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Twitter customer service is ranked #864 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 176 ratings. This score rates Twitter customer service and customer support as Terrible.


176 Negative Comments out of 176 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 176 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 19.60 Overall Rating
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    • 176 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

No customer support over the telephone?... my account was suspended and I won't be coming back, you're pathetic.

Posted by I don't have one

I attempted to sign up for an account. I put in all of my information and it was accepted.Then I put in my email address and was told it belonged to another account.As far as I know, I never signed up for an account with Twitter.The email address belongs to me, Karen Carpenter,and no one else. I need this to be resolved.

Posted by John F Younghanz

Trying to establish a Twitter Acct. Have tried numerous times and for some reason or reasons it's not working. Please contact me to discuss... Thanks...John F Younghanz in Kansas City, MO.

Posted by Robert A Schimke

When are you going to provide customer service over the phone. Yesterday there was a news flash that you are still losing money! No wonder, with no customer service how are you going to grow company? You cannot cost your way to grow. This is ludicrous. You go to 300 million users I nobody can talk to anybody at your company. Twitter will not grow if people cannot use it properly or if there are problems that cannot be fixed. Please give real and not fake news like Donald Trump does. Please, please, please I am begging you and thousands of other Twitter users begging you, Really begging you to do something about this!

Posted by don't have one yet

Two days ago, I tried to sign up or sign into Twitter for the first time. All was going OK until got to the phone number, when for some reason I had to go to my e-mail (something about the password, I think) When I came back, a message stated that my account had "exhibited automatic behavior" and to continue. But when I entered my 'phone number, there was nothing to verify it against. No luck getting a real person. I googled Twitter for a phone number, which advised I could reach them by e-mail. If it's on the site, I haven't found it.
If there is any charge for for this service, let me know by e-mail but DO NOT PERFORM THE SERVICE! I'd rather do without Twitter than have to pay someone to get me connected to that kind of rude and narcistic service

Posted by cat051866

I forgot my password and email seems to be wrong on twitter by a letter so can't get help. Also phone has changed so can't get messages that way. Email should read new phone keep getting robotic answer and is no help

Posted by [email protected]

After my email was hacked and identity stolen someone initiated tbis account. I want it deactivated NOW. I am constantly bombarded with email updates that I have neither requested or want. I have tried following your guidelines to no avail. I am currently undergoing chemo for progressive brain cancer and no

Longer have access to a computer I only have my iPhone which apparently isn't able to be used to deactivate this account. I have attempted to call you to speak to a human but you've clearly made it impossible. Do any humans work at Twitter?

Please call me Richard or my wife Kathy

Posted by anonymous

twitter is nothing but a waste of time money and efforts in taking up other peoples time with bullshix they cant even have the decency to help with. i would DELETE my twitter account if the bastards would let me back in my locked account to do so. stupid gits with primordial sludge for brains built that site. no wonder thing is not working at all

Posted by Caluth

Incredible bad customer service
I have never received any worse customer service as from Twitter. We are trying to get access to a Twitter account. The administrator of this account died last year, and the mail account associated with the Twitter account doesn't exist anymore. Twitter refuses to help get access to the account. They keep saying that we need to e-mail them from the associated mail account but as this mail account is non-existing this is impossible. And they refuse to look at other means of proving ownership. It's no wonder Twitter is not succeeding in making the company profitable.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi,can someone please call me, someone has put a photo of me on Twitter last night & labelled me a racist,& told lots of lies.his twitter name is manc lorenzo, he was sat near me& took a picture of me,without my permission.l would like you to contact virgin trains customer services& investigate this, l look forward to your mobile number is
Cheers Terry Milner,

Posted by Theo. Olson

Please help. My soundcloud/Theodore olson Has a problem I can't upload any more. I upgraded to the pro. Paid 135 dollars. And emailed and tried to contact. No help. Nothing. Only to find. Twitter bought soundcloud. Can some turn on or help me with my soundclound account. Talked to my credit card company to dispute. Regards Theodore. Olson

Posted by CharKruuggX


I'm not able to log in to my account which is because I've forgotten my password. However the email address which is linked with my Twitter account is my old email from a few years ago and no longer exists, so I'm unable to reset my password. I would very much appreciate it if I could get a link to my new email address which is to reset my password. Or anything that could help me use my account again.

Posted by jessieSDW

please is their ant twitter reo to talk to in person

Posted by Romoscowboys

I left a message the other day and reported someone about harassing me and other people on Twitter this guy's a minute and a piece of garbage he has no right to be on Twitter and you should get rid of him make it so he could never have an account again and I haven't heard anything back from you guys. I want to know what's going on what's taking so long for you to do something

Posted by rjf3123

Why are you people posting support questions to Twitter on this site?

Do you really think anyone from Twitter reads this? Hell, they don't read their own t tweets.

Posted by Anonymous

I never started a Twitter account. Please cancel it. My phone number This is a ftudek account. Thank you fot assistance.

Isabell Robertson.

