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Turtle Beach customer service is ranked #308 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 38.77 out of a possible 200 based upon 105 ratings. This score rates Turtle Beach customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


96 Negative Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 91.43%.


9 Positive Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 8.57%.

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  • Turtle Beach

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    • 38.77 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 96 negative comments (91.43%)
    • 9 positive comments (8.57%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Contacted technical support in February regarding my sons faulty headset (which should still have had full warrenty as it was a Christmas present so only 2 months old ) After a complete balls up where I was initially advised NOT to send the faulty product and a 2 week delay I returned the product one month ago and despite chasing up every few days and several frustrated emails we still have not even had an email to say the headset has been repaired!!
Worst customer service I have ever know!!

Posted by sam

Turtle beach uk _ worst customer service ever had the displeasure to have to deal with!! faulty goods signed for 9 weeks ago and still no replacement and no dispatch even though promised weeks ago !! avoid at all costs, absolutely shocking company !!

Posted by LtTiger

Absolutely terrible customer service in the UK. My wireless headphones just stopped working one day, arranged a repair, sent them off. It has now been three months since they signed for the package.

They either don't reply to emails or on both occasions they did they ask me to wait another week and if it doesn't come they will send another.. dodgy in itself.

Will never buy turtle Beach again.

Posted by James

Had a pair of turtle beach headphones that stopped working under warranty. They agreed to replace them however they didnt have any available in the UK and they were imported from Germany. Weeks later I have received a duty and tax invoice for over £22 for the these imported headphones which I’m now apparently liable to pay after speaking to the delivery company. I can’t get a hold of turtle beach and they are not responding to my emails. Worst customer service ever. I don’t realky have a choice but to pay for this until someone replies

Posted by Anonymous

Rudest customer service rep I have ever dealt with in my life. Instead of being sympathetic over a broken usb cord (he's only had this head set for a month and this is the first time he ever tripped over it) to a gaming head set (bought at Wal-Mart, which the wiring is poorly made. My son accedently tripped over the wiring and and it pulled one of those little bitty wires out of that tiny electronic box thing that plugs into the ps3, and the casing around it popped off too into 2 pieces, mind you my cell phone charger has been yanked, pulled, etc and none of them wires break off, but Samsung is much better quality it appears than this joke of a company Turtle Beach.) she was totally rude about it saying those cords aren't made for that type of abuse and assurinfmg me very rudely thatvtgeir products are made well. Abuse? Really, idiot? My 9 year old son didn't "abuse" it. It is poorly made, which apparently she felt the need to justify the flimsy piece of junk. After being rude, refusing to transfer me to a supervisor she also refused to give me her name also. She didn't make me happy at all. In fact she made me angrier than I already was. I will never buy turtle beach anything. Your customer service is beyond horrible and your products are cheaply made. I hope my phone call was "monitored and recorded", but I assume they are never due to 90%+ negative reviews.

Posted by Master Xbox boy

I have a set of turtle beach headphones that has stopped working. I keep trying to submit a request but it tells me the serial number but it says it's not a valid serial #. I'm trying to send headphones in to be fixed so if you can help me out with a address to send them to would be great.

Posted by pwdrrider

Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The customer service rep started yelling at me!!!
I will NEVER buy, use or recommend their product again.

Posted by TBsuxbahls

Turtle Beach customer phone number since they hide it: (914)345-2255

Turtle beach customer service SUCKS! bottom line. they only want you to interact by email so they take their time and respond to you in 2-3 days and then not even answer the got dang question. you read on the website that orders placed AFTER 830a east coast time will be processed the next day. just say order will be processed next day MORONS! Next, they don't process it next day, it just sits. TWO more days after that they finally ship it out. now i understand three days after ordering something isn't that long, IF YOU'RE ORDERING FROM JOE SCHMOE ON EBAY, but this is a business. get your shiz together. even ebayers have the ability to send out SAME DAY!

Now comes the juicy parts. i had ordered some speaker plates with my headset. at that time on their website it said the headset AND the speaker plates were all available ready to ship. when i received my order, surprise surprise, only the headset was there. i checked the packaging slip and it showed only one item on the order, the headset. i checked my invoice from ordering and both headset and plates were listed as well as i had been charged for both. shot turtle beach an email inquiring about my missing items and eventually they responded w/:

Speaker plates are printed upon order. We will be shipping the plates this week.

