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    • 823 negative comments (93.95%)
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Posted by Anonymous

filled taxes on feb 6 was approved on 19th.I called and was told money was put on card i never received.I WAS TOLD TO WAITE 7 days if still no card call back..Iwaited 9 days still no card so i called again AND was told card would be expidited to me in 3 days through fedex but they couldn't give me a tracking number.SO one month later still no card and no MONEY....

Posted by Anonymous

I have completed all my turbo taxes for all years i was supose to file me Jason head of house hold and plus 2 independents and o also have a w2 form and it seems like i cannot finish the online application correctly please help me please

Posted by Na

Says number not available to help and Sends you to online

Posted by MICHAEL

Did My Taxes Early Because I Needed To Know How Much Money I Would Owe. I Checked Out Just To Get The Final Dollar Amount Which Was $91 . This Was On January 30th 2016. I Waited Till April 12th To Finalize And It Charged Me $121.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a long time TurboTax customer. In recent years, I have used TurboTax products via the T. Rowe Price Personal Services discount. This year, the product I used required a $10.00 extra charge for TRP investors. The sales tax charged was 9.5% or $0.95. My address is Issaquah, WA which does indeed have a 9.5% sales tax, but I live outside the city limits in unincorporated King County which has a sales tax of 8.6%. This situation is not unusual for a state that combines the flat state sales tax rate with varying local sales tax rates. Calculating sales tax based on address city alone will always create errors for such a state. To be accurate, the STREET and city must be used. The 9 cent overcharge is not of concern to me, but it is concerning that a company in the tax return business does not know this or simply doesn't care. Will be passing this info along the T. Rowe Price also.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer for many years. this year out of a small rebate of $306.00 you took out $180.86 of fees the dollar and cents were not disclosed till after purchase you set up scam company used as third party to charge fees,over charged me more for your service then first told to me on site then said in a document after printing returns that $34.99 scam bank fee,over charged turbo tax fee $99.98 for 140ez, add products service i never added 44.99,with no way to contact you leaving a $184.04 return and only receiving 180.68 you are thieves lost a good customer will tell friends and family to calling bbb to report to.

Posted by Miriam

TurboTax made an error by putting my tuition amounts into incorrect boxes! I've checked it mane times and have screenshots to prove it. I've only noticed it after filing the return and saving a pdf for my records. I called the customer service but was told "I understand how you feel but unfortunately we can't do anything"!!! I wanted to make a complaint but it's impossible to find a way of emailing them. I WILL NOT USE THEM AGAIN!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Called three times never returned calls.Then got to end not free charged me $24.99 & $34.99 for both efiles I think at the end they now you want to opt out of that that's why they don't return calls Told my family not to bother with this. False advertising not free

Posted by John

I was charged $72 using the free and state forms. It made me complete everything and at the end it switched over to the deluxe package. Very deceptive and will NEVER use turbotax again. I'm going with Taxact.

Posted by Veteran TT User

I have been filing with Turbotax for years. This year was the first year I had to call customer service to resolve the issue. For starters, the representative sounded drunk or high - at one point, I literally heard him stretching and yawning, slurring his words and mumbling to himself. Secondly, the people who answer the phone know nothing about taxes or Turbotax - they type your question into their computer and request help from people who actually know. The person I talked to just literally read the answers back to me... with no understanding. Lastly, our conversation concluded with him making "guesses" about that the answers from the person meant and what I could expect when my filing was accepted!!! Are you kidding me? And, of course, there is not way to email a rating or feedback of any kind. The software is definitely passable - but the customer service is deplorable. So if you need help, don't use Turbotax.

Posted by Too Expensive

I have been a long time TurboTax user but that stopped this year. Intuit decided to not include a state return with their software requiring you to purchase it separately. Intuit is gouging its customers and gets greedier every year. Enough is enough, I switched to Tax Act for half the cost and am satisfied with my experience so far. More people need to vote with their wallet and shop around for a tax software that is less expensive.

Posted by Anonymous

It would be nice if they told you there are other forms you need to fill out to file your tax returns. I had to get forms, then mail them to my stqte for PTC. Am still waiting for my refund, if I'm lucky I might get my refund. My grandson also was not told he would need forms from The Marketplace before filing his taxes. He only had insurance through them for 3 months in 2015, but did not know you had to fill ou extra forms. Never did get form 1095a and was a nightmare to get that information. Delayed his refund fund for at least 6-8 weeks. Thanks a lot, turbo tax!!!!!!

