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TripAdvisor customer service is ranked #872 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 275 ratings. This score rates TripAdvisor customer service and customer support as Terrible.


273 Negative Comments out of 275 Total Comments is 99.27%.


2 Positive Comments out of 275 Total Comments is 0.73%.

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    • 19.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 273 negative comments (99.27%)
    • 2 positive comments (0.73%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.4 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 2.6 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I resent your company dropping sponsorship of Laura Ingraham on FOX New. We viewers are older, have money, and therefore will boycott the use of tripadvisor. I am spreading this on social media, and asking others to boycott TripAdvisor. Your company caved in to tweets by kids that don't have money as we older people do.

Posted by Anonymous

I dislikeTrip Advisor, a lot! I booked through them and ended up with a Fraudulent couple who did not get my money because of my OWN instincts. Trip Advisor did absolute nothing to help us find a new place. Oh wait, they did hook us up with their advisors from India who tried to find us a rental. Unfortunately, they forgot to change the money situation from rupees to dollars, so confusing. Imagine our surprise when one night was 1091.00, oh my mistake, rupees! We booked a place through trip advisor that existed, a reputable place, a legitimate place, just a place that Philip and Junlina made their own, by stealing the legitimate company's information. Trip Advisor promised they would take care of everything. Not true, as this morning, I received an email stating they would be taking the remainder of my payment for our trip from our credit card. This is after numerous calls to them that the trip is canceled, my credit card company is investigating fraudulent behavior, Trip Advisor has acknowledged all of this and yet they just don't get it.....and Philip and Junlina appear to still be doing business with them. Our booking appears to still be in place, no problem there, as we will not show up. But, what is concerning to me, is that there are other weeks still booked which leads me to believe that other families or couples may show up for their vacation and have no place to stay, be out thousands of dollars, and, well....SHAME on TRIP ADVISOR! Time for my phone call.

Posted by Peggy Chism

My name is Peggy Chism from Long Neach Calif. for the past 3 months you have incorrectly reported me as being the number 3 writer in the city and yet there is no one designated as number 1. Please look st Long Beach ca and fix the error. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service of any company. Non-Existant and no on-line help to real questions.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to contact by phone is impossible, can't find on line what I need. Being quoted by Trrip Advisor a room rate doesn't guarantee a thing because the hotel doesn't go by the quoted price. With this being said I'll never use a on line booking again, deal with the hotel direct.

Posted by Peter

It is ridiculous to call this customer service. It is anything but. Impossible to talk to a real person, just some confusing general run around when you try calling the number provided, all recorded messages. Plus they do not allow you to exchnage telephone numbers or email addresses with owners or clients.

Posted by Anonymous

Keep getting phone calls from someone that says they are from trip adviser.they ask if i can here them I will not accept this type of phone call. Please contact me by usps mail and I will respond. I don't know what this is about My address is I'm also on ga no call list and if I get another call I will report this. pLEASE NO EMAIL OR PHONE CALLS.

Posted by Edith Mendel

I Am Edith Mendel . I make arezervation on Jul 7 for Hotel Salisbury in Manhatan NY . I need the hotel from Oct 1 - okt 8

I don't know wath happen my reservation vas for Jul 10 for one night and you debited in my credit card 148.41 becouse I don't use my reservation . For any razon it was a mistake .

Please make me a reservation for Okt 1- Okt 8 for the same. Prize .

My best regards Edith Mendel

Posted by Anonymous

We put a sizeable deposit on a rental condo. We cancelled the reservation within 6 hours of our initial deposit because we misunderstood the rate change for the time we would be arriving. We pushed the "cancel reservation" icon and were sent to a site that sent a message to the owner. Fortunately we put the time at the top of the message and our reason for cancelling. We never received a cancellation by email. We called a phone number (sent to foreign country) they indicated we had not cancelled. What is going on??? We need our deposit back and do not appreciate this type of misleading action!! Also, it is totally ridiculous that we cannot talk to a REAL PERSON and must deal with this OBNOXIOUS WEBSITE FOR HELP!!! L. Flick

Posted by Donna Webster

I am having an issue trying to cancel my reservation I made today. Apparently my daughter typed in the wrong email address to receive a confirmation. The email she used was . So we never received anything in order to cancel it. My account email Not sure what to do as we couldn't find anything in help centre to help us with this. Our reservation was with Harrison Spa motel, in Harrison Hot Spring BC. July 15 and 15 th. Also is there a cancelation fee. We were only paying upon arrival. Please respond asap thanks Mrs Donna Webster

Posted by Anonymous

Need a call ASAP my reservation owner is being completely rude messed up our reservations 800 miles away and have no where to stay for 2 nights

Posted by Anonymous

It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a live person on the phone. Made a reservation via TripAdvisor & didn't get my confirmation. Now the hotel says they don't have my booking BUT TRIPADVISOR GOT MY MONEY!