Thanks for telling me what i already knew and thanks for the vague solution for the prob. So what do you know, end of the week, still no email response about shipped items. Finally found a phone number to contact these knuckleheads, nowhere on there website btw, and gave them a call. the guy on the phone seemed more concerned with proving something i said as wrong rather than just resolve the issue or even explain more about the issue they were having. it's like pulling teeth from these guys to get more information. so basically the guy responds with:

TB: "ok it says it will be shipped by the end of this week."
me: "you've been sitting on it for a week now, whats taking so long?"
TB: "it wasn't included in the order, it'll be out by the end of the week"

(thank you captain obvious)

me: "why can't it ship out right away?"
TB: "speaker plates are custom made and require time before they're sent out."
me: "not according to your website when i placed the order, they said 'In Stock" ready to ship."
TB: "where, where does it say that?"
me: "on the page with all the speaker plates, and in the cart when you're checking out."

(at this time i'm pulling up the website to look up the page with the speaker plates so i could read it verbatim, except it's nonexistent, they've since changed their site since i placed my order almost two weeks ago)

me: "i can't seem to find the page, do you have a computer on your end to look it up."
TB: "i don't understand what you want me to pull up."
me: "i can't find the page with the speaker plates anymore, help me navigate to them."
TB: "speaker plates have been discontinued, we don't offer them anymore."


they could've just said that from the beginning and that quantities were low and had to be special ordered for the remaining orders left. we expect them to ship out on this date or dates, not at the end of the week(which i'm confident is not gonna happen at this point)

All in all their customer service alone is enough for me not to want to do business with them. I used to be a fan of turtle beach using their older headsets on the 360 PX5/xp500'S (such nice quality for the headsets minus some static once in awhile from interfering signals) but it seems their products have turned to cheap garbage as of late. 420x's were way overpriced for what they are. this newest set i bought, hoping their flagship wireless elite 800x's would restore some confidence in me about their brand. however, i feel they are slightly better quality in build than the 420x but overall just cheap junk. the cheaper 420x has better bluetooth range than the "elite". i can't even walk to my front door(20 ft away from transmitter) without losing audio to the elite headsets. the 420x's i could walk all over my house(3 floors) and into my garage and even my back yard when letting my dog out. i will not be purchasing turtle beaches again.

Posted by Suuh Dude

Turtle beach has rats. Terrible, no, non-existent customer service, terrible products that dont last and damage other equipment theyre used with. Do NOT buy from this company.

Posted by lacannon

Waited a week for reply regarding faulty mic. Then standard copy n paste replies. Requested refund as product faulty then just blanked. Eventually received standard reply offering replacement mic so request for refund just ignored. No replacement mic sent. Do not use this company. Spent £40 on item not fit for purpose and all complaints just ignored .

Posted by keithk1014

I bought the px24 headset about a month ago since unboxin I have had issues with the sound cutting out and not working at all I reached out to customer service and they tell me to ship the headset back to them at my expense and will take 2 to 3 weeks to fix and send back I explained to them that I play in a lot of tournaments and I coukdnt afford to loose the headset for that long is there anyway they could ship me one until mine gets fixed and they refused I don't understand I guess its because I'm not in optic or faze or sponsored by them that they do not care at all about regular customers I tried to return to the store but they have a policy no returns on open electronics so I'm stuck here its either I keep using this and messing around with the wire until it works or I send it in and possibly not have for a month idk what to do at this point I may just throw out and go to astro gaming

Posted by jason

they only correspond through email and each mail takes 3-4 days for a replyso as you can imagaine trying to solve problems which would take 5 mins on a phone call take weeks. I will never buy turtle beach again for this reason shocking aftercare

Posted by Anonymous

go buy a different brand, my $300 xp510s didn't last 2 years with minimal use by an adult, mic side support has 3 cracks and the company is giving lame bs that its not covered as warr was only 1 yr when its obviously a defect

Posted by Where's My EU support

No link to european support! Emailed US support with my serial number, got response asking for my serial number. Support technicians can't read! No response from facebook or repeated emails to support team after several weeks. Useless company!!

