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Troy-Bilt customer service is ranked #675 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 56 ratings. This score rates Troy-Bilt customer service and customer support as Terrible.


54 Negative Comments out of 56 Total Comments is 96.43%.


2 Positive Comments out of 56 Total Comments is 3.57%.

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    • 26.37 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 54 negative comments (96.43%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.57%)
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Posted by Jim

Purchased a power washer less than a year ago. Used 2 times. Stored with no gas and inside. Would not crank this year. Took iit back to Lowe’s in cookeville Tn. Where I purchased july 17 2017. They sent it off when I picked it up it was 92.00. 62 dollars labor 10.00 parts. Said they cleaned the carberator. 20 dollars for pick up. They sent to my Juliet Tn. 50 miles from cookeville. Used 2 times stored in side like you are supppse to do. Very disappointed in Troy Bilyeu product and really pissed at Lowe’s. I am sure this will fall on deaf ears. Your company has a problem. Feel free to get I touch with me.. jim

Posted by Angry customer

After numerous attempts to get a troy built Mustang pivot riding mower that worked, 3 over 3 months. still after spending over
$3500, and extended warranty I own a 100% piece of Junk.

Posted by Brenda

When I bought my weed eater I thought I was getting a top of the line 4 cycle weed eater instead I got a piece of junk pull chord with plastic parts lasted 3 times ive went through 2 electric starts this year that you put on drill if you can get it to crunk runs good Thats why when I replaced riding lawn mower bought another brand will never own another troy bilt

Posted by Alex

Belt want stay on

Posted by Harold

I have recently bought two Troy-Bilt mowers, they are listed below:

TB230 Model 12AVB2A3711 632475 Serial 1E028K31191 with a Briggs and Stratton engine model This information I thought you should know both of the engine threw a rod (connecting rod that is). I called and spoke to a representative and they wanted to sell me new eengines, but I declined. I figure they should be replaced by Troy-Bilt to keep your product name in good standing. I did order parts to try to repair the 104M02 engine, but the crankshaft was bent after I had reinstalled the connecting rod and the cam for that engine. The briggs engine 09P702 is still in tact with a hole in the side of the casing. Please let me know where you stand or your thought on these issues. Thank you.

Posted by Chris

It’s 45 days old and the paint and coating is falling off called the support desk and they said I have to drive 1.5 hours to have it looked at. Don’t buy a Troy built mower

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a joke.We purchased a power washer two years ago.We used it once to remove paint from a deck.We stored in a DRY shed.We brought it out this year to scoure the deck again.It wouldn't start.Long story short.We finally got it started,it ran for a half hr..I decided to check the gas.It needed some.I shut it off and put gas in it.It wouldn't start back up.Today 5/30/18 I got it started,it ran for maybe 10min..It stoped and now it won't start again.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought this Troybilt piece of junk on March 16, 2018. Belt came off. It was past 30 days, so I was on my own. It was just 60 days. Now I have to pay for having the belt put on. Cannot find an email address to send complaint. Oh hold forever for service. Do no buy Troybilt!! Talked with several employees at local post office who are calling Troybilt a piece of crap

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pressure washer on 3-6 18 I ran a tank and a half a gas would it quit running I cannot get it fixed you keep giving me different local warranty places that don't even work on pressure washers I'm very upset about it and somebody needs to do something about this

Posted by Marcia

I Bought A Troy Bilt Riding Lawnmower Have Had Nothing But Trouble With It The Spindles You Have To Replace Every Year I Will Never Buy Another Troy Bilt Riding Lawnmower I Hope Who Ever Reads The Comments Will Be Really Listening Also Was Wondering If Troy Bilt Does This So They Can Make Money On All The Parts They Have To Sell To The Dummies That Bought A Troy Bilt Rider

Posted by none

2018 BIG RED TILLER !! Safety issue concern: I'm working with a gentleman who called me with the following information. I'm doing my best to interpret the situation. The issue indeed exist but my wording for parts of the tiller may be different than what they are. Here it is... "The tiller has a safety device (Interlock switch) that may be missing and will allow the unit to start with PTO engagement. The instruction is to hold at least one of the handles depressed. This will allow the unit to start normally, but if the interlock switch is missing when the handle is release it will continue to run. If that is the case please use extreme caution or best not to use the unit until the interlock switch is installed. You can visually follow the wiring down the handle tubbing and you would notice a plug that appears not being used. That would mean the Interlock switch is missing. In short PTO engagement is the tines turning and if engaged they could start turning when the unit is started allowing the unit to move on its own toward something or someone. My explanation may not be completely actuate but my concern and diligence to warn is. Please check you unit for the missing interlock switch and contact the manufacture. God Bless and be safe... les

Posted by Disappointed

Purchased a 4 cycle weed eater in November 2017. Used a 2 ~ 3 times. Started to use it now in April. Ran for a short while and quit. Would not crank. Took it back to Lowes where purchased. The 1 year warranty is useless. I would have to pay 20$ to send it and probably have to pay to have it repaired. Guess it would be gone right at 4 weeks. Troy built would decide what it would cost me to have it repaired. I just took it back home. Will have someone else to repair it. This is the last troy built this household will ever purchase. The person at Lowes was not at all friendly. Try to avoid this rep anytime I can.