Posted by Bdog2222

I've been on hold for over 2 hours and still no assistance. There's no one I can complain to because they have no customer complaint department. This is the last year I'll ever use TT.

Posted by Anonymous

I forget his name, but when I explained I needed TT service to reset my card payment, he just says he doesn't know and tells me to try refile my returns (Even though i said I tried that 5 times already before calling). I try to refile again and get the same page saying I can't e-file until I get reset my card. most frustrating experience ever, and he himself told me that they were closing in 20 minutes and I could tell he was rushing me. Said there'ld be an email sent for me to rate his service, haven't received it yet so I came here to bash on his very unhelpful and unwilling service.

I called again and another lady, Acari? Acara? she was polite and very patient, walking me through everything even though it was past closing hours. It took awhile for her to understand the problem that needed to be addressed was resetting my card amount and so the only thing we were able to accomplish was getting the service number that'd do it for me. still, her service and politeness over the phone was the best, very different from the other guy who didn't even try to look into my problem.

Posted by Nancy

I have been on hold waiting for an hour and a half for "please stay on the
line your call will be answered shortly". I need technical support. This is
a joke. Been a turbotax user for 5 years and this is the first time I've needed assistance. What a joke. If I could figure out how to get my prior tax return hardcopied, I'd ditch turbotax!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The service is ABYSMAL. My credit card was inadvertently charged twice. Fixing this should have been a simple task that should have taken 2 minutes. Instead, numerous attempts to get through, with wait times of up to 90 mins. After waiting all that time, placed on hold for 20 minutes, then I was disconnected. Then starting all over at the beginning of the line -- another 60 minute wait. Literally hours spent on correcting their mistake.

Posted by michael_socal

What a rip off turbo tax online is. I notices that I made a mistake within 24 hours of filing and called right away to get it reversed.
The answer was I need to wait till I get the refund and that they be more than happy to refund me the $39.99.
After all I had to case number stating my issue
Called today 02/05/16 and spoke to Carol and was told that they cannot refund me. Did ask for a manager or supervisor and was told she need to call me. I said I would wait on hold and then she said there is no supervisor on Duty. What the Heck.
CA State refund was suppose to be free...I did get charged
NO SUPERVISOR. Left me name and number and was told AMY the supervisor will call me.

Posted by Out of luck

They filed my taxes and made my payment in February although I asked for April 18. After three calls they said I could talk with the IRS - RIGHT!! The nice final statement was. "well that sounds like a user error." Very nice comment when they made the payment on the wrong date.

Posted by Dd

I will never file with turbo tax again . They said that my refund was rejected . They dnt give you full detail nor help fix it so i keep getting the same text everytime i think ive fixed whatever the problem maybe . The irs nothinf is wrong but yet i cannot check my status for my return an its soooo hard trying to get awholed on someone from turbotax to eveb talk to they always have high volume an never calls back . Never again.

Posted by OR ARTS TAX

Turbo Tax supposedly helps Oregon filers fill out forms for the Oregon ARTS tax, but it refuses to acknowledge that I have not moved. As a result, it considers there to be an error in my information and will only let me file by mail. Even when I updated the information so that I am not filing the ARTS tax through Turbo Tax, the program will not acknowledge this and keeps indicating there is an error that requires me to file by mail. It allows no other options.

Posted by disappointed

It seems Intuit has not learned from its prior customer mess up and is hell bent on driving its loyal base away regardless. I want to renew my TT D/L for 2015. The price is $25 more than I paid Intuit last year for the same software and $20.14 more than Amazon was selling it for. I tried CS supervisor and she was adamant that Intuit absolutely will not price match nor compromise on the price. I was ready to switch away last year but the price concession showed they were interested in making good with existing customers. Apparently, according to the CS supervisor, that no longer applies and the policy is take it or leave it! Guess what I am going to do!

Posted by Thomas Farrell

I have an account with TurboTax because I have been buying often. I like the software. But when I found out that they just charged me approximately $10 more than if I would have bought it somewhere else I think that's shameful to do that to your customers. What it tells me is TurboTax does not value customers at all.

Posted by Anonymous

The person that helped me didn't know how to help. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and then the call was dropped. She was messing with me.

Posted by WayneF

I have been a subscriber for many years. That may change now.
TurboTax customer service has become distinctly sub standard. Upon calling to TurboTax support, to query why my account indicates they're all ready to ship me TurboTax 2014 in Jan.of 2016...for the 2015 tax year, the rep had no clue and I had to explain it multiple times, and again to the supervisor. Nice people but clear marching instructions to allow no contact with Canadian TurboTax SME's. Upon requesting to speak to someone in Canada (who might have a clue) - that option is not available.

