we were OK. Guess Uhaul is lucky we aren't dead

Posted by Michelle

Uhaul has the worst online reservation system I have ever used! I reserved a pick up for a truck at a specific location for a reason, then the day before I am supposed to pick up my truck I get a conformation email for a different U hual in a differnet city outside of San Anonio. So you are telling me with the size of San Anontio you could not find me another truck within the city. I will never use this reservation system again and I will make sure that no one I know will make the same mistake. My stuff is in storage in San Antonio and I now live in Tyler TX so changing the pick up location the day before is completely unacceptable. And to top it all off I am stuck at work unable to make the calls I need to make to try and correct thier mistake and I had to schedule time off of work to move my things from one city to another so if I am unable to get this corrected and find a truck I am just SOL. HORRIBLE SERVICE.

Posted by Turbohorn

The absolute worst truck rental company around. I reserved a truck 3 weeks in advance at a nearby location for 8am as I had movers scheduled at 9am. When I went to check in online the truck wasn't available until 5pm and a location 2 hours away from where I live. I called customer service and they said the only truck available at 8am was in a town 3 hours away. The absolute worst customer service. I luckily found a Penske at that last minute. The Penske rep was great and very helpful. I would NOT recommend Uhaul. They are the worst.

Posted by Cathunterrp

I rented a 5x8 trailer in Hardin Mt. On the 10th of august,2015. Every trailer at the rental facility had bad tires on them. I was given the best which was dirty, Thread bare tires. The dealer was a half hour late opening up.Then said he wished he was not a u haul dealer. I called national hot line. A lady at the Mt regional office called this morning 08/17/15.Pretty much told me I got from point A to point B and that U-haul was proud of their record. I guess that is why they have a poor rating with BBB.

Posted by Never Uhaul again

After changing my reservation twice, to different locations (one 42 miles away in another city), different times and different days. I had to go back home without my furniture because the final proposed time and date I had to be back at work.

Worst of all when I inquired as to why and what happened, all they would tell me was, "I don't know what to tell you".

I should have used Penske or Budget as in the past I never had issues.

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Posted by Anonymous

I absolutely loved my customer service experience with U-Haul on Joy Rd and Southfield Detroit, MI. People skills were excellent, staff went over board to work out best deals that's fit for moving. Anyone looking to rent I recommend that location.

Posted by Mrs Helene Glover-Seelye

My experience with uhaul have always been professional. Mr. Brian and Mr Erol have been excellent. My name is Mrs. Helene Glover-Seelye hyphenated.

Posted by Anonymous

My contract number I moved from Tulsa, Ok to Dayton, Ohio. I want to give special Thanks to Brian(District Manager Tulsa), Tanya(Tulsa) and Coty(West Carrollton, Ohio) These key professional people are why I continue renting from Uhaul for the past 28 yrs. Now, That's says it all!! Outstanding service and care. Thank You Uhaul for another successful move. See you next time. I would like to request that the people I mentioned above get some very special recognition for their pride and a job well done, Please. Sincerely, Debbie

Posted by Anonymous

I hope it's not too late to give some praise to theses two individuals, but I just want to say Lucas Rogers and Leslie Hardison located at 2900 Atlanta Hwy Athens, GA 30606 U-Haul are outstanding people. If it wasn't for them I would not be starting a new life in FL with my fiancé.
At first I was going to go to budget because originally it was cheaper but when I got there they added $300 dollars to my bill for "taxes" and other ridiculous stuff. I had 24hr till I moved and I was ready to just curl up in a ball and cry. I went to this U-Haul down the street and I told Lucas the problem NOT ONLY was he supper understanding, he also matched the original price that budget gave me. Leslie was also working so hard to help me ON HER BIRTHDAY. They both had the best customer service i had ever seen and they were also extremely nice!! The move went great and its all thanks to them!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You LITRALLY saved my life.

Posted by ??

from Ken Kron

It was general a good experience. The process to rent the U-Haul truck was fine.
My only complain was that the use of gasoline was unfair. I drove the U-Haul
truck a total of 12 actual miles, and I stopped filling the tank after the pump
registered $20 worth of gas. The gas should have cost less than $5-$7.

That left a bitter taste after a good experience.

Ken Kron
Ocoee, Florida

Posted by CAlan


After two unsuccessful wiring installations at U-Haul Fairfax, VA, and after totally unacceptable service stories from that location that are too long to explain here, I finally wrote a complaint to U-Haul Customer Service. Contrary to stories I have read on various forums about U-Haul Customer Service, I found that they do respond and that it does work. If you are having problems, I'd give them a try.

