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True Value customer service is ranked #349 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 9 ratings. This score rates True Value customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


8 Negative Comments out of 9 Total Comments is 88.89%.


1 Positive Comment out of 9 Total Comments is 11.11%.

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  • True Value

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    • 36.91 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 8 negative comments (88.89%)
    • 1 positive comments (11.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 5.5 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 2.0 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping at your Marlton, NJ (maple avenue street location) site on Tuesday 05/22/18 and purchase some screws. I was speaking with Manager on duty about gas cans if you can convert the gas can spouts, he said bring the cans in and see if we can help. Perfect Service, no issues.

Today 05/23/18 I had every intention of purchasing a new no spill gas can and also I brought in my old gas cans to see if I can replace the gas spouts on these existing cans . I ask manager on duty and explain I was in yesterday and a gentle men help me and replied bring them in . Manager stated he is not here . I replied can you assist, his reply I do not know what you discussed.

I pick up my gas cans and left . As I was leaving, I did get aggravated and stated you can't assist. I did not use any profanity just frustrated .

As I was at my car, Manager at door, I did voice my frustration again and stated you couldn't assist . I was told to drive carefully and don't have a heart attack .

I am not asking for anyone to get in trouble, but I would like an apology from the manager .

I did come home and purchase a new no spill gas can on line from Amazon.

From a customer service standpoint, the situation could of been avoided from the beginning when I originally explain that I was in yesterday and manager said bring gas cans, a recommended proper reply from manager, I was not here but maybe i can help you.

Posted by Neer

I Have Purchased A Car From True Value .earlier I Think Give Original Car All Orignal But Later I Come To Know That Htey Repar All The Falty Parts And Dent Paint .how Coustmer Will Come To Know The Real Position Of The Car I Think They Makeup Every Where Which Is Bad .and The Price They Charge Is Very High From The Market .staff Polite And Listen To You Before Delivery Of The Car After That Not .in My Car Poor Music Sistem And Speaker Back Speker Do Not Work Properly I Went To True Value He Show It Out Side Some Where .main Thing Sow The Actul Position Of The Car.and The Price Is Very Very High From The Market Price .my First Experience And The Last Infuture I Will Not Go There .

Posted by Mary

This past year, my husband and I spent well over $1,500 for landscaping materials from our local True Value store in Salina, KS, in addition to several hundred dollars on other items. During my visit to the store on Nob. 26th, I was treated horribly by the assistant supervisor named Tonya. In front of other customers and employees, she made slanderous accusations regarding some previous returns I've made to the store. I asked her to present a record of these returns I've made based on her accusations against me. I informed her that I was going to call the Corporate office regarding this incident.

Since Tonya had issues with me, I believe she should have spoken to me privately instead of publicly. Tonya continued to make slanderous remarks about me in front of other people. After I was able to show a recent receipt that proved her wrong, I asked if she was going to apologize, but she refused. My husband was with me and witnessed it. Because I felt that Tonya was wrongly judging me, I told her that "God is our judge". She made comments about not liking that I "brought religion into it". I was later accused of making a public scene, and Tonya threatened to call the police. I reminded them that she publicly initiated the incident. I was treated in an unethical unprofessional manner. I am very upset about this and believe it needs to be resolved, and I expect an apology from Tonya. I would appreciate a call from the Corporate office to discuss this more thoroughly. Thank you. ~ Mary Nowak

Posted by Anonymous

I Have A "big" Complaint About A "snake" Or "auger" That I
Bought At The Kingman Store In Arizona. I Am 80 Years Old
And A Woman.. I Bought This Item And Found Out That I Could
Not Use It Like They Said. They Made It Sound Easy, And It
Was Not.!!!! I Went To Take It Back And "then" They Said It
Was Not Returnable.. "why" Did They Not Tell Me That When I Bought It ???? I Think You Should Tell "all" Your Stores
That When A Person Buys Something And It Is "not" An Item That Can Be Returned, They Should Tell Them That At The Time They Buy It. Not When They Come Back..poor Policy !!!
And On Top Of All That, The Man I Delt With When I Came Back Was Very Smart Mouth And Rude To Me.. He Was Throwing
The Item And He Was Very Sassy With Me... I Will Not Use
That Store Again.. I Will Go To Home Depot Or Somewhere Else To Do My Business. Believe It Or Not, I Am Still Working At A Hotel Front Desk And We Are Not Allowed To Treat People Like That.. We Have To Be Curtious And Polite
To All Customers.. If I Did What He Did To A Customer, I
Would Not Be Working ...very Very Bad Customer Service.!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the True Value hardware store on Alamo,TX 78516 today 06/27/13. I was overcharged $200.00 on my account and person who charged me without a care in the world or apologizing said go to the back and they'll fix it. When speaking to management all they told me you'll see your money in 2 or 3 days no apology manager says, "human error" did not try to we will take care of the cashier for the mistake. Horrible service unacceptable something needs to be done so this type of service doesn't occur again.

Posted by Anonymous

The owner/manager of the True Value store located at Noland Road and 39th Street in Independence, MO is rude and obnoxious. I will never buy anything from his store again. Seasonal items are not individually priced, there are very few signs giving prices, and there's not many employees around to answer questions. I've been there two times and each time had to take items to the cashier to get prices. I commented to the cashier that there were no signs giving the price of the item that I bought. She replied, "A lot of customers tell me that."
This last time, I happened to see him in the plant center in the parking lot. I told him that there were not enough signs giving prices of plants. He told me, "I put signs up, people tear them down. I'm tired of putting up prices. I'm done, that's it." My response was, "I'm tired of shopping in your store."

Posted by TrueValue8055

I was a dedicated and localy supportive customer to my neighborhood True Value Hardware Store in Mountain View, Ca. I always felt I had honest and correct service everytime I had needs too repair for my home. Rick worked for this store for years and he always helped all customers in every dept and if he didn't know the answer he too the time too seek the correct answers. I was fully satisfied every time I visited I discovered that he and his mother both been fired and unbelievable and outrageous claims for stealing. I find it very unprofessional hearing such discrediting and hostile claims on a person that shown dignity and dedication as Rick demonstrated all these years. I find that the owners are very insulting and unprofessional too announce such claim to the public and witnessing their rude hostile and sharing domestic problems openly shouldn't be apart of this companys trademarked name I will not promote this establishment or consider it a option ever again With the stores filth and horrible customer service that also provides openly wrongful and carelessly involving the public on such hurtful allegations These people have no right too involve customers so viscously act and Foul language isn't professional as the the owner paul zietman openly treats both his employees and public disgraceful and belittles store workers in front of customers. Hes known for his abusive and negative attitude. I was so embarrassed to bring my family friend to witness such anger and unwelcoming for the introduction. This store needs a corporate review and reconsideration for the use of a AMERICAN KNOWN TRADEMARK NAME too be franchised for UNAMERICAN BAD SERVICE and UNAPPRICATIVE EXSPIRIANCE. I feel without anyone like Rick this store wont be around for long either That's a good thing too. Heads Up!

Posted by Sam in Huntington WV

Instalation: True Home Value "Claims" to have received my order over 2 weeks ago; I have called 5 times to find out the scheduled instalation date; and I was told that it can not be scheduled at this time; they are too busy with other customers. They did not waste any time processing my down payment; and now I am stuck waiting at their mercy for installation. If you have to, write on their original form a completion date, or you will be waiting forever. Hope this helps someone, I would have liked to have known it before I signed and they took my money. I ordered 2 months ago & still have no clue as to the instalaton date!

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Posted by Anonymous

I don't know for sure yet but it seems like it is easier to reach you than most customer service contacts. I'll know better later.

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