Posted by Emeralds

My 76 year old mother purchased a Troy built power washer August 20, 2017. It was already put together when purchased. She used it one time and now it no longer works. We took it back to Lowe's in Texas City, TX, Store #28. Lowe's sent the power washer out to be repaired because when she attempted to utilize it again, the power washer would not start. Yesterday, February 12, 2018 my mother received a call from Darryl at Alta Quip, out of Louisiana stating, the power washer was missing clips from the billboard, the oil was dirty, corrosion internally/carborator and needed a new spark plug because the one that was in there was corroded. He also said there was fuel left in the fuel tank. We contacted Troy Built on today, February 13, because they are the manufactor of the power washer and explained what the repair tech stated was wrong with the power washer, she Darneisha asked for photos. She initially seemed as though she was trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one and yet it did not turn out that way. I continued to explain to her, there was no gas in the power washer, there was no gas remaining in the fuel tank, the washer was dry when attempting to use it again. The oil should not be dirty as it was only used once. I was then directed to Austin Ready Repair in Austin Texas, spoke with Paul and was told the same thing. I told him we were not going to be paying for the repairs, because it should not be in that condition after one use and they should just send it back to Lowe's. I was instructed I needed to contact Lowe's Service Advantage (1-888-775-6937) by the way I had to Google the correct number because he gave me a false number (866-549-4821) that doesn't work. Finally I spoke with Edwin there and he was no help, I asked that the power washer be returned to the Lowe's in Texas City and he continued to attempt to have my mother pay for the repairs before it was returned to the store. I told him they were taking advantage of my mother because she was of age and a female. Her brother was the one who used it to wash her house down. I contacted him and all necessary steps for maintenance were done. She my daughter attempted to use it on January 29th of this year, it would not start which warranted the return to Lowe's on the 30th of January. The spark plug was not corroded, there was now fuel in the fuel tank as it was drained before Lowe's would accept it. Now they are saying the warranty will not cover something that was clearly defective when purchased. All I want is for my mother to get the money back/returned to her Lowe's credit card. She wants to purchase another one from Sears.
Worthless company, fails to honor warranty, sells defective merchandise. Does not want to help the customer. Why do you sell defective merchandise to customers, it breaks down and you blame the consumer. I pray that you take back that piece of � crappy merchandise and honor the warranty.

Posted by Jstarkey

About 3 years ago I purchased a trimmer/edger with tiller attachment,and a mower..mower won't stay running and trimmer leaks oil and fuel creating a fire hazard...$700.00 worth of equipment useless...Troy used to make good products not the case anymore...called customer short said I'm S.O.L...thanks Troy built..I hope you spend my hard earned money wisely...

Posted by Rocky Fjord

Owner of a 2600 pressure washer, 020208. It quit pumping. I finally pulled pump and ordered a replacement. Then I couldn't find the spline key that holds pump mechanism to engine shaft.
I had a hunch and disassembled pump to find the key inside the pump. The key had slid till it scoured against the seal. Finally the key got caught and punched through the seal, which killed the pump. An obvious engineering defect that should have obviated the problem. Now I look into the new pump just acquired, and the same danger is still extant. The key could move toward the seal, and nothing to inhibit it from working its way into rubbing against seal.
There is even a slot cut in ring which would enable key to get lodged in there, since the key
spline does not fit tight as a key should. The old key had a 45 degree angle and burrs on it as it had scoured against seal for a long time till very sharp edge punched through seal.
What's needed here for a compensatory fix, is a key not precisely 3/16x3/16 but larger on one
end, so it will tighten between shaft and collar of pump. May have to file a bar to fit right. If anyone from Troy built reads this, please forward to engineering. I can send the parts if they want to see what happened.

Posted by kellyali2003

I purchased a TB130 Lawn mower at Lowe's two years ago. I noticed the paint on the housing started bubbling and finally rusting away at a very fast rate. I maintain my lawn mower by cleaning after every use. The housing is now missing chunks of metal because of rust. Never will I buy another Troy Bilt product.

Posted by Jim

Purchased a Troy-Bilt push mower model 11A-A2BM717 with Brigs & Stratton engine. Started 3 times for about 2 seconds. Will not start at all now.