Dustin Clark, Hitch Central Manager at U-Haul International, took up my case and after two months, things began to move. He first researched what wiring hitch was appropriate for my car, something that installers at Fairfax could have easily done the first time. Then, Dustin sent the correct wiring harness directly to my home so it could not be misplaced at the Fairfax location. He made sure that I had a valid appointment today and instructed U-Haul Fairfax that since this was their third try at installation and I had purchased a warranty, they were to make sure there would be no charges to me for either parts or installation.

When I got home we hooked up the trailer and all lights finally work properly this time. After losing the first half of this summer, my wife and I really may be out on the water in our kayaks this week! Thanks U-Haul Customer Service and Mr. Clark. I finally felt as though I had someone in my corner.

Posted by Debbie Campbell

we were very happy with the customer service from the Washington Illinois u-haul dealer

Posted by Ticki

Booked a UHaul trailer out of Victoria BC for March 28, 2015. I was notified on March 27 that a trailer was unavailable in Victoria and I would have to drive 50 miles/ 80 kms to get the trailer I had booked approx 3 weeks earlier. I went down to the Victoria UHaul depot and spoke with Teddy, the Assistant Manager. He was most sympathetic and helpful. He eventually had them focus on completing the repairs ASAP on a 6' x 12' trailer ( the size I needed) that was in the shop and provided it for me the following day. I picked it up the on time with new tires and in very good condition. UHaul gets a less than stellar recommendation but Teddy and the Victoria crew get an 9 out of 10. Thanks Victoria crew!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with U-Haul customer service and support at 8671 Central Ave., store #818034 was great! It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Antoine Budd on October 29, 2014. He is patient and kind. He took the time to answer my 50 questions regarding the packing materials I needed to purchase for my move. He also recommended the size of the U-Haul truck needed to transport my furniture. He was clear and precise regarding how charges would be incurred i.e. truck rental, mileage and refueling. He also explained what I should do if the truck malfunctioned. Mr. Budd addressed all of my concerns and provided me with excellent customer service. Thank you.

Posted by Jenny and helpers

Dear Consumers,

I have used U-Haul trucks in California since 1975. I give Johnny B. Manager of Tasker's of Vista, CA a FIVE STAR RATING !!!

The shop is clean, organized, he is friendly and patient. He is a very professional businessman, and I can really tell the difference ! I have used other rental truck companies before for office moves, etc., and again, I find TASKER'S AUTOMOTIVE 1806 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084 CALL HIM DIRECTLY AT: 760-724- 2184 100 % EXCELLENCE ! IF YOU ARE MOVING ANYWHERE IN NORTH SAN DIEGO COUNTY OR UP TO TEMECULA FROM SAN DIEGO, OR ANY RELOCATING FROM INLAND TO COAST OR ANYWHERE NEARBY, HE IS THE BEST ! Again, ask for J I GIVE HIM A STAR RATING. I am a native of the area, and this is your best U-Haul Rental Co. !!!

Posted by [email protected]

I wish to compliment the excellent service I received on Thursday, Janaury 16, at the U-Haul in Plano, Texas on (Alma and Parker) from Deenese who was gracious, accommodating, and provided great customer service. Keep Her!

Posted by KEVIN

I Would Like To Say, i Rented And Bought Trucks From U-haul. I Never Had A Problem That U-haul Could Not Take Care Of. I Did Find Out That Some Over Charging Was From The Dealer It Self, Not U-haul, So Always Book On Liney My Son And I Bought A 1997 E-350 17 Ft Box Van From A Dealer In Pa, And You Have To Go Threw Thre U-haul Sales And I Had Crystal To Help Me, She Was Great And Took Off A Good Amount Of Money From The Asking Price. What A Great Deal We Got .if You Are Going To Buy A Used U-haul Truck Call The Sales Office And Ask For Crystal. Thanks U-haul Kevin Mosso Flinton Pa

Posted by lanapie

At The Rancho Location Lorin Was Extremely Helpful. Irented The Trailer In The Morning And He Was So Helpful That I Wanted To Tip Him But He Wouldnt Take It. A Coupleof Hours Later My Husband Brought The Trailer Back And He Said The Same Thing. About Elias. Thesde Two Gentleman Deserve Raises

Posted by Anonymous

after dealing with four customer service people working for uhual there did not try to understand me i was very upset no one could help me find my stuff are even try and there were very rude one even hang up the phone on me but thank god for a wonderful customer service name paul 1172507 i did not want to talk to him but in the end he understand me and take his time to help and make sure i get the help i need and now i am very happy thank to paul we need more people like paul who care and understand customer like me thank you very much paul

Posted by Mark

Great service I rented a ramp trailer recently and I was given excellent customer service.It wasin charlotte North Carolina 2473 the owner Joe and manager Scott were very helpful with my rental Iwould recommend this dealer to anyone that needs a truck or trailer