I'm not impressed.

Wayne Ferrell

Posted by Joe

Have used TurboTax for years, but the product and service have gone in the toilet.
* 2014 tax version - dropped previously included schedules C,D,E and F for investments and small business.
* Later "because I was a good custom", allow me to get the dropped schedules for free. Documentation on how to obtain the missing schedules was virtually non-existent.
* Discovered bug in software that duplicated transfer of data from financial institution. Had to contact them to walk me through how to get issue fixed. This was a difficult task because contacting customer service is very difficult. While I got the problem fixed, I learned this was a know bug. Had additional rework with IRS because of the amended return I had to file.
* September 10, 2015 - received email advising the products I would receive later this year.
* September 10, 2015 - received 2nd email correcting the product listing. The email says they rolled back the changes made in 2014, however the description of the product I would be receiving was sufficiently vague that I called them (again, a pain in the ***) to determine that I would get the product with the scheduled that had been dropped.
* October 1, 2015 - call with rep was totally unsatisfactory. She advised that what was on file was the cut down version, that the email was incorrect and to get the schedules I need, I would need to upgrade to a more expensive product. I asked to have the call escalated - denied. I ask how do I contact customer support via email to lodge a complaint. Not available.

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Posted by ghrad

After having been treated badly, I received the most phenomenal service last evening from Valerie. She was caring, listened very well and quickly understood my problem. Although, we were not able to fix the situation (as Valerie was able to help me "prove" that the issue was caused by PWC sending me a bad txf file), the time spent with Valerie gave me documentation to go back to PWC. Everything that Valerie did during our long conversation was exemplary - and so different that the previous person that "helped" me for whom I have a zero rating.

Posted by sun lakes kid

FREE TT PREMIER UPGRADE. Call Intuit at and request a FREE upgrade to TT Premier. You can either download it, or they will send you a Premier CD. I called this a.m., took only 5 minutes, and my upgrade CD is supposedly on its way. Intuit has finally gotten the message that they are going to loose many, many thousands of customers if they don't do the free upgrade.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Hayley and I've been a turbo tax customer for 4 years. Last Friday, the 19th of September, I spoke with Colle for over an hour on the phone, as she helped me through some issues on my computer that I honestly never thought I would be able to resolve. She was so lovely to talk to, unbelievably helpful, patient, and truly I love her and I feel like she's the best person in the world!! I have never had as great of a customer service experience. I was totally overwhelmed at the beginning of the call, and after 2 minutes of talking to her, I felt better, and by the end, I was more organized than I thought was possible and I was sad to say goodbye to Colle! I have never written a review before, but I just want to make sure Colle gets the recognition she deserves. She is the ideal employee and should be the role model for all turbo eployees!

Posted by CK

One of the best customer service experiences I have had. They went above and beyond, offering advice and even help navigating the IRS website. Very knowledgable and very friendly!

Posted by M1dni6ht

I was having a horrible time redoing my taxes as I could not efile due to a 0 that would not go away. Possible due to something pulled in from a 1099 form. A service tech named Daniel helped to trouble shoot the problem. It turned out that the Primer soft ware for the State of Idaho had some bug and the Overide option was not easily found for the MAC version of the Primer software. After the Overide was found I was able to delete the "0". Hats off to Daniel a very people oriented, intelligent IT individual who gave A+++++ service. Thanks CK

Posted by -P (Philippines)

I am really happy with your customer service. I chatted with a representative today about TurboTax Version issue (sorry to forget her full screen name, I know she is Philippines). She helped me to downgrade my tax version very fast and told me the refund is on the way without my asking. During the time we were chatting, she is patient and positive to help me through the steps necessary for how to print tax return free since I downgraded to Tax Free version. SHE IS A REALLY GREAT ASSET TO YOUR COMPANY.

Posted by Anonymous

Brandon did a great job helping me fix my tax problem he stayed on the phone and was very knowledgeable of fixing my taxes
Thank You Brandon

Posted by Anonymous

On Friday, April 12, I worked with tech Thomas M. I would like Mr. Turbo Tax to know that Thomas M. is a really great asset to your company. A person may have 1 or 2 qualities but when you run across someone like Thomas M. that has MANY superb qualities, they should be acknowledged.
I am in telecom and THOMAS M. is the BEST technical support person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. KUDOS on technical knowledge, customer handling is superb, if he was gone awhile he would come back and state that he is still there just working on something, explained technical issues on a level that could be understood the 1st time around, typing skills superb-no words spelled incorrectly, ability to write a legible-well thought out sentence, and patient. During the time we were chatting, it actually ran through my mind 3-4 times that I MUST be working with a robot. I am not crazy, HE IS JUST THAT GOOD.
I have told this story so many times since working with Thomas on Friday night and found people were so interested because of the type of service people in general have become accustomed to. I told them, you won't have this issue working with Turbo Tax's Thomas M.
KUDOS to you again, Thomas. Thanks for working with me and resolving my problems.