Called customer service. Looped through a gaggle of menu numbers before landing on the B&S engine number. This recording gave another umber to call for B&S. The recorded voice was much to fast for copying the number. I gave up. Will return the mower for a refund. Junk equipment, junk customer service. For anybody having time to spare,

Posted by Kyle

I purchased a troy bilt 28"self propelled mower in October 2016. It has been a complete pain in the butt. The spur gears have been replaced 3 times, the whole rear axle assembly has been replaced, the drive cable broke, the top cover blew off driving down the road. It spent a total of 2 months this summer alone in the shop. Yet, I looked at it again today, the axle is walking out the left side of the mower again. I dont recommend buying this mower.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 42"riding mower.the cable connection for the mower deck keeps coming off it is almost impossible to get it back on.itake the battery out and access the cable to get it back on the lever. Why didn't this link have a keeper to keep it from coming off.
I am very 74 years is not easy getting down and working for two hours trying to hook it back.

Posted by Anonymous

Around May or June of 20017, I purchased a Troy Built grass trimmer from Lowe's Hardware.

When I took it home to use it I discovered the pull start did not function properly. It

would catch just enough to start. I used it a few times only to have the line spool shear

off. What happened to the Troy Built quality your company boasted about and seemed to be so

proud of ????

I FEEL FOOLISH FOR HAVING bought this product!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Used To Think Vert Highly Of Your Products, But No More!! I Bought Of Your Riding Lawn Mowers, A "bronco". It Was Delerived To My Home And I Thought It Looked Great. So I Put Some Gas In It And Started Mowing My Yard. I Have Used My Mtd Mower For 29 Years On My Yard. No Problems. But, When I Was Cutting My Front Yard For The First Time With Your Bronco As I Was Cutting Where There Was A Small Grade The Bronco Turned Over On Its Left Side With Me On It. I Was Very Lucky! All I Got Out Of It Was A Sprained Ankle. Never Again Will Think Of Troy Bilt As A Good Product!! You Need To Have Your Engineers Recheck The Weight And Balance Of Your Bronco!!

Posted by Angry Consumer

If I had it to do over again I would have NEVER purchased my Troy Built 3100 PSI pressure washer. This has to be my worst experience ever with Troy Built. The unit is less than 2 years old but has been out of service at least 3 times. And try to get someone to take ownership and responsibility to help in getting resolution. Troy Built blames Briggs & Stratton, Briggs And Stratton blames Troy Built, Lowes Home Improvements (who sells Troy Built Products) could care less about your troubles. All I ask is for Troy Built to take responsibility and "FIX" my unit under warranty. Am I as a consumer asking too much, by the way I am being treated it seems as though I am. I think it is time to take this to the media and see if they want to get involved.

Posted by Anonymous

I have owned a Troy bilt TB110 push mower for a little more than a year. This is the worst tool of any kind ive ever owned. I have probably used it 5 or 6 times, and had it back to Lowes twice.Im 56 and have been mowing lawns since I was 8. This machine has been babied and used only on well manicured lawns. Any time it sits for any short or long length of time, it wont start. This last time, they kept it 3 weeks and tried to charge me 80.00 for repairs saying the machine was damaged and a part was missing. I am an honest man and dont appreciate being accused of such BS. Since I have have been having to do with out it, Ive had to borrow my mothers 1987 Murray 3.5 hp mower, and load it in my truck and bring it here. I check the oil, fill it with non ethanol gas, choke it, and it cranks and cuts perfectly. Wow! One pull technology.

Posted by James

Troy-Bilt power washer "blew-up" after just under 1 year. I used it several times during the summer of 2016 and a few times at the beginning of 2017. Took it to Lowe's where i purchased it and was told to take it to the repair center nearest my home (which is still 25 miles away) with all the original receipts. I was told that "I" was the cause of the problem due to not adding oil correctly and that I added oil after it "blew". Ridiculous. As a mechanic from the Marine Corps I do have quite a lot of knowledge regarding mechanical issues. Neither Lowe's nor Troy-Bilt nor Land & Coates seemed to care. My word against theirs. ...but less than a year?


As A Valued Customer Of Lowes 2yrs Ago I Purchased A Tb625ec String Trimmer, After Six Uses It Failed. The Small Plastic Dogs That Catch The Pull Start Assy. Sheared Off. I Have Yard Equipment Ive Had For Over 15yrs That Still Operate With Minor Maint Problems. Companies In America That Produce Consumer Items Such As This Must
Step Up Their Game. As A Retired Disabled Veteran And Faa Mechanic I Will Not
Recommend Your Products To Family Or Friends. Please Make Better Equipment For Proud Americans Who Spend Their Hard Earned Money. Were Depending On You........

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I own 3 Troy built weed eaters (1TB675EC;1TB685EC. and 1 TB90BC) and none will start because of the very poor plastic pawls. I order them 2-3 sets at a time to try to keep one running. Why not make metal pawls and not have to buy the fan at a cost of about $40.00 delivered. I enjoyed the TB90BC so much until the plastic recoil starter pulley wore so bad it would not engage, why not metal? Sincerely, Grady Smith

Posted by Steve

I have a 21 inch lawnmower that has been a great mower. I have used it for 5 years and it is still going.

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