Posted by @ERecairns

I belive I messed up yesterday while on my Twitter site while moving the mouse around the pictures and comments became larger i belive while clicking or moving my mouse around the picture became very small and has remained that way since I enjoy your site can you please help me thanks

Posted by Gmuskiet or Gmuskie1

My Twitter account is hacked and my phone is ha heed through it. My email also has unauthorized user on it. I am in a mess have posted #support And #nsa when I could get in but now my account is taken over. The worse part is these people are teaching others how to get into phones. Computers etc. My account iMuskieT He had access my iPhone account through apps and suggesting to others to go through unblocked phone number forget blocked numbers. This was written and then taken down Jan 39 or 31. Today he wrote tobJustin Raimondo disabling unlimited password attempts for this phone would do it for all phones. The person doing this is Russell muskiera previously Russell Ashbaugh MuskieRA and Muskie trading. This is more than a few bad guys fooling around. He is dangerous I have an attorney on this case have contacted Comcast and will now hire security. This person was found to have 140 books are killing is a isolated loner hate us fits all the descriptions of someone who could be very dangerous to others. Do Not Attempt to contact me by email as he is in it through my Apple ID. This has been an ongoing problem. You may reach me T 5743438575 or my home number at 574 3332126. My iPhone is through Spirint and registered to my daughter a Spirint employee. They have cleared it once took 2 hrs and it took one day for the unauthorized user to get in again. I also have. Mac Pro IMac and iPad. I believe he might be getting in through my Apple ID assigned to me from my 1st purchase. ONly since he is off and a stalker he somehow got to this phone also. Most likely IP address if I had wifi on at any time. I can quit Twitter only you should be aware of the activity of some groups within your Twitter. Oh he also told one person caseyparksit how to hide gold by moving it often or bury in yard. This was also around Jan 31 and he actually stole my gold so it is unreal that he supports to others. Again if you email me Please don't say anything important in the message. I do not open my email at this time as he gets into contacts and send discrediting emails to business associates. He maybe doing the same on Twitter. I worked with us rowing for 24 year and this is quite embrassing. I have no other direct way to contact you at this time. I hope you take this group seriously as it is feeding into the current problem we are having in the us. Thank you for your consideration. Dee Ashbaugh

Posted by N/A

I do not have a Twitter account but was alarmed tonight that someone has opened an account using my information and email address. I have not given anyone permission to do this. Would you please look into this and shut this fraudulent account down immediately.

Posted by RobertBurnsOB

I called the number. Thanks. But, the outgoing message says that unfortunately Twitter does not provide telephone support. So, please take the number down or highlight that it is a dead end.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, this is Darius McGoughy the owner of an account I want deleted but I have no access to get me into the account to delete it. The account username is Deleting this account would mean so much to me knowing that my future is on the line with having this account. Please may you do everything to help me delete it so I can continue on with my education and basketball dream at a Division 1 college. Thanks so much.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service by email stinks. Why did you change access. Now I can't access my account and you won't tell me why or how to fix it. I've been an excellent twitter customer.

Posted by Anonymous

A manager for Charter Communications, is slandering me, and others, by contacting Twitter, multiple businesses and other social media sites to tell them lies about us. I have a complaint against her, I was told her name is Lori Perkins, but she's have given different names to different people. I filed the complaint with federal authorities because she continues to send my picture, contact my employers, and companies I apply to, and tell them outlandish lies. I've been contacted by many people stating that The Charter Manager is reporting insane lies about me to Twitter, Face Book, etc. She has posted pictures of my family and I, along with racist insults and lies on multiple sites including Yahoo Chat.

Posted by Southern Belle

recently i noticed i couldn't get into my twitter account well i haven't been online most of the month of December 2015 due to surgery and recovery but i couldn't log in yesterday and i remember i couldn't log in a week or so ago ...i passed off ..due to pain lol. but i clicked on the forgot password selected to for reset to be sent to my email addy ..right? WELL WTF???? they sent it i did receive it but they were referring to someone else not me beginning with their salutation "Hi Nisha Long" " WTF? twitter's sending my info to someone else because i got someone elses account listed with my email addy. WAIT ...when i searched for my user name in twitter came up with ***Owens except was all in lower case lettering they wouldn't allow 2 users to have that two users with the same name that close to be exact right? well they sure as hell won't contact u, and i read that they were sending out resets to other users and quite a few without the users awareness. so now what someone has access to my account? my information? so how do i get this fixed? ANY SUGGESTIONS?

i wrote twitterinc on facebook and they have to approve ur msg before they will post it so there is another waiting period for approval and all the while the @ss hole who has got my info is able to dive in deeper i mean how does this sort of thing happen with a major corporation? security security security!!!!!!!!! and WHERE THE HELL IS TWITTER?

better surface soon!

Posted by debrajean20

trying to find out why and how money was withdrawn from my checking account by advertising without my authorization.
i have tried several times to get some help, but no response from twitter.

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Posted by Anonymous

i cannot log into twitter anymore because of the new ios7 crap update. i hate it. ever since the update, nothing but problems and trouble have come to my iphone5. and now i cannot even log into twitter because it says that it does not recognize my email address, and i know the one im typing in is correct because i only have one email address. i have seen people with the same problem after the update, so please help me!


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