Posted by military lady

I received a very pleasant customer service rep. She basically told me what I knew, that the IRS are holding some returns until they are ready to process them, due to certain deductions. Just wish I knew when they will process them. (I completed my taxes on 10 Feb and still waiting)

Posted by Anonymous

I was very frustrated by the difficulty I came across to reach a specific representative to speak to regarding my issue initally. I had 2 separate issues (one tax related the other billing related) I finally was able to reach a recording which re-directed my issue to a customer service billing representative (my issue trying to resolve my tax issue and mistkaenly paying twice for the service). After about 10 minutes of waiting I was connected to an individual who helped me through the steps necessary for a refund.

The representative also gave me a contact number ( for resolving the specifc tax issue I came across as well. I have yet to give that number a call, but will in the near future.

To sumise my experience, initially I was apalled by the difficulty I came across to find an appropriate contact. Once I did find a legitimate number, the service I have received so far was excellent.

My intention of writing this is to hopefully help give some people a good starting point of contact if you found it as difficult to get a hold of someone as I did.

Posted by tazzmania

Called turbo taxhad to call 1-888-777-4178 an waited 16 minutes finally talked to dave like a human being an he fix my problem without an attiude an he gave me my refund for filling so if you talk to these people like people they will fix your problem I will use turbo tax next year

Posted by Klek

I called the number from this site and hit # per the user tips- worked like a charm. Got through to a turbotax rep in less than 2 mins.

Word to the wise: the turbotax reps don't offer to fix your issue, you have to ask specifically. If you need them to walk you through something- tell them.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to resolve the issue by downloading from the website, but I could not get the download. I then did the online chat, the agent sent a download within a few minutes and offered to stay on with me until I implemented it. I had other commitments and could not stay on the chat, but her instructions worked perfectly and the problem was resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

The gal who helped had to do quite a bit of research and try some different things, but in the end all was well and my tax return was exiled.

Posted by Anonymous

Over the phone, the instructions the customer service person gave me solved my problem. I truly appreciate her help.

Posted by Anonymous

I had problem where I was charged for services I thought I declined and there was no summary page, just bam your charged $129! Then tried to get hold of customer service immediately but they were offline for 8 hours until next day. I was freaking out and had to deal with really long wait times both on the phone and online chat, BUT when time came to deal with the CSR, he was very helpful and said they would refund the money.
So that's a thumbs up in my book. Thanks Turbo Tax. I WILL use you guys again.

Posted by spc

I called Turbo Tax support as they generated a form that should not have been there. Dexter at Turbo Tax resolved my issue. He was very helpful and patient. I am very happy with their service.

Posted by [email protected]

My experience was very good. I entered the numbers they requested and got a customer service person within a few minutes. They helped me with my issue almost immediately.

I called back a bit later and the 2nd rep helped me get my coupon rebate almost immediately. So, my experience was good.

Turbo tax is easy to understand and use. I would recommend it for anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

excellent service!!
AJ was fabulous and patient.

Posted by Anonymous

Call took close to an hour, most of which was a waste of time. But at the end the person was able to resolve my issue -- find a workaround for a nasty bug in the code. I'm still not sure why it worked or what happened, but I think things are OK now.

Posted by YGBKM

Turbotax is what it is: an automated way to complete the required federal (and most state) tax forms in order to electronically file a good looking, legible return.

But it lends itself to abuse, tax fraud and cheaters. Some examples:

A "tax preparer" collects enough information from "clients" to log into Tt as that client, file, and receive the refund. This is where the magic of the Tt Visa comes in.
If that preparer tries to have the direct deposit sent to their own bank account, the IRS will not allow it. A taxpayer's direct deposited refund can only go to an account in their own name. So, the "preparer" orders the Tt Visa, in their clients name, but at the "preparer's" address. SInce the "preparer" has all the inf. to log into Tt as the taxpayer, they can set the PIN, set up transfers and otherwise "access" the money. They only need the card.