Donald Smith


Posted by Anonymous

I need help,I made a reservation today and I made it for the wrong town. I need to change it to the correct town

Jana Lord

Posted by ???????????????????????????????

I have spent many hours and so far have only got a runaround and no solution or answer to any of my problems. It is impossible to get to speak to an actual person. I initially signed up and listed my home to rent on Vacationhomerentals. Tripadvisor has recently bought out Vacationhomerentals, and now they want me to agree to their terms. Those terms are not the terms I signed up for, and they don't suit me. My rental property is extremely difficult to find on their site, and they quote wrong rates to people who have inquired. What a disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to gain access to, and use, "TripAdvisor's Customer Service." Without human contact, or personal clarification of important questions regarding their contract and business ethics, l will not sign a contract with them . I have a fabulous product and I do not need this this kind of scary business practice!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to email regarding a query. Well it seems thats not possible. Any business is only as good as its customer service and this one fails miserably. Deleted...... I will not use them again

Posted by WhrThFkAmi

TERRIBLE. I LOST A DEPOSIT, AND THE OWNER DIDN"T TAKE it; It got lost in TripsAdvisor's system. There is no phone number for them o their website.

Posted by Anonymous

My email address is not London UK based as stated in recent reviews. It is . I reside in NSW Australia. I only made a visit to London last August.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. I deactived listing,because I tought that I was fully booked,than again activated,when I realize that potential guests cancelled. When I activated again,I realize that Im on all sites(holliday letting and etc) but only Im invisible on Tripadvisor which is the best. Why?

Posted by Anonymous

Ellen Graham First of all this the first and last time I will ever use your so called service hell I have done everything even the /help line and still cant get a human! My question is I have for June I paid the down payment and today I got my bank statement and the remaining 289.00 has been already taken out! Is the right almost 4 months before we go. Do I get a e-mail with a number or saying it is paid in full. We travel often AND THIS way of doing business doesnt make sense. Let me know your opinion if anybody really gets these e-mails since you don't have humans answering your frinking phones My next call for answers if you dont have any will be the better business and then my bank

Posted by Beautiful Guest House on 10 Acre

I have a vacation rental in Santa Ynez, CA that I see is listed on your website.

How do I claim this listing? I entered the ID# above and it did not come up. do I edit this listing?

Thank you,

Jeanne Glover

Posted by Thepamster

WARNING! Don't EVER, EVER, EVER book a reservation through Trip Advisor! If you do, be prepared to be offered rooms that are not available, have your reservation totally screwed up and pay a 20% fee for these "services". First of all, in no place do they inform you that you are being charged a 20% premium when you book through them. And then they KEEP sending you emails offering rooms that are not available or that your inquiry has expired when, in fact, one has already booked the room.
Book directly with the establishment. Trip Advisor does not communicate with the places they advertise so they are selling something they do not own and cannot deliver. After they cheat you, they will not refund the 20% they ripped you off for under any circumstances nor will they admit culpability. The customer service agent refuses to pass the customer up the chain to a superior after they refuse to take any action on your complaint.
They refuse to take any kind of responsibility for the fact that they do not keep up with availability of rooms from the hotels they book for

Posted by David H Cooper

I no longer wish to have an account with you. It is an impossibly slow and unproductive process and half of my reviews will not process, even after repeated tries. There us no way to cancel my account online.

Posted by P. Albuquerque

wanted to renew account and add a friend's rental. Had questions; No e-mail response, no way to contact so trip advisor lost two - perhaps more - accounts.
Now lapsed due to neglect of communication.

Posted by Mygal3

So annoyed with the changes you have made. I don't want your app on my phone. I'm going to drop off if you don't stop forcing me to download the app!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Tyler Cole

Rating with TripAdvisor is Simple & Easy. Just Then, Hotel Ratings Go Up from 1 to 5. It's Easy to Use & I was So Happy that A Rated a Studio in Austin, TX a 1. A Travelodge at Austin, TX A 3. And A Days Inn as 3, Also. TripAdvisor is Amazing, But the Only Flaw is The Commercials are Quite Stupid. But the Company Itself is Not Bad at All. Way To Go, TripAdvisor!

Posted by ICQ7

TripAdvisor is a good service but the support has its hands full with bad hotels that survive with 100s of fake reviews posted. One hotel in Cyprus charges rooms by the hour and is in an area with murders and prostitution. The call girls walk though the halls of this dirty hotel in Nicosia but on TripAdvisor, it is the #1 Hotel with 100s of fake reviews calling it the best hotel in the country. The customer support team does nothing about this and when you try to write about my true experience in the hotel, it gets removed.

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