Posted by sweetlady

First of I read the above complaints. I have quite another story to report . My 47 year old son, rented a U Haul truck, driving from michigan to Tucson Az . Unfortunately, he only made it as far as Lofton Rest Area in Arizona . You see he suffered a fatal Heart attack and passed away(2 weeka ago) U haul was wonderful about taking care of everything for us . They sent a driver to pick up the truck
and drive it here to us. They even hired moving men to meet us to the undloading site . They unloaded all of his belongings so that we could go thru them and donated the rest to the White elephant here . I am so grateful for all their help
Thank you and your wonderful company

Sincerely .. Mrs Geraldine

Posted by lawsons

my husband I and needed a trailer to transport my mom things from Jackson,Tn to Indiana the young man at the Airways Blvd location Harold Long was very professional and helpful,very knowledgeable if I'm in need of your services again in that location I will certainly look for Harold.
Thanks, again Harold


Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car carrier and purchased the tow ins. The coverage was for up to $10,000. The carrier was hooked up by the uhaul dealer. When we went to load the vehicle we were towing the the carrier came off the ball and caused some damage to the tailgait of my friends truck. After contacting the insurance carrier,REPWEST, the claim was denied because we didn't check the connection. At $11.00 a rental that's a profitable scam you got going on there. Gee Thanks for the shaft.

Posted by ernesto

Thank-you Brenda and Michael at Goodyear uhaul for the great service and advise rendered again with the rest of my things! hope your holidays are at best!

Posted by Happy Renter

I rented a truck in Laveen, AZ this weekend and everything went well. The staff was friendly and helpful and when they offered me boxes and tape I remembered that I needed a mattress cover. Thanks.

Posted by Happy Renter/Buyer

I rented a 17ft uhaul from a dealer in Atlanta 2536 Metropoitan Pkwy. JFA & More Furniture location these guys here have there act togather. I was able to get so many things at this location that I needed such as they had a great wide selection of furniture at the best price that me and my husband was so happy with the prices that we saved so much money because we were going to wait until we moved before buying because we had all ready priced the items we needed they were able to get most of all items and saved us a great amount we even got to get king mattress sets for only 300.00 it was BIG SAVINGS. Thanks for making this place 1 of your dealers.

Posted by Anonymous

Mockville oil & Uhaul did a great job checking
in truck.

Mocksville NC

also customer service in Chicago gave excellent guidance on turning in truck

Posted by Anonymous

Meranda G. the pick up location picked up my uhual was very helpfull the young man that was there knew what he was doing and i will diffently refer that store to my friends. (37355)

Posted by Anonymous

uhaul in Jacksonville saved our trip!
on a recent trip to visit a friend in Daytona suffering a heart attack we left after he promised to go to the hostipal.
On our return trip from Daytona to Ill. the transmission burned up in my old gmc.I called my friend in Daytona and he contacted uhaul in Jacksonville on Normandy ave.
Eric left the store picked me on the road, gave me a ride to rent a truck and trailer and with help from Jesse we were back on the road in 3 hours. I dropped off the truck and trailer 2 miles from my home the next morning. The equipment was first class and service was above and beyond. Thanks Eric, Jesse and everyone at uhaul in Jacksonville. Charles H. Bryan

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with uhaul was ideal, very timely service and explained well . Truck worked very well . All went well with no problems or issues .

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been a U-Haul dealer since 1992. This week a regional or district manager has asked my employee of 21 years with storage rental and u-haul rental experience to apply for a job in our area where they are locating one of their "big" stores. How unprofessional can one be to hire my trained employee away from me????? Hire your own people and train them the way I did. As a small business I can't offer all the perks a big corp. can but he has been treated well over the years. Now I need to rethink if I still even want to be a u-haul dealer. Probably not with such low scruples. I am looking into the legal aspect of the circumstances to ascertain if filing a lawsuit is justified.

Posted by mitchelljbeavers

i am a uhaul customer service rep and i see all these customers who post comments on how horrible we are how our rates suck. if you dont like our rates dont rent from us. plain and simple. but we have so much on everyone else if you can find a better rate we will match it or go lower. customers see the 19.95 and think that thats all theyre paying are imbeciles it says on all of our trucks that there are mileage fees. if you ever get the chance give uhaul a try i mean honestly we are only here to help you. i love being able to help a customer but when i have customers that dont want what i can give them and only what they feel they deserve, i cant fully do my job. if i cant do my job and give you the best i can give i have failed. i try so hard to make my customers happy everyday. i have never lied or misled a customer. if they take what i say and twist it thats their own ordeal. not a reflection of uhaul.


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