Posted by Kk

Worst customer service ever they don't respond to any emails it's been 2 weeks going on 3 and I haven't heard anything back since then confirming they got my email. I recommend not buying a headset from here if you don't want it to break this is the 5th headset I've had from them and they've all broke.

Posted by A Watkins

Shocking service from beginning to end. Goods took 6 days to arrive and then faulty. Still trying to get my money back but they do not seem to care. A joke of a company - buy elsewhere.

Posted by Aekt

Their website froze and processed my order twice. I didn't get any order confirmation, so I contacted them, and that is how I found out. They refused to cancel one order even though it had not yet shipped, so my card got overdrafted and I had to wait for the packages to arrive, then pay the return shipping myself to return one. But they did me the favor of waiving the 15% restocking fee?!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever!!!!! Bought the wrong mic and never used it but they wont exchange for the right part. They said they responded to my email but I never got a response and she was very rude about it. The number to contact support was hidden and super hard to find. Less then impressed.

Posted by TB Bob

My transmitter seemed to die completely...so I thought Turtle Beach support could help. Went through their whole process and sent them my problem issue. They said they will respond via email. I also wanted to know if the from people saying Xbox One updates have caused their transmitters to fail in the past....as that morning a system update was done (Nov 10, 2016) and it wasnt working after that! I also had a question about their refurbished replacement transmitters on their site.

Here is the response from their wonderful support department. If you might buy from them...remember this is the care you will get post purchase!


Hello xxxxxx, (my name)

Try replacing the batteries in the headset with a brand new set of alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries. Rechargeable batteries, even when new, deliver a lower voltage than alkaline batteries. Their voltage droops lower as they age, until they no longer hold a full charge. That's why it's best to try a set of brand new alkaline batteries, especially when troubleshooting a problem in the headset.


If your headset has problems like...

- Sudden pairing issues

- Strange sounds in the headset

- Headset not powering on

- Audio switched sides- Other "glitchy" behavior


Your first line of defense should always be to power cycle the headset and transmitter.

You'll need to go through everything in the proper order.

- First, unplug the transmitter or transceiver's USB power cable to make sure it is completely shut down.

- Then, while it is shut down, completely power down the headset.

- To power off the headset, simply remove the batteries. Leave them out for at least 10-15 seconds to make sure it's completely shut down.

Now, first power on the headset, then power on the transmitter. You may find that you need to re-pair the headset to its transmitter or transceiver. If you're having trouble pairing, please follow these detailed instructions



Posted by Hooknit

PX24 inline amp charge port broke. THE male end that goes into the charging cable. Not good Turtle Beach for a set of 80 dollar headset.

Posted by Jason

Bought turtle beach PX22 headset had them for a few months working great but then the sound would only work in one ear. But then the end of the wire from the headset going into the controller broke? I don't know how this happened and I've never sceen this before.

Posted by T3RRAF0RM

I bought a pair of headphones that were advertised as surround sound on the website. On receipt of said headphones it came to my attention that they would not surround sound, they were stereo. I tried to contact them through their support email address & after a 5 day wait, I got a reply saying to contact EU support. after another 4 days I had a reply telling me to contact sales. Any company this size should have a contact phone number for support.
I have always been a fan of their products but their customer service is diabolical. If you plan on buying any of their products I'd say get them from a retailer you can trust. Not from their online store.

Posted by Wow you're company sucks

They have one of the worst customer services I've seen by far,I send in a headset to get fixed it just had the sound cut off from one of the ear cups.So i email them multiple times info about it (think they hire clueless morons), I finally sent my one off to be fixed and i get a replacement and test it out has a faulty amp,and a bent jack and still here explaining to the morons.

Posted by Wow turtle beach...really

Ordered from TB WEBSITE STEALTH 500 they showed up broken.the mute Button did not work when u pressed it it sunk in and never came out agian, the sliders didn't control audio independently. It was a mess to say the least. Customer service was worse then the product, during the process of trying to get a replacement I was greeted with a who cares attitude and a whatever modus operandi. They didn't like me so they forced a refund against my request and hung up and this was the supervisor...smh Just wanted to share my experience needless to say I will never purchase another product from a company this out of touch with its consumers.