How to prevent that "preparer" from stealing? Or otherwise acting fraudulently?
License the preparer through the IRS PTIN requirements and have the preparer sign the return as the paid preparer, and have the taxpayer sign as the tax payer. Do taxpayers know this? Do the "preparers" prove it?

2) Someone not the taxpayer - ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, neighbor, roommate, whoever- calls and has the Tt Visa sent to a different address, where the actual taxpayer won't realize it's missing, and the thief can access the card first. It's a Visa - even if you can't set the PIN you can drain the card.

3) The card goes to the right address, but before the taxpayer can get their own card, someone else takes it.

How to address these problems:
- make the refund recipient prove they are the tax payer.
- do not express deliver cards to a recently changed address
- only deal with the taxpayer in person (no online, no automated phone system)
- allow the taxpayer to track their refund from the IRS, to the bank, to the card, to wherever. But for this to work, the IRS needs to accurately forecast the date the refund will be released. And this year the IRS has already said despite their best efforts to predict, some refunds will be fast, some will be delayed and most will be sent within 21 days. Also, more than once this tax season the IRS has admitted that the date provided by WMR, or other tools (Tt tracker, the IRS funding schedule, whatever) are off as a result of the IRS delays.

Of course the tax frauds and cheaters hate the new rules (Read about identity theft and tax fraud on the IRS website.)

But every online taxpayer is affected too. Did your address change since you filed? DId you file using an address not where you live? Is your preparer licensed (or a lawyer or CPA) ? Did someone other than you contact Tt for information?

Answer no to anyone of these and even if you are an honest person, you should fall into the questionable category.

Beyond these fraud clues, Tt users should be onlinea and identity theft savvy. Which means even if you don't get the text message and email announcements, you should be able to track your refund online. Why are you waiting on hold for an hour to check your balance? You should be sensitive to protecting your online account - don't allow anyone to pose as you (fake preparers, family members, significant others) .

If your return is accurately calculated based on the inf you provided, and your refund is safe, even if delayed, Tt did their job.

Posted by Claus

Genrally only dissatisfied customers even bother to leave a comment. I have used Turbotax for 5 years and am very satisfied and any questions I had were answered expediently and accurately.

Posted by Krillspickler

I had a problem I fought with for about 4 full hours of not being able to effectively sign in and start it up, I actually posted a negative comment shortly ago.I found a customer service number (NOT found on turbotaxes website, pitfall) called in, had to "#" my way through the prompts and was speaking to a very nice rep within a minute. All I needed was to use a different web browser! I read over & over - use firefox, which I have updated & all! ...which was preventing turbotax from running...?? Internet explorer fired it up just fine....and Im good to go.

Posted by aliky

I had a problem trying to understand my refund status. So I called and I was on hold for about 3 min and the lady answered and she was so helpful. This is my first year doing my own taxes. I have spent so much money on Jackson Hewlett that its crazy. Thanks Turbo tax forputting my mind at ease..

Posted by Anonymous

I have used TurboTax for several years now and only needed basic understanding of the computer. I use my own checking accounut for direct deposit and pay for my product rather than using a refund transfer. My refund is fast and accurate. Refund products and specialty cards are nice, but I believe simple is better. The customer service staff can be knowledgeable as long as i am cooperative and ask the right questions.

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Posted by turbotax emplyee

I worked at turbotax and they are so good to their customers, all you have to do is call in and ask for whatever version you want and they'll give it to you for free!. iv given away 1000s of dollars worth of product for customer satisfaction. and iv learned the only reason customers get angry isbecause their retarted and or tired of waiting on hold. what do you exspect a short hold time if u call in 2 days before taxes are due? the customers are stupid AF

Posted by njdiana621

I am one of those Turbo Tax Ask A Tax Expert service team members that is often the last in a line of other support people you may chat or talk with before you get to me. What has impressed me most is the tools and resources that Intuit has given me to assist you, our customer, with any of your questions and concerns, not just tax advice. Unlike many companies, Intuit empowers us to provide you with our best effort to assist you without having to go through several layers of management.
I am sorry to read that so many of our loyal customers have felt the stress of waiting in a long line and feeling that their questions are not adequately addressed. Please remember that there are three levels of complexity to each and every tax return: IRS and state rules, discovering the exact way to enter data into the program and software and hardware issues. No one person can be an expert in all these areas.
This year is an especially difficult year because our tax laws were not finalized until January, when President Obama signed the latest tax bill. Many forms and schedules are not yet available for filing. I humbly suggest that you look on the IRS website to determine if you have a tax return that has a delayed filing date and wait to finalize your return until all the forms you may need are available.
Thank you for allowing me to share my feelings with you.


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