All I can say to people thinking about buying something from turtle beach is BEWARE it only takes one experience like mine for you to feel like "I should have known better".

Posted by vbrister

i will never own another turtle beach product getting ahold of product support is a major drawback no one will talk to u live

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Posted by michael

The support was a bit slow, but they did do a great job solving my problem and replaced me with a better working headset.

Posted by sobe

Well, I'm not really sure why so many people have such bad reviews for them. The only thing I really didn't like was the fact that I had to pay for return shipping. It cost me nearly 20 bucks to send it back. For the time spent waiting for a new headset and money spent shipping it I could have probably just bought a new one, but I hate spending money.

Anyway, Here my review.

- Fairly quick response time. Within 24hours of intial e-mail. Any emails after that within few hours if it was within working hours. Or got email response next day right when they opened.
- Returns seem fairly flexible if you don't mind shipping the item back
- Love the headset

- Paying to ship the item back
- Waiting 10-14 days for new one.
- Only email support.

Posted by SMGordon1259

wow unbelievable, I can not understand why so many had issues with turtle beach support. My experience was a positive one, A Gentleman named Danny replied to my email about my damaged headset, his actions were top of the line, very helpful man, I am waiting now for my replacement headset.

Posted by Anonymous

The X12 head set is pretty good after a year of use it turns into a very obnoxious a new feature is a sqeeling head set and all the others are really expensive and doesn't a good job i just want to here the game and here and talk to my friends this head set company ask for to much while their product lacks in longevity. This complainant is not a nag or a pull down but a suggestion to lower the prices and improve amour/protection to you product even when taken care of it brakes it is useless to me and others till price drops and improvement are made,

Posted by Anonymous

Brilliant returns services.the right speaker stopped
Working so I sent an email to support and got reply
Same day with shipping adress for return.they had
No problem replacing them.top service

Posted by alex jones

i have got to say i dont know why everyone is listing bad comments.ive had my p90x Headphones almost 2 yrs,ive dropped them,stepped on them many times,accedentally twisted the heck out of them,heck i even bent the headphones jack and they still work GREAT!you can use them for so many things,watching tv,they work on my tablet,my computer too! THANKS for the awesome product!

Posted by SouthernGirl

I purchased an X12 headset in Feb 2012. In Jn 2013, the left speaker started going bad. I contacted customer support through their website, and was contacted within 24 hours. An RMA was issued, and I packed and shipped my headset to them. They received the package and logged into their system on Feb 20, according the email I received. Later that same day, I got another email to inform me that a package was being shipped to me via Fed Ex. It arrived about an hour ago, and inside was a brand new X12 headset. Now, I had expected they would repair mine, or send me a refurbished pair. The fact that these are brand new, still in a sealed retail box, is just awesome. Thanks, Turtle Beach! I've recced your headset to all of my gamer friends!

Posted by Anonymous

I read through the comments and notice all of them are negative. I must have gotten really lucky. I contacted them through email only so I can't really comment on their phone service, but the person that handled my claim was very professional and courteous. He went by the name of Judge. The first email I sent took about a day for him to respond. I had let him know right of the bat that I didn't have a receipt and it was 11 months old. (By the way its a px21 headset and the right ear went out.) He quickly sent me an RMA number and told me to send it back. I did have to pay for shipping (only $10), but didn't complain because they really didn't have to fix it since I had no proof of purchase. We traded about 6 or 7 emails and each email except the first were replied to within 2 to 5 hours.

Posted by gizmado

I purchased a pair of Turtle Beach headphones as a Christmas Present to myself. In February, I had an issue with the headphones. I contacted Turtle Beach Customer Service, and they immediately issued me an RMA to send them the product so they could investigate. Less than 2 weeks later I had a new pair in hand. The entire process was smooth. There were no hoops to jump through. I am really impressed with the quality of the customer service. The product itself (X11) is also great. I will continue to use this company for all of my headphone needs.

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